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01:24<ttuttle>oh sorry, #mythtv-users.
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02:26<superm1>justinh, have you considered adding an RSS feed to I'm sure lots of people would like to follow your releases and know when to upgrade that way.
02:28<superm1>justinh, and also, whenever you are ready, I can show you how I have them packaged for Ubuntu (which you can model your packages off of) to list them in .deb's on the site
02:29<superm1>(not necessarily putting an apt repo, so you can still drive $ for donations, but at least easy to "double click and install" files
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04:22<justinh>superm1: yeah I've considered adding an RSS feed but I really don't plan to make that many updates if I can help it
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04:46<laga>AFK_TToertchen: please turn off that annoying away pager. nobody really gives a fsck.
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05:00<stuarta>bad morning?
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09:44<gbee>coverart border a) OR b)
09:47<GreyFoxx>personally I like the one with the lighter border (second link) more
09:49<gbee>GreyFoxx: ok, thanks - that's what I've used everywhere else for borders, but Dibblah commented that he thought it should use the same metal effect as the background
09:50<gbee>personally I like the second link a little better, and it means I don't have to change all the images I've already drawn :)
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09:54<stuarta>i'm different. i prefer the first since it the same metal effect
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10:03<gbee>stuarta: heh, well I can't please everyone
10:05<gbee>I like the second a little better because although it doesn't look exactly right next to the page frame, making them the same looks flat and dull
10:05<gbee>I think this is what I'm going with for now at least -
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11:05<superm1>justinh, well most CMSs support adding one very easily (drupal does it all on its own even for us). What CMS are you using?
11:11<gbee>superm1: don't think he is using a CMS
11:11<superm1>gbee, oh :(
11:11<laga>wine + notepad
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11:13<gbee>Anduin: has anyone ever suggested having mythvideo generate thumbnails for recordings without coverart?
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11:18<jams>gbee- ever figure out what the blackhole was for with mythgallery?
11:22<gbee>jams: haven't got that far, just finishing up on mythvideo and mythgallery is next
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11:28<gbee>there is a blackhole in mythmovies which was apparently meant for movie posters, but the code and scripts to grab that info were apparently never done
11:29<gbee>they could probably use the imdb scripts that mythvideo uses, though I don't know if those are installed in a central location or whether we'd need to move them
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11:37<jams>gbee- yeah josh never got around to implementing that. A couple months ago he started again, but not for sure the status.
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11:48<jams>gbee- while your looking at mythmovies, mind applying my patch
11:51<jams> #4182
11:52<gbee>jams: sure, got three or four small patches that need to be applied, was going to do it tonight and I'll make sure yours is one of them
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11:53<jams>it's trivial
11:53<jams>let me make a ticket for the game settings patch as well
11:59<gbee>figured it wouldn't take me 2 minutes to apply it right now :)
11:59<jams>just created #4235
11:59<jams>heh thanks
12:00<jams>that \n was driving me crazy
12:00<gbee>yay, more watermarks :p
12:02<jams>if you want..or just reuse
12:02<jams>i need it to the buttons don't all say the same thing
12:02<jams>the downside of using images for buttons.
12:03<gbee>jams: ahh, yeah
12:03<gbee>got a preview of what you are working on?
12:04<jams>i'm just bringing midnight up to speed with a little work here and there.
12:04<jams>and boy do I have a preview for you. I have a script that walks the ENTIRE menu and takes screenshots
12:05<jams>plus some other screens of things in action.
12:05<jams>it generates 200+ screenshots
12:06<gbee>I could do with that script, plus one that resizes a copy to a thumbnail :)
12:06<jams>i plan on posting it when it's done
12:06<gbee>200 screenshots for just the menus? or other screens?
12:07<jams>menus + settings + other screens
12:07<jams>the majority is the menus cause it takes a snap of every item highlighted
12:07<gbee>actually I need a script which takes a screenshots, resizes a copy and then copies over the images for the new colour scheme before starting again
12:08<gbee>jams: heh
12:08<jams>currently i have vertical menus working and 2x3 menus. I want to add support for 3x3 (blue)
12:09<jams>you need to have all the plugins installed for it to work corrected ,otherwise the menu nav goes astray.
