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07:05<rooaus>gbee: #3636 is a duplicate of #2668 which you recently closed, maybe it can be closed as well.
07:14<gbee>rooaus: I've closed it, but only because someone was working on a solution which meant that the jumppoint behaviour differed according to context, so there would be no need for both a jumpoint or local action to be bound to S
07:15<gbee>or has that change already been committed? I can't remember
07:17<rooaus>gbee: Now that you mention it, that was me (#3642) and it is scheduled for "unknown" :D
07:17<gbee>rooaus: sorry, I couldn't remember who was working on it
07:19<rooaus>gbee: np
07:22<gbee>is v4 of the patch complete, or does it depend on earlier versions?
07:23<rooaus>v4 is complete, I have been using it for a while now as have others. Happy to rework it if you have a better idea for 0.21... ;)
07:24<rooaus>The earlier patches may have been "over engineered", was a more general solution I think.
07:40<gbee>rooaus: can't see anything especially wrong with v4, looks nice and simple to me but I'll look at it better if/when I come to commit it
07:44<rooaus>gbee: no probs
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08:16<rooaus>Is there a guesstimate of when a feature freeze may be declared?
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08:35<rooaus>Just read on the users ml (a reply from Daniel) that multi-rec looks like merging in first week of Jan, so I guess that ballparks the earliest a freeze may occur. :)
08:40<gbee>"#4352: ubuntu hardy sound issues with svn ver of mythtv" what on earth makes someone think that mythtv must be to blame when they admit it works just fine on Gusty?
08:40<laga>cause ubuntu is so great omg
08:40<laga>how dare you!
08:52<GreyFoxx>Well, I have my xbox360 viewing and listings my videos via upnp now
08:52<GreyFoxx>hopefully soon actually playback
08:55<GreyFoxx>then I'll rewrite the video stuff so that rather that read from the mythvideo db it will have aconstantly updating(eveyr half hour or so?) in memory list of the videodirectory contents and present them as a directory structure rather than the precanned lists it does now
08:56<laga>would it make sense to add that to mythvideo as well, so you can have live updates of the video folder?
08:57<GreyFoxx>It'll be a little more complex to integrate it into the UI of mythvideo to update but I'd love to have that in there too
08:58<GreyFoxx>get rid of the video manager
08:58<GreyFoxx>well, at least use it for edits and such
08:58<GreyFoxx>but let a thread populate the list
08:58<GreyFoxx>For now I want the upnp stuff done, then I'll look at the mythvideo bit
09:00<laga>yay :)
09:00[~]laga will be doing some mythbuntu hacking in the next two weeks
09:00<laga>still looking into making netboot frontends a lot easier :)
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10:06<clever>laga: my netboot fe was little work
10:07<clever>and im able to share the root with 2 other systems with nearly no problems
10:08<clever>im using one of them with gnome to talk to you right now:P
10:08<clever>was under 1gig for the rootfs
10:09<clever>but size doesnt really matter if you have 2tb arrays for the recordings
10:10<clever>its only using up about 3 hours of my recording space but its shared with 3 systems so in effect its saving me 6 hours
10:11<clever>and i dont have to get a seperate drive for each sys
10:25<clever>where can i find info on sse in assembly?
