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01:30<gbee>jandshog: what's different about that compared to the flash streaming mythweb does in svn?
01:31<gbee>aside from the fact that it has more dependancies than flash streaming in SVN?
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03:22<Dibblah> - Comment on ticket seems to indicate problem no longer exists.
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03:37<justinh>gbee: thanks for looking at #4238. didn't even think memory could be the problem. I still need to sort out the missing image thing though
03:40<justinh>wow. all those ui.xml commits too!
03:43<justinh>heh I'd thought of doing those changes at some point- very beneficial for non-wide themes
03:58<Dibblah> - Dummy recordings don't play any more, so shouldn't be an issue.
03:59<Dibblah> - Possibly fixed by the split of recordedmarkup.
04:10<stuarta>morning chaps
04:11<justinh>morning. happy friday!
04:12<stuarta>hmpf! BR trying to piss me off today
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04:15[~]stuarta does the it's friday happy dance
04:20<gbee>Dibblah: I was under the impression that #2603 was caused by the database writes in general, not because recordedmarkup held both the seek table and the flagging info
04:22<Dibblah>Doesn't look like it to me.
04:22<gbee>I've closed the ticket though and asked the submitter to reopen if they still see the issue with HEAD
04:22<Dibblah>.5 of a second to get the position map sync?
04:22<gbee>Dibblah: heh, didn't see that
04:22<gbee>guess I should have paid closer attention
04:23<gbee>yeah, makes more sense then
04:26<stuarta>i've been have that paying attention problem too. Is it cause it's Christmas?
04:27<gbee>I think in may case it's because I haven't got to bed before 1:30 a single night this week
04:28<gbee>must be getting old
04:28[~]stuarta <- suffering motivation failure
04:29<Dibblah> is just wierd.
04:30<Dibblah>99% CPU playing SD content on a P4 2.4?
04:30[~]Dibblah suspects sync settings issues.
04:31<Dibblah>But doesn't understand why the livetv / recorded difference...
04:37<Dibblah>janneg: (maybe) ;) - Patch no longer internally maintained. Reduced requirement, since ffmpeg supports more of what CoreAVC does.
04:45<gbee>I need a second monitor, getting really tired of alt-tab
04:45<stuarta>they aren't too expensive these days.
04:46<stuarta>at 4:3 anyway
04:49<justinh>wow. that monitor I bought all those months ago is still more expensive now than when I got it
04:49<stuarta>nice one
04:51<Dibblah> - There's been a lot of stuff recently with the new preview stuff. Does anyone know if this still applies?
04:51<Dibblah>Ugh. I need more sleep. My English is terrible.
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04:52<Dibblah> - Initial reporter says it's not reproducable.
04:55<gbee>stuarta: aye, will probably pick one up this month, I've been holding out for something capable of HD (1080) resolutions just because I thought it would be a future proof investment, but not worth it anymore
04:56<Dibblah>janneg: - I remember something being committed which may fix this, but can't now find the changeset :(
04:56<gbee>justinh: what did you get?
04:58<justinh> - paid £175
04:58<justinh>it doesn't half speed up theming having 2 monitors
05:02<gbee>haven't got the desk space for 22", but that's a nice monitor
05:02<gbee>could see myself going for the 19" LG model
05:02<stuarta>i've 2x LG 17" and they are very good.
05:03<stuarta>had em for at least 2 yrs now
05:03<gbee>I was looking at the 17" until I noticed that ebuyer are offering the 19" for just £5 extra
05:03<stuarta>go 19!!!!!
05:04<gbee>exactly :)
05:04<gbee>lets see how scan compares on price
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05:10<justinh>don't forget the flee deriverly ;)
05:13<Dibblah>Isn't that just a theme error?
05:13<Dibblah>Or anyone that knows the theming code...
05:14<Dibblah>... The patch doesn't look like the right way to do it to me.
05:14<justinh>I don't know. news to me that MePo doesn't have a video preview
05:16<justinh>sounds to me like the program info container should be marked as 'dirty' on a keypress and redrawn - but then I think that prolly only applies to mythui
05:17<Dibblah>I think Trac can just be wiped / restarted after the MythUI conversion is complete ;)
05:18<justinh>anyway that ticket sounds contradictory to me
05:18<justinh>"if the preview area is not defined in the theme, it doesn't get updated'
05:18<Dibblah> - Is wrong as well. Doesn't preserve aspect ratios.
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05:19<justinh>I think what #3383 means is that if the video preview isn't in the program details container, the preview doesn't get updated
05:21<justinh>I've never seen it defined there. wth is that ticket going on about?
05:23<justinh>and yes, MePo-wide indeed has the video preview window, so I dunno where they're coming from. doesn't make _any_ sense to me
05:25<justinh>or do they mean that if the video container isn't within the boundaries of the program details container it doesn't get updated?
05:32<justinh>I don't think that redrawing the vid container area is going to take up much time, and to force the preview into the details container (boundary wise) seems limiting so I'd say it's ok, fwiw
05:33<Dibblah>Yes, but binding it directly to up / down is wrong.
05:34<justinh>by that rationale, updating the rest of the screen, bound to the keys is wrong too
05:34<Dibblah>And with that, I'm going to have to give up for the moment :(
05:35<Dibblah>PgUp / PgDown / ...
05:36<Dibblah>Maybe there's just not enough context in the patch.
05:36<Dibblah>I'm probably wrong, since I'm just going by the description of the patch, rather than the content.
05:36<justinh>updating the video container along with the others sounds sensible to me
05:37[~]stuarta builds handbrake just too see what it's like
05:40<gbee>#3383 doesn't sound right to me, since without a video preview area there shouldn't be any preview image either, they are drawn in the same container
05:41<justinh>gbee: just tested it by moving my video prev container way out of bounds. still being updated
05:41<gbee>justinh: maybe the changes I've made recently just have me confused
05:41<Dibblah>Is it possible that it was an error in MePo at that time?
05:41<justinh>Dibblah: very
05:42<gbee>Dibblah: I can't see how else it could happen at the moment
05:43<gbee>and even if it was happening before, then my recent change to the video preview blackhole have probably fixed it
05:43<justinh>gbee: as an experiment I cut down the progdetails container & left the vid preview container where it should be
05:44<justinh>if the container doesn't encompass the vid preview container, the vid preview does indeed stay the same
05:44<justinh>but I don't see any reason not to make the container big enough to encompass the vid preview while only putting text in a smaller area
05:45<justinh>oh wait yes I do
05:45<justinh>I think it's probably a valid point, but it's true to say it can easily be worked around
05:46<gbee>justinh: ok, sounds like we just aren't requesting an update of the preview rect after the image updates
05:46<gbee>let me switch to Mepo and see if it's fixed, otherwise it's simple to do
05:47<gbee>pretty sure I would have noticed that before, but who knows?
