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00:00<clever[rev]>looks like it basicaly does what i was just inserting into it
00:00<clever[rev]>test GetOSD() then test the result of running a function on its return value
00:01<clever[rev]>i'll svn update
00:01<clever[rev]>15216 here
00:06<clever[rev]>the makefile is also semi broken
00:06<clever[rev]>i just finished a full pass of make
00:06<clever[rev]>now make install is compiling things as root!
00:08<clever[rev]>and the output from this may be readonly to the main compiling username which may just cause it to happen again in the future
00:09<clever[rev]>15244 on my master now:)
00:13<clever[rev]>damnit, more root compiling...
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00:22<clever[rev]>o wait damnit
00:22<clever[rev]>i forgot to even do a make!
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01:04<__Krush>Hi All, have a question as to how would wiring to a MythTV box with a DVB-T supplied box?
01:07<dekarl>Hi, I think this question is more appropriate for the users channel but anyway. You can get a hardware encoder card (think Hauppauge PVR) and hook up your DVB-T stb to it then figure out some clever way to turn the stb on/off change channels. Or do like I did and get a cheap DVB-T card :)
01:08<clever[rev]>ive currently got a digital box being controled with an ir blaster and feeding a pvr-150 over composite
01:08<clever[rev]>cant get the hd quality out of it but its better then nothing
01:16<clever[rev]>You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'ayGroup update' at line 1
01:16<clever[rev]>either a typo or a side effect of the make install while the backend is running
01:19<__Krush>Thanks a million :) Have a great 2008!
01:22<__Krush>Thanks dekarl! I already have a DVB-T stick but local TV provider encodes in Conax....Can I have something like a softcam as I have on SAT receiver and get it to read my regular subscription card?
01:23<dekarl>Ohh, encrypted stuff, then you'd need a DVB-T Card/Stick with a CI Slot etc.. maybe clever[rev]'s solution is easier then. (over here DVB-T is unencrypted so I have no idea what is availible)
01:24<clever[rev]>ive seen a dvb card on some site which included a slot for the decryption card
01:24<clever[rev]>im guessing you stick the card for the sat box into it and let er rip
01:25<clever[rev]>but my only working digital channels are digital cable
01:25<clever[rev]>and the box appears to have 2 way comunication with the company
01:25<clever[rev]>so they can easily query/track every box and brick any that disobey commands
01:29<__Krush>Yes saw some similar device from Technotrend which can read a CI card but considering that STP is "given" with service might as well keep and setup some LIRC xmitter
01:30<__Krush>But then quality suffers!
01:30<clever[rev]>my newest laptop has a smartcard reader in the side
01:30<clever[rev]>which can psysicaly accept the card from a satbox a friend gave to us
01:31<clever[rev]>ive yet to even find the linux drivers for the reader though so i have no idea where to go next
01:31<clever[rev]>and i lack a dvb-s card to put it to any use
01:31<__Krush>I actually have a smart card reader from the old sat days......serial reader....writer
01:31<clever[rev]>and he probly hasnt payed the bill in months so its not valid anymore
01:31<clever[rev]>this appears to handle themagnetic stripe and the embeded chip
01:31<clever[rev]>from looking in the slot with a flashlight
01:32<clever[rev]>and it seems usb based
01:32<clever[rev]>Bus 005 Device 003: ID 0b97:7772 O2 Micro, Inc.
01:32<clever[rev]>Bus 005 Device 002: ID 0b97:7761 O2 Micro, Inc.
01:32<clever[rev]>ive seen references to that online when looking up the reader for the laptop
01:33<__Krush>What would be the best (lossless hopefully) option from an STB with scart output to MythTV?
01:35<clever[rev]>my bigest problem with the ir blaster is that it drops digits every now and then
01:35<clever[rev]>i sometimes wind up with channel 5(tv guide) instead of 45
01:35<clever[rev]>an hour of a slowly scrolling tv guide is useless for me when i got a schedules direct act!
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01:46<okolsi>I noticed that running "mythbackend --resched" ends with segfault in about 50% of time
01:47<okolsi>seems to be UPnP related or at least occurs right after the "Deleting UPnP client..." log print
01:48<clever[rev]>alot of my myth progs segfault randomly
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01:48<clever[rev]>mostly in upnp code
01:48<clever[rev]>mythfrontend and backend have done it on ocasion
01:48<clever[rev]>mythfilldatabase has left some coredumps i didnt bother peeking at
01:49<clever[rev]>and mythshutdown segfaults in upnp enough to make 5gig of core dumps in less then a day!
01:50<clever[rev]>okolsi: seems we may have similar problems
01:53<okolsi>clever[rev]: sounds the same.. I'll see if I can create backtrace at some point
01:54<clever[rev]>echo "core.%e.%p" > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern
01:54<clever[rev]>that helps to make the core filenames more useable
01:54<clever[rev]>ulimit -c unlimited will let programs coredump when started from that shell window
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01:58<okolsi>well, now I have 49M core dump.. this can be opened with gdb?
