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03:08<rooaus>Does anyone know of a tool to generate a script when doing "svn mv foo.png bar.png" etc? svn diff doesn't cut it when doing binary moves etc.
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06:20<justinh>jarle: didn't receive any email. my gmail account is long gone
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06:25<jarle>justinh: I just used the account listed on paypal (
06:26<justinh>heh. haven't checked that account for weeks
06:28<justinh>woooo promo to get £3000 to spend in Primark. jees that could buy everything in there :P
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11:00<canute>ubuntu does not detect my tv capture card...
11:00<laga>canute: #ubuntu-mythtv
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13:44<GreyFoxx>janneg: Any plans on a multirec sync with trunk on the horizon ? :)
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14:10[~]Captain_Murdoch isn't doing any work on #1116 if anyone sees jmusits ask in here again. it needs to take into account the 'deleted' recgroup stuff now also.
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14:14<Captain_Murdoch>re: mythcommflag/mythtranscode rebuilding seektables, mythcommflag has done it for a long time, I even had code to rebuild the in-file seektable in a corrupt .nuv file, but never committed it to SVN (cvs at the time). if whatever was rebuilding the seektable had the ability to send updates like the commercial flagging does, then you could rebuild a seektable at playback time if necessary. That could be done as one of the priority
14:14<Captain_Murdoch>ntended for a long time to add a priority to jobs, but haven't got around to it. also wanted to add a 'run now' type of ability that could bypass the job time window possibly or possibly just wakeup the jobqueues to check for jobs immediately instead of waiting around for their normal sleep cycle to end.
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14:49<gbee>Chutt: anon users don't have the ability to change a ticket state from infoneeded, don't know if this is something you can change but it would be good if they were able to select the "provide info" action when they attach backtraces etc
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14:58<imperfect->Anyone around?
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16:13<dutch>hey all
16:15<xri1>gbee: you awake?
16:15<i3ooi3oo>xri1: was looking for information of the deleveloment of mythweb/music was told you ar ethe man
16:16<gbee>xri1: yeah
16:16[~]xri1 grumbles about /nick not working properlyu
16:16<xri1>gbee: I don't think I ever got a right-facing version of the light grey TV image
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16:17<gbee>xris: oh right, I'm on it :)
16:17<gbee>sorry, xmas etc, got distracted
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16:19<i3ooi3oo>xris: is there any work going into adding/editing/deleting playlist from mythtweb ?
16:20<xris>i3ooi3oo: for music?
16:21<xris>gbee: yeah, no problem. I'm only just now getting back into poking at things
16:21<i3ooi3oo>xris: yes,
16:22<justinh>gbee: quick question - how would you go about putting theme definable images into this plugin thing of mine? just regular <image name="foo"> tags & leave the position blank.. or some other way?
16:22<xris>i3ooi3oo: it's supposed to work...
16:23<justinh>just wondering how/if I can even do this without hard-coding the image filenames
16:23<i3ooi3oo>ok i am missing somehting then since i can't find the fuctionality
16:23<gbee>justinh: I'd do it exactly like that and with a hidden="yes" attribute
16:24<gbee>if the position isn't static then leave it out, but won't hurt to put one in there either
16:25<justinh>hidden = yes? why hidden?
16:26<gbee>sorry wasn't thinking about your particular usage, you probably won't need that attribute :)
16:27<gbee>think it's actually "visible" not "hidden" and it's not strictly necessary, just means that by default images aren't displayed until they are needed
16:27<justinh>ahh right
16:27<justinh>I think I need 2 extra images then
16:27<justinh>unselected & selected
16:27<i3ooi3oo>xris are you refering to mp3act ?
16:28<justinh>unless I there's an option to draw one at 50% alpha
16:29<gbee>so if you only wanted the arrows to be shown at a particular moment, then you'd use the visible attribute to hide them until you call image->Show(); (actual function name escapes me)
16:29<gbee>justinh: with mythui you can vary the alpha at will, don't think it's possible with libmyth
16:30<justinh>I'll need to be using mythui when I go for it for real anyway
16:30<gbee>jams: I hate you
16:31<jams>oh it's one little watermark =)
16:31[~]justinh hides
16:31<jams>reuse the one for status
16:31<justinh>go on sir, just waaaahn little watermark...
