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05:56<DaveMorris>quick development question, TVlistings which are stored in the database, are they stored there indefinitely, if not for how long?
05:57<stuarta>generally till they are 7 days old
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05:59<Daviey>i hate kvandivo
06:00<DaveMorris>hmm, there goes that idea then
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06:24<gbee>DaveMorris: as Stuarta says, in trunk at least, they are stored for seven days past the point where they are current so that you can look up details of programmes you might have missed and set up recording rules to catch repeats in the future
06:25<gbee>after seven days they are deleted by the housekeeper
06:25<stuarta>isn't that configurable?
06:25<stuarta>i can't remember
06:27<gbee>you used to be able to control it by passing args to mythfilldatabase, but after I moved it from mythfilldatabase to the housekeeper I didn't see the point in keeping it configurable, it uses a very tiny amount of diskspace
06:29<DaveMorris>gbee: thanks
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08:30<Jiten>DaveMorris: doesn't sound like a hard modification to make them stick around longer.
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08:34<stuarta>but i'd have to ask what problem is attempting to be solved
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09:06<jams>hey justinh did you get an email about mythxface?
09:08<jams>guess you didn't
09:10<jams>it's a theme somebody is working on. I'm still attempting to figure out the body of the email.
09:10<anykey_>gbee: would you mind if I borrow some icons of your theme for mine?
09:10<justinh>jams: just seen it. grr
09:11<justinh>so it's based on blootube huh
09:11<justinh>and another port of a mediaportal skin
09:13<justinh>worth running that through a translator
09:13<gbee>anykey_: hmm
09:14<gbee>that's a pretty theme, or at least something different ... rather jealous
09:14<justinh>no comment
09:14<gbee>anykey_: I dunno, would prefer it if my theme had been officially released and around for a while before people start borrowing from it
09:14<anykey_>i like it
09:15<anykey_>gbee: well, mine isn't to be released that soon either ;)
09:15<justinh>it's not worthy of respect if it just nicks so much from something else IMHO
09:15<gbee>justinh: a little too busy for my tastes, hardcoded text as well but they've used ideas that I was saving for my next theme
09:15<justinh>would've been nice to have been consulted too.
09:16<anykey_>it looks like vista, imho
09:18<justinh>looks like they're mirroring neon-wide too
09:18<gbee>lets hope it isn't as broken as vista
09:18<justinh>and project ghey
09:19<justinh>er... they're calling metallurgy projectgrayhem
09:19<justinh>jams: guess I wasn't approached cos they knew I'd say no
09:21<justinh>wonder if they got the blessing of the original skin creator too...
09:24<justinh>make a classic mistake on the screenshots too. note the filenames :P
09:24<gbee>getting way too carried away, I very nearly started rewriting Anduin's last checkin to use a UIRemoteEditType
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09:26<gbee>justinh: if they don't mind being hauled out of their beds by the Police at the request of the MPAA, then what's wrong with the screenshots?
09:28<gbee>know I can't be the only one to have these ideas, but the dvd box frame was on my list :(
09:28<anykey_>I don't really like the mythmusic screen though. Its messy
09:28<justinh>don't worry about it. it wasn't his idea either
09:29<gbee>but metallurgy aside, I couldn't use that theme, would ruin my eyesight
09:30<gbee>when you look at it critically all the screens are messy, way too much going on
09:31<gbee>and the mythmusic screen assumes the user will use full tree mode (I don't)
09:32<gbee>music screen has a mix of different styles, they don't work well together
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09:34<gbee>can't really complain though, I mean the point of metallurgy was to push themers to do new things and drive forward the standard - doubt this theme was directly influenced by that, but the point still stands
09:36<knowledgejunkie>do any UK devs have DVB-S scanning working properly
09:37<gbee>if someone gives me a card, I'll work on it ;)
09:37<stuarta>damn too slow
09:37<knowledgejunkie>i can give you a free copy of xine if you like :)
09:38<stuarta>can probably do everything remotely.
09:38<stuarta>although i'd still prefer my own card :)
09:39<gbee>where's the fun in that?
