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05:42<Kazuhiro>hi all, I am having some trouble getting my dtv1000 card working
05:42<anykey_>Kazuhiro: topic
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05:56<stuarta>johnp_: morning
05:57<johnp_>stuarta:hope your not running that new stuff I sent you. V buggy I'm afraid.
06:03<stuarta>no chance yet :)
06:04<stuarta>only just got the frontend fixed so the missus can watch some of her stuff
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08:56<gbee>justinh: just about finished with converting mythappearance, we need some new images for the default theme (or reuse existing ones if you prefer)
08:56<GreyFoxx>Converting it ?
08:57<GreyFoxx>To Mythui or moving it into the base setup menus ?
08:57<gbee>a popup background and button images
08:57<gbee>to mythui
08:57<justinh>nothing wrong with the existing images is there?
08:58<justinh>gbee: if you can wait til tonight I can rustle up some new uns
08:58<gbee>justinh: the button images in default? no I guess not if you don't mind ugly :)
08:59<justinh>duh I thought you meant the arrows
08:59<gbee>nah, the images given by mythappear are fine, meant the additional images for theming a popup menu
09:00<justinh>I know what'll happen if I do make new uns. every popup will have to be as purdy thereafter
09:00<gbee>technically we don't need button images, if you don't mind the gradient fill look
09:01<justinh>ok. I don't mind supplying some new ones. I spose that means work starts on revamping all the default theme images sooner than I thought
09:01<gbee>but we definately need a background for the popup menu - could be any size, but the same background will get used for every mythui popup
09:01<justinh>gbee: just been thinking about that
09:01<gbee>probably best if it has some sort of border, so that it stands out from the background
09:02<justinh>and no rounded corners
09:02<gbee>justinh: mine has rounded corners ... but I've not tried it against a proper background yet
09:03<gbee>hang on, let me get a screenshot with the theme changes I've just made
09:03<justinh>rounded corners don't scale well, nor do they survive non-native scaling ;)
09:03<justinh>don't preserve the aspect - up to a point and.. eeew
09:03<gbee>justinh: background won't get scaled, the popup doesn't change size according to content
09:03<justinh>fixed size? how the ...?
09:04<gbee>it's a static window defined in base.xml, if the buttons don't fit then you can scroll up/down (think OSD Menu)
09:04<justinh>that sounds mucho tasty :D
09:05<justinh>I suppose we get to control where the popup appears to then
09:06<justinh>awww I might start to enjoy theming again :)
09:06<gbee>ok, my screenshot isn't going to be as pretty as I intended, the popup isn't working exactly how it should yet
09:06<justinh>fair dues. early days :)
09:08<gbee>WARNING: the images are pretty big because I couldn't be bothered to scale them down to a nicer size
09:09<gbee>the buttons in the popup I just reused from metallurgy so they aren't big enough
09:09<justinh>I can totally see where this is going though
09:09*justinh coughs.
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09:10<gbee>that's the definition for the popup, it does in base.xml and is global (used for every instance of MythPopupBox)
09:11<justinh>gbee: that is so just what I've always wanted :D
09:11<gbee>the textarea and buttonlist are the only required items, background is technically optional
09:12<justinh>makes it easier to see what you're pressing though innit
09:12<gbee>of course with the stuff I'm going to start commiting this week the buttonlist can be vertical/horizontal/grid etc
09:12<gbee>justinh: hence "technically" :)
09:13<gbee>and you can stick whatever other imagery/text in there you want
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09:18<gbee>going to start checking in the mythui changes/fixes to let it work, then I'll pastebin mythappearance so you can look for anything I might have broken when porting it
09:19<gbee>still looking for thoughts on that compat header
09:20<justinh>don't look at me :)
09:21<gbee>I'll just move it and if it breaks anything one of the windows users can fix it
09:21<laga>they can suffer .)
09:22<justinh>my email filter is working well now.
09:22<justinh>any objections to me renaming all images files to end in . ?
09:22<anykey_>gbee: does that new buttonlist mean that a horizontal bar of buttons is possible?
09:23<justinh>anykey_: probably. and hey if you make it a grid you could cover the whole screen in buttons like linuxmce does
09:23<anykey_> <- something like this (in the top)
09:24<justinh>anykey_: assuming there's room, yeah
09:24<gbee>anykey_: yes
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09:27<anykey_>gbee: wohooo :)
09:27<justinh>anykey_: doesn't mean anybody is guaranteed to theme it that way of course :P
09:28<anykey_>justinh: yeah, but my own theme can be like that then :)
09:28<justinh>suit yerself :)
09:30<gbee>haven't sorted out the keyboard navigation of those layouts yet, so I won't be committing the layout changes until the end of the week
09:30<gbee>depends how long it takes, could be five minutes
09:30<justinh>I think we might finally be able to achieve some real variation soon
09:31<anykey_>gbee: will this be integrated into all the menu screens?
