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06:38[~]stuarta wonders if justinh has junked his epia yet?
07:21<gbee>janneg: any ideas why we can't handle mov (mjpeg)? ffplay has no problems with it
07:23<gbee>I was going to allow MythGallery to use the internal player, it's a simple change, but it can't handle the video produced by my camera
07:23<janneg>gbee: no but I can try it later
07:30<gbee>VDP: SetVideoRenderer(opengl) << That's a little odd, should be using xv-blit
07:30<gbee>VideoOutputXv: Desired video renderer '' not available. << err
07:32<gbee>don't think those things have any relevance to the file not playing, but unless I'm misunderstanding the intended behaviour of the video rendering changes, there is a bug there
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09:26<gbee>janneg: would it be worth opening a ticket for the mov/mjpeg problem so that it doesn't fall through the cracks?
09:28<janneg>probably yes, I'm atm very distracted and I fear it won't change until my new laptop arrives
09:28[~]stuarta sighs
09:29<gbee>stuarta: ?
09:29<stuarta>heh, simpler than saying i'd love to have the time to spend coding.
09:30<janneg>my current one is falling apart. three weeks ago one so-dimm failed, I broke one display hinge last week thurdays and the hard drive failed last friday
09:31<stuarta>it's well and truely screwed by the sounds of it
09:33<gbee>janneg: ouch
09:34<gbee>the hinge is dodgy on mine, but I'm being gentle with it, don't really want to buy a replacement when it works just fine otherwise
09:34<stuarta>my 6 yr old laptop is still going good.
09:35<janneg>I replaced the so-dimm and I had a spare 40gb hd. so it's working now but I don't trust it
09:35<stuarta>apart from a dead battery, and a dodgy pcmcia slot
09:41<gbee>next laptop I buy, the hinge design is going to be a very important factor in my choice
09:42<janneg>finding a replacement and deciding whether I should actually buy it took from friday until yesterday evening
09:42<Chutt>hinges are pretty easy to replace
09:42<gbee>had two laptops where the hinge is anchored to the plastic frame of the screen, the plastic fractures and you're screwed
09:42<Chutt>ah, true
09:43<Chutt>it _is_ funny how the only metal part of the case is generally the tiny little bit of the hing
09:43<gbee>Chutt: if it's the hinge itself that breaks - the hinges on this laptop are solidly built, but then they attached them to plastic
09:43<janneg>and I haven't found what I want (12" non-glossy display, less than 2kg, DVD drive)
09:44<gbee>can't see why they don't create a metal frame for the screen so the hinge isn't fixed to the body :(
09:45<janneg>the hinge is easy to change, but the parts are too expensive. more than 100 Euros since I need to buy the entire base and many plastic parts
09:48<gbee>not always worth it, especially the way prices have been dropping
09:48<gbee>but it depends what you are after
09:52<janneg>I got now a Thinkpad R61 with 14" 1440x900 display which is now almost a T-Series Thinkpad only less expensive
10:00<gbee>1440x900 isn't bad for a 14" screen
10:02<gbee>I quite liked the build quality on a Toshiba Satellite Pro that I bought for someone recently
10:03<jams>acer all the way!
10:04<jams>nice quality machine and excellent support.
10:05<gbee>my current one is an Asus, it was good spec when I bought it, but the hinge issues and the performance of cheaper models now on the market would make me think twice before buying another Asus
10:05<gbee>unless it's the Eee - I want one of those things :D
10:06<jams>heh i looked at the Eee and even tried it out, decided it wasn't worth it.
10:07<jams>lack of included optical drive was one of the reasons.
10:08<gbee>jams: wouldn't pay more than £200 ($400 US) for it, but for that price I'd have one just as a backup or ultra-portable alternative for a second notebook
10:08<GreyFoxx>Anyone try the win32 binaries ? :)
10:09<gbee>jams: if optical drive were that important (and it's not often for me) then I'd pick up a slimline USB one, together they'd still be lighter and smaller than my laptop
10:10<jams>i'm just saying it should have been included.
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10:11<GreyFoxx>I'd love an Eee if it was a convertible tablet type screen
10:12<stuarta>wonder what we could make it do as a frontend
10:12<stuarta>prob a bit under powered
10:13<Chutt>sweet, my bug list is now down to 14.
10:13<Chutt>(for work, not myth)
10:14<stuarta>if your bug list for myth was down to 14 that would be a miracle
10:14<Chutt>i could get it down to 14 pretty easily
10:14<Chutt>"will not fix"
10:14<GreyFoxx>A lot of tickets are so old now I don't know if they are still problems or worth fixing :)
10:14<stuarta>there was quite a good review session going on last weekend
10:15<GreyFoxx>A bunch got closed
10:15<Chutt>ooh, could be 13
10:15<Chutt>one of these is really generic
10:48<gbee>GreyFoxx: heh, meant to sort out #724 when I made the OSD changes a week ago
10:49<GreyFoxx> no worries. I was just picking over the list of tickets looking for stuff for Xmas break :)
10:50<gbee>you are welcome to it, I've moved on from the OSD
10:51<jams>GreyFoxx- you want #4236
10:52<jams> =)
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12:34<gbee>anyone figure out why this patch isn't working? The internal player attempts to play the video but it doesn't get further than the Ringbuffer opening it before it hangs -
12:34<gbee>the same video plays fine with the internal player in mythvideo and directly with mythtv
12:35<gbee>I'll run an strace/gdb on it, but right now I'm going out for two/three hours
12:35<jams>gbee- is mythvideo and mythgallery planned for merger at some point?
12:36<gbee>jams: don't know, we were planning a mythvideo/mythfrontend merger and probably a mythgallery/mythfrontend merger, so maybe mythgallery/mythvideo could happen first
12:36<gbee>after all the two have a lot in common
12:37<gbee>back later
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12:38<gnome42>gbee: No great insight, but there is a mix of Internal and internal in the patch. Not sure if that causes any probs. :)
12:38<jams>gnome42- gbee has left
12:38<gnome42>jams: ha, oh yeah :)
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17:06<janneg>just in the case someone looks for ticket 4278, I've deleted it. cleaner than closing it as duplicate if noticed early imho
17:11<janneg>argh, not only duplicate tickets but also duplicate mails
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18:04<gbee>any thoughts on the mythgallery patch I posted earlier?
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18:05<jams><gnome42> gbee: No great insight, but there is a mix of Internal and internal in the patch. Not sure if that causes any probs. :)
18:05<gbee>jams: thanks
18:06<gbee>not the problem unfortunately, that matching is case insensitive, it correctly attempts to use the internal player and gets as far as opening the file, then just hangs
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18:07<jams>to bad..that would have been an easy fix
18:07<gbee>the use of HandleMedia is identical to that in mythvideo, so I can't figure it out
18:07[~]stuarta waves to Beirdo
18:07<gbee>at least not with additional debugging, which I didn't have time for earlier and can't be bothered to do now I'm home
18:07<Beirdo>heh. my ISP is being so painful today.
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18:38<gnome42>oh heya gbee, I looked into it a bit and got as far as thinking the decode thread wasn't spawning ... nvp->StartPlaying() is never called.
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18:39<gnome42>yeah :)
18:39<gbee>there has to be a simple explanation for it though, guess I'll look at it at the weekend if I get time
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19:58<flyback>#(*&#(*)#*()#)(* wd
19:59<flyback>pretty soon mythtv will be an endangered species
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20:33<justinh>er.. just found a wiki user page that had softcam instructions on it. edited & deleted said references. the cheek of some people
20:35<justinh>might want to pull the history just incase guys..
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