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05:54<justinh>morning. wow that catch22 question was a bit random
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07:18<justinh>looks like anything which uses gContext->GetScreenSettings is always going to try to connect to the backend.. unless anybody knows of a way to stop it without changing mythcontext.cpp - I really don't want to touch that
07:42<rooaus>justinh: Query the DB directly?
07:44<gbee>justinh: it shouldn't touch the backend, I'll take a look and see if the behaviour can be changed in mythcontext
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07:56<gbee>chances are though that it's trying to contact the backend as part of the upnp changes and if so I don't really want to mess with that either
07:56<gbee> OR ?
07:59<rooaus>gbee: I like the one without the colours, seems to be more in keeping with the rest of your theme.
08:02<gbee>rooaus: not for my theme, just playing about as xris was looking for a CD image to be used on the website
08:03<rooaus>ah cool :)
08:03<gbee>hard to get very far from what I've been working on with metallurgy, hence the resemblance
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08:31<justinh>gbee: cd2
08:32<justinh>I thought there might've been a case where plugins did something different, but evidently not :)
08:33<justinh>as for query the db directly - I'm not into reinventing the wheel and besides, it's only a minor annoyance for systems without a backend
08:34<justinh>oops. forgot to svn add my additions. those won't appear in a diff without that. derrr
08:36<justinh>gbee: just a simple idea - could the location context stuff be put into mythappearance.cpp itself? any compelling reason not to?
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08:49<justinh>silly question but shouldn't gContext->addCurrentLocation("mythappearance"); change current location to 'mythappearance' ?
08:50<justinh>coming out as 'Setup' on the network control interface
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10:33<justinh>from poking around in other parts of the code it certainly looks like that should set it to 'mythappearance'. wonder why it isn't
10:33<justinh>unless it's not 'valid' - i.e. it's looked up somewhere...
10:34<gbee>justinh: probably an earlier AddCurrentLocation is overriding it
10:35<justinh>gbee: so remove the currentlocation first? or will that cause mayhem?
10:36<gbee>no idea, don't know how that code is supposed to work, best ask Captain_Murdoch
10:36<justinh>don't see the point setting/unsetting it if it's not going to make any difference
10:37<justinh>what the heck I'll try removing it first & see what happens anyway
10:39<justinh>had a subtle reminder that something needs to be done with a few themes to add the mythui popup. something for later
10:40<justinh>nah removing the currentlocation before setting it has just resulted in it changing from Setup to MainMenu
10:43<justinh>and doesn't seem as though anything's validated
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12:03<justinh>Captain_Murdoch: you around?
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12:08<justinh>just had an idea. maybe everything in menus tagged with 'settings' gets locked into the 'Setup' currentlocation. changing the tag to see if it changes anything
12:10<justinh>nothing wrong with it staying as 'Setup' though, since that's technically what it is. then maybe the currentlocation stuff in this thing needn't be an issue anymore
12:11<justinh>well, that seems to have done the trick
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12:27<justinh>gbee: now resetting currentlocation in mythappearance.cpp on exiting, and setting it in there too. seems to be fine now
12:27<justinh>I'll do the popup xmls for the themes which don't have them then put it through its paces
12:30<justinh>I should update buttontypes.txt & add some watermark entries as well
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13:03<kleinerdrache>hi there
13:12<justinh>hmm something weird is going on here. the dialog is coming up but there are no buttons. the title text & the arrows appear but nothing else
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13:33<gbee>justinh: need to update to head
13:34<gbee>I got something the wrong way around in the layouts commit
13:36<justinh>heh. np
13:37<gbee>missed it because it only messed up the vertical layout with gradient backgrounds
13:40<justinh>here's hoping I've got everything covered in my patch then
13:44<justinh>gbee: ahhh I wondered where on Earth that new image was.. mythdialogbox-background.png :)
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14:11<justinh>heh this rebuild might take a while
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14:17<justinh>btw I thought it'd be nice to put some music on today while doing some housework (!) so fired up mythmusic. what's all this guff about it being sucky to use?! only comment I could possibly make is that the search box could do with being a remoteedit but that'd just be a 1 line change or so
14:17<justinh>sucky compared to what?!