09:31<gbee>anykey_: not sure what you are asking
09:32<anykey_>gbee: your changes which makes horizontal button lists possible, will this work for the "main" menu?
09:32<justinh>anykey_: proper horizontal menus will indeed be possible. and are now AFAIK
09:34<gbee>anykey_: all menus will use mythlistbutton
09:35<gbee>horizontal menus are already possible for the main menus (but the new ones will work better)
09:35<justinh>gbee: I think mythsoduku is now inevitable fwiw
09:36<anykey_>hm ok
09:37<justinh>anykey_: reason you've not seen more than one theme with horizontal menus up until now is that the implimentation didn't quite work right ( at least not to my mind). I tried but it wasn't up to snuff
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09:41<anykey_>justinh: what I'd like to do is have a list of horizontal buttons like [b1] [b2] [b3] [b4] [b5], but only show b1-b3 initially, if you come to b3 and go right further you get b4... like the vertical view. This is not possible with current horizontal layouts
09:45<justinh>anykey_: yeah that should be possible in the new system
09:46<anykey_>yeah that would be cool
09:47<justinh>that's part of the reason I never bothered with horizontal menus
09:52<justinh>don't think only seeing 3 buttons at a time in a main menu would be cool at all though
09:52<anykey_>yeah, was just an example (didn't want to write that much :p)
09:55<gbee>odd, I can't get the draworder working right if I set MythDialogBox to not be fullscreen - could have sworn I had that working when experimenting the other day
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09:59<gbee>think I had to change RecalculateDrawOrder, but I didn't keep notes
10:00<clever>svn diff !
10:01<gbee>clever: changes weren't committed
10:02<clever>then if they are still on the local copy svndiff should show them
10:02<gbee>they aren't, wouldn't be a problem if I still had the changes
10:02<clever>recreate them then:P
10:02<clever>i often backup svndiff before starting any major changes
10:03<gbee>I reverted a few things in my local tree, but not all of them were things I wanted to get rid of
10:03<clever>and ive got some random tweaks i havent submited to be comited that i run all the time
10:04<clever>should compare my 2 copys of the source to make shure they match
10:04<gbee>I've got hundreds of patches containing such things, but sometimes I forget
10:05<clever>the svn between my systems doesnt match
10:05<clever>so i cant svn diff the newer tree from the older one
10:06<clever>and the newer install lacks access to the older tree
10:10<clever>2 patches on the tree's merged
10:13<clever>UPS beeped and the nfsrooted system froze
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10:24<justinh>interesting statistics. per head of capita more UK people use my website than any other state/territory
10:27<gbee>guess people are looking for some UK specific mythtv guides and or/community
10:27<justinh>not according to my stats. they don't go looking for help. just aswell :)
10:31<gbee>WTF? Suddenly the MythDialogBox is working as it should ...
10:32<gbee>now I've got to figure out which change that I made fixed it
10:34<gbee>justinh: if I've made my screen smaller (moved right arrow in) how do I reverse that change?
10:34<gbee>think we need a 'Reset to full screen' button
10:34<justinh>gbee: reset screen settings will
10:35<justinh>there is one
10:35<justinh>heh I guess I should have called it 'reset to full screen' not 'reset screen size'
10:35<gbee>not after you've restarted the frontend? Or did I just break that bit?
10:36<justinh>gbee: the popup menu should give you the following options: 1. change movement amount 2. reset size 3. save 4. cancel
10:36<justinh>not necessarily in that order
10:36<gbee>justinh: just had a look and there is a corner case where it won't be displayed
10:37<gbee>anythingChanged() is only called when we've moved an arrow, probably needs to be called on startup
10:37<justinh>did I forget something in the change detection?
10:38<gbee><< if (m_xsize != m_screenwidth) >> won't be hit unless anythingchanged is called
10:38<gbee>so if you change the screenwidth, exit and return the menu won't offer the option
10:38<gbee>unless you move an arrow
10:39<justinh>you can't change the screen width without moving an arrow
10:40<gbee>justinh: I changed my screen width from 1440 to 1400 by moving the right arrow, then exited mythappearance, when I returned, you can't move the right arrow to the right because it's at the edge of the window
10:41<justinh>it's not reinitialising the vars?
