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00:16<Captain_Murdoch>rooaus: are you still around?
00:23<jams>gbee- that listbutton change broke my menu popup. The menu items are not displayed, and the console prints out "QImage::scanLine: Index 0 out of range" when the popup is supposed to be displayed.
00:25<jams>gbee- the patches for the popup can be found at
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01:07<Captain_Murdoch>rooaus and sphery: if you see this, can you take a look at the patch I attached to #3642 and see if that works for you?
02:00<xris>hmm, nice.. someone fixed the bug where the backend crashes when you try to delete an in-progress zero-byte recording.
02:01<xris>Captain_Murdoch: btw, I dropped your name again to someone with bossa conference.
02:15<xris>muhahaha: xris@mythtv: ~ > ./
02:15<xris>[0] : mythtv: MythTV AV Media Server
02:15<xris> Recordings
02:15<xris> Music
02:15<xris> Videos
02:17<xris>not that I know what to do with it now.
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03:07<rooaus>Captain_Murdoch: Will try it now and let you know shortly.
03:09<xris>anyone awake who knows about the upnp detection code?
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03:50<sphery>Captain_Murdoch: (Haven't looked at your code and it's almost 4:00am here, so...) That sounds similar in function (but different implementation) to the first patch(es) for the issue. See #3363. gbee applied that and reverted it because Chutt wanted jumppoints to /always/ take precedence over keybindings.
03:50<sphery>Captain_Murdoch: See also (and the link it references).
03:50<sphery>Don't know how yours fits in with that.
03:52<sphery>(I'll also admit it doesn't affect me either way as I don't use LiveTV. :)
03:57<jmusits>does the SVN version of mythvideo depend on QT4?
04:00<rooaus>jmusits: Mythtv and plugins don't support qt4. Except the qt4 branch of course, but not sure about the status of that at the moment.
04:05<jmusits>rooaus: I didn't think so, just trying to eliminate possible issues over here
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04:24<rooaus>Captain_Murdoch: that patch does not seem to work. In livetv the jumppoint still seems to be active, the guide doesn't have the embedded player and exiting the guide takes you back to the main menu.
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04:42<rooaus>Captain_Murdoch: Sorry missed your comment on the ticket, just grabbed the patch. I didn't set the keybinding and jumppoint to the same key, maybe that was the problem. Will try again.
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04:48<rooaus>Captain_Murdoch: yeah, set to the same key, works as described. :)
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05:12<kuil>good morning
05:13<kuil>I am having some trouble with some video's I want to play. It is a copy of a rip of a dvb stream.. If I play it with mplayer or xine it has sound.. but when I play it with mythtv .. it doesn't
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05:13<kuil>other video files and recordings have perfect sound.. so that's not the issue
05:13<kuil>anybody here has an idea?
05:14<rooaus>kuil: Morning, but you probably want #mythtv-users (see topic)
05:14<kuil>ah.. sorry
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05:15<rooaus>Captain_Murdoch: You around?
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05:19<beavis>it could be quite late for him
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05:21<rooaus>beavis: Yeah, wasn't sure what tz he was in.
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05:33<rooaus>Captain_Murdoch: Will leave some comments on #3642 for you.
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07:56<briand>rooaus: regarding your earlier hint for me, the only mem leak stuff I saw in the whole list of updates between versions had to do with the DVB stuff. Regardless, I've been running 15597 since Jan 25 with no apparent problems/lockups.
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08:10<gbee>jams: I can apply the patch and see for myself, but in what way did it break?
08:11<gbee>ahh, change the include from "#include <mythtv/libmythui/mythdialogbox.h>" to "#include mythdialogbox.h"
08:12<gbee>you are building against the installed copy of the header, which is the old version, so it's catch 22 - you can't compile until you've installed it and you can't install it until you've compiled
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09:01<janneg>gbee: have you seen the new patch in #2471?
09:01<janneg>err #2741
09:05<justinh>bah getting mythfrontend segfaulting when bringing up the recording options. no reports of missing fonts or containers. nada
09:12<briand>justinh: sounds like a -users question.
