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06:21<gbee>which of the following is better:
06:22<gbee>the second has a bigger, widescreen preview area at the expense of description space
06:23<justinh>hmm tough call
06:23<justinh>I think prospective users would go for 57.png
06:23<gbee>given justinh's fair criticism that not everyone in the world needs space for essay sized descriptions, I'm leaning towards the second
06:24<justinh>I'm tempted to mod my own theme to remove the video preview altogether
06:24<gbee>a widescreen preview area definately makes more sense in a widescreen theme
06:24<justinh>it'd only really be needed to verify the recording is what you think it is, which is 99 times out of 100, is :)
06:25<gbee>justinh: you can use an altarea I think, so if the user has previews disabled then you get the extra space to play with
06:25<justinh>so _that's_ what that's for
06:25<justinh>have to look at that later when I sort out my cpu socket mess
06:26<gbee>just checked, "if ((previewVideoEnabled == 0) && (previewPixmapEnabled == 0)) container->UseAlternateArea(true);"
06:27<gbee>so there you go, users at least have that choice if they really want the previews, or prefer the extra space for descriptions etc
06:28<justinh>more testing to do :( ;)
06:30<justinh>if I do much more of this I'm gonna need scripts
06:30<stuarta>sed is your friend
06:30<justinh>change the db setting, start the frontend, jump to this page, scroll down a few times..
06:30<gbee>my only problem now is hiding that preview area frame
06:31<justinh>gbee: make it an optional part of the vid preview container?
06:32<justinh>or is that harder than it sounds? (wouldn't be surprised)
06:32<gbee>not harder, although it would require some work
06:32<justinh>I guess that way you could have the frame drawn on top too, which'd be preferable
06:32<gbee>I'd probably add a <blackhole> to the vid container, if that is present use it for the vid dimensions
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16:38<gbee>anyone mind testing a patch for me? hopefully improves the preview scaling, although the results are harder to see unless your theme has a background/frame around the preview image/video
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16:41<gnome42>Hi gbee, I might be able to test it. Although I don't think my theme has frame around the video window.
16:41<gnome42>a scaling performance improvement?
16:42<mattwire>tell me which theme to use and what I'm looking for and I'll test it
16:43<justinh>don't have a dev box right now or I'd be in like a shot
16:44<gbee>not a performance improvement possibly even the opposite, it just scales according to the preview area dimensions and centres the preview in that area
16:44<gbee>until recently we used a fixed preview size and it was always aligned at the top/left margin
16:45<gbee>already checked in some stuff to change the way it's handled, this just improves on that code but I'd like people to look for odd behaviour
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16:46<gbee>I don't actually know of a theme which uses a frame/background except mine, so maybe for now it would just be ok to check that nothing unexpected happens at different resolutions or with different themes
16:48<gnome42>gbee: Oh, I do recall tweaking my theme to centre the video in that window many months ago :)
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16:49[~]justinh is frankly surprised anybody cares about the preview video, since you can't really pay attention to everything onscreen at once
16:51<gnome42>justinh: yeah, the only thing I noticed is that it wasn't centred in the window :)
16:53<gbee>justinh: I didn't care about the preview video before, but with these changes and a nice frame around it, it definately adds something to the overall appearance of mythtv
17:03<justinh>wooo me likey much
17:07<mattwire>just installed a new nova-t 500 dual tuner in my mythbox. Surprising how much more useful it becomes with two tuners!
17:08<gnome42>oh, too many rejects against multirec. I'll have to catch it later on
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17:08<mattwire>gbee: your patch is compiling
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17:09<gbee>gnome42: ok, no problem - I've tested it pretty well here, but when you are dealing with scaling things to a specific size, aspect and resolution odd bugs can creep in
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17:11<mattwire>got this is the videos dialog: MythThemedDialog.o: something is requesting a screen update of zero size. A widget probably has not done a calculateScreeArea(). Will redraw the whole screen (inefficient!).