09:41<stuarta>oh the deep joy of mythtv-setup tunnelled via SSH
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09:43<justinh>stuarta: you want a dvb-s card? I'll pass on the joy next time somebody donates cash
09:44<stuarta>i'll never say no to hardware
09:44<justinh>gbee: another concern of mine is the source of the graphics. some MP skins use Vista backgrounds & icons
09:45<justinh>and as for being pushed - I'm holding off til more of the ui port is done. don't see any point pushing the boat out now
09:46<gbee>justinh: not much can be done about it, unless you want to the bastard who reports them for copyright violation
09:46<stuarta>knowledgejunkie: what's up with the scanning anyway
09:46<gbee>but it's disappointing and a little depressing
09:46<justinh>gbee: I know :)
09:47<knowledgejunkie>stuarta: in my recent experience (149xx release) importing a channels.conf doesn't work, a full scan doesn't work, and scanning existing transports doesn't work
09:47<janneg>knowledgejunkie: segfaults?
09:47<stuarta>i can see how that could cause a problem
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09:48<knowledgejunkie>stuarta: SnR is not reported either, and there is a DTVSignalMonitor? failure to stderr in mythtv-setup log output
09:48<stuarta>Dibblah: seeing you are here. you done a scan for channels on latest svn?
09:48<janneg>knowledgejunkie: see #4324 but I can't reproduce it
09:48<knowledgejunkie>xine has no problems with any scanning, or with snr
09:48<gbee>justinh: wasn't referring to you when I talked about pushing, you were one of two/three themers actually trying something different, even so I hope I've highlighted some of the little known abilities of the current code
09:49<janneg>knowledgejunkie: there seems to be an UI related problem
09:49<justinh>gbee: no I knew what you meant. I was just saying. I want to go much, much further :)
09:49<knowledgejunkie>i've had 1 or 2 crashes - but definitely not 95% of the time
09:50<gbee>justinh: unfortunately I'm torn, I'd like to do another, more radical theme but the time I spent on it would be time away from the code - can't really devote the time I'd like to either of them
09:50<justinh>I'm flatterred people have called some of my stuff 'pro' looking but they're wrong. completely wrong :P
09:51<janneg>knowledgejunkie: have you a known good revision and that's the first failing revision?
09:51<justinh>gbee: I don't mind being an outlet for ideas ;)
09:51<gbee>justinh: blootube-wide, was at the time of it's release exactly that when you compared it to earlier work (and that's exactly what it should be compared against)
09:51<knowledgejunkie>janneg: I do see the "DVBSignalMonitor(0)::constructor(-1,Warning, can not count Uncorrected Blocks): Operation not supported" message but it does not always crash. Typically only channels on the first seed mutliplex are inserted, but all mutliplexes seem to be auto-discovered
09:52<knowledgejunkie>janneg: no - first release I've tested with is the current atrpms trunk release
09:52<knowledgejunkie>janneg: 14921
09:53<janneg>knowledgejunkie: that's how the full scan works atm, you have to scan all known transponders afterwards
09:54<gbee>actually, I still consider blootube-wide and others to be high quality, but I've since come to dislike a lot of the crap shown on certain screens by all the original themes, the unnecessary space wasting stuff which doesn't add to the experience of a cohesive UI
09:54<gbee>no-one has yet complained about the things I've left out of metallurgy, which I take to be a sign that it was never needed in the first place
09:55<justinh>gbee: yup. and I wasn't really thinking about a lot of the stuff I did in terms of cohesiveness etc
09:55<Dibblah>stuarta: Not recently.
09:55<knowledgejunkie>janneg: and importing channels.conf does not import channels either - AIUI it determines the multiplexes and then re-scans them?
09:56<gbee>just realised that they nicked my music stars idea for xface >:(
09:56<knowledgejunkie>janneg: the problem I have with that is that after importing channels.conf, it fails to find any channels
09:56<justinh>open source isn't ideal for artwork type stuff. they say imitation is the highest form of flattery but I never seem to take it that way
09:57<knowledgejunkie>janneg: let me see whether doing a rescan of the existing 82 transports finds any more channels
09:57<Dibblah>Which part of "bisect" is hard to understand?
