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03:57<laga_>you wanted to pm me yesterday?
03:57<justinh>laga_: yeah. had to take doggy for a walk so got sidetracked
03:57<justinh>it wasn't important anyway so don't worry about it
03:58<justinh>almost ready to unleash glass-wide at last :)
03:58<laga_>cool :)
03:58<laga_>GF really likes the new theme
03:59<stuarta>mornin all
03:59<justinh>heh so do I. haven't tried it on my frontend yet though
03:59<justinh>morning stuarta
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04:20<justinh>hmmm various sites seem to be saying the themes hosted on my site don't work with svn. lies! ;)
04:45<gbee>foxbuntu: I'm awake now if you are still around
05:24[~]justinh nukes the purchasing dept
05:24<laga_>gbee: he's most likely asleep
05:25<justinh>.. or puking up after seeing the new logo :P
05:25<gbee>laga_: probably
05:27<gbee>ok ...
05:27<justinh>that wasn't the one I was referring to but nevermind
05:30<janneg>justinh: what do I know about mythbuntu. it was the first time I looked at
05:30<gbee>that one looks ok in context on the site
05:32<janneg>maybe, I'm not a fan of the ubuntu logo and placing a tv set into it is silly
05:33<laga_>we'll have different artwork for the next release
05:34<gbee>tv image doesn't fit, think a better tv artwork might work better
05:34<justinh>laga_: have you seen it? I fear for you if that goes ahead in all honesty
05:34<laga_>justinh: i like the logo, but i don't like the colors. i think they'll be "fixed"
05:35<justinh>you like it? oof
05:35<justinh>well, good luck. you're gonna need it IMHO
05:36<laga_>the artwork guy has his reasons for doing what he does.. personally, i'm not too bothered about artwork, i tend to ignore it. technical stuff is more interesting anyways
05:37<laga_>like "help! mythtv cannot connect to database server"
05:37<justinh>thought that was a thing of the past ;)
05:38<laga_>it can still happen under some circumstances. though not as often as it used to. no worries, it's being worked on :)
05:46<justinh>oh joy oh joy. we've mixed 3v3 & 5v logic on our IDE bus :-\
05:48<justinh>normally that'd be ok except we've got a dvd driver which doesn't like it
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06:59<mzb_d800>further to my problems with multirec + external_dvb + "burps" I can now also report that I get msgs in the backend logs (-v all) that indicate "Wrote PMT" or "Wrote PMA" and about every 6 seconds a "Failed CRC check" .... but still not anywhere near the 1 second "burps"
07:00<mzb_d800>janneg was the last to show interest (sorry to wake you;)
07:05<janneg>please check your reception
07:11<rooaus>justinh: pm?
07:11<justinh>rooaus: sure
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07:16<mzb_d800>janneg: 95% minimum
07:16<mzb_d800>I can make it better (soon) by moving the box closer to the splitter ... but need to make some IR receivers 1st
07:17<mzb_d800>note that everything has been working fine up to this point
07:18<mzb_d800>today it seems to take about 2mins of watching before it starts happening ... no diff in the logs when it starts
07:18<mzb_d800>cpu usage (on tuner backend) is normal (ie. minimal)
07:19<janneg>mzb_d800: please use -v channel,record,siparser for the backend
07:20<mzb_d800>test & timer restarted
07:21<mzb_d800>burping started almost immediately
07:21<mzb_d800>nothing in syslog
07:21<janneg>and in the backend log
07:21<mzb_d800>only PMT & PMA msgs in backend log
07:22<mzb_d800>very occasional CRC error (I moved the cable a little about an hour ago for sanity)
07:23<mzb_d800>previously, I had intermittent success by either unplugging the dvb tuner for >30secs, or by completely shutting down the machine and restarting (a bit painful as I have to crawl under the house to turn it back on;)
07:24<mzb_d800>trying a replug now
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07:25<mzb_d800>test restarted
07:26<mzb_d800>now that I think of it ... I did make some other changes ... I didn't increase the tuning timeouts to max
07:26<mzb_d800>nope ... burping in <30secs from start
07:26<rooaus>Could someone with commit access check , barely seems worth a ticket but should be a trivial fix (if I am not completely smashed) ;)
07:26<mzb_d800>*sigh* ... shutting down ... brb10
07:28<mzb_d800>ie. roll smoke, walk outside, downstairs, in garage, crawlspace ... :)) made things a little difficult for myself, huh? :))
07:28<mzb_d800>ah well, need to put the rubbish bin away anyway ;)
07:28<justinh>oh way to go mytharchive. more theme breakage
07:28<justinh>F F S
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07:29<justinh>WHY must we be subjected to having to maintain two versions of themes for christs sakes?
