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00:10<Chutt>that's weird
00:10<Chutt>glXSwapBuffers is taking upwards of 45ms
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00:44<Chutt>i wonder if there was an easier way to sync up the render loop with the vsync, using qt
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01:01<xris>Chutt: no clue about that error... stuff still works for me
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01:31<sphery>xris: It's because Makefile uses make instead of $(MAKE)
01:32<sphery>3 times (in clean, perl_build, and install). I haven't looked into how the Makefile.PL stuff works to see about fixing it, though.
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01:46<clever>Chutt: thats more of a compile warning(it will still build just slower)
01:46<sphery>clever: Yes, but it can be fixed by fixing the Makefile... You wouldn't happen to know anything about Makefile.PL/MakeMaker, would you?
01:47<sphery>The following will fix the Makefile: sed -i 's/\(\W\)make\(\W\)/\1$(MAKE)\2/' bindings/perl/Makefile
01:48<sphery>Don't know how to fix the thing that makes the Makefile
01:48<clever>havent seen that makefile itself
01:48<clever>the makefile is made by qmake
01:48<clever>from the parrent makefile
01:48<clever>for 90% of the makefiles in myth
01:49<clever>it runs a few .pro's thru qmake
01:49<sphery>I'm thinking this is one of the 10%--think it uses Perl's MakeMaker
01:50<sphery>Hmmm. It does say, "Generated by qmake"
01:50<clever>check the .svngnore to see if that makefile is ignored in that area
01:50<clever>(meaning generated and not to be shared)
01:50<clever>i think that only shows up when browsing the tree online though
01:51<clever>Makefile: /usr/share/qt3/mkspecs/default/qmake.conf ../../libs/libmyth/mythconfig.mak \
01:51<sphery>It's not under version control
01:51<clever>the frontend makefile depends on and a few system config files
01:52<clever>not shure what madeit in the first place though
01:52<clever> $(QMAKE) -o Makefile
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01:53<clever>looks like bindings/perk/makefile is made from
01:53<clever>which uses make in a few places
01:54<clever>patch it up rm the Makefile and see if it does the right hting
01:54<clever>also ive got an anoying problem atm
01:54<clever>ive moved my ccache dir to nfs so it has more room to grow and can be shared between systems
01:54<clever>but now the ccache stats are not changing
01:55<clever>so its hard to tell how much use its doing on each box
01:58<sphery>xris: Here's a patch that will fix the issue Chutt mentioned:
01:58<sphery>xris: Let me know if you'd prefer it in a ticket.
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02:00<sphery>clever: thx for helping track it down... I just assumed it had to be completely different since it was perl stuff. Guess I make too many assumptions to be productive at ~2:00am
02:00<clever>3am here:P
02:01<xris>sphery: ticket or I'll lose it. I'm about to crash for the night.
02:02<xris>speaking of which.. 'night. :)
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06:20<gbee>Chutt: whoops, sorry ;)
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09:11<gbee>Chutt: around?
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09:27<gbee>trac is broken, can't close #4169 :(
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10:07<laga>Chutt: it looks like the people want to go live with their xmltv service soon. would it be possible to get a link on then? they provide EPG data for some european countries
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10:25<stuarta>ooo new valgrind
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11:09[~]stuarta wonders if anyone will send me a dvb-s card so i can write EIT for freesat...
11:12<ben1092>I have a question about channel scanner. I used "Full scan(tuned)" Option. It sometimes work and sometimes whole mythtv-setup crashed. And if I chose something different than "Full scan(tuned)" it always crashes. I checked the code and I see than before ScanWizardScanner::Scan function in libs/libmythtv/scanwizardscanner.cpp there is a comment saying that full scan of existing transports and existing transport scan are broken.
11:12<ben1092>I want to know what actually works in the channels scanner
11:14<stuarta>lots of tstuff.
11:14<stuarta>please run a debug version to show us what is broken
11:14<stuarta>see documentation section 22.2
11:14[~]stuarta <-- badly lagged
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11:16|-|stuarta_ changed nick to fred_basset
11:16<fred_basset>ahh, that's better, somewhat less lagged
11:17<ben1092>stuarta: I debugged the appand I found that it crashes in MythDialog::exec
11:18<ben1092>stuarta: when doing this call qteloop->enterLoop();
11:18<fred_basset>you got a link to the gdb output?