09:57<gbee>justinh: neither do most of the plugin authors, rather than copying the style and imagery of mythfrontend and existing plugins, they each did their own thing and the result is a mess
09:57<gbee>something that themers can't be blamed for
09:58<justinh>and I was just copying bad ideas :P
09:58<justinh>in the new year I think the world will see some new code from me, one way or the other
09:58<Dibblah>stuarta: Is it DVB-s that's needing checked for scanning?
09:59<gbee>justinh: I just see artistic imitation as laziness and though I'm happy for others to take my code and improve it, I'd rather they left my themes and images alone
09:59<justinh>hell I even got slightly offended when somebody on the list asked if you'd gone over to the 'dark side'.
09:59[~]stuarta hopes Dibblah does a DB backup first.
09:59<justinh>even if it was a joke it still felt like a slight
09:59<Dibblah>Heh. Do I look like that much of a noob?
09:59<Dibblah>Oh, wait ;)
09:59<stuarta>nope :)
10:00<gbee>justinh: hard not to take it that way
10:00<justinh>like making light of somebody who's only able to write the odd doc. it's all better than sitting on hands saying "it sucks, fix it" ;)
10:01<janneg>14874 and 14908 are the UI related changes which might caused the segfault in #4324
10:02<Dibblah>This means I'll have to upgrade now. May take a while.
10:03<janneg>Dibblah: at which revision are you now?
10:03<gbee>I'm becoming a little too attached to the UI, hence why I asked Paul to make those miniplayer changes, I would have gone further but .......
10:04<justinh>anyway with regard to hardware donations, for all the tuners mythtv has helped sell I don't think it'd be out of place if a card manufacturer shoved some towards the dev team
10:04<janneg>can you first try scanning with those rev
10:04<gbee>we need to write out some standards for the UI, same as the coding standards
10:05<justinh>gbee: definitely. get some commonality in from the ground up. avoiding stuff like 'press MENU to save'
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10:06<gbee>yeah and not defining the style/look/behaviour of a widget entirely in the code, or writing a new widget when an existing one would do or could be extended
10:07<justinh>and the ability to document it all from day one will be nice too
10:07<gbee>I've lost count of how many widgets are in uitypes, mythdialogs etc but IMHO mythui should have no more than 10 or so
10:07<justinh>I think that was recognised a long time ago - look at how old the ticket is ;)
10:08<gbee>ok, maybe a little more than ten, since we're already around 8/9 and we need some settings types and a tree type, but you get the point
10:08<Dibblah>janneg: Sure.
10:08<Dibblah>However, ISTR some breakage on my current provider when scanning.
10:09<Dibblah>... Hence why I've avoided it for some time.
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10:10<gbee>the existing button list in mythui could easily be extended to serve the purpose of 1) listarea 2) button area 3) menu dialog 4) imagegrid and at the same time, offer a huge amount of flexibility in theming
10:10<justinh>gbee: true
10:11<justinh>I'm really glad you've seen the other side of the fence now though :)
10:11<gbee>in fact it basically replaces all the existing dialogs we offer when combined with a textarea and background image
10:12<justinh>not sure I like how the miniplayer uses the background. couldn't quite get it to look how I wanted it, but it'll do
10:12<gbee>justinh: feels a little lonely on this side though, considering that on the other side I had the company of most devs
10:12<gbee>justinh: how so?
10:13<justinh>a transparent miniplayer background wasn't being drawn on its own on top of the menus
10:13<janneg>Dibblah: the problem is that scanning doesn't work at all/segfaults.
10:14<Dibblah>Yes, I've seen the ticket.
10:14<justinh>gbee: think how I feel then ;) where I could I've messed about with a bit of code but I feel so frustrated I can't do more yet. I'd love to be all over the ui port
10:15<Dibblah>Is there still a problem with -v all?
10:15<janneg>knowledgejunkie: channels.conf import verifies and extends the information from the channels.conf
10:15<justinh>looking forward to picking up my appearance setting gadget again. I think that'll make a nice difference
10:15<gbee>justinh: yeah, can't do transparency since the dialog uses the QT background, so you have to draw over the top of that
10:15<knowledgejunkie>janneg: but it doesn't actually import any channels without further scanning?
