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06:02<Teejay__>excuse me, has anybody managed to run mythtv with the af9005 usb dvb-t stick
06:02[~]stuarta points to the topic
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08:40<janneg>gbee: mythtranscode should be able to build seektables for all formats the internal player can play
08:40<janneg>minus bugs for mpeg2
08:40<gbee>janneg: ok, that's good
08:41<gbee>janneg: found a video earlier (mpeg2) which it had trouble with, the rebuild completed fine but the resulting seektable caused mythfrontend to go into permanent prebuffer pauses
08:42<rooaus>Should the OSD fade setting in the playback profile have a state based help message? ie When enabled, show a different message to disabled.
08:43<janneg>gbee: as I said, it's buggy for some mpeg2 videos. fixing it is on my todo list
08:44<rooaus>nm, I will just make it state based... can always use the same text.
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08:45<gbee>OSD fade doesn't work well with the OpenGL method, so it needs a note mentioning that
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08:58<[jasper]>hello people, I realise this is a development channel
08:59<[jasper]>I was just wondering if there's ever gonna be subtitle positioning in the Internal player
09:00<stuarta>i believe the positioning comes from the broadcaster
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09:04<[jasper]>stuarta I mean ...the internal player uses an overlay which doesnt use the full I have .srt files...that i want displayed on the black bars below the video
09:04<[jasper]>but because they're not in the overlay i can't put them there
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09:24<rooaus>gbee: Cool, I will at least add that.
09:25<gbee>[Jasper]: upgrade to trunk and use the OpenGL video renderer
09:26<gbee>only the OpenGL rendered OSD is able to use the full screen, the other methods composite the OSD onto the video, so if the black bars aren't in the video they can't be used by the OSD
09:29<[jasper]>that will work with nvidia right?
09:29<justinh>DVB & other MPEG2 subs should always be rendered as intended by the broadcaster/content producer though
09:29<gbee>[Jasper]: yes
09:30<gbee>external .srt files allow you to modify the positioning AFAIK - could be wrong though
09:30<[jasper]>gbee not outside the overlay with the standard nvidia drivers i guess
09:31<gbee>[Jasper]: no, not without the opengl rendered OSD
09:31[~]rooaus asks dumb question, does TransCheckBoxSetting emit a signal on change?
09:31<gbee>the only thing to note about the opengl OSD is that it doesn't work so well with OSD fade enabled, at least not on my systems
09:32<rooaus>gbee: I have heard that from others (mailing list) as well.
09:32<gbee>rooaus: could only tell you that by looking at the code
09:35<rooaus>I am looking at the code now, if I can't work it out I will just use a single help text as it is a enable/disable setting anyway. Should be enough space.
09:37<gbee>all those widgets are being replaced anyway
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09:54<lucidblue>hey guys, anyone use mythdvd? mine works, but the "Play" doesn't "Play" when at the DVD menu, so I'm not sure what button I'm supposed to press (haupagge Grey Remote) -- but, in xine config lircrc, it says Play = Play, I'm just not sure if that's what button I'd want for the menu
09:55<lucidblue>...feeewwww! that was a mouthful
09:55<justinh>feeewwww! that was a mouthful in the wrong channel!
09:55<gbee>lucidblue: #mythtv-users
09:55<lucidblue>gbee: damn! hahaha sorry, I knew that, it's early... sorry :)
09:56<lucidblue>have a good day tho!
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10:21<rooaus>gbee: By the time I get my head around the current ui code it will be out of date. Such is progress ;)
10:23<moodboom>are there any timeline guesses on the new ui code being ready?
10:24<gbee>rooaus: almost not worth looking at the current code, it's not just that it's being replaced but that it's being replaced for a good reason :)
10:25<moodboom>:> sorry, just curious
10:25<gbee>moodboom: new UI code _is_ ready, or at least much of it, just that only one part of the frontend has been converted over to use it
10:25<gbee>the new UI code was present in 0.20, just isn't being used
10:25<justinh>where's the fire?
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10:27<moodboom>no fire, just curious where to start poking around in the code - shutting up now :>
10:27<rooaus>Just wanted to do the help text stuff for the videoprofiles, as Daniel said the devs are busy chasing other features or bugs. So he hadn't added some of the doc stuff, thought I could do it.
