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04:32<justinh>rooaus: don't care about the clock yet. will fix that later. prolly disable it for its release
04:33<justinh>rooaus: WTF is wrong with your box? don't see those problems here! :)
04:33<stuarta>morning justinh
04:33<justinh>anyway I plan to make my own versions of them, so that's a non-issue :)
04:34<justinh>morning stuarta
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05:01<justinh>hmm should I spend 99 quid on a core2 duo mobile 2ghz chip or £5 on a 2ghz single core chip? hmmmm
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05:25<rooaus>justinh: I have recently cleaned all installed myth files and reinstalled, maybe that is why they aren't found on my box? A search of trunk/myth* only finds some of those images (like mm_unchecked.png) in G.A.N.T..
05:27<rooaus>Nice work though :)
05:28<justinh>like I said I'll be redoing em. and trust you to find missing images :P
05:35<rooaus>I think the reason it happens to me is I often completely clean my install location. :D
05:42<justinh>I'm also not running svn
05:47<justinh>also if those missing images are the only problem you found, I think I've done well :D
05:48<justinh>still some tweaks to do since I updated genbox.png but otherwise it could be ready by next weekend
05:48<rooaus>Don't get me wrong, I do think you have done well!
05:49<justinh>maybe my sarcasm didn't come across too well before
05:49<rooaus>No it did, I just don't want to sound like a whiny user.
05:50<justinh>heh you'll never be that
05:50<justinh>if I wanted that I'd ask for opinions on the users list
05:50<justinh>or nowadays, the -dev list
05:52<rooaus>The background image got me thinking about an "Elvis" background, one where there are bullet holes in the TV :)
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05:56<justinh>heh. glasswide.shtml is the 2nd most popular page on my site & it's not even released yet :P
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06:28<justinh>seen as people are searching for 'mythtv skins' on google, maybe I could try a 'skin' background
06:29<justinh>rooaus: there are different backgrounds in there you know. you're not tied to the supplied (purple I think) one
06:33<rooaus>justinh: Yeah, I am using the vent.png at the moment.
06:34<justinh>well you can if you want, but you never got it from me ;)
06:35<rooaus>Got what? ;)
06:36<justinh>that was just one of the ones I tried it out with. source unknown, licence unknown. was in a mediaportal skin. probably nicked from somewhere
06:40<justinh> - 'official' ones will be here
06:45<rooaus>Been looking at the "Deleted Group" stuff. Would it make more sense to auto expire the deleted group stuff in FIFO order rather than "AutoExpireMethod" order?
06:58<rooaus>Also considering an option to auto-expire deleted recordings X hours after being added to the Deleted group, rather than leaving them to expire when the file system fills. Does anyone think this is useful/useless?
07:01<Daviey>justinh: pm?
07:05<justinh>er.. lemme just re-enable it
07:06<justinh>fire away
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07:17<justinh>well, I can't sit here all day waiting for that pm. need to go buy some petrol
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07:26<Daviey>arg.. missed him
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08:12<justinh>rofl. The Atmel website has been haxx0r3d
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09:11<GreyFoxx>Man, seems like every ticket and post I see these days is upnp related. Must be a lot more people using it now
09:12<GreyFoxx>And how would a gps determine if a box is hacked?
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09:21<Finswimmer>hi, mythtv tries to use OSS not alsa. after that it segfaults
09:22<Finswimmer>2007-11-05 17:13:07.941 Opening OSS audio device '/dev/sound/dsp1'.
09:22<Finswimmer>2007-11-05 17:13:07.942 The audio device cannot report buffer state accurately! audio/video sync will be bad, continuing...
09:22<Finswimmer>2007-11-05 17:13:07.944 AO: Using resampler. From: 48000 to 49777
09:22<Finswimmer>2007-11-05 17:13:07.950 NVP: Enabling Audio
09:22<Finswimmer>Segmentation fault
09:30<Finswimmer>gbee: ok. i will do that. but: is there a howto or something that tells me, how to use alsa and not OSS?
09:32<gbee>Finswimmer: that's a mythtv-users question, but it's under General settings, change the audio device from "/dev/sound/dsp1" to "ALSA:default"
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09:38<Finswimmer>gbee: setting it to alsa removes the segfault
09:38<Finswimmer>thank you
09:39<gbee>segfault is still a bug and if you could report it, we'd be grateful
09:40<Finswimmer>gbee: then i should report it with the full debug log?
09:43<gbee>Finswimmer: if you can, yes, that would help fix the segfault and prevent future users having the same problems
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15:53<janneg>and now to the hard part of a ffmpeg sync: coming up with a good commit message
15:53<justinh>lol. that's the hard part?
15:54[~]justinh suggests "hi guys, sorry if this breaks anything/everything but needs must :P"
15:55<janneg>the boilerplate is fine, but summerize that has changed in 2200 ffmpeg commits is not
15:56<justinh>2200 commits? oof!
15:57<justinh>the last sync wasn't _that_ long ago was it? in terms of time I mean
15:59<janneg>I think half a year
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16:08<bendailey>janneg: was 7671 the last ffmpeg sync version?
