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00:34<xris>gbee: ping me if you're awake
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02:32<xris>yay imagemagick
02:33<xris>now to spend another 2 hours getting the right-facing ones to work. blech
02:43<Chutt>you really like it slanted/rotated like that?
02:52<xris>for the thumbnail? makes it look a little nicer than just a flat rectangle
02:52<xris>also makes all of the images the same size no matter what the original is
02:53<Chutt>i dunno
02:53<Chutt>seems odd, that's all
02:54<xris>will make at least a little more sense when there is some content to go around them
02:54<xris>they'll be mixed in with a lot of text, not just a random gallery
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03:04<xris>ok. imagemagick can be such a pain sometimes...
03:04<xris>but I have the formulas figured out now so it should be relatively painless to add new tv images or whatever
03:06<xris>the black images are definitely nicer to look at
03:15<xris>Chutt: better idea of what it might eventually look like:
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07:41[~]justinh does some hardware transplanting :)
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08:25<justinh>oh bum. HSF is too tall for the case
08:29<justinh>heh no. got another heatsink I modded earlier. no fan though
08:29<justinh>hmm weird noise coming out of analogue when I play a dvd
08:48<gbee>unshielded cable and noisy motor?
08:59<justinh>nah like ac3 being dumped out of /dev/dsp
08:59<justinh>normal stereo is great
09:00<justinh>I can live with _having_ to turn the tv sound off to watch vids & doovde
09:00<justinh>normally do anyway
09:00<justinh>now it's official. epia gone bye byes baby!
09:01<justinh>need to buy a 70mm fan for the cpu just to be on the safe side, maybe a zalman HSF altogether but it'll do for now
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09:42<justinh>hmm a zalman is out :(
09:44<gbee>still too tall?
09:45<justinh>too big diameter
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09:48<justinh>the heatsink on there at the mo, combined with the profile of the dvd drive bracket means I can only have a 20mm thick fan
09:49<justinh>50 deg C playing sdtv - 10% CPU usage
09:49<justinh>we have some nice thin 70mm fans at work :)
09:50<justinh>at least I know the CPU won't set the house on fire if it overheats anyway
09:50<laga>why? it's not overheating yet :)
09:51<GreyFoxx>So now if the frontend thinks there is a schema mismatch it warns you and only offers "Exit" as an option?
09:52<justinh>I can see me having to splurge on a new box. though I could just do some _heavy_ modding here & move the DVD drive out of the way, make a new front panel..
09:53<justinh>all this just to banish a crappy epia eh
10:11<gbee>GreyFoxx: not every code change is a step in the right direction, I think we're all guilty of making those changes at times and it takes someone else to question it before we realise that it could be done better
10:13<janneg>GreyFoxx: are you still on multirec? I could choose between update and exit in the frontend after the last sync
10:14<gbee>oh, I misread, yeah update should be an available option
10:17<GreyFoxx>janneg: just compiling an updated multirec now on the frontend I'm using :)
10:17<GreyFoxx>gbee: certainly. It just caught me off guard :)
10:17<GreyFoxx>I had updated the backends before the frontends and my wife was complaining :)
10:18<GreyFoxx>It is a step in the right direction though. Users should be warned
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10:20<gbee>users should be warned, though I didn't like the fact that I had to click through two dialogues to update, one should have been enough
10:23<GreyFoxx>Hmmm that New SageTV stb looks kinda nifty
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10:36<janneg>huh, I think I had only one dialog and restarting the master backend upgraded the schema without questions
10:44<gbee>janneg: pretty sure I saw two, but I didn't stop to think about it at the time
10:46<gbee>maybe I'm wrong, but I thought it went something like "We need to update the schema: [Update] [Exit]" then "Schema is version XXXX, update to YYYY: [Ok] [Cancel]"
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10:55<gbee>ok remembered wrong, the second dialogue is a "This cannot be un-done, so having a database backup would be a good idea."
10:56<gbee>even labelled as annoying in the code - mythcontext.cpp line 3503 - // The annoying extra confirmation:
11:01<janneg>yeah, I remembered wrong
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11:39<larson9999>well, the remote works! if i can figure out how to get a lineup, i'll be all set
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12:16<xris>gbee: ping
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12:22<xris>you see my "tv" edits from last night?
