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01:11<xris>ok, weird. irc program keeps not showing text in this channel unless I quit/rejoin.
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01:36<DerDracle>Is anyone here familiar with ATSC PSIP?
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05:42<gbee>janneg: one multirec oddity, if I'm recording programme X and then go into livetv tune to the same channel and select programme X, press R(ecord) it appears twice in the recordings list
05:50<gbee>with different start times
05:51<gbee>not really a bug I guess, more of a feature request "if X is already recording and the user selects it to record in livetv, don't record it again"
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10:04<janneg>gbee: trunk has the same behaviour if you have more than one capture card
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10:18<rooaus>gbee: The program guide segfault I saw last night was unrelated to Metallurgy (directly), although making the preview window width "mod 8" will prevent the crash if using xshm render method.
10:39<gbee>janneg: yeah, but not in the same way, but I'd agree it's not really a bug
10:41<gbee>rooaus: thanks for letting me know
10:41<gbee>more of a code bug, if the preview needs to be mod8 then we should handle that there and not in the theme
10:42<gbee>we already do it that way for the watch recordings preview window
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11:42<stuarta>this will be interesting
11:42<stuarta>ah smeg
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11:43<stuarta>i had a file that previously wouldn't mpeg2->mpeg2 transcode
11:43<stuarta>that does now.
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11:43*stuarta tries another one to go bug hunting
11:43<gbee>I've got one which was failing about a week ago, haven't tried it again
11:44<stuarta>i recorded this one in 2006
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12:06*stuarta notices a memleak in mythtranscode
12:07<stuarta>programs/mythtranscode/mpeg2fix.h::set_pkt is missing a free(data)
12:07<stuarta>maybe not
12:07*stuarta rereads
12:13*stuarta valgrinds it anyway
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12:18<gbee>being lazy today, no mythtv work
12:19<stuarta>good idea
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12:45<gnome42>gbee: yeah, you deserve at least one day off :)
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12:51<gbee>I don't get the feeling that alsa is a much loved project, seems they've got only one developer these days
13:05*gnome42 sends good vibes to Takashi
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13:20<gnome42>gbee: So you didn't have much luck with multirec? crash and burn again? :(
13:21<gbee>gnome42: it's working well except for that crash yesterday
13:21<gnome42>gbee: woot! You are still running it?
13:21<gnome42>I thought you would have reverted :)
13:21<gbee>I don't know that the crash is related to multirec except that it's the first backend crash I've seen in months
13:21<gbee>gnome42: yeah, I'm sticking with it
13:22<gnome42>there are many bugs left :)
13:22<gbee>the crash happened when rapidly changing channels in mythbackend, as I don't do that in normal use I figured it would be safe plus I'm running under gdb in the hope of getting a backtrace
13:23<gnome42>the permutations of interactions between the shared inputs, and livetv etc. are .... yeah ... tricky :)
13:24<gnome42>letting it dump core and analyse later is good too :)
13:25<gnome42>except when it fills your filesystem :/
13:26<gnome42>I just submitted a patch for another bad interaction between the scheduler and livetv sessions.
13:28<gnome42>If multiple livetv sessions are active and you start a recording that has a starttime that has already passed the livetv sessions will not be delat with properly.
13:28<gnome42>dealt with...
13:32<gnome42>My thought at the moment is that multirec is close to being on par with trunk if you are just doing recordings.
13:35<gbee>gnome42: I think now is a good time to merge multirec so that there is plenty of time to expose and fix bugs before 0.21
13:37<gbee>though half of me wonders if we shouldn't merge multirec until after 0.21, trunk is extremely stable at the moment and pretty much bug free compared to 0.20, introducing a large change such as multirec could change that
13:37<gnome42>gbee: yeah, I'm just going with the flow. :)
13:39<gnome42>gbee: I agree, that sounds wise but also not up to me. I'm a slow debugger so whatever gives me more time to debug is a good thing! :)
13:39<gbee>although I don't watch livetv much (ever really) I'd like to see it stable because I just can't persuade my parents to stop watching livetv, so when they are using the myth box I've built for them I want the experience to be painless
13:40<gnome42>gbee: yeah, that's the livetv story. User's use it and developers use it for testing :)
13:42<gnome42>gbee: what is you opinion of trunk dvb livetv? I find it's not as reliable as livetv with bttv/ivtv.
13:43<gnome42>gbee: ie. Can trunk hold up to some remote-control-pounding dvb channel surfing?
13:43<gbee>gnome42: apart from the "You should have gotten a channel lock by now" message which has recently started to affect trunk/multirec, I've found that it's reliable since the fixes you worked on a couple of months ago
13:44<gbee>my major problem isn't with dvb itself, but with the time to takes to swap from a channel on DVB to one on ivtv (take forever and I can't see a good reason why)
13:45<gnome42>how long about?
13:46*gnome42 fires up the frontend and gets his stopwatch out ...