09:12<justinh>briand: not when I'm developing a theme ;) and it's a statement :)
09:13<justinh>broken something somehow but it's not telling me where
09:16<justinh>rebuilding at the mo. when it's done I'll kick it off again with debugging enabled & get a backtrace
09:18<justinh>I think it's not unreasonable that there's very little sanity checking of the theme files - I mean they're not supposed to get broken are they
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09:21<Kazan>so.. tivo somehow managed to bribe the USPTO to uphold their patent
09:21<justinh>if it's what I think it is, maybe a font definition got hard-coded
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09:35<justinh>nope. missing background container. over-zealous deletions
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09:46<justinh>anyway, onto something else now
09:47<justinh>probably a daft question but.. how does mythfrontend know to launch the right thing from <action>SETTINGS MAINGENERAL</action> ? grepped the source for MAINGENERAL & haven't come up with anything but the xml files
09:49<justinh>duh never mind. it's caps in the xml but not in the source
09:55<laga>grep -i :)
09:56<justinh>be nice if I can get this integrated today then I can worry about other things
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10:41<justinh>hmmm ran into my old friend inheritance again
10:44<jams>gbee- made the change, did a distclean but the problem still persists.
10:45<jams>it compiles, but the menu choices never appear on screen. Instead "QImage::scanLine: Index 0 out of range" is printed to the console for every menu option.
10:45<jams>however the label for the popup does get displayed.
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11:38<imperfect->Anyone know why frontend would fail to start giving me : Fatal IO error ?
11:38<imperfect->No reason at all just started
11:38<laga>imperfect-: #mythtv-users
11:39<imperfect->laga: yeah they're ucking useless
11:40<laga>still doesn't mean you'll get an answer in here .)
11:40<jamesd__>imperfect-, expect good support on saturday morning without paying for it, what are you insane and deluded or just clueless.
11:41<imperfect->jamesd__: I definitely expect this sort of personality disorder
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11:41<imperfect->jamesd__: You're a bad cliche.
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11:41<laga>yea, right. gtfo.
11:42<gbee>jams: ok, I can reproduce here with the base theme, I'll fix it
11:43<gbee>janneg: thanks for the patch, I'll apply it later
11:44<jams>gbee- thanks
11:45<gbee>I'll also add a background today
11:46<jams>if the patch looks good, feel free to commit that as well =)
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12:05<gbee>not sure what's causing the problem exactly, think I'll have to stick some debugging code in there
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12:12<janneg>gbee: there was some dubious change in the old patch. the eitscanner.cpp had at least a typo and I couldn't remember why it was there in the first place
12:12<gbee>janneg: ok, I'll revert that one and use the newer patch
12:22<janneg>rereading the ticket I going to commit it
12:42<gbee>jams: your problem should be fixed in trunk
12:42<gbee>janneg: thanks
12:43<okolsi>hmm.. noticed just from Wiki that you could (at least in theory) have more visualizations in MythMusic using something called ProjectM
12:44<okolsi>have to try it.. although the Wiki page is not so encouraging "... it doesn't crash now... but nothing happens..."
12:45<gbee>ProjectM is buggy, some versions crash mythmusic
12:46<okolsi>too bad that libvisual is also buggy.. some of the libvisual plugins crash MythMusic
12:47<okolsi>I've thought many times to build libvisual from the scratch with debug symbols.. and maybe get backtrace or something
12:47<okolsi>but not so sure how alive and kicking that project really is..
12:50<okolsi>gbee: I tweaked Metallurgy visualization area/blackhole a bit to get rid of the thin black area in the right side of the visualization area
12:50<gbee>maybe I'm confusing ProjectM with libvisual - don't really care much about visualisations since I listen to my music
12:50<okolsi>gbee: but then noticed that actually some visualizations are drawn with different widths.. anyway.. nothing that important :)
12:51<gbee>okolsi: well I was just going to say that it was pixel perfect when I did it originally ;)
12:52<justinh>heh. now back to square one
12:53<okolsi>gbee: yeah.. it's a sign that everything works quite well if you spot and try to fix 1-2 pixel errors somewhere :)
12:53<justinh>okolsi: why do you think none of my own themes have frames around blackholes? ;)
12:53<justinh>CBA with all that
12:55<okolsi>justinh: I can see why :)
12:56<okolsi>gbee: you have any plans of converting MythMusic to mythui after 0.21..?
