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03:31<loops>anyone know why was rejected as "wontfix" ?
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04:58<gbee>loops: we're just two/three weeks from a new release
04:58<loops>gbee, fair enough, thanks.
05:41<stuarta>justinh: thanks for the Project Grayhem fix
05:46<justinh>I'd only said they won't be continued after 0.21. it's not after yet :)
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06:07<stuarta>aah. can you tell i haven't actually read your website yet?
06:07*stuarta <- been busy
06:12<justinh>could've sworn I'd already updated the remoteedits. maybe it was another one
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06:49<gbee>just stumbled upon a fox sleeping in the garden :)
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10:04<gbee>eep, snowing
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12:11<xris>cool, works
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12:25<MrGandalf>no it doesn't.. I didn't get that, can you repeat?
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13:22*xris wonders if an hd homerun would be a worthwhile purchase...
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13:36<gbee>any objections to me committing a large change to mythlistbutton? I've considered putting it into a new branch, but since we only use mythlistbutton in three places so far (and it works in all three), it probably isn't worth a new branch
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13:39<renatofilho^>hi guys, Its possible discovery the backend info (port, db name, ...) using upnp?
13:40<gbee>renatofilho^: yes, but you'll have to look at the code for the exact commands
13:42<renatofilho^>gbee: Ok I will search in the code,
13:49<sphery>renatofilho^: You wouldn't happen to be implementing UPnP for the Perl bindings, would you. (or, perhaps, interested in implementing... :)
13:50<renatofilho^>sphery: Im working in gmyth-upnp
13:51<renatofilho^>gbee: I found in the code this is the url:
13:52<renatofilho^>but for some reason the port parameter is missing
13:52<renatofilho^>I saw in the code and the line where append the port parameter is commented
13:53<renatofilho^>some one know the reason of that?
13:54<sphery>renatofilho^: Cool. (Haven't played with gmyth, yet, but keep meaning to.) Can find some info on GetConnectionInfo at
13:55<sphery>CDev_ is probably the best source of info about it, though. He hangs out here, but Nigel P has been doing a lot of work on that stuff lately (he only really hangs out on the -dev list).
13:56<renatofilho^>thanks sphery
13:56<xris>renatofilho^: you're not involved with bossa conference, are you?"
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13:59<renatofilho^>xris: yes I am
14:00<sphery>xris: Yeah. I think you gave me that link before. I'm just hoping someone else (i.e. someone who actually knows Perl rather than just hacking it) will do it right, though. :)
14:00<xris>sphery: it's technically my job. :) I just don't have time.
14:00<sphery>I wouldn't say it's your job. Open source is a community effort. :)
14:01<xris>renatofilho^: Captain_Murdoch was supposed to go last year as a presenter to work with you gmyth guys, but carnival happened and he didn't get his plane tickets in time to get a visa. Just thought I'd drop a friendly reminder that he's probably still interested in going along this year.
14:01<superm1>hi renatofilho^, i was working on getting some of the gmyth stuff in before hardy
14:02*xris wanted to go to bossa, too, but there wasn't any budget for 2 people.. (and I don't have any time off this year)
14:02<superm1>renatofilho^, i was wondering why you guys had that separate gstreamer plugin package though, since gstreamer source (cvs at least) already has that in it
14:02*xris just wants to drink a lot of caipirinhas
14:03<justinh>mmm caipirinha
14:03*xris made a pomegranate caipirinha the other day. tasty
14:03<superm1>renatofilho^, i'm just grabbing those cvs modules and patching our gstreamer-bad-plugins. it's a lot easier to patch a package than to get a NEW one in this late :)
14:04*justinh considers adding a wishlist to his site with Cachacha at the top
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14:04<xris>sphery: I'll put perl upnp on my todo list, though. would help if wasn't DOWN.
14:06<renatofilho^>superm1: Im finishing the last details to launch the release 0.7,
14:06<superm1>renatofilho^, great :)
14:06<renatofilho^>this release will be in the next ubuntu :D
14:08<sphery>xris: It's not that big a deal--especially with the changes to config.xml that allow the bindings to work without mysql.txt.
14:08<xris>those settings are somewhat necessary, anyway... my network's broken up and my mythbox is in my dmz... no upnp to my workstation.
