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04:11<johnp_>Is anybody looking at the "One touch" recording ? i.e the stuff which allows you to record an entire series ?
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04:55<voltagex>hi, what would be causing a clock skew while building mythtv svn?
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07:32<justinh>gbee: I've realised that the redrawing issue I saw with mythappearance isn't the first time I've seen it. the mythui demo program also exhibited it
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07:35<justinh>johnp_: I assume you mean the Freeview 'Playback' series link stuff. I thought that'd been looked at already - pretty simple in principle.. also worth looking into is the flag which is going to be present in trailers to set up a recording ;)
07:45<gbee>justinh: hmm, I'll take a look
07:45<gbee>maybe Chutt has an idea, though if I'm lucky it should be easy to fix
07:46<gbee>just learnt that tv_grab_uk_rt stopped working on my parent mythtv box, so I'm now in trouble because they lost missed recordings
07:47<laga>how can lose something which was never there in the first place?
07:47<gbee>typo, was going to say "lost recordings" but "missed recordings" was more accurate
07:48<laga>just being a smart-ass :)
07:48<gbee>yeah, I know ;)
07:49<gbee>little pissed off about it, since it's all knowledgejunkie's fault, he updated the supplement file without thinking of the consequences for users running older versions
07:50<gbee>big flaw in the supplement concept that
07:51<laga>reminds me i need to fix my grabber later. new xmltv release is coming
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08:26<justinh>feature request without a patch but I like the idea :)
08:27<justinh>add that to my list
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08:54<msingh>anyone from the UK?
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09:24<gbee>justinh: I wonder where in the OSD he means? the program info banner?
09:52<gbee>justinh: the drawing problem with the QT painter, is that just the arrows?
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09:59<justinh>gbee: not just the arrows no. got a screenshot:
10:00<gbee>ok, just testing a patch now
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10:01<johnp_>justinh:I'd just wondered if someone had actually implemented it. If so where, if not I was wondering about trying it myself.
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10:02<justinh>johnp_: AFAIK some of the freeview playback stuff was implemented. don't think the series link in trailers has been examined yet though
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10:03<justinh>that's a feature I'm really looking fwd to seeing. see trailer for something you like the look of.. press record :)
10:04<johnp_>get a hard disk full of the stuff :)
10:08<gbee>think it's just lucky that the opengl painter wasn't suffering redraw problems, the dirty area calculations weren't taking certain things into account and SetRedraw just looks broken (but I'm not 100% sure about that yet)
10:09<justinh>gbee: I was thinking about putting a verbose into the if m_Area.x || decision in mythuipainter.cpp to see if it was supposed to redraw or not
10:10<justinh>the dev box needs a new fan - too noisy to keep on right now otherwise I'd be in there at the mo
10:10<gbee>justinh: the arrow trails problem is because we're not marking the area where the arrow _used to be_ as dirty, I've hopefully fixed that now
10:11<justinh>the rest of it could just be along the same lines then
10:11<gbee>there are some other places where we were making similar mistakes too, so I'll track those down assuming it works
10:12<justinh>is there a way to disable the clock appearing or are all mythui screens going to be affected?
10:12<gbee>SetArea, SetPosition etc all need to set m_DirtyRegion before changing the area/position of an object
10:12<gbee>justinh: you can define a full screen background image which would hide the clock
10:12<justinh>gbee: cool. I might go with the testcard I was thinking about then
10:13<gbee><imagetype name="background"><filename>background.png</filename></imagetype>
10:13<gbee>imagetype without <position> just means 0,0 - not really any different from libmyth really
10:14<justinh>actually with mythappearance the old safe area rule isn't totally necessary anymore is it ;)
10:14<justinh>so more info onscreen. less wasted space
10:15<gbee>justinh: btw, are you still having problems with xmltv and no data?