10:37<gbee>heh -
10:46<laga>clever: yeah, but i want to put most of it into a GUI and accomodate as many hardware setups as possible
10:46<clever>i did it all manauly
10:46<clever>mostly cli
10:47<clever>mostly a few main steps
10:47<clever>make the rootfs with debootstrap
10:47<clever>config tftp/dhcp
10:47<clever>boot the root then try to run myth and install each lib its missing repeating till it works
10:48<clever>then for each system i had to tweak the xorg and sound config to work with the uniq hardware
10:48<laga>ldd might have made that process faster ;)
10:48<clever>and mythtv-setup so it could run a backend to process jobs
10:48<clever>but because im sharing that i saved doing it 3 times:P
10:48<clever>3 laptops can now boot the same root fs
10:49<clever>ive even had 2 running it at once
10:49<clever>and i also have a nearly full gnome on it now just so i can use it like my avg linux laptop
10:49<clever>bigest problems i had was needing the nfs KERNER server not user
10:49<clever>and missing
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10:53<clever>you can probly tar up the whole root if your using a packaged/common version
10:53<clever>preconfigured and scripted to autoload
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10:54<laga>well, your approach sounds like a maintenance nightmware. i'm gonna do it properly ;)
10:54<clever>bigest problem might be changing the dhcp server from your router to the linux for the noobs
10:54<clever>my method too under 3 hours to get 90% working
10:54<clever>and only a few days to find the and fix the 4min hangs on bootup
10:55<clever>and if you allready have a list or apt-get source-dep mythtv it may go faster
10:56<clever>at first i just wanted the bar min packages
10:57<clever>but now that its working so well i said f it and just put half of gnome in to play with other stuff on it at the same time:P
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11:34<justinh>laga: I'm netbooting mythbuntu on my new frontend. takes a little over 40s from power on to the menus :)
11:35<GreyFoxx>Well got the xbox360 playing videos via upnp now. Man the TVout on this is nice
11:35<laga>justinh: don't tell me you're using mythbuntu :)
11:36<clever>60 seconds uptime(acording to proc/uptime) when i reach rc.local
11:36<clever>not counting bios/pxelinux/fetching kernel
11:36<clever>a few seconds more for mythfrontend to fully init
11:38<justinh>laga: yeah well it had as much going for it as any other gutsy. I didn't use the pre-rolled mythtv stuff though. And the provided lirc was a dog (no serial remote support)
11:38<laga>it does have support for serial receivers
11:39<justinh>couldn't fathom it with the MCC
11:39<justinh>if you don't have a remote on the list in there, it's uh-oh time I think
11:39<laga>well, maybe your remote was not in there
11:39<justinh>had I not known what I was doing I'd have been stuck
11:40<justinh>mythbuntu control centre
11:40<laga>gbee: mythbuntu-control-centre
11:40<laga>justinh: you can only force-feed so many users :)
11:40<gbee>laga: heh, ok I normally take MCC to mean Mandriva Control Centre, so I was a little confused there
11:41<laga>justinh: is your remote some standard remote? we can easily include support for that then
11:41<justinh>nope nothing standard about it whatsoever
11:42<justinh>even the codes are hand-crafted by me :P
11:42<clever>home made remote?
11:42<laga>ya know
11:42<laga>you kinda deserve to be hacking lircd.conf then :P
11:42<clever>clone the codes of a normal remote:P
11:43<clever>if you managed to get custom codes into the remote you should have no trouble cloning another
11:44<justinh>laga: you got a muppet wanting support for softcam crap on the forum
11:44<laga>justinh: mythtvtalk or mythbuntu?
11:45<justinh>"muh muh muh but in my country it's not illegal".. yeah whatever man :-\
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11:47<justinh>oo I like #4353
11:49<gbee>justinh: then you might want to defend it in the thread I started on the -dev list
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11:56<laga>justinh: mind you, teh interwebs are "censorised" in some countries
11:56<gbee>I don't really mind if someone can come up with good reasons and no alternatives, it just seems that whenever settings are added they stay for good (too many people want to keep what they've grown used to) so if we're to really simplify the settings then we need to stop adding new ones
11:58<laga>web-based configuration \o/
11:58<laga>since it's just sql, it shouldn't be too hard
11:59<laga>no, i'm not volunteering. at least not right now :)
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11:59<Dibblah>Web based doesn't help.
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11:59<gbee>I don't subscribe to the idea that open source software must naturally offer a thousand different configuration options, choices are what makes mythtv different from the crowd but equally are the source of most frustration
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12:00<laga>that and mysql ;)
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12:01<laga>Dibblah: personally, i find it way easier to navigate a website, maybe with a tree-based menu instead of mythtv menus on my 720x576 tv-out
12:02<clever>mythfrontend can also run on crt
12:07<gbee>there is a lot of fat in the existing settings e.g. you can pick a different font for the 7 ATSC caption fonts and then another 7 for the italic versions, 14 different settings just for ATSC Caption fonts used by maybe 1% of users
12:07<clever>i dont even use atsc captions!
12:08<laga>i don't even use atsc.
12:08<clever>i dont even know what atsc is exactly:P
12:08<gbee>US version of DVB
12:08<clever>no digital inputs on my sys
12:08<clever>not even hardware encoding:(
12:08<gbee>just because they want to be different to the rest of the world
12:09<clever>i suspect my digital cable is qam based
12:09<clever>i saw references to qam in the digital box debug menu
12:09<GreyFoxx>It will be
12:09<GreyFoxx>ATSC is for OTA transmissions, QAM is used for cable transmissions
12:10<CDev_>GreyFoxx: great news on the XBox 360 playback.
