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03:05<Dibblah>If anyone is about that can modify tickets...
03:06<Dibblah>Can someone change to infoneeded_new
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04:40<Chutt>for some reason, the new trac needs its egg files uncompressed
04:40<Chutt>it doesn't read the PYTHON_EGG_CACHE directory from the apache config :/
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05:21<stuarta>gbee: did you end up closing that ticket or not?
05:25[~]stuarta notices that he did
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05:39<gbee>reckoned it was most likely to be user error or a feature request, seem to have been proved correct this morning by the followup comment by another user
05:40<stuarta>yeah, i finally got to the bottom of my inbox :)
05:44<stuarta>i think we should make sure all the tickets have proper milestones
05:44<stuarta>and then close all the ones for 0.21 :)
05:45<gbee>that's what I started to do yesterday with the segfaults and crashes
05:46<stuarta>good job there.
05:46<stuarta>it'll at least let us know where we all stand
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06:28[~]Dibblah likes the infoneeded_new tag.
06:29<stuarta>we've been needing that for a while
06:36<gbee>all we need now is for trac to automatically close tickets which have been in the infoneeded state for a couple of months
06:37<gbee>should bring the ticket count down to managable levels :p
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07:23<Dibblah>gbee: Nice.
07:35<janneg>gbee: infoneeded tickets sorted by last change time
07:35<gbee>janneg: great idea
07:37<janneg>once we have more and older tickets I plan to list only tickets without change in the last 6 weeks
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08:27<stuarta>gbee: i'm sure i've seen #2861 "livetv doesn't always clear inuseprogram entries"
08:35<gbee>stuarta: changed the status to infoneeded since Captain_Murdoch had already asked for logs
08:35<gbee>fwiw I think I've seen it too, but not regularly enough to get verbose logs
08:35<stuarta>how to reliably reproduce it i dunno
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13:22<superm1>janneg, i finally got around to testing the behavior of logout and sending signals
13:22<superm1>if i turn off the quit confirmation for the esc key, it cleanly quits, but gnome is freaked out and you still have to hit logout again
13:22<superm1>so some sort of handler is still running and catching that signal blocking the logout
13:23<superm1>sending a SIGTERM via pkill -15 mythfrontend doesn't appear to do anything both with and without that dialog turned on
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14:00<johnp__>Stuart around ?
14:18[~]stuarta ponders
14:19<stuarta>where do you think the subtitle with '. ' come from?
14:20<stuarta>to me it looks like it would have been the end of the title
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14:20<Chutt>stuarta, trac's ticket change delete stuff works again, thanks to anduin
14:21<johnp__>Could you point me at an example of them ?
14:21<stuarta>Chutt: cheers
14:24<stuarta>that also shows the title/subtitle joins by '...' where the '...blah' is in both the title and subtitle;
14:24<stuarta>see row 6
14:25<stuarta>Anduin: cheers for the ticket delete plugin
14:25<stuarta>well you know what i mean
14:26<Chutt>i deleted two instances of spam last night
14:26<Chutt>i thought there were 3, but couldn't find the 3rd
14:26<stuarta>i think the spammers may have been listening when you said what triggers the spam threshold a while ago
14:26<gbee>the more tickets I look at, the more I sense that early Feb is an optimistic target
14:27[~]stuarta grabs the cat and sticks it back in the bag
14:27<gbee>of course I'm including some things in there that should ideally be fixed, but could be ignored for the sake of getting 0.21 out the door
14:27<stuarta>gbee: you are probably right, but if we at least try to get a beta/rc out then we are doing well
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14:29<stuarta>think we might have to have a few Bug Squashing Parties (BSPs) ala debian
14:29<gbee>if 0.22 follows on from 0.21 in a reasonable timeframe then I guess we don't need to be so concerned about getting everything into 0.21 and like you say an RC is better than nothing
14:30<gbee>don't think we really want to let another six months pass before 0.21
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14:31<johnp__>stuarta: the "..." thing is just the normal, i.e we can't do anything about that.
14:31<stuarta>we were before
14:31<stuarta>the title is continued into the description as broadcast
14:31<stuarta>and we were removing the ... and pushing the rest of the sentence up to the title
14:32<stuarta>which is correct.