05:48<justinh>I think the majority of time we've all got a live preview enabled
05:49<justinh>actually wasn't there also a problem once where switching to a recording of a different aspect might leave stuff behind in the preview area?
05:50<gbee>hate to say it, but the patch is correct
05:50<gbee>justinh: that should be fixed in trunk
05:51<gbee>Mepo seems slow
05:51<justinh>I thought it looked like a sensible plan
05:51<justinh>gbee: prolly all those font definitions
05:56<gbee>just needs to update blackholeBounds instead in current trunk
06:00<gbee>I didn't notice the problem because I was testing with metallurgy where the video blackhole sits within the boundaries of the info container
06:00<justinh>tbh it sounds like a waste of space not to have the video preview butted right up against text (more or less)
06:01<justinh>but - the theme is supposed to be all about freedom to put things where you want, nevermind how shite it looks ;)
06:04[~]justinh goes to reception to collect two massive LCD monitors (finally!)
06:06<gbee>justinh: would be possible to have the video preview next to the text, but still outside the info container e.g. [video][info] instead of [[video]info]
06:07<gbee>only reason metallurgy has the video container overlaying the info container is because I wanted the type icons across the top
06:08<gbee>justinh: any chance one of them could disappear in transit? :D
06:09<stuarta>like my big tv when i bought it
06:09<stuarta>went into the depot at the delivery company, never came out
06:12<stuarta>it was sent via DHL (Drop it, Hide it, Lose it)
06:18<gbee>damn, pastebinned a patch then closed the browser before I could get the URL
06:20<gbee>Anduin: any objections to the following patch for mythvideo? It just changes the way some things are drawn so that they can be more easily themed, the actual behaviour of mythvideo isn't affected:
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06:23<gbee>a debugging VERBOSE crept in there, removed it
06:29<Dibblah>janneg: As earlier discussion, though, I believe CoreAVC does support spatial direct.
06:30<justinh>gbee: yeah I know about the container stuff you mentioned but it's still six and two threes :)
06:31<justinh>as for the LCD TV.. er.. wouldn't have one given.
06:35<mzb_d800>I've managed to get a random autoplay function (mostly) working for mythburn ... just debugging and tidying up
06:36<mzb_d800>anyone interested and|or got suggestions?
06:37<mzb_d800>I've also added prettyprint output, so that dvdauthor.xml is actually readable (painful to debug otherwise;)
06:38<mzb_d800>once I get it neat, I will have to fix the language setting (long story) and a couple of other issues to ensure dvd's play on my systems
06:39<mzb_d800>I assume it's ok to just add a function, and buttons (or whatever) can be added later, right?
06:39<mzb_d800>(I've had a go, but haven't figured it out properly yet)
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06:40[~]justinh wonders what use a random play feature would have if you can't enable it from a menu but er...
06:40<mzb_d800>enabled by default
06:40<mzb_d800>I do have a menu system in dvd-baker for doing just that
06:41<mzb_d800>ie. by default I mean it's a function to produce a random autoplay dvd ... eg for music videos
06:42<justinh>right - not that the authored DVD menu will have a 'play random' button (like some 'pro' ones do already)
06:42<stuarta>hmmm ->
06:43<mzb_d800>it uses the random function in the dvd player to continuously play titles
06:43<justinh>I imagine there'd have to be new 'dvd themes' to support that
06:43<justinh>stuarta: Nooooooooooo! not dvb-h. what a waste of effingspace
06:43<mzb_d800>the trick is that you can only fit a certain number of instructions (~105?) in each section ... so the jumping logic needs to be spread out
06:44<mzb_d800>justinh: there are already a number of functions in to provide various "flavours"
06:45<justinh>mzb_d800: I can't see that random play thing being much use to me until there's a way to split recordings easily - but that's not saying your idea isn't useful ;)
06:45<mzb_d800>so the way I'm trying to do it is put the majority of the "random" generation work into sub-functions
06:45<mzb_d800>ah ... well I already have mine split, but I see your point
06:46<janneg>Dibblah: yeah, ffmpeg supports it too (the subset x264 uses), The bbc is ok too, Some north american satelite programs aren't but I couldn't care less
06:46<mzb_d800>it'd be nice to cut a 2 hour recording into "songs" and then save them individually ... but I can live with manual atm
06:46<janneg>Dibblah: thanks for going through all the tickets
06:47<Dibblah>I haven't - I'm 1/3 of the way through :(
06:49<Dibblah>But it's something that needs done and the core devs obviously have other focusses.
06:49<mzb_d800>I guess the simplest way of achieving that ability is to have the ability to set (say) "A" and "B" markers while editing, and then have a menu item "save A->B to file" ... sound feasible? I wouldn't mind seeing if I could work that out myself if there was interest.
06:49<Dibblah>If anyone doesn't like a non-dev going through the tickets, please feel free to do it yourself ;)
06:50<mzb_d800>justinh: would that ^^^ suit you?
06:52<stuarta>Dibblah: another pair of eyes can't hurt :)
06:52<justinh>mzb_d800: it's been on my list of 'things to look at one day' for ages
06:52<mzb_d800>(particularly if you could background each save as you go through a recording)
06:53<mzb_d800>well, I'd like to do it if that method sounds usable (after I clean up the random autoplay function and submit it)
06:53<justinh>the ability to combine files would be quite cool sometimes too
06:54<mzb_d800>yes, I can see that too ... but I've not had a think about how to achieve that ...
06:54<mzb_d800>err ... how about "insert (compatible) video at this point" ??
06:54<justinh>if it's mpeg you can just about just cat file1 file2 > file3 then rebuild the seektable AFAIK
06:55<mzb_d800>heh ... yeah ... I'm more concerned about how to present it, so that it can be done with a remote control while sitting on the couch ;)
06:55<mzb_d800>"append to video" perhaps
06:56<justinh>or maybe a 'file options' menu for playlist items
06:57<mzb_d800>hmm ... I'm in favour of incorporating it into the edit function
06:57<mzb_d800>kind of ;)
06:57<mzb_d800>dealing with anything other than mpeg2 would make the issue too hard to start with (for my poor old brain, anyway;)
06:58<mzb_d800>know anything about mixing D1 and half D1 on a dvd?
