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05:21<justinh>it's friday, yay!
05:23<janneg>gbee: another failed recording? yeah the patch has a small flaw, it won't output anything if nothing is read.
05:25<gbee>janneg: yeah I just scheduled 3 consecutive recordings on different muxes to force it to use the second tuner, failed instantly
05:25<janneg>but if something is read it will print at least one time
05:25<gbee>so it's not reading anything
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05:26<janneg>does live-tv work from the second frontend?
05:26<gbee>it did the last time I checked, but let me just double-check
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05:28<gbee>that's interesting, it's not locking (L__)
05:29<gbee>but it _is_ reading data from the card
05:29<gbee>just not a lot
05:33<janneg>gbee: it won't read that much in the signalmonitor stage
05:34<kormoc>Hrm. Someone updated the configure script and missed a ${PREFIX} thing-a-ma-jig
05:34<gbee>janneg: I'm going to revert that patch and see if it makes any difference
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05:51<gbee>janneg: looks like it was that first driver patch all along
05:52<gbee>should have reverted it sooner :/
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05:52*justinh will be joining the legions of multirec users tonight. buying 2 pci dvb-t tuners for £20 each :)
05:53<justinh>really only need one but won't ever harm to have a spare
05:54<gbee>janneg: you want to report the problem to the v4l list, or should I?
05:55<gbee>I'm not subscribed at the moment
05:55<gbee>err, linux-dvb list
05:56*kormoc sighs
05:57<kormoc>mythfrontend sigfaulting
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06:02<janneg>gbee: I'll reply to the original message. but how sure are you? Do you remember if how many successfull recordings you had on the second frontend?
06:04<gbee>janneg: I don't remember any being successful since using multirec but it's hard to be sure because the virtual tuners confuse things, but I can keep running without the patch for a few days to see if the problem is definately fixed
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07:12<janneg>gbee: I cc'ed you and we were a little bit to slow. Patrick issued a merge request for those changes an hour ago
07:15<gbee>janneg: have you tried to see if it's reproducable?
07:17<gbee>I scheduled a few recordings earlier across muxes and none of them have failed yet
07:20<justinh>gbee: seen this?
07:24<gbee>pretty broad patent and I'm pretty sure at least some of that would be covered by prior art (wasn't the Sky Digital EPG in use before 2000?)
07:25<stuarta>aparently virgin media are being sued for patent infringement on their EPG
07:26<gbee>"Most especially, it relates to such a system and process incorporating an intuitive user interface. " < well according to some, that's MythTV safe
07:26<justinh>newscorp own the company who filed the original patent. quel surprise
07:26<stuarta>we must be talking about the same thing
07:26<gbee>oh, that explains everything
07:27<gbee>software patents are a bad joke, weren't the EU debating excluding software from the patent process?
07:28<justinh>stuarta: I saw the article & decided to dig into it just to see what the patents were exactly
07:35<janneg>gbee: not really, only live-tv on the second frontend works
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07:36<gbee>janneg: there is no question that the changes improved the stability with active EIT, I saw no disconnects or complete lockups of the card, so it was doing something right
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08:20<gbee>mythui version of mythcontrols is now in trunk
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08:36<justinh>got me another dvb-t pci card finally :) Only 20 squids at maplin. they still need a damn good trouting though. I didn't want to embark on a conversation about watching tv on the windows desktop ffs
08:47<gbee>they selling a dvb-s card at a similar price?
08:50<stuarta>that's where i got my last dvb-t card from
08:51<gbee>I was in maplin the other day buying batteries, didn't think to look at what they had in the way of dvt-* cards
08:52<stuarta>they sometimes have them in the bargain bin
08:53<gbee>someone, I think sphery suggested a good screen to convert, but I can't remember what it was
08:53*stuarta tries to work out a way to finance a new quad core dev box
08:53<Merlin83b>Credit card :)
08:54<stuarta>have one, but it's not of much use
08:54<stuarta>considering i have a wedding & honeymoon to pay for first.
