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01:48<javatexan>howdy all
01:48<javatexan>I have a question about irblaster
01:49<javatexan>i noticed that my cable STB has a IR port in the back, is there a way for me/mythtv to take advantage of that?
01:49<javatexan>sorry....wrong channel...
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01:59<javatexan>Okay...I have a question for the developers in the house....I do development for a living...the usual windows, cygwin, linux....whatever is needed. If I wanted to be a useful contributor to the project say in 6 months ... what would be your recommendation for reading, studying, doing between now and then
02:01<javatexan>I can try the usual...fix bugs, but I am wondering if there are any know paths for getting up to speed with your system
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02:10<hads>javatexan: I'm no dev but there might be help wanted with porting things to MythUI. I'm sure if you hang around for long enough someone will chat to you.
02:11<hads>This channel goes without noise for a while occasionally, a post to the mailing list may get more notice.
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02:27<javatexan>k...thanks. hads
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05:46<stuarta>oh joy, ticket spam again.
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11:55<gbee>should have known, but seems word of my theme has escaped into the wild
11:55<gbee>I was hoping that I'd get to finish it before it was widely distributed
11:56<laga>you shouldn't have posted screen shots on the mailing list then :)
11:57<gbee>yeah, not the smartest move
11:57<gbee>oh well, it's nearly finished now anyway
11:58<gbee>and the fact that it's trunk only should put off a lot of people for now
11:58<laga>"it no worky with fixes!"
11:58<gbee>already received a support request though
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12:22<gbee>2 in 1, miniplayer with mythweather:
12:34<Chutt>gbee, looks cool.
12:34<Chutt>now, does the miniplayer fade in? =)
12:34<Chutt>(and out)
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13:00<gbee>Chutt: no, but once converted to mythui, I thought I'd play with some effects like that :)
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13:02<gbee>I was originally leaving that area at the bottom of the screen free for a message window that would popup in response to mythtvosd events, just fortunate that the miniplayer can be squeezed into the space
13:04<gbee>still plan for the 'alert' usage, but it would be displayed in place of the miniplayer with a different icon when on-screen
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13:15<guyvdb_>Hi, I am thinking of building a mythtv box. I have been reading the mythtv howto. What i do not get is how do you control the input channel (what is coming from the satelite decoder) from mythtv... or don't (can't) you?
13:16<guyvdb_>opps sorry wrong channel
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13:36<gbee>example of what I had in mind, in this case a RSS/News feed but other options included important errors like "Recording Heroes, on channel Sci-Fi failed."
13:37<justinh>I like :)
13:38<gbee>not written it yet, but I'm sure some people will find it handy
13:39<justinh>bbl - have some citrus to zest
13:39<gbee>not much point in mythtvosd only working with the OSD and not other screens
13:40<Chutt>gbee, yeah. it's much easier with mythui
13:40<Chutt>where you can have a different screen stack with that osd thingie
13:41<Chutt>so it'd always be visible, on every screen without having to write special code for it
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13:59<gbee>want to modify myththemedmenu to allow text as an alternative to images for titles, any objections if I deprecate (but still allow) the position element in favour of an area element?
14:00<Chutt>no, go for it
14:01<Chutt>i had also wanted to modify it to allow for individual button placement control
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14:16<Chase>Has anyone looked into supporting the ati tv wonder digital cable tuner?
14:17<Chase>I wasn't able to find info on the wiki or any good sources on the net
14:17<Chase>since it's just a usb 2.0 device, one would think you could use it without too much hassle, but I'm sure there's more to it
14:17<Chase>Assuming you can get your hands on one (2 on ebay right now)
14:23<gbee>Chutt: would converting it to the mythui xml format, be a bad idea? it would mean updating themes, but for example, the titles section could be done as a container with <statetype groups, allowing any possible combination of images/text etc the themer wants
14:24<Chutt>gbee, only reason i didn't was so i didn't break themes
14:24<Chutt>go for it, though
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14:29<Chutt>makes the titles, watermarks, etc much simpler
14:34<Anduin>gbee: Menu changes will be done before the release?