12:56<gbee>okolsi: eventually yeah
12:57<justinh>ooookay. almost time to gather something up & plop it into a pastebin. much as I hate to show my weaknesses ;)
12:58<okolsi>gbee: I've been looking a bit into "re-randomize music playlist once it's played" thing.. but my current ideas/modifications use "old" code I think
12:59<okolsi>gbee: was just wondering how soon stuff will be changing in MythMusic..
13:00<gbee>okolsi: it's not top of my list because mythmusic's UI stuff is like overcooked spaghetti, I want to stick with the simple screens at first
13:01<justinh>mythui will be a great opportunity to er.. how shall I say.. nah I won't say it
13:01<okolsi>gbee: okay, good to know..
13:02<gbee>I'm still seeing plenty of areas for improvement in mythui having only converted two small plugins, right now I'm going to concentrate on fixing those before I convert anything else
13:14<justinh>ok. pride swallowed, cap in hand... - undefined reference to `MythAppearance::MythAppearance(MythScreenStack*, char const* , sorry for the noise
13:16<justinh>copied mythappearance.cpp & the .h to programs/mythfrontend/ - prolly something simple
13:16<jams>gbee- it does appear to be fixed, thank you
13:17<jams>maybe it's been asked before, but do we really need two prompts when asking if it's ok to perform the schema update?
13:26<gbee>jams: I think many of us have asked that question, but I don't think anyone has suggested that we remove the second one on the -dev list
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13:32<jams>gbee- i'm happy with the popup menu, should i make a ticket for it or is there little chance of it being committed?
13:33<gbee>justinh: need to change the includes, remove the "libmythui/"
13:34<gbee>jams: I like it, but make a ticket because I'm not sure whether everyone would agree :/
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13:34<jams>i was thinking of disabling the popup if an exit key is defined.
13:35<jams>but anyway i will make a ticket in the near future and see what happens.
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13:37<sphery>jams: What do you mean disabling the popup? Do you mean make a way to always auto-upgrade (or not)? That code is there (but users shouldn't know about it ;).
13:37<gbee>sphery: different popup
13:37<jams>sphery- different popup
13:38<jams>sphery- replace option 1 and option2 with shutdown and reboot.
13:38<sphery>h. Thought you meant about the 2 "want to upgrade" popups...
13:39<justinh>gbee: cheers but it's still not compiling. I'll play with it some more
13:39<sphery>Whatever that is, though, it looks pretty cool. (I'm assuming it will have a background.)
13:40<gbee>justinh: thinking of using a rescaled copy of default/pd-background.png as the popup menu background image - I can't think of a style which would match up with existing themes and #2 I can't be bothered to draw it
13:40<justinh>if I never crack this I think I'll stick to much more simple things like pretty pictures
13:40<jams>sphery- yes thats defined via the theme.
13:40<sphery>justinh: Is it failing on compile or on linking? I.e. is there an error collect: ld exited with status...
13:40<gbee>sphery: yeah - that's what I'm talking about now ;)
13:40<sphery>(or something like that)
13:40<justinh>sphery: collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
13:41<sphery>Are you compiling with --enable-symbol-visibility?
13:41<justinh>so that's a linking error?
13:41<sphery>If so, your class needs to be defined MPUBLIC (with mythexp.h included)
13:41*justinh looks overhead
13:41<sphery>(If you're not compiling with symbol visibility, that probably still holds true, but someone else would find it. :)
13:42<justinh>I really feel like I should stick to what I know best. little teeny things & themes
13:43<sphery>The symbol visibility stuff is really new (to the compiler, even) and pretty advanced, so it's not really basics.
13:44<sphery>justinh: Look at the definition of Storage in libs/libmyth/mythstorage.h... Basically: #include "mythexp.h" ... class MPUBLIC Storage { }
13:44<gbee>don't think it's a symbol visibility problem, justinh, can you pastebin the full error?
13:45<gbee>probably wrong
13:46<justinh>I wouldn't be surprised if it was a 101 error. I'm trying.. (yeah I know.. very trying)
13:47<Anduin>justinh: and you included them in the frontend .pro?
