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02:36*Captain_Murdoch isn't sure if he imagined someone adding a signal handler to reload the theme on demand or what...
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02:45<clever>Captain_Murdoch: sigusr1!
02:46<Captain_Murdoch>thx. now /me is wondering why we don't search the non-wide verison of a theme for a file if we don't find it in the -wide version, but instead we search default-wide then default.
02:47<Captain_Murdoch>would make it easier to make a -wide version of a theme. wouldn't have to copy all files over.
02:47<Captain_Murdoch>just the changed ones.
02:47<clever>all colors above a certain level in my fe are messed up
02:48<clever>even the alt+tab window is messed up until i leave the frontend
03:07<clever>arg this defect is agrivating!
03:08<clever>whenever mythtv has focus 90% of the colors on screen are inverted
03:20<clever>luckily it doesnt affect x
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04:27<gbee>clever: mythmainwindow in libs/libmythui
04:27<clever>whats that for again?
04:28<gbee>at least that's where we initially handle input events, they are then passed down to the active screens/widgets where the keypresses are translated into mythtv actions for that context
04:29<gbee>you wanted to know where we handle keyboard input
04:30<clever>i suspect the inverted colors are result of the tweak i did to xorg.conf
04:32<clever>feels like im loosing a bit in the colors
04:32<clever>bright white turns black
04:32<clever>black stays black
04:32<clever>some colors under a certain level stay fine
04:32<clever>other colors are changed or turn black
04:33<gbee>we don't get events direct from X for keyboard/mouse stuff, QT handles that for us and then issues keypressevents through the event loop
04:33<clever>yeah i heard that earlyer
04:33<clever>keyboard within myth crashes when i focus on what i beleive are the qt widgets
04:33<clever>but the strange thing is
04:34<clever>firefox and openoffice dont use qt but have had similar problems
04:34<clever>totaly ignoring the keyboard
04:34<clever>until restarted
04:37<gbee>sounds like something is completely messed up on your system
04:38<clever>cant think of what though
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05:24<gbee>got a recording here which won't playback under the frontend -
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06:06<justinh>bad me. terminally addicted to sudoku on my wife's DS. thinking about what it'd be like as a myth plugin
06:09<gbee>wouldn't be hard to do, could even be written from scratch using mythui
06:10<justinh>yeah. thinking about it made me wonder why nobody appears to have had a go
06:11<justinh>even got down to thinking about what the xml would have to look like. myth is starting to take over my brains idle periods now I think
06:12<gbee><buttonlist><layout>grid</layout> ....
06:13<gbee>got the grid stuff working nicely and have integrated the horizontal button list as well, so once I commit that to trunk we'll have an extremely versatile widget available
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06:15<justinh>will that mean that a horizontal button list too wide to fit onscreen all at once will be scrollable if only one visible row is set?
06:16<justinh>I smell much more theme freedom :)
06:17<gbee>basically I've got three 'layouts' so far, vertical (1 column, X rows), horizontal (X columns, 1 row) and grid (X Columns, X Rows)
06:18<gbee>the number of rows/columns is determined by the size of the buttons (well their background image), so a 1280px screen with 400px buttons would have 3 visible at a time
06:19<gbee>buttonlist accepts a spacing arg, so those buttons can be spread out, or more interestingly, you can do an image tile effect (think albumart)
06:20<gbee>maybe I'll knock up a screen today to demo the possibilities
06:20<justinh>sod it. awesome!
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06:22<justinh>gbee: btw nice response to 'muh muh muh, thinking of not using mythtv if you don't pull your socks up' :) I purposely didn't reply to it because I was too annoyed
06:22<gbee>this one widget will be used for the main menus, to replace listareas, to replace the mythvideo/mythgallery galleries and probably for a hundred things I've not yet thought about
06:23<gbee>justinh: thanks, I couldn't stop myself from replying, though I did wonder if I'd done the right thing in retrospect
06:23<justinh>yeah I can see big swathes of video-ui.xml being cut down by having a lot more common stuff & contexual cases for list, gallery & browse views
06:23<gbee>I've also done an edit widget for mythui, but that still needs work
06:24<gbee>it works, but not quite as well as it needs to
06:26<justinh>I really need new tuner(s) for my dev box. I'm getting desperate now. nothing doing under £25 around here
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06:31<gbee>the prices aren't dropping the way I expected them to
06:31<justinh>my other 3 tuners all came in at £15 or less delivered from fleabay
06:32<justinh>gbee: but then framegrabbers are still daft prices even now
06:32<justinh>seen them for as much as £50. you can buy a real tuner for less
06:32<justinh>I'm tempted to try USB tuners. they seem cheapest but I just don't trust them
06:33<justinh>not even for a dev box I'll hardly ever use
06:34<justinh>you can buy a whole freeview box for less than a dvb-t pci card :)
06:37<gbee>I'm tempted by a USB tuner, the portability and the fact that I can use it with a laptop are certainly in it's favour
06:37<gbee>doesn't make much sense to me that they can be cheaper than the cards though
06:38<justinh>gbee: quite simply fewer components & much smaller PCBs
06:38<justinh>similar tech in smaller IC packages
06:38<gbee>used to be that the external version of any device was twice the price because of the case/lights etc that they needed
06:39<justinh>and I think silicon tuners are much cheaper than the traditional active analogue version
06:39<justinh>put the part that needs selectivity into a DSP & you're cooking on gas
06:39<gbee>justinh: if that's the case, surely they could make the internal cards with the same package - Nova-T 500 already is, more or less, it's the same device as the USB but features two of them on a half-height board
06:40<justinh>yeah they could but if they have a raft of the other devices left in stock, or cheaper to source...
