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00:03[~]jhulst kicks
00:10<jams>it does appear to not be responding
00:11[~]jams wonders if Snow-Man or chutt is working on the problem.
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00:20<Chutt>jams, here now
00:20<Chutt>i just pinged the osuosl channel
00:21<Chutt>dunno if anyone's there, though
00:26<Chutt>and just emailed their support alias
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00:27<clever>and here i was blaming xp
00:28<clever>but it does seem to be the fault of5 of my connection errors
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01:48<mdew-home>how do you setup -multirec properly? anything required in myth-setup?
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02:12<xris>mdew-home: please read the topic so you don't think we're rude for not answering.
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03:33<sxealex>ive checked mythtv-users and ubuntu-mythtv but no one can help me with a LiveTv problem on gutsy... any other rooms around?
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03:45<rooaus>sxealex: See topic, you need to wait for someone to help in #mythtv
03:56<rooaus>^^^ #mythtv-users I meant
03:59<stuarta>please repeat after me "IRC does not have *rooms*"
04:00<stuarta>it has channels
04:00[~]stuarta rants about the corruption of a perfectly good technology
04:00<sxealex>im sorry im not an irc proficienado
04:01<stuarta>heh, np it's pre caffeine :)
04:01<sxealex>i use forums usually :-/
04:01<sxealex>but im impatient now
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04:02<clever>stuarta: im still trying to get people to stop talking about joining networks:P
04:02<sxealex>plus my irc client says "Join Room" :)
04:03[~]rooaus has moved on to Coopers Best Extra, caffeine is so this morning... ;)
04:03<clever>damn dirty client!
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04:04[~]stuarta gets jealous of rooaus and the nice warm christmas's i used to have
04:05<stuarta>clever: tbf you do join irc networks
04:06<clever>i think of it more as connection
04:06<clever>most of the noobs i talk to ask how to autoJOIN an irc network
04:06<clever>and how to CONNECT to a channel
04:06<rooaus>stuarta: Was 43 Deg here new year eve :)
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04:07<rooaus>^^^ Melbourne that is!
04:07[~]clever goes off to sleep
04:08<sxealex>yea its 4am here i probably should just do that too
04:08<stuarta>clever: ah yes, connect to network, join channel
04:08[~]stuarta trouts himself
04:08[~]sxealex sighs
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06:29<justinh>you're kidding me... mythweather's setup menu on the left hand side aren't themable in weather-ui.xml?!
06:30<justinh>I thought "I'll just quickly dip in here & give the menus a bit more room in -wide.. ". duh
06:32<stuarta>you can actually set it up?
06:33<stuarta>i can't define a screen to save my life
06:33<stuarta>dunno if the grabbers don't install or what
06:35<justinh>doh. it's mythui innit. listbtnarea
06:39<justinh>stuarta: even with the right scripts etc it's not all that easy. complete PITA I'd call it
06:40<justinh>other people's idea of logic isn't the same as mine apparently. wouldn't be surprised if somebody said the same of my appearance thing
06:41<stuarta>i might give it a good bash tonight
06:41<stuarta>and trout gbee if needed ;-)
06:41<justinh>some good documentation would help a lot. it's on my list somewhere
06:42<stuarta>anyone up for a bug squashing party this weekend?
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06:42<justinh>depends on the bugs... and what mrs justinh has planned
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06:42<gbee>dunno, think I may be pretty busy but otherwise
06:43<stuarta>i'm free for a change
06:43<stuarta>so i'm working on mine first
06:43<stuarta>then anything else i can find
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06:57<justinh>nobody else noticed a wee problem with UIRemoteEditType ? I can't enter zeros here
06:57<stuarta>small technical problem that is
06:57<MrGandalf>bah, who needs zeros..
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06:58<gbee>justinh: heh, never noticed that before - hit enter/select and you can use the popup keyboard
06:58<justinh>I know
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06:58<gbee>ah for some reason zero is 9
06:58<justinh>what the?!
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06:59<justinh>whose mobile has 0 on the '9' key?
06:59<justinh>I smell a patch not far off
07:00<justinh>actually this brings up an important point. remote text editing or onscreen keyboard. not both IMHO
07:02<gbee>justinh: I'm with you there, I don't particularly like UIRemoteEditType because you can't turn off the 'remote edit' part of it, so that makes editing numerical only field challenging e.g. Year in mythmusic metadata editor
07:02<stuarta>pita that is
07:02<gbee>but UIRemoteEdit will get replaced eventually by something new for mythui
07:03<stuarta>a dual personality thing maybe?
07:03<justinh>the search results in mythweather need a new popup
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07:05<justinh>for a start though would anybody object to changing the action for the 9 key to remove 0 from the list and make the 0 key alternate between space and zero like on phones?