12:09<gbee>what I _really_ need is a script which will take an SVG, a series of layers as arguments, then go through turning layers on/off and saving the results
12:10<gbee>takes ages to update all my buttons or create a new colour scheme
12:10<gbee>a script like that would save me an hour of work or more
12:10<jams>did that with photoshop for my buttons. except it's pdf instead of svg
12:11<gbee>I could knock out an entirely new colour scheme in 5 minutes :D
12:11<gbee>inkscape probably has the facility to do that or at least a plugin for it, but I've not looked yet
12:12<jams>while i'm making tickets, might as well add the one to reload the theme when mythfrontend receives the signal USR1
12:13<gbee>the ability to layer images in menu buttons would work just as well
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12:21<jams>gbee- #4236 mind reviewing? it involves code so i may or may not be acceptable. However i have been running it for months without issue.
12:25[~]justinh smacks laga around the head. wine & notepad indeed!
12:25<justinh>don't use a CMS though. don't see any need to :)
12:26<gbee>wine + wordpad, get it right laga
12:26<justinh>worse, in some people's book - nano !
12:27<gbee>just use kate myself, don't care what people say
12:27<jams>gbee- i'm with you
12:27<jams>kate is awesome
12:28<mattwire_>i've heard she's very good
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12:28<gbee>I've written stuff in vi, emacs, notepad in the past, but unless I'm working across a slow ssh connection I'd rather use a tool that lets me get work done faster and easier
12:29<gbee>for large projects I'll use Kdevelop, which is just a wrapper around Kate with some useful extra tools (the project search tools especially)
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12:35<gbee>jams: I'll look at the patch later if that's ok? want to get back to what I was working on
12:36<jams>gbee- oh sure i have sat on that thing for months for more days isnt going to matter.
12:36<jams>gbee- oh sure i have sat on that thing for months, few more days isnt going to matter.
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13:05<AzalynIII>Okay, I've been reading things on the wiki, and googling around, but let me see if I got this correctly... If I buy one of those pcHDTV HD5500 cards, and get the right CAM module, then I could plug the coax from my satellite dish directly into the card, and use my PC as a receiver/pvr with MythTV?
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13:06<AzalynIII>sorry, i just noticed kvandivo's pm..
13:07<AzalynIII>didn't realise it was a dev-only channel... :\
13:12<laga>that video sources thread is highly amusing indeed
13:12<laga>justinh: good job ;)
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13:29<druggo> CC [M] /home/
13:29<druggo>oops, sorry
13:29<druggo>lucky me the paste buffer didnt have more data :D
13:29<druggo>i have just compiled v4l-dvb, I currently have 2 cards in the box, 1 Hauppage PVR-250 using ivtv, will this driver be updated aswell when i do a make install in v4l-dvb ?
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13:46<druggo>oops, it did, now my hauppage pvr-250 dont get recognized, help!
13:46<GreyFoxx>Wrong channel
13:46<GreyFoxx>try #mythtv-users
13:46<druggo>ahh, darn, sorry
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13:49<janneg>is there a reason why we call .utf8() on QStrings we bind to prepared queries
13:50<janneg>we are overwriting the QSqlQuery::bindValue functions and could do the conversion there
13:52<janneg>It has one big advantage, we wouldn't miss values which contains only rarely non ascii charecters
13:52<janneg>I doubt there are many left but who knows
13:56<gbee>janneg: so long as both the conversion from and to utf8() are done in the same place, then it's a good idea
13:59<justinh>laga: yeah well, talk about losing the will to improve your favourite pvr software ;)
13:59<janneg>there aren't done in the same place now. INSERT and SELECT could be in completely different parts
14:00<justinh>clever: email me the change you made & I'll update gahyem when I get a chance. the work involved is small beans
14:00<clever>its just a tweak to ui.xml
14:00<janneg>but we should also overwrite value, otherwise we would just miss fromUtf8() calls
14:00<clever>coyping to my pastebit
14:01<justinh>clever: email me or I'll lose it
14:02<clever>justinh: it should be at
14:02<justinh>did I say email me?