06:40<justinh>board respins can be expensive
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07:45<clever>gbee: heard of mini-pciE?
07:46<clever>its basicaly pcie for laptops
07:46<clever>but a few of the pins are usb
07:46<clever>so you could take a usb bluetooth dongle and change the edge connector a tad and now you have a mini-pcie board!
07:47<laga>it's still usb :)
07:47<clever>but you can mount it internal to the laptop
07:47<clever>ive seen a few things online stealing those pins for a usb stick
07:47<clever>to use with vista speed boost
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07:54<gbee>clever: not sure if the mini-pci slot in this laptop is pci-e, anyway it's currently occupied by the wireless card
07:54<clever>you can tell by the size
07:54<clever>mini pcie is alot smaller
07:55<clever>thats mini pcie
07:55<gbee>hmm, not sure, mine actually looks smaller :)
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07:56<clever> is mini pci
07:56<gbee>those look longer but narrower I'd guess, the one in this laptop is more square
07:56<clever>you can tell from which edge the connector is on
07:56<clever>narrow or wide
07:56<gbee>yeah, it's mini pci
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07:58<gbee>which doesn't suprise me because this laptop is a couple of years old now
07:58<clever>only 1 system here has minipcie
07:58<clever>none have pcie
07:59<gbee>don't have any pcie based systems either
07:59<clever>the d630 is the newest system here
08:00<clever>it has 3 mini-pcie slots
08:00<clever> shows it with the keyboard opene
08:01<clever>under the ribon for the keyboard is the other 2 cards
08:01<clever>one empty and the other is the dialup i beleive
08:01<clever>it also has a sim slot for the cell module(i beleive the holder goes directly to the mini-pcie pins)
08:04<clever>gbee the red bit looks like a sim card in the reader(under the batery)
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08:10<gbee>this just has the one mini pci slot and one PCMCIA slot
08:10<gbee>which is more than enough
08:12<gbee>firewire, sd/mmc card slot, tv out, modem and optical out for the audio plus the other usual suspects, suits me just fine and I'll probably run this machine into the ground before I need to replace it
08:13<clever>the d630 lacks sd/mmc/tvout/optical
08:13<clever>and lpt
08:14<gbee>lpt is kinda pointless these days, most printers are either usb or accessible across the network (though this machine has lpt I've never used it)
08:14<gbee>never used the IR interface either
08:16<gbee>will probably buy an Asus Eee next week if I get paid on time, having something even more portable would be nice for times when this laptop is overkill for the job
08:36<clever>the d630 lacks irda
08:36<clever>lacks many of the common things in laptops
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08:56<justinh>clever: did you know that some parts of a washing machine are common to laptops? maybe you could make a washing machine into a laptop
08:57<clever>alot of my laptops could be used to make a dry cleaning machine!
08:57<clever>they pump out tons of HOT air
08:57<clever>stack them into a cluster and you got a wall of hot air leaving the pile
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10:49<gnome42>janneg: v3 of that patch
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11:15<MrGandalf>sometimes I really hate C/C++
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11:52<MrGandalf>ok, this is the first time I've dealt with vectors and I have to say they are more of a pain then they're worth
11:54<gbee>weird, livetv is behaving strangely today, when I first went into livetv I got nothing, when I changed to channel 4 I got channel 2 (which is what it should have been in the first place), every channel change after that I get the channel I chose before
11:55<MrGandalf>I've seen that
11:55<gbee>so 2 instead of 4, 4 instead of 5, 5 instead of 9 etc
11:56<gbee>MrGandalf: before or after multirec?
11:56<MrGandalf>good question.. I know I saw it after, specifically with concurrent recordings > 1, but I ca't remember if I saw it before or not
11:57<gbee>it might be related to the failed recordings I've had since switching to multirec, or it could just be another bug
11:59<gbee>just managed to get it stuck in a loop -
12:00<gbee>that's not good, I sorted the livetv issues in trunk a few months ago and hoped it would remain that stable for the 0.21 release
12:00<MrGandalf>set concurrent recordings to 1
12:03<MrGandalf>I'm trying to speed up the guide but C++ is getting in my way
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12:14<_gunni_>If some of the developers are her: I just want to thay thanks for that great mythtv, and specially for merging the multirec branch. That was one feature i missed in regular build.
