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00:38<xris>weird.. mythbackend sitting idle but still taking up an entire CPU worth of processing power.
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02:34<sphery>xris: Did you update since Daniel checked in [15145]? If not, preview gen can max out your CPU.
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03:12<xris>sphery: I just recompiled, and yeah, things seem a lot better now.
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04:10<justinh>any objections to me pulling blootube, blootubelite-wide and projectgrayhem from 'trunk' rather than just let them rot away?
04:16<stuarta>i object
04:16<stuarta>only because they are 1yr more current than core themes
04:16<stuarta>and they have hardly rotted.
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04:17<stuarta>i'll admit i'm biased, cause i'm still using blootube
04:17<stuarta>wide even
04:17<stuarta>and PG for that matter
04:18<justinh>I wasn't talking about pulling all of them
04:19<stuarta>it's a bit harse to decide to pull them just because they might be slightly out of date.
04:20<justinh>ok then. they'll get brought up to date when they get brought up to date
04:20<stuarta>i'm fine with that.
04:21<stuarta>your other option is to call for assistant theme maintainers to keep the themes in sync with svn, and then you can be the gatekeeper that lets the changes in or not
04:22<stuarta>i'm guessing enough ppl love them, that a few would help
04:22<justinh>can't see that myself
04:23<stuarta>that a few would help?
04:27<justinh>worth trying I suppose but wouldn't expect any miracles
04:32<stuarta>i sense it will be hard getting people to produce stuff to your standards ;-)
04:32<stuarta>cause you are such a perfectionist
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04:38<justinh>wouldn't say that at all. if I'd spent time perfecting a theme rather than just bloody churning them out one after another all this would be academic & there'd be maybe two to update
04:43<stuarta>depends a lot on what needs doing
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05:08<justinh>finding space for the mini music player is one thing :-\
05:29<gbee>you could just let it sit over the top of items on the page, just because I've squeezed into into free space doesn't mean it has to be done that way or was even intended to be done like that
05:34<justinh>I think it's just not viable on 4:3 themes
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09:26<janneg>^^^ was Daniel Kristjansson just in here?
09:27<justinh>or somebody posing as him..
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10:48<gbee>oops, he's not here
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13:33<gbee>xris: this inset effect what you were looking for? I got carried away again and threw in some other ideas:
13:35<xris>yeah, something like that. I like the "news" sideline thing, too
13:36<xris>the indent shading doesn't look quite right, though. I guess that style of look is hard to make look like an indent instead of an outdent with a different light source.
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14:03<gbee>xris: this might be an improvement, could work a little better when I've done the 'light' indent, but I'll do that after dinner
14:05<xris>yeah, looks better
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14:05<xris>actually looks indented to me now
14:06<xris>rather than both
14:08<justinh>erm. blootube-wide is actually pretty damn broken in trunk
14:09<justinh>also - I added the miniplayer xml stuff to music-ui.xml but I can't see the miniplayer anywhere. does it need to go in theme.xml or somewhere else too?
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14:11<symf>about flash player for mythweb, what stream will he use?
14:11<xris>symf: for now, it's pulling from ffmpeg over stdin
14:12<xris>eventually, mythbackend will do the encoding and mythweb would get the file streamed from the backend.
14:12<symf>any doc on web about how are doing that?
14:13<cccp>read the source
14:14<cccp>i think its in modules/stream/
14:14<cccp>144 $ffmpeg_pid = open(DATA, "$ffmpeg -y -i $filename -s 320x240 -r 24 -f flv -ac 2 -ar 11025 -ab 64k -b 256k /dev/stdout 2>/dev/null |");
14:14<symf>uh tks tks
14:16<justinh>nothing a quick grep wouldn't show up
14:17<justinh>hmmm. can't get this new mini player to appear. something's very wrong
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14:23<justinh>does it only appear with opengl enabled or something?
14:23<sphery>Hmmm. The Playback and Playback OSD sections of the TV Settings don't fit on an 800x600 screen
14:25<justinh>wouldn't mind knowing why mythfrontend keeps fading to monochrome on this box too. weird
14:26<sphery>using TV-out or VGA or DVI?
14:26<justinh>only the frontend fades to mono
14:26<justinh>and the miniplayer isn't appearing here either
14:26<justinh>not even with metallurgy
14:27<sphery>I haven't updated since it got fixed up, so I can't help with it.
14:27<justinh>and there doesn't seem to be a db setting to show/hide it
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14:29<justinh>well, enabled opengl. no miniplayer still
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14:36<gbee>justinh: only shown when the track changes or when you press the button bound to 'show miniplayer'
14:37<gbee>xris: so I take it that you are happy with that second version?
14:38<gbee>lot my bottle opener, again!
14:39<cccp>become independent of bottle openers, learn some better techniques ;)
14:40<gbee>I've ruined a couple of radiators and other bits of furniture using other techniques ;)
14:40<justinh>wheee mythfrontend hung!