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14:19<gbee>justinh: it isn't really that bad, the playlist editor just needs some work
14:19<justinh>it's not as if I have a tiny music collection either
14:19<justinh>btw would anybody object to changing the search box to a remoteedit?
14:20<justinh>it's not as if it'd lose the onscreen keyboard..
14:20<Anduin>Oh sure, break all the themes
14:20<justinh>I'll fix the themes
14:21<justinh>heck I'd even email fixes out to 3rd party themers I know about if it came to that
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14:25<justinh>do remotes in the US typically have letters on the number keys, as phones do? been thinking that maybe an onscreen key would help out with that. I use SMS a lot & sometimes I struggle with knowing which letters are on what keys
14:25<gbee>themes will get broken in the mid-term anyway byt mythui, though maybe for that reason there is little point in changing it to a remoteedit at this point
14:26<justinh>if mythmusic isn't going to be ported to mythui for a while I don't see the harm
14:26<gbee>fair enough :)
14:26<justinh>be nice in time for 0.21 I think, and it should be an easy thing to do
14:27<justinh>the onscreen key for the keys would have to wait I think
14:29<kormoc>justinh, I've never seen a remote with letters on them
14:30<Anduin>The old x50 remotes had them
14:30<justinh>heh even more of a case to have the onscreen key then
14:31<justinh>esp. since 9 gets you 0
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15:07<sphery>stuarta: Heh... I didn't know you could do a 0 with a those--never would have guessed you hit 9 to get 0. Neither did stuarta (ref his comment about 5 days ago or so).
15:13<justinh>sphery: I looked at why 0 wasn't producing the expected result & thought about changing it but thought better of it. that sort of thing needs a consensus ;)
15:14<justinh>bah my compile failed, complaining that my changes are already defined. have to re ./configure I spose & start again :-\
15:15<justinh>I think I need to turn my desktop machine into a svn box
15:15<justinh>can't be doing dev work on the slowest machine in the house
15:15<justinh>esp. since the most work my desktop gets these days is web browsing & ssh sessions
15:16<justinh>I guess I never figured I'd be doing this much compiling
15:17<kormoc>Are we in a feature freeze?
15:17<Daviey>justinh: distributed compiling ftw
15:18<kormoc>I about have my ajax-ed listings page done, but if we're in a freeze, I'll wait to commit it
15:18<gbee>kormoc: no-one has officially declared it yet
15:18<justinh>kormoc: not seen anything on the -dev mailing list about one. seen it mentioned
15:18<Daviey>kormoc: for mythweb right/
15:18<kormoc>kk. Mr. Xris thought there was one, but I as well haven't seen anything
15:18<kormoc>Aye, for mythweb
15:19<Daviey>That sounds exciting
15:19<justinh>sounds faster :)
15:19<kormoc>it's not a great way to do it, but cuts listing time changes from 5.4 sec to 1.6 sec for me, and no refresh, so it's an improvement :)
15:20<kormoc>I actually forgot I never commited it until Xris reminded me that people keep requesting it :P
15:20<Daviey>How many chans do you have?!
15:20<Daviey>That seems _really_ slow
15:20<kormoc>200ish, 250ish
15:21<kormoc>I'm running without any caching
15:21<Daviey>thats plenty of channels
15:21<justinh>Daviey: it can be that slow if you have sillynumber of channels. I used to have about 180
15:22<justinh>made a massive difference sacking the cable box off
15:22<kormoc>Those with less channels, it should feel plenty speedy now
15:22<kormoc>Just need to add some indication that the page is actively doing things...
15:22*Daviey has only ever used myth with FTA channels on analcrap and DVB-T/freeview
15:23<justinh>Daviey: you're missing the fun of missed recordings due to STB crashes :)
15:23<Daviey>justinh: :), and irblaster woes
15:24<justinh>I was a bit (cough) naughty in that respect, having had a box you used http to change channels with, but that's long gone
15:24*Daviey has still failed to find a decent time to discuss attaching a big F.O sat dish to the side of the house
15:25<Daviey>justinh: http + ntl channel change?
