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05:34<rpm_>xbox frontend users: is there a noticable speed increase between installing to an image file on the fatx file system, and installing to a native partition?
05:34[~]stuarta points to the topic
05:35<rpm_>Doh! wrong tab. sorry folks
06:01<gbee>what formats aren't supported by mythtranscode --buildindex that are supported by mythcommflag --rebuild?
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07:29<gbee>anyone know what CPUs were struggling with transparent images in watch recordings that meant the fleximage stuff was implemented?
07:30<justinh>no idea there gbee
07:32<justinh>don't think the commit history goes far enough back
07:34<justinh>I think I really need to sit down & work out a proper use case for this appearance setting widget
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07:40<justinh>damn I've just thought of a major snag with my idea. a plugin can't draw outside of the main mythtv window area can it?
07:40<justinh>not a major limitation but people would run into problems if they were running myth in a smaller size than their screen
07:41<gbee>justinh: if that's the case, then they wouldn't be too concerned about overscan?
07:42<justinh>basic idea of mine with this appearance thing is to put 2 arrows onscreen. pressing select alternates which arrow is selected. arrow can be repositioned with arrow keys to the screen edge (maybe have a flag for large/small movements too). Press menu to er... bring up a menu giving the option to save the new size setting
07:44<justinh>maybe it'd be easier to change the code to draw 2 bitmaps on top of the appearance setup menu. I'm sure I looked at it & thought it'd be too much though
07:47<justinh>draw one bitmap at (x_offset, y_offset) and the other at (x_size - x_offset - bitmap_xsize, y_size - y_offset - bitmap_ysize)
07:48<justinh>nah fwiw it won't do me any harm to bash out a plugin even if nobody ever uses it
07:53<gbee>change for fleximage dates back at least 5 years, assuming that it was made for the old CPUs back then I can't really see it's relevance with most frontends in use now
07:54<gbee>considering mythui doesn't even support the concept and that few themes actually use it, I'm thinking that the setting is now just a source of confusion
07:55<justinh>I think some themes still use it but not properly
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07:56<gbee>justinh: wouldn't put the arrows in the appearance setup menu, too fiddly considering that all those menus are done with the settings wizard
07:56<gbee>only way that would properly work is by creating a new widget for the purpose
07:56<justinh>if anything it only causes more memory to be used & on leaner cpus they're likely to be short of that anyway IMHO
07:58<gbee>shouldn't really cause more memory, at least not in any significant amounts, once it's a pixmap in memory I don't think the fact that it's a transparent pixel makes any difference
07:58<justinh>hrm GetScreenSettings is only good for screenwidth, wmult, screenheight, hmult. I need X & Y offset too. won't harm to do just one iddy biddy little query I spose
08:01<gbee>x/y offset are stored as settings no? so a GetSetting("xoffset") ought to do it
08:02<justinh>GuiOffsetX & GuiOffsetY aren't even in the settings table til they've been set to non-zero
08:03<gbee>GetNumSetting("GuiOffsetX", 0) then
08:04<gbee>second value is the one used if the setting can't be found in the table
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08:05<gbee>GetNumSetting is used for settings which return an int(eger), GetSetting returns a QString
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08:16<justinh>cheers gbee :)
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11:25<gbee>Captain_Murdoch: not that it matters much, but I've always thought that it made more sense because of their respective primary roles for mythtranscode to rebuild seek tables than mythcommflag
11:28<gbee>seems to me that mythcommflag was tasked to do the job simply because at the time it was the only application at that time which went through the file, the seek table building was tagged onto the flagging part but they had very little in common
11:28<gbee>just my impression though, since I've never looked at either mythtranscode or mythcommflag in any detail
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12:25<WindowSmasher>Hey all. Any word lately on an rss plugin that supports torrent downloads?
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14:42<jams>would 4376 break the telnet controls?
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14:58<ben>im running ubuntu with mythtv but the screensaver keeps turning on, i cant get to the option in system prefs
14:58<ben>how can i do it through console
14:58<laga>ben: ask in #mythbuntu
14:59<ben>im not running mythbuntu on that machine
14:59<Daviey>ask in #ubuntu-mythtv then :)
15:00<Daviey>ben: (This is the Mythtv *development* channel.. you will get a pitch fork inserted into you if you seek support here)
15:00<ben>ok, sorry
15:09[~]justinh wonders what on Earth is wrong with so many irc clients that so many people miss the joining message & topic
15:22<gbee>Daviey: you make us sound like such an unfriendly bunch
15:22<gbee>I only used the pitchfork that _one_ time ....
