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01:38<axscode>hi, do mythtv supports dvb input right?
02:02<superm1>wrong channel, please see /t
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02:37<axscode>oh yah, primary question, just developing on embeded platform
02:37<axscode>sorry for the question.. ill move somewhere else
02:37<xris>axscode: fyi, I answered your question in the correct channel
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04:11<stuarta>janneg: rewriting EIT is on my todo list too.
04:11<stuarta>we'll have to do the design part together...
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06:08<justinh>see there's plenty of comment about #4222 at on the discussion list. er.. I mean in the trac comments
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09:47<gbee>anyone know where I can find some mpeg2 HD samples? The h.264 ones I've got refuse to work even though they were ok with earlier versions of trunk, I just need to grab some more HD screenshots of the OSD
09:49<stuarta>just transcode it.
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10:01<gbee>stuarta: didn't think of that :)
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10:05<stuarta>might take a while.
10:06<gbee>eww, why does mythtranscode want a profile number instead of a user friendly name
10:08<gbee>not that long, it was an 8 second sample :)
10:10<gbee>hey, this ain't bad - uses less space as mpeg4 than h.264, transcoding has probably deleted some datastreams which would account for that
10:14<gbee>19Mb as h.264, 12Mb as Mpeg4
10:14<gbee>7Mb of data in 8 seconds of footage? that can't be right
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10:15<stuarta>i'd use ffmpeg to do the transcode
10:15<stuarta>that way you'll have full control over the bitrate etc.
10:15<gbee>mythtranscode worked well enough using an existing mpeg4 profile I'd setup
10:16<gbee>doesn't actually need to be a high quality bitrate since it's being downscaled to 1280x720
10:17<gbee>the screenshots look just as good as they did against the original copy (when I was able to play it)
10:19<stuarta>nice :)
10:22<gbee>left is taken against the original, right against the transcoded version -
10:26<gbee>just trying the same transcode profile on a 1.7Gb h264 sample
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11:15<jk1joel>so do most devs keep a stable setup for daily use and a svn setup for development and testing? or do most run the svn code "in production"?
11:18<gbee>I'd say most run svn
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11:19<gbee>I do, both from choice and the lack of hardware to test on (unless someone wants to pay for a development rig)
11:20<jk1joel>I don't know if I dare
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11:21<bendailey>jk1joel: I run svn on my main tv so I can help provide testing I rebuild about every other day and my wife uses the system daily
11:21<justinh>that's what my spare box is for :)
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11:24<jk1joel>bendailey: how often does your wife complain about something breaking from one build to the next?
11:25<GreyFoxx>jk1joel: I think most do run svn all the time
11:25<GreyFoxx>I update mine weekly for the most part unless something specific goes in I want to try
11:26<bendailey>jk1joel: I taught her how to press up on the keyboard and then enter which reruns the startx command fixing most of the crashes she sees
11:26<bendailey>jk1joel: I have about 1 major complaint every month or two
11:27<jk1joel>crashes are one thing... what about shows not recording, or a feature being broken?
11:27<GreyFoxx>jk1joel: It's down to this. Nothing is guaranteed
11:27<GreyFoxx>neither in a release or SVN
11:28<GreyFoxx>but developers use svn, so buggs are likely to get fixed faster
11:28<bendailey>jk1joel: I have to agree with GreyFoxx YMMV but I have only had 3 or so shows not record
11:29<GreyFoxx>And I've had none that weren't my fault
11:29<bendailey>I should clarify mine have only been because of hard drive fillup and not code problems
11:30<jk1joel>yeah, I get it, I'm just wondering how "stable" svn is, doing frequent updates. I think I'll stick with stable for my main setup and make a test setup for svn. Of course, once I notice some new feature that I can't live without in svn, that may all change. :)
11:31<GreyFoxx>svn tends to be very stable
11:31<GreyFoxx>just gets shaky when big merges happen but those settle out within days
11:31<GreyFoxx>just read the -dev list and -commits and you should be ok
11:32<jk1joel>so if I have a patch, should I just post it to the -dev list? or is there a better place for such things?
11:32<GreyFoxx>post patches to trac
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11:34<jk1joel>as a ticket?
11:35<jk1joel>k. will do, thanks
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11:59<justinh>jk1joel: longest I've ran svn for was over a couple of days at LRL this year. didn't see any trouble at all
11:59<justinh>and that was on a backend serving 3 frontends (itself included) on an athlon800
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12:01<gbee>I've not lost a recording in recent memory, I've also not seen a crash in a long time, svn tends to be stable, but you've got to watch the commits list and avoid upgrading immediately after a major change e.g. ffmpeg resync
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12:01<justinh>basically I think if you follow the recommendations about running SVN you'll be fine
12:02<justinh>when livetv was disabled for the rework, that caused a furore I seem to remember. I just laughed
12:02<gbee>without wanting to give the wrong impression, IMHO SVN is more stable and reliable than -fixes
12:04<gbee>you've just got to be prepared to update twice in a day if something does get broken in a commit, which happens from time to time (usually fixed pretty fast)
12:04<justinh>not that -fixes is in any way unreliable here
12:04<justinh>I really only ever upgrade when I want new features
12:05<gbee>no, fixes isn't unreliable, just that many bug fixes simply haven't made it back to -fixes from trunk
12:05<justinh>from my own PoV there's no feature I'm after other than multirec, but even then I can live without it
12:05<justinh>and that's not even in trunk yet :)
12:07<jk1joel>on trac, what's the difference between an enhancement and a patch? If my patch is for a proposed enhancement, which should I choose?
