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04:09<gbee>jams: very strange
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06:40<mzb_d800>any dvd experts online? (esp. re
06:41<laga>just ask your question?
06:41<mzb_d800>I've managed to get a random playback function working reasonably well in mythburn
06:41<mzb_d800>but I either want to
06:41<mzb_d800>a) use more registers
06:42<mzb_d800>(ie. enable the additional registers afforded by a dvdauthor option)
06:42<mzb_d800>b) use bitwise operations to emulate a shuffle mode
06:43<mzb_d800>c) use a combination of "last played" and "simulated shuffle" to achieve (almost) the real thing
06:44<mzb_d800>the random function I've got going now works ok for what it is
06:44<mzb_d800>but I don't trust the randomness of the dvd player's random function
06:45<mzb_d800>so "simulating" a shuffle mode, which gets difficult with a large number of titles, is possible, but really depends on how many registers I can play with
06:46<mzb_d800>I can always write code for *all* possibilities (including the ability to enable "extra registers")
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06:47<mzb_d800>but I'm hoping for guidance on the idea
06:48<mzb_d800>so far, the easiest way is to use only the first 6 gp registers, and use (at least) 4 of those for a "last played" queue, so that poor randomness is not so noticeable (in the short term)
06:49<mzb_d800>(I may be able to re-use an extra register to get a total of 5 depending on how I write the logic)
06:50<mzb_d800>a better method involves using a bitwise method to mark tracks played, but that will depend on a) the total number of titles, and b) the number of available registers
06:51<mzb_d800>eg. 4*16=64 titles
06:51<mzb_d800>to create a shuffle mode
06:52<mzb_d800>enabling extra register mode *might* make it possible to do much more ... and achieve true shuffle mode
06:52<mzb_d800>it all depends on how compliant the "extra register" mode is, and what other functions need to be used (that need registers)
06:53<mzb_d800>either way, I guess making bitwise op functions, with a register for in+out would probably be a good idea
06:54<mzb_d800>laga: see why I wanted a dvd expert? :)) ... I can keep going :)
06:54[~]laga hides
06:55<mzb_d800>not to worry laga ... thanks for listening :)
06:56<mzb_d800>I'll wait for somebody to stick their neck out :)
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12:01<gbee>hmm, remote isn't working on my frontend
12:02[~]justinh throws the shitty intel board out of the window
12:02<laga>justinh: ?
12:03<justinh>too OT to explain here. it's going up for sale tomorrow
12:03<laga>sad. was hoping it'd make my own day seem better ;)
12:06<justinh>sufficient to say.. Intel.. video.. sucks dogs' nuts
12:07<justinh>so desperate for it to work I'm dist-upgrading to gutsy :(
12:07<gbee>my day was pretty boring, christmas shopping and some bloke calling himself an optician sticking dye in my eyes
12:07<justinh>on the light side though, gonna get wasted out of my brain tonight.. erm.. I mean I'm going out for a couple of jars
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12:09<justinh>gbee: dye? never been subjected to that one. the funny goggles yes.. but dye.. no
12:10<gbee>justinh: that bad, the video I mean? I've never tried to do anything graphics intensive with Intel GPUs but couple of machines I've setup worked well out of the box
12:10<gbee>justinh: contact lense related, helps to show up any possible damage caused by the lenses to my eyes, or something like that
12:10[~]laga just hopes justinh wasn't trying dapper ;)
12:10<justinh>svideo is only monochrome & xorg is ignoring the options
12:11<justinh>if I had a spare 600 in my back burner I'd just say"easy, off to get a panel I go"
12:12<gbee>for some reason, since upgrading my frontend has been booting in monochrome, but once the nvidia driver is loaded it snaps back to colour
12:14<justinh>but if I could afford to just go out & buy a panel I'd have to have a mac mini anyway & to hell with having to turn the amp on to get audio ;)
12:14<gbee>it's a shame too, because my nice MythTV boot theme goes to waste
12:15<justinh>heh. if this svid works in gusty I'll still have to wait til X starts to see owt
12:15<gbee>decided to get the 19" LG, should make my life easier working on two screens instead of one :)
12:25<laga>justinh: if it doesn't work you can still make a vga->scart cable ;)
12:25<justinh>yeah _right_, what with intel's superb support for modelines & all :-\
12:26<justinh>and on a TV with only one RGB input? not an option
12:26<justinh>I think I'm starting to reach a point where running mythtv is proving to be too expensive
12:27<laga>justinh: i was going to try my cable with my laptop which has intel graphics soon. i'll let you know how it goes
12:27<laga>no, you just need to buy working hardware :)
12:27<justinh>I've been reliably informed it should just work(tm) with a newer driver
12:28<justinh>hopefully gutsy has it
12:28<laga>i can provide you with a .deb for an even newer intel driver
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12:28<justinh>I don't want Intel. I was i810 :)
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12:28<laga>any particular reason?
