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04:54<gbee>crap, 70 trac generated emails to read
05:01<gbee>janneg: do you need an example file for that mjpeg problem?
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05:15<malv>i seem to be getting really poor sound with mythtv. I am capturing from linein and it seems to really mess up the audio.
05:16<malv>using a hauppauge wintv go with a bt878 tuner chip
05:16<malv>sorry, wrong channel
05:18<anykey_>gbee: did you ever look at eskils shoutcast patch? Do you think it would be better to add the functionality to a complete seperate plugin?
05:21<gbee>anykey_: never looked at it
05:21<gbee>doubt it would be better as a seperate plugin
05:24<Dibblah>Wow! Removing the circular dependencies will fix the circular dependency issue!
05:24<Dibblah>Bet noone thought of that...
05:26<justinh>anykey_: you'll crack it. don't give up!
05:28<anykey_>justinh: in my opion the patch is an ugly hack
05:29<anykey_>justinh: I'd go for a seperate plugin...
05:31<justinh>I'm with gbee on that. better as all in one
05:33<gbee>anykey_: more work involved in writing a new plugin, writing all the music playback support, duplicating the decoders in the new plugin and then there is the lack of integration with stuff like the music miniplayer
05:34<anykey_>yeah, just realised that ;)
05:35<justinh>what's changed in mythmusic since eskil's patch last worked?
05:35<gbee>from the bits of the shoutcast patch I did see (the stuff submitted to mythtv and put into the code) I'd agree that it seemed like a hack, but that's just a reason to rewrite the patch/mythmusic so that it isn't such a hack, not to write a new plugin
05:35<justinh>other than the miniplayer
05:35<anykey_>justinh: the miniplayer
05:35<justinh>I oan see that making mythtv internally support internet streams generally could have lots of benefits all round :)
05:36<anykey_>there isn't a decoder for realmedia yet, right?
05:37<justinh>how's the original patch hackish? is it buffering to a temp file & playing that?
05:37<gbee>anykey_: avcodec can probably handle it
05:37<anykey_>justinh: no
05:37<anykey_>justinh: more in the metadata handling stuff
05:37<gbee>only way to know is to try a realmedia file with ffplay
05:38<anykey_>justinh: and it only works with the not "normal" view (don't remember the name now)
05:38<justinh>ahh the 3 bin view
05:38<justinh>full tree list
05:38<anykey_>yeah exactly
05:38<justinh>man I hate that list
05:38<anykey_>I know, you didn't theme it :p
05:38<justinh>didn't I? lol
05:39<gbee>the 3 bin view is a bad joke
05:39<anykey_>gbee: I thought about adding the radio stations to the playlist editor, like the CDs are
05:39<rooaus>justinh: I hate that view so much I don't use the shoutcast patch for that reason, although I want the functionality.
05:39<justinh>maybe then it's time to think how best to tackle playing shoutcast etc
05:40<gbee>anykey_: that's probably what I would do
05:40<justinh>oh is it using an xml file at the minute for the radiostations list?
05:40<anykey_>thought it doesn't make much sense to have an endless stream playing in a playlist, but that's another thing
05:41<anykey_>justinh: no, it stores them in the database
05:41<rooaus>I have emailed eskil to find out why he hasn't submitted it on a ticket and what his thoughts are on getting it added to trunk.
05:42<gbee>won't be accepted if the only way to use it is through the full tree view
05:44<justinh>would it be that big a deal if a radio station wasn't playlistable?
05:45<anykey_>why wouldn't it be?
05:45<justinh>then again that'd probably complicate the existing player, so forget I said that
05:45<gbee>if we treated radio stations like we do CDs, as a special case, it would work best IMHO
05:46<justinh>I don't think it's likely people would want to line up a few tracks of their own before playing station
05:46<gbee>justinh: neither do I, but I'm usually wrong about these things, there is always someone who wants to do strange things
05:47<justinh>gbee: so you'd have 'normal mythmusic - play stuff from the user's tracks' - 'play cd' and 'play online' menu entries. seems sensible to me
05:47<justinh>and to those who want to do something outside the use case, tough?
05:47<gbee>I could see myself possibly adding a stream at the end of a playlist, so when I run out of my own music it keeps playing something
05:48<justinh>maybe you could have an option to always play the last stream when a normal playlist is done
05:48<gbee>the way we handle CDs currently hasn't drawn any criticism, you can mix CD tracks in with 'normal' tracks on a playlist
05:48<justinh>what does the time indicator do with online streams?