08:54<Merlin83b>Er yeah, dev box may have to wait :)
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08:55<stuarta>tried to move the prod backend to an old office pc the other week
08:55<stuarta>then the 40g hdd failed :(
08:55<stuarta>currently pondering if a 4yr old office pc will cope with a 500g ide hdd
08:56<stuarta>cheaper to buy that than the 2port sata card i'd need to move the existing storage across.
09:03<janneg>huh, a 2 port sata pci controller cost here less than 15 Euro
09:03<stuarta>they are about 30 quid here
09:04<stuarta>(okay it's not quite cheaper to get 500gb, but it's more sense given i'd need a new drive anyway)
09:07<sphery>gbee: MythHello? (and/or mythtutorial2--which maybe should have been mythtwotorial :)
09:08<sphery>Only problem with your doing it is you'll turn it into a good example plugin so it will be a lot more work than just converting it. :)
09:11<sphery>Captain_Murdoch: I guess I made the wrong decision on #4512--I considered mod'ing the lockquery stuff to use the same MSqlQuery as the versionquery, but decided a patch that changes less would be more likely to go in quickly/less work for the committer. Nice work on it, though, and thanks.
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10:01<johnp__>Anyone noticed any issues with icon download. i.e if you select a channel, then try and download an icon, it says it does but then it doesn't?
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10:16<gbee>log messages?
10:16<MrGandalf>janneg: there?
10:16<gbee>johnp__: the radio icons are currently broken because lyngsat changed their site layout
10:17<johnp__>gbee: hmm, suggestions ? I don't think they are any.
10:17<johnp__>anyway it's "channel 4"
10:18<gbee>try with -v file (at least I think I put some extra debugging in there)
10:18<johnp__>Give me a mo.
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10:18<gbee>-v channel
10:20<gbee>all the error conditions should be VB_IMPORTANT though, so I'm not sure how useful it's going to be
10:21<gbee>I've not had any problems with it, so I can't speculate on what might be wrong
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10:26<johnp__>gbee: nothing obvious I'm afraid. I'll take another look at it. (more debug etc)
10:27<gbee>does the image it's pointing at actually exist? Sometimes they change and maybe we just need to resync the database
10:29<johnp__>Well it's looking for a radio icon, which does exist, and it does download. so that's ok. but then it doesn't end up in the DB.
10:31<johnp__>but that's not the point, it should be looking at channel4-uk.jpg (or somesuch) downloading that and setting that into the DB
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11:49<MrGandalf>quiet today..
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12:10<gnome42>Heya MrGandalf
12:11<gnome42>MrGandalf: the patch attached to #4498 might help your latest issue with #4510 (dvb radio)
12:15<MrGandalf>thanks, I'll take a look in a second..
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13:31<dekar2>evening, now that we have audio only channel support, has anybody played around with building an audio dtvrecorder based on mplex13818 (TS muxer) and some shoutcast (our similar) mp3/aac sources?
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13:55<justinh>recording online radio streams.. is that really a good idea legal-wise?
14:01<dekar1>the idea was to have online stations in live tv (radio) mode
14:02<dekar1>I don't think it's much different then recording fm radio stations buy IANAL
14:04<dekar1>the ultimate goal would be recording some VC-1/WMA2 in MMS stream (my companies free OTA channel. it's on satelite as MPEG2 and the net in MS format)
14:05<dekar1>I found some code to get the VC-1 into a format similar to ES and a TS muxer, just need to add the audio transcoding for a nice recorder
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14:06<dekarl>btw, the stream is over here (german)
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15:05<MrGandalf>Is the expectation that the frontend will be converted to mythui fully before the next release?
