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04:55<janneg>Section "Extensions" Option "Composite" "Disable"
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04:56<janneg>sorry, pressed Fn istead of Control while changing xterm setting
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05:01[~]stuarta waves
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05:04[~]stuarta waves again
05:05<janneg>hi stuarta
05:05<janneg>stille debugging the Xvideo problem
05:05<justinh>morning. is it Friday yet?
05:05<stuarta>no it's not friday :(
05:05<stuarta>janneg: the one that crashes the new laptop?
05:08<janneg>still the same problem but it doesn't crash, playing Xv just fails with BadAccess
05:08<janneg>I suspect buffer problems in the driver
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08:04<gbee>anyone know in hyphens are legal in XML tag names?
08:12<justinh>don't think so
08:14<gbee>seems QT parses them ok, so it's not the cause of this bug I'm chasing
08:16<gbee>for some reason we are loading the button background image just fine, but by the time it's passed internally to MythUIButton::SetButtonBackground the image is null
08:16<stuarta>i wouldn't have thought it would be illegal
08:23<gbee>ok, user error the inactive button image wasn't specified in the theme after all
08:23<gbee>added some null checks to prevent the segfaults though
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08:34<stuarta>big lunch?
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14:48<gbee>well found my first mythui bug
14:50<gbee>now that's fixed, the watermarks and titles are working
14:51<Chutt>what was it?
14:54<gbee>when parsing the state name from the XML it was being lowercased before being stored in the object QMap, but when calling DisplayState(name) we weren't lowercasing name in the comparison, so "TV_WATCH_TV" wasn't matching the stored name of "tv_watch_tv"
14:56<gbee>not sure what the correct fix is, if states are added directly through MythUIStateType::AddObject the name isn't lowercased either
14:57<gbee>so should we be lowercasing all the names prior to storage/comparison, or leaving the case alone?
14:58<Chutt>lowercase it at all times
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15:00<Chutt>that was there to make sure people didn't do stuff like 'True' and 'true'
15:06<gbee>yeah, I prefer lowercasing anything that is going to be used as a key for that reason, just had to make sure that it wasn't intended to be case sensitive
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15:12<gbee>I'm experimenting with using MythListButton and MythHorizListButton for the menu, might not work out too well, but I think they can be probably be themed to look like the existing menu without many modifications
15:13<Chutt>remember there's a possibility of multiple rows of multiple columns
15:16<gbee>don't want to go breaking my own theme ;)
15:16<jams>get that shovel ready Chutt the snow/ice could be on it's way
15:17<Anduin>gbee: std::map allows for user defined key comparisons (slightly more conversion calls during lookup but no need to remember to convert the key before searching)
15:17<Chutt>no snow allowed.
15:18[~]jams is tired of shoveling snow/ice/slush
15:18<jams>third time today
15:19<Chutt>snow blower?
15:19<jams>shovel powered by me
15:19<gig>how about a plow?
15:21<gbee>Anduin: yeah, in this case the searches are done through just two member functions of the class, the QMap is protected so remembering is not so much of an issue
15:22<gbee>but I can see the benefit of pre-determined key comparisons where you are dealing with a map that is more widely shared
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15:35<gbee>wonder if it's possible to have SVN colour code conflicts and merges when performing an update, something to make them easier to spot
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16:01<stuarta>gbee: it does <<< and >>> for you
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16:01<gbee>stuarta: in the file yes, I meant in the output from svn update
16:02<stuarta>svn stat
16:02<gbee>that little C can be hard to spot among lots of Gs etc
16:02<stuarta>optionally | grep ^C
16:02<gbee>heh, the output from svn stat on my tree would likely be longer than that from svn up after an ffmpeg resync
16:02<stuarta>or | grep -v -e "^[M!?]
16:04<gbee>I suppose a little script wrapping "svn up" and using grep to highlight those lines would work
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16:08<Chutt>gbee, i generally just did a 'svn status' afterwards
16:09<gbee>Chutt: normally I would too, but lately I've got so many changes in my tree that it's no easier to spot the conflicted files
16:10<gbee>but grep'ing the output isn't a bad idea, it just adds to what I have to type ;)
16:10<Chutt>svn status | sed -e $'s/^C/\e[31m&\e[0m/g'
16:10<stuarta>gbee: you need to use quilt
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16:13<gbee>Warning: 'post-commit' hook failed with error output: ....................... pysqlite2.dbapi2.OperationalError: database is locked
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16:24<gbee>the results from using mythlistbutton look better that I'd thought they would, I'm testing with G.A.N.T which I don't know so well, but it looks almost identical to the original
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16:31<gbee>just need multicolumn support, a "selected" font and it should be almost there
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16:33<jams>gbee- would that allow for horizontal menus to keep the active button in the middle?
