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00:00<GreyFoxx>it's just IP traffic after all
00:00<GreyFoxx>no direct hardwre access
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00:00<GreyFoxx>I've used a vm backend for testing IPTV, and for upnp streaming
00:02<jhulst>Any specific distro recommended? I currently use Debian for my machines, any reason not to go with that?
00:02<GreyFoxx>I always use slackware, but it's what I'm use to. Debian would be fine I'm sure, especially if you are already comfortable with it
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01:00<javatexan>hey GreyFoxx, you still there?
01:01<javatexan>GreyFoxx: you still there?
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01:03<rooaus>jhulst: It is possible to set up a mpeg file as a virtual tuner. Set the device as "file:/path/to/file.mpeg" and the type as MPEG (plus host etc) manually in the DB.
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01:05<jhulst>rooaus: cool, thanks for the tip
01:09<rooaus>xris: Does the DB have country information for icons?
01:10<xris>no, it shouldn'tt need it
01:11<rooaus>I suppose so, it is the initial stage before enough data is submitted I guess.
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03:37<rooaus>justinh: I like the appearance plugin. Just updated my laptop to have a look at it.
03:39<justinh>cool. it's going to be nice when it's all mythui'd up & built in though
03:41<rooaus>noticed a couple of things, easy to fix though. :P
03:41<justinh>what things?
03:42<rooaus>There doesn't seem to be menu entries for Classic or DVR menus for the plugin and some svn:ignores need to be set. Nothing major.
03:42<justinh>ah right
03:42<justinh>svn:ignores ... what are they all about then?
03:44<rooaus>if you pop into the mythplugins dir and do a "svn status" it shows some unversioned files (indicated by ?). If you tell svn to ignore them then it wont report them, no big deal.
03:46<clever>ive added a table to my mythconverg with the title/subtitle/description/... for all shows
03:46<rooaus>justinh: for the menu, but maybe you want to put it somewhere else.
03:47<clever>how would i go about modifing the frontend to be able to stamp one of those entrys over a generic recording i have(subtitle blank and useless description)
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03:48<justinh>rooaus: they seem like sensible places. man I always forget about those other menu themes
03:49<justinh>clever: I don't think that new database columns will be welcomed for stuff which is already taken care of
03:49<clever>this is a whole new table:P
03:50<clever>justinh: and how would i go about stamping a subtitle/description/originalairdate onto a show without editing the mysql manualy?
03:50<rooaus>justinh: Cool. Also the images installed to default-wide are the same as default. There is no need to put the copy in default-wide as the parser will fall back to default and look for images of the same name.
03:50<justinh>then I dont think a new table replicating existing info would be welcome either
03:50<justinh>rooaus: really? ah well
03:50<clever>i could just pull the info out of the program table when this feature is activated
03:50<clever>but it would then need the name to have ocured within the current listings
03:51<rooaus>I got a patch to fix it if you want?
03:51<clever>the way i have it setup atm it will keep the info forever and just keep adding to it so any title,subtitle that has ever aired on your listings will be in the list
03:51<justinh>rooaus: I can edit the .pro myself it's ok
03:52<justinh>rooaus: basically just need to pull installimages_wide.* & remove the installimages_wide bit from INSTALLS +=
03:54<clever>justinh: how would i go about changing the subtitle of a show without having to type the wholething in(picking it from a list)?
03:56<justinh>you want to pick it from a list? how is that going to be quicker than typing it in?
03:56<clever>it will also apply other info which i cant even change from the frontend
03:56<clever>such as the originalairdate and description
03:57<rooaus>clever: Maybe a mythweb module/plugin or whatever. I suspect that might be well received.
03:57<clever>ive allready made a sql query to scrape those columns from the program table and store them in a new one
03:57<clever>so its easy to get a list of that info for a certain title
03:58<clever>and nothing trims that table so it will have all past and current info for every show that has shown up in my listings
03:59<clever>yeah if i did do it thru mythweb i could search the list thru my browsers ctrl+f
04:00<justinh>clever: you don't need the temp table
04:00<rooaus>As justinh said, I don't another table would be accepted (who knows though) but a recording metadata editor would be cool.