11:18<ben1092>fred_basset: I am using eclipse can you guide me to what you want?
11:19<fred_basset>eclipse is an editor not a debugger
11:19<ben1092>fred_basset: I know, I am using gdb from inside gdb
11:19<fred_basset>have you looked at this ->
11:20<ben1092>fred_basset: I think this is what you mean
11:21<fred_basset>can you install the qt debug symbols?
11:23<ben1092>fred_basset: ok hold on
11:23<fred_basset>also is this latest svn?
11:25<ben1092>fred_basset: yes it is
11:25<Dibblah>Is this an _unmodified_ SVN?
11:27<ben1092>Dibblah: yes mythtv core is unmodidfied
11:28<clever>mythbackend --version
11:29<clever>shows the revision num and if its got any external patches
11:29<Dibblah>If it's unmodified, I do not understand the directory structure in the backtrace.
11:30<fred_basset>what's heliopolis?
11:30<Dibblah>That's not a Myth path.
11:30<Dibblah>AFAIK, it was the RtoL fork.
11:30<ben1092>Dibblah: We simply named mythtv to core and mythplugins to plugins and we put all this under a folder called heliopolis
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11:32<fred_basset>well then, since you broke it, you get to keep both pieces
11:33<Dibblah>Wait. That's not right.
11:33<fred_basset>unless you can prove that the last changeset to that file is the problem
11:33<Dibblah>It's not Friday.
11:33<Dibblah>You're only here on Fridays.
11:33<fred_basset>no, but the real me is lagged to buggery
11:34<stuarta>typing here is like watching paint dry
11:34<ben1092>fred_basset: I didn't break it, I didn't even work on it
11:34<fred_basset>well, try backing out the changeset that last touched that file, and go from there
11:35<ben1092>fred_basset: Can you please tell what they mean by by the 2 comments in the code (// full scan of existing transports broken/ existing transport scan broken) ?
11:35<Dibblah>ben1092: They're not exactly broken.
11:35<Dibblah>They don't however do what the labels say.
11:36<Dibblah>Hmmm... Maybe I'm thinking of something else.
11:36<ben1092>Dibblah: ok, so I should expect that full scanning of existing transports ( in dtv_multiplex) work ?
11:37<fred_basset>yes that does
11:38<Dibblah>fred_basset: That's certainly an unusual comment.
11:38<Dibblah>I've not noticed that before.
11:38<Dibblah>Tracking down the changeset.
11:39<ben1092>fred_basset: Dibblah: thanx guys I will check these files and compare then to main stream again
11:39<gbee>had this great idea to change mythuibutton to use statetypes for backgrounds, checkbox images and maybe even text, but when I put it down on 'paper' I start to see, that as powerful as the result would be, it's a little unwieldy:
11:39<Dibblah>ben1092: Try what you're trying with _unmodified_ Myth.
11:39<Dibblah>If it still breaks, come back :)
11:40<ben1092>Dibblah: you bet I will ;)
11:40<fred_basset>tbh, i haven't done any rescan for quite a while...
11:40<gbee>I have, worked fine
11:41<gbee>well ignoring the fact that it forgot some channel settings, like useonairguide or visible
11:41<fred_basset>that's an outstanding bug
11:42<fred_basset>it doesn't so much forget as change them back to a default...
11:43[~]fred_basset nips of to play on a console for a bit
11:43<fred_basset>off even
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11:50<sphery>gbee: Again, you're in hours ahead of the list... As jams requested and you said would be possible with a few more changes after you finish:
11:52<gbee>sphery: just saw that, weird thing is that I went to bed thinking of what would be possible with some minor modifications to mythlistbutton and that was one of them
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11:54<sphery>gbee: Funny. You definitely have your finger on the pulse of the users.
11:57<gbee>don't intend to go after the bounty though, I'd welcome a strings-free donation, but I don't have time to think about adding the opengl effects at the moment - with no time-limit, fine, but chances are it would turn into a race, which isn't productive
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12:02<Chutt>hrmph, silly xchat
12:04<gbee>I realised that if mythlistbutton was modified to allow multiple columns, that we're pretty close to a replacement widget for uiimagegrid and the gallery views in mythgallery/video
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12:04<Chutt>what about an uneven list?