14:40<laga>gbee: use your teeth
14:40<gbee>laga: ;)
14:40<laga>gbee: i've verified that it works. it's just that there are nicer ways.
14:41<justinh>ah it didn't hang. the miniplayer thang sticks around til you esc
14:41<gbee>I've got other bottle openers around the house and I've just used my mini leatherman, but I can't understand how I manage to keep losing the bottle opener I keep next to my beer fridge
14:41<justinh>I thought the keybinding would toggle it, more logical IMHO
14:41<gbee>justinh: yeah
14:41<xris>gbee: yeah, second version is cool.
14:42<gbee>easy to change that, at least the keybinding should work in addition to Esc
14:42<justinh>so I can turn gl off now. man I hate that fade
14:42<xris>not sure how much work it would be to keep the dark sidebars appearing "above" the text areas, but I like them like that.
14:42<justinh>I think it needs a setting in the db to 'always ask' or 'just continue' too
14:43[~]justinh stops thinking, cos thinking causes trouble
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14:47<gbee>justinh: I want to replace that full screen dialogue with a proper popup, fullscreen looks ugly
14:48<justinh>is there eventually going to be a db setting? I'd prefer that. you could still have a key binding to stop music playback too I think
14:49<justinh>FWIW, etc. god I'm too tired for this tonight. At least I know what I'm shooting at now
14:49<gbee>xris: if you can let me know the images pieces you want, or I can provide larger images (without the background) that you can cut up yourself
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14:52<xris>well, I'm still trying to do this color-neutral, so if you can get me transparent PNG files of just the shadow stuff for all sides and corners (square and round)...
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14:53<phiwum>Hey ho. I'm having trouble with my direcTV D12-300 tuner. Anyone got one of them?
14:55<phiwum>Thanks. Sorry.
14:58<gbee>xris: will this give you what you want, or do you want me to cut it up?
15:00<xris>gbee: that's fine for now. I won't know until I actually start trying to do the work...
15:00<xris>need more corners, though.. like the stuff under the posted-date on the newsblog items, etc
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15:11<gbee>I'll put anything else you need there
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15:33<justinh>nothing like a bracing 1 deg C walk to wake the senses
15:36<justinh>sometimes I wish we'd got a cat
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16:03<xris>gbee: can I get a right-facing version of tv9? and lighten the knobs on both so that they're the same grey as on the white one.
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16:21<justinh>boo. can't commit my new changes
16:24<justinh>svn: Commit failed (details follow):
16:24<justinh>svn: MKACTIVITY of '/svn/!svn/act/48583aae-4541-0410-8a63-a26a772fb4f8': 500 Internal Server Error (
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16:25<justinh>something tells me I didn't checkout the right way or somefink
16:25<justinh>I should really write it down so I don't forget
16:26<gbee>xris: tv15.png and tv16.png
16:27<gbee>the right facing TV doesn't have the reflection since I'm not sure where it would go with the imaginary light source being behind the TV
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16:29<xris>gbee: something odd with the arrows on the knobs
16:30<gbee>ahh, yeah, shadow showing through
16:30<xris>and I think the reflection would go on the top left edge.. but not the "front" of the tv
16:30<xris>well, knob arrows just looked the wrong color to me. but maybe you made them with shadows instead of color
16:32<justinh>can somebody give me a ickle clue where I went wrong with my svn-fu then? just checked out the files anonymously into a dir & mistakenly thought I'd just put username & password to do checkins. I promise to take notes this time
16:34<Anduin>justinh: svn+ssh://urls
16:34<justinh>aha! cheers muchly!
16:34<gbee>xris: refresh 16, the background shadow was visible through the buttons
16:35<gbee>adding the reflection now
16:37<xris>yeah, 16 is better. though might be good to just make the knob arrows all darker in color (on both white and black tvs)
16:38<justinh>getting permission denied. last time I ever move stuff around in my home dir
16:40<gbee>xris: np, the arrows in the original image were transparent because it was set against bright colour backgrounds, but I can make them dark
16:40<gbee>in the meantime, refresh 16 again, adding the shine/reflection
16:42<xris>yeah, shine looks good
16:42<xris>dunno if it might be worthwhile to make the top/side ever so slightly lighter in color than the face... hopefully it would still look black at that point.
