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05:13<gbee>my Nova-T 500 has just failed for the second time in 24 hours, lost 4 recordings already but there doesn't seem to be a good reason, it's worked solidly for months and I've not touched any software on that backend except for upgrading myth
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05:59<rooaus>gbee: Had a quick scan over the text label stuff [ (1) sort by foo (2) sort by bar ], seems much of it is defined in the theme .xml.
05:59<rooaus>What I am not sure about is the themestring.h and the translations. Any advice?
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06:20<gbee>themesting.h is odd, I believe that we do the translations in xmlparse/xmlparsebase so I can't see where that is used
06:22<gbee>most of that label stuff is defined in the theme itself, but because only the core themes strings get translated it's best that all themes, including 3rd party, use the same strings
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06:55<rooaus>It seems to me that "themestringtool" or something must generate the themestrings.h files and this is used for translating the labels etc that only appear in the theme/ui xml files.
06:57<rooaus>For instance, the "Recording Priorities" screen has the string "Sort by Priority" and it only seems to appear in the different themes ui.xml files and in mythtv/themes/themestrings.h
07:01<gbee>yeah sorry, you're right - since the xml files don't get parsed by lupdate we need to put the strings in a format it recognises for them to be added to the translation and that is what themestringtool ans themestrings.h are for
07:01<gbee>the runtime translation occurs in xmlparse.cpp line 1553, but using the strings added to the translation through themestrings.h
07:02<rooaus>So, if I was to update that I would need to update the mythtv/themes/themestrings.h files (for translations) and then update all the ui.xml files. Then lupdate needs to be run to regenerate the .ts files and the new strings would need translation?
07:02<gbee>so edit the strings in the themes, re-run themestringtool to generate new themestrings.h files, then run lupdate to update the translations
07:03<gbee>rooaus: guessing it's the other way around, edit the ui files, then generate a new themestrings.h
07:04<rooaus>Ah yes, use themestringtool to re-generate the themestrings.h instead of hacking the file :)
07:07<gbee>it's a boring, repetitive job, but worth doing IMHO because at the end of the day there will be more space on screen etc
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07:10<rooaus>gbee: Yeah, most of it is in the theme files, but I have found Seems it could be turned into a theme label but not sure.
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07:42<gbee>rooaus: which screen is that? it's not one I recognise
07:42<gbee>actually I can guess from the filename
07:45<gbee>it could be turned into a theme defined label, would allow themers to do something different, such as a sort image (<>) instead of the text "Sort by", but it's not that important in this case
07:46<gbee>what does need fixingi s the reverse title doesn't include 'Sort by'
07:47<gbee>splitting it up makes more sense when you realise that
07:48<gbee>rooaus: I should explain that I'm doing some house painting at the moment, so I can only check back on IRC when I'm giving my arms a rest
07:49<rooaus>gbee: Yeah, I am trying to get my head around the translation stuff. That explained why the "Sort by ..." for that screen was found in the source but some of the other strings were not.
07:50<rooaus>Have fun with the painting, I understand that you may have a life outside of Mythtv ;)
07:51<stuarta>thats an understatement
07:51<stuarta>i haven't been able to do squat for 6 months
07:53<rooaus>stuarta: heh, I have a deck I am meant to get finished before Christmas... we will see.
07:53<stuarta>especially if you want it for the christmas bbq :)
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11:00<AL13N>how do i get alsa output or change the internal player (eg: music)?
11:01<laga>AL13N: #mythtv-users
11:13<gbee>if anyone is looking for a job, we don't delete unused images from the themecache, it's not a huge problem as themes don't change often but it would be nice to clean up that stuff when the theme changes
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11:58<clever>Dibblah: still there?
11:59<clever>Dibblah: id like some help fixing the bug at
12:00<clever>(dev related so im talking here)
12:00<Dibblah>Help how?
12:00<clever>where in the code is the 'in use' state checked/managed?
12:00<clever>that keeps auto expire from actualy expiring files
12:01<Dibblah>You can use grep just as well as I can ;)
12:01<clever>though you might remember where
12:01<Dibblah>Sorry, no :(
12:04<clever>autoexpire.cpp might be a good place to start
12:10<clever>found a new bug like problem
12:10<clever>2007-11-10 13:10:09.794 1045 @ 2007-11-10T10:30:00 in use by transcoder on laptop
12:10<clever>yet no jobs are running(on any host)
12:11<clever>(the transcode seg faulted i think)
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12:16<AL13N>laga: right, stupid me, sorry
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13:23<matooke>I am gonna build my first MythTv box. What Hauppauge card is supported best under Linux? It should be affordable too. Thanx.
13:24<laga>try #mythtv-users
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14:46<hendrixski>If we want to do development work on just one plugin, we've compiled mythtv, and we got a problem with not finding -lmythtv- and we assume it's because we need the .pro and configure from the higher level of mythplugins, and not just mythvideo
14:46<hendrixski>and we don't want to have all of the other folders in there
14:47<hendrixski>Is there a best-practices for doing this, like commenting out parts of the .pro and the configure file?
14:54<kormoc>./configure --help
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14:54<kormoc>check out the disable plugin options
14:55[~]hendrixski checks
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14:58<hendrixski>ggrr... re-downloading mythplugins trunk/ first
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18:11<shaggyoaf>Hi, everybody. I have an old P3 dual-500Mhz system with very little memory
18:11<shaggyoaf>can anybody recommend a distribution for MythTv?
18:11<shaggyoaf>I'm not having a lot of luck with feisty + myth packages
18:12[~]shaggyoaf reads the topic
18:12<shaggyoaf>oops, I'm really sorry
18:12<shaggyoaf>I'll just go now :(
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19:49<rooaus>gbee: You still awake?
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22:31<rooaus>gbee: Could you have a quick look at #4161 and let me know if this is what you meant. If / when you get a chance ;)
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