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00:18<purserj>quick Events question, is it possible to nominate a timezone for specific events?
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00:19<joobie>guys is there a repo for mythtv used for centos?
00:21*purserj sighs, reordering irssi windows means I type crap into wrong channels
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00:41<kormoc>joobie, uhh? the same repo as everyone else uses?
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00:57<joobie>kormoc, .. which is
00:57<kormoc>it's linked from
00:59<joobie>what about atrpms
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01:04<kormoc>joobie, you asked about subversion, they all get their checkouts from there. Also, I think you might want the #mythtv-users
01:09<joobie>kormoc, when did i mention subversion?
01:10<joobie>kormoc, pull the stick out of your ass bro..
01:10<kormoc>joobie, the mythtv repo is where I said it was
01:10<joobie>you also said i asked for subversion repo
01:10<joobie>which i didn't.
01:10<kormoc>whoops, so replace subversion repo with repo, there, solved
01:11<joobie>dood like i said
01:11<joobie>pull the stick out of your ass
01:11<joobie>you're a knob.
01:11<kormoc>you asked for the mythtv repo, there it is
01:11*kormoc is lost on what else you want
01:12<kormoc>so wait. You insult me after I'm actually trying to help you and you think I'm the lamer?
01:12<joobie>dood, stfu
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04:27<kormoc>stuarta, gbee, mythweb popups should work correctly now
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04:38<justinh>is there a full moon or something this weekend?
04:47<gbee>I'll soon find out, I'm off to PC World
04:48<gbee>no wait, how will I know the difference?
05:14<kormoc>harsh :P
05:25<xris>kormoc: you ported EVERYTHING over to prototype? slick
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05:28<kormoc>xris, Everything that I've found, aye
05:29<kormoc>More patches on the way (next is get_element)
05:29<xris>what's the json2 thing for? doesn't prototype do that?
05:29<kormoc>if it does, I don't know of it offhand
05:31<xris>those have been there for awhilew
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07:10<justinh>heh never realised fonts in mythvideo's gallery view were hard-coded
07:10<kormoc>I'm inflating the commit count amazingly much with all this cleanup
07:18<gbee>justinh: that sucks
07:18<justinh>gbee: not hard to fix. shame I have enough to do already
07:19<justinh>also not worth fixing now anyway
07:19<justinh>I'll put something in the mythui notes about it
07:19<gbee>if we weren't more or less in feature freeze I'd just push ahead and convert mythgallery to mythui
07:19<gbee>justinh: not even worth putting notes in mythui
07:19<justinh>more or less?
07:20<gbee>justinh: dunno if we've decided to declare it or not yet
07:20<gbee>and I couldn't work on it today, got paying work to complete
07:21<justinh>I'd offer to help out but you want it finished by 0.22
07:21<gbee>speaking of which, feel like I got shafted somehow at PC World - drive I ordered and reserved wasn't actually in stock so I was forced to accept their alternate offering
07:23<gbee>same make, same spec but I've the feeling that it's a lesser product - only difference I can see right now is that it's plastic instead of the metal cased one that I ordered (at the same price)
07:25<gbee>160Gb portable (2.5") USB hdd
07:30<justinh>bah I have to finish off fixing this Vista box. being collected today
07:30<justinh>I hope installing the wired network driver hasn't broken the poor woman's broadband
07:32<justinh>gah this shitty Medion mouse doesn't work on my desk!
07:34<justinh>you know all that bru-haha about WMP being included in windows? anybody thought about razing them for MCE too? i.e. other media centres are available :P
07:36<Dibblah>Shame multi-channel audio didn't make it :(
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07:43<gbee>Dibblah: yeah, pity that it couldn't be made to work
07:43<Dibblah>As far as my experience goes, it works OK for plain output.
07:44<Dibblah>It's just when you get into the passthrough / using internally provided things it didn't.
07:44<justinh>it's a big deal being able to decode multichannel audio, process it & reencode it
07:45<Dibblah>Yup. Some people have actually noticed that they only get two channels with default Myth :)
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07:45<Dibblah>(Analog out, not passthrough)
07:46<justinh>doh wrong windy
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07:57<lyricnz>does anyone build myth-frontend HEAD binaries for osx?