16:32<justinh>"f.o. I'm full".. "ah but sir, it's just one iddy biddy little watermark..." :P
16:32<Anduin>gbee: fix that with mythui
16:32<xris>i3ooi3oo: that's what the current mythweb music stuff is based on, yes
16:33<justinh>wooo you mean if I make my ploogin thingy mythui based I can have exploding colours & scrolling pyramids & starfields and stuff? :D
16:33<gbee>Anduin: ?
16:35<gbee>sorry, I'm obviously pretty slow on the uptake at times
16:35<justinh>well I got my little triangles displayed onscreen just by putting them into the xml. no c++ required for that. eh?!
16:35<Anduin>gbee: Just the easy part, making menu attachments easy would be nice, could even provide default watermarks the way other defaults are given, then only replacement images would be needed for xyz plugins.
16:36<gbee>Anduin: ah right, yeah I've already done that - just having to rewrite the patch because I got rid of an entire class and only realised that it served a purpose afterwards - whoops
16:37<Anduin>I'll convert mythvideo over after the release, then I'll see if the other suggestions I put on the notes page are already done :)
16:38<anykey_>Is this channel logged?
16:38<Anduin>only by everyone watching
16:38<gbee>myththemedmenu has been mostly rewritten to use mythui in a more direct way, menu items etc are statetypes that mean you can have multiple images (watermarks), text or whatever you can imagine
16:39<gbee>I also made it so that you can define a default icon/watermark which is used when there isn't one defined in the theme for that item
16:39<Anduin>gbee: Yeah, but can you add menu items in later xml files?
16:40<justinh>hmm now I realise I don't understand the ui code very much at all
16:40<Anduin>graft points replacing <depends>
16:41<gbee>Anduin: not yet, it's on my list though
16:42<gbee>the menu xml stuff I've not touched, just the theme.xml side of things
16:42<justinh>so, the theme parser basically lets you do anything you want in this template (hellomyth on the wiki). just slap containers all around with anything you want inside & they'll get drawn. no context or anything. I'm confuzzled
16:43<Anduin>justinh: There is a default context of -1, always shown items.
16:43<justinh>ahhhh :)
16:43<gbee>justinh: you can't really throw in extra containers, it will work in some places, but not others
16:44<gbee>however you can use as many extra images and text as you want, they'll get drawn without any support on the code side
16:45<anykey_>Is there a document that describes how to convert screens to mythui or so? I'd like to help out there as a start...
16:45<justinh>ahh I changed the context of my arrows to 1 and 2 respectively. now they're no longer shown :)
16:45<justinh>no need for separate images now :)
16:45<gbee>anykey_: not yet, I hope to provide some examples though when I finally start work on it
16:46<anykey_>gbee: Ok, I think it would be really helpful to see such examples.
16:46<gbee>I was sidetracked into things like re-writing myththemedmenu which isn't an example of a typical screen and wouldn't make a good case study
16:46<justinh>sed & awk :P
16:47<justinh>.. if only!
16:48<justinh>gbee: so if the theme parser is doing all the image loading magic itself with a default context of -1 do I still need to have image loading code in here?
16:48<gbee>now that I've committed the button stuff I can probably convert most mythweather screens, that should make a good example
16:49<justinh>I'll leave it there for now. not harming anything as yet
16:49<gbee>but we're still lacking some widgets necessary for other screens, mainly a listarea replacement and that's what I was hoping to develop the buttonlist type into
16:50<gbee>justinh: you shouldn't need the image loading code if the images are theme defined
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16:51<justinh>ah goody
16:52<gbee>you just need to 'hook' those images, or uiimagetypes loaded by the theme in your code - myimage = getUIImageType("imagename");
16:52<gbee>sure you can find plenty of examples
16:52<justinh>cheers for that. your plugin is going to be nice :P
16:53<justinh>nah I honestly hope more pennies start to drop soon. I need this
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16:56<anykey_>justinh: what are you up to? ;)
16:57<justinh>anykey_: concocting a better way to resize mythtv to the TV screen edges
16:58<justinh>it could have other uses later too, like hooks into nvidia-settings maybe.. etc
16:59<gbee>once you know it, it's pretty simple, but I guess it does take time to familiarise yourself with the various areas and behaviours of the code
16:59<justinh>imagine having an overscan slider in mythtv's setup area ;)
17:00<justinh>well, I luckily already had m_TopLeftArrow & m_BottomRightArrow defined as QPixmaps :)
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17:02<gbee>justinh: glad you are using the m_ prefix, though coding standards for mythtv suggest variables names should start with lower case - so m_topLeftArrow
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17:03<gbee>maybe it's a little early to be picky about those things, but might save you changing them all later
17:04<anykey_>justinh: as a plugin or as base functionality?
