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00:15<flyback>oh yeah wrong chan
00:15<flyback>ltns Beirdo
00:16<flyback>hope we get along next time :0
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06:34<gbee>anyone else unable to compile mythmusic at the moment?
06:34<stuarta>haven't tried lately.
06:35<gbee>err, nevermind, it's one of my own additions in my local tree which is failing due to the dialogbox code changes
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16:04<gbee>janneg: cutmark positions are ok and I've fixed font scaling, although at the moment it's a hack -
16:05<gbee>the theme is at 720p resolution, no point going higher since I don't have much 1080 material to test with
16:06<gbee>even the video there is just standard PAL
16:07<GreyFoxx>Changing the native res of the OSD to match the X res ?
16:07<justinh>wooo :)
16:08<justinh>but I'm guessing that the current (i.e. released) code will merely assume the base res is 640x480 & thus not rescale any graphics
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16:10<gbee>GreyFoxx: allowing themers to change the base resolution of the OSD theme
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16:10<gbee>justinh: yeah, not backwards compatible reallu
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16:11<gbee>instead of 640x480 (the current hardcoded default) that theme is using 1280x720, though the benefits will be more apparent at HD resolutions
16:11<justinh>gbee: not to worry :)
16:12<justinh>the benefits will be apparent on anything but a CRT TV
16:12<gbee>heh, true
16:12<laga>maybe some people who run their tv-out encoders at 1024x768 will see it ;)
16:12<justinh>I doubt it
16:13<gbee>a side by side comparison screenshot would help illustrate the quality difference, but that would mean recreating an existing theme at high res and I can't be bothered
16:13<justinh>unless they have TVs which run to 9MHz video bandwidth. Maybe B&O owners
16:13<justinh>just put a condom on your head, down past your eyes to simulate 640x480
16:13<justinh>or if you wear glasses, smear some grease on the lenses
16:15<justinh>pardon me for being mega picky here gbee, but some of the letters in the text look different somehow
16:15<justinh>like the kerning/leading is all to hell
16:16<justinh>might just be the font of course
16:16<stuarta>anyone running their machine with dual head + xinerama?
16:17<gbee>justinh: afaik the font is freesans since I've not overridden it, but if it's not a font issue, then I really haven't got a clue what the cause is
16:17<justinh>gbee: ah! that reminds me of another thing I noticed while doing themery. placement of text areas isn't always pixel perfect & I can't work out for the life of me why that is. e.g. in mythvideo.. sometimes have to tweak values by single pixels for the same size font to align vertically
16:18<gbee>the font scaling gave me a headache for a while, I was being a little dim, the fonts at 1280 where half the size they were at 640 and I couldn't see the obvious .... doh
16:18<hads>stuarta: I run a friends with dualhead, and my desktop when I want to watch something.
16:19<justinh>could be differences in the maths because of scaling, I've guessed in the past - but surely not while you're in dev mode verifying it's ok at the native (1280x720) res
16:19<gbee>justinh: yeah, those sorts of issues drive me made, seems worse with the OSD somehow
16:19<stuarta>hads: out of interest will the frontend confine itself to one screen or use both?
16:19<hads>stuarta: One screen usually, there's a setting for it.
16:19<stuarta>ah nice.
16:19<justinh>and if the scaling factor is 99.8 or something, 200 * 99.8 should be the same as 200 * 99.8 whatever
16:19[~]stuarta considers turning on xinerama
16:20<hads>stuarta: Setup -> Appearance, page 2
16:20<stuarta>first i have to hack my xorg.conf :)
16:21<gbee>justinh: I've come to hate scaling calculations, I'll try and get the best results I can from them, but someone else may want to take a stab to get the pixel perfect results
16:23<justinh>I thought about them once. I thought it'd be as simple as window size / theme size
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16:24[~]stuarta goes to reconfigure
16:26<justinh>I still want to have a crack at nobbling the menu pages to make them obey some notional safe area rule
16:28<gbee>there is some odd 1 pixel out issues with cut mark placement, but I've seen the same thing with 640 OSD themes so I'm not sure whether I need to worry about it -
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16:31<stuarta>well that was fun
16:32<stuarta>works okay.
16:32<stuarta>apart from no difference in frontend placement between screen 0 & 1
16:32<gbee>justinh: I think most of those scaling oddities are caused by differences in rounding, since the results of scaling will rarely be exact integers you need to round up/down and you can end up a pixel out if it's done differently
16:32<stuarta>luckily for me it turned up on the desired screen
16:34<justinh>gbee: yeah I realised that early on, but are you telling me that the scaling is done differently all over the place?