07:00<mzb_d800>I'm yet to try it ... I guess I'll find out the old-fashioned way ;)
07:01<justinh>mzb_d800: I think discs with extras have been doing that since day one. not sure about changing res mid-stream though
07:02<mzb_d800>no, different per title (or titleset)
07:02<justinh>I should think that'd be just fine
07:02<mzb_d800>ie. I've got some crappy music videos (in various formats) that the sister-in-law wants to mix in
07:03<mzb_d800>but it's pointless transcoding them to full res ... just a total waste ;)
07:03<mzb_d800>at full res and high bandwidth my early experiments only give about 30 clips /dvd ... which is a bit on the light side
07:05<mzb_d800>so I figure I might try hacking up something to (automatically?) drop to half D1 for crappy sources
07:06<mzb_d800>I'll give it a try and see how I go
07:06<mzb_d800>interesting playing with python for the first time ... funny language
07:07<mzb_d800>like a shell script on steroids ;)
07:08<stuarta>python is horrible
07:10<gbee>wonder what the quality is like on that Dabs Value HDTV - I mean aside from the obvious point that it's unbranded, would you be throwing your money away?
07:11<justinh>gbee: it's not very good. pay the same for a 32" CRT for much better quality
07:19<Dibblah>stuarta: / janneg: Isn't a no-brainer to apply?
07:20<stuarta>probably, need to have a careful look at it, but it shouldn't be too bad.
07:21<Dibblah>Well, -1 is _never_ valid.
07:21<Dibblah>And is not used to mean A, even.
07:21<stuarta>no like you say, probably a no brainer.
07:23<Dibblah> - "Rejected as the supplied stack trace is unsuitable for GardenGnome and Superm1 are to work on making the packages provide suitable traces etc for upstream bug reports" in the linked Ubuntu bug
07:24<justinh>never thought packages of svn builds were a good idea
07:24<justinh>building trunk isn't rocket science. hell, I can do it
07:24<Dibblah>Same with
07:24<laga>totally horrible how we package release-0-20-fixes
07:24<laga>it's gonna cause the third world war
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07:25<gbee>justinh: where is the guassian blur in inkscape? finally want to use it and can't find it
07:25<justinh>gbee: only in newer versions
07:26<Dibblah> - Again, no-brainer patch. Only danger is recursive symlinks, but if someone's doing this for-real, they won't see it.
07:26<gbee>should be in 0.45, which is what I've got
07:26<justinh>gbee: object fill/stroke properties
07:26<justinh>should be alongside master transparency
07:27<gbee>ahh, wonder why I never saw it there :)
07:27<Dibblah>Argh. - There's a duplicate with more functionality, but I can't find it again :(
07:28<Dibblah>Is there any reason to leave open?
07:29<Dibblah>(Backport MHEG5)
07:29<Dibblah>Specifically, it's a feature backport, for a smallish group of users...
07:29<justinh>let them eat cake?
07:29<superm1>well it doesn't hurt anyone to apply it then if its a small group of users, correct?
07:30<gbee>hmm, only probably now is that I can't seem to select the object with the blur which is going to making exporting images using selection difficult
07:30<Dibblah>Maybe "reopen with a current SVN patch"...
07:30<janneg>Dibblah: I have to look at the surrounding code
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07:30<stuarta>Dibblah: it's a backport of what's already in head
07:30<Dibblah>(The ticket just gives changeset numbers, which isn't really equivalent.
07:30<Dibblah>Yes, I know. And it's a feature, not a fix.
07:31<stuarta>superm1: it could hurt because the mheg changes aren't trivial
07:31<Dibblah>... So close it and stop teasing the requestor ;)
07:31<justinh>Dibblah: policy (defined somewhere) states that only fixes should be backported not feaures
07:31<Dibblah>That's exactly my point...
07:31<justinh>if it's policy, apply the policy
07:31<justinh>or change the policy
07:32<superm1>well as a word of comment we have those mheg5 changes on our packages
07:32<superm1>and haven't had any issues
07:32<Dibblah>Ah, right, you ARE the requestor ;)
07:32<superm1>they've been in our's for some time
07:32<stuarta>it's only there to make that blokes life easier selling his localized myth boxes
07:32<laga>at least nobody lived long enough to report any
07:32<Dibblah>That bloke == superm1?
07:32<superm1>well i dont believe i was the requestor, it was the folks selling the prebuilt boxes in NZ who needed them
07:32<laga>steve whatwashisnameagain
07:33<Dibblah>As in the person that filed the ticket.
07:33<superm1>yeah steve ellis
07:33<justinh>what a cheek!
07:33<Dibblah>superm1: I don't believe it's that easy to apply.
07:33<stuarta>IMHO he should maintain his own locally patched tree. dammit that's how he makes his money
07:33<Dibblah> - This changeset caused issues.
07:33<Dibblah>Fixed later on, but I can't remember where.
07:34<superm1>Dibblah, i'll give you guys the patch that we apply for it, but of course its not urgent
07:34<Dibblah>Specifically, the buffer was fluctuating wildly on some streams.
07:34<Dibblah>causing pre-buffering pauses.
07:34<justinh>uhhh.. I've had a lot of that issue
07:35<Dibblah>Check -v playback.
07:35<justinh>have done
07:35<Dibblah>See if it's the same issue.
07:35<janneg>I close the mheg5 ticket
07:35<Dibblah>Can't remember the exact line in the logs, but it's pretty obvious when it happens.
07:36<stuarta>that's a wontfix if ever i saw one.
07:36<justinh>Dibblah: dunno. minimyth isn't the easiest platform to try out patches with
07:36<justinh>could all be moot by this time on sunday anyway.. cpu should arrive today :)
07:37<justinh>Dibblah: anyway I think the issues I've seen are more about a/v sync timing
07:37<justinh>somehow related to junk in the streams (mheg & other crap)
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07:49<gbee>reckon the shadow is a good idea?
07:50<gbee>contrast it with
07:50<Dibblah> - No response from requestor in 1 month. No logs. ...
07:51<justinh>gbee: with shadow, but not at the left hand side. doesn't look right somehow (no daftness intended)
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07:51<gbee>so, just an offset drop shadow
07:51<justinh>roger :)
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07:53<gbee>the effect isn't exactly how I'd like due to the limitation of transparency in QPixmap/QColor in QT 3.3
07:54<gbee>you can't fill a pixmap with a transparent layer, but you _have_ to fill it, so the best way to handle it is to draw the window background in the pixmap to give the false impression of transparency, which is why the text disappears around the edges there
07:54<gbee>QT4 fixes that
07:54<justinh>in some ways it works better though
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07:55<justinh>I think text running all the way up to a popup might look a bit eew in some cases
07:55<gbee>but the whole pixmap thing is a nasty hack because of a design flaw in the LayerSet drawing code which doesn't use the x,y position of the layer when rendering it
07:56<gbee>mythui might have fixed that, but I'm not sure
07:57<gbee>you have to draw the container to a temporary image (QPixmap) and then tell the painter to draw the Pixmap on the screen at the correct position (from the container's area element)
07:58<gbee>none of that would be necessary if LayerSet draw used the container's area in the first place
07:59<Dibblah> - Has already been fixed, but can't remember the commit.