10:15<justinh>gbee: nah I updated
10:16<justinh>amazed we've not seen a plethora of "relp!!" mailing list traffic about it
10:16<gbee>I discovered earlier that an update to channel_ids had broken older grabber versions (probably just 0.5.49 since the supplement stuff wasn't added before that version)
10:17<gbee>justinh: guide data would only have run out yesterday, so once people realise things have been recorded I'm sure there will be _some_ complaints
10:17<gbee>most people are probably running the distro packages and would have been unaffected
10:17<justinh>thing was I'd not even touched the grabber config for weeks. it shouldn't have happened I
10:19<gbee>justinh: the channel_ids is now downloaded automatically from (to get new channel info etc) but then Nick changed the format of the file and the change wasn't backwards compatible
10:19*gbee bites the head off a reindeer
10:21<GreyFoxx>what kind of reecordings are they ?
10:22<gbee>justinh: can you test this patch for me?
10:23<gbee>don't know that it will fix all your redraw issues, but it fixes the arrow trails for me (which is the only bit I could reproduce)
10:29<justinh>I'll give it a spin
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11:10<justinh>gbee: compiling now
11:13<justinh>gbee: yeah that fixes the arrow movement trails :)
11:13<gbee>any other problems?
11:14<justinh>when I first go into mythappearance it seems like it's not drawing the whole screen. bringing up the menu & dismissing it fixes that
11:15<justinh>btw I didn't realise popups can have the transitions... that's going to be nifty when there's a choice of them ;)
11:15<gbee>not sure what might be causing that, could you get a new screenshot?
11:15<justinh>sure thing
11:16<justinh>same url but oops2.png
11:16<gbee>yeah popups are just small windows so they share the same abilities i.e. transitions, themeable, can be position anywhere etc
11:16<gbee>heh, yeah that's broken
11:17<justinh>that's what I see on entering the plugin
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11:20<gbee>really weird, can't reproduce it here, at least not with the metallurgy theme (could be because I'm using a background image)
11:21<justinh>gbee: maybe if I'd made a background container etc in the xml this would be nicer from day one. need to look at some inheritance too
11:21<gbee>you could try adding "SetRedraw();" to the end of Create(); in mythappearance? Can't see why it would do any good though
11:22<justinh>yeah I'll try that
11:25<gbee>committed the first fix
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11:26<justinh>nah putting that SetRedraw in didn't change owt
11:26<justinh>gbee: maybe it just needs a background so that the whole screen gets marked as dirty when it first loads
11:27<gbee>nah, that wouldn't be the right fix
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11:28<justinh>whoh what's gone on in the popupmenu ? the code was easier to read before
11:28<gbee>MythAppearance::doMenu() ?
11:30<gbee>mythui popups are non blocking, the send an event when a button is selected which is read by the customevent class,
11:30<gbee>that allows updates/animations etc to continue in the background window
11:30*justinh watches something go over his head...
11:31<justinh>ahhh that explained it nicely thanks :)
11:33<justinh>still think it's slightly harder to follow it since you have to look all over to see what the buttons are
11:34<justinh>comments will cure that very easily of course
11:35<justinh>not a criticism btw - just an observation as mr inexperienced code hacker
11:37<gbee>justinh: it's perhaps not the nicest aspect of mythui and maybe it could be wrapped up in an easier to follow way
11:38<justinh>comments will clear it up - heck even make it easier for the original dev to follow ;)
11:38<justinh>and it might discourage huge lists of buttons :D
11:39<gbee>e.g. button events get added to a list in the same place as the button themeselves are defined, and then we just iterate that list in customevent
11:40<justinh>I think it was just a bit of a shock. I only just got the hang of the old way ;)
11:41<gbee>I've now got at least one idea to simplify it, I'll try it out and see how it works
11:42<gbee>i.e. try and abstract what is happening in the background from the coder and reduce the amount that needs to be written
11:42<justinh>messing about & trying to fix the initial screen drawing problem now
11:44<justinh>you don't have to move an arrow or bring up the menu, just swap arrows with the select key. that fixes it too
11:45<justinh>maybe it just needs an updateScreen(); early on
11:48<justinh>and how come the size isn't being reset when you quit out & go back in? is that change intended?