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15:07<justinh>MrGandalf: somebody's having a laugh
15:08<justinh>I don't think so, but definitely by 0.22 AFAIK
15:08<MrGandalf>was just curious.. there's a lot of work going into it and probably a lot of bugs being introduced
15:09<MrGandalf>(I'm not saying anyone's a bad coder)
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15:16<gbee>MrGandalf: only intending to convert a couple of plugins and one or two screen, just as examples for all the people who have expressed interest in helping with the mythui conversion
15:16<MrGandalf>gbee: I see
15:17<MrGandalf>gnome42: the patch in that ticket, it's only for when the backend starts up, correct? The bug I posted has to do with changing channels from the guidegrid only. If you manually enter in a channum, all is well.
15:18<gbee>the larger changes I'm holding back, probably for a new mythui branch (0.22 is a little too far away to sit on the changes)
15:19<MrGandalf>probably a good idea
15:21<MrGandalf>janneg: around?
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15:24<roothorick>hi everyone
15:24<roothorick>anyone know if the remote control and VFD on the Thermaltake Bach and Mozart cases has any form of Linux support?
15:25<laga>roothorick: #mythtv-users
15:25<MrGandalf>not really a question relating to Myth, but you might try #mythtv-users
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15:52<gnome42>MrGandalf: No, I don't think it's just for startup. It didn't solve your problem?
15:53<MrGandalf>gnome42: can't test, not at home :(
15:54<MrGandalf>I suppose I could test, but it would be rather difficult. :)
15:54<gnome42>oh, I see
15:54<MrGandalf>I'll test this weekend though
15:55<MrGandalf>and close my ticket if it works
15:55<gbee>justinh: do we need some grouping construct in mythui, like containers in the current code? I think we do, but I'd value somebody elses opinion
15:55<MrGandalf>but I'm kinda convinced that matching on callsign is a bad idea
15:57<MrGandalf>I think it's a bad assumption that all channels with the same callsign are the same channel
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15:59<gbee>MrGandalf: it's an assumption that underpins a lot of things in mythtv, not least because in the US callsigns are unique to a channel (government mandated requirement or something)
15:59<gbee>everything from the icon downloader to mythweb works on that assumption
16:00<gbee>I'm not sure how else you would group identical channels from different sources?
16:00<xris>myth now goes by callsign+channum, though
16:01<MrGandalf>gbee: I realize that, but DVB does not hold to that standard. I'm not asking that the standard be changed, but that maybe in this instance it be ignored or made configurable.
16:01<gbee>xris: since when? That _IS_ a bad assumption IMHO, because BBCONE on one source is guarenteed to have a different channum on another source
16:01<gnome42>xris: Oh, that was intentional?
16:02<gnome42>I thought it was a bug :)
16:02<gbee>gnome42: I'd describe it as one for the reason above
16:02<MrGandalf>too many standards to follow..
16:04<gbee>MrGandalf: I know that nowhere outside the US follows that callsign convention, but how many overlapping callsigns are we talking about? 12 is easily fixable from the user end, 100 is maybe a problem
16:04<xris>gbee: I agree that it's a bad assumption... but that's what someone did as the "fix" when users complained about the callsign grouping
16:05<xris>we really should just come up with a "group by" field and use whichever grouping is appropriate for the source.. callsign, dvb id trio, etc
16:05<MrGandalf>gree: I agree, it is easily fixable, everytime you rescan transports.
16:05<gbee>xris: we might as well forget the grouping entirely if it's done that way, I could see the point of it when it allowed you to group the same channel from different sources :(
16:06<gbee>MrGandalf: maybe making it optional is the way to go
16:07<MrGandalf>gbee: In this case, if the channums are different but the call signs are the same, it could be assumed the user is smart enough to select the available channel instead of the unavailable and have Myth guess at which the user really wants.
16:07<gbee>There are scanning modes that are supposed to prevent changes to existing callsigns etc, though they are currently broken in trunk
16:08<xris>gbee: long term I'd like to see an xmltv-driven source for station identifiers...
16:09<gbee>xris: yeah
16:09<xris>you'd have an xmltvid kind of field for each station that links up to a "source id + location" where location is the channel, dvb freq, etc.