12:28<laga>what chipset is that?
12:29<laga>is there any reason not to use "intel"?
12:30<justinh>I dunno. compiling myth was quick so I don't mind having to do the video hack
12:30<laga>the normal OSS "intel" driver does not exhibit that problem.
12:31<laga>it's a whole different thing from IEGD
12:31<justinh>there's 'intel' and 'i810' ?
12:31<justinh>be nice if the docs said
12:31<justinh>I really don't care which, if one of them works! ;)
12:32<laga>try "intel", i doubt you will regret it
12:32<laga>in upstream Xorg, "i810" will just use intel anyways AFAIK
12:32<justinh>I'll let this upgrade finish first. that might do it
12:33<justinh>other options include putting a pci-e riser in the case with a nvidia card but that's a very last resort
12:37<gbee>justinh: I'm used the i810 driver on the laptop I setup for my parents recently, worked great
12:38<gbee>but I don't know what xorg is doing behind the scenes, could be using 'Intel' instead
12:40<gbee>actually just ignore me, I probably know less on the subject than you do and I'm just likely to confuse the issue
12:40<justinh>depends on the chipset, ultimately
12:40<justinh>intel GPUs have many different tvout configurations AFAIK
12:44<jams>gbee- is there a way to force the screen to refresh?
12:46<gbee>oh, you mean outside the code?
12:47<jams>no update should be what i want
12:47<jams>got the buttons works, now i'm working on the listbox
12:49<gbee>update triggers a paint event, called without an argument it refreshes the whole screen, if you only need it to update a portion of the screen then use the area of the container/object in the form of a QRect as an argument
12:49<gbee>e.g. update(container->GetArea());
12:50[~]justinh takes notes :)
12:50<jams>hmm that didn't help, will revisit after i hook up the other stuff.
12:50<gbee>GetAreaRect() for containers and getScreenArea() iirc
12:53<gbee>jams: you are using mythdialog or myththemeddialog?
12:54<gbee>justinh: btw, just committed that mythnews change, I updated the core themes and will sort out your svn ones in a few minutes
12:54<justinh>oh cheers :)
12:57[~]justinh needs beers & JD sooo bad
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13:06<justinh>upgraded. still in mono. bah
13:09<jams> still needs work, but at least it's possible to theme mythsmolt
13:11<gbee>thought I was the only one using that OS
13:11<gbee>can't say it's looking good :p but good work ;)
13:12<jams>true true, i'm just happy to have something working
13:12<gbee>I hate the listbtnarea widgets, so ugly and not much you can do to theme them
13:13<jams>i started with a managedlist and hated it.
13:13<jams>felt it was to much work for this little app.
13:13<gbee>listarea is the prettiest of the three
13:14<gbee>but only because it doesn't force that graded background on you
13:14<gbee>and you can adjust the up/down arrow position
13:14<gbee>and define custom arrow images
13:15<jams>well i'm going to finish up with what i have then wait for you to provide mythui examples
13:16<jams>even this is better then the previous qt widgets
13:18<gbee>at the time these widgets were created, I have no doubt they were far superior to what came before and that they were fit for purpose
13:18<jams>at this rate i can have commit access in another 4 years :)
13:19<laga>justinh: maybe there's a BIOS setting you missed
13:19<gbee>but with mythui we have a chance to create the perfect UI library from the ground up, without endlessly bolting on changes to the existing framework
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13:50<justinh>laga: what bios setting? :P
13:50<justinh>I know I'm daft but give me some credit
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14:08<gbee>cool, none of Justin's svn themes include mythnews, that saves me some work
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14:20<aschmack>how do i manually add QAM channels
14:21<aschmack>i have an hdhomerun
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15:44[~]xris goes back to thinking about redesign
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16:08<rooaus>hads: ping
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16:45<gnome42>xris: Stray char crept in on line 40 of [15001]?