12:19<gnome42>gbee: I'm working on an issue in that area, not sure it that's what your hitting.
12:20<gnome42>that still is sub optimal, working on v4 ...
12:21<gbee>gnome42: ok, I'll trust that it is the fix for now, got other things I'd rather work on ;)
12:21<gnome42>ok :)
12:36<gbee>seems like an oversight that QDir doesn't provide a method to recursively delete a directory :/
12:37<gbee>yes, it's not hard to write the recursion yourself, but it's the sort of thing you'd expect QT to handle for you
12:57<Chutt>yo yo yo
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13:18<justinh>hi Chutt. how goes it?
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13:56<laga>justinh: what kind of patches are there on
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14:05<gnome42>okie, v5 of the patch seems to be behaving better
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14:24<MrGandalf>cache GetFreeInputs while in the guide
14:25<_gnome42>looking ..
14:27<_gnome42>MrGandalf: cool
14:28<MrGandalf>huge improvement in my setup
14:28<_gnome42>MrGandalf: haven't tried the patch, but just thinking about it ...
14:28<_gnome42>I'm guessing we lose a bit of functionality with that patch
14:28<MrGandalf>but, if a recording kicks off while you're in the guide, the guide won't reflect it
14:29<_gnome42>you say minor, I say try and get consensus :)
14:30<MrGandalf>I think there still needs to be a cache somewhere
14:30<_gnome42>I thought of the same optimization but didn't for tha reason
14:30<_gnome42>a cache timer maybe?
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14:30<MrGandalf>if you turn on network debugging on the backend, you'll find that with each channel in the guide it queries the backend for free inputs
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14:31<MrGandalf>each guide paint would have a cache, but that would require a much bigger change
14:31<GreyFoxx>What flag updates the guide now if a recording starts while you are in it ?
14:31<GreyFoxx>can't use that same flag to trigger a cache update/redraw ?
14:32<MrGandalf>I don't think there is a flag, just shows when you page up/down
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14:32<_gnome42>GreyFoxx: haven't figured out exactly what triggers that
14:32<MrGandalf>oh wait, I'm thinking IsTunable()..
14:32<_gnome42>I would guess there are some fixes/optimizations that could be made there without the cache
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14:33<MrGandalf>GreyFox: good idea, clear the cache on a recording event, but if anyother livetv kicks off, I don't believe that's looked at
14:34<_gnome42>query less frequently, query only the currently displayed chans type stuff
14:35<MrGandalf>it only queries the displayed channels, but it queries the same cardids for each channel
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14:47<_gnome42>MrGandalf: yeah, queries look better now, last time I looked I thought it was querying one extra chan all the time.
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14:48<MrGandalf>something odd going on with livetv alright.. changed channel, but frontend error and now the backend thinks it's still in livetv on that tuner
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15:01<sphery>Captain_Murdoch: re: #3823, I just noticed that my system is doing the same, but only some times and with no discernible pattern based on channel or content type or recording rule (race condition?). Anyway, not suggesting you reopen, but saying I may look into it after I get some other stuff finished.
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15:24<MrGandalf>gnome42: better patch, though a bit hackish:
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15:51<MrGandalf>hmm, GuideGrid::paintChannels is being called twice with each page change
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16:01<_gnome42>MrGandalf: yeah, the patches themselves look fine to me but I think people may not want to give up that functionality
16:02<MrGandalf>gnome42: submitting a patch which doesn't take any away..
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16:15<justinh>laga: not 100% sure. need to sign up to see. seeing DN mentioned makes me suspicious
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17:07<GreyFoxx>justinh: A couple of the patches are DN specific, but none are actually about decrypting anything
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17:29<gbee>this multirec recording issue is no longer funny :(
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17:33<GreyFoxx>gbee: What exactly is happenning? I'll try to reproduce it
17:34<gbee>GreyFoxx: just completely failing to record, backend thinks it's recording but no file is produced
17:35<GreyFoxx>ahhh sproadic or easily reproducable ?
17:37<gbee>random, can't reproduce with any reliability
17:37<gbee>but I'm losing a recording every other day atm
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17:39<gbee>first couple of times it happen recordings were in progress on the other card, this time there were no other recordings happening
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17:42<GreyFoxx>Weird. What do your backend logs say? Anythign odd at all ?
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17:54<joebob>trying to build mythtv on osx intel.. followed wiki but now Im getting ERROR! You must have a threaded Qt installed to compile MythTV.
17:54<joebob>can anyone help me out??