01:58<clever[rev]>gdb programname corefilename
01:58<okolsi>hmm.. I have release build so does this dump have anything useful?
01:59<clever[rev]>it may lack the needed debug info to make anything usefull
01:59<clever[rev]>but will probly still have the function names
01:59<clever[rev]>i think the symbol names are still there but the lines numbers will be missing
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02:01<okolsi>it cannot find any debugging symbols.. this does not look any good.. I'll do the debug build
02:02<clever[rev]>the function names may still be in the backtrace
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02:28<okolsi>now I got proper backtrace, it is UPnp related
02:33<clever[rev]>okolsi: upnp task something something?
02:37<okolsi>looks like UPnpNotifyTask::SendNotifyMsg()
02:37<okolsi>I think it is in upnptasknotify.cpop
02:38<clever[rev]>sounds like my bug
02:38<clever[rev]>look for this=0x0
02:40<clever[rev]>okolsi: within the backtrace
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02:42<okolsi>wonder if there's already some ticket that this could be added or should I create a new one..
02:44<clever[rev]>doesnt feel like the same one im having
02:44<clever[rev]>mine is more of a class x=0x0;x->function(); type segfault
02:45<clever[rev]>it seems to be copying the pointer then deleting it elsewhere
02:45<clever[rev]>then trying to use the pointer
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02:45<clever[rev]>its 3am
02:45[~]clever[rev] goes off to sleep
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04:24<stuarta>clever[rev]: from the bits of the backtrace you posted it looks like an OSD is trying to be used after it's deleted
04:26<dekarl>good morning stuarta, I posted Apply RTL Group EIT fixup from #2745 to more DVB-T transports with transport/network from channels.conf and my own data, what can I do to get it applied?
04:27<stuarta>that's one of mine
04:28<stuarta>wait till jan
04:28<dekarl>I made it so :) Will do
04:28<stuarta>although i'll probably poke janneg when i see him, since he's in Germany
04:29<stuarta>however it's not a biggie, so i might just sneak it in sometime.
04:29<dekarl>I thought as it's just applying the RTL subtitle parsing to more transports it could be easily applied
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04:30<stuarta>yeah, it can...
04:30<dekarl>As long as it makes it into 0.21 any timespan is fine for me :)
04:30<stuarta>hence jan ;-)
04:31<janneg>stuarta: I'll handle it in the next days
04:31<stuarta>janneg: cheers
04:31<dekarl>hehe, with jan == next week thats perfect
04:31<dekarl>thanks janneg
04:33<janneg>the only reason I haven't applied it already is that the RTL fixups don't work so good
04:33<stuarta>small problem... :)
04:34<dekarl>Is it worth to update to svn (I'm using premade packages at the moment) and take a peek at the code?
04:34<stuarta>if you want good fixups in 0.21 </hint hint>
04:35<janneg>and improving the regexs is something I'm trying to avoid. especially since it is a PITA to test them
04:35<stuarta>especially if you aren't in the area
04:37<dekarl>hmm, can I grab some EIT data and use a small 10 liner to do regression testing on the regexps?
04:37<stuarta>database backups
04:38<stuarta>it's not really feasible to capture the data like that
04:39<dekarl>hm, that's something I'd like to avoid. I was thinking along the line of a 1MB EIT dump to run over and over then compare the results before/after changes
04:39<stuarta>well firstly you'd have to write the code to capture it
04:40<dekarl>hm, so I need to dive deep into the code to do repeatable tests :(
04:41<janneg>that are only a couple of lines, but running the captured data again through myth is more work
04:41<stuarta>part of the problem is the data is constantly changing
04:42<stuarta>the monkeys typing in the data can't type the same thing from day to day
04:44<janneg>dekarl: if you want to look at the raw parsed data the output of dvbsnoop 0x12 is what you want
04:44<dekarl>So there is no eitdump > greatdump; cat eitdump | eitfixup10liner > before; change code; eitdump | fixup > after; diff before after
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04:44<dekarl>ok, I'll see what dvbsnoop has for me
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04:47<janneg>stuarta: I see almost no typos in the EIT of german channels
04:48<stuarta>the main use of it in the UK is to fish the subtitles out of the description
04:48<stuarta>since EIT has no subtitle field
04:49<janneg>but most of them do not have extensive descriptions and miss episode titles entirely
04:49<stuarta>then a few other bits to fish out airdates, actors
04:49<stuarta>so not terribly useful anyway?
