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05:01<map777>is there a way to get the length of a movie through any of the QT libraries? or maybe a shell command?
05:02<map777>I've got close using mplayer but it requires user interaction to complete the read.
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06:19<justinh>is it just me or is allowing videos to be deleted from the mythvideo ui a bit silly?
06:20<laga>yes, it's just you
06:20<justinh>I mean #4201
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06:21<justinh>it's pretty hard to delete things by accident in the video manager but having it so readily available in the list view isn't ideal IMHO
06:23<map777>yeah i suppose so, it could be dangerous
06:23<justinh>I don't have a habit of vociferously opposing feature enhancements but this one has my hackles up
06:24<laga>maybe protect it with the pin
06:25<justinh>that'd work for me
06:26<justinh>or a setting.. 'allow deletes'.. off by default
06:27<justinh>not that this'll affect me because I don't mount my shares rw but I can just picture the mailing list posts
06:30<justinh>come to think about it, was pin protection of recordings ever considered? then if you want to delete multiple recordings in one go, add em to a playlist then you'd only have to enter the pin once
06:30<justinh>might've been easier than the method in use now - isn't hindsight great? :)
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11:08<Zathraz>hi. There seems to be a world famous issue about sound and dvd/movie-playback through a PVR350. Are there any plans to make the internal player configurable so that sound and video outpot can be separated and sound can be handles by my alsa soundcard?
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13:10<irumbo>hello, I am using the latest version of mythtv from svn and believe that there is a bug with switching channels for S-Video connection with the HaupPage PVR devices , I have a PVR 150. I managed to get my channel to work by tweaking the channel logic in libmythtv
13:11<irumbo>in mythtv setup , I never scan for channels in input connections, just assign a video source and a channel change script .
13:20<justinh>gbee: have there been any changes to the code that might've broken blootube-wide? i don't remember seeing any
13:22<janneg>gbee: do you have the log of the 2TB disc episode?
13:23<gbee>janneg: no, it might have been the problem you already fixed, I upgraded the backend and it's working fine
13:24<gbee>justinh: in svn? none that I can think of, I was using blootube-wide myself until a week ago and I didn't see anything
13:24<justinh>that's what I thought
13:26<janneg>gbee: alpha 2 misses playbackgroups.png and playbackgroups_active.png
13:28<gbee>janneg: thanks. spotted that and fixed it, uploaded an updated version not long ago
13:28<janneg>I assume the large spaces between items in the osd menu are intended? I like it
13:29<janneg>but the text is unfortunately not rendered verticallt centered in the baxes
13:37<gbee>janneg: the large spaces are intentional, I'm going to commit a fix for the centreing when I get some time to look at it
13:41<gbee>you can't currently adjust the text alignment in that widget
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14:10<justinh>gbee: nevermind about that 'problem'. nothing to do with t' theme (phew)
14:11<gbee>justinh: one less thing to worry about :)
14:12<justinh>yeah well I had a new idea earlier. make bltw glassy. noooooooooooo!
14:12<justinh>it already is, kind of - in that the majority of overlays are just transparencies
14:14<justinh>I'm cursed. why can't I just leave stuff alone? wahh...
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14:21<gbee>justinh: what makes your themes so good is that you can't leave it alone, you aren't satisfied by mediocre
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14:23<justinh>arghhh I need a back to back coax coupler, stat!
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14:42<justinh>phew. if mrs doesn't get her fix of Hammond I don't get my fix of er..
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14:59<gbee>for those keeping track, updated files available on the site, should fix all the reported issues and throws in some more icons for good measure
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18:24<gbee>have there been any EIT related changes recently? passive EIT collection has stopped working here
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19:11<janneg>gbee: try disabling the eitcache. just comment the "if (!eitcache->IsNewEIT(..." in eithelper.cpp
19:12<janneg>but rewriting eit scanning is on my todo lsit
19:13<gbee>janneg: will try it tomorrow
19:25<clever_>janneg: can myth fetch the shows title thru EIT while recording?(to verify its on the right channel)
19:27<clever_>DAMNIT just why i asked:P
19:27<clever_>a show i recorded wound up on the ppv preview channel:P
19:28[~]clever_ goes over all recordings from the trip to check them
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