05:49*gbee looks to anykey_
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06:42<gbee>think I've just killed the wall mounted frontend I was building from an old laptop, won't start anymore, no lights or any sign of life :(
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06:44<anykey_>justinh: it probably lists only time played not time remaining
06:45*gbee is heartbroken
06:45<anykey_>hm, now what does that mean? :p
06:48<justinh>can't it read the future & see how long is left? yeesh
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06:51<anykey_>justinh: I'll look at implementing that
06:51<anykey_>MythOracle, anyone?
06:51<gbee>anykey_: upset about turning this machine into a worthless piece of junk, I was looking forward to the project of turning it into a frontend
06:52<anykey_>ah, nothing to do with my comment ;)
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06:54<gbee>wonder how cheaply I can pick up another old laptop
06:56*gbee sulks
06:56<justinh>scrappers with dead displays go for £cheep
06:58<anykey_>gbee: did I see this correctly? A CD track is nothing else than a normal track but with the cd flag (track::getCDFlag()) set to true? So best way would be to add a stream flag?
06:59<gbee>anykey_: yeah, my memory is a little hazy, but basically that sounds right
07:00<gbee>CD tracks are handled a little differently due to that flag, but I've not looked at the mythmusic code for a few months, you probably can see better than me how it's done
07:00<anykey_>I'm curious if there's a library for parsing shoutcast playlists
07:10<anykey_>gbee: do you know what streaminput.cpp is for?
07:10<gbee>no, sorry
07:11<anykey_>seems like someone started a streaminput but didn't finish it
07:13<anykey_>someone with the name eskil...
07:14<justinh>anykey_: mythstream already has a parser AFAIK
07:14<justinh>ugh. in perl
07:15<anykey_>lets do it in python :p
07:15<justinh>hmm but maybe that has legs.. could be more flexible to parse it externally
07:16<justinh>ease of adding more stream types?
07:18<anykey_>with externally you mean what exactly?
07:21<justinh>well, playlist links for different stream types - icecast vs shoutcast need to be handled differently don't they?
07:22<justinh>maybe making whatever parses the 'playlist item' be capable of being extended easily would open the door to being able to use more than just shoutcast items
07:22<anykey_>yeah, at first I thought by external you mean "do it in perl" ;)
07:23<justinh>could be anything. doesn't matter to me personally
07:24<justinh>just found out how mythstream does it & wondered why it wasn't built in, then realised it might be handy
07:30<justinh>heheh mplayer just takes .pls files straight in there
07:35<anykey_>hm, there could be some code :>
07:40<justinh>anykey_: not being funny but have you ever looked in a pls file? I just did. not much to it
07:43<anykey_>yeah, not very complex
07:43<anykey_>but I wonder how to implement support for various formats the best way
07:44<justinh>anykey_: I don't think formats are going to change much. pls has been around as long as mp3 players have
07:44<justinh>rm might be more tricky
07:44<anykey_>though the rm streams I know are just streams without playlists
07:45<justinh>ok then. 'others' might be more tricky
07:46<justinh>though deciding on only a small number of formats to support & stick to that. it's all better than nothing :)
07:46<anykey_>the playlist decoders could probably just return the url together with metadata (if available) to the player
07:46<anykey_>and then feed it into the mad/rm-decoders
07:47<justinh>might be nice to be able to use it with BBC 'listen again' with it but I wouldn't call that a show-stopper
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09:34<janneg>gbee: I'll try first a self made sample
09:34<gbee>janneg: ok
09:36<janneg>hmm, no stuarta. valgrind run seems to be pretty clean. I just fixed the biggest memleak 50k over 12 hours
09:36<janneg>but without a recording
09:36<janneg>gotta go. bbl
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09:42<gbee>anykey_: one of my ideas was to swap the existing decoders for ffmpeg, so any audio format supported by ffmpeg would be supported by mythmusic, that would probably include Real Audio meaning that bbc streams could be used
09:43<gbee>but I'm not stopping to expand on that idea right now, need to get back to work, busy day
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10:06<rooaus>Anyone know where the patch or whatever from pre trac days may be relating to
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10:12<anykey_>gbee: well, that would be good of course, but I think that'll definitly be beyond my knowledge ;)
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13:06<gnome42>janneg: Little patch to get rid of spurious error message on slave backend reconnect:
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13:17<gnome42>I also noticed that the NUMPROGRAMLINES define in programinfo.h was incorrect. I believe that define was being phased out. Created a patch to remove the last user.
13:18<gnome42>gbee: How are your issues comming along? Anything I might be able to help with?
