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08:48<justinh>gbee: - has composite out too. takes mobile chiplets but only one pci slot. has pci-e though
08:52<gbee>justinh: thanks, worth considering :)
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10:20<jams>gbee,justinh what do you think about moving the titles out to title.xml ?
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10:21<justinh>what titles?
10:22<justinh>ah hang on.. menu titles.. so they can be text? not fussed either way tbh
10:22<jams>yeah the menu titles.
10:22<justinh>rather see ui.xml chopped up :)
10:22<gbee>jams: menu titles? I've re-written all that to properly use mythui, I don't mind moving it, though what's the goal?
10:23<justinh>theme.xml isn't the most packed out, awkward or lengthy of files IMHO
10:23<jams>just thinking it would be easier to share changes and easier to keep them up to date.
10:24<hereitcomes>hey guys, I'm just looking into mythtv development now for my uni project. it's to allow users to schedule recordings remotely using digital pen and paper
10:24<hereitcomes>can you write a plugin that affects the backend only? I don't want the users to need a frontend running for the scheduling to take place
10:24<jams>not a big deal, just working with a theme now and thought it would be nice.
10:24<jams>theme.xml is the one xml file that can't be shared between themes.
10:25<justinh>jams: yeah I get it now. but how'd you make it optional for those who don't want them?
10:25<gbee>or in my case, I want text-only titles not images based ones (one of the things switching to mythui allows)
10:27<gbee>hereitcomes: there isn't currently a plugin infrastructure for the backend
10:28<jams>gbee- how do you define the txt titles?
10:28<jams>or is that not working yet
10:29<hereitcomes>oh.. thanks. can you tell me the best place to start looking into how recordings are scheduled? I've written everything except the mythtv side. I need to be able to at least pass in info over a java socket like "Mon 13/08/08 BBC1 17:40 18:00" and have something in the backend or a plugin be able to perform that .. I'm so lost in the dozens of classes!
10:31<jams>oh i moved that to base.xml
10:34<gbee>jams: something like this:
10:34<gbee>jams: it's not committed to trunk yet (got to redo it, but it works)
10:35<gbee>uses mythuistatetype, so do the watermarks and icons
10:35<justinh>titles moved to base.xml ?
10:35<jams>gbee- then what it the menutitle area in base.xml ?
10:36<jams>isn't that for the text titles?
10:36<justinh>I'm confuzzled by that pastebin
10:37<gbee>in which theme? metallurgy? that's just temporary until I get this myththemedmenu rewrite into trunk
10:37<jams>yes metallurgy...ok
10:38<gbee>see the section on statetypes
10:39<jams>gbee- that format works for me. Assuming both image and text is listed there just to show how it's done.
10:40<gbee>jams: yeah, you can actually stick whatever you want in there image/text/elephant or a combination of those, two images, text and a canary
10:40<jams>move all that info to title.xml and then just include it =)
10:40<gbee>if you must ;)
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10:40<justinh>still don't get it
10:41<stuarta>hereitcomes, gbee: what about the telnet interface?
10:41<justinh>looks harder than it is now though
10:42<hereitcomes>stuarta: it all has to be completely automated, the project is for complete novices to just use pen and paper to record tv shows
10:42<gbee>justinh: more text per definition maybe, but extremely powerfull
10:42<stuarta>hereitcomes: you are loking for an interface into o the backend?
10:43<jams>gbee- with text titles does that need a define area?
10:43<justinh>think I'll give that a miss
10:43<hereitcomes>stuart: yes, to make it possible to manually record a show if given just a string with the relevant info
10:44<stuarta>have a look at the telnet interface. it'll give you a command window into the backend, then you can write the rest of the glue
10:45<gbee>jams: yeah, relative to the position but it can inherit from another object, so you need only type it once e.g. <textarea name="foo"><area>0,0,100,30</area></textarea> <textarea name="bar" from="foo"></textarea>
10:45<hereitcomes>stuarta: thank you, any tips on where to learn the commands needed?