12:05<Chutt>(and yes, otherwise)
12:07<gbee>I'll work it out when I get there, got a few things to do first
12:14<sphery>gbee: Glad you mentioned you're working on it. If someone ends up getting paid for work you've mostly done, at least now they may consider sending some of it your way.
12:18<gbee>Chutt: there is no list kept of images loaded through mythimage? My original image map, which was used to reduce the memory usage in myththemedmenu is no longer relevant, so I was looking to implement the idea within mythui to work across all screens
12:19<Chutt>i thought there was one in mythcontext
12:19<Chutt>for some reason
12:19<gbee>just wondering where the best place to put that would be? MythMainWindow seems like a good place
12:19<Chutt>mythmainwindow is
12:19<Chutt>or create a singleton class
12:19<Chutt>(and move the image loading to there as well)
12:19<gbee>Chutt: no, there is the image file cache, but no way of sharing pointers to a single image in memory
12:20<Chutt>isn't QImage implicitly shared?
12:21<gbee>Chutt: good question
12:22<gbee>it is
12:24<gbee>that doesn't avoid the situation were widget A loads file.png and later on widget B loads file.png, since the the implicit sharing only has effect should widget B copy the image from widget B
12:24<gbee>unless I'm missing something
12:25<Chutt>i thought the image cache in mythcontext would be handling that
12:25<Chutt>oh, wait, nevermind
12:26<Chutt>it only caches on disk
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12:26<gbee>which is why the changes I made 6 months ago in myththemedmenu managed such large memory reductions
12:27<gbee>I'm also noticing that moving from menu to menu, when they are rendered completely using mythui is pretty slow, since each time it's reloading all the watermarks
12:27<gbee>we should be able to speed that up since they are already in memory
12:28<Chutt>i thought the base theme was all shared
12:28<Chutt>(for the menu)
12:29<gbee>probably should be, may have broken that when converting it over
12:29<gbee>come to think of it, I deleted a flag called allocedstate, which probably was there to prevent reloading and enable sharing
12:30<gbee>I'll fix it
12:30<Chutt>sharing the MythThemedMenuState object
12:31<Chutt>ideally, it only should be loading the menu xml
12:31<gbee>yep, since I've eliminated that object a couple of things probably got accidently deleted along the way
12:31<Chutt>you got rid of that?
12:32<gbee>wasn't much point in keeping MythThemedMenuState since 99% of it was just reimplementing what was done by xmlparsebase and the widgets themselves
12:33<Chutt>aside from caching all of theme.xml
12:33<gbee>aside from that ;)
12:33<Chutt>and not requiring parsing of it ever again
12:38<gbee>hindsight is great
12:38<Chutt>that was why it was a separate object in the first place :p
12:41<gbee>yeah, can see it now, at the time I did wonder why it was structured into three classes that way
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12:45<gbee>btw, are Events meant to be automatically passed down to UItypes? I wasn't able to get the key events in mythlistbutton working until I had myththemedmenu directly call the handler from it's KeyPressEvent function
12:49<gbee>on one hand, having to specificially hookup the UITypes to handle events means that we can control which ones respond to keypresses, but it also means that gesture/keypress/mouse events won't work unless we remember to call their event handlers from the parent window
12:49<gbee>not sure how I imagined it would work ...
12:53<Chutt>they should be getting passed to the lowest level child uitype that can have focus
12:58<Chutt>i think the menu object itself is it, in this case
12:58<gbee>that doesn't seem to be happening here, but maybe I'm doing something wrong
12:58<Chutt>(it was special)
12:58<gbee>I'll keep working on it
12:59<gbee>thanks for your help :)
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13:17<Chutt>gbee, was there anything else for me from before?
13:18<Chutt>i lost my scrollback when xchat died
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13:19<justinh>hmm I see pooptube has problems with mythweather :-\
13:38<gbee>Chutt: no, at least nothing I can remember now
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13:39<gbee>justinh: hmm?
13:39<gbee>oh right
13:40<gbee>let me just switch to one and see if I can reproduce the problem
13:43<gbee>still sorting out mythweather problems
13:46<laga>Chutt: it looks like the people want to go live with their xmltv service soon. would it be possible to get a link on then? they provide EPG data for some european countries.
13:46<gbee>(18:38:52) # Chutt has left the chat (Quit: "Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)" ).