17:05<bendailey_tab>I am about to post a bug but before I do I thought I would drop a note here is anyone else seeing an immediate segfault running mythtv-setup with latest svn 15254?
17:05<gbee>the idea behind those standards is to make it easier to distinguish relationships at a glance .. variables from classes from functions, local variables from member variables from global variables
17:05<justinh>gbee: ta :)
17:05<justinh>anykey_: plugin first, then hopefully into the base
17:06<gbee>bendailey_tab: if it's upnp related, then it's probably know about but I've not seen it personally
17:06<anykey_>justinh: in the frontend I guess? Because it makes not much sense to have these functionality on the backend (if you run it on a separate machine)
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17:12<justinh>anykey_: yeah in the frontend
17:12<bendailey_tab>gbee: this is the last line I get from -v all "UPnp::CleanUp() - disabling SSDP notifications" is there an easy way in mythtv-setup to disable upnp?
17:13<justinh>bendailey_tab: mythbackend --no-upnp iirc
17:14<gbee>bendailey_tab: no, can't be disabled anymore as far as I'm aware but I think nigel is working on the problem of avoid upnp for those applications which don't require it in any way
17:15<bendailey_tab>ok is there a ticket someplace that I can add a helpful backtrace/comments or some other way I can be helpful?
17:15<gbee>this just happens to be one of those rare moments when a large change has been made in trunk and it's causing problems for a lot of people
17:17[~]GreyFoxx starts commiting more upnp changes just to add to the mess :)
17:17<gbee>bendailey_tab: I think the problem is well known and I'm not sure there is anything you add which will help, but if you want to monitor the issue then I'd suggest watching the dev list
17:18<gbee>s/you add/you can add/
17:18<gbee>there are open tickets I just don't know the numbers off-hand and as many of them are duplicates they might be closed before the problem is fixed
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17:19<gbee> for example
17:20<gnome42>ok, I'm convinced that this fix is actually correct:
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17:20<gnome42>I think it might be needed in -fixes as well
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17:24<gbee>gnome42: any ideas why curRecording->cardid might be zero in the first place?
17:24<bendailey_tab>gbee: is the patch that nigel has asked for help testing on the dev mailing list dealing with upnp?
17:24<janneg>gnome42: do you know why pginfo->cardid can be zero? is it a race and it only set later?
17:26<gbee>bendailey_tab: yes, albeit indirectly, though I don't know if he expects it to fix the crash - I've not been following that thread very closely
17:27<bendailey_tab>gbee: thanks so much I will try out the patch and then post my results to the mailing list
17:28<Anduin>xris: still shooting for the 1st for the new site?
17:28<gnome42>janneg/gbee: I don't believe there is a race and all other MythEvents in tv_rec.cpp use cardid. (give me a min to provide more detail)
17:28<gbee>wish I could be more help, but I've not had the time to read all the mailing list posts and commit logs in detail
17:29<xris>Anduin: I wish...
17:29<xris>feb 1, maybe. heh
17:30<Anduin>xris: No, later is good, I just want to know how long I can slack on writing and screen shots (which I will do, at least a few days before whatever the real cutoff date is)
17:31<Anduin>are we going to use a consistent theme for screen shots?
17:31<xris>that depends on what the default theme will be for .21
17:31<gbee>xris: I can probably provide screenshots and a writeup for mythweather, mythmovies and mythnews, maybe a couple of others - would a paragraph be enough or are you looking for something more detailed?
17:32<xris>gbee: 1-2 paragraphs, or lists of features, etc.
17:32<Anduin>xris: So whatever the default is...