12:07<justinh>gbee: btw you planning on doing anything festive for your theme? I'm toying with an idea
12:08<justinh>jk1joel: a patch is just a patch. any changes to the code need to have patches attached to a ticket to be valid ;)
12:08<justinh>so I'd pick 'enhancement'
12:15<gbee>justinh: I thought I might, depends if I can come up with anything that looks good - last time I tried to make a website festive the results weren't great
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12:17<tzanger>good afternoon
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12:18<tzanger>is there anything out there for 0.20-fixes which tries to verify that a dvb-s card is actually tuned to the sat/transponder you're asking it to tune to? I'm having a bitch of a time with a 22khz switch
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12:18<tzanger>I was thinking of something in the signalmonitor code maybe
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12:28<bradd>FATAL: Error inserting ivtv (/lib/modules/ Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)
12:28<bradd>any ideas?
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12:33<dr_lulz>bradd: #mythtv-users, and do what the errmsg suggest - dmesg|tail
12:37<bradd>i actually think ive figured it out
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12:52<hasse>hey, im trying to set up my remote control a hauppage pvr500 , but the irw command wont give any response ?? anyone
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13:28<justinh>anybody wanna try something out for me? made a new thing for glass-wide at - unpack in the glass-wide dir
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13:47<gbee>justinh: grabbing it now
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13:49<justinh>I've thought of a possible enhancement to the flipbook code but dunno if i'll be able to code it. make it periodic ;)
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13:50<justinh>unless it already _is_ and I missed it - in which case.. Duh!
13:50<gbee>so the animation folder goes in the directory, or the contents of the animation folder?
13:51<justinh>oh bum.
13:51<justinh>there should be a dir called animation. all the pngs go in there
13:51<gbee>no, that's right, just wasn't sure
13:52<gbee>I assume the animation stuff is already in the xml?
13:52<justinh>yeah. the base.xml should be there too
13:53<gbee>ahh, yeah missed that
13:53<gbee>looks ok, maybe a little fast
13:54<gbee>I can see it becoming distracting :)
13:54<gbee>a little smaller too?, but I like the idea
13:55<justinh>any slower and it shows up how rushed it was ;)
13:55[~]gbee starts to feel seasick
13:56<justinh>I'll do some maths & see if making the horizton chrome line highlight would be efficient with padding in to make it less of a distraction
13:56<justinh>one thing it highlights here is that other stuff is stopping it
13:56<gbee>damn, looks like we had the same idea for the programme guide icon
13:56<justinh>makes it jerky from time to time
13:57<justinh>the flipbook stuff isn't really suitable for this kind of thing.. I'm still convinced of that
13:57<justinh>you don't notice it on mepo
13:58<gbee>the animation I did uses alpha
13:58<justinh>I'll never be struck on alphapulse
13:58<gbee>justinh: runs smoothly here
13:59<gbee>got a decent effect with the alpha, by using it to fade in/out a tinted layer I created a flashing backlighted button
14:00<hendrixski>Has anybody checked out this heliocreek thing? They're doing a "friendly fork" of mythtv for some commercial thing.
14:00<gbee>backlighted? backlit
14:00[~]hendrixski isn't sure that forks are "friendly" per se
14:01<gbee>hendrixski: a few people took a look, they weren't impressed with the quality of the code
14:02<hendrixski>gbee, oh
14:02<hendrixski>so then it's probably like a bunch of high school kids in Egypt or somethign?
14:03<gbee>hendrixski: they were cutting a lot of corners instead of doing thing properly, e.g. using lots of "sudo" and "sudo rm file"
14:03<hendrixski>well, companies do that when prototyping I guess
14:04<hendrixski>"throw one away, you will anyhow" sort of thing
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14:05<hendrixski>Did they at least have any good ideas (other than arabic keyboard support?)
14:05<gbee>I'd hope if they were just prototyping, that they wouldn't commit that code to a repository - if you do that then you are just as likely to forget it's there or decide that you can't be bothered to do it properly
14:06<gbee>hendrixski: that's as much as I can say, I've not looked at it myself, I'm not even interested in having a look
14:07<hendrixski>do a lot of those kinds of things pop up? Where people branch mythtv like that?