08:00<Dibblah>Ah - fixed it.
08:00<Dibblah>And 14223 backported to fixes.
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08:07<gbee>justinh: doesn't work :(
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08:13<Dibblah>janneg - - Now applied upstream -
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08:20<Dibblah> - Not repeatable according to last report.
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08:32<Dibblah> - Am I missing something with MythVideo? VideoStartupDir is per-frontend, so what's the use case here?
08:32<justinh>what's the point in videostartupdir being per frontend if the metadata isn't ?
08:32<justinh>(just wondering...)
08:37<Dibblah>Hmm. That's a good point and pretty much shows the use case :)
08:37<Dibblah> - This is silly, pointless and all of those other nasty words.
08:38<Dibblah>1k CPU cycles / second is _nothing_.
08:38<justinh>Dibblah: tree hater! ;)
08:38<Dibblah>"Saving power" is to be applauded.
08:38<Dibblah>But... You're talking about microwatts, literally.
08:39<Dibblah>And the patch adds to latency and complexity unnecessarily.
08:39<Dibblah> I mean.
08:40<Dibblah>It's 1/4 of a second, but... Firstly it's silly and secondly, it ignores the return code of MythDialog::exec().
08:42<Dibblah>Cardoe: I agree with - I hate to put the burden on you, but is there any chance of a patch?
08:53|-|onixian [n=xian@] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]
08:54<gbee>hmm, apparently according to EU law there is a limit of 12 minutes of advertising per hour of programming - now I'm pretty sure that's violated by most channels almost constantly
08:55<gbee>most 'hour long' shows are actually only 40 minutes when you are skipping the ad breaks, so what are they doing for the other 8 minutes?
08:58<justinh>bumpers? it all adds up
08:59<gbee>those count as adverts in my book - what else could they be called? they advertise a product
09:00|-|onixian [n=xian@] has joined #mythtv
09:00<gbee>don't expect things to change, just ranting
09:01<gbee>what I'd really like to see happen, won't - longer programmes
09:03<Dibblah>janneg: I believe you fixed some time ago... Don't have the commit to hand.
09:09|-|onixian [n=xian@] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]
09:10<Cardoe>Dibblah: Been trying to get those docs updated for ages.
09:10<Dibblah>As in?
09:10<Cardoe>Dibblah: ticket 3762
09:10<Cardoe>the back up docs
09:11<Cardoe>Dibblah: However, you're wrong about ticket 3757.
09:11<Cardoe>The proper fix would be to make the networking stuff blocking
09:11<Dibblah>And I don't dispute the possibility in any way that I'm wrong :)
09:11<Cardoe>rather then async
09:11<Cardoe>since you're simply waiting on any data to arrive
09:11<Dibblah>... For multiple connections?
09:12<Cardoe>It's the network control port for mythfrontend
09:12<stuarta>gbee: didn't you just fix 3938?
09:12<Cardoe>Dibblah: Additionally, constantly keeping the CPU in higher run levels then it needs to be is poor performance
09:13<Dibblah>Cardoe: Anyway. All I'm trying to do is go through the tickets looking for easy ones. Can you make / attach a patch to your ticket.
09:13<gbee>stuarta: yes, why?
09:13<stuarta>it just been reopened (unless my email is delayed...)
09:13<Cardoe>Dibblah: it's a one line copy and paste...
09:14<Cardoe>However, that guys patch isn't necessarily the right thing.. the issue is within Qt itself
09:14<gbee>stuarta: my email can take a while because the poll rate on my imap server is slow
09:15<Dibblah>Cardoe: No, to your database backup documentation thing.
09:15<Dibblah>"higher runlevels"?
09:15<hads>4 :)
09:16<Dibblah>Err... I've yet to see a CPU that changes up for <.1% CPU usage.
09:16<Cardoe>We're not talking about load
09:16<Cardoe>I'm talking about C states
09:17<gbee>seriously, if you've missed my commit by a few minutes I can understand, but reporting a bug for something that I fixed 8 hours earlier!
09:21<Dibblah>I'm giving up on this. It redefines "thankless task" :(
09:22<justinh>Dibblah: suggest 'video sources' be called 'Mohammeds' then :)
09:22<Dibblah>I thought it was traditionally Hitler?
09:24<Cardoe>Dibblah: I wasn't trying to discourage you...
09:24<Dibblah>Sure - But I'm not "close enough" to understanding the issues to actually help.
09:25<Dibblah>So I might as well leave it to the real devs.
09:26<gbee>Dibblah: you have my thanks, if that helps
09:27<Dibblah>It's not that.
09:27<Dibblah>Trac is being treated as a fire-and-forget solution.
09:27<Dibblah>... Which it isn't.
09:27<justinh>it's a 'fire & pray' thing isn't it? pray somebody has time to look
09:28<Dibblah>Especially since with the current configuration, most users _will not_ get notification of changes to tickets.
09:28<justinh>isn't that their own fault for not setting the preference to store their email address?
09:28<Dibblah>... I would love to see login-only submission of tickets.
09:28<Dibblah>Their fault? Yes.
09:28<justinh>might be easier long term to say 'no email address, no ticket'
09:28<Dibblah>Who's problem does it become, however?
09:29<Dibblah>We almost hit 500 tickets open last night.
09:29<Dibblah>... That's unmanagable.
09:29<stuarta>especially given there are quite a few people who put it in and it still ends up as anonymouse
09:30<Dibblah>Yup. Trac is sorta broken like that at the moment.
09:30<Dibblah>The best bit is...
09:30<Dibblah>There's a ticket open for that problem.
09:30<Dibblah>In Myth Trac.
09:30<gbee>well if someone who likes python wants to update my account stuff for trac and nag Chutt until it's applied, they are more than welcome
09:30<Dibblah>Chutt: Please apply gbee's junk. ;)
09:31<Dibblah>Sorry - Not actually meaning junk.
09:31<stuarta>sadly i think the fix needs writing first
09:31<gbee>I never said it was good, but "junk" hurt my feelings :p
09:31[~]stuarta pats gbee on the head
09:31<Dibblah>Does anyone actually like Python?
09:32<Dibblah>Apart from "plugin developers" of course.