17:32<xris>I'll probably clean up whatever I get so the style is consistent, etc.
17:32<xris>Anduin: I'm hoping that metalurgy will be done by then.. and available in 4:3
17:32<gbee>xris: that was going to be my second question - the problem with the theme is that none of the core themes have themed most of these plugins, so they vary a lot in style/quality
17:33<justinh>must be missing an include again
17:33<jams>gbee- i can take care of the screenshots if you want
17:33<xris>I really want to see the themes cleaned up and organized so that we only put forth the ones that really work well
17:33<xris>but at least get a good default theme that matches with everything.
17:33<janneg>gnome42: is curRecording->cardid also sometimes 0?
17:34<justinh>theming has entered a new era with metallurgy IMHO
17:34[~]gbee blushes
17:35<justinh>all mine are just hack, hack, make do & mend. messy really
17:35[~]Anduin awaits metallurgy-vertical
17:35<gnome42>janneg/gbee: one place (maybe only place?) is when you press 'R' in livetv session.
17:36<gnome42>the pginfo's for livetv are coming from the ProgramInfo::GetProgramAtDateTime() which doesn't set the cardid
17:37<gbee>xris: I'll try and get something written tomorrow then, I can probably do some other plugins too, jams' offer of screenshots might be useful especially if he has a NetFlix account ;) I don't have mythbrowser installed
17:37<jams>i do
17:38<jams>gbee- that was part of the point of making that script that walks myth and takes screenshots.
17:39<gbee>jams: yeah, a real time saver :D
17:39<gnome42>janneg: I think if PseudoLivetv isn't involved curRecording->cardid is reliable. But I have confidence that cardid is always correct for that tv_rec
17:40<jams>yep that it is.
17:40<janneg>gnome42: have you checked the programinfo in StartRecording()
17:41<jams>although if the theme is metallurgy i will need to update myth
17:41<justinh>uhhhhhhh so getUIImageType doesn't get the actual image from the info in the xml file
17:41<gbee>jams: thought it might be handy once I've finished metallurgy to check for bugs, misaligned text etc :)
17:42<gnome42>is that what you mean?
17:42<jams>gbee- that's the other reason it exisits.
17:42<jams>documenation and QA
17:42<Anduin>justinh: The theme parser actually creates everything, you just get it.
17:43<Anduin>(with some exceptions, remoteedit I'm talking about you)
17:43<gbee>justinh: it gets a UIImageType object which includes the image along with positioning data and a bunch of other stuff, it doesn't return the raw image, you don't need to interact directly with that
17:44<justinh>duh. run out of brain fuel again
17:44<janneg>gnome42: kind of. I was interested whether the ProgramInfo argument to StartRecording has a valid cardid
17:45<janneg>afaik it is not called for livetv recordings
17:45<justinh>I need to make a cognitive breakthrough soon ;)
17:46<gbee>so myimage->SetPosition(123,456); to set the image position etc
17:46<gbee>again I'm just making up the function names as I can't remember the correct ones
17:47<gbee>take a look at UIImageType, the public methods, in libs/libmyth/uitypes.h
17:48<justinh>aha! nifty
17:49<gnome42>janneg: oops. i meant to pastebin the top of SetLiveRecording() to match the log snippet.
17:50<gbee>after changing position etc you need to call for a redraw of the parent container, look at various functions like updateRect(); or anything starting "update" in whatever screens you are using as examples
17:50<janneg>gnome42: no problem, I got it
17:50<justinh>gbee: yeah already figured that part out. running before I can walk
17:51<gbee>justinh: sounds like you are making good progress then :)
17:51<justinh>figured that part out before I found out how to actually draw it :P
17:53<gnome42>janneg: yeah, StartRecording() not called for livetv. But I think the bug gets tickled during livetv/Pseudolivetv/switching recording groups for livetv sessions etc.
17:53<gbee>Anduin: what problems are you having with remoteedit? just worked for me e.g. getUIRemoteEditType
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17:54<gbee>except that you need to call remoteedit->createEdit(this); for some reason before it's used
17:54<Anduin>gbee: Yeah, that function actually does the widget creation, and I'm not having trouble with it, was just letting Justin know that it only mostly creates everything.