04:51<janneg>the descriptions are good enough for duplicte checking
04:52<dekarl>dvbsnoop 0x12 gives me some nice EIT data on one mux, but nothing at all on another, strange
04:52<stuarta>not really
04:52<stuarta>it's a common configuration to have all EIT data on 1 mux
04:53<janneg>RTL fixup tries to extract episode title or number and to remove Rerun from ...
04:53<stuarta>although it mainly occurs on dvb-s
04:54<janneg>it is uncommon for german DVB-T
04:55<dekarl>janneg, i've been looking for tele5 eit data and saw nothing
04:55<stuarta>do you get that on a STB?
04:56<dekarl>I don't owns a STB...
04:56<dekarl>but I've seen reports on the net that claim missing data over here while it's provided in other DVB-T regions
04:57<stuarta>hence why i was asking if it's seen on a STB
04:57<stuarta>ask a friend ;-)
04:57<stuarta>it's entirely possible the broadcaster is being rubbish
05:02<stuarta>there's a started state on track now? blimey
05:08<okolsi>stuarta: any possibility to get #3765 in..?
05:08<stuarta>it's on my list :)
05:09<stuarta>i've reserved jan for working on things
05:09<gbee>stuarta: part of the new 'open source' workflow that Isaac switched to
05:09<okolsi>okay, no problem :)
05:09<stuarta>gbee: cool
05:09<stuarta>now if we all go and classify our tickets appropriately we'll know what's going on
05:10<gbee>it's a nice touch, not sure some of these state changes should generate emails to the list though because if they are used properly it will double/triple list traffic
05:10<stuarta>true. just from now on then.
05:29<dekarl>janneg: are you in germany, too?
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05:37<dekarl>dvbsnoop only finds now+next too, so it's time to look at regexpen etc for rtl/rtl2/vox (all part of the rtl group with almost the same EITMessUps)
05:40<stuarta>sounds like they aren't broadcasting anything but now/next
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06:52<o_cee>Anduin: thanks, that seemed to have fixed that problem
07:20<gbee>does the upnp music stuff work with trunks schema? Can't see where it loads the directory information
07:31<okolsi>it should work.. I think
07:32<okolsi>I can easily copy files/songs from the backend to a phone.. streaming doesn't work
07:32<okolsi>so it finds the files/directories..
07:45<okolsi>in code, there are several other browsing methods in comments.. like Browse by Genre etc.
07:48<okolsi>I was unclear earlier.. apparently some UPnP clients can stream also music.. but with my client it won't work
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08:08<janneg>dekarl: sorry, I was offline. switched telephone and internet provider
08:08<janneg>dekarl: I'm in Berlin
08:09<dekarl>ok, I almost thought that :) (DVB-T Berlin in the comments :)
08:11<dekarl>Do you have the same RTL Group style EIT Mess Ups (repeart etc) on RTL2, VOX?
08:12<janneg>they are slightly different. I already thought of seperating them
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08:20<dekarl>EITfixups for VOX would be greatly appreciated (that's what got me started to look into EIT fixes)
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08:58<gbee>anyone know if recstartts returned from the scheduler list includes the global preroll? I've been trying to work it out for the last 30 minutes but I keep running into dead-ends in the scheduler
09:05<gbee>I'm going to guess it doesn't, since I can't find any evidence of it
09:07<jarle>Anybody been working on getting mythvideo to play video from .rar archives?
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09:29<gbee>jarle: think someone mentioned it a month ago, but they weren't working on it
09:29<gbee>as I don't download videos, what's the benefit of them being rar'd?
09:30[~]stuarta was just wondering that too
09:34<jarle>gbee: if you DO download videos, they often happen to be rar'd though...
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09:36<justinh>hmmm. compressing an already highly compressed video. no dice :)
09:36<stuarta>utterly pointless really
09:36<gbee>jarle: isn't that what unrar is for?
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09:39[~]justinh goes back to being stuck making something to parse a theme xml file
09:41[~]stuarta offer justinh perl's XML libs
09:41<justinh>nah this is for me plugin thingy
09:42[~]stuarta goes back to hacking / coding websites
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10:33<gbee>Captain_Murdoch: presumably if the decoder and NVP are rebuilding the seektable in mythcommflag, then it would be extremely simple to have mythfrontend build a new seek table for a recording the first time it is played back
10:33<gbee>the moment I typed that, I spotted the flaw in the plan
10:34<gbee>ignore me, I've got plenty of tickets to work on, don't really need to start on new stuff
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10:41<stuarta>it's not entirely flawed as a plan
10:43<gbee>only works assuming the user doesn't exit early or jump around, it could probably be made to work but it's not as simple as I first thought
10:43<janneg>the flaw is the assumption that the recording will be played completely without seeking
10:44<gbee>where does source numbering start, at zero or one?
