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04:08<gbee>stuarta: don't know if you've noticed, but Dave is now tagging the following message onto their programme descriptions "You may need to retune so we appear on channel 19"
04:12<stuarta>gbee: yeah seen it. idiots
04:19<justinh>missed that. what are they playing at?
04:19<justinh>not changed serviceid again have they?
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04:26<gbee>nope, just that they never did get the LCN change right in the first place, I'm guessing they think it's now fixed
04:27<gbee>err, what schema version are we upto?
04:28<stuarta>dunno, haven't updated since before the ffmpeg sync
04:28<stuarta>damn this not having a dev box.
04:29<gbee>1201 ... so why is mythtv-setup telling me that it expects 1200
04:29<gbee>obviously the backend has fallen out of sync with the frontend, but that's odd since I usually upgrade them both at the same time
04:35<gbee>ffmpeg resync went pretty smooth for me, no playback issues with my mpeg2/mpeg4 content
04:36<stuarta>i was holding out for the osx build issues to be sorted, since that's my frontend
04:36<stuarta>might do it later this week
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05:00<hads>Something broke watch recordings starting on the watch list a while back, I haven't tracked down what it is yet though.
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06:49<gbee>hmm, video scaling doesn't honour geometry
06:50<stuarta>wonder if that's why the osd fonts get screwed up
06:52<gbee>no idea, the problem I'm seeing is that 16:9 video is being scaled as though I'm using a 16:10 resolution (I am) even though I've overriden it with a 16:9 geometry
06:52<gbee>the video itself fits into the override dimensions, but still has a black border at the top/bottom
06:54<gbee>not about to start debugging it, for all I know it might even be a known limitation
06:54<justinh>maybe the scaling factor isn't being used on it - or maybe it's being used regardless of what you set it to
06:55<justinh>I've seen more than one place in the code where the current resolution is found, so I don't think it's a global thing
06:55<gbee>it's worse for 4:3, if I override it to 800x600, the video is still pillarboxed as though it were a widescreen res
06:56<justinh>hmm def. sounds like a square vs non-square issue
06:57<gbee>wondering if it's connected to the xinerama settings, although they are now hidden unless you have multiple displays, perhaps it's still using the aspect ratio setting
06:57<gbee>janneg would probably know the answer to that
06:58<justinh>I've never seen the video previews as that big a deal tbh
06:58<stuarta>i've found that watching 4:3 content on either 4:3 or 16:9 the osd is correct
06:59<stuarta>but 16:9 content on either 4:3 or 16:9 the osd is squished
06:59<Dibblah>gbee: Isn't that 'close enough' to get the direct-pixel-mapping preference to kick in?
06:59<Dibblah>Ah. HD output.
07:02<gbee>justinh: I don't think they are too important, but since I'm putting them in a frame, it would be nice if they actually fit correctly
07:02<justinh>fair comment
07:04<gbee>heh, just made a big mistake - picked up the cat but then she spotted the carpet laying man and freaked, I'm now dripping blood ...
07:05<stuarta>you have a psycho cat
07:06<gbee>she just doesn't like some strangers, but this is the first time I've ever seen her so nervous that she has clawed her way out of my arms
07:08<justinh>rory's normally great with people, he's really friendly. one guy down by the canal the other week though.. ooo boy he got seriously growled at
07:08<stuarta>he's an evil man
07:09<justinh>very possibly. maybe reminded him of someone from his 'previous life'
07:11<gbee>that shows the problem I'm talking about, the black bars should be there
07:13<justinh>shouldn't, don't you mean? ;)
07:14<gbee>err, yeah ;)
07:15<gbee>going to add a text alternative for the title images, since images can't be translated and my design calls for every screen to have a title
07:16<justinh>that'd be cool
07:17<justinh>though bear in mind not all screens can have a background element
07:17<gbee>justinh: all the ones I've themed so far have accepted one, just the QT screens which don't and any others I find will get fixed
07:18<gbee>got examples of pages which don't currently support a background?
07:18<justinh>mythgallery, IIRC
07:19<justinh>status-ui too, though I think that might've been fixed by 'mr mepo'
07:20<justinh>won't embarrass myself trying to spell his name & getting it wrong
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07:23<gbee>status-ui supports a background now
07:24<justinh>never used that, nor mythphone
07:25<gbee>of course what you can do with status-ui is pretty limited -
07:25<gbee>it's the ugly duckling of screens
07:26<justinh>less of a bitch to theme than (ocugh) mytharchive though :)
07:29<gbee>even more flexible screens, there is much you can do, just a case of making the best of it -
07:29<gbee>need to replace those default images though
07:29<justinh>lumme! some nice background canidates on that site
07:30<justinh>woo gbee I didn't know the rating images could have a background
07:31<gbee>justinh: you can put an image behind them, but it's not part of the widget :)
07:31<gbee>figured it was a way of better illustrating that 5 stars is 5/10 not 5/5 etc
07:32<gbee>and for some reason it doesn't like up perfectly for the last 3 stars, not sure why yet
07:37<justinh>going to be playing with fully 3d rendered icons before too long
07:38<justinh>got bored on saturday, ended up buying PC Pro which gave away Carrara 5
07:38<justinh>find it much easier to use than blender
07:48<justinh>whoah anybody tried glass-wide with plain black background? talk about dar!