13:27<gbee>hit a deadend, janneg can't see anything useful in the log and neither can I
13:28<gbee>problem *might* be driver related, but I can't see how at the moment, it's not the normal issue I see with the driver
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13:29<gnome42>yeah, multirec. It was just those logs you posted yesterday?
13:29<gbee>if I enter livetv on that card at the same time as there is a failed recording in progress I get video
13:29<gbee>gnome42: yeah
13:30<gnome42>I have no ideas on what a next debugging step would be :/
13:30<gbee>something we've needed for a long time is a way of checking to see whether we are getting data, if not we should stop recording and try again - might solve a lot of frustration from users who get zero byte recordings
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13:31<gnome42>yeah, its annoying. I enabled the DrB stats and added a couple VERBOSE's to get more of that info too
13:31<gbee>I don't even get a file produced yet it thinks that it's recording just fine until the programme ends, shouldn't be difficult for the recorder to see whether the file is growing in size and reinit
13:32<gnome42>oh, so you get 0 byte? not 376 byte files?
13:33<gbee>gnome42: I'm not getting any file at all
13:37<gnome42>I lost the pastebin links to your logs from yesterday. Do you still have them? (Maybe if a stare at them I can come up with a theory at least ;)
13:39<gbee>same log, just different time periods -
13:39<MrGandalf>gbee: do you use a diseqc switch?
13:39<gbee>MrGandalf: no
13:39<gbee>a single card, dual tuner DVB-T (in that backend at least)
13:40<MrGandalf>sounds like the backend is waiting on a tuning flag if a ringbuffer isn't getting created.
13:42<gbee>behaves as though it has tuned correctly and is recording, recording ends at the correct time with no hint that it has failed until you try to play the recording at which point it notices there is no file
13:43<gbee>noticed a bug the other day, if you try to play back a recording a few seconds after it has started the programinfo hasn't been updated yet, so the frontend complains that the recording file is zero-byte/or missing - need to fix that before 0.21 (I added the zero byte check to the frontend a while ago)
13:45<MrGandalf>gbee: in that log, your cardid is 27? And were you watching livetv at the time as well?
13:46<gbee>the recording was on card 30 starting at 20:58, at the time card 27 is recording a program from 20:00-21:00
13:46<MrGandalf>and the recording on 27 is ok, correct?
13:47<gbee>all the other recordings made around the same time were ok
13:48<gbee>when I noticed that card 30 wasn't actually recording (no file) I stopped it (~21:30) and went into livetv on card 30, which worked fine
13:48<MrGandalf>what version of trunk?
13:49<gbee>I'm normally never more than a couple of days behind trunk as I don't have a seperate development machine
13:50<janneg>gbee: it might be related to diseqc rotor error I fixed yesterday with MrGandalf help
13:50<MrGandalf>janneg patched the signal monitor last night, but it was for rotor support. I found it odd that the old signal monitor should be sticking around so long
13:50<gbee>janneg: ok, I'll upgrade and see if the issue reoccurs
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13:50<janneg>me too and we are leaking signalmonitor threads
13:51<janneg>gbee: your issue is probably something else but I hope it goes away if I fix the leak
13:52<gbee>janneg: hope so too :)
13:52<MrGandalf>janneg: I found the code where dvbsignalmonitor calls a method in streamhandler which then calls a method back in dvbsignalmonitor.. that bit of code seems overly complicated.
13:53<gbee>that sort of interdependancy between classes is never good IMHO
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13:55<gbee>I'm not one to talk though, introduced such a case to some code written for work this week
13:55<MrGandalf>I have seen (rare) cases where Myth won't tune and it's usually stuck on one flag match
13:56<MrGandalf>gbee: maybe that's why they call it "OOP"s
13:59<MrGandalf>btw, does anyone why who made the changes to mythdbcon within the past few months and why?
13:59<gbee>I'm a simple minded person, I like relationships between classes to be linear :)
14:00<gbee>MrGandalf: that was nigel and your guess is as good as mine
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14:00<MrGandalf>that change makes my backend very unstable
14:00<MrGandalf>I submitted a patch a while back but I don't think it's been looked at
14:01<gbee>MrGandalf: it makes everyones frontends/backends unstable ... but I think we're just being polite and not mentioning it
14:02<gbee>there were several tickets to trac about the problems caused by the changes though
14:03<MrGandalf>the segfault seems to happen in Qt, if I remember correctly
14:03<MrGandalf>a simple work-around is to not call dbparms more than once
14:03<MrGandalf>cache the parms
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14:04<janneg>MrGandalf: I agree thet the RetuneMonitor looks deplaced in DVBStreamHandler and I'm not sure why it is not in DVBSignalMonitor
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14:50<gnome42>hmm, Daniel's change [15470] causes a problem for me. If a recording is in progress on Card A and you attempt to start livetv TV on the same card and the startchannel happens to be on a different mux than the in progress recording. It tells you the channel is valid but not available, it used to find a channel on the same mux for you.