13:47<Anduin>and did a qmake etc
13:48<justinh>have to put my hands up & say no because I don't really know what this is all about
13:49<justinh>ahh so in the # Input section add the new header & cpp
13:50<justinh>then configure again..
13:50<Anduin>Yeah, if it isn't listed as a source it will not be linked in
13:50<justinh>oh man, being a noob again hurts
13:51<justinh>and I'm sure this dog is just trying to take a lend of me because my wife's away for the weekend
13:52<gbee>no objections to my choice of image? It's not really an artistic design, just a lazy one
13:52<Anduin>Yeah, once you have more experience you will never do that sort of thing again...
13:52<justinh>gbee: can't object while my mind is on other things ;)
13:54<justinh>then if this compiles.. and if it works.. we can have one less plugin (which was never supposed to be a plugin anyway). I owe you a beer anduin
13:58<justinh>it compiles
13:58<justinh>time to change the menu exec thing to whatever I called it in main.cpp
14:01<justinh>whee segfaulty
14:01<justinh>complained about not being able to talk to the backend before that. weird
14:02<justinh>complained about not being able to talk to the backend before that. weird
14:03<justinh>ok. time to put some verbose in there to find out what's going on (or not)
14:06<justinh>well it ain't running mythappearance.cpp
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14:21<justinh>ah. it is, it's just not spitting out my verbose. looks like it's having a stab at appear-ui.xml. nothing doing without a backtrace
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14:45<Captain_Murdoch>sphery: about my patch, I think the concept of mine is different than the originals in both tickets. mine uses a local action if it is the same action as the jump point would take (ie, popup integrated guide instead of jumping to guide from playback or LiveTV). my patch isn't hardcoded to specific keys or screens, it is generic and easy to extend. if a local action exists that is the same as the jumppoint and the key is the same
14:45<Captain_Murdoch>n we prefer the local action. ie, It doesn't make sense that we would want to exit playback to jump to the guide when we can just pause playback and popup the guide. I doubt that Chutt will have issues with that concept. I can see why people would have issues with always applying jumppoints over local actions or vice versa, this patch is intelligent about it and applies the one that makes sense without hardcoding it for certain
14:48<sphery>Yeah. Chutt had wanted a jumppoint-specific override.
14:48<Captain_Murdoch>that's what this is.
14:48<sphery>I thought rooaus originally did a more generic one, too.
14:48<sphery>But, like I said, I didn't look at the code because it was too late/early, so I just wanted to give you the background I had.
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14:49<sphery>And, while you're here... 2 questions for you.
14:49<Captain_Murdoch>when the jumppoint is registered, it includes a localAction keyword. if that local action is defined in the current context, it will take precedence over the jumppoint.
14:49<sphery>I was writing the code for the backup-before-schema-upgrade patch and got to the part about selecting the proper directory for the backup file.
14:49<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, thanks. that' why I didn't take that ticket to begin with because I hadn't been following it closely.
14:50<sphery>I looked and it seems that the "most free space" algorithm used to choose dirs for recordings is actually in the scheduler, not in the storage groups code, right?
14:51<sphery>i.e. the scheduler gets the dir list from the storage group, then chooses its own dir based on the list
14:52<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, Scheduler::FillRecordingDir gets a list of directories, sorts them with comp_dirpreference() and then cycles through the list trying to find a place to put the recording.
14:53<sphery>Hmmm. So that means I need my own algorithms...
14:53<sphery>I may keep it simple at first (i.e. cycle through dirs with each backup)
14:54<sphery>would it be possible/acceptable to refactor that code out to some sort of dir chooser class (can't think of a name right now)
14:55<Captain_Murdoch>your stuff is a little different anyway, but logic is easy enough.
14:55<sphery>Yeah. Some parts don't make sense (i.e. the local vs remote storage preference) for backups, but by making a bunch of "pluggable" choosers...
14:56<sphery>Anyway, that will be a longer-term project.
14:56<sphery>The second question was regarding my comment the other night--moving StorageGroup to libmyth, rather than libmythtv.
