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00:15<oobe>i think it would be cool if someone made an official mythtv remote instead of an mce remote
00:15<oobe>with a myth logo and the most commonly used jump points labeled
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00:53<jams>gbee color version of the menumap items that lead to another menu are slate colored
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03:47<mzb>is it feasible to add another type of mediamark (let's call it a chapter mark for argument's sake) so that once ad's are removed, mytharchive can use (hopefully) meaningful chapter markers on the dvd?
03:48<mzb>or so that a "chapter mark" can be placed by the user manually in edit mode
03:48<gbee>mzb: I wrote some stuff to allow all that ages ago, just never finished the UI side
03:49<mzb>ie. (lossless) transcode with cutpoints turns each cut point into a chapter mark
03:49<gbee>so yes, it's possible
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03:49<mzb>gbee: ah, ok ... much involved? ... I'm not really interested in getting in to the UI complexities (yet)
03:49<gbee>didn't turn cutpoints into chapter marks, just allow you to set custom markers/bookmarks
03:50<mzb>custom marker would be sufficient
03:50<gbee>mzb: back then my experience of the UI code was limited, but should be easier to finish it now I just have other jobs on my plate
03:50<mzb>that would also help with a few other things I'd like to do
03:51<gbee>once I've finished some of the things I want to get done for 0.21 I'll go back and work on it
03:51<mzb>eg: recording of a music video show ==>> individual songs
03:52<mzb>ok ... I'll try to come up with some temporary solution that can be replaced later
03:53<mzb>I've got the random playback stuff working ... just not as nice as I'd like ... I want to make it more of a "shuffle" ... attempting to get to that now ... had a problem with a hard drive for a couple of days that slowed me down
03:54<mzb>random DVD that is
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06:07<justinh>nightmare journey to work today :(
06:09<justinh>oobe: about the mythtv branded remotes - I've looked at it in the past, but minimum order quantities from makers of good remotes tend to be in tens of thousands
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06:27<gbee>personally wouldn't buy anything less than what the MCE remote offers
06:28<gbee>extremely hard to fault that thing
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06:33<gbee>new monitor has just arrived, rearranging my desk to make space for it
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06:37<rooaus>Couple of trivial typos in some help strings if anyone has time :)
06:46<gbee>just noticed how Sky have claimed ownership of HD, it's not "see it in HD on Sky HD" but "see it in Sky HD"
06:48[~]justinh does the "I definitely know what's wrong with the motherboard tv output" dance
06:49<gbee>ahh, but do you know the "I can fix it" dance?
06:50<justinh>it's putting chroma on the luminance signal at the same time as on the chroma output :( So when a cheap TV processes them (usually by combining them passively), slight phase differences (due to cabling etc) produce a chroma 'beat' meaning the colour flickers
06:50<justinh>there's bound to be a register setting for it
06:50<gbee>justinh: no idea what you just said, but at least you've figured it out
06:54<justinh>gbee: put it simply, it's put the colour information where it shouldn't technically be, and quality gear won't show the problem
06:56<justinh>my tv downstairs might not show it up either but I'd much rather the svideo is done right
06:59<gbee>anywhere you can submit a bug report in the hope they might fix it in future versions?
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07:03<justinh>emailed the xorg list last night and have had an encouraging reply
07:17<gbee>hmm gammas a little high on this new monitor
07:21<gbee>it can swap between inputs though, which removes the need for the kvm
07:31[~]gbee just need to figure out how to full screen mythfrontend on one screen
07:41<justinh>oh well. I was wrong about chroma on the Y signal after all. what it is, is that the colour burst isn't being turned on til line 7 and some TVs will take a while to lock onto it
07:43<justinh>need to change vburst_start_f1 = 8 to something lower
08:03<justinh>laga: you around?
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09:07<gbee>nvidia-settings completely trashed my X11 config and to compound the problems that caused, the new kernel package I installed refuses to work with either the packaged or hand built nvidia driver
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10:00<laga>justinh: yes?
10:06<justinh>laga: oops nevermind - but anyway good news. I fixed the svideo out :)
10:07<justinh>sending my patch to the xorg list shortly
10:07[~]laga off to class
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10:11<stuarta>justinh: you been hacking xorg?
10:14<justinh>twas fun :)
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10:24<jams>gbee did you see the output of the new version of menugraph?
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10:28<gbee>finally ...
10:28<jams>gbee did you see the output of the new version of menugraph?
10:28<gbee>don't think so?
10:28<jams>having connection troubles?
