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02:03<mzb_d800>the last revision of mythzoneminder refuses to build for me
02:03<mzb_d800> Changeset 14908 for trunk/mythplugins/mythzoneminder/mythzoneminder/zmevents.cpp
02:04<mzb_d800>have I missed something obvious?
02:05<mzb_d800>I guess I'd better do a complete build for sanity :|
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04:44<stuarta>how went the open ticket cleanup over the weekend?
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04:45<justinh>judging by all the mail from -commits, plenty well
04:45<stuarta>112 msgs to go...
04:47<justinh>I got the bones of my new FE worky over the weekend. got some wiki-ing to do to hopefully save some poor sod stumbling in the dark like I did
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04:48<stuarta>not too bad tho was it?
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05:14<justinh>was very frustrating - all the info not in the docs, spread out all over the bloody place
05:14<justinh>still though - managed to get the svideo output perfectly centred & scaled :)
05:15<stuarta>so what stuff did you assemble it from?
05:19<justinh>core2 duo mobile 1.83Ghz, 1GB ddr2 so-dimm & an aopen i945gmm-hl motherboard
05:19<stuarta>integrated video?
05:19<justinh>have to say the intel driver docs are terrible insomuch that they don't tell you about the xrandr options
05:20<justinh>i945 video. plays h.264 720p with amplomb
05:24<justinh>not sure about the AVC stuff yet though - need to find some clips
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05:50<justinh>wow microdirect have freeview pvrs for under £50
05:58<justinh>dual tuner ones too. tempted to buy my folks one for xmas
05:58<justinh>hahaha you can theme the Digifusion efforts! tempting
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06:16<stuarta>justinh: did the mention you can't fit as much bling in it?
06:18<justinh>yeh but.. at least there's some scope
06:21<stuarta>some of those boxes have horrendous UI's
06:23<justinh>only some? I'd have said most
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06:25[~]stuarta agrees
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10:06<stuarta>no boot for salty then
10:06<stuarta>dammit, wrong window
10:13<stuarta>i blame being lagged to buggery
10:17<stuarta>not done that for years.
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10:59<gbee>mockup in html -
10:59<gbee>pity that firefox renders those corners so poorly
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12:31<skamithi>gbee u online ?
12:32<gbee>skamithi: yeah
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12:33<skamithi>on the playbackbox window, when i switch from one filter to another, is there an option to show me which filter i'm in ? if not what do u think of changing the "select recordings to watch" message on the top to actually display what filter you are in ?
12:34<gbee>skamithi: pretty sure there is no such option, but I can double check
12:34<skamithi>since u are a UI man, thought i'm run that by you.
12:35<gbee>skamithi: that change is fine by me, although not all themes use that textarea (mine doesn't)
12:36<justinh>skamithi: s'ok by me too. never much cared for that since the user generally knows which area they're in
12:36<gbee>the instructional message "select recordings to watch" is unnecessary and we don't use similar messages in the rest of mythtv,
12:38<skamithi>okay: i'll look into changing that and seeing if anyone complains.thx
12:51<gbee>justinh: added support for background containers in mythflix
12:52<justinh>never had a stab at theming that. don't see any point seen as I can't use it
12:52<justinh>like mythphone
12:54<gbee>it's almost identical to mythnews, looks like they just copied mythnews and stuck in a couple of extra textareas and a window
12:55<gbee>even the container names are the same - I just copied my mythnews theme over and adapted it, took 5 minutes
12:55<jams>yeah i was very happy to theme mythflix, very simple.
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13:02<gbee>the only problem with theming mythflix is that it's not possible to test the changes properly unless you have a netflix account
13:02<jams>heh..i now have a mythflix account because of that plugin
13:03<gbee>not an option for me in the UK :)
13:04<gbee>I did have a Screen Select account, but that's not gonna work :p
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13:13<justinh>yeah I did _try_ when I last updated blootube etc
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13:13<justinh>hrm now either this remote's batteries are failing or there's not enough drive out of the serial port
13:14<edge>Can my MythTV box send , commands to a cable box, provided by my Cable company?
13:14<jams>edge try mythtv-users
13:14<justinh>edge: they might know in #mythtv-users
13:14<edge>my sincerest appologies, i ment to join that
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13:28<gbee>hmm, unable to mount this DVD, apparently since the last time I did it udf support has gone missing
13:29<justinh>that reminds me :)
13:29[~]laga wonders if mythtv can read UDF formatted isos
13:37<gbee>weird, never had this problem before but apparently support has disappeared from the kernel
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13:42<gbee>any ideas how I can cutdown a DVD to just the menus for debugging?
