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02:16<stuarta>hmmm, thumbnail generation takes ages
02:17<stuarta>use mythweb to look at your all recordings list, and it takes a long time
02:17<stuarta>far longer than it used to
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02:22<stuarta>justinh: ah, wonder if that's the buffer tuning stuff i was looking at tuning about a year ago
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03:44<hataricus>hello, anybody here ?
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04:50<anykey_>Is there an updated shoutcast patch available for trunk?
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04:54<gbee>check eskil's site, as far as I know, no-one else is updating his patches
05:01<rooaus>gbee: hi
05:02<gbee>hi rooaus
05:03<rooaus>Using metallurgy beta3 and noticed an issue in videomanager with the "playwait" popup, just wondering if you knew about it?
05:05<rooaus>seems the popup stays on screen. Not sure if it is theme related or from the changes in mythvideo. Just thought I would mention it, haven't had much of a chance to track it down to a cause yet.
05:06<rooaus>By the way, the missus loves metallurgy :)
05:11<purserj>likes nothing better than a night out in the forge?
05:14<anykey_>gbee: I did, I've sent a mail but didn't get reply and thought that some of you may use an updated patch...
05:15<gbee>rooaus: think that's because of the changes that Anduin recently made, I've been too busy to update the theme
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05:15<gbee>I've several updates and fixes I want to make, but I might not get the time for at least a week, maybe more
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05:17<canatella>are there bindings to allow creation of plugins using a scripting language instead of C++ ?
05:18*stuarta sighs
05:19<stuarta>johnp_: been testing fixup11, looks okay
05:19<stuarta>looks good actually
05:19<johnp_>Actually, I've moved on :)
05:19<stuarta>only 1 small thing i want to track down and it'll be good to go
05:19*stuarta was going to ask about that
05:19<johnp_>Oh and whats that ?
05:20<stuarta>there's a carry on film this week which has the original airdate in the subtitle, that's not caught and used as the original airdate
05:21<johnp_>stuarta: could you give me a time/channel/location ?
05:21<stuarta>a few actually
05:21<stuarta>select title, subtitle, airdate from program where title like '%carry on%';
05:22<johnp_>seems ok to me, (lastest version of the code)
05:22<stuarta>okay. maybe you've fixed it already :)
05:22<johnp_>it's not carry on laughing is it
05:23<johnp_>that does seem to have 2000
05:23<stuarta>dick & doctor 8-)
05:23<stuarta>i made 2 changes to patch11
05:24<stuarta>removed m_ukNew1, and consolidated m_ukBBC3 & 4
05:24<johnp_>yup done that here
05:24<stuarta>okay, sounds like we are heading the same way :)
05:24<johnp_>question is, do you want to go with the new improved code ?
05:25<stuarta>was about ready to submit 11
05:25<johnp_>well I might be tempted to hold off for a day
05:25<stuarta>how different is 12?
05:25<johnp_>(keep the older stuff)
05:25<johnp_>quite a bit
05:26<stuarta>do you think it's ready?
05:26<stuarta>don't feel it needs any more tweaks?
05:28<stuarta>cause if you think you've finished tweaking for now, i'll run that for a bit with a view to putting it in tonight
05:29<johnp_>Well I've removed the subtitle,AD stuff from the descriptions, moved the "Starring" to the top. Also I've started using the SetUKSubtitle stuff more often and also kept in isMovie as well
05:31<stuarta>i'll hold off till your done with that patch then
05:32<johnp_>keep the work your doing mind. might need to back track.
05:32<justinh>rooaus: the playwait container was pulled because it was never used anyway
05:33<stuarta>johnp_: in that case should i put this stuff in as a checkpoint?
05:33<johnp_>you could do
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05:33<johnp_>(if I new what a checkpoint was)
05:33<gbee>canatella: not really, there are perl bindings and someone is writing python bindings but neither is really suitable for proper plugins
05:33<rooaus>justinh: Cool. Thanks.
05:34<stuarta>simply if going from A to B like this A-X-B. X is a checkpoint that you can rollback to
05:34<justinh>no substitute for proper code :) just get stuck in. if I can do it anybody can
05:34<stuarta>justinh: we'll make a programmer out of you yet.