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14:29<gbee>janneg: that's all I meant, that if we are overriding the bind, then we also need to override the value calls in order to switch back to unicode
14:30<janneg>*sigh* now removing all fromUtf8(), utf8() and toUtf8() calls
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14:48<laga>have you ever thought about using launchpad's rosetta for translations? that'd make it easier for people to get started
14:48<laga>it's a nice web-based service where you upload .ts files and people can then enter their proposed strings on a website
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15:16<gbee>laga: sounds interesting, though I'm not sure what the results would be like when translating text out of context?
15:16<Anduin>gbee: Yes, though it hasn't really progressed past a few scripts posted to the ml (thumbnail generation)
15:17<laga>gbee: the results for mythbuntu-control-centre have been.. interesting. there'd have to be some review process by the "official" translators is suppose. not sure if this is possible yet
15:17<gbee>Anduin: ok, thanks
15:18<gbee>laga: it could definately help, I think the last time I looked there were 17,000 translatable strings
15:18<laga>yes, it's a lot
15:19<gbee>heh, no idea where I got the 17000 figure from, it's just 2373
15:20<gbee>although that doesn't include plugins
15:20<justinh>that's still a lot
15:20<gbee>aye, even doing the English translation was slow and I didn't have to change 95% of the strings
15:21<laga>new strings are OK
15:21<laga>but checking existing ones is _annoying_
15:21<laga>especially because you're restricted by the size of the text areas
15:22<justinh>I blame the Germans for having such long words
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15:23<laga>and because the English sentences tend to be shorter because you guys have some nifty grammatical devices.. it's not a great job :)
15:23<justinh>innit ;)
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15:50<jams>gbee- and what it produces can be found at and the current menumap diagram can be found at
15:51<jams>gbee- i have found it's best to watch the program walk through the menus. Mythfrontend tends to segfault if you don't watch it.
15:51<gbee>really? cool, I can get some backtraces :)
15:52<jams>yeah it's odd but true
15:54<gbee>jams: the menu diagram, you do that manually or not?
15:54<jams>i also have a spreadsheet to go along with it
15:54<jams>that diagram was done with a uml modeller
15:55<gbee>right, just wondering since I thought it would be pretty good for mapping out custom menu themes
15:55<laga>jams: that diagramm is very cool
15:55<jams>if you want src file i can upload that as well
15:56<gbee>it could give users a guide as to the different hierarchies so they can pick the right menu theme for them :)
15:56<jams>good idea
15:56<jams>i used it to keep myself sane while theming
15:57<gbee>jams: you can upload it but honestly I'm too busy to really play with it at the moment
15:57<gbee>yeah, will be useful as a reminder of which icons I've not yet done (without trawling the menus)
15:58<jams>i have several printouts with little scribbles or checkboxs o nit
15:58<laga>i think i have some mindmaps with various setup options somewhere..
16:00<jams>gbee- now that you mention it, creating a program to parse the menu xml might not be a bad diea
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16:08<gbee>anyone know what the ''' blackhole name="command_hack" ''' in the mythvideo associations window is about?
16:09<jams>not me
16:11<gbee>it produces a text entry area, but I don't know why it uses that hack instead of using the remote entry widget (or a proper text entry widget)
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16:13<gbee>it even creates a MythRemoteLineEdit
16:13<gbee>I _really_ want to fix it, but know that if I stop to do it then I'll have to update all the core themes which will take ages
16:14<jams>no theme updates till you finish your current theme!
16:16<gbee>I can't even open a ticket about it and let someone else deal with it, because it's not really a bug, just a very ugly hack
16:17<gbee>2091 thor command_hack = getUIBlackHoleType("command_hack");
16:17<gbee>dates back a bit then
16:22<justinh>finish? theme? eh? ;)
16:24<jams>dang it gbee now you got me thinking on the best way to automate that menu diagram
16:26<gbee>justinh: I'll never finish, the more I do, the more bugs I spot in the code ;)
16:27<gbee>I've not got a list of about ten things in the code that need addressing to make the theme work as intended
16:27<gbee>that doesn't count the stuff I've already committed
16:27<gbee>only on my second plugin
16:28<jams>your theme might require the ui port to be finished.