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08:03<lyricnz>can mysql4 client talk to mysql5 server? I've got a couple of things I want to fix, but need to compile on mac first, and latest mysql5 gives me some error about 32bit vs 64bit datatypes
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08:45<gbee>justinh: nice screenshot
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08:51<DMJC>anyone in australia?
08:51<DMJC>I'm trying to get HDTV
08:51<DMJC>got picture
08:51<DMJC>but no audio
09:03<gbee>DMJC: try in #mythtv-users
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09:12<gbee>what's with the sudden rush of tickets?
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10:27<justinh>ooo I really love these CrystalClear gnomey icons
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13:43*gbee expects to see a lot more tickets like #4621
13:46<janneg>I should have changed the summery. I'm leaving soon. I hope I get it the timestamps sorted out tomorrow
13:46<janneg>anykey_: ^^^
13:48<janneg>the "no longer" is very funny since it had never played smoothly with unmodified svn trunk
13:49<janneg>and the atteched patch is nice, it folds 3-4 of my earlier hack patches
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13:56<janneg>gbee: btw disabling the active scan breaks passive scan. I'll try fix it tomorrow too
13:57<superm1>can someone nuke #4155, it's against -fixes, i'm closing it on launchpad too.
13:58<janneg>superm1: sure
14:01<gbee>janneg: ok, there is no hurry for me, I only use EIT for the radio and a couple of news channels
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15:33<joobie>hi guys.. i'm having problems playing recordings with myth.. it saves the mpg fine and i have uploaded this recording to my notebook, which plays fine. however when i try 'watch tv' - it comes up with a blue screen. it comes up saying:
15:33<joobie>2008-02-10 01:58:20.082 RingBuf(/mythtv/1001_20080210015818.mpg): Invalid file (fd -1) when opening '/mythtv/1001_20080210015818.mpg'.
15:33<joobie>2008-02-10 01:58:20.088 Preview Error: Previewer could not open file: '/mythtv/1001_20080210015818.mpg'
15:33<joobie>in the logfile..
15:35<joobie>any idea guys?
15:35<kormoc>joobie, please ask in #mythtv-users. This is the development channel. You'll get help in the other channel
15:36<joobie>i asked in there too
15:36<joobie>but i think i need a hand from the developers for this
15:36<joobie>no-one in there knows
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15:38<joobie>I think there is some development required around this issue
15:38<joobie>"If your question is directly related to the development of MythTV " ..
15:39<joobie>so sounds like im in the right place
15:39*kormoc sighs
15:39<kormoc>by that, we mean unless you are writing code, it's the other channe;
15:39<joobie>no-one knows in there tho kormoc
15:39<joobie>I asked the Q last night also..
15:45<MrGandalf>Interesting: Zero Copy mpegstreamhandler and dtvrecorders
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15:50<MrGandalf>joobie: It's normal to see those. The RingBuffer (boy this really needs renaming) opens the file and attempts to read a certain # of bytes. If it fails, it produces that error. However, it doesn't give up but will try again a few times more.
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16:00<joobie>I see MrGandalf
16:00<joobie>I do see the OSD flicker before this error comes up
16:00<joobie>for like a split second.. and i can also see the title of the stream in the OSD.. just no display
16:01<joobie>then it sorta flicks and goes to this big blue screen
16:01<joobie>does nothing.. have to hit ESC and i can then get back to the menu..
16:01<hads>This isn't a development discussion.
16:01<joobie>kormoc suggested to try run frontend in verbose logging mode - will give that a shot
16:02<joobie>relax hads.. it's not the end of the world.
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16:06<joobie>im off - thanks for the help guys.. great piece of code
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16:22<justinh>wrong window again. ffs
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16:57<acecase>for some reason gcc 4.1 keeps seg faulting on the same line doing a debuild on mythtv-0.20.2
16:57<justinh>acecase: that'd be a job for #gcc4.1 then surely...
16:58<acecase>justinh I thought about it but thought maby it was a common prob you guys may have seen since this is the only thing it's having problems with.
16:59<justinh>can't say I've ever seen gcc segfault. i don't compile stuff every day but..
17:00<acecase>i'm gonna try a new svn checkout and hope I caught myth at a bad time. if not id say you're right, I'll talk to the guys in #gcc
17:02<gbee>never had gcc segfault whilst compiling mythtv, or anything really
17:06<justinh>oh wait I might be telling porkies. might've seen it crash on gentoo. that was a very long time ago
17:06<jams>gbee- going to be around for the next 20 minutes?