10:41<gbee>and the option to reset isn't shown unless I move a arrow
10:41<justinh>exiting should make it forget anything ever happened
10:41<gbee>justinh: saved/then exited
10:42<gbee>when you get home, try it out, you'll see what I mean
10:42<justinh>gbee: that's expected behaviour
10:42<gbee>it's easy to fix, just run anythingChanged when initialising
10:42<gbee>justinh: can't be
10:43<gbee>how are you supposed to make the window fullscreen again after making it smaller? (maybe because you bought a TV which overscans less)
10:43<justinh>gbee: reset screensize settings
10:43<justinh>ah bugger. I know what's happened
10:44<justinh>the reset option should always be there whether an arrow has been moved or not
10:44<gbee>yeah, that works as well
10:44<justinh>so move updateButton = menuPopup->addButton("Reset Screen Size Settings and Quit", this, SLOT(slotResetSettings())); out of the if { }
10:46<justinh>do I ever feel silly?
10:46<gbee>not that the line exists anymore
10:48<justinh>:) nice
10:48*gbee starts reverting changes ones by one to find which ones were needed to make the popup work
10:52<clever>merged both my tree's
10:59<johnp_>stuarta:Have you got any DB stuff I can quickly run over my EIT capture ?
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11:09<gbee>justinh: ok, plugin works fine now, just the ReloadTheme jumppoints causing segfaults, so need to sort that out
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11:14<justinh>heh you did that, not I ;)
11:15<justinh>might not be a great way to go about it anyway but I figured since the appearance settings gadget does it...
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11:24<stuarta>johnp_: ?
11:30<johnp_>stuarta: have you got any nifty db commands that can verify my mythtv EIT DB ?
11:31<stuarta>depends what you want to look up
11:32<johnp_>I was just hoping for some general verification really (?)
11:34<stuarta>k. i mainly do queries that'll verify what i've just tried to change.
11:34*stuarta looks for an example
11:34<johnp_>I *think* I'm getting real close now.
11:35<johnp_>(mind you I've thought before)
11:36<stuarta>one i've definitely used is "select title, subtitle from program where description = '';"
11:36<stuarta>to look for empty descriptions
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11:36<stuarta>um might need a where chanid!=1097 on that
11:37<stuarta>chanid 1097 tends not to ever have descriptions
11:40<johnp_>which is channel 1097 ?
11:41<stuarta>an adult one ;-)
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11:41<johnp_>So that would be TV X or Nuts ?
11:41<stuarta>tv x
11:41<stuarta>nuts tends to have descriptions
11:42<Daviey>ask directhex, he seems our local expert on pron
11:43<justinh>INSERT INTO program where chanid=1097 AND time=$time "Another show featuring things you won't see on the internet because it's too tame"
11:44<stuarta>or "features the local moose who lives in the local estate"
11:45<justinh>I have to remember to re-enable MHEG interactive actually to prevent accidental viewing
11:45<justinh>or just delete it
11:45*stuarta can't bother with either
11:46<justinh>seen the billboards for NutsTV? guy barricaded himself in the room to watch it. wonder wth that's all about then
11:49<johnp_>hmm, which way would you recommend we go with those things ? keep it in the description or keep it in the subtitle. (currently it all gets promoted to the subtitle)
11:50<justinh>I think in the case of TV X the titles need no explanation
11:50<johnp_>Well I wasn't really thinking about TV X :)
11:52<johnp_>e.g "BBC Six O'Clock News" simply promotes "National and international news from the BBC" to the subtitle at the moment.
11:52<johnp_>which is probably ok.
11:54<stuarta>well, not really
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11:54<stuarta>once they have a subtitle they will be considered an episode
11:54<stuarta>rather than a generic show
11:55<johnp_>ah ok
11:55<johnp_>bit more work then
11:55<stuarta>my rule of thumb is that if on a STB they are title/desc then that's how we should keep them
11:56<stuarta>except if there is a clear way of making a useful subtitle out of the available data
11:56<stuarta>in most cases there is a way
11:57*stuarta goes back to mysql ssl replications
11:57<johnp_>ok, I'll get on it.
12:02<Daviey>stuarta: for mythtv?
12:03<Daviey>ie make it possible for mythweb to use localhost db on a remote machine, ie $webspace
12:03<Daviey>and changes to replicate to slave and master db?
12:05<janneg>Daviey: that (ssl secured mysql replication for mythtv) won't be worth the effort
12:05<janneg>and mythweb needs database and direct access to the backend
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12:06<Daviey>good point!