09:32<stuarta>programming 101 students
09:32<stuarta>hmmm, that'll be the same a plugin developers then
09:32[~]hads does
09:33<justinh>I don't like python, but then I don't like any other language I don't have experience in either
09:33<Cardoe>justinh: it's not clear at all that people won't be notified
09:33<Cardoe>justinh: you put in your e-mail address
09:33<Cardoe>and it changes it to anonymous
09:34<justinh>I think all the arguments given (such as 'easy to learn') are bull & it comes down to personal preference
09:34<Cardoe>how are you suppose to know it doesn't work? there's no notice or info or anything
09:34<justinh>Cardoe: I didn't know about that. here's me just thinking people are submitting tickets having forgot (or knowingly)... oops
09:35<gbee>think that was up to date
09:35<Cardoe>justinh: If I go and click on trac and hit submit ticket
09:36<Cardoe>Trac asks for my e-mail as the submitter.. tells me it will notify me
09:36<Cardoe>but then once I submit the ticket, it'll put in anonymous
09:36<Cardoe>you have to know to go to preferences and add your e-mail and hit save
09:36<Dibblah>Yeah, you need the cookie.
09:37<gbee>Mmm, cookies
09:37<Cardoe>right but that's not documented anywhere
09:38<Cardoe>Dibblah: I always had the feeling that tickets were file and forget.
09:38<Cardoe>When I've found bugs and stuff in the stable branch and asked for patches I submitted to be applied to the stable branch
09:38<Dibblah>Yeah, but most of the ones I've been pointing out are actually "resolved" by the user.
09:38<Cardoe>I was told that it's up to each distro maintain to read through the commits to trunk and back port it themselves.
09:39<Cardoe>Dibblah: Yeah I agree there's a lot of solved tickets
09:39<Dibblah>Cardoe: For features? Yes.
09:39<Dibblah>Of course, that ends up being silly.
09:39<Dibblah>Because then bug reports come in from MySmallDistro who doesn't realise the impact of backporting a patch.
09:40<Dibblah>(And I'm not meaning Gentoo here ;)
09:40<justinh>pardon me but I'd have thought backporting features would be a big case of YMMV, ya boo sucks for you
09:41<justinh>esp. since new features might very well rely on other parts only present in trunk
09:41<Dibblah>_you_ being who exactly?
09:41<Dibblah>The end user is the one with the problem.
09:41<justinh>'you' being whoever is doing the backporting
09:42<justinh>in other words I wouldn't recommend anybody backport features without being full aware of the risks
09:42<Cardoe>I'm not talking about backporting features.
09:42<Cardoe>I'm talking about 100% repeatable crashes
09:42<Cardoe>where it's something like deep down deep somewhere, someone didn't check a pointer if it was NULL first
09:42<justinh>the same would probably apply to fixes too unless you're careful - but then you're asking people who make packages to know as much about myth as the person who fixed it
09:43<Cardoe>feature sets are what newer versions are for
09:43<Cardoe>crashers deserve to be ported
09:45<justinh>I thought that was already supposed to be happening
09:45<Dibblah>AFAIK, the official position is exactly that.
09:45<Dibblah>However, some bugs are deep and wide :(
09:46<justinh>some are yeah but not all
09:46<Dibblah>Spreading out the fixing of bugs to packagers is a really bad idea.
09:46<Dibblah>Not that I'm saying they'll always get it wrong.
09:46<Dibblah>But it means duplicated work.
09:47<justinh>I was saying that if packagers want features backported I think it's up to them, and on their own head be it
09:47<Dibblah>However, this is strawman. Where's the ticket in question?
09:57|-|Dibblah changed nick to HomeWorkDetector
09:57|-|HomeWorkDetector changed nick to Dibblah
09:57<janneg>Cardoe: the problem is mainly caused by not getting .21 out of the door
09:59<janneg>and no dev running -fixes doesn't help either with committing bugfixes for 0.20
10:00<janneg>adding a if (pointer) is not necessarily the correct fix for a segmentation fault
10:01<janneg>I like Python but hate web apps
10:06|-|mattwire [i=d43ae981@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit ["CGI:IRC (Session timeout)"]
10:06<Cardoe>janneg: no but there have been times where a system calls return isn't checked at all.
10:10|-|feiner [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
10:12|-|feiner [] has joined #mythtv
10:18<bendailey>Dibblah: do you know the ticket number in myth trac for the anonymous trac issue?
10:18|-|mattwire [i=d43ae981@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #mythtv
10:28|-|jmk_ [n=jmk@] has joined #mythtv
10:28<bendailey>Dibblah: Do you know is myth trac running "vanilla" trac trunk r6049?
10:28<Dibblah>Not being a dev, or responsible for... Well. Anything really, no.
10:29<bendailey>Dibblah: I am in the same boat here and trying to get involved and help where I can
10:30<justinh>eeew eew ew! that dabs lcd tv makes an awful noise. so much for cheap & glad it's not mine :)
10:33<Dibblah>justinh: Don't worry - It'll stop making a noise soon.
10:33<Dibblah>About the same time it stops working. ;)
10:37<janneg>bendailey: I think it is mostly unmodified
10:38<bendailey>janneg: you filed right? Did you file upstream with trac?
10:39|-|jgarvey [] has joined #mythtv
10:41<bendailey>who maintains myth trac?
10:46<gbee>it's a largely unmodified install, but there are a couple of plugins - one anti-spam, another by Anduin to allow ticket to be locked
10:47<gbee>and it's revision 6048
10:48<gbee>running the following plugins - TracTicketDelete 2.0, TracTicketLock 0.1 and TracSpamFilter 0.2.1dev-r5943
10:48<bendailey>yep I saw that it was revision 6048 and thought maybe I would try and duplicate the setup so I could work on the anonymous reporter problem
10:48<bendailey>gbee: great thanks
10:48<gbee>bendailey: I've already written a patch which would solve this issue and anon tickets in general
10:49<bendailey>gbee: nevermind then is Isaac opposed to implementing it?
10:49<gbee>but it was never used - see the link to 'acmhack' above
10:50<gbee>bendailey: no, he originally asked me to write it but when the spam problems and anon ticket abuse died down I think he decided to see how things went
10:51<gbee>believe his concern was that requiring users to register for trac (which is what the plugin mainly does) would negatively impact the number of valid bug reports
10:51<gbee>i.e. we'd get less bad tickets, but we'd also get less good ones
10:52<gbee>I'm sure the requirement to register could be changed to allow registration, but not require it
10:54<bendailey>don't "alot" of projects require registration? I know for sure gnome does
10:55<laga>the bug tracker does, too
10:55<laga>ffs, in order to get to the ffmpeg bug tracker, you need to solve a stupid puzzle
10:56<GreyFoxx>hahah really ?