16:43<justinh>hrm svn co svn+ssh doesn't seem to be taking --username
16:43<xris>justinh: svh+ssh://
16:43[~]justinh smacks himself
16:43<laga>gbee: wow. is that really a "contact mythtv developers" button in that'd be more revolutionary than glasnost :)
16:43<justinh>thanks xris. I shouldn't have to be bothering anybody with this stuff
16:46<gbee>laga: heh, xris wants to stop people emailing him just because his email address turns up first in google searches ;)
16:47<Anduin>justinh: also make sure you use /var/lib/svn/whatyoueant
16:47[~]justinh apologises for the log traffic
16:48<xris>justinh: no log in this channel. :)
16:48<justinh>I bet the server logs show my idiocy though
16:49<laga>i just requested a k-line with freenode staff
16:49<justinh>you can for me. I'll get more done if I'm not here
16:51<justinh>other than the miniplayer I don't think I'm behind on as much as I thought. if anything else
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16:54<justinh>heh this 'just check 4 files in' has turned into a bit of an exercise
16:57<janneg>gbee: I bet you have already noticed that TV setting doesn't redrawn fully when you're scrolling to the last option
16:57<xris>laga: (for the semi-working site)
16:58<laga>yay, niftiness
16:59<gbee>laga: no? could you give me more details?
16:59<janneg>gbee: do you talk with me?
17:00<gbee>janneg: yeah sorry, kopete colour codes usernames but both you and laga are red
17:00<laga>i'd blush, but it'd look the same
17:01<janneg>xris: is it intended that the text in the top menu is rendered both in the blue and black on mouseover
17:02<justinh>right. one checkin. my work today is done. I did something at last :)
17:04<janneg>gbee: if I scroll down to the 7th item which is not on screen the text from the item which wasn't active is still in the last row
17:04<janneg>partly overdrawn by the 7th centered item
17:04<janneg>I'll make a screen shot
17:04<gbee>janneg: using Konqueror (black/blue problem)?
17:05<gbee>janneg: thanks, that will help a lot
17:05<xris>janneg: not sure what you mean
17:05<gbee>xris: konqueror alpha bug, doesn't update the alpha colour when the background changes
17:05<janneg>yes, konqueror
17:06<gbee>so the alpha on the shine retains the black or blue etc when you mouseover
17:07<gbee>janneg: thanks
17:07<janneg>gbee: it goes away if the mythfrontend window is redrawn again
17:07<gbee>that's weird, not seeing the problem here
17:08<janneg>after a virtual desktop or active window change
17:09<gbee>I'll look into it
17:10<gbee>need some more icons for those menu entries ;)
17:11<gbee>janneg: shouldn't matter, but which painter are you using?
17:11<janneg>qt, I'll try opengl
17:12<janneg>no difference
17:12|-|jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:12<gbee>just tried, works with both here but I'm sure it can probably be fixed by forcing a redraw on that space
17:13<gbee>I can guess why it's broken, just not why it's working for me and not you
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17:14<janneg>I'm running multirec but it was synced yesterday
17:14<janneg>and I haven't seen a commit which could have fixed it
17:16<gbee>there hasn't been one
17:16<gbee>I'll try and fix it sometime during the weekend
17:17<gbee>xris: completely forgot to say, the updated tvs have been uploaded, 15 through 18
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17:19<xris>cool, thx
17:22<gbee>does IE now support transparency in PNGs?
17:34<xris>IE 7 does
17:34<xris>and that's all I care about for
17:34<xris>there's some weird highlighting in the shadow on the black TVs.. bottom left
17:34<xris>and below the knobs
17:34<xris>actually, white TVs do, too
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17:46<gbee>xris: ok, found the cause of that, fixing it now
17:47<gbee>little artifacts left around in different layers because of all the tweaking :)
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18:00<xris>what are you using to do the designs?
18:01|-|jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
18:04<gbee>in this case there were holes in the shadow layer, which were showing up as those highlights after the blue was applied
18:04<gbee>right, uploaded fixed version of the right facing TVs
18:14<gbee>all done
18:15<gbee>after the time I've spent on these, I'll probably have to use them in a future theme ;)
18:17<gbee>wonder if I can skew and rotate preview images and channel icons :D
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18:39<justinh>there seems to be a slight problem with the background not changing when I change themes
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18:41<justinh>even after clearing the themecache
18:46<justinh>weird. seems that if the path you're at when running mythfrontend is in a theme dir, filenames are treated relatively - i.e. if you're in the dir of another theme when you start mythfrontend, any files of the same name are displayed instead of those in the theme. ouchy
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19:27<justinh>not worth filing a bug for that though - hardly likely anybody will be a numpty like that ;)
19:30<gbee>think it may even be intentional, I dimly remember it being discussed in the past but can't remember the reasoning
19:31<gbee>bigger problem is the themecache caching the default images instead of the theme ones when you re-install mythtv but not the theme
19:32<gbee>actually the whole themecache is a little f'ked up, but I'm still waiting for inspiration on how to improve it
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21:23<tjbaudio>good evening all
21:25<tjbaudio>can any one point me to a page with a general description of the inner workings on mythTV?
21:26<tjbaudio>I am working on a set of modifications to make MythTV better suited to an educational setting
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22:06<hads>tjbaudio: is a start
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22:27<tjbaudio>thank you
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