16:28<laga>i think it does. now that you mention it.
16:30<justinh>heh that'll stop me having the problem of maintaining my crap anyway :)
16:34<gbee>jams: there is a certain irony and even something perverse in my working on this theme immediately before I start work on the mythui port
16:34<gbee>but in a way, I think it will help when I'm doing the port
16:36<gbee>I'm creating a theme which will work for a couple of weeks, then become invalid
16:36<justinh>wish I could help in a meaningful way
16:36<justinh>as in .. code
16:37[~]gbee deletes his reply
16:37<jams>gbee- just my .02 but i think the ui port should wait until after the next release.
16:37<gbee>no-one wants to get stuck with the job of converting over the old themes
16:37<justinh>great excuse to make some new ones then
16:38<justinh>or at least, new ones which doff their cap to the old ones
16:38<gbee>jams: dunno, technically the port should be pretty straight forward the only worry is finishing the job in time
16:38<gbee>even then it doesn't matter too much since it can be done plugin by plugin, screen by screen without really affecting everything else
16:39<jams>my concern is the last bit of that sentence.
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17:16<Anduin>The decision to rearrange the HEADERS and SOURCES in seems arbitrary, and is annoying.
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17:23<gbee>anyone looking for 20 minutes of very easy work?
17:25<hads>gbee: Maybe, I am bored of this work that I'm doing :)
17:27<gbee>need to replace a widget definition in all the themes in svn,
17:27<gbee>that's in video-ui.xml
17:27<gbee>it's boring work, but pretty simple
17:29<hads>I could probably do that if I check out myththemes
17:30<gbee>there is more than one place using that hack in each video-ui.xml, they seem to use the convention "NAME"_hack
17:30<jams>heh only 4 need it
17:30<gbee>e.g. <blackhole name="player_hack" draworder="0">
17:30<jams>and default-wide
17:31<gbee>ok, three places in each video-ui.xml
17:32<gbee>title_hack is the third
17:32<hads>Not view?
17:37<gbee>not view
17:38<gbee>view is a legitimate use of blackhole (well not really, but it's not a MythLineEdit in disguise)
17:40<gbee>the changes can be tested with this patch applied -
17:40<gbee>although they shouldn't need testing
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17:59<hads>gbee: player doesn't seem to work
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18:00<gbee>copy/paste error in the patch, title_editor should be player_editor in the bit starting "if (player_editor)"
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18:13<gbee>thanks hads, really appreciate the help
18:14<hads>No worries, hopefully those font choices are OK, I just chose one I saw.
18:16<gbee>hads: not too bothered as long as they work, I wouldn't really know what font to chose myself anyway
18:16<hads>Well they appear to work.
18:19<gbee>what version were the diffs generated against?
18:22<gbee>ok, patch is failing but I can't see why, probably some EOL problems when I copied them from dpaste
18:22<hads>I can email them if you like, or post them somewhere else
18:23<gbee>nah, fixed it already, was EOL
18:23<gbee>the dpaste 'plain text' option uses windows line endings instead of unix
18:23<hads>Ug, I'll stop using that then.
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19:02<janneg>yeah, qt4 frontend works
19:02<GreyFoxx>oh? Playback and all ?
19:02|-|kormoc_ [] has quit []
19:03<janneg>partly, recording doesn't work yet
19:04<janneg>could be easy to fix
19:05<janneg>the error I get atm is that ist can't prepare a query which locks a table
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19:10|-|kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has joined #mythtv
19:12<janneg>live-tv works
19:12<GreyFoxx>hehe cool
19:50<hads>Nice work
19:51<janneg>most of the work was done by CDev
19:52<hads>Yup, nice work both of you.