10:29[~]stuarta flicks matches at justinh
10:29[~]justinh goes home
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10:30<rooaus>night all
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11:08<gbee> OR
11:10<gbee>the background colour, not the different menus
11:10<janneg>gbee: metallurgy_light1.png
11:11<janneg>but I can't see much difference on my laptop display
11:12<gbee>janneg: the difference is subtle, but I've adjusted the colour balance to remove a yellow tint from the original
11:13<lexs>gbee: i'd vote for the first
11:13<lexs>or, err, second
11:14<stuarta>the 1st is "warmer"
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12:01<justinh>gbee: on this monitor light1.png looks better. blimmin gamma & crap light at work
12:04<gbee>justinh: ok, in light of the earlier comments (pun intended) I tried a version midway between those two which I'm working with for now
12:05<justinh>there's a lot to be said for letting users make their own background I think ;)
12:05<justinh>and infact their own themes, if the existing ones don't come up to snuff :P
12:05<gbee>I agree with stuarta that the first one was warmer, but with them side by I liked the more grey version
12:06<gbee>I can easily move the background elements (title window, clock, logo) to seperate images and let users pick whatever background they want
12:06<justinh>when I'm done with the new frontend setting up part (who knows) I _might_ tweak glass-wide a tad. using it day to day has highlighted some stuff
12:08<justinh>mmm seems the gutterring was fixed today. so I'm gonna have the front bedroom to replaster soon. yay
12:08<justinh>skinning/skimming.. pfft
12:08<gbee>I was annoyed to notice last night that all my text alignment was ruined by switching to thinner borders a week ago, so I had to go through moving all the containers by 5 pixels :D
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12:22<gbee>when ripping a DVD, anyone know what the "View" button does?
12:23<stuarta>never tried it
12:23<gbee>xris: hi
12:24<gbee>the mockup seems popular, what are your thoughts?
12:24<gbee> << button I'm talking about
12:26<MrGandalv>It's there to make people ask what it does. :)
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12:32<gbee>ahh, seems it's meant to fire up a media player to preview the dvd
12:32<gbee>doesn't support the Internal player though :(
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12:51<gbee>the rippers "preview dvd" command should probably use the same command as play dvd? no?
13:02<gnome42>hmm, I see a lot of rounding in the tree and more coming in all the time (eg. [15031]). Are a few utility #defines worthwhile?
13:03<gnome42>#define ROUND_UP_TO(x, y) ((x + ((y)-1)) & ~((y)-1))
13:03<gnome42>#define ROUND_UP_TO_PAGE(x) (ROUND_UP_TO(x, getpagesize()))
13:03<gnome42>I've been using those for a while in my tree
13:05<gnome42>Less clutter and better readability would be the main benefits.
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13:28<gbee>gnome42: useful only if you know or remember that those defines are there
13:28<gbee>that's not a no, just an observation
13:32<gnome42>gbee: yeah, true for sure :)
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13:49<[Jasper]>hej guys
14:05<xris>gbee: looks like your latest design is quite popular
14:06<gbee>suprised me :)
14:06<xris>can you send me another shine png, images for the icons, and for the vertical text? (can't do vertical text in html)
14:06<gbee>xris: sure
14:06<xris>I'll code it up tonight when I get home
14:07<gbee>you can pull them from here:
14:07<gbee>I'll get direct links for you
14:08<gbee>although I cheated with the icons and grouped them into a single image, because it was faster than tweaking the css, so I'll sort out individual copies of those for you
14:09<xris>that's fine. I can always chop them up
14:09<xris>but easier if you give me the transparency stuff so they fit nicely over a background
14:09<xris>need to get justinh to get me the high res logo, too
14:12<justinh>xris: I'll dig it out now.. got it somewhere
14:12<xris>not that I can do much with it from work
14:13<justinh>you mean the mythtv logo xris?
14:17<xris>yeah. both with and without the blue thing behind it
14:17<xris>at least, I thought you had both versions
14:17<Chutt>xris, hey, did you see why i was getting crappy fonts?
14:18<Chutt>my helvetica is an old bitmap font
14:18<justinh>xris: ahh. got the one with the springs behind it ready to upload now
14:18<Chutt>just plain 'sans-serif' works and selects a proper truetype font
14:19<xris>justinh: how about dropping it into mythextras/logos/ ?
14:19<justinh>there's a mythextras in svn?
14:20<xris>yeah, should be there in trunk. nuvexport is there
14:21<justinh>been a few days since I last svn up'd
14:21<xris>it's been there for months
14:21<xris>I'll add this one
14:21<xris>you have an svg, or just did the png?
14:21<justinh>just pngs
14:22<xris>ok, committed
14:22<justinh>the original logo text is in eps or something. i could always retrace it I guess
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14:23<xris>well, toss whatever you have into that directory
14:23<justinh>now there's mythlogo.png up there too - and that one's just the text on its own
14:23<xris>easy enough to sort through it later
14:24<xris>ok, got both of those committed
14:25<Chutt>looks like a file rename doesn't trigger the commit list
14:25<xris>I see all of my commits
14:26<Chutt>did you get a mail for 15048?