14:09<xris>granted, that's less important to me now that my workstation is a mac laptop..
14:09*xris wishes that someone who isn't a scammer would reply to the for-sale ad on craigslist.
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14:40<justinh>gbee: woooo grids! horizontalists too :D
14:41<gbee>justinh: aye, not that we yet have any screens which could really use them, though I suppose with some imagination mythcontrols might - context list across the top?
14:42<gbee>actually ....
14:42*gbee goes to implement that in metallurgy, contexts across the top, grid of 'actions' below that
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14:46<gbee>there are one or two little changes I need to make, currently you can get 'stuck' on the grid view because normally you'd use left/right to navigate away from a list, but the grid view uses left/right/up/down :)
14:46<gbee>only way I can see around that is to 'pop' off the grid when you reach an edge
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14:52<sphery>gbee: The F1/Help for the icons on the Watch Recordings screen could use a grid with all the new icons you've added... Of course, that would mean converting that section to mythui, first. :)
14:52<gbee>heh, well I'll work on converting those screens post 0.21
14:53<sphery>probably a good plan.
14:53<clever>gbee: i thought using tab you can escape a grid list?
14:53<gbee>we can mix libmyth and libmythui to a certain degree, but it gets a little messy if you don't stick to a plan
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14:55<gbee>clever: myth needs to keep navigation to ~6 buttons, i.e. arrow buttons, enter (select) and escape because it's supposed to be navigable with a remote
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14:58<gbee>on pages which mix a grid with another focusable widget we need to be able to leave the grid somehow and the best idea I can come up with is that any keypress made at the margins of a grid (left on the leftmost column etc) should drop through to mythscreentype and be used for switching to the next/previous widget
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15:06<clever>gbee: but some grids like the tv guide wrap at the top/bottom and go on for 2 weeks to the right
15:07<clever>the tv guide on my cable box
15:07<clever>when i get to the last item in the list and push down
15:07<clever>it selects the button at the bottom(allways there on every page)
15:07<clever>then if i down agan it redraws the whole page
15:07<clever>and wraps to the top
15:08<clever>doesnt realy scroll but flips the whole page
15:08<clever>but when at the edge between pages i can select buttons above/below the list
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15:13<gbee>clever: we'd probably do something similar in Myth assuming that a very large grid shares space with other focusable widgets (doesn't actually happen anywhere in MythTV currently)
15:14<clever>the channel list in mythtv-setup!
15:14<clever>buttons comboboxes and a long list!
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15:16<gbee>that's a list, not a grid though
15:17<gbee>and I can't see anyone choosing to format that as grid
15:17<clever>what does that list do on left/right?
15:18<gbee>changes to the next widget
15:18<gbee>just as it does now
15:20<gbee>even if it were a grid, the grid doesn't extend to infinity to the right/left, it's governed by the number of buttons visible on a page at any time - e.g. with a 20 item grid, where you can fit 4 items across the page, you'd have 5 rows
15:24<gbee>xris: I feel left out :p
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15:42<MrGandalf>anyone here who wants to help me debug a stuck backend? It's stuck in livetv waiting for "WaitingForRecPause'
15:58<justinh>gbee: I'm busy pondering something else right now but possible uses of horizontal items in screens are beginning to occur to me
16:01<justinh>must.. resist urge to draw mockups already
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16:09<xris>gbee: ?
16:10<gbee>xris: can't just pop across to the States for a get together ;)
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16:13<xris>maybe that's what the money from tshirt sales could help with.. international airfare for some of the major non-US contributors. :)
16:14<xris>or you guys could just have a UK meetup. :)
16:15<sphery>gbee got a free trip to the US and all I got was this lousy T-shirt...
16:15<justinh>if I got enough donations I'd pay. trouble is, they don't come in when themes are old
16:16<gbee>we've had a couple of UK meetups already, think the next event might be a European get together with janneg and others
16:16<janneg>announcing to drop support doesn't help either
16:17<justinh>janneg: something has to give. how many themes? they're like a millstone around my neck
16:18<janneg>LinuxTag might be an option. the ffmpeg and mplayer developers meet there too
16:18<sphery>unless you're going for the bribery-type donations: Please don't drop neon-wide, here's $20
16:18<justinh>I can have a life & do other things or spend my time keeping 10 themes up to date
16:18<janneg>I would probably go to the uk too if there is something
16:21<sphery>justinh: Yeah. (And you do deserve to have time for a life out side of your themes.) Unfortunately, it seems people are much less inclined to help with themes than with code. And when some of us help (i.e. people like me), themers generally have to re-do things to preserve the right artistic slant for the theme.