07:06<stuarta>not me
07:06<justinh>just had another idea
07:06<stuarta>did it hurt?
07:06<justinh>when you're in an edit box, maybe have a spare key not used in that context to swap between number, alpha & alphanum modes
07:07<stuarta>make it themeable
07:07<stuarta>ie. mode=alphanum|numeric
07:07<gbee>justinh: might be easier to make it themeable as stuarta says <remoteedit type="alpha"> etc
07:08<justinh>yeah ok but 0 still needs fixing :)
07:08<stuarta>however we must remember ATSC end up with chan numbers like 12_1
07:09<Merlin83b2>What you just suggested is exactly what my mobile does, justinh.
07:10<stuarta>mine also does newline, but you wouldn't need there here
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07:11<justinh>I'm still getting used to all the colour fading out of mythfrontend when it's 'thinking'
07:15[~]stuarta grumbles 24/7 isn't a partnumber/parttotal
07:19<Merlin83b2>Okay, I shouldn't have come back. You guys are makingme want to upgrade. And for that I will need to spend a couple of hundred squids on new hardware.
07:25<justinh>but.. but... 0.21 is going to be out in Feb. If you were to believe everything announced on :P
07:26<Merlin83b2>Meh. I'd upgrade to svn anyway.
07:26<Merlin83b2>I'm just that kind of guy!
07:34<stuarta>it got announced?
07:34<stuarta>wtf did that?
07:35<justinh> got an inference from a ML post saying it would likely be before the beginning of march - therefore it'll be released in Feb! Can you see the logic there? I couldn't
07:38<stuarta>damn websites playing join the dots...
07:39<Merlin83b2>That's the ML post the site used.
07:42<gbee>stuarta: if partnumber > parttotal then reject it?
07:44<stuarta>i've coded it, just maybe it hasn't updated that channel yet ;-)
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07:50[~]stuarta cleans out the DB and tries again
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07:53<justinh>btw gbee planning more widescreen mythweather changes but need to get around to setting up more screens
07:53<justinh>dunno how they look in 4:3 themes but the text was all over the place
07:54<justinh>doesn't help much when areas that appear below others onscreen are above them in the xml ;)
07:55<justinh>gonna test & commit roo's minimalist ticket before I forget about it
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08:30<stuarta>doh, john['s done another update
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08:35<stuarta>damn lag
08:38<GreyFoxx>iamhrh: Right now myth's internal player has some serious mkv problems
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09:26<justinh>there we go. 2 new watermarks each for MythCenter & MythCenter-wide
09:26<GreyFoxx>looks like I accidental reverted a fix I put in to the upnp stuff heh
09:26[~]GreyFoxx reverts reverted code
09:36<justinh>rooaus: even less missing images now
09:37<rooaus>justinh: Cheers
09:37<justinh>don't let me stop you though ;)
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10:02<justinh>that watermark background was a bit of a git
10:03<justinh>though I've just realised an easier way to get at it. bah
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10:56<justinh>oh wow mytharchive has had a re-organise
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11:15<janneg>I didn't know that we don't use b-frames for mpeg4. It might make sense for recordings if b-frames need more processing
11:16<janneg>but it is stupid for transcoding
11:18<GreyFoxx>we just ignore them now ?
11:18<janneg>maybe nuppelvideo can't handle B-Frames the result of using them was certainly wrong
11:18<janneg>yeah, our mpeg4 videos have no b-frames
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11:20[~]janneg hunts atm the double video bitrate bug
11:22<janneg>but I can't see that's wrong
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11:38<anykey_>janneg: where would I enable x264 multithreading?
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11:41<momelod>hello, is there a seperate room for mythtv users?
11:41<GreyFoxx>momelod: #mythtv-users
11:41<momelod>lol, of course
11:41<momelod>thank you
11:41<GreyFoxx>np :)_
11:41<momelod>since im here tho, thanx for mythtv, keep up the good work :)
11:43<anykey_>Does someone of you know where to enable multithreaded h264?
11:43<GreyFoxx>anykey_: not me. I don't know the status of that stuff
11:49<justinh>rooaus: I could be wrong but looks like all the missing watermarks are gone from MythCenter & MythCenter-wide now
11:49<gbee>xris: I'll fix the colour, I think I must have accidently sampled the wrong one
11:51<justinh>gbee: reckon it's worth finishing off mythappearance completely? apart from it doesn't use mythui yet it's only missing a menu xlm entry now
11:53<jarle_>anykey_: I was of the impression that the multithread playback was only available as a patch (that still isn't committed to trunk?)