07:29<justinh>screw it. svn isn't supported in this
07:36<mzb_d800>test restarted
07:36<justinh>rooaus: I have an xml you can test
07:37<rooaus>Would a patch be accepted that added logging of missed requests to MythThemedDialog::getUI* ? Would help with missing theme elements that lead to segfaults as per previous pastebin.
07:37<rooaus>justinh: ok
07:38<justinh>I looked at mythgallery once to see why it was segfaulting with a missing container, and it def. should have been reporting it was missing, not crashing
07:39<justinh>well, that's how the code looked to my untrained eye ;)
07:39<justinh>and I think I remember somebody saying "well DUH, a container is missing, what do you expect?" - and that could be called fair
07:39<mzb_d800>no burps at 3mins
07:41<rooaus>justinh: Yeah, I looked at the source, seems adding a cerr << "Unable to find foobar" would be trivial, just needs to be printed before the segfault (cerr is unbuffered isn't it?)
07:41<mzb_d800>burping started at 4:17
07:41<rooaus>ah, was about to ask ;)
07:41<mzb_d800>nothing unusual in syslog or backend log
07:41<justinh>rooaus: IMHO a different context should have been used
07:42<justinh>then again IMHO the whole of the mytharchive ui should be rewritten to be kind to themers end of story
07:43<justinh>might one day have a go at that. could be a nice project to see me through to the end of my days
07:44<mzb_d800>restarting with dvb_usb debug=17
07:45<justinh>mzb_d800: maybe the whole thing is that you're trying to pull more data than the usb stick has capacity for
07:45<justinh>I wouldn't be at all surprised
07:46<gbee>justinh: does having the stop button a different colour look better or worse than the all-green:
07:46<justinh>hmm tough call
07:47<janneg>mzb_d800: that's just with a single recording right?
07:47<mzb_d800>justinh: it worked before, and I'm only watching SD. Also I can only just start noticing artifacts when I record HD and watch SD on the same transport
07:47<mzb_d800>janneg: yes
07:47<justinh>gbee: probably all the same colour
07:47<mzb_d800>single SD (livetv)
07:48<gbee>justinh: ok thanks, I was leaning that way but wasn't sure :)
07:48<mzb_d800>tailing logs, restarting test
07:49<mzb_d800>almost immediate burping, nothing in logs
07:49<gbee>not sure that colour will be green - I may offer a pack of alternative colour schemes
07:49<janneg>and it works perfectly fine with trunk, right?
07:49<mzb_d800>going down to unplug bluetooth adaptor
07:50<justinh>if you were to make the buttons transparent, just put diff. colour images behind em :)
07:51<justinh>then all a user has to do is copy one file instead of several
07:51<justinh>well, I've announced the glass-wide release date on my site
07:52<gbee>can make that work in places where the images are static, but not on those buttons or the selectors
07:52<justinh>gbee: the buttons are static though.. aren't they?
07:53<gbee>justinh: not exactly because they change when highlighted/pushed, unless I change the colour by varying the level of transparency, which is an idea
07:54<justinh>that's what I meant
07:55<gbee>ahh, worth a try
07:56<mzb_d800>test restarted (from cold boot)
07:56<mzb_d800>burps after 1:28
07:57<mzb_d800>nothing else on the usb2 card
07:57<mzb_d800>SD channel
07:57<mzb_d800>signal stranth reported as 95%, S/N 2.7dB
07:58<mzb_d800>(up to 99%)
07:59<mzb_d800>funny thing is that the "burps" are pauses, not skips
07:59<mzb_d800>(audio & video)
08:00<janneg>oh, I thought it was disturtions and skips
08:00<janneg>so only live-tv is affected?
08:00<mzb_d800>sorry, should have explained it better
08:01<mzb_d800>no recordings as well
08:01<janneg>is it a combined frontend/backend?
08:01<mzb_d800>but I'm watching from a different FE
08:02<mzb_d800>cpu usage on "tuner" backend is ~5%
08:02<janneg>can you check with the local frontend
08:02<mzb_d800>hang on
08:05<mzb_d800>that'd be right ... started scheduled recording ... just cancelling it
08:09<mzb_d800>interesting ... seems to be trying to watch HD ... or at least gives me SD without sound (the HD streams aren't fully enabled here yet afaik)
08:10<mzb_d800>also, hdd seems to be going flat out .. but nothing significant showing on gkrellm (logging?)