16:22<janneg>justinh: understandable. I wouldn't want to maintain more than one theme. blame gbee for me not maintaining blootube ;)
16:23<gbee>oh sure ... blame me for everything! :p
16:23<justinh>I hope to find time to clean up those themes before the release, rationalise fonts, optimise graphical content some more.. that should help whoever picks up the baton
16:25<justinh>and come the mythui completion I'd hope that the next generation of themes make everybody forget about the old ones ;)
16:26<janneg>btw do we want to change the default theme before 0.21?
16:26<justinh>don't ask me. I want nothing to do with that
16:26<xris>justinh: that's where a good theme API would work out well.. standardize a bunch of things so that instead of stopping working completely, the non-compatible parts of the theme are just replaced by the defaults
16:27<justinh>xris: true. better something look out of place than myth go "whoah! missing element! bye!"
16:27<janneg>I'm asking everyone and I have a theme in mind
16:27<kormoc>what is the current default theme?
16:28<justinh>if my 2p is worth anything around here I'd suggest metallurgy
16:28<justinh>but there's no 4:3 version yet ;)
16:28<kormoc>Then I'd say to keep it. I like how it looks :)
16:28<janneg>gant has no wide version
16:28<kormoc>you know, I now have a wide screen and I didn't notice it looking strange
16:29<justinh>gant would be quite easy to widen. probably a couple of nights' work.. damn
16:29<justinh>you want a wide gant? I can probably slip it in
16:29<kormoc>I like blue and all the other colors, but that grey is just so much easier on my eyes
16:30<xris>janneg: I'd *love* to get a better default them. gant sucks. :)
16:30<janneg>I'm thinking already a couple of months of implementing letter/pillar-boxing themes
16:30<justinh>kormoc: thing is, its icons don't rub well with everybody the same way. I've never spoke to anybody who felt indifferent about it. it's either love or hate
16:30<xris>gbee: how close is glass? though I guess there's no wide version of that
16:30<janneg>justinh: me? no, IU wouldn't have use for gant wide
16:30<xris>er, not glass... metallurgy
16:31<kormoc>justinh, fair 'nuff
16:31<justinh>un-widening a theme is a different prospect. given the source graphics though, wouldn't be too hard
16:31<kormoc>justinh, I'd use it if you want to do it
16:31<janneg>xris: metallurgy is wide only but it has a metching osd theme
16:32<gbee>xris: metallurgy is 95% there, just a couple of plugins unthemed and a few extra watermarks/icons I'd like to add
16:32<xris>how bad does metallurgy look when it's squished to 4:#?
16:32<justinh>xris: squishing rounded rects & circles is bad news ;)
16:32<janneg>the menu looks funny due to the circles
16:33<janneg>the rounded rects look imho ok
16:33<justinh>to anybody who hadn't seen the wide version it might be acceptable but fwiw..
16:33*xris really wants a 4:3 version... :)
16:34<xris>maybe I'll install it tonight and see what it looks like
16:34<kormoc>or a 16:9 tv?
16:34<gbee>I can take a look at how much work would be needed for a 4:3 version, the biggest job is converting the 1280x720 based positioning info to something 4:3
16:34<gbee>_might_ conceivably be possible to script that
16:35<xris>kormoc: yeah, 16:9 tv would be good, too. but more expensive for me. gbee's time is free to me. :)
16:35<kormoc>I'm sure this has been asked many times before, doesn't vector graphics fix these issues?
16:35<justinh>gbee: 4:3 is a different kettle of fish. you have to make a lot of sacrifices IMHO
16:35<kormoc>heh, fair 'nuff
16:35<justinh>kormoc: probably would if you did it right
16:35<gbee>kormoc: not really, scaling yes, but different aspect ratios probably not
16:35<xris>kormoc: vector graphics and some form of auto-positioning of elements
16:36<xris>does myth support svg?
