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02:36<flyback>all those yrs I talked abotu setting up a myth box and butted heads with berido yrs ago
02:37<flyback>and guess what I finally install it and already fucking hate it
02:38<flyback>so ironic
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06:31<justinh>very happy with this gadget now :)
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06:35<justinh>only problem is a couple of ints are set to stupid values before an arrow keypress despite being initialised in an earlier function
06:36<justinh>think I'll do some cleanup then have a proper look
06:36<gbee> justinh the image positions?
06:37<gbee>if you define sane values in the <position> tags that should probably do the trick
06:38<gbee>doesn't explain the problem with the current code though
06:38<justinh>I do that already
06:38<gbee>oh :)
06:40<justinh>got rid of loadtheme & loadimages. should make it easier to read
06:40<justinh>time to put a bit of VERBOSE in there methinks
06:43<justinh>heh. if I just do a topleftarrow_x = m_topleftarrow->GetPosition().somethingforX; I should get sane values from the outset
06:44<justinh>have to say this is all a lot easier today :)
06:45<justinh>weird. even if I don't move the arrow - i.e. if I just press SELECT it makes the numbers sane
06:45<justinh>I was nearly there :)
06:47<justinh>things to do: make a nice popup menu to store the settings & change the movement amount (coarse/fine) and 2: allow coarse/fine adjustment
06:47<justinh>I remember seeing a menu constructor somewhere yesterday. that was quite a eureka moment
06:48<justinh>ahh! the arrow positions are fine to start with. I've just not initialised xsize & ysize. eejut
06:49<justinh>xsize = screenwidth; :P
06:50<gbee>I was wrong, it's DisplayPos() not Position()
06:50<gbee>UIImageType just being difficult and using different naming to the other widgets
06:51<gbee>or maybe I'm just thinking of mythui
06:51<gbee>maybe I should just let you get on with it, you seem to be doing just fine ;)
06:52<justinh>this is amazingly addictive once you get a break
06:53<justinh>what?! xsize & ysize _are_ sensible values already
06:54<justinh>must be something in my updateScreen()
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06:57<justinh>meh. screenwidth & screenheight were only being defined locally.
07:01<justinh>hmm now ysize is sensible
07:01<justinh>er no it isn't
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07:06<justinh>reckon I need to go to all the trouble of getting the image sizes for the arrows incase some crazy themer decides to make them rectangular or different sizes?
07:07<justinh>dunno how likely it is somebody would want to change the images though - but the good thing is I've seen how simple it'd be to remove some of the image filename hard-coding :)
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07:30<gbee>justinh: if you want to centre the images then I guess yes, you need to get the image size and do the (width|height/2)-(size/2) calculation to get the correct x/y position
07:30<gbee>because guarenteed someone will want to change the images (think I'd probably do them in lit glass)
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07:42<itsme>hello all
07:43<itsme>what is the correct channel for user problems? is there anyone?
07:47<rooaus>itsme: It is listed in the topic for this channel.
07:49<itsme>oh, sorry, i haven't seen it
07:51<itsme>rooaus: #mythtv-users is not at freenode?
07:55<gbee>yes it is
07:55<gbee>you probably mis-typed it
07:56<itsme>ah, the problem is: Cannot join #mythtv-users (You are banned).
07:56<itsme>whats the problem
07:56<itsme>I cannot understand this
07:57<laga>let's see
07:57<laga>- #mythtv-users: ban itsme*!*@* [by, 3419046 secs ago]
07:58<laga>if that ban was not specifically targeted at you, you can just change your nick and try again
07:59<itsme>ok, the ban was definitly not because of me
07:59<itsme>thx for help
07:59<laga>typical case of collateral damage then :)
07:59<justinh>gbee: not centreing the images at all but using the image width & height to calculate the total x & y size respectively
08:00<itsme>i'll try that way...