14:32<stuarta>though occasionally it got a little happy and stuck the entire description into the title
14:32<johnp__>yes, but it truly isn't happening for "Rick Stein"
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14:33<stuarta>hmmm, that could be debated
14:33<stuarta>but i think in this case falls into the 1%
14:33<gbee>sphery: no intention of changing existing bookmark behaviour, I can't see the rationale for it but I'm not interested in getting into an argument over it on the list either, hence why I've not replied
14:34<stuarta>ho hum...
14:35<stuarta>lets clarify that select with a starttime >= now()
14:36<gbee>grr, can't close a ticket with a state of infoneeded without changing the state to 'new' first
14:36<Chutt>i can fix that
14:37<gbee>Chutt: thanks, that would be appreciated - otherwise closing infoneeded tickets is going to result in twice the mailing list traffic
14:37[~]stuarta goes to cross check with the TV
14:37<Chutt>if there's still infoneeded, though
14:37<Chutt>why would they be closed?
14:38<sphery>gbee: Yeah. I was just hoping reminding the OP of the options that currently exist would satisfy him.
14:38<johnp__>stuarta:OK I can probably fix that, you need to send me your changes though.
14:38<gbee>Chutt: in the case of the one I just shut, the original submitter replied that they were no longer seeing the problem so although I'd asked for more information it was no longer required
14:39<gbee>sphery: hope so too and thanks for stepping in there :)
14:39<Chutt>ah, so, they didn't change the state
14:39<gbee>Chutt: no
14:39<stuarta>right it looks like the '. ' at the start is coming from removing the episode numbers from the beginning.
14:39<Chutt>trac's restarting..
14:39<Chutt>ok, try now
14:41<gbee>Chutt: looks like that did it, thanks
14:41<Chutt>the workflow config is _easy_
14:43<stuarta>johnp__: emailed you a patch which is basically the diff between head and your latest patch.
14:43<stuarta>should be equivalent to your patch
14:44<stuarta>johnp__: however, i think i'll just stop it removing the episode numbers from the description
14:44<stuarta>i quite like them.
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14:48<stuarta>ooo, just got the channel lock msg over a locked channel bug
14:58<johnp__>stuarta: arggh just shafted my db
14:59<johnp__>stuarta: best not ask ;) user incompetence .
14:59[~]stuarta hopes there is a backup
15:01<johnp__>stuarta: nope
15:06<stuarta>just testing a fix to remove the '. ' from the start of the subtitle
15:12<stuarta>no subtitle propagation on Bridget Jones - The edge of Reason.
15:17[~]stuarta tweaks a bit more
15:19<stuarta>ah much better :)
15:19<johnp__>So what have you done ?
15:19<stuarta>removed the restriction that stopped subtitle propagation if the category was movie
15:20<stuarta>since lots of movies do have subtitles
15:20<stuarta>especially star wars :)
15:21<stuarta>ho hum :( now the "Starring .... " is ending up in the subtitle.
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15:35<stuarta>hmmm, need another tweak, to keep the short descriptions down in description.
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15:49<stuarta>hmmm. theres another one
15:50<stuarta>subtitle: "Programmes resume at 21", desc: "00"
15:50<stuarta>actually that may be a different version of the previously noted error
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16:46<CDev_>Does anyone know if Nigel monitors this channel?
16:48<stuarta>don't think i've ever seen him here
16:48<stuarta>drop him email, he responds pretty quickly
16:49<CDev_>The logic behind his changes to mythcontext reguarding upnp auto discovery is flawed. I need to revamp it to fix upnp as a whole and didn't want to move ahead without at least letting him know.
16:49<CDev_>I'll send him an e-mail. Thanks
16:50<stuarta>GreyFoxx: you found some upnp oddities didn't you?
16:51<CDev_>I have a simple fix for the device description xml not being found, (he wasn't setting m_sSharePath anywhere... it was always empty).
16:52<CDev_>Fixing that just exposes a much larger problem that is going to take me some time to fix.
16:52<johnp__>stuarta: the "ken dod show:blankety blank" is an issue. I'm too tired at the moment I'll see if I can sort tomorrow
16:52<stuarta>johnp__: no problem
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16:53<stuarta>i'll probably checkin what i've got so far tonight. to give you a starting point
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17:13<stuarta>hmmm. lost the plain (2000) style airdate as a delimiter.
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21:13<riba1>evening everyone,
21:15<riba1>I just bought an haupauge car and i am tryiong to decide what program to do I get the tvlistings? I see XMLTV but have no idea how it works
21:15<riba1>do I have to add extra program to myth?
21:16<Anduin>riba1: You want #mythtv-users
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21:19<riba1>Anduin: tx
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