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02:42<joobie>guys im from AU.. just wondering if anyone can recommend a good USB / firewire tv tuner card that is capable of working with the AU HD and cable TV?
02:46<hads>joobie: See the topic
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06:51<mzb_d800>I've been running a recent version (1 week old svn?) of multirec and having problems with streams from my external DVB USB2 tuner. Despite my best attempts to debug, I've been unable to identify the problem. Are there any multirec devs available that would like debug info before I return to trunk?
06:52<mzb_d800>symptoms include: "burps" (pauses) in playback about every second
06:52<mzb_d800>+ occasional frontend crashes & lockups while attempting to play or preview the recording
06:54<mzb_d800>background: playback is normally from combined FE+MBE, recording is from FE+SBE. Recordings dir is shared NFS (on MBE).
06:55<mzb_d800>This problem was not encountered using 0.20-2 (debian and ubuntu), nor on versions of svn over the last month or so
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07:25<janneg>mzb_d800: do you know if the tuner uses hardware pid filtering? unlikely since it is usb2.0
07:26<mzb_d800>it's a Kworld USB2 DVB-T
07:26<mzb_d800>no I don't know
07:28<janneg>I'm leaving now, but look at it later
07:28<mzb_d800>ok, let me know if you want info ...
07:28<mzb_d800>I'll only be changing to trunk when I get around to it
07:29<mzb_d800>(ie. not in immediate hurry)
07:29<mzb_d800>but probably in the next day or say
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08:58<gbee>LONG way from being finished, layout may change and position slider + stars are from blootube -
08:59<justinh>gbee: try theming mytharhive, I dare you
08:59<gbee>justinh: heh, may not even bother since I never use it
08:59<justinh>woo I like that
08:59<justinh>gbee: I still dare ya ;)
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09:02<gbee>text is a bit squashed as I rescaled that from 1280x800 so that the button area wasn't stretched as it appears on my screen :(
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09:07<justinh>rofl. I need to change my disk space indicator
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09:19<justinh>oh man why is so much of mytharchive's xml duplicated? contexts!!
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09:37<gbee>anyone think we need to keep the numbers from the mythmusic shuffle, repeat, playlist, visualiser buttons? It's helpful but we don't tell users what buttons they need to press for play, stop, menu etc?
09:37<gbee>I'd rather list the buttons for that context in a help popup
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10:14<justinh>gbee: I say ditch em
10:15<justinh>or instead of that, ditch the other numeric keys in other areas & replace them with a contextual help popup
10:15<justinh>so drop 1-4 from mythmusic, 1 2 and 4 from ui.xml, drop 4 & 6 from the EPG/finder & replace them with a help popup
10:16<justinh>actually a general help popup which tells people which keys do what in each screen might be a good boon
10:17<gbee>think that's planned anyway
10:19<gbee>I know what I'd liked to so with those buttons, but I'm trying to figure out how I do it without messing up all the other themes
10:21<justinh>maybe make the text part optional
10:21<justinh>there was a patch for that ages ago, without the optional bit
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10:24<justinh>might aswell do mythnews next :)
10:24<justinh>if I knew how to work mythgame I'd fix that too
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11:52<justinh>well, that'll be 3 less channels to sort out in my config wizard now Virgin are dropping Bliss, Flaunt & Scuss
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11:58[~]justinh wonders what all the title strings for plugins are
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14:17[~]justinh rips the heart out of mythnative-ui.xml
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14:55<justinh>$deity almighty, this is like pulling teeth
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15:18<justinh>looks like the mytharchive ui files in default-wide could do with some tweaks, but my spirit is broken
15:19[~]laga_ proposes some creative powder
15:19<justinh>anybody got a razor blade & a sheet of something glassy?
15:20<justinh>screw ui.xml - mytharchive is without a doubt _the_ bitch to theme
15:20<jarle>When doing translation I see that there are both .qm and .ts files in the i18n dir, what are the .qm files?
15:20[~]justinh smells qt
15:20<laga_>jarle: binary files
15:20<laga_>of the .ts files
15:20[~]justinh eyes his shiny new motherboard
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15:21<laga_>i wish the cvs servers of sourceforge would be faster.
15:21<jarle>laga_: so I only need to worry about the .ts files when doing the translation?
15:21<justinh>laga_: heheh you and the rest of the world man ;)
15:21<laga_>jarle: kinda. if you want to view the translation in mythfrontend, you can do a release in kbabel which will give you the .qm file. AFAIK.
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15:22<justinh>having their servers up more would be a start
15:22<laga_>at least it's better than berlios
15:22<justinh>argghhh! I've messed up my head big style. guys, don't ever go in those ui files
15:24<justinh>just realised too that you can spend all the time in the world moving stuff & resizing things to make things fit in a hypothetical overscan safe area, but the qt widgets will come along & make all of it futile :P
15:25<justinh>would it even be worth fixing up an overscan compensation for the qt widget based screens?