14:08[~]hendrixski downloads the code to see what they were up to
14:10<gbee>hendrixski: not really, can only think of one another 'branch' - the one used by LinuxMCE
14:11<hendrixski>oh right, I remember hearing about them.... there was a lot of hype and then I never heard of it again
14:11<janneg>hendrixski: they submitted the arabac keyboard layout and support for right to left languages also as patches
14:12<hendrixski>hhhmmm... the heliocreek guys didn't take their code from SVN... they took it off of Ubuntu ... their Sourceforge SVN still has the debian/ directory, with the same patches
14:12<gbee>hendrixski: lots of people are impressed by linuxmce, but it's all style and no substance IMHO (style is stretching it a little)
14:12<janneg>couple of them are already merged
14:12<hendrixski>janneg, right, that's where I first read about them on the mailing lists
14:12<janneg>assuming both are the same
14:12<gbee>they are
14:12<gbee>some of their stuff is good - the bits they've submitted
14:13<gbee>the bits that have been quoted in here .... err
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14:15<hendrixski>hhhmmm, and the linuxMCE project doesn't seem to have much news lately.
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14:31<hendrixski>oh wow nice... they mapped out all of the database relationships using some program called schemaspy
14:32<GreyFoxx>Who did?
14:32<hendrixski>GreyFoxx, the guys from Heliocreek
14:33<GreyFoxx>ahhh ok, so it's not current, but shouldn't be massively different than latest svn
14:33<dr_lulz>wasnt that that mythtv fork with ultrabad code?
14:33<GreyFoxx>hehe yeah
14:33<GreyFoxx>or at least, some stuff was
14:33<hendrixski>who submitted the arabic language patch and are making a "friendly fork" of mythtv, with superbad code
14:33<GreyFoxx>the stuff they submitted some stuff that's ok back to us
14:34<hendrixski>yeah, I just downloaded it and am taking a peek through it before I compile it
14:34<hendrixski>GreyFoxx, have you heard anything else about them? they're going to be doing something corporate with this from what I gather?
14:34<GreyFoxx>other than what I read on their main page nope
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14:38<hendrixski>well... I'm torn about what to do here.... some people are saying "bad code" but from what I've seen so far, it looks like great documentation
14:39<hendrixski>guess I gotta make a chroot and compile it to find out :-p
14:43<justinh>gbee: so I guess I've totally missed the point about alphapulse then.. it's not restricted to just static images? i.e. you can use it on buttons?
14:44<justinh>er.. I mean insofar as areas which are already in mythui
14:45<gbee>just restricted to imagetypes, have you got metallurgy installed? I can send you my example - though it would work with any theme I guess
14:46<justinh>not got a box with a recent trunk at the mo
14:46<gbee>could be used on menu buttons when I think about it, would just be a small change
14:47<jams>justinh- autoscreenshots of the settings screen is complete
14:47<gbee>justinh: I'll send you the images and the base.xml part, you can stick that in glass and see for yourself
14:47<justinh>nah I've just checked on a monitor (as opposed to over freenx) and the animation is still jumping on my athlon 2000xp.. though I don't use opengl
14:47<justinh>jams: wicked!
14:48<justinh>jams: how many shots in total then, for all the screens?
14:48<jams>let you know in five minutes when the current run is done.
14:49<gnome42>I've been debugging some pseudo recording corner case bugs and came across some buglets in that area. I've created three little patches at Two good fixes and one minor cleanup.
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14:49<jams>crap it will be longer then that, forgot i deleted the menu screens, so I will need to run that as well
14:49<gbee>justinh: and the images from -
14:50<gbee>just stick that section in any base.xml and put the images in the theme directory
14:51<justinh>doh it must only work when opengl is enabled
14:51<gbee>ahh, yeah ...
14:53<justinh>ugh those transitions look arse
14:54<jams>looks like 60 "settings" screen (without mythweather and zoneminder)
14:56<justinh>seems I have opengl enabled in hardware.. other gl stuff flies
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14:57<justinh>I like the alphapulse in that context, but I can't see myself using it
14:57<MrGandalf>Can someone tell me what arguments I should use for running mythfrontend under valgrind?
14:57<jams>according to my map, it should be 23 menu screens.
14:58<justinh>jams: and only mythweather & zoneminder missing?
14:58<justinh>wonder where the heck I got over 150 from
14:58<jams>don't know
14:59<justinh>so long since I did that. was going to make a shot of every single screen for the wiki at one point
15:00<justinh>maybe I lost my place a few times & just bumped the number up to the nearest 10
15:00<justinh>well time to get rid of the animation dir & revert base.xml
15:01<justinh>what I want to do will just be a complete waste of memory FWIW
15:01<jams>justinh- my numbers don't include things like that are not part of the menu, like the program guide in action, or the playback window
15:01<justinh>jams: ahhh
15:02<justinh>I was taking into account all the screens
15:02<justinh>like, 9 or whatever for mytharchive etc
15:02<gbee>there is a bug with alphapulse, at least it looks like a bug - set the max to anything exept 255 and it doesn't work
15:02<jams>so far it's pure menu and settings screen. I'm not going to fully walk the plugins only selected parts.
15:02<justinh>jams: that's fair enough :)
15:03<jams>i think just having the settings screen as a handy reference will help a bit.
15:03<justinh>it'll help a lot
15:03<jams>i know my menumap has helped be quite a bit with the project
15:04<justinh>even seasoned users. I was wracking my brain trying to remember how to en/disable browse mode last night. turned up in playback settings of all places
15:04<gbee>anyway, thinking about using that effect (at a faster speed) with the alert scroller idea I had
15:04<MrGandalf>hmm, same thing. Seems mythfrontend doesn't like valgrind.