04:01<rooaus>*don't think
04:01<clever>without the extra table you wont have as wide of a selection for the list
04:01<justinh>there's already a feature to change recording titles & such, just extend upon that
04:01<clever>you could narrow it down to only shows which are currently recorded
04:01<clever>currently the new table has 12k rows
04:02<clever>and is using only 2mb
04:02<justinh>thing is, I can't get my head around the fact you even have files with junk data. that isn't an expected case AFAIK
04:02<clever>would need to give it a few weeks to see how it grows
04:02<clever>every single episode of futurama is dead on details
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04:02<clever>along with the odd episode of other shows
04:03<justinh>you filesquirrels are a weird bunch
04:03<clever>of my 331 recordings 128 have no subtitle
04:04<clever>daily planet is another show with allmost no subtitle ever
04:05<justinh>I think changing 'change recording title' would be the best way to go about it
04:05<clever>but that wont fix the description or originalairdate
04:05<justinh>no need for a list or new db table, just type in the info
04:05<justinh>it could if you extend it
04:06<clever>and what about recording duplicates
04:06<justinh>should be easy to do
04:06<clever>if i update the subtitle and stuff to be exact is may still record it again when the guide data does have the info
04:06<justinh>the description of a later showing might differ anyway
04:07<clever>id think the description for a title+subtitle pair would change little(posibly different ways of explaining the same episode, depending on the data source)
04:08<justinh>you've not throught this through very well, obviously
04:08<clever>name a problem i havent explained
04:10<justinh>a good case I can think of is instead of your plan - have a feature which allows you to open a thing like 'change recording title' where it grabs a bunch of stuff from oldrecorded & shows you a list for shows of that title (or even similar titles). you then either choose something from the list or enter your own data. no need for your new table
04:11<clever>oldrecorded holds a list of all past recordings made/skiped?
04:11<clever>allready recorded or other reasons
04:11<justinh>it holds everything you ever recorded
04:12<justinh>unless you delete stuff yourself from it in 'previous recordings'
04:12<clever>one of the menus in mythfrontend lists all past recordings but it also lists things i skiped and why it was skipped
04:12<clever>so its more then just things i recorded
04:12<justinh>this case is bunk IMHO
04:13<clever>using that table will mostly work
04:13<clever>it will get any title,subtitle pair covered by recording rules you have(after they passed by)
04:14<clever>by selecting from oldrecorded and program you can gain a little more(info on future episodes/repeats)
04:14<justinh>I can't see it ever getting the green light
04:14<clever>then it could work without the extra table
04:15<clever>would be a bit better to just fix the data source at schedules direct:P
04:16<justinh>just all seems too anally retentive if you ask me
04:16<justinh>it's only TV ffs
04:16<clever>why even have a 2tb disk drive to record tv!
04:16<clever>just watch it normaly:P
04:17<justinh>I don't have enough time to sit & watch everything I record let alone frigging catalogue everything correctly
04:17<clever>i dont record that much so im able to watch everything that has ever recorded
04:17<justinh>your use case is for 'the TV librarian'
04:17<clever>and it helps to be able to identify the episodes later
04:17<justinh>they exist
04:18<clever>and i know 1 mythtv user with 10k seperate recordings!
04:18<clever>timeouts everywhere
04:18<clever>and mythweb runs out of memory!