07:48<gbee>just pushing to finish this theme before I start work on the mythui port, I'll never finish it otherwise
07:49<gbee>justinh: got a screenshot?
07:49<justinh>not yet
07:50<justinh>my nx session is being sloooow
07:50<justinh>(sh)IT dept are traffic shaping
07:56<gbee>one of the hardest screens to do is going to be the CD rip progress dialogue, the only way to preview it means starting a job
07:56<janneg>gbee: no, if you don't see the xinerama options the xinerama aspect ratio is not used
07:56<gbee>so small tweaks are out of the question
07:57<gbee>janneg: ok, thanks, guess the problem lies elsewhere
07:58<janneg>iirc the aspect ratio is calculated from the DisplaySize
07:58<gbee>ahh, yeah I'd forgotten that
07:59<justinh>I thought that'd been done away with
07:59<gbee>limits the options a little, although I'm not sure DisplaySize is set for this laptop anyway
07:59<gbee>justinh: only so far as font scaling iirc
07:59<justinh>100DPI for theme development.. eesh ;)
08:00<gbee>but I might be wrong, just guessing
08:01<gbee>this seems to have a natural 101x101 dpi, so I've never setup displaysize
08:02<gbee>resolution: 101x101 dots per inch
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08:06<janneg>it screws for windowed mythfrontend too. you can't have a 4:3 windows on a 16:10 screen
08:09<justinh>such a pity the graphics can't have a refractive index though :P
08:09<justinh>raytraced UIs ftw!
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08:10<justinh>might have a go making all the elements clear glass & raytrace em to make them look more betterer
08:11<justinh>I actually felt really bored last night. gotta keep busy!
08:13<justinh>hmmm nice email on -users about gheyhem-wide in no less than four font sizes
08:14<justinh>any WHY the ***k does nobody frickin listen when I say very specifically how to report problems?!
08:15<justinh>screw it. not through the right channel, there's no problem as far as I'm concerned
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10:03<justinh>seems those forky guys' excuse for all the sudo activity is to get access to the network. wtf planet are they on?
10:04<justinh>I'm demanding they remove my name from any files they have. I don't want to be even remotely associated with it
10:04<GreyFoxx>forky guys ?
10:07<justinh>see the 'youtube mythtv plugin' thread on -users
10:14[~]justinh installs MythPwn3d
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10:24[~]stuarta has an attack of apethy and crawls under the desk for a snooze
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11:13<okolsi>could someone change #4139 type: defect -> patch
11:14<okolsi>stuartm: thanks :)
11:15<okolsi>I mean.. gbee..
11:24<gbee>huh, now why didn't I notice the snow images before
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12:27<gbee>xris: when I run " --rescan --find-missing" it only asks about channels without an xmltvid, the rest are sorted automatically
12:28<gbee>why does it keep asking about the channels without an xmltvid? I've approved the icons under both callsign and dvb
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12:30<xris>gbee: could be a bug
12:31<gbee>hmm, just re-ran and noticed that it _didn't_ map those icons to anything in the summary at the end
12:32<gbee>not sure if that is significant since I don't know how the script/system is supposed to work
12:32<xris>it should map them
12:32<xris>probably a bug
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12:34<gbee>just looked at a sample number of images through "search icons" and none of them are mapped just by DVB or callsign, they are all mapped to xmltvid plus one other
12:34<gbee>or maybe not, my sample wasn't big enough ;)
12:36<xris>I want to get the download function integrated into the backend so I can rewrite that in PHP and get it into mythweb
12:36<xris>where we get *visual* access to the icons
12:38<gbee> << the second icon there, "Radio 1 Xtra" should have been matched against dvb ids and callsign
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12:39<gbee>if I get time, I'll look at the script tonight and see if anything stands out
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13:06<SanMehat>morning all
13:07<SanMehat>hey gbee, long time no talk, how you doing?
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13:30<gbee>SanMehat: I'm ok, thanks
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13:57<justinh>just thought I should really update my trac account with my proper email address since I killed off the gmail one
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14:56<gbee>xris: is the services stuff in svn?
14:57<gbee>this is what is being sent by the client, so it looks server-side to me:
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16:08<xris>gbee: different repository
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17:39<gbee>mythpython ... thought that was just a bad dream
17:50<justinh>nobody must want to watch youtube vids all that much then. apart from er.. oops ;)
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17:53<justinh>gbee seen the bbc news story about the cat's daily routine? raised a smile
17:54<gbee>I have now, hehe
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