16:46<xris>gnome42: so it did, thanks
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17:10<gbee>jams: looking really good
17:11<gbee>jams: you swapped listbtnarea for listarea?
17:21<rooaus>gbee: Still looking at #4220 but have noticed that the Aspect and FIll overrides have no effect on the rendered video but does affect the OSD.
17:21<rooaus>I suspect that is why the Mettalurgy OSD (and others) weren't fullscreen and that it is the cause of the OSD font scaling probs some people see.
17:23<jams>gbee- nope, just did some theming magic
17:24<rooaus>hads: You saw similar probs too didn't you? Can you test if the Change Aspect and/or Fill mode has an affect on the video displayed and the OSD fonts, esp retro?
17:26<jams>hope to upload the new files later today.
17:32<gbee>jams: I see what you've done now - wish I could see some way to make that work for metallurgy
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17:33<gbee>rooaus: the fill/aspect ratio overrides work ok for me, but I'm guessing this is something specific to a particular setup or resolution
17:34<gbee>rooaus: but I'll be able to test the resolution theory very soon, just ordered a new monitor
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17:53<rooaus>gbee: Yeah, I think you are right ;) I think it is to do with the Xorg / video driver setup as putting the frontend in a window of varying res and aspect ratios still has a problem.
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17:54<rooaus>I have a 1 line hack but think it may break "correctly working" setups, going to test on my production box soon.
17:55<gbee>anyone know why MythNews is using bitBlt() to draw containers? As opposed to everywhere else where we use drawPixmap()?
17:57<gbee>it's academic I suppose, but I'm curious
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18:08<rooaus>As suspected, the 1 liner breaks a working installs OSD.
18:08<rooaus> bbl, need to go into work.
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18:27<hads>rooaus: I don't think I've seen that issue here sorry.
18:35<gbee>turns out mythnews really only works properly with mythbrowser installed - as plugins go, it's not really that useful
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18:36<gbee>I really need to stop repeating myself in a sentence
18:44<GreyFoxx>fin: the myth multirec branch will recording multiple channels from a single dvb card now
19:06<sphery>gbee: Yeah. I noticed the need for MythBrowser, too. I don't install it (don't want KDE libs on my system).
19:07<gbee>sphery: I've not installed it, although for different reasons
19:07<sphery>gbee: I keep telling myself one day I'll write an extension for FF to allow remote-control navigation and provide hooks to FF in MythNews, but still haven't gotten around to it.
19:08<gbee>sphery: the browser used is controlled by a hidden setting, so you could use FF, but it wouldn't be integrated in quite the same way
19:09<sphery>Cool. So, all I need is the extension to make navigation from a remote work. :)
19:09<gbee>but it begs the question why mythnews is a seperate plugin, or an official plugin at all - it doesn't really do anything useful without mythbrowser
19:09<sphery>Yeah. I could see it being integrated into MythBrowser.
19:11<jams>i have only used it to quickly view headlines. works well for that.
19:12<gbee>jams: if you don't mind reading a headlines like "Blast kills 5, wounds 50" without knowing where it happened and who was involved :)
19:13<gbee>I've just found it frustrating
19:13<jams>i could see that
19:14<gbee>if I were using it on a TV frontend, at that point most users would have to either turn on the TV news or go to lookup the article on their computer
19:15<gbee>the latter is probably more likely since most of the feeds offered by mythnews are specialist news, stuff that isn't covered on the TV
19:16<gbee>so at the end of the day, if you want to browse RSS feeds, better to do it from a PC than on your TV
19:16<sphery>gbee: Since you've kind of inherited MythWeather :), do you know whether the InnoDB thing was just an oversight or by design ( )?
19:17<gbee>sphery: happened before my time, I've no idea why those tables are using innodb instead of myisam
19:17<sphery>OK. Just curious.