17:11<mattwire>may be completely unrelated though
17:11<mattwire>works fine in the recordings dialog
17:12<justinh>I was seeing that a lot during development of glass-wide
17:14<gbee>mattwire: doesn't matter much, that code is for the chop anyway
17:15<gbee>wouldn't be hard to find the culprit, just walk through uitypes and find which one isn't calculating it's screen area ...
17:16<gbee>mattwire: good to hear, it's the recording/deletion dialogue this change affects
17:17<gnome42>I've taken a crack at implementing one of Chutt's ideas. Service ring buffer Seek()'s from readahead buffer if possible. Looks promising :)
17:18<laga>gnome42: faster seeking?
17:19<gnome42>laga: yeah, slightly. The slower your network and storage the more improvement.
17:19<laga>wlan frontends ftw
17:19<gbee>gnome42: very cool
17:19<gnome42>laga: yeah, exactly
17:20<gnome42>It helps most when not using a position map, cause there are more small seeks.
17:21<gnome42>and I get a stream of "readahead hits" during the 'searching for logo' phase of commflagging
17:23<gnome42>laga: the readahead buffer is small (3 MB) so any normal, user initiated seeks are outside of the readahead buffer so it doesn't help there.
17:24<gnome42>however, fast forward at ~ 4x-8x can often be serviced from the readahead buffer
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17:37<mattwire>Anyone interested in testing this patch?
17:37<mattwire>It allows mythtv-setup to stop and start the backend automatically
17:38<mattwire>and prevents the backend from being restarted until mythtv-setup finishes
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17:43<gbee>might have a hard time selling this bit "sudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend stop"
17:43<superm1>justinh, on your site you allude to a glasswide-osd, but i don't see up there, is that an oversight?
17:43<laga>it's configurable, isn't it?
17:43<gbee>laga: yeah, but that's the default
17:44<justinh>superm1: it's built in
17:44<superm1>justinh, ooh neat
17:44<justinh>took a leaf out of mepo's book
17:44<superm1>i was just wget'ing as we speak, so i haven't looked yet
17:44<justinh>you can't wget it
17:44<mattwire>there's two extra settings in the backend settings page to configure the stop and start command
17:45<mattwire>they also only run when on the master backend
17:48<gbee>mattwire: I know, just suggesting you change the default
17:49<mattwire>what would you suggest?
17:49<mattwire>something like killall mythbackend?
17:49<gbee>since users installing from source won't have an init script and using sudo is dubious, just mythbackend would be ok
17:50<laga>distros can still patch it themselves
17:50<gbee>mythbackend should be running under the same user as mythtv-setup, so permissions won't be an issue there and it would work out of the box for most users building from source
17:50<gbee>laga: yep
17:50<mattwire>so "mythbackend" to start
17:50<superm1>gbee, not necessarily will they run as the same user as mythtv-setup
17:51<mattwire>and "killall mythbackend" to stop
17:51<superm1>and what if extra options were passed to mythbackend?
17:51<laga>superm1: we can patch that ourselves :)
17:51<mattwire>superm1 - that's why it's configurable
17:51<laga>maybe the patch could gather the switches from /proc/
17:51<gbee>superm1: they should ... neither should be run as root
17:51<mattwire>I use an init script so it does it all nicely for me
17:52<Chutt>it really shouldn't automatically restart the backend.
17:52<superm1>gbee, well in alot of our cases at least, mythtv-setup is ran as a user, but mythbackend has its own daemon userid
17:52<mattwire>currently it only restarts the backend if it stopped it in the first place
17:52<mattwire>and it asks you before stopping
17:52<Chutt>mythbackend better be running as the same user as mythtv-setup, too
17:52<Chutt>and the same user as the frontend
17:53<laga>it's configurable so it doesn't really matter for distros
17:53<superm1>why would the backend and frontend both need to be running as the same user though generally even though?
17:54<laga>channel icons?
17:54<Chutt>sharing ~/.mythtv/
17:54<laga>although channel icons have the complete path AFAIK
17:54<laga>so it's OK ;)
17:55<superm1>Chutt, what in ~/.mythtv needs to be shared though? Especially if a systemwide mysql.txt is used
17:55<Chutt>anything anyone wants to put in there
17:55<mattwire>I'll submit a patch in trac for it at some point. It can use discussed as defaults. Any other major issues you can see at the moment implementation wise?