08:11<mzb_d800>but it's pushing at SD rates over the network (to the nfs share) while recording
08:12<mzb_d800>disabling debug for test, restarting
08:14<mzb_d800>hdd going flat out would explain the burping I guess :|
08:16<mzb_d800>nope .. maybe not ... disk usage 0w 0r ... still burping
08:17<mzb_d800>moving to local for livetv playback test
08:25<mzb_d800>suspect audio problem is me forgetting to plug it back in (properly)
08:26<mzb_d800>no burping on the local for 5mins (occupant of room getting impatient == g/f ... not good pissing her off at 12:25am;)
08:26<mzb_d800>how can it be a network problem?
08:27<mzb_d800>and this FE has no problem with the recordings
08:27<mzb_d800>nothing of real significance has changed afaik, apart from trunk vs multirec
08:28<gbee>justinh: thanks, that was a good idea and it works well enough. Example with a blue background -
08:29<mzb_d800>BE is now doing another scheduled recording ... will try watching on both FE's
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08:30<justinh>wooo gbee :)
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08:30<justinh>gbee: btw did you catch the news about the loss of another 3 virgin channels yesterday?
08:31<justinh>just had a chuckle talking to a bloke who used to work at a Sky STB manufacturer - Sky's own engineers test the HD output quality with BBC HD because "our encoding's shite"
08:32<justinh>Scuss, Flaunt & some other lame music channel is going byebyes in ex-Telewest areas
08:32<gbee>no great loss then
08:33<gbee>probably increases the value of virgins lineup ;)
08:34<gbee>but then I don't watch music tv, so maybe I'm just underestimating the value of those channels
08:35<mzb_d800>looks like machines have been de-burped ... no idea why
08:36<mzb_d800>maybe it was only with livetv? ... and watching too close to "current"
08:36<mzb_d800>hmm ... more research involved
08:37<justinh>gbee: you know I said never get involved with mytharchive's UI files? I really mean it. No, I _really_ mean it ;)
08:47<mzb_d800>got a new theory ... bedtv is "tuner backend", loungetv is "viewer" ... loungetv is overclocked
08:50<mzb_d800>my best guess is that the loungetv plays the recording too fast, and empties the data before it's full ... I'll try testing that theory over the next few days ... not sure why it wasn't so obvious using trunk ... perhaps I had different viewing habits back then ... but I'm almost certain I saw burping in a recording ...
08:50<mzb_d800>empties the data before it's full == you get the idea ;)
08:51<mzb_d800>I'll keep an eye on it ... sorry about all the noise, and thanks all for you help|suggestions (esp. janneg)
08:51<mzb_d800>time to wind down for bed (almost 1am) ... gnite all
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09:55<stuffcorpse>hello, i'm having problems with my remote frontend. on the backend server itself i can watch videos and play music fine. now on my remote frontend i can connect to the mysql db on the backend but it cannot find any videos.
09:56<stuffcorpse>the first time i run the frontend, or when i remove .mythtv in my home, the videos do show up. but they cannot be played. if i go to video manager to scan it says those files cannot be found and wants to remove them. can anyone help me thanks
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09:57[~]justinh points at the channel topic
09:57<stuffcorpse>oops sorry
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09:59[~]stuarta ho hums
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10:21<Daviey>Do you ever get the feeling that ATI only exist to annoy us?
10:21<justinh>users, not ATI
10:21<Daviey>both :)
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11:15<gbee>any problems with mpeg2 in the ffmpeg resync?
11:16<GreyFoxx>I haven't tried the lastest sync (waiting for it to be merged ot multirec) but using the patches manually a couple weeks ago I had issues with a few mpeg2 videos I had made from VCD's
11:16<GreyFoxx>mostly stuttery video playback
11:17<GreyFoxx>gonna try them again after the next merge to multirec
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11:24<djc__>heres an idea for some long-away future version - if a recording gets interrupted (mythbackend dies and is restarted), and the recording then restarts, perhaps recognize that one show is in two (or more) recording files, and if the first is selected to play, then when its doesn automagically go to the next piece.. possibly with a prompt
11:26<superm1__>i'd almost rather see the second part be appended to the existing file
11:34<djc__>well.. whatever the details.. some way of merging the two pieces, either pre-play or post-play
11:35<djc__>but recognizing that there might be a few seconds or more of gap in the recrding
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12:03<gbee>ouch, someone just called me a moron on trac
12:03<stuarta>how rude
12:04<gbee>personally I find nothing wrong with using spaces or single quotes in filenames where readability is more important than portability
12:07<Chutt>the problem's that query doesn't use the prepared stuff?