12:22<gbee>yeah, looks good
12:24<xris>my wife says that the reflection on the two black ones doesn't match up
12:25<xris>says the angles aren't the same, or something like that
12:25<gbee>she's right, looks like the light is behind left on the first and front left on the second
12:26<notjustdave>gbee: crank up the 3d package ;)
12:26<notjustdave>I've been toying with the idea of bringing 3d rendered graphics in for ages
12:27<gbee>not sure I want to learn another app just yet
12:27<notjustdave>as bitmaps I mean, not putting a real 3d engine into mythtv. man o man
12:27<gbee>are there any good ones for linux?
12:27<notjustdave>there's talking out of my hat and talking out of my hat!
12:27<notjustdave>er.. none I can recommend.
12:28<gbee>xris: let me see if I can do anything about it
12:28<notjustdave>the 'big' one everybody raves about is nasty. big steep learning curve
12:28<notjustdave>blender, that's it
12:28<xris>but after 2-3 hours of mucking around last night, I have the overall formula for creating this effect on other images (takes 5-10 minutes per image size)
12:28<xris>maybe not quite that much
12:29<xris>but I actually really like the rendered black ones...
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12:30<xris>if you want to make another color, use the same color as the background of the main text areas on the front page. that light grey comes from the text in the mythtv logo
12:30<notjustdave>don't spose anybody has video of a roaring open fire as a sequence of pngs lying around have they?
12:31<gbee>I like both, but then I said the same about the first stuff I drew a month ago for metallurgy and since then I've found I can produce something much better, who knows what I'll think of those TVs in another months time?
12:32<gbee>notjustdave: as it happens ...
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12:32<notjustdave>I think I just thought of my first theme animation though :)
12:35<xris>notjustdave: fishtank. heh
12:35<xris>oohh... toasters.... with wings!
12:36<notjustdave>dunno why but today out walking Rory I couldn't help but think of a nice roaring fire
12:49[~]gbee has a nice roaring fire going
12:50<gbee>not in this room, unfortunately
12:50[~]gbee realises that he's using a laptop and good easily be in the same room ...
12:53<xris>haven't lit a fire yet this year
12:53<xris>fireplace-shaped candelabra tends to actually heat more because it doesn't suck air up the chimney (not that I've used that one, either)
12:57<notjustdave>if I can make this work it's going to be nice
13:01<gbee>xris: really not sure about this light source angle, but does look any better?
13:01<gbee>also did but that doesn't look right at all
13:07<notjustdave>hmm my own hearth just isn't olde worlde enough
13:07<xris>angle isn't right on 19... but I think the amount/fade is better if you just move it up higher...
13:08<xris>I think the left-facing one could also use a little bit of shine on the top of the tv...
13:08<gbee>xris: 21 is that grey
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13:08<xris>since that one looks like the light is coming too much from straight on and below, rather than above
13:08<xris>ooh.. I like 21
13:09<gbee>think the grey has the edge over the white
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13:11<gbee>xris: gonna watch a film now and maybe afterwards I'll have some time to work on that getting that light source angle right
13:11<xris>cool, no problem.. I appreciate all of the help.
13:11<xris>I'm going car shopping in a bit, anyway
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13:21<notjustdave>gbee: it works!
13:27<notjustdave>new thing for glass-wide, glossy black background, roaring fire beneath the watermarks. nice if you like that kind of thing:
13:27<notjustdave>er.. still uploading
13:38<xris>gbee: there's the grey one:
13:38<xris>next to the white. I think it looks pretty good
13:59<xris>gbee: if you show up again, I'm hoping you can reduce the "bleed" of the shadow by 5-10px... I just looked at the image size on disk and it would be nice to cut that down a bit.
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14:09<notjustdave>hmm I think I could eventually come round to the idea of using the flipbook png stuff
14:09<notjustdave>even more fun to be had making little loops of stuff
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19:29<rooaus>gbee: You still interested in an Eee, I am in Taiwan atm. Going to have a look at prices today, guess they should be cheaper here?
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