11:48<justinh>nevermind. something else is wrong
11:49<gbee>btw updateScreen(); is called in Create() and that's called before we even add the screen to the stack
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11:50<justinh>I'm running it in 800x600 (with -geometry) yet on 1st run it's coming out with 754*554 with offsets of 23,23
11:51<gbee>justinh: odd, let me just try that
11:51<justinh>never mind!
11:52<gbee>heh, ok
11:52<justinh>actually no that still might be a bug. maybe an allowable one
11:52<gbee>offsets are still loaded even though geometry has changed?
11:52<justinh>seems like when it does the screen size enquiry it's getting the db info instead of the actual size info
11:53<gbee>GetUIScreenRect() ?
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11:54<matsuka>Does MythTV have an open API where a programmer can write a simple web service for e.g. schedule a tv recoding from his pda ?
11:54<gbee>ok, I'll take a look
11:55<justinh>mythtv already has a web interface
11:55<Anduin>matsuka: Not really
11:56<justinh>AFAIK some of the myth protocol has been documented in the mythtv wiki.. might pay to have a look in there
11:56<gbee>matsuka: myth protocol - but it's not well documented
11:56<matsuka>Can you re-design its web interface for example for a simple service through pda ?
11:56<justinh>matsuka: another source of information might be the XBMCmythtv python scripts - that can create schedules AFAIK
11:56<gbee>you could just adapt mythweb for your purpose though, it already does what you want and comes complete with WAP and compact templates for small screens
11:57<matsuka>MythWeb comes as standard package and you can use it outside your home network ?
11:58<gbee>requires a seperate apache or similar webserver running on your home network and accessible to the internet (recommend password protected though!)
11:59<justinh>and now it's a #mythtv-users question :)
12:06<justinh>so tired. that inheritance stuff is way, way over my head now :(
12:08<gbee>justinh: try this patch
12:10<gbee>justinh: probably not much to be gained from using inheritance in mythappearance
12:11<justinh>I'm not a coder.. I dabble & fiddle
12:12<gbee>justinh: by inheritance, I'm talking about the theme stuff -
12:13<justinh>yeah I know. like reusing areas for different things & such. it's too far a stretch for me right now
12:13<justinh>gbee: still the same
12:13<justinh>apart from now, pressing select to change arrows isn't fixing the screen
12:14<gbee>think it's of most value with things like buttons, buttonlist which have lot of options and you'd want to appear the same whereever they are used
12:15<gbee>justinh: ok, really don't know whats going on there :/, I'll keep looking at it though
12:16<justinh>gbee: but now bringing up & dismissing the menu is causing the whole screen to be drawn. still the same as before
12:16<gbee>yeah, forget that patch
12:17<justinh>all that patch did is stopped the screen being updated when select is pressed & the arrows are moved. previously all worked to update the whole screen
12:27<gbee>yeah, it narrows down the problem though
12:28<gbee>it thinks it's already drawn the screen and that there are no dirty areas
12:30<gbee>problem has to be in the painter or draworder calculations, but I can't see anything wrong in the latter
12:30<gbee>yeah, I'm able to reproduce it using a different theme
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12:47<justinh>#4540 should be a simple fix
12:56<justinh>need to plug in & drop out methinks
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13:55<gbee>justinh: I now know what the problem is, quick fix is easy, proper fix may take me a little longer
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13:59<gbee>somehow we're ending up with a dirty region which is bigger than the screen, the QT painter doesn't like this so nothing gets drawn
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14:07<gbee>root cause is a theme problem, I gave the bottom right arrow an x coord too far to the right for it's width, x+w pushed the dirty region outside the screen area
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14:07<gbee>but as we can't expect themers not to do something stupid (like me) I think we need to check that the dirty region does not exceed the screen and if it does, we use the screen size instead
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14:18<justinh>sounds straightforward enough
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14:22<gbee>fix committed
14:24<zed2323>my mythbackend is on a machine attached wirelessly to my home network. mythfrontend on that machine works ok; mythfrontend on remote machines works for a short time, then starts dying due to timeouts. Is there any advantage to using a networked drive for my storage -- will the other mythfrontends read it directly, or will it just go network drive -> mythbackend -> mythfrontend?