12:11<GreyFoxx>I can't reproduce the error, but I could just change all queries to use bindvalues
12:14<gbee>changing it to use prepared queries would solve the problem and is probably better for consistency with the rest of the code
12:14<GreyFoxx>Well, it looks like all of nmChutt: Do you know what fills in the Hmm, wellyeah
12:14<GreyFoxx>damn cut n paste somehow mixed in 3 seperate responses
12:15<GreyFoxx>"yeah" was my reply to the prepared queries. I might have time to do that after lunch
12:16<GreyFoxx>And it turns out that all of the videos I have that have caused a segfault in the libavcodec draw_edges_mmx code all have an AVCodecContext "flag" value of 0. which is why the crashing code is being called, but other stuff has a non 0 value and is not calling the crashy code
12:17<GreyFoxx>if I manually set the flag in the code it avoids the draw_edges_mmx call and the video plays just fine
12:17<GreyFoxx>so I'm left wondering what sets the flag on some files and not others
12:17<GreyFoxx>and seperately why draw_edges_mmx segfaults
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13:44<laga_>whoops, wrong channel
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13:57<superm1>justinh, one more minor concern. Why are all your files always marked executable in your archives?
13:58<superm1>do you edit and compress on a windows box or a FAT filesystem for that matter?
13:58<justinh>heheh no
13:58<superm1>hm that is pretty odd then
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15:57<GreyFoxx>gbee: FYI, I've changed all the mythgame queries to use bindvalues. Just gotta wait to get home and test it :)
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16:06<xris>yay, security. :)
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16:12<janneg>argh, we have getDiskSpace() and GetDiskSpace()
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16:21<moosylog>mythTV seems to uses Qt key constants,
16:21<moosylog>which doesn't include all X key constants. Maybe some MythTV developer can confirm it.
16:21<moosylog>(i'm trying to define frontpanel buttons on my pc..they work in X....but not in mythfrontend)
16:31<gbee>moosylog: correct
16:31<gbee>you can use xmodmap to remap those buttons to something that mythtv understands
16:33<gbee>QT understands most multimedia keys, but there are still a few that aren't supported in QT3 (possibly QT4 but I haven't checked)
16:35<gbee>the F21-30 range is pretty useful for remapping keys, since it's unlikely to be used by anything else
16:35<janneg>qt4 does look so much different:
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16:38<gbee>looks like it supports some additional multimedia keys, the stuff from Key_Call to Key_Cancel is all new
16:40<moosylog>Ok, understand...thanks guys
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17:27<foxxbuntu>gbee, ping
17:28<foxxbuntu>gbee, hey I am told you are the man to talk to about MythWeather
17:28<gbee>foxxbuntu: I've done the most work on it lately
17:29<foxxbuntu>gbee, well I have some ideas and offer some help if you are intrested
17:31<gbee>have you seen the new version of mythweather? it uses plugin scripts to grab weather data, we currently have scripts grabbing data from NOAA for the USA, the Canadian weather service and the BBC, which covers the UK and thousands of international locations
17:31<foxxbuntu>gbee, I have the trunk but its a bit old
17:31<gbee>additional sources would just mean writing new scripts
17:32<gbee>it's not finished yet, it works but the UI has a few problems
17:32<foxxbuntu>gbee, I have a dedicated service avaible to me for US Weather, including ZIP Code locations, and HDTV formated weather maps that center on the selected zipcode
17:34<gbee>foxxbuntu: that interesting, I'm not in the US myself, but how would it compare to the NOAA xml feed which we currently use? Maybe you can take a look and see if your service would offer something that the current one doesn't?
17:34<foxxbuntu>gbee, sure...I know one big thing would be the Weather Maps
17:34<foxxbuntu>and a dedicated server to MythTV services for US Users
17:36<gbee>sure, well if you are looking for to implement it then I'd recommend looking at the existing scripts in current trunk, they are in perl
17:36<foxxbuntu>gbee, awesome...can you point me right at them so I can have a quick look?
17:37<gbee>I don't know if you are aware of xmltv? they work in a similar way, grabbing the data and formatting it in a way that mythweather can understand
17:38<foxxbuntu>gbee, no since I am in the US I am stuck with SD...
17:38<foxxbuntu>hads, thanks!
