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03:12<janneg>xris: the auto expirer expects the the space is freed after he deletes something
03:17<xris>ok, cool
03:17<xris>recompiling now
03:19<janneg>live-tv and max episode count record rules are expired even if there is enough space
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03:22<xris>I think the max-episode-count stuff was what I was think of
03:23<janneg>but I think it's not so important to move them first to the deleted recgroup. we communicated that everything that is marked to be autoexpired should be considered as already deleted
03:24<xris>good enough
03:24<xris>as long as the deleted group goes first
03:24<xris>which is what my system didn't do last night
03:24<xris>none of my autoexpire or deleted recgroup stuff got deleted
03:25<janneg>xris: it was a socket error which prevented the autoexpirer to delete stuff
03:26<xris>I just recompiled... hopefully it'll work now
03:28<janneg>I'm surprised that the commit fixed it but my dev backend runs for more than 7 hours constantly recording 9 shows
03:28<xris>heh. I need a dev backend.
03:29<xris>wonder how well I could run it within xen.
03:29<xris>oh well. I need to sleep now. extremely tired after thanksgiving stuff. :)
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07:04<janneg>oh well, recording 12 shows simultaneously isn't that bad, just 20% on a athlon64 @ 1ghz
07:05<stuarta>dvb of course
07:05<dr_lulz>donate your system to me :P
07:05<janneg>but you shouldn't use a power record with only channel.callsign IN ("", ...)
07:05[~]stuarta chuckles
07:06<janneg>it is almost constantly rescheduling, a single rschedule un takes allmost 4 minutes
07:06<janneg>s/ un / run /
07:07<janneg>and I have already deactivated the reschedules from the eit scanner
07:11<janneg>the backend uses 1.1 gig memory
07:12<janneg>it might be leaking, it's 1.2 now
07:12<justinh>my untrained brain is starting to take all this as meaning that multirec's a nice idea but...
07:13<stuarta>there's definitely a leak still present
07:13<stuarta>my backend grows in size everytime it records
07:16<janneg>justinh: I doubt current trunk with 12 cards and the same recording rule would be any better
07:17<stuarta>justinh: it's a generic issue, not specific to multirec
07:17<justinh>I think it's safe to say that myth wasn't exactly designed with that kind of thing in mind from the outset ;) I mean.. so many tuners in one place..
07:20<janneg>justinh: it was definetely not designed for above recording rule
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07:24<janneg>"Scheduled 3339 items in 218.9 = 0.00 match + 218.85 place"
07:25<stuarta>heh, that's ever so slightly ridiculous! but at least we know it works
07:33<janneg>it's even more ridiculous since the scheduler can't start and stop recordings on time
07:48<janneg>the scheduler needs 35-50 seconds to place 3333 inactive recordings
07:48<janneg>that the hell is it doing?
07:49<janneg>it doesn't have to care for recorders or conflicts
07:51<janneg>I'm going to profile that once the recordings are finisched
07:55<stuarta>where's the DB time? that included in the match figure?
07:58<janneg>yes, db time is included in match and is usually under a second
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08:08<janneg>no, it isn't the scheduler uses tempory tables and I see much db load while scheduling
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08:58<gbee>anything that using mysql4/5 queries would solve?