10:15<gbee>it's what comes from using anything in the mythdialog stable
10:16<justinh>gbee: but in theory it doesn't always have to be that way, right ? :)
10:16<justinh>my other plan..
10:16<janneg>no, it adds only after it has verified the info successfully
10:17<gbee>justinh: not at all, mythui should stop all that nonsense (assuming that I'm the one to write the new stuff, or at least get to influence it)
10:17<knowledgejunkie>janneg: fair enough - is there information missing from channels.conf that is needed for tuning?
10:18<knowledgejunkie>janneg: ISTR that with DVB-T, a channels.conf import will not enable EIT scanning until a user rescans their transports within mythtvsetup
10:18<janneg>not for tuning but for EIT for example
10:18<Dibblah>Lots of 2007-12-17 15:18:39.028 ATSCStreamData::HandleTables(): Unknown table 0x4a
10:18<gbee>but if I'm going to direct mythui in the right direction, that puts the pressure on me to keep working on it before someone comes along and does it first
10:19<Dibblah>After a year sitting in the queue?
10:20[~]stuarta ponders table 4a
10:20<knowledgejunkie>janneg: i've got a full rescan of the 80-something transports going on at the moment - will see if any more channels are successfully added to the DB. Yesterday only one or two transports' channels were added
10:22<Dibblah>Shame that 'Updating' doesn't currently mean what it says :(
10:23<knowledgejunkie>janneg: a quick SQL query during the scan shows a lot of channels being added today
10:23<gbee>Dibblah: these things have a habit of happening at the same time, time and again someone else will start working on something that I had planned
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10:24<knowledgejunkie>janneg: Assuming my transport scan doesn't fail today, is there any reason the full scan can/does not automatically call the transport scan to actually populate the channels?
10:27<janneg>except the obvious reason, nothing
10:28<stuarta>what comes to mind is full scan is supposed to be slow and exhaustive
10:28<stuarta>IIRC it was originally "tuned scan" that should then kick into transport scan
10:30<Dibblah>"It doesn't" is the answer.
10:30<Dibblah>It was broken at some stage and not fixed.
10:30<stuarta>and hasn't for any length of time.
10:30<stuarta>knowledgejunkie: that's the bit that needs fixing
10:31<Dibblah>What happened to the scanner branch?
10:31<stuarta>i think it's daniels 3rd fvourite branch
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10:33<gbee>give me the energy of that man, working on half a dozen branches and trunk at the same time, still managing to turn out more code than anyone else
10:35<tmba>hi folks, I'm having a problem with mythtv after I recompiled it on my gentoo box. I'm far from sure on what might be causing it, so wondering if anyone here might have a suggestion. The problem is: When I watch live tv or some mpeg movies (not on avi movies I think), somehow, every other line of (I think) a particular color seems to be moved a bit horizontally, so it kind of creates an almost mirror. It reminds me of those cheesy 3d glasses ef
10:35<Dibblah>tmba: You want -users...
10:35<Dibblah>And it's interlacing.
10:36<Dibblah>stuarta: Scan of all transports completed OK
10:36<janneg>Dibblah: thanks
10:36<tmba>Dibblah: cool, thanks man
10:38<stuarta>Dibblah: thanks
10:38<Dibblah>I'll go up to current trunk and see if it has any problems.
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10:43<justinh>just seen another theme that's nicked bits of glass-wide this time
10:44[~]justinh goes postal
10:44<justinh>no attribution, either
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11:02<gbee>just stuck a copyright symbol on metallurgy, I want people to create new, original themes, not just steal ideas and images
11:04<justinh>if folks don't respect CC I doubt they'd respect copyright either
11:05<gbee>justinh: they'll respect a solicitors letter
11:05<gbee>6-12 months from now, sure, be lazy and nick stuff from it but show a little decency and don't do it before it's even released (or before 0.21 is out the door)
11:09<gbee>no problem with making metallurgy GPL, I'm a huge OS and GPL advocate but I'd like it if the theme was out there for a while before all the knockoffs appear
11:10<Chutt>the idea here's to encourage other people to make themes/contribute
11:10<Chutt>bitching about people reusing stuff doesn't really accomplish that.