13:46<gbee>10 seconds or so, but that's a guess really, might even be a little low
13:47<GreyFoxx>wow, that's crazy
13:47<gnome42>and you are just punching in the channum to change channels? or using the OSD menu?
13:48<gnome42>I got roughly 4 secs going from dvb chan to ivtv
13:49<GreyFoxx>hmmm /a tries it
13:49<gbee>damn, nova-t 500 bug has just brought down the kernel on my backend >:(
13:50<gbee>gnome42: hmm, that's interesting what sort of speed is that machine? I'm not sure it's a huge factor but this backend is pretty slow compared to some (old 1.4Ghz Athlon)
13:51*gbee goes to find the path janneg linked the other day to see if it actually fixes this driver bug
13:52<gnome42>My setup is pretty slow, the slave dvb backend is AMD 900 and the master is athlon 2500 (tottally over loaded too).
13:53<GreyFoxx>5 seconds to go from DVB (QAM) on aslave to IVTV on the master
13:53<GreyFoxx>still oonger than I would have expected
13:54<GreyFoxx>hmmm what listens on port 6948 ?
13:55<GreyFoxx>I see a complaint about being unable to bind 6948 each time it connects to a backend
13:55<gnome42>GreyFoxx: netstat -tuplen|grep 6948
13:55<GreyFoxx>well I know the app, I was more wondering which part of myth does it "_
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13:55<GreyFoxx>2008-01-13 14:53:44.323 Using protocol version 3700
13:55<GreyFoxx>2008-01-13 14:53:45.586 Could not bind to UDP notify port: 6948
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13:56<gnome42>ooh ok :)
13:57<janneg>gbee: multirec is for me as stable as trunk. I can't remember when I saw the last crash
13:57<GreyFoxx>yeah I use it constantly as well
13:58<GreyFoxx>hmmmm ok looks like 6948 is mythtvosd
13:58<gnome42>janneg: but do you use livetv?
14:00<janneg>gnome42: occasionally
14:01<GreyFoxx>multirec is perfectly stable here, but admittedly I only use livetv for quick tests
14:02<GreyFoxx>I do tons of concurrent recordings
14:02<GreyFoxx>8 at a time quite often
14:02<gbee>I suppose you could say I was torture testing livetv at the time and at the moment it crashed I was requesting an unavailable channel (on another multiplex)
14:03<gnome42>I believe that gbee's experience will be common for the first while. Folks will install multirec and fire up multiple recordings and then attempt to go channel surfing. Leading to unhappiness :)
14:04<GreyFoxx>gbee: were you (or have you tried) to reproduce it ?
14:04<GreyFoxx>maybe a bt ?
14:05<gbee>but then that was the point, I was trying to break it and suceeded, wouldn't be doing a good job of beta testing otherwise
14:05<janneg>strange, I've updated multirec and now frontend times out in the watch recordings screen
14:05<gbee>GreyFoxx: tried but failed to reproduce it so far
14:05<gbee>been running under gdb ever since
14:05<GreyFoxx>janneg: I see DK did a sync this morning, I haven't updated since Friday
14:05<GreyFoxx>gbee: Ahh
14:06<gnome42>janneg: r15422 is ok for me.
14:07*gnome42 gotta run
14:07<GreyFoxx>15419 here working happily
14:08<janneg>GreyFoxx: yes, but that sync was minor, just mediamonitor changes and debug code in the mainserver.cpp
14:08<janneg>I've already reverted that locally
14:09<gnome42>janneg: I sent a scheduler patch to you and Daniel to morning. Might be good to get a fix for that problem in soon if more people are going to try multirec.
14:09<gnome42>ok, really have to go.
14:10<GreyFoxx>ok, that port 6948 stuff appears only after changing a channel not on the first channels startup. So it looks like we are trying to rebind to the notify port even though we already have it
14:11<GreyFoxx>wonder if that could cause any problems
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14:11<GreyFoxx>and right when exiting livetv I seeQObject::disconnect: Unexpected null parameter
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14:22<GreyFoxx>ahhh ok, when we change channels we create a new UDPNotify object, and all but the first fail to bind the port. We only call the destructor when exiting livetv alltogether
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14:38<janneg>I think it's just an nfs oddity. stating one of my unmounted nfs mountpoints hangs. let's see if a reboot fixes it
14:41<janneg>yes, works now
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15:11<xris>ok, text works today.. weird.
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15:15<gbee>xris: how's the website coming?
15:15<xris>gbee: distracted by other things, of course.
15:15<gbee>heh, of course
15:16<gbee>would be nice if I could go more than a week without getting distracted
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15:49<runlevel>is there a way to use a remote blue tooth pointing device with mythtv?