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14:11<justinh>looks like I won't be able to fix whatever's wrong with mythweather in pooptube. trunk is refusing to build. bah
14:12<justinh>eek. the mere suggestion a new UI element could be based on MS Silverlight!!!!! </horror>
14:14<sphery>Yeah, Novell MoonLight is no better
14:15<justinh>promise I didn't laugh at the bounty fee.
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14:15<laga>flash is even worse :)
14:16<justinh>soon going to have to talk about those themes I've got in trunk guys. there's too much going on and things are going stale fast. what stays, what goes?
14:23<gbee>justinh: being brutal, I'd lose blootube and possibly blootube-light, but I'm just saying that because I never used them
14:23<laga>anything -wide can go if you ask me ;)
14:24<gbee>blootube-wide is unique with those big watermarks ...
14:24<gbee>I was going to say the 4:3 version of PG, if that is still around
14:24<gbee>but maybe you'd want to leave some 4:3 themes in the stable
14:26<gbee>I'd be more interested in seeing some of the old official themes go, some of them just don't have enough going and almost non of them have themed more than the menus
14:28<gbee>G.A.N.T, whether you like it or not, has to earn some respect for the graphics
14:29<gbee>Blue is showing it's age, Titivillus is a little close to mythcenter
14:29<gbee>except that we need a low memory theme, Iulius really hasn't aged well
14:37<gbee>justinh: was that _too_ brutal?
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14:53<jams>Titivillus was first!
14:59<gbee>jams: true, MythCenter tends to be more popular :/
15:00<gbee>it's hard to say which ones we should remove without upsetting someone :(
15:00<jams>yeah i only mention it cause i help with titivillus
15:00<GreyFoxx>Can't please everyone
15:00<GreyFoxx>Put up a simple vote page with a 1 month cut off
15:00<jams>although i don't use it these days
15:00<GreyFoxx>top X are kept
15:00<laga>will they be removed entirely or just moved into a separate tree?
15:01<gbee>laga: we in theory, they'd be moved into a seperate tree, but if no-one is prepared to look after them, then it makes little difference
15:02<janneg>if someone with commit access steps up to fix issues it could be moved. otherwise it should be deleted
15:03<laga>mfd didn't get deleted either :/
15:03<janneg>if someone chooses to resurrect a deleted theme it will be accessible from the revision history
15:04<gbee>only because no-one seems willing to be known as the mfd killer
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15:10<GreyFoxx>hehe I thought about that
15:10<GreyFoxx>but saw captian_~Murdoch commited changes to it recently (last couple months)
15:11<jams>well it's a great idea, I used it alot when it worked
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15:15<gbee>what exactly did it do? I'm a little hazy on that since I never used it
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15:21<laga>Chutt: it looks like the people want to go live with their xmltv service soon. would it be possible to get a link on then? they provide EPG data for some european countries.
15:22<laga>so it'd possibly be possible? that's good to hear :)
15:25<xris>laga: that's cool that they're finally doing that.
15:25<xris>saves SD the trouble. :)
15:25<Chutt>i'd have to remember my password and all that
15:25<Chutt>since xris never made me a new website :p
15:26<laga>i'll be talking to them on friday and will get back to you guys then :)
15:26<laga>Chutt: there's still a few weeks left :)
15:26<GreyFoxx>xriss: Are they doing NA too? Gonna be a competitor for SD ?
15:27<laga>GreyFoxx: no
15:27<laga>reminds me that i still have los of bugs to iron out in that grabber. wish they taught me perl instead of latin back then ;)
15:27<xris>Chutt: still working on it. gbee has been giving me some nice designs
15:27<GreyFoxx>laga: heh
15:28<Chutt>i was just diggin a little :p
15:29<xris>I know. I want to finish it...
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15:29<xris>new job hours will help.. it's weird to get home at like 5pm instead of 8
15:29|-|oldcpu [] has left #mythtv ["away"]
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15:41<justinh>gbee: not too brtual at all. I don't really care for any of them anymore if I'm totally honest
15:42<justinh>I've been threatening to see what I can do with Iulius but jams has been on the same track recently
15:45<justinh>need to look at my dev box to see what needs fixing to build trunk. I think its ubuntu-ness has been hacked past the point of no return - i.e. reinstalling will prolly be less hassle than fixing it
15:45<gbee>Chutt: in implementing a CopyFrom method for MythUIButton, what would be the correct way to copy the MythUI objects? CopyFrom is protected, but otherwise the obvious method would be m_Text->CopyFrom(other->m_Text);
15:46<Chutt>gbee, it should happen automatically
15:46<Chutt>for any children objects
15:47<Chutt>and did you mean CreateCopy?