16:36<gbee>you might get away with pillarboxing/letterboxing themes
16:36<justinh>xris: not til qt4
16:36<xris>ah, lame
16:36<xris>gbee: hahaha.. that'd be funny
16:36<justinh>xris: unless somebody wrote something to render svg into bitmaps
16:37<justinh>pull in an external lib or so
16:37<xris>gbee: actually, not too bad of an idea, except that with 4:3 on crappy tv screens, you want as much vertical space as possible for fonts in listings, etc.
16:37<kormoc>justinh, well, could do a wrapper to take the svg, scale it and then render the scaled image into a bitmap
16:37<gbee>xris: yeah :/
16:37<xris>imagemagick can probably do it
16:37<xris>just a matter of whether it'd have the same kinds of alignment problems that firefox does.
16:37<gbee>metallurgy was done entirely in SVG and then exported to PNG
16:38<justinh>I used to be dead opposed to svg in themes but since doing a lot more of my stuff in vectors I've warmed to the idea
16:38<xris>gbee: that's why I asked. I know you've been doing a lot of vector stuff. :)
16:38<justinh>dunno how fast the rendering could be though - esp. if gaussian blurs & transparency is used a lot - which they tend to be
16:39<gbee>I think prescaling is always going to be faster in the end
16:39<xris>depends on video card support, probably
16:39<gbee>but until we benchmark it
16:39<xris>but better than nothing, could still render the svg into png for cache purposes
16:39<justinh>wonder what the 'competition' does..
16:41<justinh>my fear with svg coming in is that bitmaps will one day stop being supported. inkscape isn't the easiest of programs to use for real complex works
16:42<kormoc>I would imagine that would take a long time to get removed
16:42<sphery>pillarboxed with a background (or some new "behind background" thing) scaled to the screen size (so you don't see black pillars) wouldn't look too bad for a 4:3 theme on a 16:X screen (where X != 12 :)~
16:42<kormoc>sphery, cheater! :P
16:42<justinh>if there was a 'scale positions but preserve image aspect ratios' option...
16:43<justinh>buttons could look normal. highlight boxes, selectbars & other graphics could be scaled as usual..
16:43<xris>justinh: nah, you'd still want non-vector formats for some things.. photo icons, etc
16:44<xris>sphery: yeah, pillarbox would be fine. it's the letterbox on a small 4:3 screen that could become problematic
16:44<justinh>xris: wouldn't want that to be automatical either - I run 720x576 on my 16:9 TV
16:45<justinh>xris: pillarboxing is the enemy of plasma TVs :)
16:45<xris>justinh: xorg.conf has anamorphic settings..
16:45<xris>mythtv is already aware of those
16:45<gbee>justinh: I added just such an option to libmyth (though never committed it), wouldn't be hard to add a "preserve aspect ratio" option to MythImage
16:45<justinh>gbee: cool - then you could just slap that on things you don't want stretched silly
16:46<justinh>then at worse a 4:3 menu theme on 16:9 aspect would just look 'spaced out'
16:46<xris>gbee: that'd be nice, actually... you could use that on all of your round stuff.. and then only stretch things like text when you go from 16:9 to a 4:3 screen
16:46<gbee>I'll look into it this weekend
16:46<justinh>makes testing harder though
16:46<xris>justinh: yup
16:47<justinh>then again it's only an option for those who want to go down that road
16:47<xris>yeah. basically just "slightly better" support for off-aspeect themes
16:47<justinh>right. walking the dog time
17:04<gbee>focus model in mythui needs a little work, currently no way for a widget to take focus for itself, the screen has to give it focus
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17:15<gbee>losing recordings is starting to get on my nerves, might have to bin this Nova-T 500 and replace it with something that actually works
17:15<justinh>gbee: I can heartily recommend the £20 maplin cheapie
17:17*gbee tries to find a copy of janneg's EIT crippling patch
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17:33<justinh>think I might've noticed a wee bug-ette
17:33<justinh>I'll try to reproduce it in a bit
17:43<janneg>gbee: so the single patch wasn't to blame for the failing recordings
17:44<janneg>gbee: my second nova-t 500 in my dev box has a disconnect every 2 hours or so
17:44<gbee>janneg: no it was, as best I can tell anyway, but without the patch I get disconnect/read errors from the card - so I loose recordings either way