11:10<gbee>so maybe I'm overreacting, but the point was to encourage new ideas not for everyone to copy mine
11:11<justinh>I'm definitely overreacting. it's what I do
11:11<justinh>"the queen of themes" or whatever somebody called me the other week. trust me, if I could help it I would
11:12<knowledgejunkie>stuarta: my scan of existing transports _might_ have completed, but mythtvsetup froze (X error BadPixMap 4) so I can't be sure. Got >500 channels today, which is a big improvement on yesterday
11:12<gbee>Chutt: I'll get over it in an hour or so, just frustrated
11:12<justinh>gbee: kick blootube. normally makes me feel better :)
11:16<Dibblah>Is there any outstanding testing that needs done for Mark Spieth's multi-channel audio patch?
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11:20<gbee>there, I feel better already
11:21<gbee>updated the FAQ on metallurgy to not strictly prevent copying but just to suggest that people try and be more original
11:22<gbee>after all, it's not like I'm making a living off of metallurgy and copies are going to affect my ability to put food on the table
11:30<Dibblah>stuarta / janneg: Not seeing any crash with scanning using current SVN. Not at 25% at least.
11:32[~]gbee is looking forward to Christmas, a chance to relax
11:33<justinh>I'm looking forward to our traditional drinks on Christmas night. The usual suspects, same place every year for the last 15 years
11:33<stuarta>pfft. if it's not a holiday i'm working :(
11:33<justinh>you have your funfair to look forward to
11:33<anykey_>Christmas is just a day like every other, at least for me. Sure it's a holiday here, but well...
11:34<stuarta>nah, we have the end of year party before the summer one...
11:34<anykey_>I don't really get the mood for Christmas when everything is green :)
11:35<stuarta>just throw another shrimp on the barbie
11:36<justinh>hmm that new bit of test gear I was asked to look at ordering 9 of... onlt £50,000 each
11:36<Dibblah>stuarta: Nope. Looks like I can't repro. Sorry. On the plus side, I now have an interesting range of HD channels :)
11:36<stuarta>though i only ever bothered with prawns.
11:36<gbee>the purpose of Christmas, or at the least pagan festival on which it is based does seem out of place when you are celebrating it in a place where it's warm, sunny and green
11:36<Dibblah>... Which I can't play :(
11:36<justinh>picture quality analyser from Tektronix
11:37<Dibblah>Your engineers don't play well together?
11:37<anykey_>gbee: well, not exactly warm and sunny here, but green. And dark
11:37<justinh>Dibblah: something like that
11:37<Dibblah>Buy 1. Hire 8.
11:37<justinh>some eejut in QA thinks we need them.
11:37<stuarta>buy 1. give everyone a pay rise
11:37<justinh>maybe we do for codec development work, but not 9
11:37<Dibblah>... Once the initial "oooh new toy" wears off, you'll make a profit :)
11:38<gbee>anykey_: you haven't just shut yourself in the closet with a green coat have you?
11:38<justinh>stuarta: 'pay' 'rise', used in the same sentence?
11:38<anykey_>gbee: nono ;)
11:38<anykey_>gbee: i'd here my backend then :p
11:38<anykey_>hear even
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11:40<Dibblah>stuarta / janneg : Some time ago, there was an issue with some of the verbose macros and scanning.
11:40<gbee>xris: do you want the SVG of these website images for future use? I'm happy to keep turning out copies, just thought I'd check
11:40<Dibblah>Is that possibly the issue that's being seen?
11:40<Dibblah>ie if someone had -v all, it'd die.
11:41<stuarta>we got decent backtraces for those
11:41<Dibblah>Ah. Right.
11:41<stuarta>think we fixed it.
11:41<stuarta>but not sure
11:42<gbee>a qstring being fed something it didn't like iirc
11:42<janneg>wasn't it the pat.toString on invalid data issue?
11:42<janneg>that should be fixed
11:43<anykey_>I could get you another backtrace of head segfaulting when scanning for channels. Later on, let me know if you need it
11:44<gbee>anykey_: all backtraces are welcome, since they may point at different causes
11:44<Dibblah>Scan completed. No issues.