15:47<gbee>well both, since CreateCopy calls CopyFrom(this)
15:48<Chutt>just call MythUIType::CopyFrom(base)
15:48<Chutt>to copy the other uitypes
15:48<gbee>right, cool
15:50<Chutt>you've added more images?
15:50<Chutt>any reason why?
15:52<Chutt>all of those should be contained in the individual ui types
15:52<Chutt>ie, arrowPix in m_ArrowImage
15:52<Chutt>check*Pix in m_CheckImage, etc
15:54<gbee>err, going to sound silly, but I must have left those in from earlier experiments
15:54<Chutt>yeah, all i think you don't need any of the image stuff in there
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15:55<gbee>no, they aren't even used, but I just copy/pasted the vars from the header and I didn't even stop to think :)
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16:07<janneg>argh, found the Xv problem. I forgot to enable System V IPC in the kernel
16:08<laga>i seem to remember you looking down on me for using distro kernels :)
16:11<janneg>should have tried earlier to boot a distro kernel with my system
16:14<janneg>rebooting now
16:16<gbee>used nothing but distro kernels for a while now, saved me a lot of headaches and I tend to like some of the distro patches
16:23<janneg>works now, I tend to like features of just released or -rc kernels
16:24<janneg>besides gentoo has no distro kernels
16:25<janneg>and using a kernel without initrd tailored for my system is nice if you got the configuration right
16:26<janneg>which is basicly a one time problem. make oldconfig works most of the time
16:26[~]laga uses -rc kernels with distro config ;)=
16:26<gbee>where possible I'll run the distro's bleeding edge kernel
16:27<gbee>they don't always keep up, but that usually means -rc kernel but with their config and patches on top
16:37<o_cee>hrmm, under what circumstances could "df" be showing wrong? "du" and "df" doesn't add up, and myth seems to have deleted some stuff... hmm, very strange
16:40<janneg>o_cee: hardlinks maybe
16:40<o_cee>hmm.. not that i know of
16:40<gbee>o_cee: you aren't mixing up -h and -H are you?
16:41<o_cee>df: /dev/sdb1 231G 209G 11G 96% /var/lib/mythtv250gb
16:41<o_cee>du: 167G ./mythtv250gb
16:41<gbee>1024 vs 1000
16:41<o_cee>gbee: bigger error than that
16:41<o_cee>i think
16:42<gbee>yeah, ~17G difference at 250GB
16:43<o_cee>but this is 167gb vs 209gb.. strange as hell
16:43<janneg>probably unlinked but open files then
16:44<o_cee>janneg: hm, so a restart of backend would release them?
16:44<janneg>if the backend has deleted them
16:44<o_cee>probably true.. why would that happen?
16:45<o_cee>heh, actually, free space has increased by a couple of gb since a couple of minutes ago
16:45<sphery>slow deletes?
16:45<gbee>what sphery said
16:46<sphery>about 1GB/ 2min 12sec
16:46<o_cee>dunno, but guess i might have that enabled..
16:46<janneg>even the non=slow delete is not that fast depending on the file system and fragmentation of files
16:47<o_cee>log doesn't say anything at the current debug level so.. that's probably it
16:47<o_cee>sorry :)
16:47<sphery>TruncateDeletesSlowly in settings to check
16:47|-|jeronim [] has joined #mythtv
16:47<o_cee>yup activated
16:50<sphery>It will finish the 40GiB in about 85mins, then
16:50<sphery>Or, you can restart the backend
16:50<gbee>got mythuibutton working from XML, except for the backgrounds :/
16:51<sphery>and the OpenGL transitions... :)
16:55<gbee>suffering code blindness, maybe someone else can spot the issue with the background image - test case is a button created with the following XML,
16:56|-|fuse_lt [] has joined #mythtv
16:57<gbee>it's can't recieve focus, which normally buttons would, but that's just because I'm too lazy to wire it up
16:57<gbee>all the same, the background should be visible
16:57<Chutt>LoadImage seems a bit wonky
16:57<fuse_lt>Does youtube work on the mythtv platform?