12:07<clever>changes to the schedule would need some way to replicate back to the main mysql
12:07<clever>without causing conflicts in the raw data
12:08<clever>either run the mythweb near the main myth systems and access it thru ssl
12:09<clever>or make some kind of tunel between mythweb and the myth systems so the db and master trafic can pass
12:09*justinh hands clever a spade
12:09<clever>what would i need that for?:P
12:10*Daviey hands clever a "I'm captain obvious" t-shirt
12:10<justinh>making the tunnel. badoom tish
12:10<Daviey>oh justinh - thats bad, even from you
12:10<clever>ive allready got a vpn tunel set up:P
12:11<clever>runs on its own net mask of
12:11<Daviey>clever: how clever you are :)
12:11<clever>the program encrypts and wraps it in udp packets
12:11<clever>which then go to the real ip of the peer your messaging
12:11<justinh>I have my own tunnel. I'm gonna use it to excape this miserable place I call work later
12:11<Daviey>i suspect most people in a -dev room know what/how a vpn works :)
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12:12<justinh>clever: thanks. I never knew what a VPN was for. thought it was something women get
12:13<stuarta>Daviey: no, not for mythtv, it's far too much of a pita
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12:14<butthead>hey, where's beavis?
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13:17<cheatersrealm>I just wanted to thank everyone for putting a relatively sane build process together and a good compiling for ubuntu howto on the wiki.
13:18<cheatersrealm>it made compiling a specific revision a breeze
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13:27<xris>ok, that's weird. no readable text, and when I tried to rejoin, it failed once. stupid irc client.
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13:54<gbee>what are the differences between a release and debug build? I've got something here that segfaults under a release build, but works just fine as a debug build
13:56<laga>debug build doesn't have the optimizations
13:56<gbee>yeah, just trying to figure where that could be causing problems
13:58<gbee>looks like the problem is in libmythui, something is going wrong when it parses base.xml
13:58<laga>might be a race condition which doesn't occur w/o optimizations. i'm the wrong guy to ask though
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14:00<_bt>hi, im trying to get mythtv frontend working from a different location, so far no luck
14:00<_bt><Winkie> 2008-01-22 18:50:35.074 TV: Attempting to change from None to WatchingLiveTV
14:00<_bt><Winkie> 2008-01-22 18:50:38.077 RemoteEncoder::openControlSocket(): Connection timed out.
14:00<_bt><Winkie> 2008-01-22 18:50:38.164 GetEntryAt(-1) failed.
14:00<gbee>_bt: you want the #mythtv-users channel
14:00<_bt>is there anything i should be doing/
14:00<_bt>oh, sorry
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15:42<justinh>gbee: any ideas where that pesky segfault is coming from other than the jump?
15:43<justinh>I'll have a look & see whatever became of the reported issue with the main appearance setting rescale/reload
15:48<justinh>gbee: a clue!
15:50<gbee>justinh: I know where it's coming from, just not sure how to fix it yet, basically the jumpoint exits to the main menu, then returns to the same location, problem is the order of events, it's deleting the screen before we are finished with it
15:51<gbee>heh, same problem, just slightly different because we're using mythui instead
15:51<justinh>that's probably a similar reason for why I couldn't get it to work on an ESCAPE action too
15:51<gbee>I'll fix it in a bit, I'm just having to sort out a problem for a client
15:52<justinh>no probs. it was bugging me, is all
15:52<gbee>I really need a dev backend/frontend, want to watch tv/listen to music as I work :)
15:53<justinh>next time I upgrade you're welcome to my old dev box. I'm not going to reuse it
15:53<justinh>I'd offer the epia up, but that's neither use to man nor beast for development work :)
15:54<hads>Last time I had an issue with a segfault on release but not debug build it was due to an off by one on an array.
15:55<gbee>hads: that's useful to know
15:55<hads>Since I know close to nothing about it that's neither here nor there :)
15:56-!-lcase [] has quit []
15:59-!-bendailey [] has quit ["Leaving."]