14:26<Chutt>oh, weird, then
14:26<Chutt>wonder why i didn't
14:27<justinh>doh there's mythextras. my head's a shed today
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15:40[~]gnome42 spies possible mem leak in NVR.
15:44[~]stuarta looks
15:47<gnome42>Hiya stuarta ;) Do you use NVR?
15:50<gbee>does anyone?
15:51<gbee>a dev I mean
15:51<gnome42>I guess it's just Bruce and I :)
16:01<stuarta>i though everyone did...
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16:02<gbee>everyone uses NVP, NVR is only used for framegrabbers
16:02<gbee>DVB/IVTV uses the mpegrecorder, firewire the firewirerecorder etc
16:04<stuarta>ah, so my mem leak lies elsewhere.
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16:13<gbee>hard to disagree with Daniel on that release date when we've waited so long for it, yet I also wish there was more time to get some jobs finished
16:14<laga>heh. windows port and that guy sends HTML mail :)
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16:17<gbee>skamithi: is it currently possible to pass the chapter to the internal player, in such a way that it will start playing immediately at that point? I'm looking at the DVD Ripper preview function, which currently only supports mplayer (maybe xine) - mythvideo/titledialog.cpp TitleDialog::viewTitle()
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16:18<gbee>why would anyone want to run mythtv on Windows? :(
16:18<gbee>actually, let me rephrase
16:19<gbee>why would anyone want to run Windows?
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16:23[~]stuarta chuckles
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16:31<gbee>so long as the backend never runs on Windows
16:32<gbee> I'd like to think that linux users, in the main, are more savvy about open source development and more mature, could you imagine the flood of Windows users wanting support and complaining about the lack of shiny UIs, features X and Y, etc?
16:34<GreyFoxx>Makes me wonder how close multirec is to be merged into trunk
16:34<GreyFoxx>Give it a couple months to shake out any bugs left
16:34<GreyFoxx>A Lot of people are dying for it and afraid to run svn :)
16:37[~]GreyFoxx should look at moving mythgame to mythui
16:37<gbee>I think everyone expects multirec in 0.21, myself included
16:38<gbee>GreyFoxx: that would be good, it would be nice to think I'm not alone in working on it
16:39|-|xri1 changed nick to xris
16:39<gbee>I'll be starting with either mythweather or mythmovies, both have very simple UIs, so less work involved
16:40<GreyFoxx>Doh, just realized I'm late. HEading to a Play and Ihave to drop my daughter off
16:40<GreyFoxx>later :)
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16:47<MaverickTech>gbee: hi there - I have been using multi-rec for some time now - as main loungeroom mythtv
16:48<MaverickTech>is there any development that needs work on it ?
16:48<MaverickTech>I have mucked with the scheduler locally to do some stuff I particularly wanted myself, but if there is dev work that needs to be done I would be happy to pitch in
16:49<MaverickTech>I could not live without multirec now ;)
16:49<gbee>MaverickTech: ask janneg or gnome42, I'm not involved in working on that branch
16:50|-|_crichardson [n=crichard@] has joined #mythtv
16:50<gbee>sorry, wish I could be more help, but it's been a couple of months since I even tested that branch
16:51[~]MaverickTech got back-to-back recording working without conflict some time ago - but the checkins I saw overnight on the commits list might mean that this is handled out of the box now
16:51<janneg>gbee: barring merging multirec to trunk is a review of the scheduler changes from David and Bruce
16:51<MaverickTech>gbee: no sorry. I am deleriously happy with -multirec :D
16:52<janneg>gnome42 and Daniel are working on that since last week
16:52<janneg>there are a couple of minor things to do but they could be done after the merge
16:55<stuarta>once i've recorded the final episode of Heroes Series 1, i'll be testing a few more things...
16:55<stuarta>that's tomorrow ;-)
16:57<MaverickTech>the ability to record back-toback shows without cutting the front/end of each recording has been a great bonus to domestic bliss :)
16:57<stuarta>doh. just removed an avi that took a while to transcode
16:58[~]stuarta re-transcodes it
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17:09[~]janneg is now going to test multirec with braindead hardware aka as fullfeatured dvb card
17:10<stuarta>oh that'll be fun
17:10<stuarta>they were state of the art once :)
17:11<janneg>damn, I forgot to jumper the dvd drive back to slave
17:16<gbee>once 0.21 is out the door, we need to adhere to a much more structured release schedule, set the date for 0.22 on the day 0.21 is released and then stick to it
17:17<stuarta>9 months would be my suggestion
17:17<janneg>I would hope to do after .21 just the qt4 port
17:18<stuarta>which could take a while
17:20<janneg>only if port == use advantages of qt4
17:22<janneg>getting mythtv running without qt3support is maybe a week, converting mythplugins is another week
17:22<stuarta>true. qt4 via qt3support ain't really moving forward
17:23<janneg>but we have that already
17:23<stuarta>seen that on -commits
17:25<gbee>stuarta: I'd probably opt for 6 months, may mean less big features between releases, but it also helps to prevent stagnation if the cycle is kept short
17:25<stuarta>i lean towards that
17:25<stuarta>tho i opted for 9 based on the big stuff we've been doing lately
17:26<stuarta>however it could be argued that the big stuff is mainly done.