16:09<justinh>if nothing else maybe that has a bearing on the comparisons between mplayer & mythtv playback cpu usage etc
16:10[~]Dibblah always looks forward to a ffmpeg sync. It's time to update to the latest SVN :)
16:10<Dibblah>Well, actually, to update to changeset {ffmpeg sync} - 1
16:10<janneg>bendailey: 8742 and I'll sync up to 10931
16:10<Dibblah>Cause that's always the most stable ;)
16:12<janneg>I hope I'll get rev 14800. commited
16:12<janneg>got it
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16:13<bendailey>I will go check and start a rebuild now :)
16:17[~]janneg goes reading the commit message
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16:23<janneg>maybe we should change the mail commit hook to display first the message and than the changed files. the commit message is 32kb
16:28<justinh>eew. the status ui screen not having a background container makes life tricky
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16:45<hads>Anyone interested in a backtrace from trying to play files in mythvideo?
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17:20<janneg>hads: I'm if you update to 14800
17:23<hads>janneg: That's where I'm at :)
17:23<hads>Although it has been that way since the last ffmpeg sync so it's not something that's just been introduced.
17:24<janneg>hads: that was fast, just 30 minutes after the commit
17:24<janneg>I look at it now
17:24<hads>janneg: Yeah, I was interested to see whether your commit fixed it :)
17:25<hads>I'm going into a meeting in a bit but I'll be around so ping me if there's anything you need from me.
17:27<janneg>does the file play fine in ffplay? if not I'll need the file to debug it. there is nothing obvious wrong
17:27<janneg>I'll go to bed soon
17:28<hads>janneg: Yeah, plays in ffplay and mplayer
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17:29<hads>There's a few files that it segfaults on but I haven't seens a commonality yet.
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17:38<janneg>hads: all mpeg4 videos?
17:41<hads>janneg: Not all AFAICT, I'll see if I can track down the commonality
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17:51<a_stray_shot>hello all
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17:59<GreyFoxx>hads: I see the EXACT same crash
17:59<GreyFoxx>spent some time going over it on sAturday but couldn't figure out what was going on
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18:00<GreyFoxx>It segfaults 100% of the time if I just run mythfrontend or mythtv filename.avi but if I run it via a debugger it only crashes 2/3rds of the time
18:00<GreyFoxx>I only noticed it after I wipped all my boxes and rebuilt from scratch
18:06<gbee>race condition?
18:07<gbee>pretty obvious thing to say ... not sure why I did
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18:17<justinh>rooaus: wanna download the latest tarball & take it for a test spin?
18:19<rooaus>justinh: Coolio, I will dl it now and try it shortly.
18:20<justinh>game-ui is kinda broken I think, and I'll be doing some more -ui.xml files eventually
18:20<justinh>I need to fix the missing watermark images too but the default will be with them disabled
18:23<justinh>rooaus: status-ui.xml could be better but not until the main release version supports a background container
18:24<justinh>"it'll do for now"
18:25<jams>justinh- that status screen is annoying
18:27<justinh>Daviey, rooaus - gonna redo the tarball. missing files otherwise. damn sed trap
18:29<rooaus>janneg: You seen #4134? I am trying to build r14800 now to confirm.
18:29<rooaus>justinh: np
18:29<janneg>rooaus: fixed
18:30<rooaus>janneg: Cool
18:30<justinh>uploading new tarball now
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18:31<justinh>jams: I also dislike the progdetails screen. not customisable enough!
18:32<justinh>I've made some notes which'll help come the (mythui) revolution
18:33<justinh>been theming for oooo dunno how long now, but this is prolly the most involved I've gone, and boy where there are limitations, they really bind
18:33<justinh>tarball's done uploading now
18:50|-|[Daviey] changed the topic of #mythtv: "Remember compiling is not development" :D
18:50<Daviey>oh my.. that was an accident
18:50|-|[Daviey] changed the topic of #mythtv: This is the MythTV development channel. For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users. US/Canada Listings:
18:52<gbee>my least favourite screen is the programme details, can't change anything yet it needs theming badly
19:03<rooaus>Daviey: If it is related to a recent ffmpeg sync I think it isn't exactly OT either. ;)
19:04<justinh>rooaus: find those missing images man! root em out! ;)
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19:10<e1z0>why mythtv requires mysql ?
19:11<rooaus>justinh: Will keep looking :)
19:12<rooaus>Need to head out for a while though.
19:12<justinh>e1z0: because we've not had your patches to make it work with an embedded db yet
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19:13<e1z0>but why it requires db at all ?
19:14<justinh>er.. too much info to store in flat files. searches of flat files take too long, yada yada yada
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19:42<rooaus>justinh: Although Myth Archive isn't themed, if you copied glass-wide/shared/medbutton_pushed.png to glass-wide/text_button_pushed.png (plus on and off) the xmlparser will use your images and the default-wide/mytharchive-ui.xml.
19:43<rooaus>Almost looks like it is themed then :)
19:43<hads>GreyFoxx: Interesting, glad I'm not the only one. I can't remember exactly what revision it appeared here but I think it was the last ffmpeg sync.
19:43<justinh>rooaus: nifty, though I might just grab the archive-ui.xml & tweak it myself
19:44<justinh>save making more image files
19:44<justinh>got to be v. memory conscious ;)
19:44<justinh>does archive-ui.xml support a background container? always seen that plugin as a challenge to theme
19:45<justinh>tempted to do every plugin screen there is actually, just because
19:45<rooaus>true, I do want to reorganise the theme stuff to make this all a bit easier.
19:46<rooaus>I am really going out now, the missus is waiting for me. ;)
19:46<justinh>SWMBO !
19:46<justinh>rooaus: just uploaded a newer tarball. fixed the missing watermarks issue
19:47<justinh>fix the clock tomorrow :)
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