16:34<purserj>win 32
16:34<gbee>jams: not immediately, but with some small additions, sure
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16:35<gbee>let me just try it with a mythhorizlistbutton instead, that should work better than the existing fake horizontal mode
16:39<gbee>for some reason, when I switched to using mythui to parse the menus, the font inheritance broke, that might be another bug
16:39<gbee>kept complaining that the base font didn't exist
16:43<Chutt>fonts were sort of hacked into the menu's xml file
16:45<gbee>I'm now parsing them correctly, having re-written the XML to the mythui format, but base="otherfont" isn't working, just errors
16:46<gbee>even though the base font appears immediately above in the file
16:47<gbee>what do you think to merging mythhorizlistbutton with mythlistbutton? Would allow them to be used interchangeably without any special handling
16:48<stuarta>imho that sounds like a good idea
16:48<gbee>just add a <orientation>{horizontal,vertical}</orientation> tag
16:49<justinh>sounds like a great idea IMHO
16:49<justinh>not as if any sane person would want to mix horiz & vertical menus in one theme area..
16:49<justinh>or even as if they could..
16:49<gbee>justinh: in one case, I do
16:50<gbee>of course everyone will nick the idea ;)
16:50<justinh>you do? didn't think it was even possible
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16:50<justinh>don't think I'd want that in a main menu though
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16:50<gbee>in the programme finder, the A-Z list would work well running horizontally across the page, while the programs run down
16:51<justinh>very true!
16:51<gbee>justinh: not possible yet, only once mythui port is done
16:51<justinh>I was thinking in terms of actual menus, so my bad
16:54<gbee>wouldn't chose to mix them myself, so we're in agreement there and no technically it wouldn't be possible, at least not as long as all menus are defined by theme.xml
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16:57<gbee>Chutt: mythlistbutton doesn't have any keypress handling, is that something you'd object to changing?
17:04<Chutt>nope, go for it
17:04<Chutt>though i _think_ it was more intended for the individual buttons to have it
17:05<Chutt>i'd have to look at things
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17:06<gbee>well currently navigation isn't handled at all, it has to be done in the parent screen, UP/DOWN/PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN could be handled by mythlistbutton, SELECT etc could be handled by the individual button
17:07<justinh>woo I still have 'all' the stuff I did for that plugin
17:07<justinh>trunk won't build though.. some new dependency or other since last July
17:08<laga>odd. :)
17:08<gbee>makes more sense for listbutton to handle up/down/left/right since those will change according to whether it's a vertical or horizontal list, or has multiple columns
17:10<Chutt>make it so =)
17:11<justinh>bloody hell another UK user churning ahht themez..
17:12<laga>looks like those steaks make you guys really creative
17:12<justinh>or maybe the pies, or the fish & chips.. or chicken tikka massala :P
17:13<Tronic>Is anyone looking into this:
17:14<mattwire>tronic: if you could identify the problem and supply a patch it would be great
17:14<justinh>laga: btw I got rid of my dbox2 at last :) stinking ancient crap
17:15<Tronic>I have plenty of my own projects, no time to get familiar with MythTV, unfortunately :/
17:15<laga>justinh: for a sec, i thought janne had said that. he has mine at the moment ;=)
17:16<mattwire>I've a couple of patches sat on ticket #3910 which I've just updated for svn again.
17:16<justinh>laga: hahaha. Merry Christmas & all that. hmm I'm going downstairs to try & see if spdif really works on the new frontend or not
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17:16<mattwire>They're both simple code cleanups
17:16<mattwire>if anyone has a minute to review them I'd appreciate it
17:17<mattwire>one moves isRunning to libmyth/util.h
17:17<mattwire>and the other removes duplicate settings code from mythshutdown and uses mythcontext directly
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18:31<janneg>laga: damn, there is another item on my todo list
18:35<janneg>video intel 2.2.0 and xorg 1.4 in ubuntu hardy alpha 1 has the same buffer allocations, I hope it's broken too
18:37<janneg>it is not :(
18:44<gbee>on the bright side, at least there is a working driver/xorg combination?
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18:48<janneg>but I'm running the same versions on gentoo (minus ubuntu patches)
18:49<stuarta>hmmm. 2.5 mins behind live tv is as close as i can get.
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18:49<stuarta>if i pause it, and come back in a bit
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18:58<gbee>janneg: oh :(
19:18<janneg>two of ubuntu's patches are xv related. the first one looks unrelated and I would guess from the the description that the second does not help either
19:19<janneg>restarting X
19:19<gbee>could it just be build related then?
19:21<janneg>the patches haven't fixed it, just as expected
19:23<janneg>it is probably build related. or a missing patch or bad patch in gentoo
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19:50<janneg>yeah, commit message is longer than the patch
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20:35<xris>looks like there's a compile error in trunk
20:44<xris>util-opengl.cpp:312: error: 'glXGetProcAddressARB' was not declared in this scope
20:45<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, 3-4 reports of it on the mailing list. I debated reversing Kevin's patch for now.
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23:02<Chutt>that's a really weird compile error
23:18<Chutt>xris, make[3]: warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1. Add `+' to parent make rule.
23:18<Chutt>(from the bindings/perl directory)
23:22<hads>Yay, compile again.
23:30<Chutt>i seem to have lost watermarks in mepo-wide, however
23:40<Chutt>wow, it's taking almost 50ms to redraw this screen, even with opengl
23:40<Chutt>that seems excessive.
23:52<Chutt>watermarks are back, yay.
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