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16:14<confusi0n>hi guys
16:19-!-MaverickTech [n=Maverick@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:20-!-_bt [i=gr@unaffiliated/bt/x-192343] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:24<gbee>justinh: sneek peek:
16:25<gbee>no idea whether the reloadtheme bit works yet, compiling it now
16:26<gbee>err, reloadtheme _doesn't work_
16:30<gbee>it doesn't segfault though ;)
16:31-!-Torr [] has joined #mythtv
16:37-!-grim[GameOp]_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:41-!-jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
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16:52<gbee>any thoughts on the compat.h header problem in mythpainter.h? I feel I'm overlooking a simple solution, but if no-one has a better idea I'm just going to move it
16:54<stuarta>justinh: i'm sure the epia could be made into a backend
17:02-!-superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:03-!-czth [n=dbrobins@nat/microsoft/x-1789683b53134084] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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17:07-!-ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
17:09-!-MaverickTech [] has joined #mythtv
17:09<stuarta>those latest backtraces on 4112 are useless. they are dying in /lib/tls/i686/cmov/
17:13<gbee>see a lot of backtraces like that
17:13<stuarta>any ideas on the common cause yet?
17:14-!-Alowishus [] has joined #mythtv
17:17<stuarta>janneg: do you want 1866?
17:22<gbee>stuarta: if I did have any ideas, I've forgotten them now
17:23<stuarta>lots of open tickets, especially with unknown milestones
17:23<stuarta>btw. if you think you can fix any of mine, feel free to steal them.
17:23<stuarta>haven't got very much time atm.
17:25<gbee>justinh: committed the new, improved mythappearance, you might want to fix whatever I've broken
17:26*stuarta looks for a ticket regarding mythtranscode deadlocks
17:26<gbee>current MythDialogBox definition in default/base.xml could use some improvements
17:28<gbee>s/some/a lot of/
17:32-!-johnp_ [] has quit ["Leaving."]
17:38<gbee>any thoughts on which plugin/screen I should tackle next?
17:39<gbee>suppose mythcontrols would be quick and easy
17:44-!-jgarvey [] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:45<hads>gbee: You were doing things to the video manager screen at some stage weren't you?
17:46<gbee>made a couple of small changes when I themed it but Anduin is the one who has done some recent work on it
17:46<gbee>never done any mythui stuff fog mythvideo
17:46-!-jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
17:46<hads>Oh, OK thanks. With meteallurgy I see the "Loading..." overlay stay on screen forever at the moment.
17:46<gbee>hads: you need to update
17:46<gbee>fixed that last week
17:47<hads>Oh, cool :)
17:47<gbee>Anduin made changes which broke the theme
17:47<hads>Cheers, I was looking out for updates but haven't checked lately.
17:48<gbee>it was only a very minor update, been too busy to finish the theme
17:49<hads>Looks like it even from just the stuff you've been doing on myth.
17:51<hads>Ah that's better. Thanks.
17:57-!-mattwire [] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:00-!-reynaldo_ [] has joined #mythtv
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18:25-!-CDev [] has joined #mythtv
18:28<clever>hads: ive notices a similar bug with my theme after i rescan mythvideo
18:29<clever>the loading... doesnt go away
18:29<clever>gbee: does it need a theme update or a source update?
18:30<hads>The theme
18:30*clever wonders if justinh has fixed that in project grayhem
18:35-!-jmk [n=jmk@] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:37<Anduin>Anduin only broke the theme after gbee made fun for not using contexts.
18:38-!-tanner [] has joined #mythtv
18:42-!-davilla [n=davilla@] has joined #mythtv
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19:30<gbee>ah crap, profile build works, debug still doesn't
19:32-!-mzb [] has quit [No route to host]
19:34-!-jmk [] has joined #mythtv
19:40-!-mzb_d800 [] has joined #mythtv
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20:09-!-a1fa [n=a1fa@unaffiliated/a1fa] has joined #mythtv
20:09<a1fa>U libs/libmyth/
20:09<a1fa>what happened?
20:09<a1fa>something critical or what?
20:10<a1fa>nvm :P
20:10-!-a1fa [n=a1fa@unaffiliated/a1fa] has left #mythtv []
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20:41<MrGandalf>You wouldn't be the author, would you?
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21:25<ldkronos>is anybody in here?
21:29-!-xris [] has joined #mythtv
21:30<jamesd>ldkronos, anyone is out on a beer run, were getting worried were down to less than 1 kegs... were thinking about calling the cops to have them put an a.p.b. out on the kegs he was surposed to bring back
21:30<ldkronos>:-) ok, just wondering. I just set up my irc client recently.
21:31<ldkronos>I've been in the channel on several occasions and never seen a single message come through. thought maybe I had a config problem
21:31<jamesd>you probably want to join #mythtv-users this one is just for developers
21:32<ldkronos>I am a developer
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22:26<jza>hi is there a hardware compatibility list on mythtv?
22:26<jza>I also wonder if there are xmltv for Latin america
22:28-!-jza [n=jza@] has left #mythtv ["Saliendo"]
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