05:35<stuarta>esp given there are jobs going in dvb up your way paying 40k+
05:35<gbee>justinh: it was used, but with the internal player it was onscreen for about 0.25 seconds before the video started playing
05:37<justinh>dvb jobs? I know one of my colleagues who has sidelines is after something that'll log subtitles which are broadcast - big gap in the market. I've offerred
05:38<stuarta>yeah, embedded programming iirc
05:38<rooaus>gbee: np, just thought I would mention it, I know you are busy :)
05:40<justinh>stuarta: might be with Pace having bought Philips STB division ;)
05:42<johnp_>so do I wait for the checkpoint to happen ?
05:46<johnp_>maybe I'll just wait and see, then offer up another patch
05:46*stuarta decides to check it in
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06:10<johnp_>stuartm: one more thing could you check, the "series" check so that it works with cap(1) and cap(2) being <= and not just !=
06:11*stuarta just checked it in
06:13<johnp_>stuarta:the problem comes when 3/3 on something likr "Atom"
06:14<stuarta>lemme have a look
06:14<stuarta>in a bit
06:14*stuarta goes off to do some tcp debugging
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06:53<rooaus>gbee: Seems you and justinh were spot on, just need to delete the playwait container from the manager window. :)
06:54<gbee>rooaus: cool, I'll upload a fixed version tonight
06:54<gbee>think there were some other mythvideo changes, if they are simple enough I'll make those as well
06:57<gbee>still got a few updates and icons that need doing
06:59<justinh>rooaus: I should've known - I had to fix all my own last week/the other week
06:59<justinh>I think we've officially gone past the point where themes can be backwards compatible, for sure
07:00<justinh>may aswell revel in that :)
07:00<stuarta>johnp_: fixed
07:01<gbee>just means that we are making progress, I can't remember what 0.20 was like but I've got to think that 0.21 is going to be a major improvement
07:01<stuarta>i'd spotted it
07:01<stuarta>however if you look at the diff you'll see how blind i was being the first time around
07:02<rooaus>justinh: Yeah, Anduin has some stuff to do context fixups for some kind of compatibility. Took some time for me to work out, mainly the fact that containers are parsed and painted it seems, whatever their name.
07:02<justinh>gbee: don't get me wrong - I've never intended that to sound like I think it's a bad thing :)
07:03<justinh>rooaus: aye unless the theme wiring up code has something in there to only check for containers it wants, that'll happen
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07:04<gbee>it's good that you can define custom containers, allows you to put things on the page which the original author of the code might not have considered
07:04<rooaus>gbee: I think that 0.21 will be an improvement on many fronts. Running trunk it is easy to forget, 0.20 doesn't even have storage groups.
07:05<stuarta>blimey. kde 4.0 comes out tomorrow
07:06<rooaus>gbee: Yeah, seems obvious now :)
07:06<gbee>mythui is going to revolutionise themes and mythfrontend as a whole I think, the more I see/use of it, the more I love it
07:07<justinh>in some ways it's a shame it's not so easy to add a new container which contains metadata without changing the code
07:08<gbee>I've used custom containers in a few places (where possible) to hold things like buttons so that I can copy paste the positioning of the container and get buttons to always appear in the same place on the page no matter which screen
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07:21*justinh raises a glass to ui.xml's eventual demise
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08:10<rooaus>goodnight all
08:12<justinh>g'night roo
08:33<stuarta>is it home time yet?
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08:34<justinh>is it Friday yet?
08:34<justinh>here til 7pm ish tonight. slept in :(
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08:56<justinh>hmm had email from lugradio about 'relicencing your contribution'. dunno if I can be arsed
08:57<justinh>think they mean that interview that went so well. they're changing the licencing of their show to something else
08:58<stuarta>#4454 nice. number only patch for the line edit widget
09:00<gbee>nice indeed, who is "thelinuxer" because they must have heard the conversation we were having just the other night?
09:01<stuarta>that's what i thought
09:01<justinh>maybe it's coincidence
09:01<gbee>of course, as nice as the patch is, I've already written the replacement edit widget for mythui (well slight exaggeration, it's not feature complete by a long way)
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09:26<justinh>bum. Oneword radio is going away on Saturday
09:27<stuarta>no great loss
09:27<gbee>never listened to it
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10:40<gbee>anyone know of an application which can extract the DVD menu image from the vob?
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10:49<johnp__>stuartm: Where did you put "New." ?
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10:57<stuarta>ripped it out
10:57<johnp__>What about "New. Doc Martin is ..." ?