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08:01<gbee>justinh: ahh, so these are very big arrows? or am I just not understanding (as usual)
08:01<justinh>they'll be 100 pixels square
08:01<justinh>need to be big to be seen properly
08:02<justinh>I've hard-coded the size (only 30px atm though) & always assume both arrows are the same size. dunno if it's reasonable to keep it that way or not
08:02<gbee>ok, just remembered that you said the arrows are going in the corners, I was picturing arrows at the top centre and left middle
08:05<justinh> and appear2.png
08:05<justinh> and appear2.png
08:05<justinh>ooops ^^
08:07<justinh>good use of contexts IMHO ;)
08:07<gbee>heh, yeah
08:07<justinh>I nicked this idea from XBMC but the problem with that is that it's always been hard to tell which bit you had selected when both arrows are displayed
08:09<justinh>need to dig & work out the menu bit next & have a read of the coding standards
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08:32<gbee>never looked that closely at PG, but I like the detail which went into the background
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08:52<justinh>wish my dev box wasn't so slow. make takes an age for 300 lines of code
08:52<justinh>right let's see if the menu does things
08:56<justinh>err nope
08:58<justinh>hmm it's getting the keypress but not showing the menu
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09:07<justinh>maybe something wrong with the calling method of MythPopupBox
09:09<laga>justinh: nifty
09:10<justinh>I might have it just about finished today if I can get this menu to appear
09:10<justinh>didn't set menuPopup = NULL; in my init routine
09:11<laga>that'd be cool :)
09:12<justinh>ahh no such slot MythThemedDialog::slotChangeCoarseFine
09:13<justinh>slotChangeCoarseFine should maybe be public not private..
09:15<justinh>hmmm nope
09:19<Daviey>FYI: ATI still sucks, just somewhat less than i did a month ago.
09:19<Daviey>s/i/it/ - whoops
09:19<laga>closed source drivers?
09:19<laga>Daviey: rotfl
09:20<justinh>hmm I've missed a basic OO concept here I think
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09:27<okolsi>anyone familiar with dupdetection? I'd need some help to diagnose a possible problem..
09:35<justinh>if anybody gets a sec could you please look at ? can't seem to make MythThemedDialog inherit (if that's the right word) my menu actions
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10:04<justinh>I'm done looking at it for now. still getting "No Such Slot MythThemedDialog::slotChangeCoarseFine() etc
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10:34<gbee>justinh: to use QT slots/signals you need to stick a keyword in at the beginning of the class definition QOBJECT
10:36<gbee>" Q_OBJECT" just inside the class brackets
10:36<justinh>hmm now getting undefined symbol: _ZTV14MythAppearance
10:38<gbee>that's a linking error
10:40<justinh>dunno how to fix that then
10:40<justinh>distcleaned.. still the same
10:43<gbee>you've put header guards on the cpp, not necessary
10:44<gbee>the #ifndef MYTHAPPEARANCE_CPP bit
10:46<gbee>what does the project file look like?
10:47<justinh>project file?
10:47<justinh>ah duh the .pro
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10:59<gbee>justinh: I'm not seeing the problem
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11:06<justinh>that makes 2 of us then :)
11:08<justinh>I've dropped the lot (just about) at
11:09<justinh>fiddled with so much I've probably got myself in a tangle
11:09<laga>url no worky!
11:09<justinh>I've dropped the lot (just about) at
11:10<justinh>I'm guessing it's something pretty fundemental
11:10<justinh>but since I don't really have a clue what I'm doing it's anybody else's guess
11:17<justinh>I hope I'll work it out. I mean I got myself this stuck yesterday with something else
11:18<justinh>quite proud of what I've managed to do so far though - esp. considering I have man-flu :P
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11:40<gbee>stuarta: might spot it
11:40<gbee>stupid autocomplete, shouldn't be a colon in there
11:41<gbee>justin has a problem with his plugin and I'm failing to spot it
11:41<gbee>(15:36:50) justinh: hmm now getting undefined symbol: _ZTV14MythAppearance
11:42<stuarta>please hold caller...
11:42[~]stuarta fires up rdesktop
11:49<stuarta>just changing clients. biab
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11:50<stuarta>gbee can you past that link again?
11:51<stuarta>k, you have a pastebin of the build failure or what everis happening?
11:51<justinh>the 14 in the error message is coming from the length of the string 'MythAppearance', I know that much now
11:51<justinh>no build failure. compiles just fine
11:51<gbee>any warnings?