10:56<GreyFoxx>That's kinda cool ;)
10:56<laga>no, it's elist and annoying
10:57<gbee>most projects require registration
10:57<GreyFoxx>laga: Is it much different than a captcha?
10:57<GreyFoxx>ahhh ok
10:57<GreyFoxx>that's unneeded
10:58[~]laga tries to calm down again and wanders off
11:00<gbee>does assume a good understanding of English, which is unfair
11:02|-|cyberpass [n=dns@] has joined #MYTHTV
11:10<bendailey>gbee: have you made you plugin available to the trac wiki for others to use?
11:12<gbee>bendailey: not yet, it wasn't really finished to a high standard and when Chutt didn't use it for myth trac I didn't see the point in cleaning it up
11:12<gbee>feel free to make it available though
11:13<gbee>it's the bastardised child of two other plugins with some extra stuff thrown in
11:13<Chutt>the default trac registration stuff was crap
11:14<Chutt>it doesn't do _anything_, since it doesn't confirm that the email address is valid/etc.
11:15<bendailey>ahhh so the trac registration system really just needs fixed/cleaned?
11:15<Chutt>for some meaning of the word 'fixed'
11:15<gbee>bendailey: the plugin I wrote includes very basic account management (deleting user accounts), email validation and uses the database to store registration details
11:16<gbee>but I did it so long ago that I really can't remember anything beyond that
11:16<bendailey>gbee: sounds like the "right" way to do it
11:16<gbee>might have put details in the README
11:16|-|Dibblah [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
11:17<bendailey>gbee: Chutt: ?
11:24<gbee>bendailey: that's what the plugin was originally based on, an earlier version of it anyway, but back then the AM plugin didn't do email validation (doesn't look like it does now, either)
11:24<gbee>it also stores usernames and passwords in plain text, my version puts then in the database
11:25<bendailey>gbee: yep looking at the code right now to verify, yep I see that also
11:26|-|Chutt [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
11:34|-|Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
11:35|-|cyberpas2 [n=dns@] has joined #MYTHTV
11:35|-|cyberpass [n=dns@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
11:35|-|Chutt [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
11:44|-|robthebob [] has joined #mythtv
11:50|-|gnome42 [] has joined #mythtv
11:56<gbee>fwiw, plan on releasing an updated preview tonight with support for mythvideo, themed keyboard (sort of) and some more default images replaced
11:56|-|JoeBorn [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
11:56<gbee>taking me longer than I'd hoped to get these plugins themed, would have liked to have a proper release this weekend :/
12:02<jams>it always does
12:07[~]justinh does the "RM tried to deliver something today but you were out" dance. at least it's been shipped now :)
12:07<justinh>gbee: if you want it to take even longer, so mytharchive ;)
12:18|-|mattwire [i=d43ae981@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit ["CGI:IRC"]
12:22<gbee>justinh: I'll leave that till last, want something quick and easy for a change
12:23<jams>then you want news and netflix
12:23<gbee>thanks :)
12:25|-|digdug [] has joined #mythtv
12:26|-|davilla [n=davilla@] has joined #mythtv
12:27<gbee>you've got to love the random font choices used throughout the default themes
12:29<justinh>I think I got mine down to four sizes, then 2 or 3 colour variations on top
12:30|-|digdug [] has left #mythtv []
12:30|-|JoeBorn [] has joined #mythtv
12:34<gbee>using a couple more colour variations here (active, inactive, selected, recording, record, conflict)
12:34<gbee>or as they are actually defined - lightgrey, grey, white, green (bold), green and red
12:35<gbee>I think we need to add things like a standard font to the coding standards - themers can use whatever they want, but the default theme should be consistent
12:36<gbee>mythnews uses "Arial Narrow" :D
12:37<justinh>what does everybody feel about the default themes' dependence on MS fonts?
12:38<justinh>I think that the increasing disappearance of them being installed by default is only going to cause more hassle
12:38<gbee>justinh: personally don't like it, but I'm sure someone will point out that QT will just pick the closest match on the system
12:39<justinh>gbee: that hasn't been the case recently. issues where default themes have been throwing up blank menus
12:39<gbee>I think Bitstream Vera Sans is a good replacement for Arial, it's free and installed by default in most cases
12:39<justinh>it looks different for sure, but not jarringly so
12:40<gbee>it's not GPL, but then very few good fonts are
12:40<justinh>is it not? I thought it was
12:40<gbee>the licensing is still favourable, (freely distribute but don't modify)
12:40<justinh>just so long as somebody doesn't come along & use ubuntu-title
12:41<justinh>what are all these gaps in the words about? ;)
12:42<gbee>justinh: if you were to go through the default theme and replace all the fonts with one single face I would back the move
12:43<justinh>ahhh yes doctor, but which font? that's the sixty million dollar question
12:43<gbee>if at the same time you reduce the number of fonts and sizes, it would be good (but a lot more work)
12:44<justinh>when doing glass-wide I found the only fault in putting all the fonts in theme.xml was that any change needed a frontend reload - but that's small beans
12:44<gbee>I was thinking of updating many of the default images with one consistent style (and better quality), but that's a job for another day
12:44<justinh>I started doing that, then saw the true depth of the job...
12:45<gbee>justinh: only matters when you are themeing anyway
12:45<justinh>aye. does putting all the fonts in one place have any other benefits?
12:45<gbee>justinh: I dunno, I'm doing it anyway for metallurgy, so although it's a big job, it's not too big
12:46<gbee>justinh: well aside from it being much easier for a user or dev to adjust the fonts across an entire them?
12:46<justinh>I'll say ok I'll do it, but not before I get to grips with a new editor to make global search/replace easier
12:47<gbee>e.g if there is an extremely near sighted individual out there who wants a font 3x bigger, they just need to edit a single line and not 500
12:48<justinh>users, editing their xml files? hahahaha
12:48|-|davilla [n=davilla@] has quit ["Leaving"]
12:50<gbee>better than telling a visually challenged user that yes, they can dramatically change the font size, but they need to edit 15 different files and in a hundred different places
12:51<justinh>totally agree
12:51<justinh>bout time I earned my keep as the 'theme maintainer' anyway
12:51|-|h0mer`- [] has joined #mythtv
12:53<gbee>real shame about that background - determined to fix it, but it will mean changing the keyboard theme stuff a bit
12:55<justinh>still looks nice!
12:57<justinh>I can see a certain glass-wide-1.1 having a bit of that
12:58<gbee>32 images!
12:58<gbee>4 for each button size
12:58<gbee>normal, selected, pressed, pressed and selected
12:58<justinh>normal, normal highlight, pressed..
12:59<justinh>is there much point having 'pressed and selected'?
12:59<gbee>I'm cheating and using the same image for the last two, but that's mostly because I ran out of possible highlight colours (red highlight is FF0000!)