11:53<gbee>justinh: finish it, can be converted to mythui later but I think I'm going to be very busy over the next two/three weeks, so I can't help with that or getting it integrated with the frontend until my work load lightens up again
11:54<justinh>I'm planning to have a go converting it myself. looks too daunting right now. need to understand more
11:54<gbee>justinh: might as well use that time to get feedback and testing
11:54<justinh>right, I was just thinking about possible static being caused by a new commit of a plugin which doesn't use mythui ;)
11:55<gbee>justinh: wouldn't worry
11:56<gbee>I think you should have all the widgets you need, so you should be able to convert it over without too much hassle, but it would be easier with an example of the new screen stack stuff
11:57<justinh>yeah I picked up the example in hellomyth from the wiki quite well. went quite smooth apart from the weird issues I ran into, all told ;)
11:59<justinh>that and my lack of c++ fundamentals but hey. I'll learn
12:01<anykey_>jarle_: I've found the patch, but it doesn't seem to create two threads
12:01<anykey_>jarle_: i'm using
12:02<laga>anykey_: have you asked janneg and/or read the related threads on mythtv-dev?
12:02<anykey_>laga: not yet
12:03<jarle_>anykey_: I'm using pre-built trunk packages, so I do not know anything about this patch, I'm just hoping it will be added to the main trunk...
12:03<xris>gbee: sweet, thanks
12:05<jarle_>anykey_: latest svn mplayer also supports threaded playback (I still seem to have problems getting 1080P playback fine though... :(
12:06<anykey_>jarle_: I've got 720p problems here on a c2d 2.2ghz
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12:08<jarle_>anykey_: never had any problems with 720p, even using the internal player without threads...
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12:09<jamazon>Hey all. I'm new here. Was wondering if anyone knows of any development going into a BBC iPLayer plugin?
12:10<xris>jamazon: not that I've heard of. would be cool, though (even if I can't use it because they discriminate against non-brits ;)
12:10<anykey_>jarle_: well, they send about 16-20mbit/s here..
12:11<jamazon>yeh they do :) for good reason they. they force us to pay for it
12:11<jamazon>i know someones put together a php script that harvests the iplayer builds myth menus, but thats all so far
12:12<jamazon>time to go learn C i think
12:12<GreyFoxx>c++ :)
12:12<GreyFoxx>there is a example basic hello world plugin example in the wiki I think
12:12<justinh>hmmm what's the best way to add an item to an xml file - e.g. to make a new menu entry in a plugin?
12:13<justinh>from a .pro I mean
12:13<justinh>just have an up to date copy in the plugin source dir & install it as with any other file? or run a script & patch it?
12:13<GreyFoxx>dammit, someone just unplugged something they shouldn't, bbiab
12:14<laga>justinh: why would you need to do that? do you want to add a new menu entry when your plugins is installed?
12:14<jamazon>c++ even :)
12:14<justinh>plugins can't run if there's no menu entry for em
12:15<justinh>doh! should only update the util_menu.xml or whatever in trunk already. don't make another copy to keep up to date
12:15<laga>justinh: just create the menu entry in the xml file. if the plugin is not installed.. you got it
12:15<justinh>being thick today
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12:16<gbee>jamazon: there was a suggestion from a journalist who interviewed one of the BBC technical bods that the BBC themselves were writing a plugin
12:19<gbee>something of an olive branch to the opensource community, but the article was incoherent at best so I honestly don't know if it's true or what the details are
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12:21<jarle_>gbee: What is this BBC thing you guys are discussing?
12:22<gbee>jarle_: BBC are putting some of their shows on the internet for streaming to UK users
12:22<Merlin83b2>All their shows, isn't it?
12:22<Merlin83b2>For 7 days after original air date.
12:22<gbee>Merlin83b2: could be, didn't really pay attention because I've no use for it
12:22<jarle_>gbee: sounds cool.... BBC has a lot of good stuff...
12:23<gbee>uses a convoluted/obscure streaming method though, so reverse engineering it could be a pain
12:23<gbee>they will be releasing a linux player though and if the rumour about a mythtv plugin is true, then it will save everyone some work
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12:24<jams>speaking on plugin entries, GreyFoxx think the mythsmolt menu entry will be in before .21?
12:25<justinh>just a sanity check.. only need a .pro, the .h & .cpp files in svn yesh?
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12:25<justinh>and anything else the .pro specifies..