15:23<justinh>heheh this plugin might just take me the rest of my life to finish at the current rate of progress :P
15:28<Daviey>gbee: #mythtv is one of the coldest places on IRC
15:28<gbee>hope to get to work on a few tickets tomorrow
15:28<Daviey>I thought it best to warn him before justinh jumps in for the kicking :)
15:29[~]justinh refrains from typing a reply
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15:32<gbee>not meant to be a social club :) fact is that if we didn't stop OT discussions firmly, then this channel would become unusable for those devs and prospective devs who read back over the channel history to keep on top of the latest topics
15:33<gbee>I have a hard enough time keeping up with all the threads in the -dev mailing list, if this channel was nearly as busy I wouldn't have the time to do it
15:34<justinh>well, if I haven't cracked this compile error by this time tomorrow I'll have to come, cap in hand ;)
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15:36<justinh>derr.. I forgot how useful compiler messages can be. if it says there's no member function declared in a class it really means it
15:36<gbee>justinh: happy to help at any time
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15:40<justinh>blimmin eck :)
15:42<gbee>'cept on Wednesdays, or any date with a 3 in it
15:43<justinh>I was blimmin ecking at the stupidity of the schoolboy error I'd made
15:44<justinh>never believe somebody else's .h file
15:45<justinh>looking in iconview.cpp to see how the image loading is done, couldn't find a declaration of load_pixmap, so (have a laugh, go on) I just assumed bools don't need to be defined. My excuse is that I have a cold & I'm sticking by it
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16:03<gbee>justinh: calling gContext->LoadScaleImage() should be enough to get a QImage you can then use, using the mythcontext (soon to be mythui) classes ensures that the global cache (when written) and theme cache get used
16:08<gbee>some of the plugins aren't great examples since they were written without knowledge of the wider code or before developments were made in libmyth
16:09<gbee>not a huge deal, they work fine, they aren't as easy to maintain
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16:25<gbee>justinh: was the UK icon stuff backported to -fixes?
16:26<gbee>I'm not sure if you want to keep it updated in trunk now that is online?
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17:04<Cardoe>gbee: what's services. ?
17:05<Chutt>Cardoe, channel icon stuff, to start with
17:06<gbee>web based storage/code for stuff like icon configuration, mythtv-setup/mythfrontend connects and gets up to date icon data based on the users channels (callsign, xmltvid or dvb/atsc service ids)
17:07<gbee>or rather it will be mythtv-setup, testing a patch atm, until now it's used a script in contrib/master_iconmap,
17:08<Cardoe>ah neat.
17:08<Cardoe>crummy thing about the current -fixes icons for US is that the script generates .gif links right now.. but the upstream provider switched to .jpg several months ago
17:09<Cardoe>so when it goes to download them all, it sits there 404ing each one
17:09<gbee>idea is to avoid the mess of updating scripts/data files in SVN every time there is a tiny change, in future I think we'd probably like to see it handle themes and updates for things like mythweather scripts
17:10<gbee>but I guess it all depends on how well the icon stuff works
17:17<xris>should be able to just generate an icon xml file from and pass it out for UK stuff
17:18<gbee>xris: not really much point is there? UK users can use just the same as everyone else
17:20<gbee>I want to check with Justin first, but the UK icon stuff in contrib is a redundant
17:20<xris>gbee: but only with trunk
17:21<gbee>xris: the UK icon stuff was never backported to -fixes anyway, so 0.20 users have never had an icon script which works for them (except xmltv)
17:23<gbee>if 0.21 gets released as scheduled, then they'll only need to wait a couple of months
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18:22<justinh>gbee: don't think the uk icon script was backported. as for whether there's a point keeping it updated or not.. might look at it tomorrow
18:23<justinh>and btw I'm using gContext->LoadScaleImage()
18:23<justinh>now I just get a warning "control reaches end of non-void function"
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18:24<gbee>np, I've closed #4287 but if you want to re-open and take ownership then please do
18:26<justinh>okey dokey :)
18:26<gbee>justinh: as far as the error, function missing return statement where one is expected
18:27<gbee>if it doesn't need to return anything, then change it to void classname::functionname() {
18:27<justinh>yeah I was thinking that. been watching Dr Who :(
18:31<justinh>that was 70 mins of my life I'll never get back
18:32<gbee>can't really comment, never been a Dr Who fan and would feel the same about any episode
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18:33<justinh>yay no more warnings. this is a slow, slow crawl :)
18:34<justinh>better planning would mean less work in the long run but where's the fun in that?