17:55<gbee>and then you need to connect the textChanged signal
17:55<gbee>Anduin: ahh, ok :)
17:55<janneg>gnome42: can you checkt if fixes the problem
17:55<Anduin>Yeah, MythVideo uses it now, just the very painful theme changes and checks that have my commit delayed by a few hours.
17:56<gbee>little quirks like that should be worked out in mythui
17:56<Anduin>Will I still have access to the underlying edit control?
17:57<janneg>I think making sure that the curRecording programinfo has the correct cardid is better than working around the bug we see
17:58<gbee>Anduin: not got further on the planning of the text edit widget other than to decide we need one ;)
17:59<Anduin>gbee: Make sure there is a way to install a validator, it would be really nice to have the popup keyboard change based on it too :)
17:59[~]Anduin has no end to the things he doesn't want to do
18:01<gnome42>janneg: yeah, that was my original thought too and I think that will fix it. But after looking at tv_rec.cpp it looks like it takes care to never use the curRec->cardid so I thought cardid is a tv_rec thing not necessarily guaranteed to be populated for pginfo's.
18:01<gbee>if you want to make more suggestions then please do (with examples and reasons if possible so I'm clear on things), might be best to stick it on this wiki page:
18:01<Anduin>gbee: Yeah, the whole Implementation Ideas on that page is from me :)
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18:03<janneg>gnome42: GetRecording makes sure that cardid is correct in its return value
18:04<gnome42>yeah, I think I put that there :)
18:04<gnome42>I'm not disagreeing with you though.
18:04<gnome42>I think both changes make sense.
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18:07<gbee>Anduin: just reading that, the current button list and button stuff in mythui should meet your expectations for themable buttons though there is still plenty I want to do to both of those
18:10<Anduin>gbee: On that list, what is the purpose of the "allow list areas" item?
18:12<justinh>Anduin: I did that
18:12<gbee>Anduin: justin added that, though it describes the difference between listarea and listtreearea
18:13<justinh>currently lists of stuff are all over the place. hard coded to the area height / font height to get the number of visible rows vs theme defined
18:13<gbee>listarea takes an argument, <items> which describes the number of visible lines
18:13<justinh>listarea looks nicer IMHO - much less clutterred
18:13<gbee>listtreearea determines the number of lines shown based on the <area>, font height etc
18:13<Anduin>Yeah, I was just afraid that someone was going to make lists always x items, which would not work.
18:15<janneg>gnome42: your change is not needed. it might hide bugs. curRecording->cardid seems to be unused except the two places you found
18:15<gbee>so with listarea you have more control over the spacing etc, listtreearea can look cramped in comparison and whereas on most screens you might have 9 items in a screen area, with listtreearea you could have 12 so it appear inconsistent
18:17<janneg>if you want to make sure that the same bug doesn't happen again a check for a valid cardid in UPDATE_RECORDING_STATUS event handling code makes more sense
18:17<gbee>for example, compare the spacing in this screenshot of a list area -
18:17<gbee>with this one of a listtreearea -
18:17<justinh>just remembered my other pet hate. resizing of select bars
18:18<justinh>same selectbar for all bins, in multi-bin containers :(
18:18<justinh>true for treelistview too
18:19<Anduin>But if it worked the other way you would complain about the extra space between list items
18:19<gbee>justinh: I partially hacked around the selectbar problem, but my solution wouldn't work for those multi-bin widgets where you really want seperate images for each one
18:20<justinh>Anduin: not really IMHO. spacing is better for readability
18:20<gbee>Anduin: I think the point is that they should behave the same way, however it's done - either by defining a set number of list items or by determing the number of visible items automatically
18:21<justinh>I guess what I'm trying to get at is maybe not that listview & treelistview should be definable with <items> number tags - just that they can be padded so they don't look cramped
18:21<gbee>if it's done automatically you can still have a <linespacing> argument
18:21<Anduin>it is the throughout the theme bit that I'd not like
18:22<justinh>maybe it could've done without that bit then
18:22<justinh>taken it too literally
18:22<gbee>Anduin: think that might just be a misunderstanding
18:24<gbee>it's not saying that the number of lines should be defined just once for the whole theme, but that the widgets should behave the same way so that they may be made to look similar by the themer
18:25<gbee>as it happens, they probably will behave the same way because the replacement for listtreearea etc will probably inherit from the listarea replacement
18:26<gbee>I'm getting ahead of myself
18:27|-|beavis [] has quit ["Verlassend"]
18:30<justinh>hope the new version makes more sense :)
18:31<gbee>justinh: hope so too ;)
18:31<justinh>error: .drawPixmap. was not declared in this scope
18:32<justinh>in the mythvideo code I've looked at, p->drawPixmap is used. if I try that, it won't compile then either
18:32<gnome42>janneg: Um, sure. I guess it depends which class of bugs you want to hide in which manner. By using curRec->cardid you are open to some bug that has tv_rec operating on a cardid other than its own which seems like a worse bug IMVHO. But whatever, I'm off to dinner.