12:26<GreyFoxx>jams: yeah I'll put it in today
12:26<gbee>justinh: images and xml, yeah
12:26<jams>xml files/images
12:26<jams>GreyFoxx- thanks
12:26[~]GreyFoxx grumbles about "techies" touching his network. Grrr
12:29<jarle_>As far as I can gather Iplayer is already available for linux: BBC iPlayer after a lot of complains, petitions, talks and discussions is finally available for GNU/Linux as beta""
12:31<justinh>here goes. just shoot me
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12:35<justinh>jarle: maybe 8 people picketing the BBC HQ helped too :P
12:35<gbee>jarle: they have a flash player which works for linux, but no direct stream/download for linux unlike Windows
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12:36<gbee>the flash player is better than nothing and you can already use it from within mythbrowser
12:36|-|HomeworkDetector changed nick to Dibblah
12:36<justinh>do you know anybody who uses the iplayer already? I've yet to hear anything good about it. "better than nothing" is about the standard of comment from folks I work with
12:37<gbee>if you don't mind flash video quality or the fact that their flash player is one of those which doesn't seem to go fullscreen when you hit the 'fullscreen' button, then it's fine
12:38<gbee>but I'd rather record things off freeview/satellite than watch a 400x300 flash video version
12:39<justinh>heh. always
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12:39<justinh>who need iplayer when we'll have multirec slapping everything we could conceivably ever want to watch onto HDD?
12:39|-|feiner [] has joined #mythtv
12:40<gbee>and BBC HD now FTA on satellite
12:40[~]justinh imagines a new storage group... weeklongscratchpad :P
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12:42<laga>justinh: is mythappearance supposed to build within mythplugins? or do i have to qmake manually?
12:42<laga>justinh: it built fine
12:42<justinh>oh bum I forgot to update
12:43<GreyFoxx>which is filled in my ./configure
12:43<justinh>heh yeah that
12:44<GreyFoxx>so users so a few lines in configure, then users just rerun ./configure
12:45<laga>justinh: did you actually commit that menu entry?
12:45<gnome42>Good day!
12:45<justinh>no I didn't yet
12:46<GreyFoxx>laga: You can cheat without the xml file
12:47<GreyFoxx>"mythfrontend pluginname" jumps right to the plugin
12:47<justinh>balls. I wanted this to be free of cockups
12:47<GreyFoxx>mythfrontend mythappearance
12:48<GreyFoxx>justinh: Nice work! it worked fine for me
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12:48<laga>GreyFoxx: yeah, just did that. thanks :)
12:48|-|RMC [] has joined #mythtv
12:48<laga>yes, works fine here, too.
12:48|-|feiner [] has joined #mythtv
12:48<GreyFoxx>hehe though I think I see a flaw, but not mythappearances fault
12:49<laga>justinh: when i hit "reset screen size settings and quit", it'll reload the frontend. is that intentional?
12:49<justinh>obvious limitations atm are that it won't really work if you run mythfrontend with a geometry override
12:49<GreyFoxx>all ok reset is what I was looking for actuallty
12:49<justinh>laga: yeah. needs to be explained in the doc
12:49<GreyFoxx>I was trying to grow it back up after shrinking it
12:50<GreyFoxx>but the reset did the job
12:50<laga>that'll leave me with an empty screen (just the theme background) because i started it like "mythfrontend appearance"
12:50<justinh>GreyFoxx: yeah it can't do that but then drawing outside the window isn't what the UI libs can do
12:50<laga>GreyFoxx: now i understand why it resets the screen
12:50<laga>justinh: would it make sense not to reload if the settings didn't change?
12:51<justinh>if you do save & quit or reset & not change the settings?
12:51<justinh>should be an easy fix
12:51<justinh>if (!changed) { quit(); )
12:52<justinh>er.. reject(); even
12:52<laga>if i reset when i didn't change any settings.
12:52<justinh>yeah I can add that I think.
12:52<laga>justinh: this looks like an awesome addition. i'll try it on my TV in a second. good job
12:52<justinh>didn't think of that case. trust you! ;)
12:52<justinh>I've wanted this for so long you wouldn't believe
12:53<GreyFoxx>justinh: yeah, once the xml and configure changes are in (make sure to note that a ./configure is needed in the commit log) it will be pretty sweet :)
12:53<laga>i wonder how well it will work on a CRT TV set, with the odd geometry and that
12:53<GreyFoxx>I'm gonna use it when I get home on a CRT
12:53<justinh>it's in there for testing & fine tuning. and general lambasting
12:58[~]justinh tests the new change check
13:04<justinh>ouch. that's gonna need some work
13:22|-|lprich [n=rascal84@unaffiliated/rascal84] has joined #mythtv
13:22|-|lprich [n=rascal84@unaffiliated/rascal84] has left #mythtv []
13:24<justinh>oof. still need a clean way to close the popup menu & quit
13:24<justinh>or maybe just not do anything
13:27|-|gandalfcome [] has quit []
13:29|-|jmk_ [n=jmk@] has joined #mythtv
13:33<justinh>laga: now got it so that those menu options won't do anything if the settings haven't been changed
13:36|-|clever_ [] has joined #mythtv
13:44|-|clever [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
13:46|-|janneg [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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13:52|-|RMC changed nick to RMC_away
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14:01<gbee>xris: this any better?