10:44<stuarta>unless you can do the seektable build as a background task
10:45<gbee>stuarta: that's what I'd suggest instead, but I think others would prefer to use mythcommflag as that task, rather than running the build in a low priority thread
10:45<janneg>you could do it but then it could be done in a seperate process from begin
10:46<stuarta>the question is really, how do we end up with a recording without a seektable?
10:46<gbee>for aesthetic reasons I don't like having mythcommflag/mythtranscode doing the job, but that's just my POV
10:47<gbee>stuarta: database corruption, lost database or in the case which sparked this discussions, videos created outside mythtv e.g. mythvideo
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10:48<stuarta>in the case of importing a video, it should trigger seektable build IMHO
10:50<gbee>stuarta: I'd agree and whether that is done in a thread or an external process, it should be automatic and not apparent to the end user
10:50<justinh>finally getting somewhere here :)
10:50<gbee>same for recordings missing a seektable, if at the start of playback (or through a check in the housekeeper) we find a recording without a seektable then we should start building one
10:51<stuarta>the user has to do that updating the video database anyway, so that can be used to put a job into the jobqueue
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10:54<stuarta>i definitely think it should just queue a job, then let the job queue run it when it's allowed to
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11:00<jmusits>hey all I was wondering if anyone was actively working on ticket #1116, if not I would like to help out and do some development on it
11:01<jmusits>it is currently owned by cpinkham, and it involves displaying the space available for recordings (basically the free space minus the LiveTV recordings and recordings that are set for auto expire)
11:01<gbee>jmusits: ask Captain_Murdoch, it's his ticket
11:02<jmusits>gbee: thanks, I will
11:05<jmusits>unfortuantely I have to run, I will look for Captain_Murdoch later, thanks again for the info gbee
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12:54<gbee>looking at the default/default-wide folders (installed, not source) which selectbar style does everyone prefer? I think I might spend an hour changing them to be consistant in look but don't know which style is best
12:56<gbee>the white lines are the most widely used
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13:49<Anduin>gbee: Why should the look be consistent?
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14:21<justinh>I'd have thought the importance of consistency would be obvious
14:21<justinh>gbee: definitely prefer white lines over the grotty filled rectangle
14:22<justinh>another filled rectangle might be nice though, with a little highlight at the top. right angles scale better than curves too
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14:31<gbee>didn't expect anyone to ask why it's needed
14:32<GreyFoxx>anyone here familiar with the housekeeper code?
14:33<GreyFoxx>wantToRun() specifically?
14:36<gbee>justinh: don't have any ideas currently, unless I'm copying an existing style I think I'd prefer to leave it alone
14:36<gbee>gets too complicated if I have to come up with something new then get everyone to agree on the look
14:37<gbee>maybe if I wasn't concerned about everyone liking the result I'd be free to just make the change
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15:16<justinh>gbee: self same thing that put me off looking at them. only way would be to make before & after screenshots of every theme that uses the default images
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15:20<gbee>it needs to be done, there are at least five different styles of select bars, ranging from light blue gradient, dark blue gradient, light blue with clouds to the white lines
15:20<gbee>as far as buttons go, every plugin uses it's own style there too
15:21<gbee>it's a mess, which people only tolerate because it's been that way for years and they've grown used to it
15:22<justinh>I put it on my infamous todo list around the time I started reworking the box graphics
15:22<gbee>I really don't know why anyone would want mythweather to look different to mythvideo, mythmusic to bare no resemblance to mythgallery
15:23<justinh>I don't honestly believe anybody sat down & thought about it much
15:24<gbee>can't think that they did, why else would none of the core themes be so incomplete
15:24<justinh>fair play though, I can't draw better than I can't code ;)
15:27<gbee>I'm getting _way_ too attached to this project
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15:28<justinh>I can't remember where I'm up to in my coding exercise
15:28<justinh>it compiles fine & doesn't segfault but it doesn't really _do_ anything yet
15:29<gbee>I'm in the same position, but with two dozen patches
15:30<justinh>ahh I remember now. want to remove the need to hard code the arrow image filenames
15:30<gbee>need to clear the decks and start fresh
15:31<justinh>152 lines of doing nowt :)
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15:39<gbee>I'll be expecting you to help close a few tickets once you've got this coding lark figured out ;)
15:40<justinh>one of the reasons I want to learn - I want to help make mythtv better, faster :)
15:40<justinh>plus it'll keep my brain active since work isn't exactly going that way
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15:54<jarle>justinh: I sent you a e-mail the other day about EPG not working correctly in blootube-wide... Strange thing, suddenly it started working OK so never mind my mail :)
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16:28<clever[rev]>Captain_Murdoch: found a file with the f'ed up seektable
16:28<clever[rev]>Captain_Murdoch: fastforward took me several mins backwards
16:31<clever[rev]>/media/mainlv/mythtv/1045_20071219095900.nuv is the exact file so one of us can remind me later
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