11:52<stuarta>what's the issue then?
11:52<laga>did you install all libs?
11:52<laga>in the right prefix?
11:53<gbee>laga: that was my thought, the project file is using a hard coded location, but as justin said it was working before I can't see why it would stop now
11:53<justinh>it's been installing everything just fine til I added the Q_OBJECT in mythappearance.h
11:53<gbee>justinh: unless you changed the location and you've got an old version of the lib somewhere else on the system?
11:53<justinh>without the Q_OBJECT it loads fine but the menu doesn't work - reports "No Such Slot MythThemedDialog::slotChangeCoarseFine()"
11:53<stuarta>ah, hang on
11:54<stuarta>if you've added a Q_OBJECT, don't you have to get qmake to run moc on it?
11:54<gbee>justinh: ohhh, re-run qmake on the pro
11:56<gbee>yeah I didn't notice the lack of moc files in that directory
11:58<justinh>hmm still having a problem
11:58<gbee>same one?
11:59<justinh>aye. trying some stuff
12:00<justinh>heheh. now worky :D
12:01[~]stuarta does the happy dance for justinh
12:01<justinh>need to add a textarea to the ui.xml to show whether coarse or fine adjustments are being used. prolly need to sort out the clipping too
12:01<justinh>then after that, make the updateSettings() bit actually do something
12:02<justinh>prolly put a confirmation dialog up to be on the safe side too
12:02<justinh>thanks for the help gbee & stuarta :)
12:03<justinh>does the code otherwise look ok btw (coding style aside, I know I need to sort that out a bit) ?
12:04<justinh>that said, when it's all going how I want it, I can take my time with the tidying up
12:04<stuarta>need to work on your indenting some
12:05<gbee>includes need a small cleanup, like you said, spacing/indenting etc needs sorting
12:05<justinh>yeh I know. my (cough) editor can do all that I've just not tried it yet
12:05<stuarta>can't comment on the code itself atm.
12:05[~]stuarta isn't in a code analyzing mood
12:06<justinh>this hasn't been half as bad as I thought it would be tbh. much easier than I imagined FWIW
12:08<justinh>or maybe I should say.. it seemed like it was going to be dead easy before I started, then I freaked out - and now I think it wasn't so bad
12:08<justinh>who needs python anyway? ;)
12:10<justinh>def. need to sort out the clipping. I need my maths head on for that. can't have negative offsets or sizes bigger than the screen
12:10<gbee>I'd prefix all the member variables with m_ for the sake of clarity and you've got some duplicates? xsize, x_size?
12:10<justinh>er.. not sure
12:12<justinh>heh I don't use x_size or y_size. must've put them in early on
12:13<gbee>UIImageType::GetSize() can replace the hardcoded arrow image sizes
12:13<justinh>yeah I know. I don't think it's that important yet
12:14<justinh>hmmm just thought of something. once the setting change is stored, then what?
12:14<stuarta>clear cache?
12:15<justinh>call whatever the appearance setup menu does to reload/redraw ?
12:15[~]stuarta hmms
12:15<justinh>didn't quite get that far when I was thinking about the use case
12:22<gbee>radiotimes seem to be putting out film descriptions without the usual reviews attached, which is a real shame
12:22<justinh>waiting on tomorrow with baited breath...