08:59<gbee>I've not looked at the scheduler in over a year and I can't remember much about it
09:01<janneg>I don't know I try to avoid the scheduler
09:02<stuarta>all you need to know is summarized by BFSQ
09:04<janneg>if I'm not mistaken is the BFSQ in the match, i.e. not the problem
09:04[~]stuarta shrugs
09:04<stuarta>never delved into itt
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11:26<janneg>I was mistaken. the BFSQ takes 10.7s in mysql and 8.7s for parsing the results
11:30<janneg>the query has 100000 entries and we're creating from each a programinfo
11:36<janneg>even after looking at the query I'm still wondering why it the result is so huge
11:38<janneg>it schedules only 3300 recordings which is only 1/30
11:59<gbee>going to be a busy weekend, I want to do some timings on the transition between PVR-150 and DVB inputs, I'll also try and get some logs from multirec and see if switching some of the scheduler queries to use subqueries makes much difference
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12:25<gbee>justinh: blootube-wide has some guide icons in the programguide folder, but the ui.xml doesn't use them so it falls back to the defaults
12:41<janneg>I see now why the query has so much more entries, it returns each entry for each capturecard with the matching sourceid. that explains a factor of 15
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12:42<janneg>gbee: I've converted one of the joins to a subquery, but I can't say if it got faster
12:44<janneg>the query times vary too much (more than 30%), but the minimum times I've seen are with the subquery
12:45<gbee>janneg: best way to tell is to run the queries manually through the mysql command line a few times and compare the results there, it's fiddly though
12:45<gbee>EXPLAIN is also useful
12:46<gbee>I'll look at it this weekend, just need to turn on the slow query logging and then try different variations on the same queries in the mysql console (could take a while)
12:51<janneg>yeah, but I should have first deactivated the output of the result
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13:26<janneg>the join seems to be faster
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13:35<jimmygoon>Would this work as a front end assuming I got a decent CPU ,
13:35<gbee>jimmygoon: try #mythtv-users
13:36<jimmygoon>gbee, shit I did this yesterday too, sorry
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13:44<gbee>justinh: mind giving me your opinion on a couple of screenshots?
13:46<justinh>not at all. fire away
13:47<gbee>focusing only on the positioning of top two 'windows' for the title and clock, which looks better a) OR b)
13:48<justinh>first one
13:48<gbee>ok, thanks
13:48<cmoates>Not that you asked me, but I like the second
13:48<cmoates>Either is fine though
13:49<justinh>actually if anything I think I'd prefer the 'windows' aligned with the info areas
13:50<justinh>btw love the icons :)
13:51<gbee>thanks, just doing some final tweaking before I release a preview version
13:52<justinh>I keep being tempted to revisit my earlier themes but I know what that'll lead to
13:52<gbee>let me just try that, didn't consider it, I was looking at the position of the mythtv logo and aligning them with that
13:52<justinh>maybe try the logo aligned to the left window margin too
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14:09<GreyFoxx>nice screenshot
14:13<justinh>yeah I prefer the 'windows' aligned like that better
14:13<cmoates>me too
14:13<justinh>they were all good though, and I'd not have raised it as an issue
14:14<justinh>you're getting involved in details.. bad sign ;)
14:14<justinh>the sign of a pro theme designer :P
14:14<justinh>time for pizza!
14:16<stuarta>mmm pizza
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15:22<rgravener>this section:, the wiki page needs to be changed to
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15:43<Zombie>Anyone run MythTV on Mandriva 2008?
15:43<Zombie>er, of yeah.
15:43[~]justinh points at the channel topic
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16:41<Zombie>Hey folks?
16:41<Zombie>The automute bug in the saa7134 is still present,
16:41<Zombie>I had to unmute it manually.
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17:54<justinh>Zombie: might already be fixed in trunk
17:54<justinh>check - searchy searchy
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18:25<justinh>heh found a sure-fire way to crash the frontend. play a recording where the signal level was er... poop on a stick
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19:24<gbee>wanted to get more watermarks done, but ran out of time
19:27<justinh>hehehe nevah.. but nevah evah feel pressure to squeeze one out ;)
19:27<justinh>delays lead to er.. less incrementals ;)
19:28<justinh>and tell people NO I won't adapt it for 0.20.2 unless they give me a mac mini
19:30<justinh>er.. is it just me or had I never realised the edit popup could be customised?
