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02:24<drgeb>Hi when I goto watch a tv channel or recorded program mythtv restarts X and logs me out. How can I fix this ? I am using AMD64 NVidia drivers with Ubuntu Gutsy
02:26<xris>drgeb: /topic
02:26<drgeb>xris eek sorry guys
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04:09<foxxbuntu>has (or is) anyone working on or heard about work on the x/h264 decoding for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray?
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09:29<hasse_>hey, i just updated the svn version of mythtv, and i have recompiled the source, now i get a segmentation fault
09:29<hasse_>anyone ?
09:30<laga>make distclean?
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09:36<hasse_>after the install or before ?
09:36<laga>make distclean, then compile again
09:37<hasse_>ahhh oky, ill try
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09:56<hasse_>no , didnt help, now it says, could not locate 'welcome_screen' in theme 'welcome-'.
09:58<hasse_>and if i try to run mythfrontend from console, it still says segmetation fault
10:16<jcharles>Hello, I am trying to figure out how to correct the behaviour of mythvideo with accents in filename but I don't really understand fromUtf8, someone could help me ?
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10:30<gbee>hasse_: that might be your problem, what theme are you using? try "mythfrontend -O Theme=G.A.N.T"
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10:30<hasse_>ill try
10:31<gbee>jcharles: fromUTF8 converts the string from UTF8 encoding to Unicode encoding
10:32<gbee>that shouldn't cause problems with accents etc, since Unicode can handle them just fine
10:33<jcharles>thanks gbee, I miss "to unicode" .
10:33<gbee>we store everything in the database in UTF8, but use unicode internally
10:34<gbee>usually accent problems are because we're not converting to UTF8 before storing strings in the database, or the other way around
10:34<jcharles>Yes Accent are well used inside mythtv, but when the system command call mplayer -stuff filename, it can't find the file if there's accent
10:35<hasse_>gbee, that helped that problem, but still segmentation fault
10:36<gbee>hasse_: odd, did you rebuild the plugins after the make distclean?
10:36<gbee>and what was the last thing in the log before the segfault?
10:37<hasse_>thats : Registering interal as a media playback plugin
10:37<hasse_>segmentation fault core dumped
10:38<hasse_>is it possible to install mythtv as develoment version from apt-get ?
10:38<jcharles>gbee, I tried to change in myth_system, QString(command).ascii() in QString(command).local8Bit(), but it that doesn't work either. Though I suspect the problem is around here
10:39<gbee>jcharles: which version of mythtv is this? I thought I'd solved a similar issue in mythvideo already
10:39<hasse_>instead of compiling from source everytime ? but still have newest unstable version
10:40<jcharles>svn trunk, last one from today, but I haven"t that working for a long time
10:40<gbee>hasse_: no idea, depends on the distro, probably best to ask in #mythtv-users
10:40<laga>hasse_: for ubuntu: yes.
10:40<hasse_>laga, thanks
10:40<laga>hasse_: but please only do it if you know what you're doing
10:47<gbee>jcharles: I've hardly looked at the mythvideo code in the past, but the problem looks like that we don't convert back from UTF8 when we load the data from the database e.g. (MetadataListManager::loadAllFromDatabase())
10:47<gbee>Anduin: any thoughts on this?
10:48<jcharles>gbee, I have a look, and loadAllFromDatabase convert effectively back from UTF8
10:52<gbee>jcharles: just looked at it closer and that isn't the problem, in MetadataImp::fromDBRow() we do fromUtf8 on the filename ... so I leave you to look at it and maybe Anduin can help if he comes online
10:53<jcharles>thanks for help anyway, I will continue to search, waiting for Anduin
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11:42<justinh>n i i i i i c e :D
11:43<gbee>I'm happy :)
11:45[~]laga mumbles something about having to get a widescreen TV set one of these days
11:45<justinh>yeah laga. it's the 21st century now
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11:56<matt1982>hey peeps i have myth tv installed and have a problem. Everytime I go to the channel guide the system exists hehe
11:57<laga>try #mythtv-users
11:57<laga>they can do something about the existance
11:58<matt1982>laga: sorry my mistake
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12:11<gbee>weird, moved the type icons to a different folder and now I'm just getting the default theme ones showing
12:12<justinh>gbee: did you tell ui.xml ?
12:13<gbee>even weirder, the subtitle icon works but the others aren't
12:13<justinh>quit, clear themecache..
12:13<justinh>I've seen the theme caching do stuff I couldn't figure out
12:15<justinh>that said I don't think I've ever had trouble changing the type icons
12:15<gbee>looks like a problem with it prefering the default theme if it has to descend too many subdirectories in the correct theme
12:19<gbee>hmm, something is really screwed up with the themecache - it contains _all_ of the default images in addition to the ones from the theme
12:19<gbee>and the menu icons aren't cached at all
12:20<clever[rev]>this is odd
12:20<clever[rev]>some of my shows are missing from the recordedseek table in mysql
12:21<clever[rev]>where else in mysql is the size of the show(in seconds) kept?
