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04:12<`Spike>what's support look like on openbsd?
04:12<`Spike>bahh just read onjoin
04:12<`Spike>sorry i'll ask elsewhere.
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07:54<justinh>noticed keys.txt hasn't been updated when multirec was merged. does look ok?
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10:07<laga>justinh: btw, there's a sudoku plugin für vdr :)
10:08<justinh>but I don't care about vdr :)
10:08*laga just playing the devil's advocate
10:09<justinh>you mean - if I get around to writing it before somebody else does it'll be another bullet point we can compare against
10:09<laga>well, it could be motivational :)
10:10<justinh>nah. right now I feel like "oh you want sudoku, go get VDR"
10:10<justinh>been relaxing & playing with some graphics ideas I've had
10:11<laga>been working on mythbuntu-diskless
10:11<laga>looking good so far
10:12<laga>sudo ltsp-build-client --mythbuntu --mythbuntu-copy-user-credentials will create a squashfs with mythbuntu and your user name + password and set up almost everything
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10:12<clever>ive built a nfsroot'ed frontend
10:12<clever>and ive managed to get the root to share between 3 frontends with little trouble
10:13<laga>just need to edit /etc/ltsp/dhcpd3.conf and put in your ip address and you're ready. (simplied process ;))
10:13<laga>clever: how fast do they boot?
10:13<clever>about 1-2mins
10:13<clever>depends on which one
10:13<clever>give me a sec to check exactly
10:14<laga>well, the ltsp people use squashfs for a reason. my VM boots into mythtv in about 50 seconds
10:14<justinh>laga: ah yeah but will it bork the mysql stuff properly? :P
10:14<clever>94-100 seconds from kernel to rc.local
10:14<clever>my rc.local reads /proc/uptime into a log
10:15<laga>justinh: easy one. in ubuntu hardy, ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt will be a symlink to /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt
10:15<clever>laga: it has booted in 63 seconds 8 times
10:15<laga>justinh: that should result in much less breakage :)
10:15<laga>clever: nice
10:16<clever>lifetime worst was 448 seconds
10:16<clever>thats not counting how long the bios+pxelinux+tftp stages took
10:16<clever>which are a few seconds on avg
10:16<laga>i was counting that :) granted, a VM POSTs much faster than a real box
10:17<clever>ive also got gnome on that shared root
10:17<clever>so i can use any of the netbooting laptops as a gnome system
10:17<clever>which helps greatly because one of them just had a hdd go tits up
10:17<clever>the nfsroot has nearly replaced that hdd
10:18<clever>and it floats between 3 systems so i can get faster cpu usage without swaping hdd's
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10:18<clever>close X and startx on another!
10:18<clever>ive even got compiz working on 2 of them
10:19<laga>it "floats"?
10:19<justinh>mythfrontend even works sometimes !
10:19<clever>laga: the whole config and programs are on every system
10:19<laga>justinh: can you put a howto on the wiki? :)
10:19<clever>laga: before i was psysicaly moving the hdd between 3 laptops but now ive got it in all 3 at once!
10:19<justinh>laga: for what?
10:19<laga>clever: sounds like something which breaks easily
10:19<laga>justinh: how you made it work sometimes :)
10:20<justinh>I meant clever's nfsroot split 3 days sometimes results in mythfrontend working
10:20<clever>the color problems i was having are related to having both ati and nvidia drivers installed
10:20<clever>ive fixed that
10:20<clever>only problem now is the keyboard input randomly stops working(so far in myth,firefox,openoffice)
10:20<laga>having two drivers? yes, that's what i meant :))
10:20<clever>and mythfrontend randomly cant find the decoder for mpeg2
10:21<clever>the nvidia drivers override the ati ones
10:21<clever>killing glx on ati
10:21<laga>i know. i hae a similar setup
10:21<clever>i used a custom modulepath entry in xorg.conf and symlinks to trick it into using ati
10:21<laga>although the ati card will be kicked out soon because the free driver sucks
10:21<clever>and a LD_PRELOAD to patch the client side lb's
10:21<laga>that's exactly what i did :)
10:21<clever>but i forgot to LD_PRELOAD the mythfrontend
10:21<justinh>meanwhile, in the land of topics...
10:21<clever>so mythfrontend used the nvidia glx on the ati glx
10:22<justinh>any thoughts on the diff for keys.txt I posted earlier?