14:57<sphery>(don't know if you saw it in scrollback)
14:59<Captain_Murdoch>look at Scheduler::FillDirectoryInfoCache(). basically, I get the vector of infos from all the encoders (m_tvList). you can use that vector to make a list like I do with fsInfoList in Scheduler::FillRecordingDir(). then you can sort that like by making a function like I did with comp_dirpreference and calling fsInfoList.sort(comp_sizepreference) (or whatever you call the sort function). then just cycle through the list finding
14:59<Captain_Murdoch> you could even make a wrapper for GetFilesystemInfos that returned a list or list sorted using a specified sort routine.
15:00<Captain_Murdoch>you could put these routines in backendutil.cpp. could make a wrapper where you give it a SG and it returns the dir with the most free space in that SG.
15:01<sphery>That would work.
15:01<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, it could easily move to libmyth I think. I probably should have put it there to begin with.
15:02<Captain_Murdoch>I probably put it there because dbcheck.cpp is in libmythtv and hence needed in order to have the SG table.
15:02<sphery>Figured since it will be used by plugins, now, and since I need it in my dbutil, which I think should be in libmyth since it's used by mythtv-setup, mythfrontend, and mythbackend...
15:03<Captain_Murdoch>mythtv-setup uses libmythtv also though because it's using SG classes now.
15:03<Captain_Murdoch>and TV stuff like scanning channels.
15:04<sphery>Well, I could put my dbutil stuff in libmythtv, if that's better.
15:04<sphery>It really doesn't apply to plugins, so...
15:05<Captain_Murdoch>one of those half-dozen things. :) I personally would prefer if mythfrontend couldn't upgrade the DB, only mythbackend and mythtv-setup, and possibly only mythtv-setup if it's the master or the DB is unconfigured.
15:05<Captain_Murdoch>ditto for mythbackend.
15:05<Captain_Murdoch>with upnp, it's easier for someone to screw up a DB with a newer frontend connecting.
15:06<sphery>Oh, and the other second question ;), is: your schemalock code looks like it only locks the schema for upgrades--i.e. if a backend and/or frontend is using the DB and someone starts up a new-schema-version program on another system, it will lock the schema but the backends/frontends using the schema won't know and won't stop using the DB, right?
15:07<Captain_Murdoch>right. it was only designed to prevent 2 apps from stomping over each other if they were started at the same time after a upgrade.
15:07<sphery>OK. I may have to generalize the approach for the backup.
15:07<Captain_Murdoch>we could make it better at some point by looking at who is connected and disallowing updates if anyone else is connected.
15:08<Captain_Murdoch>it used to be a race if you started 2 apps at the same time because they'd both try to upgrade the DB, wasn't a big issue with quick updates, but with some of the longer ones it could cause havoc.
15:09<Captain_Murdoch>I have to run, will be back later tonight probably.
15:09<sphery>OK. Thanks for the info. That's really all I needed--a few confirmations.
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15:39<justinh>ahhhh. I think there's still something left over. backtrace seems to indicate there's a mythplugin_run going on
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15:43<justinh>I edited the wrong xml file, not the one in my local svn checkout dir. so when I did make install the action is to run mythappearance as a plugin
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15:48<justinh>some kind of progress... now complaining the backend isn't running (!) and segfaulting still. break out the gdb again
15:48<justinh>anybody have an idea why the backend is even being looked for in mythappearance? only goes into the db to get some basic stuff, I thought
15:49<justinh>unless it's something to do with one of the classes that gets the details..
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15:54<justinh>right. backtrace is a'comin
15:56<justinh> if anybody would like to take a look please :)
16:01<Anduin>justinh: You are doing a qApp->processEvents?
16:02<justinh>yeah for keypresses
16:03<Anduin>What do you mean for keypresses?
16:04<justinh>using QKeyEvent to process keypresses
16:05<Anduin>are you forcing key events?
16:05<justinh>don't think so
16:06<justinh>as in 'pressing keys' in the code? nope
16:06<justinh>trying to act upon keypress events
16:06<Anduin>justinh: What is it doing in the channel editor?