15:25*Daviey didn't know that was even possible
15:25<justinh>Daviey: it isn't
15:26<Daviey>I hope you'll explain?
15:26<Daviey>I'm interested
15:26<justinh>put it this way it wasn't with a VM cable box. say no more
15:29<gbee>MythDora could use a logo makeover -
15:30<justinh>mythbuntu could use a logo makeover
15:30*justinh hides
15:32<superm1>justinh, would you like to make us a new logo?
15:33<justinh>superm1: I thought you had a guy taking care of all that, and everything else graphical
15:34<justinh>I think I might have a window in about March or so
15:35<superm1>justinh, cool, if you do, that's be really great
15:35<jams>gbee- be sure to leave room for expansion
15:37<gbee>jams: ?
15:37<kormoc>commited ajax listings page, feedback more then welcome :)
15:37<gbee>kormoc: it's rubbish!
15:37*kormoc laughs
15:38<kormoc>There's a few small improvements I need to make, making the links fake being links, as they're links no more :P
15:44<Daviey>justinh: hey...
15:44<Daviey>logo make over :)
15:51<justinh>superm1: if I could have a hand maintaining any themes when they're done that'd be an incentive. already got too many as it is
15:52<justinh>hmph. mythappearance.cpp:423: error: redefinitionf 'MythAppearance::MythAppearance(MythScreenStack*, const char*'
15:52<justinh>do I need to make distclean or something?
15:59<superm1>justinh, sure maintaining in what sense?
16:00<justinh>superm1: I mean, keeping a theme up to date with changes in mythtv
16:00<superm1>justinh, sure
16:01<justinh>esp. since I want to turn my hand to other things now. the dark side is tempting
16:02<justinh>hell, if this thing's so slow _with_ ccache.. hate to think how bad it'd be without
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16:06<Daviey>justinh: what does maintaining actually mean?
16:06<Daviey>Does each theme need testing against svn?
16:06<Daviey>Or just a block change to suite?
16:06<justinh>it means making any changes necessary to keep the theme working
16:07<justinh>and we can now pretty much forget all about backwards compatibility
16:07<justinh>with 0.21 so close that's not much of an issue but when more of mythtv is converted to mythui it will be
16:08<justinh>what I hope I'll end up doing is producing something that'll make full use of mythui features & it'll be so nice everybody'll forget the old ones in a sec
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16:12<Daviey>justinh: what i mean is, does each theme need manually modding, reloading, modding etc - or is it a case of one fix will work with all?
16:13*Daviey theme noob
16:13<justinh>utterly depends on what changes there've been
16:13<justinh>very rare a simple search & replace will do the job
16:14<justinh>thankfully the themes I've chosen to keep are all very similar ;)
16:14<Daviey>justinh: So the only indicator a theme is broken is either a bug report or testing each theme regulary?
16:15<justinh>Daviey: I try to keep on top of changes in trunk but it's easy to lose track
16:15<justinh>it's probably going to be hell for your weekly builds
16:15<justinh>at least for any 'extra' theme
16:16<Daviey>yeah sure, might just fix on someone else noticing tho
16:16<Daviey>bug report, irc, mailing list etc
16:16<justinh>need more theme people around
16:16<Daviey>I'll certainly try and maintain the themes you have dropped
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16:16<justinh>I don't mind lending a hand.. but come on.. 10 ?