12:23<stuarta>they are supposed to be rolling out more EIT series link stuff
12:23<justinh>looking fwd to the trailer link stuff myself :)
12:24<gbee>damn, no star ratings either
12:24<gbee>not good
12:25<gbee>guess us xmltv users are now getting their second rate service :(
12:25[~]laga wonders what kind of data is giving out for the UK
12:26<stuarta>gbee: that'll be a first
12:28<gbee>films on the website still have the review and star rating, xmltv data doesn't
12:28<gbee>that was one of the main reasons I preferred the xmltv data over EIT
12:29<justinh>I can't trust uk_rt ratings anyway. their reviewers have strange tastes
12:29<justinh>er.. I mean I have strange tastes :P
12:30<gbee>the descriptions are probably still a damn sight better than EIT which tends to prefer generic one liners "Action-adventure series with John Smith"
12:30<stuarta>at least they don't give away the entire plot :-P
12:31<gbee>justinh: not saying I necessarily agree with the reviews, but generally if they give a better guide than no review at all
12:32<justinh>uk_rt would be much better if they had a short description we could use for the EPG so that we could display the longer one in program details
12:32<justinh>I've got 5 lines set aside in glass-wide for the description area & it's still not enough 80% of the time
12:33<justinh>other times it looks like a waste of space
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12:33<justinh>hmmmm scrolly textareas
12:34<stuarta>maybe thats a way to learn the UI code
12:34[~]stuarta ponders
12:34<justinh>I've been dying to get in on the mythui conversion stuff
12:34<gbee>I was going to add scrlling goodness to mythui, though maybe a little different to what we're talking about here
12:35<justinh>but then, I don't even know which club this plugin belongs to :P
12:35<justinh>mmm pizza time
12:36<stuarta>gbee: if it can scroll either up/down or left/right it'll do...
12:37<stuarta>left/right for tickers
12:37<stuarta>up/down for description areas
12:37<stuarta>anyway, gotta go
12:37<gbee>stuarta: it was automatic ticker type scrolling that I had in mind, not user controlled scrolling, though that wouldn't be difficult
12:38<stuarta>not user controlled at all
12:38<stuarta>theme controlled
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12:38<gbee>yeah, maybe I'll do it tonight, shouldn't take long
12:38<jams>stuarta- are you thinking of automatic scrolling if the text is to big for the description?
12:39[~]gbee goes foraging for food
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13:13<gbee>looks like radiotimes xmltv has been offline since 19th Dec anyway
13:14<laga>interestingly enough, is broken for 1/1/2008, too :)
13:26<gbee>I'd be curious to see same data from if they are offering coverage for the UK
13:27<laga>they are offering data for the UK
13:27<laga>i'm not sure if i've already updated all xmltv channel ids for the UK
13:28<gbee>if their data is better quality than EIT and more reliable than the radiotimes then it might be worthwhile
13:29<gbee>that said, the radiotimes isn't normally unreliable (think everyone is on holiday over christmas)
13:29<gbee>and the EIT data is ok now, it's just let down buy poor descriptions
13:30<laga>gbee: you can write to and ask for a test PIN
13:30<gbee>laga: thanks, I may do that
13:31<laga>gbee: i have a couple of spare PINs but i forgot which one is for the UK
13:34<anykey_>Is the guy who develops the shoutcast support for mythmusic somewhere on IRC here?
13:34<laga>that'd be another cool think for 0.21, indeed.
13:35<anykey_>it seems that he missed some files in the latest patch :/
13:38<gbee>laga: he's never submitted patches for inclusion
13:38<laga>really? :/
13:39<gbee>purely selfishly I hope he doesn't yet, it just complicates the changes I'd eventually like to see made in mythmusic
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13:39<gbee>not that I'm making any real progress on those
13:39<laga>you do enough work as it is :)
13:41<gbee>laga: I talk about stuff I'd like to do, I don't actually produce that much ;)
13:45<anykey_>at least you produce something, not like me :(
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13:56<justinh>producing can be fun. it can also be a complete & utter scratch your head til you reach brain exercise though too
13:57<justinh>I've mostly enjoyed the last couple of days' slog
13:58<justinh>very gratifying seeing your own code doing stuff, even if it's stuff other devs could do with both eyes closed
13:59<justinh>I'm starting to be a big advocate of having a go yourself ;)
14:00<justinh>ok then I've always been one, but now I'm really practising what I preach :P
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14:31<justinh>void MythAppearance::formatHDD() { exec "sudo fdisk /dev/hda" }
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14:41<xris>justinh: that does't format the hard drive...
14:43<justinh>wiping out the partition tables is pretty nasty though
14:44<xris>Chutt: you around?