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15:08<gbee>I need to do something about my self control, just couldn't stop myself from replying to that "I'll use Media Centre if you don't release 0.21 right now" thread
15:10<S2>hahahaha :)
15:10<S2>i have to go and read the ml
15:10<GreyFoxx>hehe I've only read the first one
15:10*GreyFoxx goes and reads
15:11<gnome42>gbee: heh, I was successful in controlling myself with that one :)
15:12<gbee>the more worked up, the less coherent I become, so it's just good luck that prevents me from making a complete fool of myself
15:13*gbee fetches beer and tries to calm down
15:14<gnome42>gbee: yah, lilttle beer can be good for your health!
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15:24<hads>gbee: You came across fine FWIW
15:25<gbee>hads: thanks
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15:45<gnome42>Temp. workaround patch that restores the correct behaviour for non firewire recordings.
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16:08<gnome42>Ford's got an ad out here for their SUV "Drive it like you stole it!" is the slogan
16:08<stian>haha seriously?
16:08<stian>killer! :D
16:08<gnome42>yeah, apparently it's not popular :))
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16:20<GreyFoxx>Those commercials were stupid anyway :)
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16:29<xris>gbee: you see I passed those upnp/pixmap tickets to you?
16:29<gbee>xris: yeah, I'll take a look at them next week hopefully
16:31<gbee>one of the preview problems is related to Daniel's changes, so I might pass it onto him or janne who has been looking at it
16:31<xris>yeah, just wanted to make sure they were filed properly instead of being assigned to me. :)
16:32<gbee>np :)
16:32<xris>I need to bug janneg at some point again about seeing if we can build a mythffmpeg for nuvexport/mythweb
16:32<xris>at least, I think he's the one who suggested it to me originally
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17:38-!-MrGandalf [] has joined #mythtv
17:46<MrGandalf>hmm, backend segfault when in the guide and you go to a page where there's a channel recording
17:49-!-rn114 [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:58-!-Cardoe [n=cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:14-!-sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
18:22-!-Dibblah [] has joined #mythtv
18:38<MrGandalf>gnome42: that guide speedup patch is great, but doesn't really do much of you have >1 allowed recordings/tuner
18:46<clever>which part of the code handles input to mythtv from the X server?
18:46<GreyFoxx>what kind of input are you referring to ?
18:47<clever>keyboard input mainly
18:47<GreyFoxx>qqt does that
18:47<clever>trying to debug why the keyboard keeps getting ignored
18:48<janneg>gnome42: I'm not sure whether the [15470] was only related to firewire
18:51<janneg>MrGandalf: I can't reproduce #4491 (albeit with multiple recordings per card)
18:53<MrGandalf>janneg: odd.. as soon as I removed the tuner configured for my slave it was ok
18:54<janneg>was the slave backend connected once?
18:54<MrGandalf>I probably need up delete and re-add my capture cards at some point.. not looking forward to it though
18:54<MrGandalf>janneg: at one time, but not for a few months
18:55<janneg>so not while the master was running
18:55<MrGandalf>the slave's machine has been off for months
18:55<MrGandalf>the master came up never connecting to the slave
18:59-!-davilla [n=davilla@] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:12<gnome42>MrGandalf: Yeah, its only a speedup for the channel queries
19:15<gnome42>janneg: good point. I will continue to look into it.
19:16-!-beavis [] has quit ["Verlassend"]
19:21<janneg>MrGandalf: please try for #4491
19:22<gnome42>I can't reproduce that problem either
19:35<janneg>checking in HandleRecorderQuery if the the encoder is connected can't be wrong
19:36-!-PointyPumper [] has quit []
19:38-!-knowledgejunkie [n=knowledg@unaffiliated/knowledgejunkie] has quit ["Leaving..."]
19:39-!-PointyPumper [] has joined #mythtv
19:40<MrGandalf>did you compile that?
19:41<MrGandalf>ah, I see now
19:42<janneg>what's wrong?
19:47<MrGandalf>testing, sorry had to put back my cappturecard and cardinput tables..