13:00<justinh>erm.. HOW many xml files?!
13:00|-|cyberpas2 [n=dns@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
13:00|-|cyberpass [] has joined #MYTHTV
13:00<gbee>justinh: guess not if you are looking to reduce the work needed, but there is a distinction - e.g. the caps lock remains 'pressed' even when not selected
13:00<gbee>justinh: you don't need any of the xml
13:00<gbee>just the images
13:00<justinh>duh of course not.
13:01<justinh>and those go in the themeroot?
13:01<justinh>or a 'keyboard' dir?
13:01<gbee>I want to create a keyboard-style.xml though, where you define the image names, fonts etc
13:01<gbee>keyboard dir
13:01<justinh>I'll back that :)
13:02<justinh>heh. four fonts in a keyboard xml file. all the same
13:03[~]justinh wonders how much memory all these same fonts consume
13:06<gbee>probably not much, but all the same, it's the principal
13:10<justinh>ugh that keyboard widgy is a job for being in the mood for
13:14|-|h0mer`- [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
13:15<gbee>boring stuff
13:21[~]gbee wonders if justinh will kill him for making yet another change which may involve theme updates
13:23<justinh>nah, since it's you
13:24[~]jams prepares to mark r15007 as todo
13:27<gbee>justinh: not really sure what needs doing, but I'm getting rid of the hardcoded 'grey out' in mythvideo which happens when you bring up a popup (imdb number entry etc)
13:28<gbee>some themes may not work so well as a result because the text will be overlayed without a background, simple fix is just to define an image which will be used as a background in those containers
13:28<gbee>don't really know which ones it will be until the change is committed
13:29<justinh>well, of all the stuff that could break it's a low impact change
13:30<justinh>so I say let's suck it & see (so to speak)
13:31|-|onixian [] has joined #mythtv
13:31<gbee>my thoughts exactly, it's cosmetic but doesn't stop it being used and the fix is simple
13:31<gbee>in the long term it makes those popups easier to theme and more consistent with the rest of mythtv, that's the point of it
13:33|-|onixian [] has quit [Client Quit]
13:34<justinh>I'm all for improving the UI. I've been saying for a long time that the mythui port will probably be painful for a theme guy in the short term but the big picture is nice
13:36<jams>gbee- where is the wishlist/feature request for mythui?
13:36|-|robthebob [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
13:36|-|robthebob [] has joined #mythtv
13:38<jams>Last time i saw it was years ago when donavan was working on it.
13:38<gbee>oh, there is one by Isaac as well, more of a mythui howto
13:38<gbee>the one I posted there was created by me recently
13:42<gbee>created a link to those two pages on the trac homepage
13:42<gbee>or I would if trac were responding
13:43|-|nsaspook [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
13:44|-|nsaspook [] has joined #mythtv
13:53<gbee>heh, cool - sudden downpour of hail
13:57<gbee>ouch, blootube wide must have the info/list containers overlapping in the video manager - screen flashes as you scroll down the page
14:00<Anduin>gbee: I'm not sure I'm in love with losing greyOut, and I have some videomanager.cpp changes that I hope to finish this weekend that change it rather drastically (no more m_state, only invalidating the right rects, etc) so if you could hold off on those...
14:02<justinh>gbee: probably. never been happy with it
14:02<justinh>it's due another overhaul anyway
14:02<gbee>justinh: sorry, typo'd, meant mythcenter
14:02<justinh>ah just svn delete it then :D
14:03<gbee>Anduin: I didn't wait, I can revert the changes but I'd keeping arguing in favour of loosing greyout, it can be mimiced in the theme
14:04<gbee>it's not used anywhere else in mythtv and consequently getting rid of it improves the UI consistency
14:04<Anduin>gbee: No need to revert, I'll handle it.
14:05<Anduin>As for it not being used elsewhere, I don't know that the UI controls suck as much elsewhere
14:05<justinh>does mythweather use it anymore?
14:05<justinh>I think at least it used to
14:06<gbee>justinh: no, at least not that I've ever noticed
14:06<justinh>mmm time for eats
14:07<jams>the old one did, the new one doesn't seem to.
14:10<gbee>I'd much rather let the themer decide how that sort of thing is handled and have the theme elements behave in a consistent manner
14:10<justinh>eep. backend fally down
14:10|-|kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has joined #mythtv
14:11<gbee>the faux popups in mythvideo didn't obey their area elements
14:11<Anduin>gbee: Yeah, I guess
14:12<Anduin>gbee: They do now, I have them as little sub-windows that receive the own paint events (and input) with a clipping rect.
14:12<Anduin>their, need to finish words
14:13<gbee>Anduin: sounds like we were working in the same direction, just in slightly different ways
14:13<Anduin>(this brought on by the "IMDB manual title search" ticket, when introducing still more states to the drawing)
14:14<Anduin>Yeah, my motivation was future laziness though, not because I wanted it to look better :)
14:14<gbee>I 'fixed' them in the shortest way possible because I was more interested in getting my theme to work as it should and I figured with the mythui port on the horizon all that would change anway
14:14|-|nsaspook [] has quit ["using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12"]
14:15|-|nsaspook [] has joined #mythtv
14:15<Anduin>gbee: Make sure you notice how much UIListType sucks for those mythui changes
14:16|-|xris [] has joined #mythtv
14:17<gbee>Anduin: heh, creating a long mental list of all the existing widget flaws
14:22|-|Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
14:22<Anduin>Yeah, I am encouraged by MythUIType actually taking key presses and have no doubt that whatever eventually materializes will be better (though my only contribution, as usual, will be hope)
14:27|-|Chutt [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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14:45<justinh>I can't find my notes :(
14:46|-|splat1 [] has quit []
14:56|-|mattwire [] has joined #mythtv
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15:11<jams>gbee- you around?
15:12<gbee>jams: here
15:12<jams>mind looking a patch real quick?
15:13<jams>if debug is present for a mangedtreelist it will draw borders around the bins
15:15|-|MaxeyPad_ changed nick to MaxeyPad
15:17<gbee>patch is fine, I can commit it, but as you already know uitypes isn't going to be around for long
15:19<jams>yeah i know but I have found it useful. And if nothing else it's a feature request for it's replacment =)
15:19|-|MaxeyPad [] has left #mythtv []
15:20<gbee>can't remember if Chutt has implemented any layout debugging stuff in mythui yet
15:20<gbee>I'd agree it can be useful, especially when checking that containers and elements don't overlap
15:20<jams>thats how i have been using it.