12:10<gbee>there are many settings which might be determined automatically, some which are just there to work around bugs on certain systems and some just exist because people don't like change
12:10<GreyFoxx>yeah. Only ended up being a few changes but it took a while to figure them out
12:10<laga>GreyFoxx: oh, right. missed that. great news :)
12:11<clever>now all i need is a xbox 360:P
12:11<CDev_>Always the case with microsoft's implementation. (Just different enough to make it difficult)
12:11<GreyFoxx>CDev_: After I clean it up a bit I'll put a patch in trac. I'm sure what I'm doing can be done better/more consistant
12:11<gbee>though QAM isn't really the same as ATSC and DVB, DVB can (does) use QAM and so can ATSC
12:11<GreyFoxx>found 1 thing that might be a problem for most players though
12:12<gbee>QAM is the signal type, not the structure of the data within that signal (could be explained better)
12:12<GreyFoxx>we are manually putting "&" in something and tyhen sending it through Encode() ending up with &amp; etc
12:12[~]GreyFoxx is gonna try a couple recorded mpg's next. So far I've only trying xvid avi's
12:13<clever>next fun is to get live ish tv going
12:13<clever>posibly delay the file read responcses when near the end so the player doesnt cut out
12:14<clever>for dumb players that cant handle streaming an inprogress file
12:14<GreyFoxx>I have no plans to work on livetv :)
12:14<CDev_>GreyFoxx: That is ok if it's part of the payload
12:14<clever>wont be like normal livetv
12:14<GreyFoxx>at least not now :)
12:14<GreyFoxx>CDev_: Ok
12:14<clever>i just mean playing a recording started elsewhere(sched or live on a real myth)
12:14<clever>and seeking to the end by mistake/purpose
12:15<GreyFoxx>One change I did have to make though, was athat the xbox is dropping everything after the ? in the video url so /Myth/GetVideo?Id=123 is sent by the xbox as /Myth/GetVideo
12:15<CDev_>clever: live tv was on my list to do (and scheduling), but it's so far down on the list of task that it will be a long time comming.
12:15<GreyFoxx>so I altered the code to use /Myth/GetVideo/Id123
12:16<GreyFoxx>and I parse it out
12:16<GreyFoxx>It should work with the regular method too
12:16<clever>now you see why im trying to move away from microsoft software:P
12:16<CDev_>GreyFoxx: np. I was thinking of simplifying the ID's anyway.
12:17<GreyFoxx>CDev_: I'd like to look at changing the recording/video stuff. I was thinking of a thread that updates periodically refreshing the list. And have REcordings/videos in a combined single object
12:17<CDev_>Ideally, Id love to change the db schema to include a GUID for unique access to all resources (recordings, videos, photos, music...) But that is a huge change.
12:18<GreyFoxx>And I'd convert the video portion to be more setup like a directory structure rather than the precanned lists
12:18<GreyFoxx>I'd leave recordings as is though
12:18<GreyFoxx>So instead of Music/Recording/Videos We'd have Music/Videos and Videos would have Recordings/Videos as storageFolders underneath
12:19<CDev_>That change is actually needed for most Microsoft clients to work correctly... feel free to make it.
12:20<CDev_>Right now, Vista Media player can only see recordings, because it uses the Search method instead of the browse method. (Searching across CDS implementations is being problematic). So your change, if done right, should allow video's and recordings to show up in vista.
12:21<GreyFoxx>It's intersting . The xbox has different useragent strings for playback than it does for the regular upnp requests
12:22<CDev_>There is so much to do with upnp... I kind of got distracted with my house addition and the QT4 port.
12:23<CDev_>Hopefully we can get the upnp stack stable again before the release.
12:23<GreyFoxx>User-Agent: Xbox/2.0.6683.0 UPnP/1.0 Xbox/2.0.6683.0 for regular requests
12:23<GreyFoxx>and User-Agent: Xenon for playback
12:23<clever>implant a mythtv in every wall of the addition!
12:23<clever>go crazy!
12:23<CDev_>Can't... ran out of money! :-(
12:24<clever>use cheaper hardware!
12:24<laga>make a house out of cardboard ;)
12:25<clever>save money by using the lcd panels instead of drywall
12:25<clever>and the hdd's instead of studs!
12:25<clever>make a wall out of solid hdd's
12:25<CDev_>Had to take down my projector for the construction, so I have plenty of motivation to complete it so I can have my media room back.
12:25<clever>how many tb can you fit in a wall!
12:26<CDev_>Wouldn't need to worry about heating either!
12:26<clever>how make hdd's could you fit in a solid wall
12:26<CDev_>Cooling might be a problem.
