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01:56<xris>wtf, mythbackend us using 400% of the cpu (quad core)....
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02:36<Tanthrix>I wish I could get 400 percent performance out of my CPU! I should think I'd get a Nobel prize if I could pull that off...
02:39<xris>I'm getting about 1% performance
02:39<xris>mythbackend is just eating up cpu without actually doing antying
02:39<Tanthrix>That's no good. Very odd that it's using four cores, too.
02:39<clever_>i sometimes get that when the mysql server drops out
02:40<xris>server's still around, though
02:40<xris>I think it has something to do with the preview pixmap generator
02:40<clever_>my mysql server is on my laptop
02:40<xris>only happens when I pull up mythweb
02:40<clever_>and i recently fixed the lcd
02:40<clever_>so now the main mysql server is on wifi
02:40<clever_>which drops out every now and then
02:40<clever_>even though it comes back the mythbackend keeps eating cpu
02:41<clever_>i think it was all kernel side
02:41<clever_>feels like its stuck calling a syscall in a inf loop
02:48<xris>weird, and now things are fine
02:52<xris>interesting... must have something to do with the slow-delete function
02:56<clever_>i have that off here
03:01<xris>great... yet another case of ffmpeg documentation not matching its code.
03:01<xris>-me_method param is in the docs, but not hooked up in some older versions
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05:01<stuarta>hmmm, now how do i update svn on my mini....
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05:52<stuarta>hrm, damn thing won't build on osx
06:00<gbee>svn? or myth?
06:00<stuarta>i've cleaned things out
06:01<stuarta>however that removes all the additional libs
06:01<stuarta>which it then re-downloads and rebuild
06:01<stuarta>which is a pita
06:01<stuarta>i was trying to avoid that.
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06:38<stuarta>damn, that didn't help
06:39<janneg>any helpful errors?
06:40<stuarta>yeah, it's bitching about libs
06:40<stuarta>one sec
06:47<gbee>ffs, hasn't Paul heard of containers?
06:48<stuarta>i'm guessing no
06:48<janneg>hasn't nigel resolved the circular dependencies? is libmythui already built?
06:48<stuarta>it's a clean checkout.
06:48<stuarta>so it should build it
06:49<gbee>would it be unfair to annouce I'm releasing this theme without maytharchive support until someone sorts out the UI?
06:50<janneg>stuarta: try changing the the order of libmythui and libmythupnp
06:50[~]gbee adds annouce and maytharchive to his dictionary
06:52<stuarta>now it's building the libmythui
06:52<stuarta>i'm gunna need to do a clean again to cross check
06:56<stuarta>iirc correctly mythui requires upnp doesn't it?
06:57<janneg>stuarta: just hope that libmythui doesn't depend on libmythupnp
06:57<stuarta>well libmythupnp is built now
06:57<stuarta>it just failed to link
06:57<janneg>stuarta: I don't know
06:58<gbee>mytharchives theme xml is 1,818 lines, the theme for all the frontend screens is 1,451
06:59<gbee>no f'ing way I'm touching that until it's re-written
07:00<stuarta>i'm off out now, i'll be back later today
07:18<gbee>anyone mind exporting their mythgame tables and images so I can test the theme properly?
07:18<gbee>I don't need the games themselves, just the metadata
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10:05<rooaus>gbee: Should [15086] have also touched default-wide/weather-ui.xml?
10:06<gbee>rooaus: yep, thanks
10:07<gbee>I'm working on some other cleanups of that theme stuff, so I'll fix it when I check those in
10:18<gbee>thinking that I'll break the screen definition stuff out of the theme, I can appreciate the intent behind it, but it makes theming much harder and doesn't make adding new weather screens easier
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10:27<stuarta>still got some circular deps building on OSX
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10:46<SanMehat>my god, work has been killing me lately
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10:59<SanMehat>dead in here?
11:00[~]stuarta acts dead
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11:51<gbee>think we need some sort group UI type, which allows you to define a grouping of widgets once in a container and then repeat that grouping at different points around the screen
11:51<jams>gbee- make it so!
11:51<gbee>I imagining it being used for mythweather in the multi day forecasts
11:53<gbee>would make theming mythweather 10x easier and also reduce the the size of mythweather-ui.xml by a significant amount
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12:04<gbee>something like this -
12:05<gbee>the "iteration" would be added to the widget name internally, so dayname1, dayname2, dayname3
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12:12<laga>does "David Engel" have a nick name?
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12:48<sphery>Too bad xris is gone. He was right the first time--Recorded Programs takes forever because of preview generation. If anyone sees him, feel free to let him know I put a patch on #3361 to fix it.
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13:17<superm1_>sphery, ^
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13:46<gbee>xris: (17:48:50) sphery: Too bad xris is gone. He was right the first time--Recorded Programs takes forever because of preview generation. If anyone sees him, feel free to let him know I put a patch on #3361 to fix it.
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13:47<gbee>xris: how is the site design coming?
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15:02<gbee>superm1_: March isn't the target, the target is before March
15:02<superm1_>gbee, but it would be the very "latest"
15:02<superm1_>if things were to go wrong
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15:09[~]jams scrolls back to see where march came from
15:11<superm1>mythtv-dev mailing list
15:11<superm1>david engel announced
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17:09<LotharTBL>having a problem running mythtv-setup on a backend only machine
17:09<laga>try #mythtv-users
17:09<LotharTBL>I have tried it two ways with the same results both times
17:10<LotharTBL>ok thanks
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18:30[~]Dibblah lightheartedly suggests closing since it seems to have become a "fix my broken provider" ticket :(
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18:49<MrGandalf>sad thing is too many providers are broken
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20:30<Chutt>xris, see, i can vote fast sometimes. =)
20:43<jams>hey Chutt
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21:04<jams>at the risk of being a pest, any thoughts on the url or hosting?
21:04<Chutt>sorry :(
21:05<Chutt>haven't really
21:05<jams>alright i will check back in 2-3 weeks ;)
21:07<jams>heck making it an official plugin would be nice as well, but i will take what i can get.
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21:51<Chutt>trac doesn't seem to be picking up the PYTHON_EGG_CACHE env var
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22:29<Chutt>can someone check the anonymous svn access?
22:29<Chutt>make sure it's workin?
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22:33<jams>yeah one moment
22:35<jams>plugins is working
22:36<jams>so is mythtv
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22:44<Chutt>ok, everything except for deleting individual changes from tickets appears to be working
23:04<jams>new trac version?
23:08<Chutt>new ticket workflow, too
23:11<Chutt>there's now an 'infoneeded' state
23:11<jams>i'm sure that one will be used a bit.
23:14<jams>looks like some componet's where added
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23:26<Chutt>what components?
23:28<jams>theme,dvb,contrib might have been there before, but i don't remember seeing them.
23:29<Chutt>they were there =)
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