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15:06<MrGandalf>ah, had to disable autodiscovery
15:06<justinh>gbee: I love the scroller idea. still yet to be convinced about alphapulse
15:08<gbee>justinh: I think it's just waiting for someone to come up with a very clever idea
15:09<justinh>once it's possible to make the alphapulse part a layer underneath another thing, then I might be interested ;)
15:09<Chutt>alphapulse works on any ui item, including groups as a whole.
15:10<gbee>just doesn't work on one image underneath another
15:10<Chutt>it should be passing the modified alpha value down to its children
15:11<gbee>but yes, I'd forgotten that alphapulse is part of uitype and not the uiimagetype, so it applies to all items
15:11<justinh>maybe I'll play with it some more
15:12<justinh>wonder where I left the tarball of my playing with the appearance gadget I started..
15:13<jams>hey Chutt given any thought to the url or hosting request for mythsmolt?
15:13<Chutt>no, sorry
15:13<Chutt>been away
15:13<jams>no trouble
15:14<justinh>right, that's the animation gorn
15:14<justinh>looks like I might have to invent a cute animated character after all :D
15:46<gnome42>Chutt: Hi! I wanted to confirm something with you before I go off in the wrong direction. Re: pseudoLiveTVRecording behaviour
15:47<clever_>can myth fetch the shows title thru EIT while recording?(to verify its on the right channel)
15:48<stuarta>MrGandalf: the frontend is a real bugger to valgrind
15:48<stuarta>if it's at all possible..
15:48<stuarta>clever_: vaguely possible
15:48<MrGandalf>I can manage to change channels 2 or 3 times before it really boggs down
15:48<gnome42>Chutt: Here's the scenario: user is watching livetv. Someone schedules that particular recording to record via mythweb.
15:49<clever_>stuarta: how would i get myth to dump its eit data to stderr while recording?
15:49<MrGandalf>but the bug I'm trying to find doesn't appear while under valgrind
15:49<clever_>so i could see what it gets exactly
15:49<stuarta>clever_: however the same can be achieved by checking the PAT & PMT
15:49<stuarta>which we already do
15:50<clever_>stuarta: which probly cant be done thru a external tuner and ir blaster
15:50<stuarta>clever_: nope. you need access to the raw stream
15:50<gnome42>Chutt: what is the correct behaviour: 1. take over that existing livetv recording OR 2. start a fresh recording of that show on that recorder. ?
15:50<MrGandalf>stuarta: have you seen frontend instability while tuning to h264 channels?
15:50<clever_>stuarta: when i feed the composite out of the cable box(same as what i feed myth) into the TV i can get some general info like the show name by hitting the display button
15:51<stuarta>MrGandalf: i no longer have any h264 channels, but it used to have a bit more trouble locking onto them than the normal channels
15:51<clever_>stuarta: so something on the composite line contains the show name
15:51<stuarta>clever_: that'll be VBI data or equivalent
15:51<gnome42>Chutt: I'm going with option 2. but I wanted to confirm :)
15:51<stuarta>VBI != EIT
15:51<clever_>stuarta: ahh, then how do i get myth to show its vbi stream?
15:52<stuarta>that i couldn't tell you. you'll have to dig around in the source
15:52<clever_>i think it may also have -v vbi
15:52<Chutt>gnome42, err, it should do the same thing as if someone hit 'r' during the live-tv recording.
15:52<stuarta>clever_: that would probably help :)
15:53<clever_>also since i fixed vbi(it used to not work at all) ive been getting vbi erorrs randomly
15:53<clever_>i think they are near the splice point between 2 bits of video and the cable co cut a vbi 'sentence' in half
15:53[~]stuarta <- is good at EIT
15:53<stuarta>what the vbi errors?
15:54<gnome42>Chutt: ok, cool. that was my thought too. It's not always doing that (at least in multirec). Thanks again :)
15:54<clever_>2007-11-26 12:30:43.813 NVR(/dev/video0) Error: Reading VBI data
15:54<clever_> eno: Input/output error (5)
15:54<clever_>allmost allways 4 of those at once
15:54<clever_>also once i was watching a comercial which was made up of clips from many diff shows
15:54<clever_>and the closed captioning of the original video bleeded thru into the comercial:P
15:54<stuarta>well in that case a vbi error should be expected
15:55<stuarta>since you are causing a discontinuity in the VBI stream
15:55<clever_>and its actualy the cable co doing it not me
15:55<stuarta>naff all you can do about that then
15:55<stuarta>hang on.
15:55<clever_>i could sue the company to stop causing errors:P
15:55<stuarta>i thought you were splicing
15:56<clever_>its the splicing at the cable comppany
15:56<clever_>switching between show and comercial
15:56<clever_>and some comercials are made of 30 diff clips from shows with bits of the VBI intact
15:56<stuarta>the localization of commerials in the stream.
15:56|-|splat1 [] has quit ["changing servers"]
15:57<stuarta>does it destabilize the frontend/backend?
15:57<clever_>hasnt crashed anything yet that i know of
15:57<stuarta>then i wouldn't worry too much
15:57<clever_>no idea if its related to the random mythtranscode segfaults
15:57<clever_>which allways happen at a certain point within affected files
15:57<stuarta>run mythtranscode under valgrind then.