10:22<laga>justinh: go code your sudoku menu ;)
10:22<clever>causing the colors to go all weird when myth had focus
10:22<clever>ive since fixed that
10:22<clever>now its just the keyboard input trouble and the decoder problem
10:22<clever>the decoder one feels like a race condition
10:23<clever>and with 3 nfsroot's and 1 normal its bound to hit the nfsroot's more often:P
10:23<justinh>laga: way too much to do before I do that. various things on my list include porting mythappearance to mythui, integrating mythappearance, look at making the setup screens safe area er.. safe, improving programme searching a la mythmusic's search...
10:23<clever>ive also got 2 normal roots sharing the bin/lib for myth off nfs but i rarely use them
10:28<GreyFoxx>Seriously, do most distros these days take multiple MINUTES to boot and get to a workable X?!??
10:29<laga>GreyFoxx: nfs root is slow
10:30<GreyFoxx>laga: My MSNTV's nfsroot and take 12-15 seconds
10:30<rooaus>justinh: The keys.txt patch looked fine to me FWIW.
10:30<GreyFoxx>was 20 something before I trimmed some of the init scripts
10:30<laga>GreyFoxx: 15seconds?!
10:31<laga>is mythfrontend already usable then?
10:31<GreyFoxx>from first kernel load to X up with myth running
10:31<GreyFoxx>add maybe 2-3 seconds for hardware post before it loads the kernel
10:32<laga>i suppose there isn't a lot of hardware to be detected, i suppose. my laptop hangs like 5-10s at one point. but i compiled that kernel myself so it's my own fault
10:32<laga>gotta run, cya later :)
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11:40<justinh>laga: mythbuntu diskless from powered off to mythfrontend menus in <50 secs & I've still not got around to stopping SAMBA starting up yet
11:43<Daviey>justinh: using NFS root?
11:43<justinh>Daviey: yeah
11:43<Daviey>where is the kernel?
11:44<Daviey>tftp or local?
11:44<justinh>over tftp/pxe with an initramfs
11:45<justinh>I want to get STR to work at some point but that's going to need a home made kernel. never done that successfully on ubuntu yet
11:49<Daviey>sound "dubious" :)
11:52<justinh>what's dubious about it? last time I followed some weird & wonderful convoluted method which resulted in me having to restore a backup
11:52<justinh>don't want to have to make a package of my own kernel damnit
11:52<GreyFoxx>he's referring to the patches thread on -dev :)
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11:53<laga>there's nothing easier and cleaner than creating a kernel package on ubuntu/debian
11:53<justinh>nothing easier... </doubt>
11:53<laga>for some reason, a kernel package built with the stock config results in a 220MB package :)
11:53<laga>stock meaning their config for the default kernels
11:54<justinh>it'd need to be a custom config to keep the bloat down anyway. I can just about remember how to do that
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11:56<laga>make defconfig and then enable the stuff you need.
11:57<justinh>easy for you to say. I'll look into it when I have some time
11:57<laga>note: rm -rf /opt/ltsp/i386/ is not the same thing as chroot /opt/ltsp/i386
11:57<justinh>right now my other projects are higher priority than saving the planet
11:58<laga>i wonder if suspend to disk would work well over nbd
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12:08<janneg>skamithi: Daniel wrote most of the xvmc checks and the checks can't work if you don't have libXvMCW
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12:32*__gnome42 spies #4498 ... and goes to prepare version 6 of patch
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13:53<__gnome42>janneg: You mentioned sigmon leaks ... Should we be calling SignalMonitor::deleteLater() at the end of DTVSignalMonitor::deleteLater() ?
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14:34<janneg>__gnome42: there is at least a QObject::deleteLater() missing
14:35<__gnome42>janneg: yeah, exactly
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14:49<justinh>laga: see what you mean about the VDR plugin. might be a source of.. inspiration. but no, got too many other worthy things to do
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15:02*xris keeps forgetting to connect to IRC now that it doesn't share a window with IM.
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15:36<enhanced>howdy all
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15:50<MrGandalf>damn, another bug
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16:02<MrGandalf>I hate spending hours on a bug I thought I created just to find out it was there all along..
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16:31<Anduin>xris: do you mind if I change the perl bindings .pro to delete Makefile.perl on clean?
16:32<xris>I think that Makefile.perl has to stay
16:32<xris>unless the .pro generates it
16:32<Anduin>It does
16:32<xris>ah, then no problem
16:33<Anduin>Normally Makefile.perl would remove itself, the problem is when switching archs, it doesn't actually cleanup (failed dependency kill the make)
16:35<xris>well, looks like gbee broke the tentative .21 release date on -dev. :)
16:35<xris>"broke the news of"
16:36<gbee>xris: didn't think I was saying anything that hadn't been said before
16:36<Anduin>Marchish had been thrown out before
16:36<xris>not sure. I don't read those lists very often.