13:42<gbee>guess skamithi would know
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13:51<janneg>gbee: selective copying from the VIDEO_TS folder, ignore all VOB except the first
13:52<gbee>janneg: thanks, knew it would be something like that, but wasn't sure which of the files I needed to keep the menu functional but leave out the main video
13:53<gbee>just need to mount this DVD now, any ideas what's needed to get UDF support back? :)
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15:17<gbee>testing mythflix is interesting in as much as there are clear differences between the USA and UK - Netflix's top 20 films contains nothing but films made in the last 3/4 years, which might not be a suprise assuming that their top 100 is based on number of rentals but what is suprising is most of them are closer to 3 years old than being recent releases
15:19<gbee>all of the films could be described as blockbusters, no smaller films or independents
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15:26<justinh>same in the UK generally though I'd bet
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15:28<justinh>oh man I hate having to use nero
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15:49<gbee>justinh: not really, though it's been a few months since I gave up my subscription, I was seeing a different pattern with ScreenSelect (aka LoveFilm)
15:50<justinh>I was thinking more in terms of highstreet rentals so there ya go ;)
15:50<justinh>I'm just as guilty I think... never watch films I've never heard of
15:51<gbee>justinh: maybe only film buffs rent DVDs online in this country :)
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15:52<gbee>when ScreenSelect re-branded as LoveFilm, I had to wonder why no-one at the company pointed out that it made them sound like an Adult Film distributor :)
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15:59<gbee>wonder if we're going to see xris tonight
16:06<Chutt>it's still 'today' in the us :p
16:06<gbee>true ;)
16:06<Chutt>what's your latest on the website?
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16:06<gbee>one possibility -
16:06<gbee>just taking xris' original idea and stretching it out
16:06<Chutt>that looks loads nicer.
16:06<Chutt>well, aside from the button highlighting is broken. =)
16:06<Chutt>i liked your rounded borders more, though :p
16:06<gbee>Chutt: that mockup includes rounded borders, but they only work in Firefox - the broken highlight seems to only happen in Opera for me
16:06<Chutt>konq, here.
16:06<Chutt>yeah, looks nicer in firefox
16:06<gbee>maybe it was konq then, tried Opera, Konq and Firefox
16:06<Chutt>still fairly blocky corners
16:07<Chutt>and the 'Contact developers' link overlaps =)
16:07<gbee>Chutt: we can make the corner bits images to work in all browsers, just a little more involved - I'd prefer it but xris is doing the html/css side of things so I'll ask his opinion
16:07<Captain_Murdoch>looks fairly nice here, /me's only complaint is the width. corners are a little block and the link overlaps for me also.
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16:12[~]janneg hates lirc and inputlirc
16:12<janneg>does anything speak against reading /dev/input directly?
16:12<janneg>except that someone has to implement it?
16:13<Chutt>gbee, what font are you specifying?
16:14<Chutt>just 'Helvetica'?
16:15<gbee>Chutt: in the mockup images I'm using Bitstream Vera Sans, but xris is using Helvetica with a fallback to sans-serif in the html
16:15<Chutt>my 'Helvetica' is a non-truetype font
16:15<Chutt>which makes it all ugly
16:16<jams>those rounded corners are a nice touch, but I think it still looked good in opera.
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16:17<Chutt>just plain 'sans-serif' looks nice.
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16:22<gbee>image from the inkscape mockup -
16:24<gbee>the screenshots are little on the small size, but I reckon we need at least one screenshot or image on the main page which visually illustrates what MythTV is
16:25<gbee>xris hasn't seen any of this yet, so I've no idea what he thinks - looked like this before:
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16:52<stuarta>janneg: you wouldn't step on the toes of X by reading /dev/input direct would you?
16:55<gbee>the lircrc portion of lirc is entirely avoidable, which makes things a _little_ easier
16:55<gbee>but lirc can still be pain to use
16:56<stuarta>reinventing the wheel comes to mind
16:56<stuarta>is this all about making remotes easier?
16:56<gbee>yeah, not sure I'd agree that reading input directly is such a good idea, but removing the need for lircrc could make setup simpler
16:57<stuarta>we should first look at what j-rod and the other myth distro makers do
16:57<stuarta>pull back stuff they've done for making remote configuration easier
16:58<laga>superm1 and foxbuntu made a nice script to map lircd buttons to actions
16:58<stuarta>and go from there.
16:58<laga>works for mythtv, xine, vlc and 2-3 other apps. works surprisingly well
16:58<stuarta>it'll be far easier than trying to rewrite lirc
16:58<stuarta>that's a rainy day project.
16:58<jams>gbee- understandable, just curious what you thought.
16:59<stuarta>#define rainy_day() = myth_version() > 0.50
17:01<gbee>laga: those scripts while nice, duplicate what MythControls does, getting Mythfrontend to accept raw button presses from lirc and then assign them to actions in MythControls would make a much better integrated solution
17:01<laga>gbee: true.