04:18<justinh>yeah well he's on the extreme fringe
04:18<clever>i havent even hit 400 yet:P
04:20<clever>i could code this myself if i knew where to start
04:20<justinh>start at the beginning
04:21<justinh>think about why you think you need the new table & how to get around it instead
04:21<clever>i mean where in the code would i insert a new menu option
04:21<clever>the main reason for the new table is to catch title,subtitle pairs from before the recording rule was made
04:22<clever>thats about the only one left
04:23<clever>using just oldrecorded and program i can get a limited set of the title,subtitle pairs
04:23<justinh>and showRecTitleChanger()
04:23<clever>the new table would allow more to get into the list
04:23<justinh>good places to start
04:24<justinh>maybe a new table of which recordings didn't record & why might be a better idea
04:24<justinh>hell you could even extend oldrecorded & recorded to have that info
04:24<clever>oldrecorded i beleive catches things that didnt record and why(aslong as they are caught under a recording rule)
04:24<clever>recorded i beleive is just current recordings that still exist
04:25<justinh>if stuff doesn't have a recording rule it doesn't get recorded does it?!
04:25<clever>but if i later add a rule after the subtitles go away
04:25<justinh>so you're talking about stuff you've moved into recordings that shouldn't even be there then
04:25<clever>they would have allready been saved in the new table for use on the blank entries
04:26<justinh>I'm still not convinced. lucky it's not my call to make
04:26<clever>with a simple query on the new table im able to get info like this
04:26<clever>| Futureweapons | Maximum Impact |
04:26<clever>| Futureweapons | Smart Weapons |
04:26<clever>| Futureweapons | Mission Invisible |
04:27<clever>as listings come and go thru my system the table will grow(posibly till it eats several gig:P)
04:27<justinh>on stuff you 'never recorded' :-\ JOY
04:27<clever>cant realy tell how much space its waisting right now since i havent let it run very long
04:28<clever>its only using 2mb atm
04:28<justinh>yeah that's the other rub. the infinite every-expanding database table of all shows never recorded
04:28<clever>its only 1 entry for every title,subtitle pair
04:28<justinh>some people have hundreds of channels
04:29<clever>so it wont be like recording every entry from the program guide ever seen
04:29<justinh>how would you do housekeeping?
04:29<justinh>think this through!
04:29<clever>we could just have this extra table as optional
04:29<clever>and scrape the data from the oldrecorded,program when the extra table is off
04:29<clever>and people who want the better list of more subtitle's would just turn it on
04:29<justinh>gee great. another setting :-\
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04:35<clever>ok new problem:P
04:35<clever> 2008-01-06 05:35:10.967 RingBuf(myth:// Error: RingBuffer::safe_read(RemoteFile* ...): read failed
04:35<clever>those damn timeouts keep causing playback to stop on its own
04:54<rooaus>justinh: I remember you saying that you had seen themes redraw the entire screen instead of just regions. Do you remember the cause (I think you fixed in XML)?
04:55<justinh>no idea sorry
04:56<justinh>don't think it was me who fixed it though
04:56<justinh>the 'something is requesting a screen update' yada yada
04:57<rooaus>oh, that one I know of (or at lest one cause). GANT seems slow and was wondering if that was it. Could just be the alpha pulse though :)
04:57<rooaus>dodgy ati binary driver on laptop :(
04:59<justinh>ah that fix
05:00<justinh>I think it was when I was (foolishly) specifying a background in a logo container so it was huge & being updated a lot
05:00<justinh>I'll have a look at G.A.N.T's base.xml
05:01<justinh>not sure what staticsize -1, -1 is meant to be doing
05:01<rooaus>yeah, that sounds like it, just couldn't remember the details. Cool.
05:02<justinh>time for walking the dog. I'll maybe take a peek in the theme parser to see how it'd treat a staticsize of -1 when I get back
05:04<rooaus>Have fun.
05:07<rooaus>justinh: seems it means to just use the native imagesize, makes sense.
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05:49<gbee> rooaus GANT is slow because of the alpha pulse
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05:50<justinh>is it worth it? ;)
05:50<gbee>one cause of the "requesting screen update of zero size" is a missing image, since the area you need to update is governed by the image size and the image doesn't exist
05:51<justinh>doesn't seem entirely logical, that
05:52<justinh>should use the areasize instead I think
05:52<rooaus>gbee: Thanks
05:53<gbee>image wigdets don't use <area>, only position, the images actual size determines the screen area that it takes up
05:53<justinh>maybe alphapulse could use a 'speed' parameter instead
05:53<justinh>gbee: oops.