17:40<gbee>there are three groups of scripts in that directory, the ones for ENVCAN (Environment Canada), BBC (UK and World), NWS (National Weather Service/NOAA USA)
17:40<foxxbuntu>gbee, yup I see that...looks very clean...souldnt be a huge deal I think to make my new service work
17:41<gbee>each script grabs weather for a different screen or set of screens, so there are two BBC scripts for each of the available feeds, a current observations and a three day forecast
17:41<foxxbuntu>gbee, I will work to devel with my local source and keep in contact with you to make sure you guys are ok with any changes I propose
17:42<gbee>it's backed by a module which allows the user to lookup their location
17:42<gbee>I wrote the BBC grabber, but it was based on the original NWS grabber written by Lucien Danning
17:43<foxxbuntu>gbee, is the lookup still done in a flat file?
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17:43<foxxbuntu>ie..not in MySQL
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17:44<gbee>flatfile if you keep a local store of that data
17:45<foxxbuntu>gbee, I have DB access to a current US Zipcode store so I was thinking of moving that into a MySQL lookup and config storage of settings to improve perforamce...what do you think?
17:46<gbee>the bbc grabber does location lookups over the web, it sends the postcode/location to the bbc server which returns the correct location code (well not quite that straightforward but close enough)
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17:47<gbee>foxxbuntu: couple of things, the scripts are best kept plugin, so users can update them or install new ones without upgrading mythtv, any data stored in the database would have to be put there in a way which was compatible with that
17:48<foxxbuntu>gbee, what about perhaps a seperate DB for MythWeather Data?
17:48<gbee>it could be as simple as the first time your script is run, it reads the data from a flatfile into the database
17:48<foxxbuntu>gbee, that would be a good idea too
17:49<foxxbuntu>better than ^
17:49<gbee>foxxbuntu: I'd keep it in the same database because setting up a new one isn't user friendly
17:50<foxxbuntu>gbee, we could have a SQL import script to bring the DB information in as well
17:50<gbee>one thing to keep in mind is that we plan on embedding the database in future versions of mythtv, that means you won't have direct access to mysql and that could be problematic for the scripts
17:52<gbee>but I'm guessing at that time we'll make additions to the mythtv perl bindings so that perl scripts can continue to access the database, not for certain, but we have enough perl applications in contrib/ that need to keep working after the changeover
17:53<foxxbuntu>Ok...well I will starting working on the source and the DB features and get back to you when I have more than ideas sound good?
17:54<gbee>foxxbuntu: import script either called manually or automatically the first time the new script is run, or an updated script is used would work - I'd use custom tables for any scripts that work this way but use a consistent naming structure so that they won't clash with others and users can easily identify what part of mythtv they belong to
17:54<gbee>foxxbuntu: sounds good, I'll be in here most nights
17:54<foxxbuntu>gbee, great...I will be around as well
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18:01<justinh>blimmin E4+1 recordings have started going all gappy now :( the sooner I put the epia in the bin, the better
18:03<justinh>ach well. got an OSD to make tomorrow :)
18:15<gbee>I'm going to ship my OSD with the theme
18:17|-|rn114 [] has joined #mythtv
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18:42<RageMax>have any of you guys done some large-scale video distribution?
18:45<GreyFoxx>define large scale :)
18:52<RageMax>8+ HDTVs all with centralized recording/distribution
18:52<RageMax>independent tuners as well
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21:15[~]justinh sighs at the poor forum user who thinks it'd be a great feature to upload videos directly to youtube from mythtv
21:16<fiXXXerMe1>I'm trying to install mythtv-backend and mythtv-backend-master on a ubuntu 7.10 server and it's asking me to run mythtv-setup, but says that I need X?
21:16[~]justinh points at the topic
21:16<fiXXXerMe1>I'm drunk? sorry.
21:16|-|fiXXXerMe1 [] has left #mythtv []
21:17<justinh>recipe for success or no? get drunk, then try to get mythtv installed :D
21:18<justinh>maybe we should have everybody write a new first step in their howto pages..."Step1. SOBER UP!"
21:33|-|JoeBorn [] has joined #mythtv
21:34<justinh>superm1: that perms thing is puzzling me. trying to fix it. maybe I'm too tired, but it's being weird
21:37<justinh>maybe this has to do with my svn repository. the files in the local working copy are fine but everything's ending up +x when I export it
21:56|-|adante_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:08<justinh>right now my svn repo is in a real mess :(
22:10<justinh>nothing to do but clean out all the .svn dirs & tar up what I've got for safe keeping. I'll sort the mess out tomorrow
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23:38<foxbuntu>gbee, ping
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