17:01<laga>gbee: there have been a few patches which do just that, but i'm afraid you already know that :)
17:01<gbee>it's really not that hard, but it's just not high enough priority for me to have worked on it
17:02<laga>gbee: it'd be important to be able to specify repeat and delay rates
17:02<gbee>laga: I know, those tickets are assigned to me since I was interested in the idea, but anyone is welcome to take them from me
17:02<GreyFoxx>What would be nifty would be a remote "Editor" which can learn and or configure buttons directly without needing an lircrc. With presaved ones available in a dropdown
17:02<janneg>damn lag
17:03<stuarta>GreyFoxx: the myth distro maintainers have done a good job on the pre defined side of things
17:04<stuarta>hence why i was suggesting looking at their stuff.
17:04<gbee>GreyFoxx: that's what I've got in mind, but although it would make a great addition, I can't summon up the enthusiasm to work on it right now
17:04<laga>GreyFoxx: we were planning such a thing for mythbuntu, but time seems to be a rare commodity these days :)
17:04<stuarta>i'll lend you my enthusiasm, if i can borrow your time
17:05<janneg>lircrc is a pain but my current annoyance with inputlirc is that it does report number keys
17:05<gbee>stuarta: not so much time either with this theme, helping xris with the site and the UI work I want to get done
17:06<laga>janneg: you can tune inputlirc's behavior
17:06<stuarta>i might have some time in about 3-4 months :(
17:08<janneg>laga: thanks, it has a setting for the minimum key code it reports
17:09<janneg>the default value is 88 which is just stupid if I tell it to grab the device
17:09<janneg>i.e. it is the only process which will get events
17:15<clever>GreyFoxx: adding support to the mythcontrols plugin to tweak lirc would help
17:16<clever>some way to lable the keys on irc and link them up normaly
17:16<stuarta>ugh, that configure's a bit verbose.
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17:16<stuarta>i don't have fribidi, but there's no need for the output from pkg-config
17:17<stuarta>saying exactly that.
17:17<clever>the addition to mythcontrols could ask you to hit a few buttons for the basic interface then let you add/lable the rest as you want
17:19[~]stuarta suspects 'nice -19 make' could take a while
17:20<stuarta>especially with an ffmpeg conversion and a commflag happening
17:20<gbee>jams: if you thought mythflix and mythnews were easy to them, mythcontrols is one small window
17:20<clever>depends on how much else your doing
17:20<clever>try time nice -19 make
17:20<stuarta>i have :P
17:20<gnome42>stuarta: nice is waaaay more potent in recent kernels (2.6.23+)
17:20<stuarta>after a distclean and all...
17:20<laga>gnome42: due to CFS?
17:20<clever>ccache also in effect
17:21<gnome42>laga: yeah
17:21<stuarta>always ccache, but 2.6.23 nah....
17:21<stuarta>the stuff that usually flies past with ccache is taking plenty of time.
17:22<clever>the svnversion call in make and makeinstall seems to be the major slowdown
17:22<laga>clever: completely fair scheduler by ingo molnar
17:22<jams>gbee- correct it's also easy, so easy i forget it's there!
17:22<stuarta>ooo cfs sounds nice.
17:23<stuarta>the scheduler has been bugging me for the last 1-2 years
17:23<stuarta>which is why i run deadline iirc
17:23<clever>2.6.22 and 2.6.20 on most of my systems
17:23[~]laga is running 2.6.24-rc3 with the latest CFS patches
17:23<laga>but i never tried it under load ;)
17:24<stuarta>i'd love to know what interactive performance is like with the box under load
17:24<stuarta>that's my benchmark
17:24<gnome42>janneg: Have you heard any reports or preview gen. going awry? It looks like it sometimes slurps in the entire file and doesn't generate a preview.
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17:26<gnome42>stuarta: I had the same complaints, it's much improved with CFS :)
17:27<jams>stuarta- mythdora/knoppmyt just shuffle a known set set of lircrc files around. Heck thats even what i do but with a myth interface.
17:27<GreyFoxx>gnome42: Actually I noticed that today
17:27<GreyFoxx>any recordings from my dvb card have preview shows, any from my pvr cards are blank
17:27<stuarta>jams: i'd happily use that as a starting point in core myth
17:28<jams>heh ok.
17:28<jams>stuarta- something like
17:28<gnome42>GreyFoxx: heh, You're not running any of my other patches are you? :)
17:29<GreyFoxx>I noticed when I was in mythweb earlier
17:29<GreyFoxx>even forcing regeneration gets the same results
17:29<GreyFoxx>haven't had time to look much further
17:29<gnome42>GreyFoxx: hmm, ok, maybe I'm not the only one then. Only happens rarely for me.
