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02:40<externalUSBinsta>hi! I am setting up my first dedicated mythtv machine :-) :-) *pops champagne* - I am just partitioning a 750gb drive, and wonder, are there any recommended partition setups?
02:41[~]externalUSBinsta reads topics and then changes channel
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04:41<gbee>rooaus: sorry I went to bed early. Depends on how much cheaper I guess considering the shipping on top and the fact that it's now Christmas so my budget is a little smaller ;)
04:43<rooaus>gbee: np, I understand about the Christmas budget :)
04:44<rooaus>I got one price earlier today for the 8G, it also has 1G ram and was NT$12000.
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04:50<rooaus>That is around 257 Euro.
04:51<gbee>not bad at all, considering that's the top model - around £40 cheaper than the 4G is selling over here
04:51<gbee>yeah, just did the calculations
04:54<gbee>I'd be curious to see how much the 4G is going for
04:54<gbee>thanks for letting me know btw :)
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05:09<rooaus>gbee: No worries, I will see if I can get a price for the 4G model tomorrow (before spending all afternoon in the test house clean room) :(
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05:24<Solv>I'm trying to update mythtv on gentoo from svn...i get the following error: emake || diefunc "$FUNCNAME" "$LINENO" "$?" "emake failed";
05:25<Solv>sorry...i thought this was also support for build problems...i';; try mythtv-users
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05:41<gbee>£183 is cheaper even that the 2G model here .... tempting
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07:13<gbee>morning justinh
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08:24<justinh>gbee: seen my fire? I found a use for the png flipbook after all
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08:25<gbee>justinh: no, not yet, I'll install it a little later if I get time
08:27<justinh>it's not much and I think it needs the right background to work better. like a seasonal fireside ;)
08:34<gbee>just working on some more icons and trying to improve some of the weaker ones
08:35<gbee>kinda limited by only having 1Gb in this machine
08:36<gbee>with, or without rabbit ears?
08:42<laga>heh, the mythtvtalk logo originated from rabbit ears as well
08:54<justinh>I remember trying to trace that into svg. man
09:00<justinh>damnit google still haven't indexed my site
09:01<gbee>aahhh, always wondered where that logo came from
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09:43[~]Captain_Murdoch thinks without the ears and with square corners for the screen inside the TV because he wonders what widescreen TV has rounded corners on its display.
09:44[~]Captain_Murdoch then realizes he is responding to a question posed over 90 minutes ago. :)
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10:33<gbee>Captain_Murdoch: I dare say there are quite a lot of earlier model widescreen TVs in this country which still have rounded corners, after all we've had SD widescreen for a very long time
10:33<gbee>having said that, I'm just trying it with a squared screen
10:34<gbee>get the sense that xris might want this version for the website instead of the one he's got :/
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11:43<stuarta>oftom are tossers ->
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12:53<stuarta>anyone object to the "Show/Game Show" -> "Entertainment" change in 3587?
13:12<MrGandalf>stuarta: it's a better fit
13:12<stuarta>that's what i'm thinking.
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13:12<MrGandalf>I noticed that months back when I was adding categories from US providers
13:13[~]stuarta decides to commit that one
13:17<stuarta>hmmm, 4327 needs a bit more work
13:18<MrGandalf>has anyone taken notice of the few patches I have out there?
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14:11<gbee>looks like G.A.N.T and possible other themes are missing watermark/icon entries, GAME_SETTINGS_PLAYERS for one
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14:58<anykey_>Is anyone able to scan DVB channels with recent SVN (15173)
15:06<stuarta>can't say i've tried.
15:06<anykey_>it crashes with a segfault here
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15:15<laga>anykey_: get a backtrace, report a bug?
15:15<stuarta>i think there's already a bug for it
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15:18[~]stuarta hacks on the uk fixup a bit more.
15:38<janneg>anykey_: the scanner works here
15:39<anykey_>janneg: I'm doing a full scan of existing transports, and it crashs
15:43<justinh>gbee: I noticed the missing watermarks a while back. I started collecting images for G.A.N.T. can't remember if I started checking any in
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15:43<justinh>I remember asking for a hand locating icon sets for the other themes on the -dev list too. nothing came up
15:44<janneg>works here too. I first tried a full scan. I'll try it a few times more since the ticket mentioned it is not 100% reproducdeable.