15:25<justinh>don't reckon it would somehow
15:25<laga_>i find it very annoying in the settings screens. but it's mostly usable
15:26<justinh>when the bulk of this is done, the dev box is coming out to play. i'll fix up the clock & see about picking up where I left off on that appearance gadget I started
15:28<justinh>hey wow. the quality of caps on this board is impressive
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15:29<justinh>very nice vcore regulator stage too. looks efficient
15:30<justinh>but the tv out encoder is miles away from the svideo port, so let's not hold out any hope for the video quality eh
15:30<laga_>vga-scart? :)
15:30<justinh>intel & interlaced video modes?
15:31<justinh>I'll have plenty chance to experiment with it
15:31<justinh>it does component out, maybe I can fool the tv encoder into doing straight RGB
15:33<justinh>never seen a ZIF socket like this baby though. no lever, just a screw
15:34<laga_>it's quite common in laptops
15:35<justinh>I bet
15:36<justinh>upgrading laptop cpus is only for the very desperate & the very brave IMHO
15:36<justinh>once I get my cpu (possibly tomorrow) I can start seeing what I need to do to get a regular 478 heatsink on it
15:37<justinh>this is one of those jobbies which normally comes with its own HSF. not in that deal though
15:39<justinh> hahaha MePo hasn't themed mytharchive. I bet zdzisekg still has the will to live though ;)
15:40<janneg>laga sourceforge svn servers are better
15:40<justinh>laga_: pm for a sec?
15:42<justinh>nevermind, taking the dog out
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15:48<gbee>ETOOMANYIMAGES .... shutting down
15:49<jarle>When translating mythfrontend, If a translation is the same as the source text, is it better just leaving the translation empty or should the source text be copied to the translation field? At least I should make mark the translation as "done" so that it is not set as outstanding...
15:50<gbee>jarle: I like to copy it over, but only because it gives more accurate translation stats, marking it as finished doesn't give the same results
15:50<gbee>but it's personal choice, doesn't really matter either way
15:51<jarle>gbee: Yeah, that's why I was asking I'd want to be as correct as possible..
15:52<gbee>one day I'd like a page on the website/wiki listing the state of translations - e.g. English 50%, German 99%
15:52<gbee>heh, forgotten that I'd already created that page
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15:53<jarle>gbee: except that it does not covert stats into %, only xx yy zz
15:53<jarle>gbee: but that nitpicking...
15:54<gbee>yeah, I was going to convert them to percentages but never got around to it
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16:08[~]jarle keeps inventing new hi-tech words just to be able to make a translation :)
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16:19<justinh>whee last walkies of the day, and I can't see xml when I shut my eyes
16:24<justinh>gah mythgallery doesnae support the background container in 0.20.x
16:32<justinh>oh goody - nor does mythnews
16:37<justinh>rooaus: you around?
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17:33<gbee>getting there, slowly ... err, wrong screenshot
17:35<gbee> just need to figure out the stars and create proper shuffle/repeat icons
17:37<gbee>the control buttons will probably end up vertically centered in the space like the visualiser, looks better just reduces the space for long titles
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17:39<superm1__>justinh, ping
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17:50<xris>gbee: looking nice
17:58<gbee>xris: thanks
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18:03<justinh>superm1__: pong
18:03<superm1__>justinh, could you include a COPYING file in your theme packages?
18:03<superm1__>justinh, so that they are properly redistributable
18:04<justinh>gbee: if I hadn't just spent so many hours getting intimate with mytharchive's ui I'd be going back to the drawing board with my music screen :)
18:04<justinh>that screenshot is _very_ nice
18:06<justinh>superm1__: superm1__ I'm actually going off the idea of allowing my themes to be redistributable in packages. people miss updates that way very easily
18:06<superm1__>justinh, well i have them set for inclusion to ubuntu multiverse
18:06<superm1__>justinh, just need a COPYING file included, and it will be no trouble
18:07<superm1__>even with the nc-sa license
18:08<gbee>there is a mix of styles in there because I couldn't stop experimenting - anyway, stars
18:09<justinh>hmmm getting into multiverse, vs visits to my site & people being tempted to donate..