16:58<Chutt>(the gradient stuff)
16:59<gbee>lifted that direct from mythlistbutton ... :p
17:00<briand>fuse_lt: only if the user can read channel notices and topics.
17:00<Chutt>what change to SelectState() made it take a default param?
17:00<briand>so, umm.. no.
17:02<gbee>Chutt: none, I was trying different values when I got desperate, forgot to return it to MythUIButton::Normal before pastebin'ing the diff
17:02<Chutt>no idea, then
17:09|-|catinpan changed nick to catinpan_away
17:11|-|Dibblah [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
17:13<fuse_lt>briand: my bad
17:16|-|Dibblah [] has joined #mythtv
17:16|-|mattwire [n=mattwire@] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:19|-|Tronic [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:20|-|jgarvey [] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:22|-|Tronic [] has joined #mythtv
17:32|-|fuse_lt [] has quit ["leaving"]
17:45|-|jmk_ [n=jmk@] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:47|-|Netsplit <-> quits: Beirdo
17:48<Dibblah>Are pthreads not supported nicely on win32, then?
17:49<Chutt>definitely not natively
17:49<Dibblah>I seem to recall a discussion a little while ago with Chutt on migrating from pthreads to qthreads for easy stuff. Am I misremembering?
17:49|-|Netsplit over, joins: Beirdo
17:49<Dibblah>Oh, sorry - Didn't notice you were here ;)
17:50<Dibblah>As in it was a pretty mechanical change that someone not-too-skilled could possibly do.
17:51<Dibblah>But would it actually help?
17:51<Chutt>eh, not really
17:51<Dibblah>Ah. Okay.
17:51<Dibblah>I'm referring specifically to the Trac ticket.
17:52<Dibblah>But... "doing everything in one thread" is a big move.
17:53<Dibblah>Ah, right. It's just talking about UI interactions.
17:53|-|Toxicity999 [n=bryan@unaffiliated/Toxicity999] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:56|-|Cardoe [n=cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:57|-|Toxicity999 [n=bryan@unaffiliated/Toxicity999] has joined #mythtv
17:58|-|beavis [] has quit ["Verlassend"]
18:19<gbee>since when have we been linking against KDE libs? (ignoring mythbrowser) - mythfrontend: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/
18:26<janneg>do we link something that might pulls libkdeui?
18:31<gbee>likely that is the cause, wish I knew what libs it might be though
18:31<Chutt>gbee, commented out the text changes for state?
18:32<gbee>Chutt: should they be?
18:34<Chutt>i don't think so
18:34<Chutt>but they are in your checkin =)
18:34<Chutt>what was the background issue?
18:35<gbee>I removed comments in the checkin, couldn't figure out why they were commented to start with
18:36<gbee>haven't figured out the background issue yet, everything else works though, so I didn't see the harm in commiting what has been done so far
18:37<gbee>thought it was the bug I checked in last night for a while, but updating my checkout didn't fix it
18:38|-|MaverickTech [] has joined #mythtv
18:39<gbee>need to remove the VERBOSE again so I can get rid on the mythcontext dependancy
18:42<janneg>gbee: can you paste your config.mak
18:46<justinh>er.. just one little thing here. how the heck can pooptube be broken with mythweather if there's no weather-ui.xml file?
18:47<justinh>I just went in to remove it as a stopgap measure to stop the breakage and er.. it's not there
18:47<gbee>justinh: means that anything using the default weather-ui.xml is broken
18:47|-|Mooooooo [] has joined #mythtv
18:47<gbee>thanks for the reminder, I was going to look into that
18:47|-|Mooooooo [] has left #mythtv []
18:48<gbee>probably means that the default weather-ui.xml is doing something stupid
18:50<justinh>I've not played with trunk for about 6 months
18:52|-|Anduin [] has left #mythtv []
18:53|-|catinpan_away changed nick to catinpan
18:54<gbee>ahh, no it's my fault, I made the assumption that the parent of WeatherScreen would have a background when I made the changes to get the containers to obey their positioning
18:56<justinh>I still need to get my lazy arse around to theming it
18:57<justinh>should be peasy after (cough) you know what
18:58<janneg>gbee: there is nothing suspicious in the config.mak and my mythfrontend doesn't link against any kde lib
18:59|-|mzb_d800 [] has quit ["Time to quit"]
19:00<gbee>janneg: odd, I've checked and it's not listed in the linked libs, just popped up in that symbol lookup error
19:00<gbee>can't reproduce, so it's not worth worrying about
19:07|-|Dibblah [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
19:09<gbee>my laptop _really_ doesn't like G.A.N.T
19:12<kormoc>but G.A.N.T is so lovely...