17:06<jams>just starting to look at that compat.h problem we talked about earlier
17:06<trisooma>hads: do you think it is a good idea to use exceptions thoughout the MythTV module? as opposed to returning empty sets..
17:08<hads>trisooma: I think I returned empty lists etc. to be inline with the Perl bindings and the main protocol
17:10<gbee>jams: actually I was just going to bed, pretty tired, but I'll stick around for a few minutes and see if I can be of any help
17:12<jams>gbee- oh well then go to bed, this isnt of large importance.
17:14<trisooma>hads: i added the option to no connect to the master backend - so backend commands are out - to also stay inline i will return empty lists
17:14<trisooma>hads: *to not connect*
17:15<gbee>jams: ok then, I should be around tomorrow at some point
17:15<hads>trisooma: OK sure. I can see it maybe making sense to raise an exception if there's no connection. What's the benefit of not connecting to the backend?
17:16<jams>since you will be awake before me, I will gather the info and pastebin it someplace
17:16<hads>Wouldn't you just not create a MythTV instace?
17:16<trisooma>hads: dunno, the perl bindings have this option.... what about boolean return values flase if no connection?
17:16<gbee>jams: cool, you can email me anything to make sure I don't miss it
17:18<gbee>jams: very quickly, remind me what the problem is? If it's the same compile problem we saw earlier that was fixed by a one line change to the project file of the affected plugin
17:19<trisooma>hads: i'll look into perl code some more i guess...
17:19<hads>trisooma: I'm not sure about that one. Returning False when there's no connection could be confusing.
17:19<jams>gbee- /usr/local/include/mythtv/libmythui/mythpainter.h:10:20: error: compat.h: No such file or directory
17:20<jams>thats with mythflix and a couple other plugins
17:20<hads>trisooma: I've followed the Perl bindings in a lot of ways but have ignored some parts or differed slightly where I thought there may be a better way.
17:21<trisooma>hads: do we want to 'burden' the devs with exceptions
17:21<gbee>jams: weird, they shouldn't be pulling in those headers AFAIK, but you can fix it by adding - "INCLUDEPATH += $${PREFIX}/include/mythtv" - to the .pro files for those plugins
17:22<trisooma>hads: since the language supports it, would that be the way to go?
17:23<gbee>exceptions anything like assert in C? Exit/Crash the program if we don't get the expected response/variable etc
17:23<jams>will do
17:23<hads>trisooma: Definitly use exceptions where appropriate. I think calling a backend function when there is no connection to a backend is a good candidate for raising an exception.
17:24<trisooma>hads: thought that too ;-)
17:24<trisooma>hads: will make it so
17:24<hads>I can't think of a reason to implement an option to not have a connection to the backend unless you particually need it for something.
17:25<trisooma>hads: maybe check with anduin, he know about the perl bindings does he not?
17:26<hads>trisooma: Anduin is the mythvideo maintainer amongst other things. xris is the main Perl bindings guy AFAIK
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17:27<Anduin>I've only looked at the perl bindings, my only interest is equivalent or better functionality, you don't need to copy the interface and details.
17:27*hads nods
17:27<trisooma>me ooops
17:28*trisooma ooops
17:28<jams>gbee- that works, and i'm fine with doing that. Are you interested in looking at it any farther to see why it's doing it?
17:28-!-splat1 is now known as splAt1
17:28<sphery>Chutt: Around? I'm guessing I should allow using an old client (i.e. client needs schema 1205, but DB is 1209) if DBSchemaAutoUpgrade=-1 (Nigel's "expertMode", see MythContext::PromptForSchemaUpgrade()--at least allow it as far as the prompt, right?
17:28<Anduin>trisooma: and exceptions in an exception heavy language are fine
17:29<gbee>jams: I'll just add that to all the plugins in trunk, easier than working out why it's even looking for the painter and necessary in the long term because those plugins will be converted to mythui anyway
17:30<hads>gbee: Oh, didn't see your exceptions comment. Yeah pretty much, catchable though so not as harsh.
17:31<trisooma>Anduin: hads: ok, ill try to be sensible about the exceptions, if its possible (schedule wise that is) i'll have a newer version up on monday
17:31<gbee>hads: ok, sounds pretty much like exceptions in perl and javascript - just didn't want to assume they were the same thing
17:32<Anduin>trisooma: I'll probably be committing something tomorrow, how much of a change will the new version be?