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05:57<gbee>does anyone here have a PVR-150 in the same backend as a DVB-T card? What sort of time does it take to switch between cards? I'm trying to figure out why it's so damn slow and whether the speeds I'm seeing are normal
05:57<justinh>so er.. how can alphapulse really be the cause of gant being slow? it's not as if a huge area is getting updated - or is it causing more than just the logo area to be redrawn?
05:58<justinh>gbee: I used to have. wasn't what I'd call slow. channel change times on dvb-t tuners would be what I called slow. changing between tuners was much faster by comparison
05:58<justinh>was on the order of how fast pvr channel changes were, to swap tuners
05:59<gbee>justinh: should just be the logo area, but then the logo is quite large and is being updated something like every 100-200ms
05:59<gbee>justinh: taking at least 7 seconds here
05:59<justinh>gbee: doesn't seem like what I used to have. all that was a long time ago now though
06:00<gbee>and no, I can't really explain why GANT is so slow
06:00<gbee>justinh: ok thanks, guess I'll stick in some debugging statements to see what is taking so long
06:00<justinh>question is, I suppose.. can any other theme be slowed down similarly?
06:01<gbee>seems to take forever just to get to the point where it executes the channel change script :(
06:01<gbee>justinh: well try it :)
06:01<justinh>gbee: maybe the dvb recorder is taking a long time to stop
06:03<gbee>justinh: maybe, if that turns out to be the case, I guess we'd have to look at shutting it down in the background and just switching to the other card earlier
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06:13<rooaus>I am toying with valgrind on the frontend and trying to interpret the results. Is a memory leak as there is no delete?
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07:32<janneg>rooaus: there is a leak in line 128
07:33<janneg>and all the errors cases are leaking memory as well
07:36<rooaus>janneg: Cool, I thought those errors were as well, but I have never looked at this before.
07:40<rooaus>What would be the preferred style to fix it? A error label with goto (seen that in other parts of the code) or at each return?
07:42<rooaus>dumb questions I know, but there are a quiet a few "definite leaks" reported by valgrind and my frontend is suffering and being pushed into swap :)
07:45<janneg>can you paste the valgrind report
07:47<janneg>I don't think the errors are that important. you shouldn't see them with a correct theme and the have all VB_IMPORTANT messages I've never seen
07:53<rooaus>janneg: for valgrind.log. I did a debug compile and went to watch recordings screen and waited for the preview image to be regenerated (I deleted it before starting the FE, then exited)
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08:16<janneg>rooaus: the leak has to be somewhere else. I've overread that it is the assignment of the classes and not the pointers
08:23<rooaus>janneg: not quiet sure what you mean (sorry)
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09:58<stuarta>what we need is a way of feeding the lyngsat icon url to the watzit
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10:06<neopsyche>how do i add my username to mythtv?
10:06[~]stuarta points to the topic
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10:15<stuarta>hmmm, have to wait for xris to drop in again
10:15<stuarta>the dvb id's in the search page on services are in the wrong order.
10:45<gbee>services is returning matches for icons which no longer exist on lyngsat and which I can't find using the admin search
10:46<gbee>e.g. BBC Radio 5 Live, shows up with the following URL in the admin search:
10:46<gbee>but the client is getting the old URL -
10:47<stuarta>just used the command line grabber script and got those results
10:48<gbee>think the lyngsat scrapping script isn't removing old matches from the database
10:48<stuarta>could be that
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11:09<jarle>If I want to read/write from/to the channel table, which functions should I have a look at ?