19:14<gbee>Chutt: remembered one thing I wanted to say, there is a ticket in trac that I'm unable to close since the updates #4169
19:15<Chutt>i'll look at it tonight
19:16<gbee>kormoc: very slow for me, 3/4 seconds for menu transitions and that's with the nvidia driver
19:17<cccp>hrm, on my box the menu is even slower i think.. gotta find sometime to have a look at that
19:17<justinh>I don't think even my eep-pee-aye-ay works that badly
19:18<gbee>justinh: aye it's weird, don't have problems with any other theme, not even mepo with it's animations
19:18<laga>the xorg radeon driver is really slow here regardless of what painter i'm using. it's likely a driver bug, i'm just mentioning it for completeness' sake :)
19:18<justinh>I don't use the gl painter because I'm no fan of the fade
19:19<gbee>not as though this is an especially slow laptop or I'm using some SiS integrated graphics etc, it's has a Nvidia 6xxx series GPU
19:19<justinh>still pondering going with trunk when I roll out the frontend, but on recent experience I might just hold back on that for a while
19:19<gbee>justinh: ahh, well that's probably why you don't see the same issues with GANT
19:20<Chutt>gbee, try turning off sync to vblank for opengl
19:20<justinh>compiling trunk on the LRL box now. dunno wth was up so it got reinstalled
19:20<Chutt>gbee, the ticket can't close because there is no 'reopened' state anymore
19:20<Chutt>i need to go make all 'reopened' tickets 'new'
19:21|-|lelik [n=lelik@] has joined #mythtv
19:21|-|lelik [n=lelik@] has left #mythtv []
19:24|-|Tronic [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:24<gbee>sync to vblank for opengl is already off
19:24|-|Tronic [] has joined #mythtv
19:29|-|MrGandalf [] has joined #mythtv
19:30<MrGandalf>janneg: there?
19:30<MrGandalf>or stuarta?
19:32|-|BleedAway [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:32<janneg>MrGandalf: yes
19:33<MrGandalf>janneg: quick eit question. Am I correct in assuming the active scanner will work on SIDs that are encrypted?
19:42<janneg>no, if I'm not mistaken the signal monitor won't finish due to failing decryption and that will stop the eit gathering on that transport
19:43<MrGandalf>that's very interesting then
19:43<janneg>but we should change that
19:43<MrGandalf>I'll have to come up with a patch for that
19:43|-|kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has quit []
19:43<janneg>nah, I think I know how to solve that
19:44<MrGandalf>now I'm confused why I see mysql kick WAY up then after the backend has been running for a long time
19:44<janneg>are you in around for a couple of minutes for testing a patch
19:44<MrGandalf>if you insist.. I think I know as well :)
19:45<MrGandalf>brb, beer.. man I love Spaten!
19:51|-|mo0dbo0m [] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:53|-|jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has quit ["Konversation terminated!"]
19:57<gbee>justinh: fixed
19:59<justinh>cool. still compiling here. man I need more core2 duo boxes
19:59|-|superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:00<justinh>if we get our bonus this xmas I think I'll splurge on another one of these setups.. (points at the frontend)
20:00<gbee>the more I look at mythweather, the more I hate it
20:01<justinh>I remember the last time I used it. it needs some love IMHO. it's an improvement on the previous one in that it works now but...
20:01<justinh>not in any position to criticise though :)
20:01<gbee>the underlying concept that Lucien added, the plug/play scripts etc, that's good, but some of his ideas weren't improvements
20:02<gbee>in my opinion anyway
20:02<justinh>gawd when did I start this compiler off?
20:02<justinh>must've been more than 3 hours ago :(
20:05<gbee>think I'll convert the mythweather setup screens back to use the settings wizard, it may not be themable at the moment, but it's not really fun to theme settings pages anyway and the wizard is good for what it does
20:06<gbee>even once the settings wiz is themeable, I can only see people wanting to define the images used for buttons etc, the fonts and a proper background
20:06<gbee>not the layouts
20:06<justinh>hads: yeah great when all the compilers you have are the same version ;) though now I think I have 2 boxes with gutsy on.. ish
20:06<justinh>gbee: not unless they want to make different 'experience level' layouts
20:07<justinh>but no - there's enough to play with
20:07<gbee>justinh: well I think that's something we'd do project wide and you couldn't make those experience level layouts without code changes anyway
20:08<hads>justinh: As long as you are on the same minor version you should be good with distcc, and ccache will work regardless.