10:45<stuarta>the source :)
10:45<jams>gbee- right..just making sure.
10:45<hereitcomes>haha.. great.
10:46<justinh>thought mythui was sposed to be making things easier
10:46<hereitcomes>*newbie tears*
10:46<hereitcomes>I knew reading was gonna come in handy someday
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10:48<hereitcomes>stuarta: are you talking about mythprotocol commands? I don't think that's going to be enough to manually record a program
10:49<justinh>hereitcomes: if you can understand python take a look at xbmcmythtv for examples
10:49<stuarta>it may need extending
10:49<hereitcomes>I had monitored the packets sent from frontend-backend when I press "r" while watching livetv, and there's virtually no info sent
10:49<gbee>justinh: dunno who said that ;) the syntax for most things is pretty similar to the existing xml, but there are fewer widgets and each one supports a lot more features
10:49<hereitcomes>ok I'll shut up now, thanks guys I'll go have a mess about
10:49<justinh>gbee: looks like a nightmare to me right now
10:49<jams>this items can be read at 800x600 but they disappear at 1280x720
10:50<gbee>e.g. there is one list widget, but it can do horizontal, vertical and grid layouts
10:50<justinh>no images in buttonlist?
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10:50<justinh>looks like only gradients :(
10:51<gbee>justinh: no buttonlist supports 4 different images, foreground images (think album cover art) and background images for three different states, selected, active and inactive
10:52<gbee>regular-background etc accept a "filename" argument, just isn't shown on that page
10:52<gbee>it will fallback to gradients if no image is specified
10:53<gbee>the gradient stuff seems mostly to exist so you can mimic the look of existing libmyth widgets which use that grey gradient
10:53<justinh>be interesting to see what kind of uproar is coming along when a certain other entity proposes their UI rework. talk about reinventing the wheel, and making the tools to draw the new invention
10:53*justinh chuckles. who'd want to minic that? ;)
10:55<justinh>I'm sure I'll get my head around it eventually. today isn't a good day
11:22<justinh>can't believe I've basically had to turn down a free trip to Florida next weekend
11:24<stuarta>you mad?
11:25<justinh>just for one meeting? seemed a bit much
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11:49<stuarta>looks like daniels started on the multirec merge
11:51<justinh>woooo ! :)
11:51<stuarta>time for a rebuild!
11:51<justinh>anyway stuarta the rub is, can't get time off work to go on the trip anyway
11:52<justinh>other tech is going to Amsterdam. I'm not gonna say I hope he gets inspected on his way home
11:53*stuarta distcleans and rebuilds
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11:56<stuarta>evening Chutt
11:56<justinh>I suspect trunk will rarely have been so er.. enthusiastically taken to as after #3326 :)
11:57<GreyFoxx>KAza: Allows you to record more than 1 channel from asingle multiplex
11:58<justinh>as good an excuse as any to junk the framegrabber in my dev box
11:58<stuarta>rebuilding as we speak
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12:08<justinh>ebuyer are kidding aren't they? USB DVB-T stick for £13 ?!
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12:12<janneg>justinh: that's cheap. cheapest I've seen was 19 EUR
12:13<justinh>rather pay more & be safe in the knowledge it works in linux tbh
12:13<janneg>the one I saw had linux drivers
12:14<stuarta>just have to work out which reference design they use
12:18<justinh>cheapest the linuxtv wiki mentions as supported is asus mycinema U3000 at only £3 more :)
12:21<janneg>justinh: if it's not mini, it's not supported
12:22<mattwire>The KWorld dvb-t 300u works well too. Got mine from scan for about 9.50 but they've gone up a bit sicne
12:22<justinh>something from kworld works?! :)
12:23<justinh>janneg: and it's the mini :)
12:23<stuarta>i've got one of their dvb-t cards, works a treat
12:24<janneg>justinh: the kworld DVB-* pci cards are working, but they are using conexant's design
12:25<justinh>Hauppauge nova-t is still cheapest around here. think I'll just do that
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12:30<GreyFoxx>mythb: Slackware here
12:30*GreyFoxx slaps himself to pay more attention to channel focus
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12:46<janneg>GreyFoxx: iirc was #3347 already fixed
12:51<GreyFoxx>I think you are right
12:51<GreyFoxx>Just seeing so many open tickets makes me twitchy heh
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12:52<GreyFoxx>Anyone seen oscar lately? Lots of open translation patches
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13:21<MrGandalf>so, multirec is in..