16:06<justinh>it's not in the channel editor
16:08<justinh>hang on that backtrace is still mentioning mythplugin_run - it's not supposed to be doing that AFAIK. shouldn't even be picked up as a plugin
16:12<justinh>wonder if a class is being used which so far only plugins inherit
16:13<justinh>I wiped out all the plugins to be sure. definitely isn't being built or installed as a plugin
16:17<justinh>another confusing thing is why it needs the backend up. it didn't when it was a plugin, pretty sure of that
16:21<justinh>seems to be loading ok. just sits there with nothing on the screen until a key is pressed
16:24<jams>ticket submitted.
16:26<justinh>if what I've just changed fixes it...
16:27<justinh>no but that changed something.
16:30<justinh>arrr yeah! no arrows though
16:32*justinh explodes!
16:33*justinh gives everybody a very large drink
16:33<justinh>I really need a drink now actually
16:35<justinh>still looking for the backend. wth is all that about?
16:35<gbee>I'm going to get an early night, very tired
16:35<gbee>justinh: want to pastebin it and I can take a look?
16:35<justinh>I'm tired too but this buzz is gonna keep me awake
16:36<justinh>gbee: it's basically the same mythappearance you already know, other than this.. pastebin coming
16:37<justinh>I know where the mythplugin_run is coming from. I put it there in mythappearance.cpp all that time ago. if I was awake more often these things wouldn't happen
16:38<justinh>no I didn't, I was looking at the wrong window
16:39*justinh goes to get the JD
16:42<justinh>it's loading the ui.xml then connecting to the backend
16:44<gbee>justinh: so you've copied over mythappearance.cpp/h (ditching main.cpp) into mythfrontend?
16:44<justinh>yeah basically
16:44<justinh>erm.. exactly even
16:45<jams>gbee- a background certainly looks better then no background
16:45<jams>in regards to the popup.
16:46<justinh>gbee: could you possibly take a peek & see if mythappearance as a plugin tries the backend? would appear in the terminal as normal if it did. I can't remember ever seeing it
16:46<justinh>right after loading appear-ui.xml
16:47<justinh>wonder if it's because of where it is now
16:47<justinh>I could live with it as it is but it's not ideal
16:49<justinh>I'll svn diff it into a pastebin
16:55<justinh>ignore the extra static in there. probing in the darkness..
16:55<gbee>justinh: the only issue I see is that "gContext->removeCurrentLocation();" will get run before you exit the mythappearance window, which was also the case when it was a plugin but still needs fixing somehow
16:56<justinh>before the exit?
16:56<justinh>I thought all the bases were covered now that the reload jump works again
16:58<gbee>stick a VERBOSE in there just before it to check. Maybe I'm wrong, which wouldn't suprise me - can't remember why I came to that conclusion, we aren't threading off the window so it doesn't make any sense
16:59<justinh>I'll save the whole diff somewhere safe, upload it to my server, then maybe revert everything & see what the plugin does
16:59<gbee>sorry I can't be of more help though, I'm not very useful when tired
16:59-!-TelnetManta [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:00<justinh>s'ok. I appreciate any help a lot
17:00<gbee>justinh: I would test the plugin to see whether it attempts to connect to the backend, but I'd need to distclean/rebuild it first because of my mythui changes
17:01<justinh>that's fine. I can do that
17:01<justinh>and if the end result, all cleaned up still isn't up to snuff, I give up ;)
17:02<justinh>anyway.. how's your dad now?
17:03<gbee>justinh: fine, home from the Hospital
17:05<justinh>excellent :)
17:05<gbee>yeah :)
17:06<justinh>wow is it only 10-ish? feels more like 3am
17:07<gbee>I past 3am hours ago
17:07*gbee goes to bed
17:07<justinh>good plan. I'll watch some telly to unwind & imbibe some more JD I think
17:07<justinh>g'night gbee
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19:02<kormoc>gbee, were you the one asking about the prototype.js being obfuscated/shrunk?
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22:13<xris>so anyone around who knows anything about the upnp stuff? I found perl libraries for it, but the connection time is pretty slow and I'm wondering if there's anything that can be done to speed it up
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23:24<catch22>hello, does anyone know where to get a good dl of ultumix from some other place than a torrent dl
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