14:01<gbee>might need to force a refresh as I reused the same filename
14:03|-|gandalfcome [] has quit []
14:03|-|RMC [] has joined #mythtv
14:15|-|RMC changed nick to RMC_away
14:17|-|dlblog [] has joined #mythtv
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14:39|-|kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has joined #mythtv
14:53<justinh>laga: you got your crazy use case
14:54<justinh>now the popup only gets savequit & reset if you've changed anything
14:55<justinh>and changes are registered properly now so if you move the arrows back to their original locations that's classed as no change
14:56<justinh>bollocks. forgot something again. man slap me if I rush anything again
14:58[~]gbee coughs up his left lung
14:58<justinh>like you should never go food shopping when you're hungry, never code
14:58<justinh>you wanna lay off those woodbines gbee ;)
14:59[~]stuarta chuckles
14:59<stuarta>another case of man flu?
15:00|-|Toxicity999 [n=bryan@unaffiliated/Toxicity999] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
15:00<gbee>nothing that fatal ;)
15:00<justinh>nuts. pulling m_changed = true; from the move functions has screwed it up. doing the test in the keypress handler which should be ok
15:00<stuarta>being half a lung down can't be good
15:01<gbee>stuarta: I'm chest half full kinda guy
15:09[~]justinh trouts himself. spot the deliberate mistake in anythingChanged()
15:18|-|superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has quit ["Leaving"]
15:44<justinh>yay fixed it
15:46<justinh>need to fix the indents on that though. messy
15:47<justinh> - does that look ok?
15:49<stuarta>in ::getSettings you initialize a few variables then load in some data from the gContext
15:49<stuarta>you should move the initialization to the constructor
15:50<stuarta>good practice dictates all internal variables are initialized in the contructor
15:51<justinh>right & that's in main.cpp right?
15:51<stuarta>i'm only looking at MythAppearance
15:51<justinh>so basically just where I initialise the other stuff then
15:52<stuarta>not that it really matters since you load into the straight away, but it's good practice to get into
15:52<stuarta>leads to more maintainable code in the long run.
15:53<justinh>okees. not sure I even need wmult & hmult
15:53<justinh>er... m_wmult & m_hmult I mean
15:53<stuarta>you probably still need those where they are
15:54<stuarta>unless gContext->GetScreenSettings() support being called with null for those args
15:54<justinh>I don't think it does
15:54<stuarta>so those 2 are correct
15:54<stuarta>just the m_screenheight = 0, m_screenwidth = 0; should be moved
15:54<justinh>ok so otherwise the code looks alright?
15:55<stuarta>still looking
15:55<justinh>I'm not sure I can trust my editor's autoindenting yet. it didn't indent 2 lines between braces in an if
15:59<stuarta>looks okay at first reading
16:02<justinh>cheers stuarta :)
16:02[~]justinh beers stuarta
16:03[~]stuarta puts it aside till after jan detox :(
16:03<stuarta>i've decided i need it
16:05|-|BigJ [] has quit ["Leaving"]
16:05<gnome42>stuarta: heh, still hurtin'?
16:06<stuarta>nah, just wanted to
16:06<justinh>I had a bit of a drink NYE. 1 glass of wine & 2 generous shots of JD. A record low
16:06<gnome42>ahh, signs of deep wisdom :)
16:07<stuarta>drank more NYD than NYE
16:08<gnome42>stuarta: hardcore! :)
16:08<stuarta>possibly why i've decided it's in my interests to have the month off
16:09<gnome42>stuarta: If you are in a code reviewing mood ... Any thoughts on the fix-o-the-day I posted earlier would be great.
16:09<justinh>every time I go out & end up having a month or more off. getting drunk is starting to get very old. inevitable but old
16:09<stuarta>i liked it
16:10<gnome42>took me a looong time to find that one ...
16:10<stuarta>we've decided just to buy cases of wine and drink that
16:10<stuarta>gnome42: can you stick it in a ticket. i'm coding this weekend :)
16:11<gnome42>stuarta: k, I was soing to after I had run it for a while longer
16:11<stuarta>that would be wise ;-)
16:11<stuarta>what's it supposed to fix anyways?
16:12<stuarta>(i read it like 8hrs ago)
16:13<gnome42>it fixes several intermittant problems.
16:13<gnome42>that's what was driving me nutz. Sometimes things worked sometimes not!
16:15<gnome42>Anything that used PlaybackSock::SendReceiveStringList() with a MythEvent with extradata larger than one element could be hit by the bug
16:15<stuarta>ah yes i remember now
16:16<gnome42>for me it often caused livetv to not allow a scheduled recording to preeempt it
16:16<gnome42>so when I forgot I left livetv running some of my shows would be missed
16:17<stuarta>see i only use livetv for testing :)
16:17<gnome42>that reminds me of another buglet I found on the journey
16:17<gnome42>yeah, me too mostly but apparently I forget about it a lot! :))
16:20<gnome42>I think I've audited the whole tree for that class of bug. There are only two instances of the bug and one isn't even ever hit, but I fixed it anyways.