19:57<Toxicity999>Ooo sweet, so QT4 is almost prime-time?
19:58[~]kormoc laughs
20:04[~]janneg laughs insanely
20:05<janneg>yeah, for special values of almost
20:06<janneg>the osd text rendering doesn't work, there is still much Qt3Support usage and the plugins aren't started
20:13|-|onixian [] has joined #mythtv
20:13<gbee>even once the conversion is finished, the QT4 port isn't going to bring any immediate benefits or changes to the way mythtv works (which I think so people believe)
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20:25<janneg>the only immediate benefit is using a supported Qt version
20:26|-|Phantom [] has joined #mythtv
20:27<CDev>gbee: The main reason I started the QT4 port was so I can use Visual Studios to do a proper Windows Port.
20:27|-|DrChandra [i=mail@gentoo/user/DrChandra] has joined #mythtv
20:28<CDev>But I agree, until we use more of the qt4 features, there really will be not advantage to qt4.
20:28|-|DrChandra [i=mail@gentoo/user/DrChandra] has left #mythtv []
20:28<gbee>CDev: not saying there isn't a good reason for the QT4 port, there are many, but a few users seem to think that the QT4 port is especially important
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20:29<gbee>I mean QT4 is newer than QT3, so if mythtv uses QT4, that must make mythtv better! Shouldn't it? :p
20:32|-|JoeBorn [] has joined #mythtv
20:32<gbee>I think they are looking at the development of KDE and assuming that all the good things happening there come directly from their move to QT4, rather than all the work they've done subsequently to utilise QT4 features
20:51<kormoc>Well, QT has been hyping up speed boosts in QT4 a bit, I'm sure that doesn't help things
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21:13<CDev>janneg: Looking at the scroll back... I also had a problem with the LOCK TABLE statements.
21:14<CDev>The fix was to remove the prepare call and do the LOCK TABLE statement in the exec( "LOCK TABLE..." ) call.
21:15<janneg>CDev: yeah, I've done that already
21:16<CDev>That what I get when I wait till the end of the day to catch up on the days activities! :-(
21:17<CDev>Sounds like you made some good progress.
21:19<janneg>yes, it's nice to see live-tv working, but I haven't done much.
21:20<CDev>I was having rendering problems with opengl turned on. Have you had any luck? or are you just using the qt painter?
21:21<janneg>next thing on my todo list is fix scheduling shows. I'm not sure if the frontend fails to insert the recording rules properly or the scheduler fails
21:22<CDev>Not a fun part of code to look at! Good luck!
21:22<janneg>CDev: good question, I turned the dev machine already off. it has occasional problems with redrawing. I was getting black parts
21:23<janneg>the scheduler malfunction might be just some fallout from the database changes I've just committed
21:24<janneg>and the redrawing was slow
21:24<CDev>np. When I do have time, I've been using mythuitest to try to work out the rendering issues. Easier program to debug (plus I am able to compile and debug it in windows).
21:25<CDev>I noticed that the db code wasn't a slam dunk conversion... there seems to be a lot of small differences that make the code difficult to port.
21:26<janneg>I'll do a sync once the issues in trunk are settled
21:27<CDev>sounds good. I prob. won't be able to work on this for a week or so... it's nice to know things will still get done in my absence. (Thanks for the help!)
21:27<janneg>the null issue was nasty but so is our use of latin1 as transparent byte storage for utf8 strings in mysql
21:28<janneg>you're welcome
21:28<CDev>I never understood that. Anyone know why we are just storing unicode in the database?
21:29<CDev>are == aren't
21:30<CDev>If it's just a size issue, I think the database is small relative to all the recordings we store.
21:33<janneg>it is a size issue. mysql reserves for every utf8 character 3 bytes and we use long varchars in primary keys. converting those varchars to utf8 will fail since the keys are too long
21:35<janneg>iirc some wre just hostname declared as varchar(128) which is probably much longer than needed
21:36<janneg>anyway, it's way past bedtime. good night
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21:38<gbee>it's one reason numeric keys are preferable
21:38[~]gbee goes to bed as well
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