18:39<justinh>time for bed. hopefully the cough from hell will be better tomorrow
18:41<gbee>I don't think you can spend too much time planning this stuff, sure it's fine in a commercial project where you get paid as much to plan the strategy as to actually write the code but nothing would ever get done in MythTV if the same amount of prior planning went into it
18:41<gbee>you just have to use experience and judgement instead so that you get the best result possible
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19:09<GreyFoxx>Woop, reworked the video portion of the upnp server so that you navigate it like a directory structure, and it's still compatible with the old way
19:09<GreyFoxx>so now on my xbox360 I can navigate the mythvideo directories just like the Videolist
19:10<GreyFoxx>and music is "mostly" working
19:13<jams>GreyFoxx any signs of the dvd changer?
19:16<GreyFoxx>jams: Nope. She decided to put the money into a "new flatscreen for the livingroom" fund
19:16<jams>well just as good i suppose.
19:17<GreyFoxx>yeah, so in acouple weeks I'm gonna go out and buy a new one after I do a little research :)
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19:18<GreyFoxx>I'm just stoked at how well the 360 is working now. once I clean it up, and get rid of my copious debug logging I'll commit it for others to test
19:18<GreyFoxx>gotta test it against nero showtime and the dsm320 too
19:18<GreyFoxx>hoping I didn't break anything :)
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22:13<Captain_Murdoch>gbee, actually mythcommflag doesn't rebuild it, the decoder does. If a seektable is not present, the decoder builds it as it goes throught the file, so building a seektable is a byproduct of reading through a file with the decoder. the seektable rebuild code is actually in NuppelVideoPlayer, mythcommflag just calls NuppelVideoPlayer::RebuildSeekTable(). NVP::RebuildSeekTable() uses NVP's builtin logic to use the proper decoder f
22:13<Captain_Murdoch>ile, so it uses the decoder's ability to generate a seektable. mythtranscode's rebuild code does the same thing that avformatdecoder does basically, it (mythtranscode) just does it in a way that works for most/all files while avformatdecoder doesn't right now, hence the ticket.
22:24<Captain_Murdoch>jams: re 4376, I don't think it will break NetworkControl since I use postEvent for keystrokes and other commands are handled in the main loop. I haven't tested it though.
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22:33<Captain_Murdoch>jams: now I can't account for the validity of that patch. he deleted the comment that says we can't do what he's doing and I don't know why that was there to begin with, something with not doing GUI stuff form multiple threads I think. so there may be more work involved than his simple mod.
22:53<Chutt>none of that keypress handing matters that it's from a different thread
22:53<Chutt>since none of it touches qt
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23:16<clever[rev]>Captain_Murdoch: i have a problem with my seek stuff within a few files
23:17<clever[rev]>Captain_Murdoch: ive used the --rebuild a few times and the seektable seems to claim the file is 44mins long(hitting i in frontend and peeking at the mysql table)
23:17<clever[rev]>mythweb claims its 1hour and when i watch it the show does cover a 1hour episode from start-end
23:17<clever[rev]>and seeking backwards is near imposible in small chunks
23:18<Captain_Murdoch>mythweb probably doesn't know anything about the seektable. isn't it only looking at start/end time?
23:18<clever[rev]>dont know how mythweb does it but i use a mysql formula to peek at the max(mark) in the seektable
23:18[~]Captain_Murdoch needs a memory refresh on what "my seek stuff" is.
23:19<Captain_Murdoch>is this a nuv file or a digital mpeg-?s recording?
23:19<clever[rev]>i had made a mysql query to take the size from the seektable and the filesize from recorded and sort all shows by the avg bitrate(aud+vid)
23:19<clever[rev]>nuv recordings ive seen the damage on
23:20<clever[rev]>just got a pvr 150 but havent noticed the problem on its mpg
23:20<clever[rev]>'s yet
23:20<clever[rev]>but 80% of my recordings are still nuv
23:20<Captain_Murdoch>I think --rebuild works ok for ivtv recordings, can't recall exactly. it's usually off on the other digital recordings.
23:21<clever[rev]>--rebuild didnt fix the problems i appear to have with the nuv files
23:21<Captain_Murdoch>transcoded files or originals?
23:21<clever[rev]>not shure
23:21<clever[rev]>i was auto transcoding all my recordings to shrink them more
23:22<Captain_Murdoch>--rebuild might have problems on nuv files that have been transcoded to apply the cutlist.
23:22<clever[rev]>i can probly compare the starttime to the lastmod time if i find it again
23:22<clever[rev]>no cutlist for shure
23:22<Captain_Murdoch>I auto-transcode 95% of my HD recordings because I need to get some more hard disk space and seeking works fine on all those.