12:26<clever>get an AC for the winter:P
12:26<GreyFoxx>Hehe We might not be doing Recordings on the xbox anytime soon
12:26<GreyFoxx>so far .mpg'
12:26<GreyFoxx>s don't show up in the list of videos it presents at all
12:26<GreyFoxx>and I know they are in the list sent to it
12:26<CDev_>Not good.
12:27<laga>rename them to .avi? ;)
12:27<CDev_>Maybe it needs a different Content-Type?
12:27<clever>rename to .fakeavi in the stream and just translate back?
12:27<clever>or similar
12:27<CDev_>Do you have a windows machine you can share the video's out of to see if they work?
12:27<CDev_>Could sniff the network to see what it sends if it does.
12:28<GreyFoxx>CDev_: Yeah, gonna try that in a bit. My wife is using it right now
12:28<GreyFoxx>yeah that's what I'll do
12:28<CDev_>Well, I have to go hang the new garage doors... will the construction ever end!
12:28<GreyFoxx>renaming the file to end in .avi made it show up heh
12:29<GreyFoxx>HEhe wont play it, but I'll see what a windows box shows
12:30<GreyFoxx>Gotta say, so far it's played everything else I'd thrown at it very well
12:30<GreyFoxx>Maybe we need a "live" mpg -> xxxx transcoder after all :)
12:30<GreyFoxx>stream it out as wmv or something
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12:30<GreyFoxx>Could like do that with libavcodec stuff with little cpu overall
12:31<laga>isn't captain_murdoch working on something like that?
12:32<clever>yeah i heard he's working on streaming to anything real time
12:32<clever>posibly caching multiple formats of files on the backend
12:32<GreyFoxx>Well he's working on something to have multiple copies of a file. Not sure if it does the livetranscoding
12:32<GreyFoxx>If it is doing live transcoding that would be sweety
12:32<clever>so stuff like mythweb flash wont need to transcode on its own like it is
12:32<laga>i think it does, for the flash stuff in mythweb
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13:21<okolsi>about the UPnP.. are all the settings in DB in settings table?
13:21<okolsi>UPnpCMGR class tries to fetch setting "UPnP/DescXmlPath" but that is currently empty
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13:33<okolsi>hardcoding correct path in code gets UPnP working.. tried the harder route first.. have to try to add this setting to DB and see if that also gets it going
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13:41<CDev_>okolsi: I have a change that fixes the DescXmlPath problem. It was broken in a recent commit.
13:41<CDev_>I'll try and commit the fix in a little while.
13:42<CDev_>Also note that all upnp settings have defaults and only need db entries if you want to override them.
13:42<okolsi>okay... I was missing that one setting but adding it gets it working
13:43<okolsi>now I can report that I can browse music and at least copy it to my Nokia N95 using UPnP and WLAN. this really is something..!
13:44<okolsi>I'll have to checkout videos etc also :)
13:49<okolsi>while browsing with UPnP, some selections produce connection errors.. I'll try to check out what is going on
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14:06<johnp__>stuarta: ?
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14:06|-|mzb [] has joined #mythtv
14:16<stuarta>johnp__: hi there
14:17<johnp__>fixed 2 problems, the time and that ken dodd thing
14:17<stuarta>okay, saw the time one on the ticket.
14:18<stuarta>gotta run, back later, cooking dinner
14:18<stuarta>thanks for the work so far though
14:18<johnp__>no problem, up to 4 now
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15:18[~]stuarta wanders back
15:27<stuarta>johnp__: patch 4 looks okay, busy recording now, so i'll probably apply it monday
15:35<johnp__>stuarta: OK
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18:00<watson540>im a cheapskate. and i wanted to know if anyone ever thought of taking the listings the windows media center downloads ( or maybe sagetv in windows), and somehow converting them for use in mythtv?
18:00<watson540>its an idea of mine, but not getting very far in googling it
18:01<watson540>oh yeah
18:01<watson540>and this channel isnt for questions
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20:44<Captain_Murdoch>to reference the messages in scrollback, /me is working on giving the software encoder the ability to transcode to libavformat containers and libavcodec codecs. I also have it working where mythtranscode can write to stdout for streaming. It doesn't do seeking though, I think that may have to be a separate program. Once NuppelVideoRecorder is modified to be able to record using libavformat and libavcodec, then writing a program
20:44<Captain_Murdoch>ode while allowing seeking, comm skipping, etc. may be easier but I haven't even looked at that. that's pretty low on my priority list.
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21:23<GreyFoxx>Captain_Murdoch: Cool.
21:49<rooau1>seems #4352 can be closed, who would have guessed the problem is the Alpha OS used...
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