16:17*kormoc thanks justinh for his ultra large hand
16:17<justinh>there's a new change in the offing soon.. something to do with ui.xml I suspect
16:18<justinh>expecting to see a patch land in svn 'shortly'
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16:19<justinh>oh yeah at some point I want to bring glass-wide up to snuff with trunk & put that in too
16:19<justinh>argghh. right. my patch has missed something
16:19<justinh>mythappearance.cpp:423: error: redefinition of Ć¢MythAppearance::MythAppearance(MythScreenStack*, const char*)Ć¢
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16:22<justinh>saved the svn diff from /mythtv into a patch, reverted all my changes, then did svn up.. then applied the patch, which went cleanly
16:22<justinh>now it won't build
16:22<kormoc>sadly svn diff won't touch binary files (tho that's doubtful your issue)
16:23<justinh>only binaries are the two arrow images
16:25<justinh> is what I get when I try to make it
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16:31<janneg>justinh: mythappearance.cpp has two copies of its contents
16:32<janneg>that happens sometimes with patch and new files
16:34*xris give up on upnp stuff for now and goes shopping.
16:34<justinh>that's what I thought, but the 'look' I had at the file must've been too fleeting
16:34<justinh>and now it continues. thanks janneg :)
16:35<gbee>xris: this anything like what you had in mind?
16:36<janneg>justinh: it had actually 3 copies
16:36<justinh>presumably also a problem with mythappearance.h too
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16:39<justinh>and I said this was going to be easy. oh how I will laugh
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16:51<xris>gbee: page doesn't load
16:51<xris>wait, there it is
16:51<xris>well, half of it.
16:52<xris>gbee: I was actually thinking about getting both the mythtv logo and the distro logo "on" the disk... not sure if there's quite enough room to do that, though.
16:53<gbee>ok, I'll see what I can do
16:54<mattwire>gbee: just seen the mythui work in mythappearance
16:54<mattwire>nice work
16:55<mattwire>is there any way to make the menu key close the menu again if it is open?
16:55<xris>gbee: problem is that if we do the disk thing, we might want to get icons for the tarball, rpm, deb and source download links, too
16:55<mattwire>popup menu that it
16:55<gbee>mattwire: sure
17:00<gbee>xris: if people can think up a suitable representation for those (is a box for tarball/rpm too obvious?) then I'll have a go at those as well
17:00<gbee>xris: just to be sure, by "on", you mean as though they were printed on the actual disk?
17:01<xris>gbee: when I've done icons for tar/rpm, it's usually a box with the extension name or image stuck on it (or both)
17:02<xris>gbee: yeah. though I was going to do that with imagemagick.. would probably look better if it was done by hand.
17:03<gbee>xris: ok, I tried that earlier, it's doable just very hard to get the perspective right :)
17:03<xris>yeah, I wasn't thinking about perspective
17:03<xris>and was probably thinking smaller.. 64x64 or 96x96
17:03<xris>at which point you don't want text, etc.
17:03<xris>not sure. was just toying with ideas.
17:03<xris>he, you know upnp stuff, right?
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17:14*xris scared him off :(
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17:20<gbee>don't know anything about upnp I'm afraid, just a little about the xml methods in myth
17:21<gbee>GreyFoxx or CDev can probably tell you everything you need to know
17:24<gbee>I could go less stylised, a flat 2d look and get the size down to 96/96, maybe even keep the text legible, though I doubt it
17:26-!-splAt1 is now known as splat1
17:26<kormoc>Well, the mythtv logo is less important then the distro logo likely, so then couldn't the mythtv logo go on the cd and the distro logo go in the box (like the first one)? That might solve it a little?
17:27<xris>gbee: looks good.. though I don't know what I think about the perspective. probably easier on the viewer to just get a head-on view.
17:27<xris>kormoc: yeah. the first set of images are probably better for that kind of thing.
17:28<xris>I wasn't thinking that each distro would have its own stylized text, etc.. figured it'd be a mythtv logo on top and a fedora, or ubuntu-spinny kind of thing below
17:29<xris>with the distro's logo or name in text next to the image.
17:29*xris grumbles about slow upnp
17:29<xris>there MUST be a way to speed this up
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17:38<CDev>xris: upnp shouldn't be slow. I know there have been many changes that may have broken/ certain parts of it.
17:39<xris>CDev: searching/scanning is slow
17:39<xris>I don't know how to just create a new connection with the perl libraries.
17:39<justinh>right then. compile finished, I can test the builtin mythappearance again
17:39<CDev>Shouldn't be. If things are working correctly, all devices should be found in less then 2-5 secons.