16:21|-|jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
16:21|-|robthebob [] has joined #mythtv
16:21|-|rn114__ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:21<gbee>gnome42: I'd really admire your persistance and work on fixing these bugs
16:22<gnome42>gbee: thanks, if it wasn't for the good atmosphere I wouldn't be doing it. :)
16:23<justinh>at this point I have to say I'm eternally grateful for the hints, tips & general wakeup calls I've had from here too. Lookin at you gbee, stuarta, anduin et al :)
16:25<gbee>group hug? :p
16:25<gnome42>lol! took the words!
16:25[~]stuarta group hugs
16:29|-|david__ [] has joined #mythtv
16:33|-|david__ [] has quit [Client Quit]
16:33|-|onyxsoft [] has joined #mythtv
16:33[~]stuarta decides to test the funky new channel icon importer
16:35<stuarta>Error from findmissing : #
16:36<gbee>stuarta: ignore that for now, I don't think we are getting an error at all, but I need to clarify the valid/invalid responses with xris
16:37<xris>gbee: and I've been a slacker and haven't looked into any of that stuff yet
16:37<stuarta>think we'll need to add a way to review the icons it suggests
16:37<xris>stuarta: yes...
16:37<xris>that's why I want a gui for it.
16:37<gbee>stuarta: there is, unless those matches have been approved
16:37<stuarta>in this case
16:37<stuarta>it didn't find ITV
16:38<stuarta>so i search for ITV and get ~30 odd stations
16:38<stuarta>how does joe average know which one is correct without being able to see them?
16:38<xris>that's why I wanted to get it into mythweb... heh.
16:38<gbee>stuarta: ahh, so show a thumbnail of each possible match?
16:39<stuarta>maybe, or just show if selected
16:39<xris>gbee: that's the whole point of doing it in a gui
16:39<stuarta>though they aren't big
16:39<gbee>stuarta: I'd do the latter, shouldn't be hard
16:39<xris>lots of people screw up their submissions because they can only see the channel name now, and a lot of the different icons have the same name
16:39<gbee>xris: right
16:40<stuarta>we should probably also show the channel icon in the channel detail page
16:40|-|Chutt [] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
16:40|-|Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
16:42<stuarta>does showing thumbnails of channel icons in the channel summary page make sense?
16:43<xris>does to me
16:43<xris>though I don't use the frontend for any of that
16:43<stuarta>the icons it asked about, haven't turned up
16:44<gbee>yes, but I'd probably wait until the mythwidget stuff is replaced by mythui, otherwise it means adding a whole new list/image widget to libmyth
16:44<gbee>stuarta: radio icons are missing, lyngsat reshuffled their pages
16:44<stuarta>that's wrong. channel4+1 != film4+1
16:44<stuarta>bbc one and ITV 1 however?
16:44<gbee>stuarta: I'll change that link
16:45<stuarta>those i was asked about, those don't have icons
16:45[~]stuarta logs into services
16:46<justinh>oh holy poo
16:46<gbee>film4+1 mappings to those DVB ids have now been deleted
16:46<justinh>before I committed the last changes I checked they'd build on this box. all fine
16:46<stuarta>gbee: thanks
16:46<justinh>but since updating on my dev box, fails to compile
16:46<gbee>stuarta: how did you select the icons you were asked about?
16:47<stuarta>BBC ONE came up in the list of 1000 BBC stations all by itself
16:47<stuarta>ITV i had to put in the search bar
16:47<gbee>once they were listed though? The way it was written is that you select the icon from the list and press select
16:47<stuarta>CITV is not from canada!
16:48<justinh>rofl. panic over. stupidbuntu
16:48<xris>someone needs to come up with a better way to identify channels
16:48<gbee>bare in mind that I didn't write these patches, I merely fixed all the bugs I could find, made some minor improvements and committed it
16:49<xris>like tying xmltvid to everything
16:49<stuarta>gbee: this is more about the accuracy of the data in services
16:49<justinh>all these subtle hints that I need to get off my arse & finish my channel config wiz stuff
16:49<gbee>xris: I noticed that the search option in the services admin only uses the first word, so a search for "BBC One" returns everything with BBC but nothing with One
16:49<stuarta>xris: the dvb stuff should work okay with the netid,serviceid,theother1
16:49<xris>it would return "^bbc one" and then "^bbc"
16:50<stuarta>net,transport,serviceid that's the order
16:50<xris>stuarta: yeah, but would be nice to tie all of that to the xmltvid
16:50<stuarta>could we not just make that into an xmltvid of sorts...?