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11:02<stuarta>that is something i hadn't seen them doing before
11:03<stuarta>k, that can be worked into the existing ukNew i reckon.
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11:06<sphery>stuarta: re: thumbnail generation/MythWeb's Recorded Programs page, the changes Daniel made to move the preview generation to a separate process to prevent it from taking down the backend seems to be causing the slowness.
11:06<sphery>He used exec to start a new mythbackend process. janneg was working on a patch to modify it to use fork, instead.
11:06<sphery>Don't know the status of janneg's patch.
11:07<stuarta>fair enuf
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11:11<janneg>sphery: doesn't work since the forked process ends up deadlocked to often and I'm not sure if it would be feasible to write a complete pthread_at_fork handler
11:13<janneg>I thought killing the forked process after some time is too ugly to use as workaround
11:13<janneg>but I've seen that somewhere in the code
11:14<sphery>So perhaps a mythpreview daemon? Could be started automatically by the backend (if it's not running) and restarted whenever required...
11:14<janneg>together with a at_fork handler which catches the most common locks it might work
11:15<janneg>I was thinking of a preview generation queue like the jobqueue
11:15<sphery>still in a different process?
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11:16<janneg>yes, processed by a different process
11:17<janneg>and the exec's backend process would wait a couple of seconds after it's done if there are further previews in the queue
11:17<sphery>That would be a huge help--especially for the MythWeb Recorded Programs page
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11:42<jams>justinh- any idea if mythappearance will be absorbed into mythtv before .21?
11:42<justinh>if I can figure out what needs to be done, yeah
11:43<justinh>had a think about it earlier today actually. might be easier than I thought
11:44<jams>good to know, I can put off doing a little work then =)(
11:45<justinh>it'll be worth my time to at least have a go at it. and porting it to mythui - and possibly see if I can help implement some more widgets in mythui too if I can.
11:45<justinh>thing is I don't want to be a draw on other resources while I go about it ;)
11:46<gbee>when I finish the project I'm currently on, I'll provide some mythui examples
11:47<justinh>gives me breathing space to crack on with my current project du jour too :)
11:50<justinh>regarding incorporating mythappearance - anybody got a good idea where it should sit?
11:54<justinh>in place of the current GUI size settings stuff or in addition to?
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11:54<stuarta>well it augments it
11:55*stuarta rethinks
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11:56<justinh>if it was to replace the current size setting stuff the arrow movement clipping would have to be looked at again. currently you can only change it 25% either way - figured that'd be enough in most overscan scenarios
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11:58<stuarta>what do people think of the idea of moving the current stuff under an advanced button?
11:59<justinh>from sitting in the other channel they have enough problems finding it as it is
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12:06*stuarta has an attack of DUNNO
12:10<justinh>could always just have a 'launch wizard' gadget on the same page if there's room I spose. worth trying
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12:16<reber>hi all
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12:24<GlemSom>I tried a MX air mouse at work today (,en)... And I was thinking about getting one for my mythtv setup... But - can mythtv be control only wyth a mouse? And I guess mplayer could be a problem aswell (I use mplayer for DVD's and other media files)
12:25<gbee>GlemSom: not really, until all windows are converted to mythui, mouse support in mythtv is extremely limited
12:26<GlemSom>Ok - sad :( It could be really cool controling the mediacenter with only a mouse!
12:26<gbee>that should happen by the time 0.22 is released, but that's 7 months away at the very least I'd have though
12:26<gbee>if you use trunk, then it might happen a lot sooner than 7 months
12:26<justinh>don't think it'd be cool to use a mouse sitting on a couch, by any stretch of my imagination though
12:27<gbee>touchscreen support will be cool
12:28<justinh>it'll be great to have the option to use mice . touchscreens etc though. just can't see using a mouse while sitting in an armchair being very easy ;)
12:28<GlemSom>Well, I saw LinuxMCE is able to be controlled by just a 3-button mouse ( )... But - guess I'll just stick with my IR remote for now then! :P...
12:29<gbee>GlemSom: I wrote a small patch/hack which allowed mouse buttons to be mapped to keypresses, I've used that to have limited mouse control over mythfrontend for months, with my cordless mouse and laptop frontend it works well enough
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12:30<gbee>the good news is that the mouse support in mythui works very well
12:31<GlemSom>gbee, Cool! I was wondering if for example you could say that "moving mouse to left AND pressing mouse-button == Z" ?