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11:16<stuarta>jarle: what you trying to do? it's just a bit of mysql
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11:26<jarle>I want to write a function that will go through the channel-table and re-number channels that share the same channum. (my idea is that this function could be added to mythtv-setup when I have it working, so I was planning of using C++ to issue the mysql-stuff...)
11:27<jarle>stuarta: I have some channums that are shared by 10+channels at the moment :(
11:28<stuarta>just use MSQLQuery class
11:30<jarle>stuarta: thnx...
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13:37<dhr>I have a .mpg file that causes mythreplex to go into an infinite loop. I've recompiled it without optimization and have it running under gdb. Does anyone here know their way around the mythreplex code?
13:37<dhr>it is looping in analyze_audio
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13:39<okolsi>stuarta: I think I have to re-open the dupdetection issue at some point
13:40<okolsi>stuarta: I'm 99% certain that I have not done delete and re-record. But I'll try to collect some more evidence. It looks like there gonna be 5-10 episodes still coming so I have some test cases still coming..
13:41<okolsi>stuarta: I personally suspect some kind of combination of UTF-8, Deleted recgroup, editing title/subtitle, moving recording between recgroups..
13:44<okolsi>by the way.. there still is problem with recgroups having non-ascii names.. gbee made fix and I tested it but it didn't actually get fixed, I've later noticed
13:46<okolsi>another UTF-8 problem is in MythMusic when music is imported directly from existing directory.. at some point of the process there's UTF-8 related corruption
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14:13<jarle>is KDevelop a good environment for developing mythtv BTW?
14:14<justinh>some say it is. I just used a text editor
14:15<jarle>I allways used a normal text editor in the past, but I was thinking that KDevelop being aimed towards Qt might be a good thing...
14:21<GreyFoxx>I think gbee uses that, dunno about anyone else
14:22<gbee>jarle: I like KDevelop, not because of any QT stuff but just because it's good for working with multiple files open, large projects etc
14:23<justinh>I don't plan on doing anything I can't handle with a text editor. Not for a while anyway
14:23<justinh>stopped using nano now though
14:23<gbee>I don't use most of the IDE tools, like gdb integration etc but the project wide find/replace and that sort of thing is very useful
14:24<jarle>gbee: Any quick hints on how to open mythtv svn as a project in KDevelop then?
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14:25<jarle>gbee: I need a good tool to familiarize myself with the mythtv code, apart from just using google to lookup it's libraryfunctions..
14:26<jarle>gbee: maybe KDevelop can help me get the "big picture"?
14:26<justinh>jarle: doxygen is pretty much essential
14:27<jarle>justinh: you mean the html-pages created by doxygen, or the tool itself?
14:27<justinh>jarle: I mean the pages & pages (and pages) of docs created by it
14:29<jarle>justinh: still trying to see how it all fits together, but I'm getting there :)
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15:08<Daviey>Hey, any of you guys blog about mythtv stuf?
15:09<GreyFoxx>I thought about it once, but laziness took hold
15:09<Daviey>sounds good to me
15:09<Daviey>not announced it yet.. but I'm setting up a mythtv planet
15:09<GreyFoxx>yes! finally got WMP to show proper titles
15:10<GreyFoxx>Apparently you need a dc:creator tag before it will show the title regrardless of what the creator is set too
15:13<GreyFoxx>Now to make sure I didn't break other upnp clients first
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15:14[~]GreyFoxx thanks vmware and his office for giving him a key for vista to get this working
15:18<xris>I still have an extra license for vista ultimate
15:19<GreyFoxx>My boss wanted me to add it so he could use WMP in his office to upnp grab from the mythbox so he gave m a license for Vista Ultimate for it :)
15:20<xris>btw, are you in the council@ list for SD?
15:20<xris>you saw the link to the hardware quote and software setup?