19:18<gbee>if I looked at the schema, there might be some clues, like the use of foreign keys and cascade
19:19<gbee>but it's probably just an oversight
19:22<gbee>heh, there are comic feeds in mythnews, stuff which makes no sense in the absence of a browser to view them
19:32[~]xris would rather see stuff like a youtube plugin than mythnews. heh
19:34<jams>the heliocreek people have one
19:34<sphery>xris: there's always
19:40<xris>there.. much better color scheme for newmyth:
19:41<xris>interesting. didn't know myth had been forked. heh
19:43<laga>yeah. they found out that you only get highest performance when you run everything with highest privileges
19:43<laga>that's why they use sudo for everything
19:43<xris>funny. I just run everything as root. heh
19:47<xris>did we ever decide on a new default theme for mythtv?
19:47<xris>gbee: do you plan to release your new one gpl?
19:48<laga>that'd mean mythtv would use a -wide theme by default, right?
19:49<xris>or spend some time tweaking it to fit in 4:3
19:50<xris>I still vote for figuring out some way to embed multiple aspect ratios into a theme so that different versions can share content
19:50<xris>make a 16:9 theme, and then put a 4:3 dir inside of it to hold only those files that are different in 4:3 mode
19:50<xris>then have myth auto-detect which version to use
19:51<jams>that would be just about all of the files
19:51<xris>even images?
19:51<jams>only thing that wouldn't change are things like buttons
19:52<jams>all the background images and overlays couldn't be reused.
19:53<xris>myth must be slightly less configurable than I thought, then
19:53<gbee>xris: I've been agonising over that, I agree with Justin to some extent that if you consider a theme a piece of art, to see someone mutilate it is hard, but I'd also like to release it under the GPL because that gives it the greatest chance of shipping with mythtv
19:53<xris>I'm used to HTML where images get split up into component pieces to place around the screen
19:54<xris>mythtv really needs a new/better default theme
19:54<jams>xris- will you can do that, but still the images need to be resized to fit.
19:55<gbee>xris: I agree that we need a better default, or at least to replace some of the existing core themes
19:55<xris>yeah, definitely
19:56<xris>we need some updated screenshots, too. heh
19:57<gbee>heh, aye
19:57<jams>heh yes i agree
19:59<gbee>xris: I think it's safe to say that the theme will be released under the GPL, but I won't let go easily, it will be like grown up child leaving home and I'll be praying that it doesn't turn up dead in a gutter a week later
19:59<xris>any thoughts about color/layout on ?
19:59<xris>I need someone to help me make it shiny
19:59<xris>but also need content.
20:00<gbee>I can help with both were you want
20:01<gbee>as far as the colour goes, my gut feeling is that you've got one colour too many
20:01<xris>I think I have the pages figured out... might need to rearrange a few in the code, but that's no biggie
20:01<xris>haven't removed all of the green yet
20:01<jams>xris which theme do you want new screenshots of?
20:01<xris>I'm also considering breaking the color stuff out of this css file and creating a separate css for color
20:01<xris>jams: depends on which theme will be default in .21, I think
20:01<xris>we should be consistent
20:02<jams>i can take care of those
20:03<hads>The bottom bar on that test site doesn't work in Konqueror.
20:03<gbee>yeah, it's not the green, but I can't say which exactly which needs to go - you've got dark blue text, light grey text and black text, four different background colours and the light blue border
20:05<gbee>generally I like where you are going with it, but something isn't quite right and I'm pretty sure it's either that there are too many colours or that one of them is clashing with the others
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20:06<gbee>I like the drop down menus and the menu bar in general
20:07<Anduin>Not a color thing, but IE 7 hates that page.
20:07<gbee>IE7 hates everything
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20:09<gbee>xris: let me know where you want to start on the images and I'll see if I can come up with something you like
20:09<gbee>I'm off to bed now
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20:19<xris>there. separate css for color
20:19<xris>maybe that'll make things easier to control
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20:30<xris>really wish that css had some sort of variable... could store colors in there and have only one place to change colors
20:30<hads>Would be nice wouldn't it.
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22:24<galileo>Every time I try to "Watch TV" or a few other actions, I get an error: "could not contact the master backend server." I've tried various combinations of real IP,, host names, and have verified all the database passwords, but nothing seems to work. I've seen a couple forum posts about similar problems, but they all seem to end in, "Oh, nevermind. I figured it out." with no explanation. I'm stuck.
22:25<Anduin>galileo: You want #mythtv-users
22:25<galileo>thanks for the redirect. I'll head over there.
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23:27<xris>gbee: you're probably asleep by now, but here:
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