15:58<clever_>like theres a SEGFAULTNOW marker hidden in the file
15:58|-|splat1 [] has joined #mythtv
15:58<clever_>its mostly a null poitner to a class running its decontructor
15:58<stuarta>gnome42: any reason you are dropping the fromUtf8 conversion in the cleanup patch?
15:58<clever_>class * X=0; X->~X(); roughtly
15:58<stuarta>clever_: Qt classes?
15:59<clever_>yeah qt ones
15:59<clever_>i think its qshared
15:59<stuarta>sounds like there could be some more conversions to deleteLater() required
15:59<gnome42>stuarta: Hiya, no that's not intentional ... rechecking ...
16:00<clever_>i might be confusing diff segfault problems though
16:01<clever_>mythtranscode running within valgrind
16:01<stuarta>clever_: that backtrace is dying in a memcpy
16:01<clever_>valgrind mythtranscode -v record,channel,siparser --infile /media/mainlv/mythtv/1028_20071106120000.nuv --outfile output.nuv --profile 29
16:02<clever_>dont see 'memcpy' anywhere in it
16:02<stuarta>see the link pasted for MrGandalf before, that's got some more magic incantations for valgrind.
16:03<stuarta>Thread 1 (LWP 11531) - is where it's dying.
16:03<clever_>which is within AddSamples
16:03<stuarta>my bad.
16:04<stuarta>my codebase != your codebase
16:04<clever_>i beleive im using 14799
16:05[~]stuarta svn up's
16:05<clever_>valgrind gave errors for /lib/ but it gives those for any program
16:05<stuarta>no different
16:05<stuarta>head or 0.20-fixes?
16:06<clever_>i may have been running something else at the time
16:06<clever_>but i can reproduce it again with 14799
16:07<stuarta>k so that file hasn't changed since r14523
16:08<stuarta>what on line 98 of your transcode.cpp?
16:09[~]clever_ looks
16:09<clever_> 97 memcpy(audiobuffer + audiobuffer_len, buffer,
16:09<clever_> 98 samples * bytes_per_sample);
16:10<gnome42>stuarta: Hmm, another dense moment for me but I don't see where the cleanup patch removes the fromUtf8 :)
16:11<gnome42>stuarta: Actually I was thinking it might need another one :)
16:11[~]stuarta larts himself with a patch reading trout
16:11<clever_>half way to another segfault
16:12<stuarta>takes a bit longer under valgrind :)
16:12<clever_>yeah a ton longer:P
16:12<clever_>its under gdb atm to get a recent bt
16:13<clever_>its been appended to
16:13<clever_>forgot to clear it before starting
16:13<clever_>i think
16:14<stuarta>so back to what your code looks like
16:14<stuarta>only in 0.20-fixes is line 98 within AddSamples()
16:15<stuarta>with trunk it's still in the constructor
16:15<clever_>i'll pastebin the whole damn file
16:17<clever_>neither pastebin site had a file upload option
16:21<stuarta>ftw. now this is the same file as head
16:21[~]stuarta larts himself again.
16:22<stuarta>i see, just wasn't reading it right before
16:22<stuarta>you still got gdb open?
16:22<clever_>its a script which makes a bt and then quits
16:23<clever_>but i can reproduce it again with normal gdb
16:23<kormoc>you could always just have it core dump and then load the core in gdb later
16:23<stuarta>you'll need to run it inside gdb, so that once it barfs you can examin the data structs.
16:24<clever_>kormoc: yeah but the ulimit -c keeps shuting itself off
16:24<clever_>and it makes 50mb core dumps which eat up space a bit fast
16:24<stuarta>wtf is my memcpy man page...
16:24<clever_>man memcpy
16:24|-|melunko [n=hmelo@] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
16:25<clever_>MEMCPY(3) Linux Programmer$BCT(B Manual MEMCPY(3)
16:25<clever_> void *memcpy(void *dest, const void *src, size_t n);
16:25<stuarta>and nothing came back. hence wtf...
16:25<clever_>the package may need to be installed
16:25<clever_>for a while i used the man pages on my redhat9 with a 2.4 kernel
16:25[~]stuarta has done this before :)
16:25<clever_>they where a bit out dated:P
16:26<clever_>ive got them installed on an ubuntu now with 2.6
16:26<stuarta>no matter memcpy hasn't changed a bit
16:26<stuarta>how on earth did i not install manpages-dev ???
16:26<clever_>yeah but epoll is missing from the 2.4 set of man pages:P
16:26<clever_>Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
16:27<clever_>ready to dig into the structs
16:27<stuarta>did you get any logs from valgrind btw?
16:27<clever_>i cancled it because the ram usage was causing heavy swaping
16:27<clever_>slowing the gdb bt i was trying to get
16:27<clever_>but i can fire it back up
16:28<stuarta>lets poke around with gdb
16:28<clever_>gdb: ready
16:28<stuarta>print audiobuffer
16:28<clever_>$1 = (unsigned char *) 0xbf35 <Address 0xbf35 out of bounds>
16:29<stuarta>theres the problem. now the question is why
16:29<clever_>could put a trace or something on it(or add an if in the code after setting) and reproduce it again
16:29<clever_>(and the file plays fine in mythfrontend)
16:30<stuarta>no need, we just need to poke around the rest of the variables used for the malloc
16:32[~]stuarta reads some code
16:32[~]stuarta notices some differences.