17:27<gbee>I'd probably even say 3/4months would be better, but I'm pretty sure it would be impossible to get collective agreement for such a short interval
17:28<stuarta>basically if we think it should take 3/4 call it 6
17:29<gbee>I think if calling it 4 months means that it will actually happen in 6, then we should say 4 :)
17:29<laga>maybe you could just release an RC after those 6 months
17:30<gbee>I don't think going 17 months between releases has been good for the project
17:31<gbee>I mean we're predicting 17 months now for 0.21, but by Feb we may be looking for another couple of months ....
17:32<janneg>gnome42: is is_conflict_debug still needed in scheduler.cpp? or is it in trunk too?
17:32<laga>february would be good. need something for ubuntu 8.04 :)
17:32<hads>heh, has it been that long?
17:33<gbee>was twelve months in mid/late Sept
17:36<stuarta>6 months would be good...
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17:59<gbee>justinh: for the record, the "something is requesting a screen update of zero size" usually means that images associated with a widget are missing
17:59<jams>hey thats good to know
18:00<jams>i always thought it was something with the code of mythgame and mythmusic
18:01<gbee>since the update/redraw area is related to the size of the image and the image is missing, it's calling for a redraw on a QRect with dimensions 0,0,0,0
18:01|-|Cardoe [n=cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:03<jams>i'm know my xml has some spots like that, guess i will clear those out.
18:03|-|MavT [] has joined #mythtv
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18:05<jams>Chutt- any brain cycles given to my url request, or should i checkin later?
18:06<jams>dang it gbee..another commit that requires theme changes
18:07<gbee>heh, painful as it is, these cleanups need to be made
18:08<gbee>turns out none of the core themes have touched dvd-ui.xml, most of the core themes haven't themed the plugins at all except maybe mythmusic
18:08<gbee>and by core themes, I'm including myththemes
18:08<jams>to my knowlegde Syth was the first theme that did all the plugins
18:08<jams>all but mythphone
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18:09<gbee>doesn't say much for the quality of those themes, if someone posted them to trac asking that they be included in SVN I'd refuse
18:10<justinh>gbee: really? I deliberately turn off quite a few images
18:10<gbee>changing the background and font can't really qualify as a new theme these days
18:11<jams>btw i'm thinking of adding color to the menumap. An action will be color "a" and items that open other menus will be color "b"
18:11<gbee>justinh: just relates to images which are defined in the theme, but missing, not widgets/xml you've left out
18:11<justinh>so not related to missing images as in 'could not find file.png' then?
18:12<gbee>e.g. I triggered it just now by defining a new image for a pushbutton, but typo'ing the name
18:12<janneg>hmm, channel scanner is broken in multirec
18:12<gbee>justinh: yeah
18:12<justinh>I'll think about this tomorrow when my brain isn't addled with tv encoder register guff
18:12<justinh>g'night all
18:13<jams>gbee- if your looking for a simple interface to convert to mythui..feel free convert mythsmolt =)
18:14<gbee>jams: heh, well simple in this case means only textareas, images and buttons (which are the only widgets available so far)
18:16<jams>no trouble then
18:16<janneg>channels.conf import works but the progress dialog is broken
18:16<gbee>I don't want to be writing new widgets to start with, that just complicates matters, but once I've got two/three simple screens behind me then I'll be happy to create the extra stuff needed for the other pages
18:18<Dibblah>janneg: Still that annoying issue with broken providers / channels.conf import?
18:19<Dibblah>As in I assume -multirec has no changes in that area.
18:19<janneg>nah, that is UI/qt related brokeness
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19:17<gnome42>janneg: I would guess is_conflict_debug wouldn't be needed but Daniel added that stuff ... and it is not in trunk (just checked).
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21:48<oobe>when is mythtv 21 coming out
21:51<Snow-Man>also, topic
21:51<oobe>sorry thanks for that
21:51<oobe>just curious
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