15:49<janneg>but there is something. I get tons of X errors
15:53<gbee>justinh: could you reuse existing watermarks? sure a duplicate looks better than nothing at all
15:54<justinh>gbee: that's my intention - where possible use existing ones
15:54<justinh>my head isn't here tonight so I'll save it for during the week when I'm off
15:56<justinh>hangover worse than LRL Sunday today. there was dancing too, apparently. I hope the cctv never gets out
15:56<anykey_>janneg: yeah, me too
15:56<gbee>sure, when I mentioned it, I wasn't aiming it at you, but anyone who wanted to do some work
15:56<stuarta>justinh: sounds like you had a good night out ;-)
15:59<justinh>aye avoiding the work do has its compensations :)
15:59<justinh>gbee: it's been on my list for ages. other stuff's been getting in the way
15:59<stuarta>so it wasn't the work do? it was self inflicted?
16:00<justinh>at the risk of sounding callous, if I have the choice between going out with colleagues or spending time with people I really like ... ;)
16:01<stuarta>fair enuf
16:01<justinh>everybody only ever talks shop at our works things anyway
16:01<stuarta>boring. our lot are quite fun, so they are worth going to
16:02<stuarta>for the summer do, the company puts on dodgem cars to drive whilst drunk :)
16:02<stuarta>(as well as the rest of the circus)
16:02<justinh>sitting around stuffing your face with curry & getting drunk is all well & good but I'm more of a bar fly, even in my old age
16:02<justinh>wow that sounds amazing
16:03<stuarta>although have to wait till feb for the end of year do.
16:03<stuarta>circus = ferris wheel, silly games, shooting stuff etc.
16:03<justinh>at our official company do the CEO was setting his racing car up as a simulator effort. not many feel too enthusiastic about it. most of the dev. dept. didn't go
16:04<stuarta>hardly surprising then
16:04<justinh>and this year's bonus is... (cough)... as he stands there next to his racing car :-\
16:05<justinh>maybe there wouldn't be quite so much resentment towards it if certain people in finance hadn't left out certain spreadsheets on the laser printer. ferrying customers around in helicopters, that sort of thing
16:11<justinh>they must've been desperate for numbers. the emails & posters were still rallying round long after the 'deadline' for signing up. just think of the money we saved them ;)
16:12<gbee>now this sucks, mythgallery caches thumbnails of images but that includes the theme defined 'movie' icon, so it doesn't matter what theme you use, the one cached from the previous theme gets used instead
16:16<justinh>the hard-coding of icons causing that?
16:18<gbee>not in this case no, it's down to the mythgallery cache saving a copy of the generic image
16:19<justinh>I can't say I've ever noticed that
16:26<gbee>someone who uses mythgallery a lot want to take this patch for a spin?
16:27<gbee>need to delete the mythgallery thumbnail cache to really test it
16:33<gbee>oh wait, mistake in there
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17:53<gbee>not clear why we load thumbnails in mythgallery as QImages but then convert them to QPixmaps
17:54<gbee>whatever speed benefits there might be from drawing QPixmaps are probably lost in the conversion
17:55<gbee>pretty sure that we're losing the alpha channel info in the process
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18:30<gbee>heh, images like this are really a good way of selling mythtv -
18:33<xris>gbee: yeah.. I *really* want to get the screenshot stuff cleaned up.
18:33<xris>hence the "in detail" page for the new
18:33<gbee>Anduin: how are you handling the text input for that new dialog?
18:34<Anduin>gbee: Just don't look at it :)
18:35<Anduin>(it is slightly more disgusting that for the imdb number)
18:35<gbee>heh, well from the commit message (non remote friendly) I guess that you didn't just use a remoteedittype
18:38<Anduin>gbee: I started down that way, but at the time didn't have the raw Qt event to push to the getEdit widget, I may revisit it (I felt bad, but not so bad I didn't commit it)
18:41<gbee>just looking at the diff, but I think I need to see the dialog in action before I can really comment
18:42<gbee>is it a "search as you type" thing?
18:44<Anduin>No, just simple input (can't search as you type, the result is used to call the data fetch script)
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