19:48<MrGandalf>now I gotta wait for my db to calm down.. probably checking tables
19:50<MrGandalf>and it spits out that error as well
19:52<MrGandalf>did someone speed up the scheduler?
19:53<janneg>in the last hours?
19:53<MrGandalf>no, since 14915
19:54<MrGandalf>about 3 months ago
19:54<janneg>in multirec? or in trunk? multirec includes some scheduler tuning
19:55<gnome42>there was a scheduler speedup patch a little while back
19:55<MrGandalf>trunk as of today.. nevermind, I just saw my typical 14 second schedler
19:55<gnome42>not huge but definately good
19:55<MrGandalf>I saw it ran in <4 second a bit ago.. must have been in db cache
19:56<janneg>MrGandalf: nothing bad the frontend log?
19:56<MrGandalf>nothing I see
19:58<MrGandalf>except there's a bad verbose line.. :)
19:59<MrGandalf>shows an unfilled place holder (%2)
20:00<MrGandalf>in TV::IsTunable() right before the return false at the end of the method..
20:08-!-xris [] has joined #mythtv
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21:15<janneg>xris: yes, I suggested mythffmpeg and I have it sitting in my tree. it doesn't work yet
21:18<xris>ah, so you actually went beyond just the idea
21:19<xris>let me know if you ever get it to a point where it needs more testing.
21:19<xris>it'd certainly be better than relying on the ever-changing ffmpeg options
21:21-!-chasep_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:22-!-chasep__ [] has joined #mythtv
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21:23-!-grokky [] has joined #mythtv
21:24-!-chasep___ [] has joined #mythtv
21:32<janneg>sure, probably not before 0.21 though. I have too many open tickets and things I want to get in
21:32-!-chasep_____ [] has joined #mythtv
21:33<xris>janneg: yeah, no biggie
21:34<xris>would be another thing altogether if it was just a matter of adding a compile flag
21:38-!-chasep [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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21:50<janneg>gnome42: your distinct channel patch can be simplified:
21:51<janneg>it doesn't make sense to use DISTINCT if the primary key is in the WHERE clause
21:55<xris>I'd still prefer to see it all get tossed into mythtranscode. would make on-the-fly streaming from the backend a lot easier
21:57<gnome42>janneg: that makes sense, but I didn't think it would hurt.
21:57-!-sc00p [] has quit [No route to host]
21:58<gnome42>I was a little off base, found simpler answer :)
21:59<gnome42>It's hard to test now but I think that fixes that issue with finding a good chan to start livetv on
21:59-!-sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
22:06<janneg>gnome42: no need to make a patch larger as it needs to be with changes without effect
22:09-!-reynaldo_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:10<gnome42>the distinct one? yeah, the distinct one was more a test than anything
22:10<gnome42>the other one is pretty lean
22:11<janneg>yes, the distinct patch. I'm not even sure if has an effect for a sane database
22:11<janneg>the other one has to wait until tommorrow
22:11<MrGandalf>janneg: are you calling my db insane?
22:12<MrGandalf>you're probably right
22:13<gnome42>I have a few hundred chans and I thought it was a slight improvement. Worthwhile for the risk involved.
22:13<gnome42>g'nite :)
22:14<MrGandalf>tomorrow I'm going to investigate making the guide faster.. having more than 1 recording/tuner makes my guide entirely too slow
22:17<MrGandalf>I'm guessing the best way is through a cache of some sort.. preferably on the backend
22:17-!-reynaldo [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:17<janneg>MrGandalf: probably not. that sane was not directed at the number of channels
22:18<janneg>the patch would make a difference if you have many channels with the same channum on a single source
22:18<MrGandalf>janneg: well, that number of channels stems from an increase in transports and an increase in cardinputs as well
22:18<MrGandalf>I have a few like that
22:39<xris>cool, got the flv player in mythweb to resize
22:53-!-reynaldo_ is now known as reynaldo
22:55<reynaldo>is there any way outside RTFS where I can learn about the mythtv's gui system? available widgets, xml elements and so on ?
23:00<xris>reynaldo: probably not right in the middle of conversion between lib handlers
23:02<reynaldo>thanks xris
23:07-!-Internat3 [] has joined #mythtv
23:13<xris>woot. ok, now I just need an aspect ratio field in the db, and the flv player and pixmaps in mythweb can be accurate.
23:22<reynaldo>I'd need some rum and a hot chick
23:23<reynaldo>but guess it may be too much to ask :-)
23:29-!-Internat [] has quit [Connection timed out]
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