14:44<laga>justinh: fdisk would just sit there :)
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14:53<xris>yeah. you'd want to use sfdisk
14:53<xris>so you can tell it to do stuff. :)
14:53<laga>don't give him ideas :)
14:53<xris>but gparted or qparted would be better from a gui standpoint
14:53<laga>xris: sorry, gbee said no new plugins would be accepted unless they use mythui :)
14:54<xris>ah... heh
14:54<justinh>I dunno if mine's using mythui or not
14:54<justinh>if not, good so I can get some practise in
14:54<justinh>if yes, good so I don't have to do any more work
14:55<justinh>bugger I need to convert a QSize to an int
14:56<gbee>justinh: it's not, but shouldn't take much to change that
14:57<justinh>m_arrowsize_x = m_topleftarrow->GetSize().width(); - am I just being thick?
14:57<justinh>where m_arrowsize_x is an int
14:57<justinh>it's returning -1
14:58<gbee>not yet decided if we need a mythui version of myththemeddialog
15:00<justinh>I still have a couple of other bugs to work out too. should be simple fixes I hope
15:01<justinh>according to the qt docs, int QSize::height () const so I'm stumped now
15:01<gbee>justinh: might be that size isn't set unless it's static, let me check that
15:02<justinh>heh if all it needs is a <staticsize> in the ui xml I can handle that
15:02|-|rhp [] has joined #mythtv
15:03<justinh>let's see
15:05<justinh>the movement clipping could be better - with the coarse (10 pixels at a time) setting it won't go all the way to the edge. can't get it into my head when I'm like this
15:05<gbee>that's really a bug, easily fixed
15:06<gbee>justinh: you probably want to use GetSize(true); as well, since they returns the scaled size of the image and not the original size
15:06<justinh>I'm not following you gbee, sorry
15:06<justinh>I think I might just have peaked for today
15:07<justinh>why the hell couldn't I have been ill when I was supposed to be at work?!
15:07<laga>someone just asked this in #ubuntu-mythtv:
15:07<laga>< linuxbomb> why is this channel called ubuntu-mythtv and not just mythtv...... I'm only curious because I use gentoo
15:08<laga>that happened like two minutes after i joined...
15:08<gbee>a 100pixel image scaled for a screen which is 640x360 (assuming widescreen) would be drawn as 50pixels wide, but GetSize() will still return 100
15:09<justinh>oh bugger :)
15:09<gbee>unless you call GetSize() with true, in which case it will return the correct value of 50
15:09<justinh>so m_arrowsize_x = m_topleftarrow->GetSize(true).width(); instead
15:09<gbee>QSize GetSize(bool scaled = false)
15:10<gbee>justinh: yeah, though due to a bug you still need the staticsize stuff (I'll fix that)
15:10<laga>gbee: btw, did you see my query earlier?
15:10<laga>no, you didnt
15:11[~]laga registers
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15:12<justinh>gbee: I think you just saved me some tickets there fella
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15:15<justinh>gah I keep thinking of new ways to do this
15:15<justinh>if the size has been changed, ask if you want to save when you quit
15:15<justinh>then I don't need a menu entry for it
15:17<justinh>that might be a bit more tricky unless you can just trap a BACK keypress action with QKeyPress
15:18<justinh>that's what I meant :)
15:18<gbee>justinh: could just stick it in the destructor
15:18<justinh>with a confirmation dialog too?
15:20<gbee>if you are going to include a confirm dialogue, might be better not to do it there then, just add a handler for the ESC keypress
15:20<justinh>I think a confirm dialogue will be safer
15:20<anykey_>How would I translate the strings for the On-screen Menu?
15:21<anykey_>Like 'Adjust Fill' etc?
15:21<justinh>ach I think it's about time I started tidying up my code & renaming my variables etc
15:21<justinh>something non-taxing :)
15:22<gbee>tr("string") or QApplication::tr("string")
15:23<anykey_>gbee: yeah. That's what is in the code. And <source>Adjust Fill</source><translation>...</translation> is what is in mythfrontend_de.ts. But 'Adjust Fill' is what is in the menu after a 'make'
15:23<anykey_>gbee: is there something else that needs to be done after editing the xml files?