19:31<justinh>and um... just noticed something else too. the light/dark bits of the edit bar means it'd work in mono. you really have thought of so much
19:31<gbee>justinh: I'm keeping this relatively quiet, since it isn't a proper release - half the watermarks are missing etc, but hopefully I'll get useful feedback and the pressure of a deadline is a good way of ensuring I finish it
19:31<gbee>justinh: heh
19:32<justinh>I turned my watermarks off. I already hate them
19:32<gbee>I should probably try the OSD in mono, I meant to, but forgot
19:32<justinh>so it makes the space look vacant.. I can live with that. it's a menu.. don't need clutter
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19:35<gbee>I've been so busy with this that I've yet to try glass-wide, I've added it to a pretty long list of things I want to do this weekend
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19:35<justinh>woo colour packs too
19:35<justinh>I'm thinking of doing a similar thing when I get round to doing my animation
19:37<justinh>if I ever do. have a new distraction now. restoring old VHS from my college days. made a music video I'm still proud of, 18 years ago. I have 2 copies, each with varying amounts of dropouts. cut & paste job.. tidy up the areas the college wipe generator didn't mask off..
19:43[~]janneg debates if he should do another merge to multirec
19:47<gbee>janneg: something worth having?
19:49<janneg>the themable osd base res change
19:49<justinh>btw gbee ever seen a freeview signal so bad the picture was just a sequence of dayglo coloured 8x8 pixel blocks? dodgy aerial cable
19:50<gbee>janneg: ahh
19:50<janneg>but I've already settled to import just the diff into my tree
19:50<gbee>justinh: not that bad, no :P
19:51<justinh>neither had I
19:51<justinh>Tesco's fault for not having any 4 output amps in
19:56<janneg>gbee: I like it and I haven't seen the OSD yet
19:56<janneg>gbee: the watch recordings screen misses the clock
19:57<gbee>janneg: cool, yeah the clock will only be theme-wide when those screens are converted over to mythui - they don't have a clock widget yet
19:58<gbee>hopefully won't take long before the mythui conversion is complete
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19:59<janneg>ah, ok. if it takes longer than anticipated a different background image might make sense
19:59<janneg>the system status has pure metall for example
20:00<gbee>err, that's a bug
20:00<gbee>let me fix it
20:00<janneg>finally found one
20:02<gbee>ok, uploaded a fixed version - you can just edit status-ui.xml and fix the background.png path to backgrounds/background.png
20:03<gbee>the menu titles will change according to the current menu, but that ability isn't in the code just yet (again, I'll do it sometime over the weekend)
20:04<gbee>just finished uploading the colour packs, choice of four at the moment
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20:15<justinh>gbee: which menu titles do you mean?
20:16<gbee>the stuff which can currently be represented by an image in theme.xml - I want to use text so it can be translated
20:17<gbee>but that means adding support for it
20:17<justinh>ahhh texty text
20:17<justinh>it'll use way less ram too
20:18<justinh>blimey themers are going to have way more to look forward to
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20:26<jams>oh well, guess i have to update before checking out the theme
20:26<jams>the main menu is completely blank
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20:31<rooaus>gbee: The frame around the preview pixmaps are *nice* :D
20:32<justinh>it's all very nice
20:32<gbee>jams: yeah, bug in myththemedmenu which I've now fixed
20:33<justinh>but I didn't spend a few weeks slaving my balls off to use someone else's theme :P
20:33<gbee>rooaus: thanks for the nice comments, makes the work worthwhile :)
20:34<jams>gbee- more nice comments on the way once i update =)
20:37<gbee>I'll probably be asleep by then, but thanks anyway :)
20:37<jams>it will be a few days, i want to finish bringing midnight up to speed
20:38<gbee>heh, well I might still be asleep, could use a break ;)
20:38<jams>i'm going back through and resizing things to fit the overscan on my tv
20:40<gbee>think overscan could be a problem for metallurgy, I went with a 5% overscan allowance, which is less than most themes
20:40<jams>i will let you know when i throw it on my main screen
20:41<gbee>but on the other hand, it's designed for widescreen (even HDTV) sets which should be good enough not to overscan by more than 3/4%
20:41<jams>stupid samsung, lot's of people complained about the large amount of overscan this set has
20:41<gbee>we'll see :) it works fine on my older widescreen flatscreen TV
20:42<gbee>night all
20:42<justinh>nighty night
20:43<gbee>damn, just noticed that I overwrote one of the watermarks with the wrong version
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20:47<gbee>as I closed down windows I spotted it, I could probably have ignored it but it's now fixed and uploaded
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