17:40<xris>that to me is slow
17:40<justinh>heh mythfrontend just tried to update the db schema & failed
17:41<xris>CDev: was hoping for something along the lines of half-second
17:42<CDev>I had it responding to searches as soon as it was requested. The spec states that a device needs to respond with in the time specified in the M-Search's MX header
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17:43<justinh>gbee: hey whaddya know.. it's not trying to connect to the backend anymore!
17:43<CDev>xris:if the header contains MX: 2, then a device has up to 2 seconds to respond. The spec also says a device should choose a random time within that 2 seconds to respond, plus have time to send a second answer (since this is UDP and there will be collitions)
17:44<CDev>Collisions even
17:45<justinh>lol. currentlocation is working properly now
17:45<justinh>but the menu which previously reported "Setup" is now "UNKNOWN"
17:46<CDev>xris: I haven't had time to look into any of the changes, but ever since updating to SVN head, a lot of my clients are having a hard time discovering the backend. (I ended up changing the backend setting to increase the notification messages since they still seem to work.)
17:46<xris>CDev: yeah, my thing is that I want to STOP searching as soon as I find the last UDN
17:46<xris>but the perl code doesn't seem to let me do that.
17:47<CDev>Are you performing a search for the device type or the specific UDN?
17:47<justinh>weird. query location is working again after a frontend restart
17:48<justinh>ahh I must've missed a resetlocation
17:48<CDev>xris: if you wanted to you could perform a 2 step search (this assumes most people will always connect to the same backend).
17:48<CDev>First search for the specific UDN, and only if not found, then re-search for the device type.
17:49<xris>CDev: yeah. I want to just take the udn from config.xml and use it
17:49<xris>but I can't figure out how to search for the specific udn. heh
17:49<xris>I may just have to dig the perl library apart to see what *isn't* in the documentation
17:50<CDev>I don't know perl or the library you're using, however, upnp does allow M-SEARCHes for UDN's.
17:50<justinh>gbee: about that M key to dismiss the menu.. I'll have a bash at that shortly
17:51<gbee>justinh: stick it in mythdialogbox
17:51<justinh>might as well do it in this since the plugin will soon be historical ;)
17:51<xris>if you have a few moments, I'm just using the sample code there for now.
17:51<gbee>if it's placed in mythdialogbox then it applies globally whereever the popups are used
17:51<xris>it returns 4 records for my mythbackend, hence my confusion.
17:52<xris>takes about 5 seconds to run on localhost
17:52<justinh>gbee: aye true
17:52<xris>but I'm headed out grocery shopping now... so will have to catch up on this later.
17:52<justinh>just looking in here I don't think it was needed to removecurrentlocation before the reload jump point
17:52<CDev>Looks like you just need to pass the UDN specific string into the search method call, and then use the first record returned.
17:53<CDev>xris: plus, any of the records you currently get returned technically have the IP address of the backend that you can use./
17:53<xris>CDev: yeah. just a matter of getting the serch to STOP as soon as it finds one
17:53<CDev>xris: I'll check back in a little while, once you get back.
17:54<CDev>change the mx => 3 to mx=> 1
17:54<CDev>at least it will stop after 1 second.
17:54<xris>yeah.. then it doesn't catch things very well
17:54<justinh>gbee: yeah it's only necessary to removecurrentlocation on an ESC exit :)
17:54<xris>and it's one second PER connection.
17:54<xris>that's the problem
17:54<CDev>are you looking for more than 1 backend?
17:54<CDev>the mx is the total time allowed to respond, not time per connection.
17:55<xris>dunno. 2.2 seconds at mx=1, 4 at mx=2, 5-8 at mx=3
17:55<CDev>sounds like the library has some startup delay.
17:55<xris>anyway, afk. I'll bug you later if I poke at this again today.
17:55-!-mattwire [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
17:56<justinh>gbee: just needs a || action = "MENU" I expect
17:57<justinh>why can't everything be that easy? :P
17:58<justinh>right, I think now all that's left to do is do something about the fonts in appear-ui.xml
17:58<justinh>are there any global fonts I can use?