16:51<stuarta>i may be odd, but i don't use any grabber to get my program data
16:51<stuarta>so, the xmltvid's mean nothing to me
16:51<gbee>xris: doesn't look like that is happening, at least BBC One isn't first in the list, BBC is (this is the admin search, not the client search)
16:51<xris>means my scoring routine isn't working properly, then
16:52<xris>stuarta: I want to be able to support everyone, regardless of how they get their data
16:52<xris>thinking I have to redesign how this works, though.
16:52<stuarta>yeah sure
16:52<stuarta>just pointing out i'm possibly an odd one out
16:53<justinh>I think I'm done fighting with code for a while. time to watch some telly
16:53<xris>lots of US users do EIT now that Z2L is gone. and I suspect there are a number of EU/UK people, too
16:53<xris>justinh: go watch robbin hoodie
16:53<gbee>just approved a few more DVB mappings
16:53<xris>life on mars was really good....
16:53<xris>but over now
16:53<xris>need more good british tv
16:53<justinh>btw I think the pseudo xmltvid is a good idea cos not all worthwhile channels have xmltv data
16:54<xris>justinh: yeah.. could create an xmltvid for them, even if there's no website data
16:56<stuarta>select networkid, transportid, serviceid, name from dtv_multiplex join channel on dtv_multiplex.mplexid=channel.mplexid;
16:56<stuarta>that gives me a nice list
16:56|-|onixian [n=xian@] has quit [Connection timed out]
16:59|-|PointyPumper [] has quit [Connection timed out]
16:59<xris>I really want to redesign some of the xmltv file format to support different info for channel stuff, etc.
17:00<xris>maybe start building a universal database of information like channel icons (work with lyngsat)
17:01<stuarta>hmmm, this fixup still isn't quite right
17:02[~]stuarta trouts it a bit more
17:03|-|capt-rogers [] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
17:04<stuarta>gbee: ew, scrolling through a list looking for Channel 4+1 doesn't work so well
17:05<gbee>in what way?
17:06<stuarta>it jumped down to the end and then i couldn't scroll back past w without it jumping down to the end again
17:06<gbee>actually there isn't an icon for C4+1 yet, have to use channel 4
17:06<stuarta>just noticed :(
17:07<stuarta>however i suspect it's not specific to channel4+1
17:07<stuarta>just when you have a long list
17:07<gbee>stuarta: nasty, not the patch itself in this case since it just uses the settings wizard stuff, but probably a bug in that stuff which might need to be fixed
17:08<stuarta>just let setup fix my permissions :(
17:08<gbee>let me have a look
17:08<stuarta>luckily i wasn't running it as root so it should have done anything
17:11<gbee>ouch, that IS nasty
17:14<gbee>stuarta: want to submit a bug report against TransListBoxSetting? I don't know if I'll get time to look at it, but at least if there is a ticket someone else might have a go and if not it will be waiting for me
17:15<stuarta>okay. i'll see what i can come up with
17:22|-|AndyBurnsUK [] has left #mythtv []
17:27|-|cattelan [] has joined #mythtv
17:37<gbee>xris: did you get the fixed image?
17:39<gbee>laga: you know who is responsible for the xmltv packages in ubuntu/kubuntu?
17:40<gbee>seems that although 0.20.2 was added to the Feisty backports/upgrades, a newer (required) version of xmltv wasn't so it's causing problems amongst xmltv users
17:43|-|clever_ changed nick to clever
17:44<janneg>gnome42, stuarta: I'll apply the patch in a couple of minutes
17:46<janneg>gnome42: btw: did my commit fix the invalid cardid in the live-tv programinfo?
17:48|-|rn114 [] has joined #mythtv
17:48|-|robthebob [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:49<xris>gbee: no, missed that
17:51<gbee>same filename as before, so your browser might have cached the old one
17:54|-|Cardoe [n=cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:55|-|rn114 [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:55|-|rn114__ [] has joined #mythtv
17:59<GreyFoxx>Hmmm looks like Myth doesn't wanna player anything but track1 on one of my futurama season 4 disc. Spits out tons of mpeg2video errors, but mplayer plays them happily
18:02|-|Toxicity999 [n=bryan@unaffiliated/Toxicity999] has joined #mythtv
18:05<GreyFoxx>but it plays the copied vob perfectly, a seeking issue ?
18:05|-|jmk_ [n=jmk@] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:08|-|cattelan [] has quit [Success]
18:08|-|cattelan [] has joined #mythtv
18:16|-|gnome42 [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
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18:33|-|cattelan [] has joined #mythtv
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18:42|-|PointyPumper [] has joined #mythtv
18:44|-|beavis [] has quit ["Verlassend"]
18:50<xris>gbee: thanks for fixing the preview bug, too.
18:50<xris>I'm about to go test it out.