14:24<gbee>glad that I accidently triggered that bug now, would have been hard to debug if someone else had triggered it
14:24<gbee>zed2323: what version?
14:27<justinh>gbee: nice work :)
14:29<anykey_>Is anyone able to build the frontend on OS X leopard?
14:33<zed2323>Both frontend and backend are .20.2.
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14:38<gbee>zed2323: ok, well I think you want to ask in #mythtv-users, I wondered if your timeout issues were related to a known bug in trunk but obviously not and so it's not really development related - you'll find plenty of people able to answer your question in the other channel
14:41<zed2323>ack, sorry. didn't see that mythtv was dev.
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15:04<gbee>just weeks from a 0.21 release and people still want stuff backported to 0.20?
15:05<johnp_>weeks ? good news I guess.
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15:31<justinh>gbee: obviously. I mean it might take _days_ for packages to be released when 0.21 is unleashed ;)
15:32<justinh>been thinking about this reloadtheme thing while I was out walking the dog
15:33<justinh>would it make any difference calling the reloadtheme from main.cpp in mythappearance if there was a way to get a signal to it (public bool maybe) ?
15:34<gbee>justinh: that's what I thought, send a signal from the mythappearance class just before we popscreen, that would be connected to a slot in the main app which calls reloadtheme
15:34<justinh>I'll give it a bash if I get a chance tonight
15:49<justinh>heh now I'm really stabbing in the dark
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16:03<territory>anybody here using firewire to record? i have a few questions, few minor problems im trying to fix
16:03*justinh points at the channel topic
16:03*territory reads the topic ;x
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16:09<stuarta>evening all
16:09<justinh>evening stuarta
16:09<territory>everybodies dead in #mythtv-users ;x
16:11*justinh goes looking for a good signalling example
16:11*stuarta suggests morse code
16:12<justinh>I can do morse, just not c++ ;)
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16:26<justinh>very tempted at this point just to call reloadtheme upon exiting mythappearance anyway
16:27<stuarta>depends if it's updated stuff
16:30<gbee>justinh: looking at it, not sure you can use signals in this case, mythplugin uses qlibrary which is not based on qobject, in other words you'd have to implement a qobject based class just to sit in the middle and intercept the signal
16:30<gbee>still, that's not really difficult and may be the only option
16:31<justinh>easy for you to say, being able to speak the lingo ;)
16:31<gbee>just experimenting with another, less sophisticated idea
16:33<justinh>wonder if that's along the same lines as what I'm doing now
16:33<justinh>schtandby for segfault!
16:34<justinh>yup. ach well
17:01<gbee>justinh: I'll put together something tomorrow evening, but I can't help wondering if there isn't a simple solution to this that I'm missing
17:03<stuarta>hmmm gcc-4.3 will soon be the default compiler of choice for distros
17:06<gbee>that going to cause us any problems?
17:06<stuarta>no idea.
17:07<stuarta>not going to update to it until we've done 0.21
17:07<stuarta>seems like it's a bit more strict than the current releases.
17:07<stuarta>but we already seem to have checkins for stuff like #include <stdint>
17:10<laga>doesn't hardy already use 4.3?
17:12<laga>no, 4.2. sorry :)
17:13<Anduin>I know there is a thread or ticket with a patch relating to 4.3
17:13<stuarta>it's in debian/experimental
17:14<stuarta>prob in fedora devel as well
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17:49<justinh>gbee: still doesn't get me any higher up the learning curve but hopefully I'll join up some dots soon
17:49<justinh>anyway, gnight all
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18:51<hereitcomes_>hey guys, I'm new to MythTV development, and c++ for that matter.. I've followed the mythhello guide successfully and have added a server socket to the plugin. When I run the plugin from the mythtv menu nothing happens, but the console output says this "/usr/local/lib/mythtv/plugins/ undefined symbol: _ZTV12ServerSocket"
18:51<hereitcomes_>my server socket program runs on its own, as does my mythtv plugin without it... Is there a linking problem? my include is simply #include "ServerSocket.h" and it compiles fine
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