16:10<gbee>MrGandalf: my primary reason for backing the concept of grouping on callsign is just to reduce repeated listings in the guide, if I'm using DVB-T,-S and -C I don't want three lots of BBC 1,2,3,4 etc in the guide
16:10<xris>but we also have time zones to think about.. scifi channel on dishnet is different than comcast anywhere but the east coast (satellites all broadcast in the eastern timezone)
16:11<xris>I think that's partly why myth groups by channnum now...
16:11<gnome42>MrGandalf: You do need to try that patch out :)
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16:11<xris>because people had two sources that were bringing shows in at different times of day
16:11<gbee>I'm not sure what the current tuning behaviour is, but the same should hold, if I select BBC One it should pick whichever source is available and that should be transparent to the user
16:11<MrGandalf>gbee: But the guide doesn't do that now, if the channum's are different.
16:11<MrGandalf>gnome42: I know :)
16:12<gbee>MrGandalf: it used to, or at least I thought it did (and it should, if it doesn't)
16:13<gbee>but we're getting into the hypothetical and theoretical, I'll let you get back to discussing the immediate problem ;)
16:13<MrGandalf>gbee: I have 50 or DVB radio channels, all with the same callsign but a different channum. If the channum and callsign are the same, I think it exibits the behavior you're referring to.
16:14<MrGandalf>gnome: same as in that ticket, correct?
16:14<gnome42>yep, I think so.
16:15<gbee>MrGandalf: yeah, that's just never going to happen in the real world, the same channel having the same channum on different platforms and manually remapping channel numbers is a far bigger task than changing a few callsigns
16:16<gbee>MrGandalf: maybe what we should do is 'fixup' duplicate callsigns found on the same source, maybe by adding a digit e.g. CALLSIGN, CALLSIGN1, CALLSIGN2
16:16<MrGandalf>gbee: I'm proposing that the one method get changed only to check to see if callsign AND channum match, instead of just callsign.
16:17<gbee>that would be a trivial change to the scanner
16:17<MrGandalf>gbee: I don't use Myth's scanner :)
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16:18<MrGandalf>in the end I can just patch my tree, but I see other users complaining about the same thing
16:18<gbee>why not (use myth's scanner)? (I know you are going to say that it doesn't work and you know that I'm going to point out that unreported bugs don't get fixed ;) )
16:18<MrGandalf>or rather, I can see they will complain.
16:18<gbee>let's just skip answering that question
16:19<MrGandalf>gbee: Why not? I have to take the backend offline to do it. My scanner can be run while Myth is running.
16:20<gbee>you'd have to restart the backend anyway after rescanning (Active EIT will segfault if channel information is changed after the backend is started anyway)
16:21<MrGandalf>gbee: that used to be the case, but I haven't had a backend segfault due to that in a long time.
16:21<MrGandalf>anyway, it's really a matter of preference
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16:34<justinh>gbee: I'd agree that some kind of grouping construct is needed. would make theming easier for contexts & stuff I think, certainly if every element had to have a context flag the way it is now
16:34<justinh>I mean the way it would be with mythui as it is now
16:35<gbee>right now mythui doesn't even have the concept of contexts, that's almost certainly going to change because I can't see how it would work without them
16:37<justinh>gbee: that £20 tuner from maplin is worky nnow. just needed hg
16:37<gbee>I thinking of creating a more versatile replacement to the <container> element, a <group> element that support an inheritance/copy attribute in addition to contexts and positioning
16:37<gbee>justinh: cool
16:37<gbee>if I needed another dvb-t I'd snap one up, but I'm currently in the market for a dvb-s instead
16:39<gbee>containers as seen in libmyth won't make an appearance in mythui, i.e. containers won't be used in the code, they will be purely a themers device to make theming easier, no pre-defined and required containers etc
16:40<gbee>which is one reason why I think renaming them as <group> will help to avoid confusion
16:40<gbee>I'm not sure <group> even needs to accept a name attribute
16:40<justinh>maybe one thing to look at would be to make more information available in certain areas so themers have more choice what to show/ not show
16:41<justinh>gbee: maybe make the name optional to make finding things easier ;)
16:42<justinh>is splitting up screens into different xml files on the cards still?