10:29<jams>gbee color version of the menumap items that lead to another menu are slate colored
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10:30<gbee>jams: X problems, setting up a second monitor and nvidia-settings destroyed my X config, I then made the mistake of rebooting which switched to the new kernel I installed last week, only the nvidia driver didn't want to work with it
10:30<gbee>spent the last three hours sorting out the mess
10:31<gbee>jams: ahh, yeah I did see that :)
10:33<jams>i think it helps.
10:38<gbee>aye, it's a good addition
10:52<gbee>has anyone seen an issue where an attempt to playback fails (not the problem) and it gets stuck at the "TV: Attempting to change from WatchingPreRecorded to None" stage?
10:53<GreyFoxx>dusty: I have mine on a ups to survive brief power bumps
11:03<gbee>"Problem opening logfile. Does thislook openable to you: /var/lib/mythdvd/temp/mtd.log"
11:03<gbee>is that really a good default location?!?
11:04<jams>look inline with the rest of the defaults.
11:04<gbee>a location under ~/.mythtv or ~/tmp/ would be better no?
11:05<gbee>I don't remember seeing any default locations under /var/lib/{pluginname} - that kinda assumes mythfrontend/mtd would be running as root
11:07<jams>as a default i would place it under ~/.mythtv/ as you suggested.
11:08<gbee>maybe Anduin can suggest a reason why that location is better than somewhere in the users home directory, but I'm tempted to change it so that ripping DVDs runs "out of the box" without the user having to mess about creating new paths or changing the configured location
11:09<gbee>I'd also like to change it so that we automatically try to start MTD if it's not running, instead of asking the user to 'hit any number key'
11:10<gbee>the process should be transparent to the user, they don't need to know what MTD is
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11:13<monkeyBox>Hi all. I just moved into a new house (rented) and we just got our cable hooked up (internet & basic cable). I use QAM to get my free-and-clear digital channels. Anyways, I was using nmap to discover what all was on my 192.168.*.* network, and stumbled upon a web-admin interface for an Encore VBI Encoder. Does anyone know what that does?
11:16<monkeyBox>Looks like this is what it is
11:16<monkeyBox>Not sure how I have unsecured access to this thing!
11:19[~]monkeyBox just realized he should be talking in mythtv-users :-p
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13:41<gbee>I'm straying into user territory here, but why can't you edit the the plot/description, year and director in mythvideo? The information takes pride of place in the browse/selected screens, but there is no option to enter it manually for homemade videos etc
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13:43<jams>now that you mention it, i don't think there is a place for that
13:43<gbee>there isn't, hence why I asked
13:44<gbee>seems like an oversight and I'm a little suprised that mythvideo has been around for so long, yet no-one has submitted a patch
13:48<gbee>wish there were more hours in the day
13:49<jams>gbee- what is your day job?
13:49<gbee>jams: web applications
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13:53<jams>ah that expains some things.
13:53<jams>mainly the spare brain power for mythtv
13:56<gbee>heh, yeah, I'll pay for it later when I have to catch up on work ;)
13:57<jams>wow these simple themes i'm working on look even better full screen
13:57<GreyFoxx>gbee: Have any plugins been converted ot mythui so far? Something I could look at the diffs of ?
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13:58<jams>GreyFoxx- none that i know of
13:58<gbee>GreyFoxx: no, you could look at the stuff in the mythui branch, but it's not the best example
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14:15<GreyFoxx>ahhh ok. So it looks like we don't have any treelist classes in mythui yet
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14:19<gbee>no, just textareas, images, clocks, buttons and button lists
14:22<Chutt>port the button tree list
14:22<Chutt>(and add modifications so it looks like the old crappy ui tree thingie)
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14:39<jams>gbee- think a ticket should be opened for menugraph to get it added to the docs?
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15:12<gbee>jams: maybe discuss it on the -dev list first?
15:14<gbee>upto you, without having given it much thought I'm not sure where it would best fit into the documentation, it should be there somewhere though
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15:25<Dibblah>Is it just me, or is there no way mythcommflag --video can work?
15:26<Dibblah>It creates a semi-populated recording with just a filename, start + end time.
15:26<Dibblah>Then builds the seektable.
15:26<Dibblah>But... There's nowhere I can see it's storing the filename...?
15:28<gbee>Dibblah: should be storing the commflagging info in filemarkup not recordedmarkup
15:28<gbee>not saying that's how it works, just that it should be doing that
15:28<gbee>if not, it's broken
15:31<Anduin>Dibblah: ProgramInfo knows about filemarkup
15:32<Anduin>gbee: The solution to the log file is to create the directory, not move it, that is the rip temp directory, if it doesn't exist other bad things happen.