15:21<GreyFoxx>lemme check
15:23<justinh>Daviey: blogging is wasteoftime2.0 :)
15:24<GreyFoxx>I see your message mentioning the guestimates on BW requirementions and such, but nothing about hardware /setup pricing
15:24<GreyFoxx>last message I have from that list is RK Friday at 4:18
15:25<xris>GreyFoxx: there's a link to a silicon mechanics quote. four servers
15:25<xris>oh, wait.. I didn't include that
15:26<xris>in PM
15:26<gbee>Daviey: would rather spend my time working on MythTV than writing about it
15:26<xris>didn't want to expose the price to the council list yet
15:26<justinh>Daviey: and FWIW, blogs are not the place to put information/howtos about mythtv IMHO. About as far from it as you can get
15:27<gbee>gave blogging a try 5 years ago with a group of friends, lasted two weeks and although others kept at it for a little longer none of them managed to keep it up past a couple of months
15:27<justinh>dunno what people have against the wiki
15:29<gbee>IMHO blogs aren't exactly the best places to go for information, news sites, wikis and howtos are often better at providing information in a concise, opinion free package
15:29<justinh>I've seen opinion creeping into the wiki though
15:32<gbee>yeah, I've tried to direct people to the talk page where possible, or just to edit out the opinion to leave the facts but unless it's part of the editorial policy of the site it's likely to upset people ...
15:33<justinh>a lot of 1st person info in there too. "next, you.. "
15:34<justinh>the style guide mustn't be read all that often ;)
15:50|-|reynaldo [] has quit ["Lost terminal"]
15:52<gbee>Captain_Murdoch: if you want to work on icon storage and transfer, then you might want to take #2949
15:54<gbee>sorry, just realised you weren't the one in that thread talking about putting icons in storage groups
15:57<xris>storage groups or the db
15:57<xris>db would be nice, imho, if the icons are relatively small
16:02<justinh>gbee: found a good use for alphapulse - got a nice glowing pulsating outline around a certain penguin-ish mascot right now :)
16:02<gbee>only because there are some issues with the current transfer method that are causing issue in mythweb ;)
16:02|-|johnp_ [] has quit ["Leaving."]
16:02<gbee>justinh: heh
16:02<justinh>doesn't seem to be slowing the UI down any either
16:03<gbee>didn't seem to have any slowdown effect when I was playing with it, but I wasn't using an image/object as large as the one in GANT
16:03<justinh>I thought it was just a mythtv logo in G.A.N.T
16:04<xris>gbee: yeah.. but storing in the db also means that mythweb could download/store icons without access to the backend.
16:04<xris>though I'd still prefer a backend method to have it grab an icon
16:04<justinh>whoah that's huge!
16:05<gbee>xris: can't see the value in that considering that mythweb needs backend access for everything else
16:06<xris>gbee: like I said, would prefer a way to tell the backend to grab an icon... but at the moment that doesn't happen
16:06<gbee>I'm not sure if the current problems with icons in mythweb is down to a bug in the upnp code or Daniel's changes to preview generation
16:06<xris>putting them into the db is easier than adding a download method/api to the backend
16:07<xris>(and I'm talking about channel icons, not pixmaps)
16:07<xris>just realized that we were talking about different things
16:07<gbee>xris: yeah, sorry my mind was elsewhere
16:07|-|linuxbomb [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
16:08<justinh>that image is just too big to do alphapulse on IMHO
16:25<stuarta>okolsi: it is possible, that some weird combination of actions could have caused the re-record
16:25<stuarta>but as you say, more investigation is required to see if the exact scenario can be reproduced
16:26<xris>weird. "preferred tuner" stuff seems to take priority over "earlier showing"
16:27<xris>oh, wait, maybe not
16:27|-|davilla [] has quit ["Leaving"]
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16:35|-|feiner [] has joined #mythtv
16:37[~]stuarta starts a campaign for a MythVideo Storage Group
16:39[~]gbee starts one for a MythMusic storage group complete with the code to stream from this group to frontends
16:40<stuarta>from reading that thread on the -dev list it seems like we are most of the way there
16:40<stuarta>or at least close enough, that it's kinda a join the dots exercise
16:41<gbee>maybe to getting the storage group, don't think we're that close to having mythvideo/mythmusic playing remotely streamed files but I hope I'm wrong
16:41<GreyFoxx>That shouldn't be hard since the internal player will already play stuff from a SG
16:41<GreyFoxx>if you are not using the internal player though you might be sol :)
16:41<gbee>I was going to implement it using upnp, but the method used doesn't exactly matter so long as the feature is there
16:42<stuarta>i'd start with streamed from the backend
16:42<stuarta>then upnp as a sideline
16:42<jhulst>Any thoughts to using mpd to stream the music
16:42<stuarta>is there any point?