23:22<clever[rev]>it covered the entire 1hour and 2mins of the show from start to end
23:22<clever[rev]>comercials and all
23:23<clever[rev]>but the seek bar in mythfrontend claimed it was 44mins long
23:24<Captain_Murdoch>and this was after recording was over, not while it was live?
23:24<clever[rev]>yeah after it was done
23:25<clever[rev]>i cant watch it from start to END if its not finished
23:25<clever[rev]>and it covers allmost exactly 1hour 2mins(60sec early start&late end)
23:26<Captain_Murdoch>for nuv files, that length comes from the info in the file, not from the seektable in the DB.
23:26<clever[rev]>the lenght in mythfrontend was showing as about 44mins
23:26<clever[rev]>which did match up with the seektable info
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23:27<clever[rev]>scaning over mysql to find any shows which claim to be in that area in size
23:28<clever[rev]>once i refind the problem file i can get exact details
23:28<Captain_Murdoch>probably coincidence. the seektable in the file itself is what's used to set the length in the decoder unless the file doesn't have a seektable, in which case the seektable in the DB is used.
23:28<clever[rev]>yeah ive come across a few shows which are missing in the DB seektable yet seek fine
23:29<clever[rev]>which caused them to not showup when i scaned the box for high bitrate things to shrink
23:29<Captain_Murdoch>the --rebuild was only added because of issues with the backend crashing leaving .nuv files without their in-file seektable.
23:29<clever[rev]>which may explain why i had a few shows missing from the db
23:30[~]clever[rev] expands the mysql query some more to narrow the search down to less then 196 items
23:30<Captain_Murdoch>mythcommflag used to be builtin to the backend and executed as a thread. it and other bugs would cause mythbackend to crash sometimes. I think I added the --rebuild, then later we started supporting ivtv and started writing the seektable to the DB during recording since we needed it there anyway for ivtv's files.
23:31<clever[rev]>yeah i noticed the seektable updates in bursts when i did mythbackend -v all ages ago
23:31<Captain_Murdoch>all recordings should have seektables in the DB, it is written to the DB during recording. I think the only time it gets removed is if you apply the cutlist during transcoding and I thought a new one was saved in the DB when you did that, but am too foggy right now to remember.
23:33<clever[rev]>several of my shows(atleast 5) cause mythtranscode to segfault
23:34<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, my nightly backup script also has code in it to alert me to failed transcodes. usually due to corrupt recordings although I can usually skip past the bad part during playback and continue watching.
23:35<clever[rev]>the files that do kill the transcode play perfectly fine
23:35<clever[rev]>and other files where my audio buffers overflowed and play back horidly still transcode fine
23:35<clever[rev]>this is odd
23:36<clever[rev]>an entry in the seektable in the db
23:36<clever[rev]>| 44.0500 | 2007-10-26 05:00:00 | 1051 |
23:36<clever[rev]>had trouble finding it in mythfrontend
23:37<clever[rev]>i peek at the recorded table aims me at a show that the fe claims is at 6am
23:37<clever[rev]>starttime clearly says 5am but the frontend claims 6am
23:37<clever[rev]>and it refuses to play...
23:38<clever[rev]>and frontend just closed without warning...
23:38<clever[rev]>[2]+ Segmentation fault mythfrontend
23:38<clever[rev]>damn ulimit was off
23:40<clever[rev]>2007-12-28 00:40:03.324 GetRecordBasename found no entry
23:40<clever[rev]>database claims its a 5am show but the frontend claims its 6am
23:43<clever[rev]>feels like a coredump is on its way
23:43<clever[rev]>[2]+ Segmentation fault (core dumped) mythfrontend -v all
23:49<clever[rev]>this backtrace is new
23:49<clever[rev]>havent seen itbefore
23:50<clever[rev]>and AGAIN its a this==0x0 fault
23:50<clever[rev]>#1 0xb7a818c6 in OSD::DialogShowing (this=0x0, name=@0xaeaff0c8) at osd.cpp:2245
23:50<clever[rev]>im getting alot of those all over the place
23:50<Captain_Murdoch>when exitting playback?
23:51<clever[rev]>the file doesnt even play
23:51<clever[rev]>but it normaly just dumps back to the recording list
23:52<clever[rev]>i was triggering that bug several times to get a patern in the log to look at and hit another bug:P
23:53<clever[rev]>adding a small check to see if the OSD variable is null before calling dialog->showing
23:54<clever[rev]>not shure what the right thing to do when its null is but anything is better then a segfault right now:P
23:57<Captain_Murdoch>are you looking at this:
23:59<clever[rev]>yeah thats near the line i just edited
---Logclosed Fri Dec 28 00:00:20 2007