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02:17<tripppy>can anyone recommend a dual HD DVB-T PCI/E card with good myth support?
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07:16<tafkaz>hi there. can someone plz tell me why on only one chnannel i cant get any audio ?
07:17<tafkaz>evry other channel works fine only at "kabel1" i have this issue
07:17<tafkaz>no sound, still a very good picture
07:17<tafkaz>no chance i could change the audio with +
07:18<tafkaz>that doesnt do anyting on no channel btw
07:18<tafkaz>maybe that is pasrt of the prob
07:18<tafkaz>mythfrontend simply says "audio disabled" when switching to that particular channel
07:19<tafkaz>and the harddisk seems to hav a lot to do there....
07:19<laga>try #mythtv-users
07:19<tafkaz>ok thanx laga
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07:46<howard>good morning ppl
07:47<howard>anyone here able to help me with mythbuntu in na?
07:54<rooaus>howard: See topic, try #mythtv-users and/or #ubuntu-mythtv
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17:12<justinh>ickle teeny weeny shout... glass-wide is out in the wilderness :)
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17:15<laga>does it come with an OSD theme, too??
17:15<justinh>if you use it with svn some icons will be missing, and mytharchive will segfault
17:15<laga>saw that :)
17:16<justinh>but you can fix the latter by uncommenting some of an xml file
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17:16<laga>it seems to work really well with all those different backgrounds. great job :)
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17:17<justinh>I was thinking about some areas I'd like to change, today (already) but had to tell myself NO
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20:08<tenemag>Hi room.. I have a pentium 4 2Ghz machine sitting here with ~860MB of ram... 200Gb IDE Drive... I picked up a TV-PCIRC Tuner for it... will I be able to use MythTV with it
20:09<tenemag>anyone here?
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20:12<janneg>no, at least nobody who cares to answer off topic questions
20:48<kormoc>janneg, sounds good (re multi-rec ticket).
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22:49<DrakeAnubis>Hey, when creating a theme is it possible to right align the menu text?
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