15:33<gbee>Anduin: it's the choice of location that seems wrong to me, it's a path that would only be writable by root on most systems (by default)
15:34<gbee>why not use a location under ~/.mythtv like the image caches etc?
15:34<Anduin>gbee: How so? (mtd expect to write there, really)
15:34<Anduin>gbee: By definition is must be writable by whoever runs mtd
15:34<gbee>"/var/lib/mythdvd/temp/" is world writable?
15:35<gbee>Anduin: requires action on the users part to create the directory and change the perms, using a location under ~/.mythtv would work "out of the box" for most people
15:36<gbee>how many people would run mtd as a different user than mythfrontend?
15:36<gbee>we recommend that mythbackend/mythfrontend are run under the same user, usually 'mythtv', don't see why mtd would be different
15:37<Anduin>That shouldn't make a difference, mtd is the only thing that accesses that directory.
15:39<gbee>I don't think "/var/lib/{plugin}" is a good place to try and store any temporary files, it complicates setup, it's not consistent with the rest of mythtv - what's wrong with ~/tmp or ~/.mythtv?
15:40<gbee>maybe I'm missing the point, but I just don't get why "/var/lib"
15:42<laga>that's default on debian and ubuntu at least
15:42<Anduin>I didn't decide on var/lib but some location likely large enough to hold the temp files (the .vobs in the transcode case) is needed.
15:42<gbee>especially since MTD can be started by the frontend and would probably be started this way by 99% of user, so it would be running under the same user as the frontend
15:44<gbee>Anduin: /tmp then? But on none of my systems is /var/lib/ world writable by default and in my case the root partition has far less space than the /home partition (imagine that's the case for most people)
15:45<gbee>laga: default for what? temporary files written by users?
15:46<Anduin>Yes, /tmp is worse that /home
15:46<Anduin>default for anyone who wants mtd to work automatically
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15:47<Tronic>Is there a bug about this DVB scanning issue (storing duplicated transports and storing bogus transports):
15:54<gbee>please tell me if I've gone completely mad here, I'm fighting a nasty cold at the moment so maybe that is affecting my thinking
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16:08<Anduin>gbee: I only think you are crazy for storing rather large temp files in /home, I guess I must admit it is a better default though (I once considered moving it to VideoStartup as it needs access there as well, but ruled it out).
16:13<gbee>Anduin: as they are temporary and only exist for the duration of the transcode I guess I don't see it being a problem, it can be changed by users who have enough space on their root/sytem file partition and don't want those temporary files in /home
16:16<Dibblah>Can anyone else try making a seektable for a recording? It definitely doesn't seem to put anything in filemarkup.
16:16<gbee>most distro installers give the most space to the /home partition, so there is more likely to be available space there
16:16<Anduin>Dibblah: It does for me
16:16<gbee>Dibblah: I use "mythtranscode --buildindex --video -i file.mpg"
16:17<gbee>which I know works, since I added the --video option there
16:17<Dibblah>I'm trying mythcommflag --video <file>
16:17<Anduin>Dibblah: I did mythcommflag --vide somefile earlier and checked the table (to make sure it worked before I said it did)
16:18<gbee>mythtranscode should be able to handle building a seek table for most things and so I've never tried mythcommflag on videos
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16:19<Dibblah>Hmmm. This is a matroska container. That's likely causing the issue, I'm guessing.
16:19<gnome42>hmm, I sorta thought all the seek table stuff was moved into recordedseek
16:19<Anduin>gnome42: videos are special cased
16:20<Dibblah>Yup. It works with .avi. Okay. Sorry for the noise.
16:20<Chutt>Dibblah, no seeking in matroska, iirc
16:20<gnome42>Anduin: Ah, ok.
16:20<Chutt>(from libavformat)
16:20<Dibblah>Yeah, that's what I was guessing :(
16:23<Dibblah>Xine appears to fake seeking, so I'll see if I can see what they do.
16:24<Dibblah>mplayer too, apparently.
16:25<Chutt>try ffplay
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16:46<linux1>hiya ppl im trying to set up mythubuntu but im having problem with the mysql database , "Access denied for user 'mythtv'@'localhost' (using password: YES)" is the message i keep getting but im not sure why
16:47<kormoc>linux1, please read the topic and the notice you received when you joined the channel
16:47<linux1>opps sorry mate thanks
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17:05<laga>that "access denied" message is a nightmare :)
17:11<Dibblah>ffplay doesn't work, shockingly enough :)
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17:15<justinh>Dibblah: got 5 mins or so fella?
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