16:33<clever_>audiobuffer is set in a few places(constructor and tmpbuf)
16:35<stuarta>there must be some bad input thats causing audiobuffer to point to crap
16:35<stuarta>after the realloc procedure
16:36<clever_>i could just printf("audiobuffer is %x\n",audiobuffer); alot
16:36<clever_>and look for where it goes south
16:36<stuarta>that's what gdb is for :)
16:36<clever_>gdb can probly do the same thing with a trace
16:36<stuarta>print samples
16:37<clever_>$2 = 1152
16:37<stuarta>doh, that's in the backtrace.
16:38|-|TelnetManta [n=benwilli@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
16:38|-|mzb [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:38|-|mzb [] has joined #mythtv
16:41<clever_>transcode in valgrind is going at 3 seconds/frame
16:41|-|aevil^aw [] has joined #mythtv
16:41<dr_lulz>clever_: neat speed :>
16:41<clever_>its normaly more like 10+ frames/sec
16:41<stuarta>wouldn't expect much more under valgrind...
16:42<clever_>and its using 31% of my ram
16:42<stuarta>normally uses 1.3 - 1.5Gb to valgrind the backend
16:43<clever_>and can the be even record in that condition:P
16:43<stuarta>yes believe it or not
16:43<clever_>might need a 15ghz cpu to do so
16:43<clever_>with a frame grabber:P
16:43<stuarta>it needs more memory, than cpu otherwise it thrashed and you haven't a hope in hell
16:44<gbee>stuarta: you know that Jools Holland BBC HD sample? transcoded to mpeg4 at the default mythtranscode bitrate it's only 100Mb larger than the original - which is handy to know if your frontend can't handle h.264 (like mine)
16:44<clever_>mythbackend needs 60-70% cpu to record for me
16:44|-|aevil^aw [] has quit [Client Quit]
16:44<stuarta>gbee: that the snippet i gave you at LRL?
16:45|-|hendrixski [] has quit ["Leaving"]
16:47<gbee>I was a little suprised, the quality isn't noticably different at 1280x720 although the audio is mp3 128Kb, down from 384Kb ac3
16:47<gbee>the audio bitrate can be increased though
16:47<stuarta>that's why using ffmpeg is a bit better
16:47<stuarta>-acodec copy
16:48<stuarta>no degradation then :)
16:48<clever_>mencoder can also do that(-aoc copy i think)
16:48<clever_>or was it oac
16:49<gbee>I'd probably just increase the bitrate in the transcoding profile, it isn't like I can really tell the difference between a higher rate mp3 and aac
16:50<clever_>i cant even put ac3 type stuff to use atm
16:50<clever_>nothing with spdif in
16:50<gbee>mythtranscode is a little easier to use since I don't have to remember so many args
16:50<clever_>gbee: a userjob fixes that:P
16:52<gbee>it's all hypothetical, since I can't receive HD here, but if FreeSat carries BBC HD when it launches in the Spring, then at least I can watch it
16:53<clever_>i cant even record hd atm since i dont have a firewire port on the box
16:53<justinh>gbee: the dvb-s stuff is still on AFAIK
16:53<stuarta>yeah sposed to be.
16:53<stuarta>us plebs on dvb-t don't get it anymore :(
16:53|-|jgarvey [] has quit ["Leaving"]
16:53<clever_>how many channels are unencrypted on sat?
16:53<clever_>that i could pick up with dvb-s
16:54<clever_>(on avg)
16:54<stuarta>gbee: yep
16:54<stuarta>clever_: check lyngsat
16:54<clever_>the house came with a dish on the roof but we arent paying for it
16:54<gbee>cool, maybe I'll grab a DVB-S card sooner than later - thought BBC HD was among the FTV channels
16:55[~]stuarta quickly checks lyngsat
16:56<Chutt>blah. my production mythbox isn't seeing the network :/
16:57<clever_>in general can a sat dish pickup a signal from any tv sat transmision?
16:57<gbee>clever_: assuming it's pointing in the right direction
16:57<clever_>(so i could point the thing in another direction to get more channels)
16:57<clever_>theres no company name on it and i have no idea what provider its pointing at
16:58<clever_>but aslong as they are all the same freq/modulation i should be able to just pick one and point it
16:58|-|skamithi [] has joined #mythtv
16:58|-|aevil [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:02<clever_>how much could be listened off the sat dish passively(not sending any signals to the dish control board inside it)
17:03<stuarta>has it still got the LNB?
