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09:16<o_cee>merry christmas everyone :)
09:18<o_cee>anyone else having problems compiling?
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09:29<KilllerKlown>can someone tell me how I can set up my scheduling in myth
09:31<gbee>KilllerKlown: #mythtv-users
09:32<gbee>o_cee: no problems here, what version of gcc?
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10:34<Anduin>o_cee: mythverbose.h isn't including time.h or sys/time.h
10:41<Anduin>o_cee: I'll check something in in a minute
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10:50[~]gnome42 watches mythbackend do its fork-bomb impersonation
10:56[~]gnome42 checks commits for janne's threaded version ...
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11:22<gbee>Anduin: o_cee's paste was erroring while building the kernel_deint filter
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11:23<Anduin>gbee: Yes, the cause is in mythverbose though
11:23<Anduin>specifically the C handling
11:24<gbee>ah, ok I didn't make the connection because I hadn't looked at the code
11:24<gbee>nigel's changes to the C version of the VERBOSE macro?
11:26<Anduin>Yes, he calls localtime and gettimeofday without actually including anything, so if you don't have time.h and sys/time.h already included you see what o_cee (and me when I actually built) did
11:27<Anduin>o_cee: 15234
11:29<gbee>I didn't really look at the warnings, just the errors which was a mistake
11:29[~]gbee goes back to sleep
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12:18<anykey_>Hm, the channel scanner crashes here. Anyone else?
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12:23<laga>anykey_: the backtraces in #4366 don't look valid to me - i'm assuming that's your ticket :)
12:23<laga>did you get those from a debug build?
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12:26<anykey_>laga: yes
12:27<anykey_>gdb mythtv-setup, after crash 'bt'...
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13:08<Anduin>it is just icky because it goes back to the event loop
13:09<Anduin>it is also an abort not an AV
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13:37<gbee>ivor: hiya, you still working on khtml? I've been meaning to report a bug, though it might be a known issue and I'm just being lazy by not searching for it. If the background color behind an image with transparency changes (e.g. mouseover) the image isn't redrawn and keeps the old color
13:37<gbee>affects the new Mythtv website (still in development)
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16:38<janneg>gnome42: I hadn't time to work on it
16:38[~]janneg is back home
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16:39<Dibblah>Oh, that's nice.
16:39<Dibblah>A "hard CAM" - USB2 CI slot.
16:39<Dibblah>Feed it the encrypted TS, it gives you the decrypted stream.
16:40<janneg>anykey_: we can't reproduce the crash
16:42<janneg>it allows encrypted recordings to be decrypted later
16:47<anykey_>janneg: something else I can do to help?
16:49<janneg>anykey_: you could try to find the commits causing the segfault
16:49<anykey_>Ok, I'll try
16:49<janneg>I'm suspecting two commits
16:49<anykey_>which one?
16:53<janneg>14874 and 14908, so if you could try those and both revisions directly before
16:55<Cardoe>Dibblah: get me a US version!
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17:53<jarle>!seen justinh
17:56<xris>no bot in this channel
18:03<jarle>I installed mythtv trunk today after running stable since the start of my myth-adventure. I was very happy to see all the improvements made in trunk. I especially liked the way mythmusic now seamlessly integrates into mythtv. Good work everybody!
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19:28[~]xris curses this resize-preview-pixmap bug.. janneg, you said you have a patch that's ready to test?
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20:14<clever[rev]>#1 0xb7a392ef in NuppelVideoPlayer::SetCommBreakMap (this=0x0, newMap=@0xbff6e190) at NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp:5715
20:14<clever[rev]>this=0x0 is the problem!
20:14<clever[rev]>im getting alot of this pointers messed up lately
20:15<clever[rev]>what might i be able to do to track/fix this?
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21:03<jmusits>Hey all, I was looking into getting into MythTV development (I'm a Software Engineer by trade), I have read through the dev docs and looked over the bug tracker the past few days. I was wondering if there were any small projects or reported defect/enhacements that would be a good start
21:06<clever[rev]>#1 0xb7a5f2ef in NuppelVideoPlayer::SetCommBreakMap (this=0x0, newMap=@0xbfe93e80) at NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp:5715
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