16:42<gbee>jhulst: no interest from me, zero, zip, nada etc
16:43<jhulst>I always thought it would be nice to be able to control mythmusic from the web, implementing mpd would seem to be a somewhat straighforward way to do it
16:43<stuarta>can anyone tell me exactly what is special about mpd that makes it stand out?
16:43<gbee>I can't understand why everyone keeps asking for mpd, maybe I'm the odd one out
16:43<GreyFoxx>gbee: I've never even seen it :)
16:43<stuarta>i'm with gbee
16:44<jhulst>I haven't used it much, but the amount of remote control it allows seems to be it's big selling point
16:44<gbee>jhulst: I have a remote control for remotely controlling my mythfrontend, why would I want to use my computer/laptop to control music playback?
16:46<gbee>playing back music from my browser whilst sitting in a hotel room is one thing and that's already supported in mythweb, but doing anything more than that just seems pointless
16:46<jhulst>gbee: In my case, I find it easier to setup a playlist on my laptop, nice to stop/start/skip music while I'm not directly in front of my tv
16:47<stuarta>i'll admit, playlists in mythmusic are rubbish
16:47<jhulst>Perhaps my larger problem is that I'm not a fan of how much work it is to create a playlist in mythmusic, it seems that task is not well suited for remotes
16:47<gbee>jhulst: although those features might eventually end up in mythmusic, I can't see us ripping the guts out of mythmusic to start again with mpd, easier to add them onto mythweb/mythmusic than start from scratch
16:49<gbee>jhulst: I'm working on improving playlist management in mythmusic, probably won't finish that work for a few months though because converting mythmusic to mythui seemed a more important goal
16:49<jhulst>gbee: That's great, I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts with mpd, it seems to answer some of my problems with the current implementation of mythmusic, but I can see the logic in keeping the current framework
16:51<gbee>as far as creating a playlist with a remote, well the Ipod is even more basic than most remotes but works well enough for most people - I think we can emulate the simplicity of that interface
16:58<stuarta>xris: is there any mechanism to recommend icon to
16:58<stuarta>so that if an appropriate icon can't be found
16:59<stuarta>the user can enter a URL which gets submitted for approval
17:02|-|shamu [] has joined #mythtv
17:02|-|shamu [] has left #mythtv []
17:05<stuarta>interesting. the eit cache changes have stabilized my backend mem usage profile
17:05<xris>stuarta: just what the current perl script does
17:06<stuarta>but is there a way to enter a URL?
17:06<stuarta>i couldn't find it from using the script
17:06<stuarta>might have to hack it a bit
17:06<gbee>xris: on the subject of services, the database is still returning matches containing old icon addresses, e.g. BBC Radio One, the database now contains the new icon location but the dvb id match is the old one
17:07<gbee>stuarta: no url, just the icon ID
17:07<xris>gbee: might have to delete it
17:07<xris>that's why I don't like the current schema very much.
17:07<stuarta>which means the xris will have to have educated services about the icons first?
17:07<xris>afk for awhile... time for server maintenance in the garage.
17:08<gbee>xris: can't delete it from the admin interface because the admin search returns the new icons and there is no sign of the old ones
17:08<stuarta>there is no uk CITV icon in there
17:08<gbee>stuarta: are these icons on lyngsat, or elsewhere?