17:56<laga>superm1: lircrc
17:56<mattwire>lirc isn't used on the backend because there's no gui
17:56<superm1>you can use a remote in mythtv-setup? never thought to try :)
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17:57<laga>but lircrc doesn't really matter for mythbuntu since mythtv-setup and mythtv are run as the same user
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18:06<gbee>superm1: remote and any themes etc can be installed to ~/.mythtv/ without the user needing to be root, or have access to the global directory
18:07<superm1>gbee, right
18:08<superm1>but those don't necessarily need to coincide with items used for mythbackend
18:08<superm1>is all i was saying
18:08<superm1>justinh, perhaps in a future update to glass-wide you may consider making background.png a symlink to one of the backgrounds in the backgrounds directory
18:09<justinh>superm1: symlinks are bad
18:09<superm1>justinh, why?
18:10<justinh>if the user has the power to change a symlink, they also have the power to copy a file
18:10<justinh>so it'll use 500k more disk space.. that's nowt
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18:12<superm1>justinh, you mean they would also have power to overwrite the systemwide background.png?
18:12<justinh>it'd be their loss. there's not much to stop them doing rm -rf / either
18:13<superm1>well it would be easier to provide some sort of script then to adjust the possible backgrounds if it were a symlink was what i was going to get at
18:13<superm1>or even if the functionality was added to mythfrontend, to choose a background there
18:14<justinh>I never envisaged it'd be something I'd want to change often
18:14<justinh>so it's staying as it is
18:15<superm1>just a friendly suggestion/idea :)
18:15<justinh>I saw the script posted on the -users list today. man alive
18:15<laga>we can always add a special "change backgrounds for juski's themes" module to mythbuntu-control-centre
18:19<justinh>still keep experimenting with ways to 'holiday-ify' a theme though. tricky
18:23<gbee>hard to see how we'd integrate it within mythfrontend, although the possibility is interesting since I'm considering supplying different colour schemes for use with my theme
18:24<justinh>I mean the theme chooser gadget hasn't even been decided upon yet, let alone stuff to customise elements
18:24<justinh>decided upon / coded
18:25<justinh>can the paint engines change the hue on the fly?
18:26<justinh>maybe not a good idea unless you do it during prescaling.. er.. scratch that
18:26<justinh>there's not even a tickbox to disable the menu transitions yet ;)
18:27<gbee>main problem is that changing the background and therefore colour for static images is easy, but moving ones - like my selectors or menu buttons, not so much
18:28<justinh>that's why I went with transparent everything, pretty much
18:29<justinh>phew I got positive feedback from that ebay seller of the 'socket 479' CPU that turned out to be a 'P'. was never gonna win that one
18:29<justinh>now I just need to shift the thing
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18:44<skamithi>gbee: got a patch for u try on #4173
18:44<skamithi>its attached to the ticket.
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18:45<gbee>skamithi: thanks, I'll give it a go now
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20:00<superm1_>ticket 2421 might need to be poked again soon, gcc 4.2 appears to be turning on -fvisibility=hidden -fvisibility-inlines-hidden
20:00<superm1_>causing some link failures
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20:34<Anduin>superm1_: If you can attach the errors to the ticket that would help (or I'll revive my debian sid VM)
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20:49<roothorick>with the oncoming analog blackout, the Hauppauge PVR series are going to be outdated within about a year and a half
20:50<roothorick>so, what should I be buying if I want my DVR box to work without assistance in 2010?
20:50<NightMonkey>roothorick: /topic, plz.
20:50<roothorick>oh, crap
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21:40<stoth>hey, does anyone have mythtv running on comcast, who I can ask a few questions of?
21:40<stoth>(comcast digital cable that is)
21:40<kormoc>stoth, try the correct channel
21:41<stoth>I'm not sure this is really a user related question, it's a developer request.
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21:44<stoth>OK. Last chance before I give hardware to a user instead of a developer.
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