13:21<MrGandalf>should be interesting
13:22<gnome42>Yep :)
13:22<MrGandalf>last time I tried that branch the guide was entirely too slow
13:23<MrGandalf>i hope it's been optimized
13:24<superm1>it's been mreged to trunk?
13:24<superm1>ooh fun :)
13:25<janneg>MrGandalf: how was the guide too slow. reaction time on scheduling shows?
13:26<MrGandalf>janneg: reaction time.. I has asked Daniel a long time ago to mark channels which were viewable in the guide.. it can get confusing if you don't know what channels are on what transports.
13:26<MrGandalf>janneg: and that bit of sql I think really killled performance
13:26<MrGandalf>but I'll give it another try
13:26<MrGandalf>I'm probably a special case anyway..
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13:41<gnome42>janneg: Congrats, on the merge! :)
13:42<gnome42>janneg: small fixup:
13:58<janneg>gnome42: applied thanks
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14:02<gnome42>janneg: cool
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14:19*gnome42 wonders if there is any way to verify if any changesets have been lost with the multirec merge
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14:35<janneg>lol, multirec is just merged and I have the first deadlock
14:42<gnome42>janneg: heh :) Any clues?
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14:46<janneg>no, I attached gdb to late and had already 6-8 locked threads, but seems EIT related
14:46<gnome42>ahh, ok
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14:48<janneg>but CI handling was also effected
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14:59*stuarta goes for *the* upgrade
14:59*laga too scared :(
15:00<stuarta>cutting edge i am :-P
15:02<stuarta>however mythtv-setup asking *twice* about a DB upgrade is excessive
15:02*gnome42 suggests not doing livetv channel changing torture tests during your wife's favourite show. Just a suggestion. ;))
15:03<laga>gnome42: especially not if she's watching on the same frontend. :)
15:03<stuarta>we have a tv for that
15:08<gbee>gnome42: I think the only way to find out is to go through the diff and look for lines being removed that you know are unconnected with multirec, tedious job though
15:10<gnome42>gbee: ooh, really? sounds error prone.
15:11<gbee>well I don't know of another way, but I'd be interested to hear of one
15:12<hads>Congrats on the merge guys.
15:12<gbee>needs doing though, last couple of big merges to trunk have accidently reverted commits
15:12<gnome42>janneg: What's your thought on that? Is there a concern about possibly missing some changesets with the multirec merge?
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15:12<gnome42>gbee: oh, ok. It is a real concern.
15:13<gbee>gnome42: yeah, depends how careful janneg and Daniel have been, but it does happen
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15:33<gnome42>hads: thanks, you have been running multirec OK for a while?
15:34<hads>gnome42: Unfortunately no, I've been a bit unsure since I only run my main system and my wife uses live tv a bit. I'm going to upgrade shortly I think.
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15:41<gnome42>hads: oh, ok.
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15:53<janneg>gnome42: Daniel and I both at least scenned over the merge patch
15:55<janneg>and it does happen. daniel typoed one commit message and missed in the next merge some revisions
15:56<janneg>I catched it only by chance
15:56<gnome42>janneg: OK, good to know. Wasn't sure how much of a concern it was.
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15:57<janneg>the only help would be switching to a different scm tool or hoping that subversion gets proper merge tracking
15:57<janneg>there is something in the works for svn 1.5
15:59<gnome42>ok, that sounds good. It does indeed sound like a job for the SCM.
