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05:36<justinh>jams: unless you're porting it to the new ui code dunno if there'd be any point fixing it
05:37<justinh>there are a few niggly bugs like that I'd have a go at fixing myself if I saw any point
05:39[~]justinh edits the clouds.png so there's no white fluffy things where the programme description goes
06:06<justinh>glad I made my money back on that wrong cpu. takes a bit of the sting of a weekend in london off :)
06:08<justinh>got dragged kicking & screaming to see 'Mama Mia'. wasn't at all bad actually. last time I ever go on a trip with my inlaws if I can help it though. they can walk past every resteraunt in travelling distance & decide to go somewhere else instead :(
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10:40<gnome42>Here is my "Service RB::Seeks() from the readahead buffer" patch.
10:42<gnome42>I've been running it for a few days and it seems OK. Hopefully not too horribly buggy :)
10:42<gnome42>Hi stuarta,
10:42[~]stuarta waves
10:43<gnome42>Yeah, it was Chutt's idea. Not revolutionary, but I think it can only help.
10:44<gnome42>helps out most when using ffmpeg seeking
10:46<janneg>gnome42: a small bug: whence could also be SEEK_END, not sure if ffmpeg uses it though
10:48<gnome42>janneg: ok, thanks. RB::Seek() doesn't even attempt to handle SEEK_END so I went with that.
10:49<gnome42>I also have some more debugging messages in my version and have never seen a SEEK_END request.
10:51<janneg>yeah, I would be surprised if ffmpeg uses SEEK_END
10:53<gnome42>yeah, RB::Seek() is going to do the wrong thing if it's fed a SEEK_END
10:57<janneg>SEEK_END occures 5 times in libavformat, but if RB::Seek() doesn't handle it, I doubt it will cause troubles
11:00<gnome42>janneg: ok, cool.
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11:37<GreyFoxx>wtf.... did an email not actually go out about commit 14905 ?
11:37<GreyFoxx>I didn't get one, and it's not in gossamers archives nor the archives on
11:43<janneg>GreyFoxx: I don't think I have done something unusual. maybe the email is too large and awaits moderation
11:45<GreyFoxx>heh I had been waiting for the commit mail, then saw comment from dk regarding your commit...but not the commit message itself so I went looking :)
11:45<GreyFoxx>weird :)
11:45<GreyFoxx>compiling now
11:46<janneg>lol, I said "done" after committing the merge
11:50<GreyFoxx>multirec has been working perfectly for me. Not one glitch that I'm aware of other than the slightly longer reschedule times which I don't really notice since it's in the background
11:54<gbee>you'd notice the reschedule times if you schedule something to record from the programme guide, since nothing gets updated there until the reschedule is complete
11:55<gbee>that itself is fixable by updating it with a message - "Waiting for reschedule" or similar
11:56<GreyFoxx>ahhh ok. All of my reschedules are from mythweb, mythfilldb or deletions from the Watch Recordings screen
11:56<GreyFoxx>I never use the program guide except to show it to visitors to the house :)
11:59<cmoates>Does myth keep a cache of the files it downloads from schedules direct somewhere?
11:59<cmoates>doh, wrong channel ;)
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12:16<janneg>the reschedule times are not really a regression. the problem got more difficult
12:17<gbee>they are probably better than they were since some of those fixes went in, I just haven't tried multirec since
12:17<janneg>the only option is to optimize the scheduler
12:18<gbee>I haven't seen a fix for my other problem, the failed recordings or recordings stopping during recording - but I might have missed the commit
12:19<GreyFoxx>One thing I notice, and this likely has very miniscule speed effect, is that I get many of the same query over and over during each resched.
12:20<janneg>gbee: I haven't seen it
12:20<gbee>I didn't get any objections about switching from mysql 3.23 to mysql 4 or 5, although that would only help half the scheduler
12:20<GreyFoxx>I've only got 8 channels on that card, so I can imagine if I had all of them there would be a lot more queries
12:21<gbee>not caching the results
12:21<janneg>GreyFoxx: that's probably from the input group mplex restriction code
12:21<janneg>I can look at it
12:23<janneg>I think it depends on the number of simultaneous recordings
12:24<gnome42>janneg: My guess is that the query in GreyFoxx's pastebin is what my original guess/theory was.
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12:25<gnome42>which was found to not be the source of the slowness by Daniel's profiles.
12:26<GreyFoxx>8 channels, configured to allow 8 simultaneous recordings and I got 139 selects
12:27<janneg>gbee: I can't remember when exactly you tested multirec but it could have improved. slave channel tuning is the keyword
12:28<gnome42>GreyFoxx: yeah, my intuition told me that was not so good too, but the numbers proved that wrong. :)
12:28<gbee>janneg: I'll give it another go this week if I get time
12:29<janneg>gnome42: it is not the main contribution but 139 sql queries are much slower than 8 + 131 memory or cache reads
12:29<gbee>gnome42: all the same, every msec counts
12:29<gnome42>gbee: yeah, would be interesting to see any failed recording logs.
12:30<janneg>going home, bbl
12:30<gnome42>gbee/janneg: yup, agreed. :)
12:33<GreyFoxx>nifty seeing all those patches come in for more language support
12:33<gnome42>another thought was that the mysql query cache might really be hiding the cost of those queries.
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13:47<gbee>anyone know why we use freetype for the OSD?
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13:51<gbee>I assume it has something to do with us wanting to render the text into an image that we can then composite onto the video frame, am I a million miles off?
13:52<Chutt>that's it exactly.
13:52<skamithi>gbee: about #4173..could u shrink the dvd down to the dvd menu and send it to me. dvd_stop processing is not done in the internal dvd player. i've never had a dvd to get it fixed.
13:53<gbee>skamithi: sure, I can even post you the actual disk since it was free and I'm not too interested in watching it ;)
13:54<gbee>Chutt: ok, thanks for the confirmation
13:54<skamithi>gbee: thx.
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17:36<gbee>sorry, wrong window
17:37<janneg>gbee: huh, which would be the correct one? but nice if it works?
17:38<gbee>janneg: was putting it in an email to the -dev list
17:40<gbee>it works, at least when I set the baseres in themeinfo.xml to 640x480, just quickly creating some new theme images to test it at a different resolution
17:41<janneg>I was more wondering about a different res and especially the edit screen
17:44<gbee>janneg: that's what I'm checking now, but I also wanted to ask for feedback on the list since I might have missed some issues
17:46<gbee>creating images at the new scale is going to take me a while
17:47<janneg>the only issue I see it that there are more place which either assume 640x480 or 4/3 aspect
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17:57<gbee>janneg: aye, couldn't find them, but my initial experiment suggests that the font scaling is one
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18:03<gbee> << text should be twice that size
18:06<gbee>QRect VideoOutput::GetVisibleOSDBounds() is the culprit, fix on the way
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18:15<gbee>guess I'll have to pass the theme aspect around
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18:32<gbee>uggh, got a chicken and egg situation here, won't be sorting the font scaling issue tonight
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20:55<leprechau>...brb...kernel update...
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