12:32<gnome42>I'm working on a frontend hanging bug and I have narrowed it down but need assistance finding the correct fix.
12:33<gbee>GlemSom: possibly, I never took the idea that far and I won't be bothering either since it's a more effective use of my time to get the mythui port done
12:34<gbee>GlemSom: most of mythtv can be control with just two keypresses and a mousewheel, my mouse also has volume control buttons
12:34<GlemSom>gbee, Ok - I see! :) Though - that patch to baing able to map mousebuttons - is that avabile for download somewhere?
12:34<gbee>select/play/pause on button one, escape/back on button two and mousewheel to mouse up/down
12:35<gbee>GlemSom: no it's not available, but I'll pastebin it for you if you are around later?
12:35<GlemSom>Wow, I really need to check my spelling BEFORE hitting enter! :/
12:35<justinh>bad spelling can easily be forgiven :)
12:36<GlemSom>gbee, That will be great! :) Could you then paste the URL in a query please?
12:36<gbee>GlemSom: sure
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19:48<jarle_>I notice that channel number input does not accept channum lager than 9999, however I have several channels with larger channum. Shouldn't it accept larger values?
19:51<jarle_>actually, it seems like it support input for channum with more than 4 digits, but it will only show the first 4 digits...
19:52<justinh>sounds easy to fix ;)
19:53<sphery>jarle_: just change the channum to something else
19:53<sphery>unless you have > 9999 channels, you won't have a problem
19:55<jarle_>actually it seems like I have found a bug: if you are currently on a channum with digits =< 4 then only 4 digits will be displayed as you enter. However, if you are currently on a channel with digits > 4, all digits will be displayed when input...
19:56<jarle_>sphery: as I have 3000+ channels and channum has been given by dvb-s scan, I'd prefer not having to change the channum manually...
19:56<sphery>probably because the OSD container is sized to a reasonable size unless you're on a channel with an unreasonable channel number
19:56<sphery>manually isn't difficult in a DB "WHERE channum > 9999"
19:57<sphery>MySQL does math, too
19:57<sphery>you just want to end with no dup channum
20:01<jarle_>sphery: actually, seems like I have 1339 channels with channum > 9999 :)
20:05<janneg>we should use something more reasonable than the serviceid in the dvb channel scanner serviceid modulo 1000 for starters
20:07<jarle_>janneg: agreed, my channel table looks like a mess after scanning four satellites :)
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20:11<sphery>jarle_: You could do something as simple as: SET @row = 0; UPDATE falsechannel SET channum = (SELECT @row := @row + 1);
20:11-!-xris [] has joined #mythtv
20:12<sphery>change falsechannel to channel to make it actually work (just a precaution for the copy/paste trigger happy)
20:12<sphery>though with MySQL 3, you'd have to get more creative (possibly 4.0, too)
20:17<jarle_>sphery: and then you would get channels starting at 1 and incrementing by one for each channel?
20:18<sphery>and much easier to type in. If you want a specific order, feel free to set @row = 1000 (or whatever), then renumber starting at 1001 and manually change those you like most to 1, 2, 3, 4, ... as you identify them
20:19<jarle_>sphery: so this one-liner on the mysql prompt should do the trick then?
20:20<sphery>make a backup, and no promises (but yeah)
20:20-!-i3ooi3oo [] has joined #mythtv
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20:22<sphery>oh, and make sure you do it when mythbackend isn't running (or if too late, restart mythbackend)
20:26<jarle_>sphery: "Query OK, 3268 rows affected (0.13 sec)" Now lets have a look :)
20:33<jarle_>sphery: NICE! This also gave me the added functionality of sorting the channels so that channels from sourceid 1 is listed in the front of sourceid 2, 3 and 4
20:34<sphery>cool. glad it worked. enjoy.
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21:13<gnassas>anyone around?
21:16<rooaus>no they are all in #mythtv-users :)
21:19<rooaus>gnassas: jk, if you have a development question go ahead. Otherwise user questions are best directed to the users channel as per the topic.
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21:20<gnassas>hi, I need to change the plugins pro file but I wanted to ask first
21:21<jamesd>anyone is out on a beer run. were getting worried were almost out of beer...
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21:37<rooaus>hmm, ENOHUMOUR
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