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14:36<gbee>Anduin: I'll aim for that, just looking at what needs doing so I can guage how much time it will take
14:38<gbee>although the watermarks are already a UIStateType, the titles aren't, so I need to change that first
14:42<Anduin>Yeah, I've been slowly working on a way for plugins to hide menu items, just wanted to make sure I'll have time to merge it if you beat me.
14:43<gbee>the myththemedmenu changes should be minimal, but it's hard to say whether it will affect what you are working on yet
14:45<Chutt>any complaints about trac?
14:45<Anduin>gbee: Yeah, my changes are narrow, new property and recompute the layout pre-show instead of once at load, probably no conflicts.
14:46<Anduin>Only that the comment deleter is broken, making the single spam comment getting through (clearly punishment for discussing how well the spam checker had been working) harder to remove.
14:47<Chutt>i thought it wsa funny
14:47<stuarta>ironic even :)
14:50<Anduin>I had hoped that it would just magically disappear, I'll go remove it.
14:55<gbee>hmm, I'm reminded that mythui doesn't include the concept of containers or layers, is that correct Chutt?
14:55<Chutt>containers are just straight mythui types
14:56<Chutt>and stuff's always going to be drawn in the order it's initialized in
14:56<Chutt>ie, layers
14:57<Chutt>adding a 'container' type would be pretty easy
15:00<gbee>yeah, I've just got used to grouping things together so that a single position/context change affects all child objects, layers/draworders as used in libmyth served no obvious purpose, but containers were handy because they made tweaking the layout easier
15:00<Chutt>i just never added the xml part of the container, that's all
15:00<gbee>like you say though, easy to add
15:01<Chutt>you can also just nest elements
15:01<Chutt>don't _have_ to have a separate container
15:01<gbee>you can? missed that :)
15:02<Chutt>it's just that child elements kind of sorta have to be within the size of the parent type
15:02<Chutt>i think, at least
15:02<gbee>I'll not worry about it right now, if I find that we need a container for any reason, I'll add it at that time
15:04<gbee>best to keep mythui free of the bloat that affected libmyth, don't want to get back into the position where we are adding new types just for the sake of it
15:05<Chutt>ie, no multiple list types, etc
15:10[~]stuarta notices a bit of extra video stream info
15:10<stuarta>Stream #0.0[0x1e0]: Video: mpeg2video, yuv420p, 704x576 [PAR 16:11 DAR 16:9], 15000 kb/s, 25.00 tb(r)
15:11<stuarta>PAR = Presentation Aspect Ratio, DAR=Display Aspect Ratio IIRC
15:14<gbee>stuarta: could be used to set the 'widescreen' flag on recordings
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15:14<stuarta>maybe, also setup output display to optimum
15:14<gbee>janneg was going to add support for using the video aspect content descriptor in EIT for the same thing
15:15<stuarta>i can't see that being a reliable signally mechanism
15:15<gbee>stuarta: even better! I was thinking of writing some border detection stuff to adjust the fill/aspect settings, but using that information would be much simpler
15:16<stuarta>yep, thats why they signal it in the UK
15:16<gbee>to set the HD/Widescreen flag, not for the output scaling
15:16<stuarta>often to say if you are on 4:9 this 16:9 content would be best at 14:9
15:16<gbee>the EIT bit
15:18<stuarta>ah yep
15:18<gbee>so, when can we expect the patch? :D
15:19<janneg>stuarta: it's pixel aspect ratio. i.e. 704*16 : (576*11 = 16:9
15:19<gbee>it's somewhere on my top 10 wishlist
15:19<stuarta>i knew someone would correct me
15:20<janneg>gbee: can you file a bug and assign it to me, I think I have time between christmas and new year
15:21<gbee>janneg: for the EIT stuff?
15:21<stuarta>lucky you
15:22<janneg>gbee: yes, the for detection from the stream CaptainMurdoch might already have something
15:25<gbee>janneg: sorry I'm getting confused, the Fill/Aspect based on detection of the broadcast format from the stream? Or setting the new HD, Widescreen and Audio property flags from EIT data?