16:38<gbee>I think there is every chance we'll have a release candidate out by mid/late Feb, with a full release sometime around early March
16:38<laga>yay for release candidates
16:38<xris>yeah, sounds good.
16:39<xris>I'm pleased to get the video playback stuff resizeable...
16:39<xris>still glitchy, though. need caskater to implement some new flex stuff that he learned.
16:39<hads>Yeah, it was definitly there before, in "[ANNOUNCE] Dropping MySQL v3 and v4 support in SVN" by David Engel on 2007-12-09
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16:40<gbee>well I'm only mentioning RCs because packagers had expressed the desire to offer them, I'm not sure what Chutt thinks to the idea, but since SVN based packages have been around for a while now without any big problems, I think it's a good idea
16:41<laga>yay for trunk packages
16:46<gbee>does "apt-get build-dep mythtv" get all dependancies, including mysql etc?
16:46<laga>gbee: mysql headers
16:47<gbee>but not the client/server?
16:48<janneg>not the library itself and the qt client?
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17:09<xris>I really need to re-build my svn spec script and get it into rpmfusion/livna.
17:09<xris>guess I'll talk to j-rod tomorrow and see if we can combine efforts
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17:53<xris>so I'm looking at compiling mythfrontend for my mac... how's the status of compiling against qt 4?
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18:00<janneg>xris: the mythtv-qt4 branch compiles and runs on linux but it won't work with current trunk due to the multirec merge
18:02<xris>I'll just grab qt3 for mac
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19:16<justinh>gbee: been taking that xface for a spin just now. that dvd cover thing is something that'd never occurred to me before. draw order ftw!
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19:18<gbee>heh, it occured to me, I just decided to keep it for a future them as it didn't quite work for metallurgy - guess I lost out on the honours for being the first person to implement it
19:19<justinh>IMHO any images borrowed from MP skins don't count anyway
19:19<gbee>aye it's cheating
19:21<justinh>looks better in the screenshots IMHO. there's too much contrast I think. very good effort for a 1st theme though. better than projectgrayhem was I reckon
19:23<gbee>as much as people liked metallurgy for being different, I don't think I could keep ahead of the curve even if I tried, I expect some even better themes to start appearing in the next year
19:23<justinh>I just hope there's not all re-scrapes of windows skins
19:24<gbee>but as I've said all along, that was one of the motivations of metallurgy, to serve as one example of how it was possible to stretch the limitations of the existing UI code
19:25<justinh>you gave me a good kick up the arse
19:25<justinh>thing is though, I'm waiting til the mythui port is more underway before I do anything else themewise for myself
19:26<gbee>justinh: you created the best themes possible within the known limits of the UI at the time
19:27<justinh>and I want to help push the limits of the UI too now. dying to get coding again
19:27<gbee>mythui is going to be fun
19:27<gbee>_really_ fun
19:28<justinh>did you see PaulH's post the other week? he's been playing with t' new code, making it all doo-hicky & thingies
19:28<gbee>the ideas I've got now for mythui themes won't even scratch the surface of what someone will prove to be possible
19:28<gbee>justinh: no I didn't, but I heard it mentioned
19:28<justinh>get cape (make more mythui). wear cape (make mythui themes). fly!
19:28<gbee>sounds like he was playing with the moveto stuff
19:29<justinh>I had an evil idea to bring something to the OSD the other night when I saw some of the awful BBC Three screen junk. be a bugger to theme it though
19:32<justinh>gbee: that xface theme really has a good spark in places. so tempted to email the guy & offer some tips to encourage him but scared it'll backfire
19:33<justinh>reading his text files seems his english isn't the strongest so it'll be hard not to be misinterpreted anyway
19:34<gbee> right, bed for me
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19:55<TelnetManta>jams: any idea what the keystroke would be?
19:55<TelnetManta>I tried A
19:56<rooaus>gbee: night
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19:58<rooaus>justinh: I think that is a nice offer, language barrier aside, I think he should take that as a complement.
20:01<justinh>I might draft something up & put some eggshells down first
20:05<rooaus>You could soften it with something about the upcoming release of 0.21 and the transition issues from 0.20->0.21.
20:07<justinh>that might be good if I could remember myself :)
20:08<justinh>just airbrushed the mirror image camcorder
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22:20<MrGandalf>has anyone noticed that trunk doesn't seem to be deinterlacing?
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23:14<mumrah>what is the support like for mythtv on the intel macs?
23:14<mumrah>running some flavor of *nix
23:15<hads>See topic
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