16:42<gbee>justinh: yeah
16:42<gbee>justinh: yep
16:42<justinh>much coolness :)
16:43<gbee>one thing has bothered me about it though
16:44<justinh>the splitting up?
16:44<gbee>it can slow down loading if each window is loaded on demand from a different xml, maybe not enough to be a problem though
16:45<justinh>ahhh that might explain why it's been done that way already
16:45<justinh>right. time to svn up & find out what all this multirec fuss is about :D
16:46<gbee>I'm can't really remember if libmyth preloads the entire ui.xml on startup, mythui currently does for base.xml so anything defined in base.xml and loaded with CreateCopyFromBase() is faster that LoadWindowFromXML()
16:47<justinh>gbee: I don't think it does. I've made changes to different parts of ui.xml without having to esc back out of things
16:47<gbee>but at the same time, all images and widgets are stored in memory if they exist in base.xml, so you swap speed for memory consumption
16:48<gbee>justinh: in that case there won't be a difference, so there isn't anything to worry about
16:48<justinh>e.g. in the program guide window, edit recording options xml, go into rec options, see changes, edit recording options xml again, back to epg, ...
16:48<justinh>never know - if anything it might even be faster :)
16:49<gbee>if anything, splitting them up should be faster because it has less to parse (ok, so only microseconds)
16:49*gbee just read what you wrote
16:50*gbee shouldn't be dividing his attention between IRC, TV and editing metallurgy
16:50<justinh>rather chuffed with this dvb tuner. cheapest ever shop bought model. had to endure questions from the 'salesperson' though. NO, it's not for Windows... "muhhh but it doesn't mention linux on the box".. "I've looked it up. it's supported".. "yeah but... " "no but.. I know what I'm doing. These are not the droids you're looking for... "
16:52<gbee>hehe, I enjoy the opportunity to torture sales people
16:52<gbee>especially at PC World
16:52<gbee>not that I go in there more than once a year
16:53<justinh>I only go there when I know there's a special on for something cheaper than anywhere else
16:53<gbee>and even then, only under protest
16:53<justinh>inkjet printer only £2.. USB cable(£50) not included
16:54<gbee>I'm amazed the printer cable con has endured without anyone taking the various retailers/manufacturers to court
16:56<gbee>#4530 << Pretty sure somewhere among my vast collection of patches I've already written that one, not that I will bother to try and find it
16:56<justinh>heard some sordid tales of workmates going to snap up bargain printers only to have the shop staff almost harangue them into buying a cable and/or ext. warranty. would you buy an extended warranty for a £20 printer for £50 ?
16:58<gbee>justinh: when I hear some of the crap spewed from PC World staff it makes my blood boil, but I have to remind myself that they don't know any better
16:58-!-jgarvey [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:59<gbee>it must be a pretty soul destroying job where two thirds of the customers know more about IT than you do
16:59-!-jgarvey [] has joined #mythtv
17:00<gnome42>gbee: That fact never seems to phase them in the slightest here :)
17:01<gnome42>yeah, the high pressure sales tactics on the extra warranty is brutal.
17:03<gnome42>I tell them I get better warranty from credit card for free. (loudly, so everyone in line can hear)
17:04<gnome42>Usually by the forth or fifth time they stop the hard sell :)
17:05-!-\S2 [] has joined #mythtv
17:05<justinh>right. done updating the linuxtv wiki. what am I gonna spend the rest of the compile waiting time on I wonder?
17:06-!-\S2 is now known as S2
17:09<justinh>nah have to stay sober cos I'm in standby taxi mode
17:11<Chutt>gbee, more inheritance in the mythcontrols port?
17:16-!-PointyPumper [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:16<gbee>you mean the functions declared as virtual when they shouldn't be? or something else?