11:45<xris>once we're done, sure.. I'll drop them in the svn repo.
11:45<anykey_>gbee: ok. Should I post it here or fill a bug?
11:45<xris>gbee: you see the light grey tv image? I think it looks nice.
11:46<gbee>anykey_: ticket, since things that get posted here might be lost/forgotten
11:46<gbee>xris: yeah I saw it
11:46<anykey_>gbee: ok
11:47<gbee>xris: not sure what versions are still needed, I think I was going to try and fix the shine on the black but was there anything else?
11:48<xris>both directions of the light grey tv, fix shine on black, see if we can make the shadow a little bit smaller to reduce image size
11:48<Chutt>xris, i still didn't like it, even with text and stuff :p
11:49<xris>well, it's easy enough to turn off
11:50<gbee>xris: ok, I'll work on that tonight - even if it's all in vain because Chutt really doesn't like it ;)
11:51<xris>gbee: my biggest concern is that the png files are slow to load
11:51<xris>but I can easily fix that by using jpg and hard-coding a background color
11:52<gbee>yeah? suprised, they were only ~15Kb, or at least the originals were - even accounting for the rendering time they shouldn't be that slow
11:52|-|foxhunt [] has joined #mythtv
11:53<gbee>but like you said, can switch to jpg and lose the alpha
11:53<xris>once you add in non-homogenious content, the sizes go up... the current ones are 85-90k
11:59|-|justinh [] has quit ["Boink!"]
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14:42|-|phrag [n=phrag@unaffiliated/phrag] has joined #mythtv
14:44<phrag>hi guys, i am runnign Opensuse 10.3 with a Haupague Nova-T 500 PCI card. MythTV is working, but my remote is not picked up at all, does not seem to correspond to any /dev/input/event* and is not mentioned in dmesg... any ideas please, i am at my wits end =P
14:46<phrag>thanks and sorry =)
14:46|-|phrag [n=phrag@unaffiliated/phrag] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
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17:46<Chutt>Anduin, hey, so, maybe could you look into the delete ticket changes thing?
17:46|-|jgarvey [] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:46<Anduin>Chutt: Sure, I'll look at it tonight.
17:47<Chutt>do you want the code i'm using for the plugin?
17:47<Chutt>it's a conglomeration of your earlier patch and some other stuff
17:47<Anduin>If you didn't move it I can't find it in my .bash_history
17:47<Chutt>to fix updates since then
17:47<Chutt>it's under /root/trac/
17:47<Anduin>Yeah, think that is the same
17:48<Chutt>excellent, thanks much
17:48<superm1>it would seem that mythfrontend somehow catches whatever signal is issued by gnome when told to log out. I was looking to override this behavior, but I don't see any references to SIGHUP that I would think cause it. Anyone have any recommendations?
17:50<hads>Yeah, does in KDE too.
17:58|-|Cardoe [n=cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:58<superm1>hads, any idea if the signal it is catching is indeed a SIGHUP?
17:58<hads>superm1: Not sure sorry, just been trying to figure that out.
17:59<superm1>hads, something like this aught to be able to figure out what it is hopefully:
17:59<superm1>hads, didn't get a moment to try though
18:01|-|echoSMILE [] has joined #mythtv
18:02|-|cattelan [] has joined #mythtv
18:02<hads>superm1: Can't curently, I have multiple VMs running.
18:02<superm1>yeah same problem for me right now
18:02<gbee>superm1: nohup work?
18:03<superm1>haven't tried
18:04<gbee>"nohup mythfrontend &" used to work for me when starting the frontend on a remote machine through ssh, no idea if it will do the same thing for you in this situation
18:04<superm1>gbee, any idea why it is already catching the HUP signal in the first place if there aren't references to it in the source?
18:05<hads>superm1: There are in mythfrontend/main.cpp
18:05<gbee>qt most likely, the QApp class
18:05<gbee>or maybe what hads has seen, I don't really know
18:06<superm1>hads, the reference in main.cpp is main.cpp: if (signal(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN) == SIG_ERR)
18:06<gbee>superm1: I'm assuming you are talking about an instance of mythfrontend started under a different user session to the one running gnome?