18:33<gbee>one of the benefits of mythui is that widgets can inherit from each other in a theme (not to be confused with the class inheritance that I talked about before), a lot like the current <font name="new" base="old"> stuff, so that should make things marginally easier for us
18:33<Anduin>justinh: You don't have a QPainter * then
18:36<gbee>QPainter *p = new QPainter(this);
18:36<Anduin>or easier, QPainter p(this) if you are just using it to do double buffering like mv does
18:41<justinh>I can smell burning now
18:41<justinh>when (not if) this is all working I still won't be any the wiser how stuff works
18:44<justinh>not even sure I need drawPixmap here now
18:45<gbee>the whole QPainter business is one that I struggle to get my head around, it's not intuitive or easy to explain why we have this object to handle drawing in the way it's currently used throughout mythtv
18:46<gbee>again it's something that I believe mythui handles for us, so you don't really need to think about it and the code burden is massively reduced
18:47|-|mattwire [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
18:49|-|Tanthrix [] has joined #mythtv
18:49|-|mattwire [] has joined #mythtv
18:52<gbee>it's not even worth asking why we do things a certain way in the existing UI code, you'll probably burst a blood vessel attempting to work it out (I've probably suffered several mini strokes already)
18:53<justinh>ok then so I'll forget all the loading & drawing of images crap. time to try getting some keypresses instead
18:53<gbee>so far I've found nothing to really fault with mythui, it was extremely well thought out and that's probably why I've become so interested in migrating mythtv to use it
19:00|-|i3ooi3oo_ [] has joined #mythtv
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19:10<MrGandalv>I wonder if I should consider 3.3 million recordedseek entries suspect..
19:10|-|MrGandalv changed nick to MrGandalf
19:12<Anduin>MrGandalf: it probably isn't unreasonable
19:13<MrGandalf>I wrote a quick script to compare recorded with recordedseek and also show how many entries per recording.. so far it doesn't look bad
19:13<Anduin>I once did the same, only found a few that had no matches
19:14<MrGandalf>I found one
19:14<gbee>don't think it's unusual, it's why I split the recordedseek table from recordedmarkup
19:14<MrGandalf>hardly worth all the effort
19:15<MrGandalf>I see a lot of occasions where the frontend will stutter heavily after a channel change and if I look at the DB it's taking 50% more CPU than normal. Just trying to figure out why.
19:16|-|mzb_d800 [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:16<justinh>eew this could get messy. might have to rethink this
19:18<xris>Anduin: how hard would it be to link up the "imdb search/etc" function to videos from their details/playback screen?
19:18<gbee>if we can just eliminate the need for the type column by settling on one method of seeking and then possibly replacing the chanid/startime key with a recordingid, then we might save a bit of space in the recorded seek table and improve query times a fraction too
19:18<xris>it's really annoying to manage imdb lookups through the config interface because it's just one long list of titles (which is overwhelming in my case because I export most of my tv stuff into mythvideo)
19:19<gnome42>MrGandalf: I was going to make the same script. Does yours happend to do marks per hour?
19:19<gbee>there isn't currently a contextual menu for videos in the gallery/list/browser views is there?