15:24<gbee>oh, sorry thought the question came from justin
15:24|-|sei-coffee [] has joined #mythtv
15:25<gbee>anykey_: after updating the translation file ".ts", you need to run lrelease on one of the project files, can't remember which one
15:25<justinh>heh I'm done asking questions for a few minutes ;)
15:25|-|sei-coffee [] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
15:25<anykey_>gbee: guess
15:25<gbee>anyway, that builds the qm files which mythtv actually uses (compressed/compiled format)
15:26<gbee>anykey_: probably, my memory is like a sieve
15:29<anykey_>gbee: yeah, that was it
15:53<justinh>seemingly bug-free now :)
15:55<justinh>one decision for the not so distant future.. if it's gonna be a plugin, where would it go in the menus? currently got it stashed in utils
15:55<gbee>justinh: it won't be a plugin
15:56<gbee>once you've got it finished we'll find a place for it in the frontend somewhere
15:57<justinh>I'm dead chuffed so far. been wanting to do this (and going on about it) for bloody ages
15:58<justinh>I dunno how good all the indenting / bracing is now compared to the standard. I'll have a read later. need to rest my hot little brain
15:59<Chutt>4 space indents, braces are antisocial and go on their own lines
15:59<justinh>sounds like pretty much what I've done in the cleanup, give or take
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16:45|-|jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
16:46|-|Kalijawan [] has joined #mythtv
16:56<gbee>looking good
16:56<justinh>now I'm gonna rest & serve myself some JD. finishing off tomorrow I hope :)
16:57|-|superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #mythtv
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17:16<roelof81>i have installed mythtv in archlinux but when i would start mysql
17:17|-|Tamale [] has joined #mythtv
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18:43<gbee>ffs, why is my backend refusing to start because it can't find the backend
18:43<Chutt>i had that happen as well
18:45|-|mzb [] has joined #mythtv
18:47<gbee>seemed to fix itself after I ran mythtv-setup to check that it was configured with the correct IP etc
18:50|-|JohnQ [] has joined #mythtv
18:52<rooaus>gbee: More upnp voodoo?
18:53<gbee>yeah, it's just odd as I update the backend regularly and thought Nigel had stopped working on autodiscovery changes a couple of weeks ago
18:55|-|grokky [] has joined #mythtv
18:55<rooaus>true, I don't remember seeing any autodiscovery commits recently
18:57<JohnQ>Could someone give me a hand determining if some strange behavior I am seeing is a bug or not? I can open the program guide from Live TV, but the "Live TV In Guide" JumpPoint Just gives me a black screen for 3 seconds and takes me to the main menu. Using 0.20.20070821-1
19:00<rooaus>gbee: Seems you fixed #4395 in [15253].
19:00<gbee>rooaus: don't think I did
19:04<rooaus>oh, maybe I misread it... They are talking about the "View Detail" and not "Gallery", sorry about that (assumed it was the same thing).
19:06<gbee>janneg: the patch you created to disable active EIT scanning, should it be affecting passive scanning in trunk?
19:07<gbee>it just adds a year to the eitStartScanTime
19:11<gbee>well and avoids startActiveScan
19:26|-|mattwire_ [] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:38<Anduin>post-commit issues?
19:46|-|aevil [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:51<Anduin>gbee: Yeah, that stuff has bee ScaleFree for forever, I guess while I'm breaking themes I can just center it (even standard themes with imdb posters can look stretched)
19:53<Anduin>and the trac-post-commit-hook didn't do its thing for [15265]
19:56<Anduin>and I won't be dropping external players anytime soon (myth_system could stop the miniplayer though)
20:00<jams>Anduin- glad you say that about the external players.
20:03<Anduin>Yeah, I had hoped to make them even better this release but have put that code aside in favor of ticket closing (that said I still like and mostly use the internal player, I love the sound touch stuff and will love it more when mythmusic does it)
20:23|-|Kalijawan [] has joined #mythtv
20:23<Kalijawan>hey, what are you using for a source manager for Myth on FC8?
20:45|-|jd86 [n=jdio@pdpc/supporter/student/jd86] has joined #mythtv
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22:56|-|trollicious changed nick to cccp_
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23:32<Zombie>On MythTV Sound is silent. I can enable the sound in ALSA and the result is a crapload of racket.
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