15:22<jams>thats an example of what it does
15:23<gbee>themes looking good, especially like what you've done with the title inset thingys
15:24<gbee>ok, I'll commit that patch later tonight
15:24<jams>you want a ticket or is that pastebin good enough?
15:25<gbee>jams: it's just a couple of lines, I can type that out faster than downloading and applying a patch
15:25<jams>very true
15:25<jams>took me longer to create the patch then type it in.
15:25<justinh>gbee: just thought of something else to make a note of. instead of (or maybe as well as) having font highlights in list items (eg watch recordings list), is there any chance of plopping another selectbar in there to _really_ highlight that side is active?
15:27<justinh>it could make for re-using more graphics & lessen memory usage if stuff doesn't need its own container image too
15:27|-|rn114 [] has joined #mythtv
15:28|-|robthebob [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
15:28<gbee>justinh: I'm suffering end of week brain fatigue, not following what you suggesting
15:30<justinh>for example in the 'watch recordings' list, maybe as well as have two font states - one for 'group select' and the other for 'show select', what about putting an image over it too, just to highlight it's er.. highlighted. rather like the programs area in reverse
15:31<justinh>so when groups/titles are selected, they get the selectbar. then right arrow & the selectbar appears on the right & the lefthand bar goes away..
15:33<justinh>kind of like what goes on now but so as not to hard-code it into the image - and of course it'll help highlight better when that part is actually selected
15:33<gbee>oh right, so the selectbar disappears on the left, as opposed to how it currently works where the image stays visible on the left
15:33<justinh>yes exactly
15:33<gbee>right, yeah I'll make a note of that
15:33<justinh>and don't just rescale the normal selectbar ;)
15:34<gbee>would like to get rid of that whole two listarea + one textarea construct anyway
15:34<justinh>its use case is pretty darn close to the other listy type stuff too I think
15:34<gbee>instead we should just have a listarea with optional 'centre lock' scrolling
15:35<justinh>and while it's still fresh in my mind, it'd be great to have a definite number of rows in a list as opposed to just basing it on the area divided by the font metrics
15:36<justinh>I mean it is great now to have it, but it's not everywhere (thinking mythmusic, mythvideo...)
15:38<justinh>and jams - that theme revamp is looking incredibly sharp!
15:39<jams>i really like the menu how the watermarks look in the bg.
15:41<justinh>I don't think I'd realised they could be underneath the buttons. heh
15:41<jams>i really like it, took a while to get the transparency just right.
15:42<justinh>I've gone right off watermarks altogether. I don't know quite why
15:43<gbee>justinh: want to note this stuff in the dev wiki? that's where I'd end up putting it anyway.
15:43<justinh>maybe cos they're work+++
15:43<justinh>gbee: aye can do
15:46<gbee>I need to write it down to remember it and better that it's done somewhere public so others attempting to port areas to mythui can see what ideas have been discussed
15:50|-|Timelord_ [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:50|-|Timelord_ [] has joined #mythtv
15:57<gbee>who generally looks after MythNews?
15:58<gbee>just segfaulted
15:58<jams>gbee- far as i know, it's the last person to ask about it.
15:59<gbee>damn :p
16:04<superm1>xris, there was a request from the archive administrators to include a proper COPYING file (with the whole license) in the nuvexport subbranch. I'm fixing it locally to get the package into Ubuntu right now, but would you be able to fix that at some point in trunk too?
16:05|-|moodboom [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
16:06<gbee>can't say I see the point of mythnews, you get maybe three sentences of 'news' and you can't bring up more information
16:07<gbee>I know some people like their news short and to the point, but what can you convey in just ~20 words?
16:10<gbee>as I'm testing I keep seeing interesting sounding news items, but then I find it frustrating that I can't just hit Select or I and bring up the full article :(
16:10<justinh>hmmm I think I've just seen the future of blootube-wide
16:11<gbee>thought you said blood-wide for a second there
16:11<gbee>that's given me my next theme idea
16:12<justinh>uh-oh. you've said 'next' now. no taking it back ;)
16:12<laga>gbee: um
16:12<justinh>I keep trying to say 'never again' but find it's impossible
16:12<laga>gbee: i thought you can open the news items?
16:13<justinh>laga: never been able to here
16:13<laga>maybe i dreamed it then
16:13<gbee>laga: if you can, then it's not through an obvious binding
16:13<justinh>half the things don't even work - I presume the xml file is out of date
16:13<prg3>Is anyone using mythtv with an appletv?
16:13<justinh>prg3: maybe in #mythtv-users they are..
16:13<gbee>but then the mythnews bindings do seem a little odd, pressing I (info) seems to equal page up
16:14<prg3>justinh, good point.. I forgot how #mythtv works :)
16:14<justinh>is there any rationalisation/standardisation of keybindings on the cards?
16:14<justinh>oh wait even _I_ could look at that. whoops
16:15<gbee>there is a -commits list feed, but it's useless because all you get is the data, author and changeset number
16:15|-|Hausberg [] has joined #mythtv
16:16<gbee>the timeline feed from trac makes more sense than the gossamerthreads rss feed
16:16|-|Hausberg [] has quit [Client Quit]
16:18<gbee>oh, for the love of ....
16:19<gbee>mythnews puts the configuration page and the display page in the same window?
16:38|-|moodboom [] has joined #mythtv
16:49|-|bendailey [] has left #mythtv []
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17:09<jams>heh converting mythsmolt to use ui buttons instead of qt has turned into more work then anticpated.
17:13<gbee>worth it though
17:13<gbee>have you considered doing it using mythui? (not that mythui offers single buttons yet, but I've got a patch in the works)
17:14<JoeBorn>something you all might find interesting
17:14<jams>gbee- yeah i could do mythui i just need examples to copy from =)
17:14<JoeBorn>I think it has interesting implications for mythtv too.
17:15<gbee>jams: well I hope to get to work soon
17:15|-|Dibblah [] has joined #mythtv
17:17<gbee>the only thing I was interested in after looking at the neuros at LRL, was whether I could get mythfrontend running on it
17:21|-|beavis [] has joined #mythtv
17:22|-|Dibblah [] has left #mythtv ["Kopete 0.12.4 :"]
17:23<gbee>as long as people have to pay for the neuros and tivo, then there will be no shortage of people using mythtv - if schedules direct taught us anything, it's that people don't like to pay for something when they can get it for free
17:34<laga>have the threads on the mailing list died down by now?
17:49<justinh>I found the neuros thing interesting til I saw it in real life & realised getting mythtv running on it is but a mere dream, much like many embedded devices - sure it's more likely to happen on something like the neuros but that doesn't make it easy
17:57|-|Dibblah [] has joined #mythtv
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23:52<jams>gbee- that debug patch causes mythmusic to not load.
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