15:50<runlevel>i have the Logitech MX Air and it works perfect but i cant seem to use it in mythtv
15:52*stuarta waves a hand in the vague general direction of the topic
15:52<gbee>runlevel: that's a #mythtv-users topic, but in summary mythtv doesn't yet have great mouse support it was designed for remotes so a lot of places don't even respond to mouse input
15:53<gbee>that will change by the time 0.22 is released, but we're only just looking at making the 0.21 release right now
15:54<stuarta>gbee: you are being quite helpful today ;-)
15:54<runlevel>gbee: oh ok thanks man
15:55<gbee>stuarta: something in the water
15:56<stuarta>i converted the water to wine and drank that instead
15:56<gbee>handy ability that
15:56*justinh ponders asking about changing the ESCAPE || LEFT action in some screens so that only ESCAPE works as an exit key, then thinks better of it
15:57<stuarta>well it mainly involves having a well stocked booze supply
15:57<stuarta>justinh: evening
15:57<justinh>evening :)
15:58<stuarta>trying to decipher wtf mythtranscode does to get itself stuck
15:58<justinh>I could see a number of disgruntled users who have 6 button remotes if the above change was made. no easy way to make it optional either
15:58*stuarta is one of those
15:59<stuarta>mini-mac remote has only 6 buttons
15:59<justinh>bit infuriating sometimes when you hit left by mistook & end up out in the main menu again
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15:59<stuarta>doesn't happen often
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16:01<justinh>then again the alternative - i.e. re-writing every keypress handler to use a common function.. not good either
16:01<stuarta>it's like putting you hand on a burning stove. there's only so many times you do it before you learn
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16:09<stuarta>trying to decipher mythtranscode
16:09<stuarta>and what condition can get it into that "Deadlock detected, one buffer is full when the other is empty" state.
16:20<stuarta>ah light dawns.
16:21<stuarta>maybe it's not coping with a frame that comes earlier in the sequence than what it's expecting
16:25<stuarta>i'm gunna need to dig some more next week.
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16:29<gbee> justinh: should be able to offer a generic mythui template towards the end of next week
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17:30<gbee>justinh: have you tried HD with you new frontend?
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17:35<justinh>gbee: not in mythfrontend yet. played 720p h264 from the apple site no probs. 1080p played ok in 30 sec bursts
17:35<justinh>the bbchd test I've got.. dunno yet
17:36<gbee>I was wondering whether there would be any issues with the Intel GPU, though I realise that the issue is moot, the board I was looking at doesn't include onboard tv-out
17:36<justinh>damn my FE is turned off. haven't got around to enabling WoL yet
17:37<gbee>actually, that's not a problem if DVI can be passed to the tv (not a subject I know much about)
17:37<justinh>don't think I'll get far in mythfrontend without multithreading for AVC h.264 somehow
17:37<justinh>gbee: re the mythui template - cool :)
17:41<gbee>problem I've got regarding the motherboard is that I want it to be HD capable including connection to the TV, but as I don't yet have a HDTV I need a simple way to hook it up via scart as well ... the nvidia based boards were perfect for that, they have both s-vid/component out as well as DVI, but the intel boards don't
17:41<gbee>right now I can only fit intel based models of the barebones system I'm after :/
17:41<justinh>stuarta: iamlindoro has some insight over in -users w.r.t. failure of lossless transcoding with firewire recordings - seems the timestamps in the stream are absolute, not relative to the start of the stream apparently
17:42<justinh>gbee: VGA-SCART is pretty much a non-starter if there aren't any interlaced modes possible. and guess what? they ain't on Intel right now allegedly
17:43<justinh>my Intel board has DVI, VGA & svideo, which is nice
17:43<justinh>only snag is (if you can call it a snag) - only works with mobile chips. but they're pretty cheap on ebay right now. 1.83Ghz core2 duo for around £50
17:43<gbee> << What I was looking at
17:44<justinh>I'd recommend the setup I've got... assuming it'll cope with BBC HD with a threaded player
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17:45<gbee>don't like the Silverstone cases, at least not the ones I've seen
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17:46<justinh>I didn't mean the case. wouldn't wish the lc02 on anybody
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17:47<gbee>well the reason I especially liked the Pundit line was the price, case + mobo cheaper than most small form factor cases alone, but I might be a little stuck on that idea and should probably try being more flexible
17:49<justinh>might be able to put a low profile pci-e vga card in there
17:49<gbee>yeah, but that would mean sacrificing one of the tuners ;)
17:50<justinh>ah no pci-e
17:50<gbee>and there is that
17:50<justinh>worst case scenario, grab a VGA-tv scaler thingy off ebay for a tenner or so
17:51-!-splAt1 is now known as splat1
17:51<justinh>anyway, time for me to head to bedfordshire. g'night all
17:52<gbee>that would be the worst case scenario, but might be an acceptable short term solution until I get the TV
17:53<gbee>then again, I've been talking of replacing my existing system for over a year, so I'm probably not going to make the decision overnight .....
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19:11<rooaus>gbee: I will create a patch for the guide video mod8 problem soon, just setting up my new laptop (and playing) first :D
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