17:31<GreyFoxx>gnome42: I hope to look into it in the next day or so
17:31<gnome42>GreyFoxx: great!
17:32<stuarta>jams: yes, i'd love stuff like that to be part of core myth
17:33<gnome42>stuarta, GreyFoxx: also burying those compile jobs with schedtool -B -e ... seems to help
17:33<stuarta>i'm not that fussed :)
17:33<stuarta>just want the ffmpeg conversion to finish first
17:34<janneg>gnome42: no, or maybe but I'd first blame all problems with preview generation to my missing seektable for some files
17:34<GreyFoxx>stuarta: I was thinking it would be neat if myth came with several remote "profiles" and they could be updated via http
17:34<GreyFoxx>pulling from the same place as the icons go now
17:35<janneg>gnome42: with or withou daniels preview gen. changes from today?
17:35<GreyFoxx>then a user could run mythtv-setup and update his local list just before adding aremote or pick from the ones that come with it
17:35<gnome42>janneg: nah, I'm back at the last multirec sync
17:35<janneg>GreyFoxx: mythtv-setup is just for the backend
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17:37<gnome42>janneg: good point about the seektable, I thought I'd fixed all those missing seektable problems though. But I'll check if its missing next time.
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17:41<stuarta>GreyFoxx: now there's a good idea...
17:48<GreyFoxx>janneg: yeah, true. But it's something we could integrate into mythcontrols or the base frontend setup menus
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17:57<gbee>I'd integrate mythcontrols into the frontend first, then work on adding remote setup support to it
17:57<stuarta>i happen to agree with you
18:04<GreyFoxx>makes sense
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18:10<gbee>I'll stick my neck out and say that integrating mythcontrols into the frontend and converting it to mythui would be a couple of hours of work
18:12[~]stuarta readies the axe for gbee's neck
18:13<gbee>just make sure it's sharp
18:16<clever>gbee: if you simply moved the mythcontrols into the main myth folder and tweaked things to install the plugin with the rest of the fe it would be half done
18:16<clever>but it wont exactly be part of the fe itself with just that
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18:32<stuarta>52m3s :)
18:33<MrGandalf>posted a small patch to save and recall audio sync per channel, if anyone is interested.
18:37<gbee>gnome42: I'd still like to do something as simple as adding a re-build seektable option to the "Job Options" menu
18:39<gbee>and the same for mythvideo, I've no idea which filetypes mythtranscode can handle building a seek table for but obviously that check would have to be there
18:40<gbee>another idea would be to proactively look for recordings or videos without seektables in the housekeeper and/or when adding new videos to your collection
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18:41<jams>MrGandalf- next you should work on an a perchannel audio volume offset
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18:43<gbee>per channel? or per source/card?
18:44<jams>i have several channels from the same card that are louder then others.
18:54<MrGandalf>that sounds ugly to maintain
18:55<MrGandalf>would be simple enough though, but could be confusing for users
18:58<MrGandalf>I think there needs to be a themable dialog for all the fine adjustment stuff. Put them under one menu entry so as not to confuse the typical user
18:59<MrGandalf>the same dialog could also be used to the Xv controls
18:59<MrGandalf>ie: a multi-setting dialog
18:59|-|jgoo [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:07<gbee>maybe some form of AVL would be better than maintaining hundreds of audio offsets
19:08|-|Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has joined #mythtv
19:09<jams>gbee- is that volume normlization?
19:09<gbee>when was the last time anyone saw Ivor?
19:10<gbee>jams: yeah (automatic volume levelling)
19:10<gbee>or limiter
19:11[~]stuarta puts that in the "that's what the tv remote is for" basket
19:11<jams>yeah i tried to get donvan to write that, but never happened.
19:12<jams>ivor was in -users 19 days ago
19:12<gbee>well at least he's still around
19:13<gnome42>gbee: yeah, I'm not opposed to the Rebuild Seektable job option. Although, I haven't had to use that job for a while now.
19:13<gbee>guess I'll report this Knoq bug directly to their bug tracker
19:23<gbee>I'm off to bed, if xris shows up -
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20:13<CDev>xris: FYI - [19:23] gbee: I'm off to bed, if xris shows up - "
20:22<xris>ooh, pretty
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22:35<clever>id like to sudjest a change to the record 1 a day rule for scheduling
22:36<clever>it should have a per shed(or per channel) addjustment of the time before checking what day its on
22:36<clever>for example if 6pm and 2am the next day are repeats myth may record the 6pm and the 2am because technicaly they are on diff days
22:37<clever>by giving it a channel wide addjustment to take into account the timezone of the channel you would fix that
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