17:08<stuarta>search for CITV in the admin interface
17:09<stuarta>we are not in edmonton
17:10|-|mattwire [] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:11<stuarta>yup that the one
17:11<stuarta>no sign of it on services
17:11<stuarta>we should make use of the user base to collect missing icon info
17:11<gbee>looks like the scrapping script is missing it for some reason
17:12<gbee>stuarta: might be more effective to fix whatever is wrong with that script
17:12<stuarta>if it was there i could pick it out and approve it :)
17:12|-|jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has quit ["Konversation terminated!"]
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18:00|-|PointyPumper [] has joined #mythtv
18:04<stuarta>xris: just remembered another thing. in the search icons results the dvn ids are specified in the wrong order.
18:05<stuarta>they should be netid,transportid,serviceid currently it's tsid,netid,serviceid
18:05<stuarta>shouldn't be hard to fix
18:05|-|Dibblah [] has joined #mythtv
18:06|-|robthebob [] has joined #mythtv
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18:14<janneg>gbee: there are just too many component types
18:15<janneg>I'm unsure how I should handle AUD_DOLBY
18:17<janneg>should it be enabled for ac3 audio or only for 5.1 ac3
18:18|-|sn9 [] has joined #mythtv
18:19<gbee>janneg: not sure, maybe AUD_DOLBY for ac3 and AUD_DOLBY + AUD_SURROUND for 5.1?
18:19|-|sn9 [] has left #mythtv ["This is a /part message..."]
18:20<gbee>I based the types on the xmltv spec, so there may not be 1:1 matches with the components in EIT and if we only support a subset of those for now that's better than nothing?
18:25|-|jamesd_ changed nick to jamesd
18:25|-|jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
18:26<gbee>we can always add to the enums
18:26<janneg>gbee: I can't set dolby and surround at the same time
18:26<janneg>you should have used flags
18:30|-|PointyPumper [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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18:30<gbee>did I screw up the values? You should be able to have both set ...
18:33<janneg>as long as I shouldn't use 1 << value
18:35<janneg>AUD_STEREO = 1, AUD_MONO = 2, AUD_SURROUND = 3, AUD_DOLBY = 4
18:36<gbee>they aren't sequential in my copy, AUD_STEREO = 0x01, AUD_MONO = 0x02, AUD_SURROUND = 0x04,
18:40<janneg>they are in
18:41<gbee>janneg: ahh, yeah I realised after that commit that they were better as bitflags so values could be combined
18:43<gbee>sorry for the confusion
18:44<janneg>no problem. I should have checked the actual source
18:45<gbee>janneg: thanks for working on this btw
18:46<janneg>bit flags make couple of thinks much simpler
19:02|-|carvajal [n=carvajal@] has joined #mythtv
19:14<Daviey>justinh: i'm thinking, this is my new setup.. "cool thing i did" etc
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20:44<knowledgejunkie>I'm seeing the following error on my DVB-S test box, running r15266: DVBSignalMonitor(0)::constructor(1,Warning, can not count Uncorrected Blocks): Operation not supported
20:44<knowledgejunkie>is it in any way related to
20:48<janneg>knowledgejunkie: no, it's a warning and not an error. your card doesn't report UNC via the ioctl
20:50<knowledgejunkie>janneg: thanks for the answer - should the output be restricted to once per session? I see the error at least once a minute during EIT scanning
20:55<janneg>VB_RECORD might be more appropiate but I'm not sure
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22:53<psm321>janneg: are you around? and if so, may i pm you? (question about a db schema change-- i am a user not a dev though)
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23:58<Captain_Murdoch>xris: if the icons are stored in any Storage Group dir, then they can be downloaded from the backend via the file transfer protocol. perhaps someone should implement a http GET file transfer method that also used the SG code to find the file.
23:59<xris>yeah, I'm more concerned about a way to tell the backend to download something
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