15:26<janneg>I shouldn't anwer more than one question at once
15:26<gbee>my fault for discussing both issues at the same time
15:27<janneg>please fill a bug for the HD, widescreen and audio properties
15:27<gbee>OK :)
15:29<janneg>Captain_Murdoch was working on adding a file info to the database which would contain aspect ratio, ...
15:32<gbee>I've added the ticket and referenced the original commit
15:34<janneg>thanks, maybe I start once I get Xv working on the notebook
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15:36<gbee>Chutt: use of statetype for titles, think this is the right way of doing it, but before I go any furthur:
15:43<Chutt>gbee, just please update the wiki pages on the mythui stuff if you make changes
15:44<gbee>sure thing
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17:08<sphery>gbee: You're really causing a stir on the lists...
17:09<gbee>can't be good ... let's take a look
17:09<stuarta>callerid... wtf?
17:09<sphery>This is good. A lot of people excited to see your new features.
17:10<sphery>That, in particular, talking about the "OSD" even when not in playback.
17:10<hads>That's a nice feature.
17:12<gbee>hmm, weird thing is, that although I've got that feature planned it's not shown in the screenshots on that page
17:12<hads>Yeah, that's what I was just trying to figure out.
17:13<sphery>Yeah. I have no idea how the user got that from those specific SS's (perhaps from the ones you posted in the miniplayer thread).
17:13<sphery>But, anyway, it seems a lot of people will be grateful for your efforts if you do make that change.
17:14<gbee>it's shown in this screenshot, but I've not posted this one anywhere but here
17:16<sphery>I was thinking of the second one at
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17:17<sphery>Especially with the anchor name and your comment about matching the style of the OSD.
17:17<gbee>could be it
17:17<sphery>I mean the first SS in that link
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17:19<gbee>well I'm not subscribed, but if someone wants to put a stop to the rumours and tell them that I plan to work displaying events from mythtvosd (mythnotify?) on any page, but I've not started work yet
17:20<sphery>I said, basically, you never know what you might see in 0.21, but if you do see this you should thank the dev who is suspected of considering adding it.
17:21<laga>i wanna take that OSD to bed and cuddle with it all night long
17:21<sphery>The metal might feel kind of cold, so it would be better for a summer night.
17:21<laga>i'll just play one of these bonfire dvds
17:22<stuarta>that'll warm up the metal
17:22<gbee>laga: heh, well I've taken inspiration from justin and have a donate button on the site ;)
17:22<stuarta>if it works :)
17:23<stuarta>lotta effort goes into those themes
17:23<laga>gbee: i'll donate ASAP when i get a nice HDTV set so i can actually use your themes :)
17:23[~]stuarta suffers ENOBOOZE
17:24<gbee>might be a little hypocritical of me, considering what I've said on the issue of bounties in the past, but I'm drawing a fine distinction between being paid for work and receiving gratuities for work I've already done
17:24<laga>gbee: would i be the first one to complain that it's paypal?
17:25<gbee>like stuarta said, a lot of effort goes into a theme and I've used up all my free time recently working on it
17:25<sphery>should start a thread about how he's forcing us to get a PayPal account to use all the good themes (like the thread on SD :)
17:25<gbee>laga: you'd be the first, but I was going to look into alternatives - care to recommend one?
17:25<stuarta>i won't begrudge you getting anything from it. fair play i'd say
17:26<laga>gbee: i don't know any alternatives. i just know that i consider paypal evil
17:26<gbee>heh, ok
17:26<laga>so it's not exactly a "good" complaint :)
17:27<laga>sphery: in my reply to that thread, i'll come up with weird schemes to use myxer to let the community create our themes and distribute them over usenet
17:27<gbee>well if people want to contribute and can suggest alternative to paypal I'll look into them
17:28<gbee>google checkout doesn't really seem to apply, they say you can use it for donations but add that you should be a registered charity
17:29<laga>wire transfer is too expensive from germany AFAIR
17:30<gbee>paypal isn't so bad, it's not like you need to get an account with them
17:30<sphery>laga: rotfl
17:31<laga>no, you need a credit card instead :)
17:31[~]laga stops whining now
17:31<sphery>laga: at least you didn't say BT
17:31<laga>sphery: was contemplating that, but i found the usenet approach even more hilarious
17:32<kormoc>The secret is BT over usenet
17:32<laga>tunneling, you say. interesting
17:33<kormoc>download from one server, post on another
17:33<kormoc>eventually you'd have full binaries up on every server!