20:09<justinh>always configure ccache as a matter of course
20:09<gbee>anyway, better get to bed before the room gets cold
20:09<justinh>but this is a new install, first compile :)
20:09<justinh>oh crap. just noticed the time. g'night all
20:09|-|xris [n=xris@] has quit ["Leaving."]
20:09|-|justinh [] has quit []
20:21<janneg>MrGandalf: took longer than anticipiated:
20:23<MrGandalf>sorry, was making dinner.. compiling now
20:25|-|kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has joined #mythtv
20:26<janneg>no problem. I'm going to bed now. I'll read the scrollback to see if it works
20:26<janneg>I'll test and commit it tommorrow
20:27<MrGandalf>seems to have broken something.. all channels show lower c now..
20:30|-|kormoc changed nick to wick2o
20:30|-|wick2o changed nick to kormoc
20:33<MrGandalf>nope, breaks channel tuning.. it's as if it's not asking the dvb device for audio or video pids
20:43|-|xris [] has joined #mythtv
21:05<MrGandalf>janneg: when you read this, I don't know if you're having the scanner NOT select PIDs, but (if you ask me) I'd like the active scanner to select PIDs but just ignore the encrypt flag.
21:08|-|JoeBorn [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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21:10|-|jmpdelos [] has joined #mythtv
21:39|-|jhulst [i=470a8875@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #mythtv
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21:43|-|CDev [] has joined #mythtv
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21:54|-|kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
21:59<Chutt>xris, rounder corners
21:59<Chutt>otherwise, i like it =)
22:00<xris>make corners more round?
22:01<xris>this is my actual-html mockup:
22:01<xris>it needs a bit of help still though
22:03<Chutt>they're just blocky, i thought
22:04<xris>they're using browser rendering, not images.
22:04<xris>they look completely square in IE
22:04<Chutt>and konq
22:04<Chutt>it's oogly =)
22:04<xris>images means slower download/render
22:04<Chutt>bah, they'd be tiny
22:05<Chutt>and, what, 3 corners?
22:05<xris>rendering slows down a bit, though.. esp. firefox which seems to suck at rendering things these days
22:05<xris>if you do rounded corners, you need to set up images for the non-rounded corners, and the top/bottom/sides, too
22:05<hads>Round corners are annoying to make in HTML/CSS
22:05<xris>and all of the html to make them fit together
22:08<xris>yeah. thinking I already have to use tables to make things look right for gbee's play
22:13|-|superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #mythtv
22:13|-|jhulst [i=470a8875@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit ["CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)"]
22:22|-|gbee [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:35|-|kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has joined #mythtv
22:42|-|CDev [] has joined #mythtv
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22:44|-|jeronim [] has joined #mythtv
22:56|-|LotharTBL [] has joined #mythtv
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22:57|-|Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
23:13|-|Matrix9 [] has joined #mythtv
23:13[~]xris kicks CSS and firefox
23:18|-|DapOrp [] has joined #mythtv
23:21|-|mzb_d800 [] has joined #mythtv
23:22<jmpdelos> anyone had any luck tracking down which recent change to libmythupnp broke it?
23:45|-|MaverickTech [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:46|-|Matrix9 [] has quit ["Leaving"]
23:48<xris>Chutt: we may have to do shinier corners just to get around crappy css/html bugginess
23:50<Chutt>that doesn't match the image from before :p
23:50<xris>no, it doesn't
23:50<xris>my wife the artist was yelling me about "colors looking too purple, or something"
23:50<xris>bg is from this one:
23:51<Chutt>i don't like that blue
23:51<xris>I'd toss a gradient on the background if I could
23:51<xris>I'm not completely fond of it, but it's better than what was there before.
23:52<Chutt>less pastelly
23:52<xris>background color from here is too pasty-looking
23:53<xris>bluer than the color of the text in the logo, so they contrast.. but it's too yellow-red so it looks nasty if you put it in the rest of the page.
23:55|-|clever [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
23:58|-|BigJ [] has joined #mythtv
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