16:01<gnome42>git is very space efficient, I have ~100 mutlriec branches and they whole thing only takes 250MB.
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16:09<janneg>yeah, and it contains the whole history. my mythtv git repository is smaller than an svn checkout
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16:23<janneg>gnome42: can you comment on #4471?
16:23<gnome42>gnome42: ok, I'll have a look ...
16:23<gnome42>just talking to myself :)
16:31<gnome42>janneg: My initial thought is that we might be able to remove that line. Maybe the bugs it was covering up have been solved. I'm going to try removing that line.
16:34<gnome42>janneg: it has been a long while since I had my head in that part of the code though.
16:37<janneg>gnome42: that code was merged with the diseqc branch merge. probably just an safeguard for dvb-s tuning
16:40<gbee>ughh, this nova-t 500 bug is driving me mad
16:41<gnome42>yeah, that was my thought too. Possibly not required now though?
16:42<janneg>not needed if the tuning is successful
16:43<janneg>gbee: the patch didn't helped?
16:43<gbee>janneg: still haven't tried it, I will but I've been a little busy
16:44<gbee>just lost three recordings because of it and I'm having to restart the machine to fix
16:46<gnome42>gbee: ouch
16:46<gbee>removing and reinserting the module just causes a kernel oops
16:51<gbee>I thought upgrading to the latest version of the driver and firmware might have helped, but it made no difference
16:52<gbee>well not quite, the old disconnect issue was better than this because at least I could fix it just by restarting the backend
16:53<gbee>or even better, just enable "on-demand" use of the cards and I'd only lose one recording
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17:02<janneg>gnome42: can you give a try
17:02<gnome42>yeah, just applying now ...
17:13-!-tulbreak [] has joined #mythtv
17:22<gbee>janneg: just installed the patched module now, won't be able to start testing it until my recordings finish
17:23-!-jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
17:24<gbee>I notice that no-one has yet posted to say the fix definately works
17:25-!-mzb [] has joined #mythtv
17:29<janneg>gbee: I can give an educated guess in a couple of months
17:31<janneg>maybe earlier if it does not help
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17:34<gnome42>janneg: after a bit of livetv testing I haven't noticed any regressions.
17:35<janneg>have you seen glitches before/after?
17:40<gnome42>Yeah, both before and after but my theory was that the problem wasn't in myth.
17:42<gnome42>oh, yeah. Two sats. with same frequencies :/
17:42<janneg>you could test with multiple frontends and --geometry if the glitches are caused by tuning
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17:47<gnome42>yeah, that's what I do. If I change channels enough times in the second livetv session the first livetv session will go into prebuf pauses.
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17:54<janneg>you don't have to change channels fast
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17:57<gnome42>hmm, not sure what you mean?
18:02<janneg>as far as I understood the ticket the glitches happen on every tune if there is already a recording/livetv active on the same card
18:02<janneg>might be hardware related
18:06<gnome42>yeah, that was my understanding too. But for me, it only happens sometimes. Yeah, I thought it could hardware/driver related too.
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18:12<mumrah>can anyone recommend a good barebones PC for a DVR application?
18:12*janneg points to the topic
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18:16*justinh points at the thundercats sign lighting up the clouds
18:23-!-gbee [] has quit ["Gone"]
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18:50<hads>gnome42: Updated now and up and running with two DVB-S cards each with 3 concurrent recordings. Very cool.
18:52<gnome42>janneg: havne't tried that one. But when the the slave Tune()'s on the master same_input is always false. So that won't do the job?
18:52<gnome42>hads: Excellent! :)
18:53<hads>A couple of LiveTV shows with a bit of channel changing too, no issues as of yet.
19:00<janneg>gnome42: thanks, I forgot that same_input is an parameter to Tune
19:01<gnome42>janneg: sure, np
19:04<janneg>checking if the lnb we get from diseqc_tree->FindLNB() has changed should work?