12:23<gbee>guess I need to sort out the theme caching, seems completely broken to be at the moment
12:24<clever[rev]>yeah my 400mhz loads its theme cache faster the the 1.6ghz
12:24<clever[rev]>that is messed up;P
12:24<clever[rev]>(could also just be that theme is simpler)
12:24<laga>400MHz? not bad :)
12:25<clever[rev]>ive got a 133mhz nearby but its headless
12:25<clever[rev]>and im not even going to bother putting myth on the 50mhz
12:25<clever[rev]>it cant even play mp3 without skiping
12:26<clever[rev]>had to convert to wav first:P
12:38<clever[rev]>how long until i can make mythtranscode output mpeg2?
12:39<gbee>hmm, for some reason the code is written to prevent it recursing more than one directory, which doesn't make a lot of sense
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12:51<gbee>if the theme cache was a bit more intelligent, then we could speed up the scaling stage by at least twenty seconds on this machine
12:52<gbee>not sure how I'd do it though
12:56<Captain_Murdoch>clever[rev]: I have a patch in my tree to do that, but haven't had time much lately to finish it up. right now I've tested output to mpeg2, flv, and even played a little with h264 in a nuv file. I'm using libavformat and libavcodec so theoretically it could support (most) any other codec and container formats they support.
12:57<clever[rev]>how long until you might comit that to svn?
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12:57<Captain_Murdoch>have no idea right now. haven't had much coding time lately. possibly after the holidays I'll have more time.
12:58<clever[rev]>ive thrown together a hack in mythweb to keep ffmpeg from segfaulting when doing nuv->flv
12:58<clever[rev]>basicaly i have mencoder decode the nuv to raw video and dump it in a fifo which ffmpeg takes
12:59<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, saw that mentioned in scrollback I think. part of the stuff I'm doing is to get it so that we can create .flv files which mythweb can stream. I think xris mentioned that, but can't remember.
13:00<clever[rev]>if the main myth code is able to make and manage multiple versions of the same show
13:00<clever[rev]>it would be able to serve up a flv without having to transcode it in realtime
13:00<Captain_Murdoch>yes, that's also a patch I've worked on some, but not as much as the others. it's kind of a chicken and the egg thing.
13:01<clever[rev]>im not shure how you would maintain a list of several versions without a major change
13:01<Captain_Murdoch>I made a proof of concept that supported multiple files on playback, but that is just the tip of hte iceberg related to handling multiple files per recording. things like the delete code, autoexpirer disk calculations, etc. need to be modified to handle multiple files.
13:02<clever[rev]>if you changed the chanid/starttime key to be chanid/starttime/version you would have to change a large number of things id think
13:02<Captain_Murdoch>there's a new 'recordedfile' table that will contain the filenames.
13:02<Captain_Murdoch>table is already there actually.
13:03<clever[rev]>the auto expire could expire the lower quality versions of the file first
13:03<Captain_Murdoch>it will contain other info about hte file as well once we get around to storing that info, like width, height, aspect, etc.. so you can (or myth can) pick the best one to view. ie, flv for web, the HD version for your fast box, but the transcoded .nuv version for the slow msntv2 frontend in the kids room, etc..
13:03<clever[rev]>so it could delete the flv versions before the main ones
13:03<Captain_Murdoch>yes, lots of logic needs to be thought through for things like the expirer.
13:04[~]Captain_Murdoch has to run.
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14:20<gbee>justinh: which look better, the icons on the left, or the ones on the right?:
14:25<gbee>I've also got one which falls between those two - the ones on the right look a little flat to me, the ones on the left have better depth but are a little dark
14:25<sphery>my unartistic eye says right, too. left looks like shiny buttons on a cloudy day (though that may look normal to you UK folk)
14:25<gbee>sphery: heh
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14:35<justinh>I think the ones on the left
14:35<gbee>adjusted it slightly, last time I promise
14:35<justinh>now the ones on the right
14:36<justinh>gbee: do you do eyetests as a sideline?
14:37<gbee>the ones on the right in the first image and left in the second are the originals, but I noticed they didn't look as good as the later buttons I'd drawn for mythmusic
14:40<gbee>the ones for mythmusic look like they are lighting up and more like glass, the originals just look flat in comparison
14:41<gbee>I'll go with the ones on the right in the second image, it's a compromise, but not a bad one
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16:50<floppyears>hi, are any of you guys runnning mythtv from svn ?
16:50<floppyears>I think I may hav found a bug, and want to double check with somebody
16:50<xris>floppyears: -users
16:50<floppyears>xris: ok
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18:51<gbee>wondering if mythui could be used for the OSD by rearranging the current OSD rendering methods as new MythPainter derived classes
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19:08<janneg>GreyFoxx: I'm merging trunk to multirec now. I'm everytime again surprised how much pain merging with subversion is
19:11<gbee>justinh: going to see how simple (or difficult) changing the base res of the OSD is, since I'm pretty unhappy with how my theme looks using the current 640x480
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19:33<janneg>GreyFoxx: done
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20:49<BigJ>can anyone help me out with mysql?
20:49<BigJ>I try logging in as root after setting the root password and I get this error ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
20:50<xris>BigJ: /topic
20:50<BigJ>sorry just aaw
20:50<BigJ>saw it
20:55<GreyFoxx>janneg: cool. Can't wait to try it out
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23:46<jams>well there's a lovely bug. In the programfinder listarea fcnfont function="selected" is ignored for the 2nd bin.
23:46<jams>works in the first and 3rd, just not the 2nd.
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