19:20<justinh>not AFAIK
19:20<MrGandalf>gnome42: Nope, just per recording.. though I could do per hour
19:20<gbee>could be possible to do away with the video manager entirely if there was, make managing videos much easier
19:20<gbee>just a thought
19:21<gnome42>I would be interested in that info ;)
19:21[~]gbee goes to bed before Anduin throws things at him
19:21<gnome42>I did a lilttle twiddling to bring the recorded seek size down and would like to see how much is saved.
19:22<MrGandalf>working on it..
19:22<MrGandalf>though I need a beer
19:22|-|superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #mythtv
19:22<gnome42>yah, can you tell I had one already :)
19:24<MrGandalf>only one?? :)
19:24[~]gnome42 pleads the fifth :)
19:28<Anduin>xris: Not too, I had pushed it off until post 0.21 though
19:30|-|mzb_d800 [] has joined #mythtv
19:33<gbee> crap, nearly forgot to upload that tv
19:39<MrGandalf>that's the script
19:40<MrGandalf>looks like my largest is 32937 (14638.6666666667/hour average)
19:46|-|itsmexx [] has joined #mythtv
19:48<xris>gbee: thanks
19:48<xris>Anduin: no hurry. I just wanted to get it onto your todo list. the stuff kormoc put into mythweb works nicely, but it'd be nice to have access to it from the frontend, too
19:48|-|itsmexx [] has quit [Client Quit]
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19:51<xris>wow, that right-facing grey really doesn't look much different from white once it's sized down
19:55|-|superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:59<gnome42>MrGandalf: weirdest errors trying to run that script .. anyways got it going :)
19:59<gnome42>MrGandalf: wow, 14638.66/hr seems very big
20:00|-|JoeBorn [n=rootmeis@] has joined #mythtv
20:02<MrGandalf>what errors?
20:03<gnome42>MrGandalf: oh, I guess, the type of the file is kinda needed for info too :) nuv/ivtv/dvb type info
20:03<MrGandalf>that gets sticky
20:03<MrGandalf>unless assumptions are made
20:04<gnome42>MrGandalf: even stranger I can't reproduce the error after the first successful run
20:04<MrGandalf>or I suppose it could be linked with channel -> cardinput -> capturecard
20:05<gnome42>MrGandalf: yeah, cardid would be good enough
20:10|-|superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #mythtv
20:12<gnome42>looks like mine went from (7901/hour average) -> (3954.5/hour average) for SD
20:34|-|bendailey_tab [] has left #mythtv []
20:40<rooaus>Anduin: ping
20:43<Anduin>rooaus: Yes
20:44|-|reynaldo [] has joined #mythtv
20:45<rooaus>Anduin: I was going to work up a script/patch to reorganise the plugin themes (move the wide stuff out of /mythtv/themes/default-wide) as discussed the other day. Just wanted your opinion.
20:46<rooaus>is something like acceptable?
20:48<rooaus>The idea being it splits the menu and theme .xml files from the source and moves the -wide stuff into the plugin source dir.
20:48<Anduin>Sure is acceptable to me (I was just about to change MythVideo's layout to look very close to that, after the commit I'm working on). I'd send it to the list though to see if there are any objections.
20:49<justinh>typical. no working examples of SetPosition in the existing code
20:50<Anduin>(I was just going to call the directory theme though, but only minor differences)
20:50<justinh>must be the first ever person to move an onscreen image interactively
20:51<rooaus>Anduin: Thanks. I need to write a bash script to handle all the moves as "svn diff" doesn't capture that very well. Will rename to theme, makes more sense :)
20:52<Anduin>justinh: You are lucky it is even there, things never used are usually just missing.
20:53<justinh>it's not in UIImageType
20:54<justinh>duh yes it is
20:55<MrGandalf>gnome42: - I think that's right.. did very little debugging
21:04<justinh>hmm how do I make a qpoint from two ints? time to rtfm
22:00<gnome42>MrGandalf: thanks again
22:04<justinh>hmm now I need to decide on sensible limits for the arrows
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22:46|-|ribatejo [] has joined #mythtv
22:46<ribatejo>anybody knows the latest with hauppauge hvr 1600?
22:47<ribatejo>last thing I heard there was only betas
22:47|-|Agrajag- [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:48<Anduin>ribatejo: #mythtv-users would be better
22:51<ribatejo>Anduin: tx
22:51|-|ribatejo [] has left #mythtv []
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