17:17<Chutt>in the theme xml
17:18<Chutt>leftlist and rightlist are identical, aside from their location
17:18<gbee>we could use more inheritance there, aye in the buttons
17:18<gbee>and lists
17:18-!-packetscan [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:18<Chutt>_ideally_, the list definition would come from base.xml
17:18<Chutt>(and buttons)
17:18-!-ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
17:19<gbee>I'll fix that, it was just easier to make sure I didn't miss anything from the existing theme to write out the definitions in full
17:19<Chutt>it just doesn't look like there's a benefit to switching to mythui if the xml files are the same complexity :p
17:19-!-packetscan [] has joined #mythtv
17:19<Chutt>also, your earlier conversation about containers/etc
17:19<gbee>agree totally
17:20<Chutt>i would've sworn i had implemented that
17:20<Chutt>as just a generic 'mythuitype' with children
17:20<gbee>Chutt: can't remember seeing anything in xmlparsebase, but I'll check again
17:21<Chutt>anyway, if you do need/want that, you don't need a new class type
17:21<Chutt>the base class _should_ be fine for that
17:21<gbee>I want to move all the font definitions out of controls-ui and appear-ui too, but thought justin might give me a hand picking sensible default sizes etc
17:22<gbee>Chutt: yeah, that was my plan
17:27<gbee>I was going to expand the base class to accomodate a new feature which would form part of the group/container idea, an "id" attribute which would be appended to the name of every child widget e.g. <group id="1">, primarily for use in mythweather where in the 3, 6, 8 day weather forecasts you have the same repeating grouping of images and text
17:28<gbee>so you'd define the group once and then for the rest you'd just put <group name="grouptwo" id="2" from="groupone"><position>x,y</position></group>
17:29<gbee>could make theming mythweather 10x easier
17:33<gbee>if you any thoughts/objections I'd be happy to hear them, I don't want to deviate too far from your original idea
17:43-!-jgarvey [] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:46<gbee>Chutt: what happens if a widget inherits from something in base.xml in the default theme, but that definition doesn't exist in the users theme?
17:47<justinh>heh that group idea is great - could wipe out whoknows how much xml from mytharchive :)
17:49<gbee>forget the question it doesn't really matter, if the screen broke the themer would then be forced to fix it, end of story
17:49-!-MrGandalf [] has joined #mythtv
17:49<justinh>you can't do everything for theme creators/manglers ;)
17:50<justinh>reminds me I need to actually write my notional 'to-do' list down somewhere so I can keep track
17:57<gbee>well something is broken in the button inheritance
17:57*gbee dons his bug hunting cap
18:00-!-Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:05-!-S2 [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:12<gbee>can't see why button inheritance wouldn't be working, we call CopyFrom() during the parsing/screen creation phase anyway, so I know it works
18:14<gbee>hmm, did I not check in the visibility bug fix to trunk?
18:15<gbee>apparently not :p
18:20-!-rod_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:35-!-rod [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:36<gbee>justinh: when you've got trunk up and running, do you want to take a look at appear-ui.xml and add any inheritance you think is needed? Or would you rather I did it?
18:40<justinh>I'll have a peek at it. my brain needs some action
18:42<justinh>wth? ./configure: 716: Syntax error: redirection unexpected
18:43<justinh>erm... just ran ./configure --help on mythplugins with svn recently checked out. weird!
18:44<justinh>hmm think I'd better wipe out this checkout & re-check out
18:45-!-beavis [] has quit ["Verlassend"]
18:46<justinh>had remnants of a diff left in there. did I just miss a commit or something? wasn't my diff
18:46<justinh>nope. last commit on configure in mythplugins was my own
18:53-!-dannyboy79 [] has joined #mythtv
18:53<justinh>right. new checkout got. make && make install that baby
18:54-!-dannyboy79 [] has left #mythtv ["Ex-Chat"]
18:55<justinh>never seen the likes of what was left in the configure script. diffs between a release & 'mine' (er.. not my 'mine')... and most of the file was ok but for a couple of sections
18:57-!-grokky [] has joined #mythtv
19:01<gbee>justinh: that's as a result of a conflict between a local patch and a change in trunk, when you updated it was unable to automatically resolve the conflict so the local changes are marked as "mine" so that you can go in there and work out how to merge them manually
19:01<rooau1>justinh: That would be from a "svn up", it is the result of svn not being able to merge your local changes with the updates committed to the repo.