18:06<superm1>gbee, well if you are running it as your local logged in user even
18:07<superm1>it brings you to the "exit" screen of myth, whereas most apps just exit when they get the signal from gnome
18:07<hads>superm1: There's also; signal(SIGHUP, &log_rotate_handler); in an if clause
18:07<gbee>oh, that's not right ..
18:08<superm1>hads, that's in mythbackend
18:08<gbee>it should just exit and that's expected behaviour in that scenario iirc
18:09|-|jmk [n=jmk@] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:09<superm1>yeah i agree
18:09<hads>superm1: mythfrontend/main.cpp:1221 - in trunk
18:09<superm1>hads, ah i'm looking at -fixes source
18:09<hads>Ah :)
18:09<superm1>but the behavior happening in -fixes would assume that there was a similar definition causing it
18:10<hads>Yeah, can't be the issue then
18:11<hads>There's also 1442: signal(SIGHUP, SIG_DFL); but I don't know what DFL is
18:11<superm1>default signal handler
18:11<hads>Thanks, makes sense :)
18:11|-|beavis [] has quit ["Verlassend"]
18:12<hads>I should do some work anyway.
18:12|-|jwhite [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:14|-|jwhite [] has joined #mythtv
18:16<janneg>superm1: I would guess it works just fine if you disable the nasty "do you really want to quit" dialog
18:17<superm1>janneg, haven't tried to disable it yet.
18:17<superm1>but i would suspect the same
18:17<janneg>the signal should be SIGTERM
18:17<janneg>and Qt might handle that
18:18<superm1>but still that do you want to quit dialog would have to be declared as its handler would it not?
18:20<gbee>superm1: it would, which is what is strange about the situation
18:21<gbee>either directly, or indirectly because the signal is translated into an ESC event etc
18:22<hads>I've just tried sending all the common signals to this mythfrontend and it just exits.
18:22|-|Tronic [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:23<jams>hads i saw the same thing when i was adding in sigusr1 support
18:25<janneg>no, look at mythfrontend/main.cpp:1417
18:26<janneg>QApp->exec() is called in a do while loop and the exit dialog is done in the while
18:27|-|Tronic [] has joined #mythtv
18:29|-|jimmygoon [] has joined #mythtv
18:29<janneg>the exec() returns if ESC is pressed or the process gets SIGTERM signalled
18:29<janneg>the signal handler is in Qt
18:29|-|jimmygoon [] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
18:31|-|cattelan [] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]
18:31<janneg>I'm off to bed, good night
18:31<hads>Makes sense. I don't get why it exits if I send it a TERM manually but that doesn't matter :)
18:31<hads>Thanks jams
18:31<hads>erm, janneg
18:32|-|knowledgejunkie [n=knowledg@unaffiliated/knowledgejunkie] has joined #mythtv
18:32<superm1>well so then what should be the appropriate things to do to get around this?
18:32<superm1>can the qt signal handler be overridden?
18:32<superm1>just by defining a sigterm handler in main.cpp ourselves
18:32<janneg>hads: if you send SIGTERM manually it exits immidiately without the dialog but you get the dialog if you press ESC?
18:33<hads>janneg: Yeah
18:34<janneg>hads: strange, that doesn't fit to my understanding of the code
18:34<janneg>superm1: do you see the same behaviour?
18:35<hads>Yeah, I don't get it either but it's not important that I get it, I'm just interested.
18:35<superm1>janneg, i'll need to plug my backend back in to determine, i won't be able to until later. I'll get back to you tomorrow. Get some rest :)
18:36<janneg>ok, I'll see it in the scrollback. good night
18:36<jams>janneg- you can send it any signal not handeled directly my mythfrontend and it just goes poof
18:39|-|cattelan [] has joined #mythtv
18:39<gbee>hads: do you have the exit confirmation dialogue enabled?
18:40<hads>gbee: Yes
18:40<gbee>sorry, fell a little behind
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21:59<CDev>Man, when I free up, I'm going to have a lot of work cleaning up the upnp code after all these changes!
22:07<Anduin>That last change was a good one.
22:09<Chutt>somethin broke upnp on the ps3
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