17:32<jams>gbee- i added it to mythplugins/ at the toplevel instead of each plugins .pro file.
17:32<hads>trisooma: It may be easier (depending on timeframes) to wait until there's a decision on commiting the main patch. It's nicer to add a patch to add functionality rather than putting it all in one big patch.
17:33<gbee>that ought to work I guess :)
17:33<hads>gbee: Yup, same thing.
17:33<gbee>ok, I'm off
17:33<trisooma>Anduin: just some polishing
17:33<jams>later gbee
17:34<trisooma>hads: you're right
17:34<trisooma>Anduin: will hold off until your commit has been done
17:35<Anduin>trisooma: Ok, it can go either way, I only plan to do it tomorrow, I planned to have the menu hiding thing done months ago :)
17:36<hads>Anduin: How's the patch (if you've looked at it), inline with your thinking?
17:36<trisooma>np, just trying to lend a hand..... no to slow anything down
17:36<Anduin>hads: I haven't looked at it, just counting on it not taking too much time to adjust if needed (luckily I've done some python recently, which always helps)
17:38<hads>Anduin: Cool. Ping me if you want me to do anything for it.
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17:39<Anduin>hads: Will do, thanks.
17:40<trisooma>kk, i'll let you at it...
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18:27<Chutt>oh, the dramas!
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18:29<kormoc>Makes life so much fun!
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19:01<superm1>is the windows port going to be a blocker for 0.21 (stability/bugs/etc)
19:02<superm1>or more just if it works, great and it will be available, if not oh well, we'll see it "supported" at 0.22?
19:03<Chutt>not a blocker for 21
19:04-!-Adian [] has joined #mythtv
19:04<superm1>okay, that's what i expected
19:04<Chutt>i didn't think it was at the stage where it was useable for everything yet
19:04-!-Adian [] has left #mythtv []
19:04<superm1>i honestly haven't followed its development
19:05<superm1>i just know that there have been a handful of people throwing time at it
19:05<superm1>and if it was going to be in stages where its good to go for 0.21, it'd be worthwhile to include on the 8.04 mythbuntu disk for folks
19:13-!-jamesd [] has joined #mythtv
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19:32<Chutt>superm1, might be reasonable to include on disk anyway
19:32<Chutt>i think it's at least partially useable
19:32<Chutt>proper caveats, etc
19:33-!-fuhgawz [n=beexwax@] has quit []
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19:49<sphery>Captain_Murdoch: re: #4625, I mentioned the idea in here at about 15:26 (US)EST on Feb 7 (could e-mail a log if you like). I think I've handled all of Chutt's requirements for it, but please let me know if you disagree. Thanks.
19:54-!-okolsi [n=mythtv@] has joined #mythtv
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21:25<Captain_Murdoch>sphery: thanks. I found the comments in my buffer and saved them off to a file.
21:26-!-sc00p [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
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22:16<Chutt>i'm gonna have to figure out a 1080p modeline
22:21-!-PointyPumper [i=Pintlezz@] has joined #mythtv
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22:43<janneg>Chutt: I'll change the the patch in #4615 to update both video properties and hdtv and subtitle types and and closecaptioned. I'll apply it monday so we should be covered for 0.21. if bruce persists I could also synchronize stereo and subtitled but I think those to are less important
22:43<janneg>I'll reply to the email tomorrow
22:51<janneg>I'll reply to the email tomorrow
23:22-!-JoeBorn [] has joined #mythtv
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23:45-!-kormoc_ [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has joined #mythtv
23:47<Chutt>janneg, need to fix mythweb, etc
23:47<Chutt>be nice to migrate rules if possible
23:48<Chutt>i think it's minor enough to leave broken until after the release
23:48-!-clever[rev] [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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23:49-!-kormoc__ is now known as kormoc
23:49<kormoc>Chutt, what needs to be fixed in mythweb?
23:50<Chutt>if the hdtv flag changes
23:50<Chutt>column names/etc
23:50<kormoc>Ahh, gotcha
23:54<xris>kormoc: I can give you access to my mythweb stuff if you want to poke and see stuff with HD flag, etc.
23:54-!-okolsi [n=mythtv@] has joined #mythtv
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