19:01-!-aevil [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:02<justinh>yeah I've not set up my dev box with a proper logged-in checkout, so I've copied changes over in the past
19:02<rooau1>You could have "svn revert file" then "svn resolved file", which would remove the three other files that were created.
19:02<justinh>that'd be it then :)
19:03<justinh>I might make my own configurer one of these days.. "do you want to build X Y Z ?" rather than the --disable-all --enable-foo --enable-bar
19:03<justinh>or just scriptify it to hell. a job my clone can do when he arrives
19:06<gbee>./configure --prev
19:07<justinh>doh. and I'm saying I want to have a go at some code tonight? methinks I am somewhat misguided
19:07<gbee>grr, button inheritance is still broken, just differently
19:08-!-harminoff [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:08-!-harminoff [] has joined #mythtv
19:09-!-reynaldo_ [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:11-!-rooau1 [] has left #mythtv []
19:11-!-rooau1 [] has joined #mythtv
19:12<MrGandalf>is there a nice way to tell the backend that the frontend has exited livetv? damn backend keeps getting stuck.
19:13<MrGandalf>ah, figured it out.. delete its recording
19:13<MrGandalf>but then the frontend locks.. hrm
19:18-!-PointyPumper [] has joined #mythtv
19:30<MrGandalf>janneg: would you happen to be around?
19:38-!-davilla [] has joined #mythtv
19:42<justinh>oh. full scan didn't work with freeview here
19:42<justinh>a tuned scan does though
19:44<justinh>then doing a full scan of existing muxes.. badabing
19:44<MrGandalf>freeview, uk?
19:45<MrGandalf>figures, nothing's free here in the US
19:46<justinh>full scan worked last time I set up from scratch
19:48<justinh>whoah that icon downloader rocks!
19:48<MrGandalf>I need to try that
19:48<MrGandalf>if it has US icons, that is
19:52-!-cattelan [] has joined #mythtv
19:52<gbee>MrGandalf: it does
19:53<gbee>the icons are from lyngsat and the mapping from xmltvid, callsign or dvb/atsc ids is done by the user
19:53<MrGandalf>probably wouldn't work for me though since I modify my callsigns. I should put together a perl script.
19:54-!-mrdigital [] has joined #mythtv
19:54<gbee>if the icons aren't already mapped to your channel, then you'll be offered a search/select interface, once you've picked the correct icon that mapping is submitted back to the server for future users
19:54<justinh>whee 4 simultaneous recordings from mux 1
19:54<justinh>ouch! over 50% cpu usage
19:55<justinh>max is just over 60% on this athlon 800
19:55<MrGandalf>gbee: again, sounds excellent for the normal user. I wouldn't want to add mappings for my modified callsigns. :)
19:55<justinh>so prolly not enough grunt to record 5 & play a recording back
19:56<MrGandalf>I add a symbol signifying the provider and orbital location
19:56<justinh>mysqld is eating 10% cpu. heh
19:56<MrGandalf>justinh: seems kinda high
19:57<MrGandalf>I mean 4 is less than half an HD multiplex.
19:57<gbee>MrGandalf: are ATSC/DVB and what listings provider? Since we also match independantly on xmltvid and dvb/atsc service/net ids it would still work even with modified callsigns
19:58<Captain_Murdoch>sphery: yeah, one of my reasons for getting rid of those extra MSqlQuerys in there was just because I don't like seeing all those connections firing off in my logs when I startup. :) I figured while I was in there testing your mod I'd just change it to use one var instead of 3.