17:58<gbee>fonts globally
17:59<gbee>a couple but really we need to come up with some good names/base definitions
17:59<kormoc>gbee, you were the one asking bout the packed js, right?
17:59<gbee>kormoc: yeah, not that it was important just passing on what I'd heard/read on the matter
18:00-!-reynaldo [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:00<gbee>bah, my servers on the fritz
18:00<kormoc>gbee, I just found out about "Yahoo's guide for high speed websites", and they recommend packing the JS as well,
18:01<justinh>hmmm reckon it'd be ok to leave the font defs for a bit - like til we come up with good names & base definitions ?
18:01<kormoc>It's a fun topic, I still need to do the speedtest on ours
18:02<kormoc>esp with prototype 1.6.0, weighing in at 125k, packed at 75k, so it's quite the difference
18:02<gbee>kormoc: ok, not a problem - I guess most people will be using mythweb from linux and so speed issues with IE and AV software blacklisting sites using that packer aren't going to affect them
18:03<kormoc>Yeah, I'm curious about that, cause Yahoo is a bit site to alienate IE users.
18:03<justinh>ok I think this is about ready
18:04<justinh>when's a good time for the plugin to go byebyes?
18:04<justinh>oh wait - what about people who've already got it installed?
18:05<justinh>buidling this won't uninstall it
18:06<gbee>I don't know what scripts/packer and version of IE was used in the benchmarks I read, could be an isolated problem with one combination of variables, - won't know unless you can benchmark it with mythweb
18:06*kormoc nods
18:07<janneg>justinh: increasing the api version would prevent the old plugin from running but mentioning to delete the plugin in the commit message should be enough
18:07<justinh>wouldn't feel comfortable increasing the api version. not even slightly
18:09<MrGandalf>Ok, what would allow 4 channels to show up in the guide on one of my three frontends but be missing on the other two all running the same code
18:09-!-mattwire [] has joined #mythtv
18:10-!-adamsweet [n=adam@] has joined #mythtv
18:11-!-adamsweet [n=adam@] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
18:11<justinh>alrighty. it works as it did as a plugin - and it's here: - could somebody please have a peek to make sure ?
18:12-!-trisooma [n=remko@] has joined #mythtv
18:12<trisooma>xris: u on?
18:18<gbee>xris: if not, then I'll look at grabbing some distro logos and using those (tomorrow/day after)
18:23<justinh>duh should've known not to expect much activity when deh superbowl is on
18:24<trisooma>superbowl doesn't mean anything in the old land (Europe)
18:24<gbee>super bowl? wassat? like super man but with ceramic powers?
18:24-!-jmusits [] has quit ["BitchX: the quilted quicker picker upper"]
18:25<justinh>or maybe a self-cleaning.. nevermind
18:26<justinh>bbc2 are showing it rightnow...
18:27-!-trisooma [n=remko@] has quit ["Enuff for today"]
18:27-!-mattwire [] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:32<gbee>odd, there is no Greek translation for mythtv
18:33<gbee>justinh: that's just screwed up, I mean it will have an audience of what? 5, maybe 6 people?
18:33<justinh>I wondered if any Greek people use the mythical pvr software when I was on holiday last year
18:33<justinh>gbee: it's an experiment. besides it's up against the South Bank Show awards
18:35<justinh>anyway us Brits would watch paint drying if somebody called it a sport
18:38-!-reynaldo [] has joined #mythtv
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18:55-!-splat1 is now known as splAt1
18:57-!-splAt1 is now known as splat1
19:00<justinh>going to bed. won't harm to sit on these changes for another day
19:13-!-reynaldo [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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20:39<Chutt>sheesh. mythweb's recorded programs screen takes forever these days
20:39<Chutt>why is it requesting new preview pixmaps for every single program, every single time?
20:41-!-sc00p [] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]
20:41<Chutt>it's been using 100% cpu on both processors for 15 minutes :(
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22:23<MrGandalf>fucking mythsocket & qstringlist
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