17:55<GreyFoxx>JoeBorn: sounds like a -users question
17:55<GreyFoxx>err joebob
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18:03<joebob>Im.. trying in users and no one is answering... most likely 99.9% of users are not running mac intel frontends..
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18:10<Chutt>no need to worry about that new ui lib :p
18:10<Chutt>they're really talking more about a ui designer app
18:11<Chutt>well, kinda
18:11<Chutt>however, did bring up some things that might be interesting to implement
18:11<Chutt>ie, some sort of scripting, so that like the EPG isn't just a hardcoded widget
18:12<Chutt>provide some access functions to get at the data, all the script to create some ui primitives
18:13<Chutt>i only went to like half that meeting, though =)
18:13-!-_gnome42 is now known as gnome42
18:14<gbee>right, does sound interesting and joins up with an idea I toyed with for a few minutes the other day
18:14<Chutt>and you could move most of the more complicated screens to be that way, as well
18:16<gnome42>gbee: that sucks about your recording woes. :(
18:16<Chutt>i think we should just continue down the mythui path for now
18:17<Chutt>and maybe think about converting to Qt4's canvas widget at some point..
18:17<Chutt>(pull in regular qwidgets for text input/etc that way)
18:18<gbee>I was thinking about how we'd deal with the EPG earlier today, it's the one screen that I couldn't initially see being done with the widgets we've currently got, but then I was imagining using mythbuttonlist creatively in some theme defined combination, e.g. to recreate the existing grid we could easily stack a number of horizontal format button lists etc Didn't get much further than that thought though
18:19<gbee>Chutt: well I've already written a text input widget, pretty rough still and maybe using QT for that stuff would produce faster results
18:20<gbee>I'm happy to push ahead with mythui, I've got some theme ideas I want to try out when the conversion is complete ;)
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18:25<gnome42>gbee: is your dvb device one of those that is limited in the number of pid filters it can open by any chance?
18:25<gbee>I was playing with the grid layout for mythlistbutton earlier, creating photo walls etc
18:25<gbee>gnome42: err, don't think so but janneg should know though, he has the same card
18:25-!-splat1 is now known as splAt1
18:26<gnome42>oh ok
18:27<gbee>gnome42: just applied your patch to test, will have to wait until recordings have finished before I can install it though
18:27<gbee>I was just trying trunk upto this point in case one of Janne's fixes had worked
18:28<gnome42>which one? the v5 one I posted earlier?
18:28<gnome42>yeah, some good fixes went in trunk
18:29-!-turbo [] has joined #mythtv
18:30-!-ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
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18:31<gbee>gnome42: one you emailed
18:32<gbee>didn't look at the ones you posted here, been too distracted
18:32<gnome42>gbee: oh ok, this ones more important I think
18:32<gnome42>yeah, I'm kinda burnt myself
18:33<gnome42>fixes some issues with finding a good start channel after [15470]
18:33<gbee>ok, applied that one too
18:34<gbee>burnt isn't the word, been a long day and I'm going round in circles trying to debug an issue for a project due Monday
18:40-!-grokky [] has joined #mythtv
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20:46<ubud>where can I find the hardware information just in ubuntu
20:47*justinh flicks the switch to illuminate the 'look at the topic' sign
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21:11<clever>gbee: remember those odd inverting color bugs i wsas having?
21:12<clever>undoing my change to the "modulepath" in xorg.conf 'fixed' it
21:12<clever>and rebroke opengl
21:12<justinh>you don't need opengl
21:12-!-grokky [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
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21:13<clever>justinh: i know, this card lacks hardware rendering
21:14<clever>but with the d600 system i can get compiz working and if i rebreak gl to fix myth i loose compiz
21:14<clever>so i need to figure out WHY the modulepath change is causing the problem
21:15<clever>but now i know exactly where to focus my attention
21:17<clever>when both nvidia-glx and ati drivers are installed i wind up with 2's for xorg to use
21:18<clever>and the placement in the directorys causes the nvidia one to allways get picked
21:18<clever>so the ati driver stops functioning fully
21:18<clever>using a custom modulepath i made it look for all modules in another place
21:19<clever>and symlinks put them back and picked the right
21:20-!-_gnome42 [] has joined #mythtv
21:26<clever>enless im missing a module i can only think of the as being the cause
21:26-!-Dibblah [] has quit ["Kopete 0.12.4 :"]
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22:29<joobie>guys i just got a fresh install of linux on my box.. can someone point me in the direct direction for setting up mythtv ? I have a usb tv tuner
22:29<joobie>a good howto doc woul dbe nice
22:31<jams>joobie- you want #mythtv-users
22:32<joobie>what is this chan for ?
22:32<joobie>ahh development
22:32<joobie>so those topics on irc are usefukl
22:33<jams>yes they sure can be.
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