19:58<justinh>ahh one channel is guff. my mistake
19:58<MrGandalf>gbee: the dvb/atsc serviceid match would work perfectly for me
19:58<gbee>the mappings are approved by some of the devs after submission, so the 'bogus' callsign mappings would just get denied
19:58<justinh>26% recording 3 channels
19:58<gbee>but the atsc mappings etc would still go into the database
19:59<MrGandalf>sounds like a well thought out process
19:59<gbee>MrGandalf: thank xris for that, he did a fantastic job designing the backend of the process
19:59<MrGandalf>I will
19:59<MrGandalf>especially after I give it a try tomorrow :)
20:00<MrGandalf>I wrote a script long ago which scrubbed lyngsat and entered the paths into the db, but I haven't been keeping that up
20:00<gbee>we get a nide admin interface which lists how many users have submitted a particular match, once enough users have agreed on the same one we can approve the match and all future users get the icons automatically without needing to pick from a list
20:01<MrGandalf>how much administrative overhead is there?
20:02<justinh>5 recordings at once from one mux, 65% cpu
20:02<gbee>once we've built up the database, not much really
20:03<justinh>nah I'm going from the %CPU field in top
20:04<justinh>the dvb module is using almost 5% cpu. lol
20:06<MrGandalf>because of the filters set, no doubt
20:07<justinh>MrGandalf: anyway normal or not, that's the cpu usage I'm getting with a freshly installed trunk
20:07<gbee>now obviously one of those mappings is wrong, so it can be denied
20:08<MrGandalf>looks pretty easy to maintain
20:10<MrGandalf>they look familiar
20:11<gbee>just takes a certain number of users before it reaches critical mass
20:11<MrGandalf>I definately need to test that feature tomorrow
20:12<justinh>anyway I'm not saying i think over 50% cpu usage is excessive. this is my crusty old dev box here. not often I'd record more than 5 shows at once anyway
20:12<MrGandalf>now all that's needed is for the icons to be svg and to add svg support into Myth ;)
20:12<justinh>'all' hahahah
20:13<justinh>actually I think qt4 supports svg
20:13<MrGandalf>justinh: true.. my box sits at >50% alomost all the time sitting idle
20:13<justinh>hmm cpu usage just dropped way off
20:13<MrGandalf>well, idle == eit scanner running
20:14<MrGandalf>sounds like eit
20:14<justinh>down to 4 recordings now, 13.8 %
20:15<justinh>and another recording... 20% CPU now
20:15<justinh>ahh yeah mysqld usage dropped down to under 2%. must've been EIT data
20:20<MrGandalf>damn, myth really has bad backend <-> frontend communications problems..
20:41<dekarl>gbee: the xmltvids look like references to the xmltvid table?
20:44*justinh edits videosource.cpp just for fun. 10, not 5
20:51-!-harminoff [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:52-!-harminoff [] has joined #mythtv
20:52-!-dekarl is now known as dekarl_zZz
20:54<justinh>9 simultaneous recordings from the same mux. approx 20% cpu
20:54<justinh>very impressed
20:58<justinh>and another. very nice
20:58<justinh>dunno if I'd do this with all 3 tuners though!
20:59<justinh>right. time to be taxi again. see yer in the morning
21:12-!-JoeBorn [n=rootmeis@] has joined #mythtv
21:32<superm1>woah 9 recordings :)?
21:34<gbee>Chutt: if you get a chance, could you take a look at MythUIButton::CopyFrom(), I've got it wrong but I can't see the right solution
21:43<gbee>basically m_BackgroundImage (and some others) need to point to the copies of the objects we just made, I've tried GetChild() but for whatever reason it's not working out
21:50<gbee>oh hang on...
22:09-!-leprasmurf [] has joined #mythtv
22:22-!-ahbritto [] has quit [Client Quit]
22:22-!-harminoff [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:22-!-harminoff [] has joined #mythtv
22:33<MrGandalf>justinh: now that sounds more like it
22:57-!-leprasmurf [] has left #mythtv []
23:23-!-mzb [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
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