17:33[~]kormoc crackles with glee
17:34<stuarta>the lag might kill it
17:41<gbee>laga: or debit card (don't own a credit card myself)
17:43<gbee>_anyway_, converting myththemedmenu over to the mythui xml stuff is a job I wish I hadn't started
17:50<Chutt>gbee, that's what i get for trying to do a port of the old code rather than starting from scratch
17:50<Chutt>it's messy :/
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17:54<gbee>I rushed into it when I should have taken the time to plan it, it's not too bad but I've had change what I was doing a couple of times since I realised that I was going about it the wrong way
17:55<gbee>s/had change/had to change/
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18:07<gbee>good news is that myththemedmenu will be a lot smaller once I've finished, bad news is that I have to finish ;)
18:09<stuarta>heh even
18:16<stuarta>damn, the frontend it continually trying to read a dvd despite getting errors
18:17<stuarta>here's hoping that daniels commit to fix the MythMediaDeviceErrors has cleared it up
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18:21<[jasper]> hej guys, I know this is not the channel for user questions...still I was wondering if theres someway we can use the win32codecs to play wma 9 pro or 10 pro
18:21<[jasper]>with the internal player
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19:18<gbee>heh, it compiles
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19:52<kormoc>[jasper], if you code enough, sure
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20:10<Captain_Murdoch>janneg: I haven't touched the file info stuff yet. I've been wanting to get this software encoding stuff finished that will let mythtranscode create .flv, etc. and the accompanying multiple-file-per-recording stuff, but haven't had time for either. might have some coding time after the holidays, but don't think I'd want to commit this before the release since it's a big change.
20:11[~]Captain_Murdoch just tried to update his dev system to svn trunk head last night and found a new compile issue with his old gcc v3.2.2 compiler.
20:13<gbee>begs the question, should we branch 0.21 well before the release and so we aren't all sitting on big patches for two/three months?
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20:14<Captain_Murdoch>might be nice. and possibly only translations and bug-fixes go into the branch unless discussed ahead of time on the list.
20:15<Captain_Murdoch>implied feature-freeze. :)
20:16<gbee>yep, without the major interruption of development that normally involves because we can still get changes into trunk
20:18<gbee>I've got lots of patches in my tree and managing them just gets harder if I can't commit some of them to avoid overlaps
20:19<gbee>it would be alright if I didn't work on a dozens things at once, but I can't help myself ;)
20:19<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, that's why I updated last night. I was about 500-600 revisions behind, but with 5-10 patches sitting in my tree that I had alread committed to trunk. I keep a working copy and a pristine copy of svn around. I dev on my working copy and then grab patches out, apply to the pristine copy, and commit from there.
20:20[~]Captain_Murdoch hears the buzzer go off on the oven so he heads back downstairs to grab dessert.
20:21<gbee>I'm off to bed
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21:00[~]janneg manages his patches with quilt or in a git mirror of the mythtv svn
21:02<janneg>unfortunately git's svn import tools can't handle partial branches
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22:26<larzen>can anyone tell me if its possible to install just the backend of myth (no x)
22:27<xris>larzen: not in this channel, no
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22:41<confuzed_>sorry to ask in here, but I can't get an answer in the users room. Is there a way to interrupt an live-tv recording that has no frontend controlling it. I have it happen now and again, a frontend shuts down or crashes, but the backend keeps recording (sometimes for days) and I can only restart mythtv-backend to recover
22:44<xris>larzen: hint... read the channel topic
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