17:45<janneg>even with current v4l-dvb hg
17:46<gbee>janneg: not running current since the patch was committed
17:48<janneg>gbee: sorry, that was no question but a description of my dev box
17:50<gbee>without the patch I lose recordings on both tuners so long as EIT scanning is enabled, with the patch I only lose recordings on the second tuner and EIT scanning works fine
17:50<gbee>not much of a choice, but I'd rather run with EIT disabled and use both tuners for recording
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18:30<gbee>justinh: not the most imaginative use of horizontal/grid layouts, the images are just temporary and I need to sort out the arrow positioning code -
18:30<justinh>roflmao -rory is barking in his sleep
18:31<justinh>oo I like that
18:32<gbee>comes into it's own with a mouse/touchscreen, little faster to navigate with a remote/keyboard as well though
18:32<justinh>idea I had earlier was for a file browser type gadget like in mythvideo & mythmusic - breadcrumb tabs.. if you see what I mean
18:33<gbee>yeah, nice idea
18:33<justinh>can't take any credit - saw it in the demo vid of elisa
18:33<justinh>other browsery things use that kind of thing too though
18:33<gbee>those horizontal buttons up top could be made to look like file tabs with the right images
18:34<justinh>I'm really starting to imagine how mythui is gonna lift the lid now
18:34<gbee><spacing>0</spacing> etc
18:34<justinh>and beginning to think outside the confines of what is already done
18:35<justinh>had another crack at putting that button in the appearance setup menu again. ended up reverting. maybe next time I'll swallow my pride & ask somebody to have a look
18:39<justinh>basically looks like I need to change the appearance setting section globalsettings.h to define the button classes, had me stumped. if it's a c++ 101 thing I'll go away with my head down & keep on at it
18:41<justinh>well, in some ways I spose it is.. but there's more to it I think
18:43*xris just wants the imdb grabber stuff built into mythvideo itself... instead of into mythvideo settings.
18:43<justinh>what'd be easier would be to just keep mythappearance.cpp as is & treat it like another setup section but I dunno how acceptable that'd be
18:44<justinh>just take the 'plugin' out of it
18:44<gbee> < little more imagination with the images (just an example)
18:45<justinh>looking very appliance-like there :)
18:45<gbee>justinh: adding another setup section is what I'd do since you aren't really going to integrate it into the settings wizard stuff very easily
18:45<justinh>reminiscent of a big Pronto in some ways
18:46<justinh>gbee: that, I can probably do quite easily
18:46<justinh>well, as easily as I can do anything else :P
19:03-!-rick_ [] has quit ["here i come"]
19:03<rooaus>gbee: Nice work :)
19:05<gbee> still plenty to do
19:05<justinh>gbee: yeah, like the flashy flash style animation where all the grid elements float into place :P
19:06-!-gardz [] has quit []
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19:09<sphery>Hmmm. My screenshots aren't nearly as cool...
19:13<gbee> more colourful
19:13<justinh>nice user-friendly UI
19:14<justinh>bah I hate rationalising fonts
19:14<rooaus>gbee: Would colspan and rowspan be difficult?
19:15<gbee>no, but it will need some changes that I've already planned
19:17<gbee>currently column width/row height comes from the background image you've specified, we need another way to determine that info before colspan/rowspan would work as intended
19:17<rooaus>cool, I think the grid stuff and the themed popups alone could make a marked improvement to myth's prettiness :D
19:17<gbee>we need colspan/rowspan for the guide grid though, so it's on my list
19:18<gbee>I think buttonlist will go through a few evolutions before 0.22
19:19*gbee goes to bed
19:20<rooaus>sphery: #3642 v7 added
19:21<sphery>rooaus: Cool. Thanks. I hope that helps to get it included for 0.21. :)
19:21-!-grokky [] has joined #mythtv
19:22<rooaus>sphery: Haven't had any luck with the GuideGrid::showProgFinder() stuff Captain_Murdoch mentioned though. Seems adding the accept() isn't all that is needed, doing that the guidegrid exits when returning from the finder... will look further into it.
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21:18<xris>gbee: still awake?
21:20<xris>oh well. msg in pm
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