16:34<justinh>to be honest I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised
16:34<gbee>justinh: honestly I don't know
16:34<janneg>stuarta: last time I tried screen selection worked
16:35<justinh>when Dagmar started sounding off about the hard-codedness of the transcoding/recording profiles. hee hee
16:35<stuarta>janneg: k, wouldn't surprise me if this xorg driver is buggy as shit
16:37<stuarta>it's the open source ATI one.
16:37<laga>i know that support for interlaced modelines is buggy. :/
16:38<stuarta>i can't bring myself to run the propriatry driver however
16:39<gbee>the inability to delete profiles you've created is definately lame
16:40<gbee>I just haven't had the motivation to fix it though
16:41<stuarta>i'm beginning to suspect that the a/v sync code doesn't take the timestretch into account
16:43<janneg>stuarta: the radeon driver is better than the propriatry shit
16:43<stuarta>hence my reluctance :)
16:44<stuarta>shoulda bought an nvidia when i blew the last card up
16:44<janneg>it is actually quite good if it supports the card at all
16:45<laga>mythtv UI is horribly slow if acceleration is enabled.
16:45<janneg>omg: #4197 running 6 backends
16:46<stuarta>sadly the radeon driver won't do accelleration on my card
16:46<laga>it doesn't matter whether you use the qt painter or not. but as soon as you set NoAccel to true it works like a charm
16:46<stuarta>in the config?
16:47<laga>and i'm not the only one with that problem. as soon as the interlaced output is fixed, i'll investigate the slowness
16:47<stuarta>mine works okay
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16:48<laga>stuarta: yeah, because you don't have acceleration
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16:48<stuarta>on certain content (like what i'm watching now) it jumps between deint & progressive
16:48<stuarta>laga: ahh..
16:48<janneg>laga: it works on my notebook
16:49<laga>janneg: interesting. are you using any special options in your xorg.conf? i've found that it works better with EXA, but it's still noticeable
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16:53<janneg>laga: I can't check. just replace the linux distribution on my notebook
16:54<stuarta>probably not a lot of special options then :)
16:54[~]stuarta <- has the flu
16:55<janneg>I haven't tried with the new one
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17:15<stuarta>ooo channel-scan's been merged.
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17:24<janneg>stuarta: huh? I see only merge from trunk
17:25<stuarta>i'll re-read my emails
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18:00<gbee>for once I wish we didn't reuse containers, I can't do what I planned with the OSD because the position information and volume use the same generic container
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18:12<justinh>gbee: good case there for more contexts ;)
18:14<gbee>in this case context probably wouldn't be enough, since I wanted them to be at completely different positions and sizes, but I'm not going to change the code this time since I'd never finish the theme
18:18<gbee>I'd like to see <area>s in OSD container too, nearly finished writing a patch for that but stopped when I realised that it was taking me away from working on the theme
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18:31<janneg>gbee: I just found a apparently incomplete recording. It is from september, i.e. after the fixes I thought of
18:33<gbee>janneg: at least I'm not the only one :) I'll will get you some logs before the end of the week, assuming you still need them then
18:36<janneg>it is the only one I've seen since we finished the known bugs in multirec. logs are appreciated
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19:28<gbee>someone butchered my extended status text container, otherwise that would be right-aligned on the other side :(
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19:42<janneg>argh, I should look on commits based on partly bogus patches
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20:44<cmoates>you referring to my patch, janneg?
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20:53<janneg>cmoates: yes, the patch is ok only for a single backend and I should have noticed it
20:54<cmoates>yeah, sorry for that :/
20:54<cmoates>However, shouldn't the stat()'s just fail gracefully?
20:54<cmoates>I guess if you had the samely named mount point, but they were on diff backends, it would not fail gracefully
20:54<janneg>not if the directory exists
20:58<janneg>cmoates: I hope that my other changes solves the problem too or make it so unlikely nobody sees it in the wild
20:58<cmoates>I didn't look deeply at the specifics of the other patch
20:58<cmoates>looks like you're getting fsid's when possible?
21:01<janneg>I cache the fsIDs, so two devices that once were distinct will never be joined
21:02<janneg>and only busy recorders are used for the max write rate in the used space check
21:03|-|justinh_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:04<janneg>since at startup usually no encoder is busy, two directories share only the filesystem if difference of used space is less than 2M
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21:48<Captain_Murdoch>janneg: is there anything in there to unjoin if the free space amounts on 2 directories diverges? (ie, will it correct a false positive or keep with it's initial assumption)
22:12<cmoates>That'd be necessary for two new, empty, identical disks added to a storage group, sounds like
22:14|-|xris [] has joined #mythtv
22:14<janneg>Captain_Murdoch: false positives are corrected as soon as the used space diverges enough
22:15<cmoates>Ok, so it'll be smart enough the second time arond
22:20|-|JoeBorn [] has joined #mythtv
22:29<janneg>false negatives aren't. I hope the they are unlikely enough. I rushed the autoexpirer changes in, just found another bug :(
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