19:12<gnome42>probably, but what about just comparing the incoming inputid with currentInputID ? (instead of same_input)
19:13-!-jgarvey [] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:14-!-kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has quit []
19:15-!-mattwire [] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:16<janneg>gnome42: iirc it is not updated in the master if a slave tunes first
19:20-!-_splat1 [] has joined #mythtv
19:20-!-splat1 [] has quit [Connection reset by peer]
19:23<gnome42>janneg: oh that's right. Should it be updated I wonder?
19:24<janneg>iirc no, we discussed that already in summer
19:29-!-i3ooi3oo [] has quit [Connection timed out]
19:38<janneg>multirec merge seems to be rather painless or (almost) nobody switched
19:38-!-Guierrmo [] has joined #mythtv
19:42<gnome42>janneg: ok, I'll try v3 patch.
19:45<gnome42>yeah, I wouldn't expect too many people to have switched over yet. There aren't any packages available are there?
19:53<justinh>janneg: iamlindoro in -users is reporting a problem with firewire. he's getting a backtrace
19:54<justinh>says it's with channels with longer than 3 digit channel numbers
19:55<rooaus>janneg: Will be switching later today :) (But I prefer the painless hypothesis)
19:56<justinh>I'll switch when I get a new dvb-t tuner for my dev box, rest assured. tempted to move my production system to trunk but got too much on at the mo
19:59<janneg>justinh: firewire breakage was kind of expected. I can't do much about it
20:00<justinh>fair enough :)
20:00<GreyFoxx>guess I'll be running into that after my current ocmpile finishes :)
20:00<justinh>time to get some shuteye methinks
20:01-!-jamesd [] has joined #mythtv
20:01-!-jamesd_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:04-!-jamesd_ [] has quit [Client Quit]
20:05*gnome42 wonders if it's wise to only do a drain_dvb_events() if we are going to Tune() and do a wait_for_backend()
20:05-!-viz1 [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:06-!-beandog [n=steve@gentoo/developer/beandog] has quit ["Leaving"]
20:06<janneg>gnome42: ?
20:08<gnome42>janneg: when the slave Tune()'s the master (when it's on the same mux), it does a drain_dvb_events() even if it's not going to actually going to actually do the FE_SET_FRONTEND and then wait_for_backend(...)
20:09<gnome42>just looking for spots that might needlessly touch the device.
20:13<janneg>afaik we don't use dvb events so it is just an ioctl
20:14<janneg>it could proabably moved after the if (reset || perv_tuning.IsEqual(...
20:15<gnome42>yeah, that's where I have it at the moment. Seems ok.
20:20-!-xris [] has joined #mythtv
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20:22-!-xris [] has joined #mythtv
20:22*gnome42 might need a place to sleep tonite when folks find out I preempted all their shows today :)
20:22<xris>so weird...
20:27-!-reynaldo [] has joined #mythtv
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21:47-!-vn [] has joined #mythtv
22:05-!-zdzisekg [] has joined #mythtv
22:37<superm1>gnome42, if you think its a good idea, i'll kick off the weekly build for mythbuntu trunk packages for people to try early. i was planning on waiting for some dust to settle after the multirec merge
22:40-!-vn [] has left #mythtv []
22:45<gnome42>superm1: yeah, bring'em on! :) Might as well get it sorted out quickly and Janne and Daniel seem to have allocated some time now. :)
22:46<superm1>gnome42, okay, away we go :)
22:51<gnome42>Things are looking pretty good IMHO so as gbee said it's good to get more exposure.
22:51-!-zdzisekg [] has quit ["Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot."]
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23:53-!-neoalex [] has joined #mythtv
23:54<neoalex>hi guys... just curious has anyone got the Samsung SMT-H3050 working with mythtv via firewire?
23:55*kormoc points neoalex at the topic
23:55<neoalex>damn... keep forgetting, sorry
23:56-!-nemik_ [] has joined #mythtv
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