18:51|-|cattelan [] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]
18:53<justinh>xris: re the database of stuff.. I've kinda started something like that for the UK already. got it stashed at - all nasty at the mo but my intention is to turn it into something to work out lineups for UK users - in the hope others pick it up for more countries
18:55|-|gnome42 [] has joined #mythtv
18:56|-|davilla [n=davilla@] has joined #mythtv
18:57<xris>justinh: I think we should definitely get some sort of database put together to track this info worldwide
19:00<justinh>I've often felt a bit envious of USA/Canada users being able to get all their channels inserted properly in one fell swoop- that's my main motivation behind it
19:01<xris>I'd love to have a place where people can auto-connect to xmltv schemes based on dvb/atsc numbers, etc
19:01<justinh>sure there are bits of scripts hovvering around the net but they're hardly what you could call definitive
19:02<justinh>another problem is when UK providers reorganise the channels. it happens a few times a year sometimes
19:02|-|cattelan [] has joined #mythtv
19:02<xris>reorganize like change the frequency id stuff?
19:02<justinh>getting up to date information isn't hard though, but for so many users to have to plough through it is just daft
19:02|-|mattwire [] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:03<justinh>they change channel numbers, rename channels, if you can think of it they do it
19:03<xris>so in that case the xmltvid type field would stay the same, but some of the associated info would change.
19:03|-|davilla [n=davilla@] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:04<justinh>yeah. it might be tricky when channel numbers change because of the way the myth scheduler works though
19:04<xris>chanid should stay the same
19:05<xris>the biggest problem is the mechanism for updating
19:05<xris>I'm not inclined to trust random internet users
19:05<justinh>maybe build it into the frontend somehow. possibly an update notification
19:06<justinh>you mean you wouldn't want this to become a config aid for other PVR software ;)
19:07<justinh>or do you mean you wouldn't want just anybody providing updates? that should be easy to solve. just have trusted maintainers like we have with the code
19:08<justinh>it's a small additional burden but shouldn't be too bad split up into geographic areas of responsibility
19:08<stuarta>surely there's a way of merging it in with what we have now on services
19:12<xris>I mean I want to protect things from malicious vandals
19:12<xris>that's why the current channel icon thing for mythtv requires an admin to approve things
19:14|-|PointyPumper [] has quit [Connection timed out]
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19:16|-|rn114__ [] has joined #mythtv
19:22|-|kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has quit []
19:33<stuarta>tempted to close #4425 as fixed in head.
19:38|-|cattelan [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:39<janneg>stuarta: I requested info and made the summery readable
19:47<xris>hmm, I don't think the 100% cpu pixmap issue is fixed
19:51<clever>how would i go about disabling vbi on an ivtv input card
19:51<clever>without having to disable vbi globaly
19:54<laga>gbee: well.. nobody really. suppose you should talk to superm1 since he did the last upload
19:55<justinh>laga: you tried out the new fixed plugin code yet? do you approve?
19:55<justinh>(since it's all your fault) :P
19:55<laga>justinh: approve? heh :) no, haven't tried the new code yet, sorry
19:56<laga>was watching pirates of the caribbean...
19:56<justinh>heh np. was just yanking your chain. I think you'll like it. it compiles & everything
19:57<laga>well, it does on your box :)
19:57<justinh>on 2 of my boxes, with different versions of the compiler n' all
19:58<laga>i won't power on my mythtv box tonight, but i'll try it on the laptop
20:01|-|grokky [] has joined #mythtv
20:04|-|gandalfcome [] has joined #mythtv
20:05|-|JoeBorn [] has quit ["goin' home and to CES..."]
20:05<laga>bah. can't WOL my backend from the laptop. i'll test it tomorrow
20:06|-|ascii___ [] has joined #mythtv
20:06|-|gandalfcome [] has quit [Client Quit]
20:06|-|davilla [] has joined #mythtv
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22:14|-|jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:22<justinh>AHH that's why 0 in remotelineedit doesn't make 0. it's SHIFT. yuck
22:31<justinh>no way I'm touching that
22:33|-|jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
22:34|-|zdzisekg [] has quit ["Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm"]
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22:48|-|superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #mythtv
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23:13|-|jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
23:29|-|roothorick [] has joined #mythtv
23:29<roothorick>I have a shocking report to make
23:29<roothorick>I have a SciAl Explorer 4250HDC issued by Time Warner in Appleton, WI, USA
23:30<roothorick>this box is known to not work with the 4200 channel changer scriptp
23:30<roothorick>only problem is, it does, in fact, work. At least my box does.
23:31<roothorick>because channels are 4-digit on my service and Myth thinks it's three-digit, there's a pause as the box waits for the last digit, but otherwise it tunes flawlessly
23:32<roothorick>I'm using... whatever Gentoo latest is
23:42|-|davilla [] has joined #mythtv
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