17:03<stuarta>the thing on the dish the wires connect to
17:04<justinh>clever_: you can't. satellite signals are way too high a frequency for satellite tuners which is why the LNB (low noise block) downconverts em
17:04<clever_>the wire comming down the outside wall has been cut
17:04<clever_>and the sat boxes in the house left with the old owners
17:04<clever_>i can easily put a end back on the cable but dont have any of the indoor hardware
17:04<stuarta>the cards are about 80quid
17:04<clever_>im canadian:P
17:05<justinh>the LNB is the bit that picks up the signal on the dish
17:05<clever_>no idea what a quid is relative to a canadian dollar
17:05<clever_>is the LNB normaly mounted near the dish or indoors?
17:05<justinh>clever_: 1 quid == $2 US approx right now
17:05<justinh>clever_: on the dish
17:05<stuarta>you may also have different broadcast standards.
17:05<clever_>i dont think they took anything near the dish
17:05<stuarta>look at for info about your area.
17:05<clever_>they didnt bother going to the roof when they left
17:05<justinh>cables are very lossy at 20Ghz =D
17:05<clever_>they just unwired the indoor box and took it
17:06<stuarta>thats normal
17:06|-|aschmack [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:06<clever_>the LNB is probly still on the roof im guessing
17:06<stuarta>it's most likely they just unplugged the box from the wall
17:06<clever_>ive got a scope that i could hook up to the line hanging down from the roof
17:06<justinh>clever_: no use. LNB needs power
17:07<clever_>when the cable company was adding a few cable wires he cut the sat cable outside
17:07<clever_>we wherent using it at all at the time:P
17:07<stuarta>he didn't have to cut it...
17:07<clever_>justinh: is it similar to how analog phones get power over the wire?
17:07<clever_>x volts DC on the line with the signal as AC noise ontop?
17:08<justinh>clever_: aye
17:08[~]stuarta prescribes clever_ some bedtime reading
17:08<clever_>so i could just put the voltage on the line and use a cap to filter the signal out
17:08<justinh>clever_: no
17:08<clever_>ive ran several normal phones off a pile of 9v baterys before
17:08<justinh>you need an LC filter
17:10<clever_>ive taken the 'horn' part of a dish appart in the past and theres a board inside it(posibly where the LNB is)
17:10[~]justinh gives up
17:10<clever_>the casing seems to be designed as a wave guide
17:10<stuarta>start with that link and do some reading. it's quite an extensive topic
17:10<clever_>yeah the 2nd paragraph just confirmed what i just guessed:P
17:11<clever_>'An LNB sits on the end of an arm and faces the parabolic reflector'
17:11<clever_>ive allways called the LNB the horn on the disk
17:12<clever_>yeah id say i still have the LNB part:)
17:14<stuarta>in 2 pieces
17:15<clever_>i think its a single output one but that doesnt realy matter if i only want to use 1 myth box on it
17:17<stuarta>but the polarization characteristics are important too
17:17<stuarta>it's quite often circular, in N.America.
17:17<clever_>id think the limits of the current LNB match the sat its pointed at
17:17<stuarta>plus dishnet is odd
17:17<clever_>aslong as i dont reaim it it should work fine(assuming the hardware at my end of the coax is fine)
17:18<clever_>the polarization characteristics that the LNB can do are probly the same ones needed by the sat its pointing at
17:19<clever_>would it be posible to power up the LNB and listen for its signal from a normal scope without buying any special hardware?
17:20[~]stuarta sighs
17:20[~]stuarta points up
17:21<clever_>at the link im reading:P?
17:21<clever_>how far?
17:21<clever_>i can go back as far as [25 00:56:53]
17:21<stuarta>see what justinh said
17:21<clever_>ahh about the LC filter?
17:23<gbee> _OR_
17:24<gbee>I'm really leaning towards the second one, but the first one is what I've been showing upto now
17:28<hads>I think I like the second.
17:29<gbee>the second is closer to what I was originally aiming for
17:31<gbee>I think it can be tweaked a little, but it's a big improvement on the first one
17:32|-|skamithi [] has quit ["WeeChat 0.2.3"]
17:33<clever_>wtf audiobuffer was bf35 AGAIN
17:35<stuarta>that can't be a coincidence
17:35<clever_>could be a buffer overflow
17:36<clever_>but valgrind would have caught that
17:37<clever_>lol it took an hour to do that pass in valgrind:P
17:40<stuarta>how big is the source file?
17:40<clever_>900mb area
17:40<clever_>and i get a totaly diff crash if i use a smaller peice of it
17:41<clever_>my upload is 50kbyte/sec
17:41<stuarta>it's definitely a buffer overflow of some sort...
17:42<clever_>how do you make gdb emit status every time a variable it changed?
17:43<stuarta>dunno. anyway i'm off... nn.
18:02|-|Cardoe [n=cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:11|-|superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:12|-|cyberpass [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:20<xris>gbee: fyi, "thinborder" looks better to me, too.. it's more consistent.. text on dark background all has the same effect (none, in this case)
18:24|-|justinh [] has quit []
18:25<gbee>thanks xris, maybe I'm just too tired but I'm not understanding the last part?
18:27|-|jmk_ [n=jmk@] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:27|-|justinh [] has joined #mythtv
18:27<xris>meaning that if you have text against a dark background, it should look the same... no shiny surface over the stuff in the top corners if there isn't also something similar over the stuff in the main page area
18:27<xris>if you wanted it to look more consistent, and still have the "shiny" treatment over the stuff in the top section, give it a different background color.