18:09<superm1__>justinh, well both can be feasibly done
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18:10<superm1__>justinh, i'll be glad to help you produce deb's for hosting on your site
18:10<justinh>I'd have to reintroduce some kind of version numbering again. more work. hmphh
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18:12<justinh>prolly not a bad idea to bring version numbers back actually, though I don't really plan to touch the existing themes if I can help it
18:12<superm1__>justinh, the way that i am doing version numbers is by the date
18:12<superm1__>so 0.20071102-0ubuntu1
18:12<superm1__>is the version that i uploaded for review to get into multiverse
18:15<superm1__>justinh, well i'd say for the next version you have ready, it would be best to do it this way:
18:15<superm1__>instead, ship then in tar.gz form, and also build that into rpms/debs
18:15<superm1__>but for this one, leave it as is
18:15<superm1__>for gutsy+, you can just link to the deb from there, and it will be installed via FF
18:16<justinh>I looked into building debs a while back but got lost in the mire of the ubuntu tutorials
18:16<justinh>what should go into this 'copying' file anyway? CC don't seem to give an example
18:16<superm1__>justinh, it should be just the raw text of the CC license
18:17<superm1__>justinh, i'll be glad to teach you how to make debs, its pretty straightforward
18:17<justinh>just a few lines? heh
18:17<superm1__>justinh, yeah using cdbs, a debian/rules is only two lines the way i did it :)
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18:29<mzb_d800>not sure about the ubuntu approval process, but iirc with debian you need a sponsor .. doing a debian pkg as well?
18:29<mzb_d800>ah ... come to think of it mythtv isn't in debian repos ... dm
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18:45<superm1__>mzb_d800, i'm an ubuntu motu
18:46<superm1__>(and maintainer of mythtv in ubuntu)
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18:48<justinh>superm1__: this'll mean I have to change my rewrite rule again too. bah & double bah
18:49<superm1__>justinh, you can use the same debian packaging I am using
18:49<superm1__>i don't mind
18:50<superm1__>so that will at least make things easier :)
18:57<justinh>superm1__: uploading new tarballs now. I'll make a .htaccess file to allow linking. can't override the virtual dir cripplement though :(
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19:15<rooaus>justinh: Morning
19:15<justinh>rooaus: mind grabbing a new tarball & seeing how the clock looks please?
19:16<justinh>I'll pm a new link
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20:12<Daviey>justinh: still up?
20:13<Daviey>do you want the theme tested with trunk?
20:14<justinh>clock's fixed, thanks to rooaus' input :)
20:14<justinh>weather isn't done. need my own box here for that
20:14<Daviey>good - it was slightly off on last nights
20:16<justinh>I think I'll want to update the title graphics - nicked them from neon-wide & the font is a bit sucky
20:16<justinh>well, time for bed I reckon. seen enough xml for one day.. nay one lifetime today
20:17[~]justinh wonders what zoneminder-ui.xml is like... arghhH!
20:18<justinh>g'night all
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20:31<foxbuntu>Hello all. I am working with the Mythbuntu team and have some ideas for MythWeather and would like to talk to someone working on that.
20:31<Daviey>foxbuntu: talk away
20:31<foxbuntu>Daviey, work with that too?
20:32<Daviey>no.. :(
20:32|-|RaYmAn-Bx [] has joined #mythtv
20:32<foxbuntu>anyways...I have the spec:
20:34<foxbuntu>basically I have a dedicated and awesome source for weather data, zipcodes, and DB help to move everything into MySQL for the searching. The data stream will be provided and HDTV formated maps centered on ZIPs overall a great source and the company is willing to provide it to the community
20:34<Daviey>foxbuntu: Is this datasource US only?
20:35<foxbuntu>US and CANADA I believe, there might be more from them but that is what I know so far
20:35<Daviey>it's not as rich as then :(
20:35<jams>nice..just don't taint it with perl
20:36<GreyFoxx>nothing wrong with a perl grabber :)
20:36<Daviey>python, ruby, bash, compiled language, anything but perl
20:36<foxbuntu>Daviey, I would think that if we cant get global weather from there we could have a different way to handle global weather
20:37<foxbuntu>however move to a DB backend and this dedicated source for US weather
20:38<foxbuntu>Daviey, they are providing a very generous service
20:39<foxbuntu>I think we should use it to make them happy as they will be providing a service to us as well
20:40<foxbuntu>anyhow I think it would be a good option
20:40<jams>foxbuntu- sounds like it will be
20:41<foxbuntu>jams, do you perhaps work on MythWeather?
20:41<foxbuntu>...or know who does?
20:41<jams>foxbuntu- gbee is the latest guy
20:41<jams>i tried mythweather but perl foiled me
20:42<jams>we are like water and oil
20:42<foxbuntu>gbee, ping...I would like to talk to you about MythWeather when you have time...I will hang around in here as well as #mythbuntu-dev
20:42<foxbuntu>jams, lol..nice
20:43<jams>it will be a bit for gbee i think he just went off to bed
20:43<foxbuntu>thats ok...hope he looks at the logs
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23:41<rooaus>I think this a trivial copy and paste error?
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