18:29<gbee>xris: got it, yeah you are right
18:29<xris>I've been doing UI stuff long enough to know why stuff doesn't look right/good.. unfortunately, not long enough that I can say what would look good in the first place. heh
18:30<xris>but I really like your theme
18:30|-|justinh [] has quit [Client Quit]
18:31<gbee>I like it how it is now with the 'thin' borders, looks more like I originally intended - as though the 'action' areas are underneath holes in the metal (something like that anyway)
18:31<xris>the technique of the look is similar to what I was originally hoping to get out of juski for
18:32<xris>grumble.. another thing I should put some time into, instead of doing budget stuff for SD.
18:32<gbee>this whole thing is just a series of accidents which happen to work together, none of it was really planned
18:32|-|superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #mythtv
18:32<xris>it looks good
18:33<xris>I'd love for a set of icons like that for
18:33<gbee>xris: well I'll see what I can do if you want?
18:33<xris>I need to poke through the website plans again to remember what kinds of sections I wanted.
18:34|-|Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has joined #mythtv
18:34<xris>I'll let you know
18:35|-|grim[GameOp]_ [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:41|-|leprechau [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:44<gbee>a couple of the icons might be reworked, the more I draw, the more critical I become :)
18:44<gbee>fwiw - I've just uploaded two more screenshots which show some of the other icons -
18:44|-|leprechau [] has joined #mythtv
18:45<cmoates>looking better and better gbee
18:45<xris>gbee: perfectionism lends itself to finding flaws that aren't actually there... don't overthink things too much. :)
18:45<xris>any chance you'd make a non-wide version of the theme?
18:46<cmoates>From his FAQ, no ;)
18:46<gbee>xris: it's my fatal flaw, perfectionism
18:46<gbee>heh, well I might - depends how I feel when I've finished the widescreen version
18:47<xris>really wish there was a way to code wide and non-wide into a single package.
18:47<gbee>if I can write a script to do most of the positioning changes, then chances are higher
18:47<xris>it's not like wide (or 4:3) themes look *that* bad stretched/squished to fit the other
18:47<kormoc>gbee, you know, the one screen shot with the 5 icons (and the bottom one being centered). With a input of left/right/up/down, how does the staggered button fit into the flow?
18:48<xris>gbee: or I just need to get myself a new tv instead of my wife that diamond pendant...
18:48<kormoc>xris, or you get her the diamond and when she has money, have her buy you a tv :P
18:49<gbee>kormoc: pressing down from either column takes you to the staggered button, up from it takes you to the left column - I'd prefer the button aligned left, but that will take a code change
18:49<gbee>xris: I'll leave that decision entirely in your hands :p
18:50<xris>we'll see how much money I get from my paid out vacation time... switching jobs this weekend
18:50<xris>I'm supposed to be saving up for a trip to france/italy next summer
18:50<kormoc>gbee, gotcha
18:51<gbee>it's not a theme thing, but a code limitation
18:53<gbee>probably not hard to fix at all, I've been addressing those UI issues a lot recently, so I've come to know the code pretty well
18:56<jk1joel>Well, I just posted my first MythTV patch:
18:56<jk1joel>hopefully with many more to come
19:01<gbee>jk1joel: looks interesting, I'd probably suggest that we don't need a new setting though, assuming that we all agree that it's a good idea it should only be that we reposition on speeds greater than 3x
19:02<gbee>ooff, if you can read that - I can't
19:02<jk1joel>so I how I bring it up for discussion? mailing list?
19:02|-|feiner [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:03<gbee>-dev list
19:03<hads>Or a DB-only setting
19:03<jk1joel>yeah, I'm fine with a hard-coded one or a DB-only setting... just so I don't have to constantly patch the code :)
19:04<gbee>others might not agree but personally I'd like to see a reduction in settings where possible
19:04<hads>I think it makes sense, and have DB-only settings for power users to make customising easy.
19:04<jk1joel>sure, I agree. I didn't know there was a way to do a DB-only settings in the config framework
19:05|-|leprechau [] has quit [Connection timed out]
19:05<gbee>the setup and configuration of mythtv is consistantly what we get bad press about, I'm inclined to agree with the complaints
19:06<gbee>DB only settings are fine
19:06<jk1joel>so shall I re-work it as a DB-only setting and update the ticket?
19:06<gbee>jk1joel: please
19:07<gbee>think it's time I went to bed, before my typing becomes even more erratic
19:07<jk1joel>thanks all for the feedback
19:10|-|kali67 [] has quit []
19:12<mzb>Hi all, I think I've found a bug in ... anyone interested?
19:13<mzb>(see #mythtv-users)
19:18<mzb>line should be (afaict):
19:18<mzb> write("The frame rate for %s should be %s but the stream info file "
19:18<mzb> "report a fps of %s" % (videomode, fr, fps))
19:19<mzb>(videomode param is missing)
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21:45<gnome42>mzb: please drop it in a ticket at I don't think the guy who looks after mythburn is around.
21:45<mzb_d800>already done, thanks
21:45<gnome42>cool :)
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